Tuesday, 12 July 2016


 Crucify him! Nail the bastard up! Stick a copy of Clause 4 up his arse and set fire to it!

It is for the good of the party, said assembled Blairish MPs. We do not condone killing - apart, of course, from that of millions of niggers and wogs and their children - but Corbyn being on the ballot paper spells the end of democracy as we know it; it heralds  the intolerable situation in which elected members will be expected to reflect the views of members of the party in the country, and not of the rich people for whom they really work. 
He simply must die, Jeremy Corbyn.  
Democracy demands it.


Well, everybody who knows me, knows I'm my own woman.
And speaking as the  very angry person I have always been, I simply say that violence is entirely proper under Labour rules. And if it isn't we must make it so. 
No, but at this crucial time, when the people have disobeyed us we must stand shoulder to shoulder with Mrs May, who, after all, is one of us. And we definitely do not want a general election because firstly that would give the voters a voice which they have shown they do not deserve. And secondly becuase most of us would lose our seats.

It is for these perfectly legitimate reaseons that we have sought advice from Tony Blair as to whom we might employ as a contract killer. 
He knows loads of them.

I suppose they will now try to rig a ballot as they tried to rig the candidates but effectively this is the end of the NewLabour pestilence.
More champagne.


Bungalow Bill said...

Yes, good for Hopeless Jeremy. Fucking hell it shows how dark it is when he shines forth.

call me ishmael said...

As you oftimes advise me, mr bungalow bill, have a nice glass of something and savour the rage of the Blairish, for whom things can only get worse.

mongoose said...

I think that you are probably right about Blairism, Mr Ishmael. I have just this evening asked if I am to be allowed a vote again - me a three quid member - as Jez is allowed to stand again. No answer yet.

We are still though in need of new raison d'etre, as we used to say in Brussels, for the Labour Party, and indeed for the EU. If Labour began as the way for the relatively powerless to stand together against the abuse of the relatively powerful, who are the powerless now, and who are the powerful against whom they must stand? Pit boss v coal miner, got it. Sweat-shop tyrant against part-time seamstress, got it. It ain't that straightforward anymore. One thing is for sure and New Angela is not the answer. Although I do warm to her this evening in my weakness for the hopeless cause.

call me ishmael said...

What thrilled me about that Newsnight interview, mr mongoose, was Angie's anger at all the Tory cuts, cuts which she had either voted for, these last six years, or haf abstained from voting on. I cannot believe that anyone watching her felt anything other than derision and contempt. Oh, yes, and her assertion that "Jeremy lost us the Referendume." That was a magic moment, too; seventeen million militants, defying their masters. It's like a banana republc, with rotten bananas.