Thursday, 7 July 2016


Peepul ov Britun....

I remember flinching, when I saw those images of what they disgustingly called Shock and Awe,

they being Uncle Sam's GangsterForces, and thinking to myself, under that barrage there's people, people who have done us no harm, people just like us, and here's some fucked-up rancid  prick of a RN wallah,

smirking on his submarine, telling us that we must understand - we little people - that these are smart weapons, targeting only bad people, people whom, quite illegally, Uncle Sam wants killed.  

I remember thinking that this was a snuff movie, for the titillation of the Bush family, one in which Lt. Cmdr. Horatio Cocksucker, has a tiny part.  I remember Tony Blair simpering that no prime minister had ever been so well served by his armed forces, as though he was the queen - in reality, and not just in public toilets. If this wasn't a war crime, then there aren't any war crimes. 

It was, as mr richard said, a war of entirely unjustified aggression, the sort for which we hanged people at Nuremberg, an illegal war, spun, for some, into an unavoidable and virtuous police action on behalf of civilisation, itself.  The former British prime minister and his chums, especially Porno Ali Campbell, are mass murderers, that MediaMinster indulges them with endless opportunities to exonerate themselves, that it listens in respectful silence to the bleatings of the wretched Blair, 

permits itself to be orchestrated by him, 

as though it was his propaganda ministry is nauseating.  Only once in that dismal press conference, yesterday, did someone come close to the point of it all; Nick Watts of Newsnight enquiring why it was that the Bandit Gulf States, the home of beheadings, whippings, amputations and stonings, as well as being the home  of  the purported 9/11 bombers are now Blair's employers, y'know, what with him and his doxy being so hot on human rights. No-one there pressed the question home, after Blair ignored it.  He must've gone back into hiding with  Imelda  as he always does, sheltered by security men whom we pay for,  pissing himself with laughter.

It is true, of course, the body language reveals that Tony Blair was coming in his pants, snuggled up to George Dubya Chimp 

and mr mongoose's observation about the kid cosying-up to the playground bully to attack a weaker kid is right, a mutants' mateyness, there for all to see, George gazing at Blair from some drug-cocktailed, personality0-disordered, poisoned consciousness, like a groomer, and young Tony, pouting, looking delighted to be with the biggest of the big boys. In these meetings, alongside George Chimp, Blair looks like an utter wanker and that is some achievement. 

In passing, it is one more reason for we sad, old lefties to applaud Donald Trump, because he kicked the next Bush pretender, 

Brother Jeb,  back into the swamp whence he came,  please God he can do the same with President Trousers and Spunky Bill. 

In the same currency we must reward Lord Poundland for unseating Flashman and Junkie George,

 and with any luck Mad Mick Fallon and Phil Dope, too.  

It does seem to be a time of upheavals, to put it mildly. 
Bair's reputation exists now only in the minds of himself, of torturers, despots and GlobaCrime.

Bullyboy, Porno Ali Campbell, can spin like a dervish but he's a busted flush, he looks like what he is, a cheap punk, hired muscle,

 ready for a spell inside, or at least a withdrawal into his wholly understandable manic depression; 

 Jack Torture, hissing like a cornered reptile, is history,

Where IS my peerage?

his son, too, I should think,

 a jumped-up, squeaking irrelevance,
 another casualty of the Brexit Uprising. 

As mr mike said,  Chilcot consisted of redder meat than we expected, and the hint of investigation and charges will, of course, be dismissed by MediaMinster - lest they all go to jail -  but Blair, in a fragmenting and disobedient Europe,  may yet know a Pinochet moment, some feisty EuroMagistrate issuing a EAW in his name.  

Andrea Leadsom may -  is likely to, I venture - wrong-foot the Dancing Queen, Tracey May and it seems that there is none in the rotten parliamentarty labour party who would valiant be.  We may  soon have an even more  riven Tory party in government playing musical chairs with a  Labour party  comprising two battling factions, the Blairish and the New Maoists, entitlementistas versus cultural revolutionaries, a government of national unity disappearing up its own arse, despised by those upon whom, for so long, they have shat.  
For their discomfort and eventual expulsion they must all, as the New People  say, put their hands to-gether, 
give it up for Tony Blair.


Mike said...

The more I read of Chilcot, the more I like it. Blair is going to get his scabby arse dragged into court; although I have pledged never to return, I will break that pledge and queue for days to get a front row seat. There will be plenty of legal funds willing to finance that, and a crowdfunding would raise tens of millions. Blair may be rich, but he's not that rich. In legal fees alone he will be bled dry. A decent QC with Blair under oath, and all the homework already done by Chilcot, will tear him to pieces. Happy days.

Oh, and Andrea for PM sending in Article 50.

call me ishmael said...

Yes, g'morning', mr mike, and crazy times, indeed. I haven't read any of Chilcot, meselfp[; I may get around to it, I do do that sort of thing. He might, of course, claim he is unfit to plead and yesterday's hamminess may have been the start of that; he may put himself beyond extradition, that would be easy but even the hint of him fearing getting his collar felt will be, for most of us, sourly delicious

I hadn't thought about the crowdfunding possibilities, Christ, there's be millions from Arabia alone, never mind the West; he might go to his death with a different understanding altogether of Shock and Awe - half the world putting its hand in its pocket to see him tried.

mongoose said...

That is but hope, Gentlemen, in spite of all realistic expectation. Mr Tory Blather is home free - such as it is now for him. I think his major disappointment is his fucked up place in history. And he is radioactive now. His only gigs will be for the despots of the ME or for grasping "access to government" hucksters. Cunt. Needs hanging. But he always did because he was a liar from the first day.

Chilcott also is a fucking waste of space. OK, he has done a slightly better job than, say, Hutton. How difficult was that though? The various caveats - "the enquiry did not enquire about..." - fuck him and his shabby-arsed paper-chase. Cunt. How difficult can it have been to say that a clear commitment to back and "be with" US military action was given, even if not clearly sought, before any legal steps had been taken to legitimise same? The bastard went to war to depose and/or kill Saddam H pour encourager les autres in the pursuit of advantage in the Great Game and the hundred-year-old middle eastern carve up. A pig. But a home free pig.

Mike said...

Mr Mongoose: the fat lady hasn't even warmed up her vocals yet. IMHO Chilcot has done a forensic examination of the evidence - that was his job - it could have been a whitewash, as we were all expecting. Its as clear as the nose on anyone's face the contradictions in the evidence and what Blair did and said (and not just Blair, but lets start with him). It was not for Chilcot to find him guilty. The families, adequately funded as I'm sure they will be, will now complete the job. The finest legal minds in the land must be queuing up for this gig - the trial of the century.

call me ishmael said...

I agree with that, too, mr mongoose, and I believe I have said so more than once, in anticip[ation and since but there is no denying that insubstantial as it was, and it failed to say what its findings indicated it should, it was better than I expected, maybe just enough to please the families of those killed, but not enough to shut them up. I should say that I have always felt their complaint egregious, what did they expect to happen? Soldliers get betrayed by government, are ill-equipped and the people they are sent to fight nearly always fight back. Rose Gently, for instance, ran as a Tommy Sheridan candidate for Holyrood, on the grounds that her soldier son had died in action, something which may have happened if he had the best kit in the world; she was proud, she said, when he joined the army, and yet belittled his memory when what often happens to soldiers happened to him. Gordon Gentle was killed in action, the only way to avoid that is by not enlisting.

That Blair is a crook was evident from the very early Bernie Ecclestone business, from the Mandelstein-Robinson-HindujaBrothers scams, from any number of other donor scandals, from his hanging-out of Imelda in the Peter Foster scandal; I mean, he was a crook and a cunt from Day One.

Yes, it is hope, here expressed, but the world has changed, actually, Blair is an instrument of that change and that he is roundly reproached, if not arrested, is a hopeful sign, that there will be a move to indict or impeach him is now a more realistic possibility; that these are improvements on the position pre-Chilcot is encouraging.

That Sir Johnny should have outstepped his remit and acted like a decent country coroner was hugely desirable and would have taken only half a dozen words: We believe Blair should be charged. It now remains to others to frame a charge and find a court but it took a hundred years to get women the vote and only a couple of years to enact same-sex marriage legislation, Chilcot may prove a stepping stone to justice, for millions, not just a few hundred, whose claim to it is, in any case, tenuous.

call me ishmael said...

I would send money, mr mike, to a Try Blair Fund, please let us know if one springs up.

Inasmuch as I can, I always scan the cyber toilet wall, trying to find a vox pop on these big issues. All across the wall, the clamour is for Blair to be punished. I ALWAYS thought him just a common crook, his wife a greedy slut; ALWAYS thought his posturing on the world stage was merely to creatE a demand for his post-retirement services, but I am quite happy to see him indicted for any of his crimes.

I hope Mr Trump's folks are publishing photos, now, of the Clintons and the Blair's schmoozing, of Spunky Bill being cheered at the NewLabour conferences.

Mike said...

Gents: this is too damning a report for it to end now. In fact, I can't remember a more incendiary enquiry report cataloging failure across major government departments. And not just some IT project going over budget, but death and destruction on a massive scale. Its only that there is no Government right now which is preventing a Government response. I agree the families have a narrow interest, but if that's the conduit for getting the ball rolling, all well and good. I could easily see the Government taking over the case "in the national interest".

call me ishmael said...

Yes, me too, mr mike, all that.

mongoose said...

Well, I admire your spirit as ever, Mr Ishmael, and you, Mr Mike, but it won't happen.

As to soldiers. I do not risk my life going to work of a Monday morning but military people do. Often they are not the well-educated helicopter folk who infest my part of the world but poor people, ordinary folk, who take the minimum wage plus 25% which is a service income. And then some bastard sends them to war and they get hurt.

That their mums and dads are victimised by TV after the fact is now a commonplace but no less vile for that. But we must blame the telly and not the victim. Armies go to war with the kit they have and some of them get killed before the kit gets better. That's the way it has been always and the way it will always be. The dead don't bitch and nor should we, as long as we don't forget. (Is it a myth that the Poles put up proper cavalry against the blitzkreig Herman tanks? Did their mums sue?) We should not use up the grief of honest people so easily but it is not a squaddie's fault that he gives his life one day. And his perhaps unthought-through sacrifice is not ours to belittle because of our supposedly superior insight. The dead have given all they had to give; the least we can do is accept it gently, and take our fucking hats off while we do so.

Blair? Do not gt me started. The cunt. "I regret more than you ... " Yeck. There is no rope short enough nor tree high enough. When was it that politicians just out and out started lying to us?

call me ishmael said...

I wasn't belittling their deaths, mr mongoose, merely suggesting that it is, too often, their families who do. The Gentle mother, almost front and centre, yesterday, drove me loopy.

I also think that second-guessing them, moaning, post mortem, on their behalf, is demeaning to all. If you don't know that you stand a better than average chance of getting killed in the forces, then you should be in care. Different story, of course with an enlisted man or woman. But it is open to anyone to be Arthur McBride and crack teh recruiting sergeant over the head.

I would rather that all survived to their alloted span but for that to happen we must all take responibility for ourselves, bunjee-jumping, joining the SAS or trekking across the North Pole, these are intrinsically dangerous activities and thus not to be over-mourned.

It's maybe mrs woar's inequality of death theory; is a soldier more dead from service in Iraq than in Iraq or Port Stanley or Normandy? And why isn it that the slayer of many Tommies, and the torturer of some now shakes hands with the Queen; what mad kaleidoscopic covenant is this?

the thing about the Fallen is that they get to be called Glorious, if they want any more they should stay at home. And another thing about BlairWars, then and since, is that they have debased heroism, all now are heroic, in order that those who despatch them are, in reflection, heroic, too.

As to Mendacity's Year Zero, well, Kinnock, Mandelstein, Campbell, Blair, Brown, Prescott and Straw, they mark it for me.

call me ishmael said...

And I, like yourself, a lifelong abolitionist, I would hang them, too.

mongoose said...

It is happening again this morning. Why do I need to see the weeping wife of a dead police officer on the TV to know that she is bereft of coherent thought at the moment? Why is it, when stopped by another traffic policeman and your boyfriend is shot and wounded, that another woman's first thought is get her fucking phone out and Snapchat the carnage. What the fuck is wrong with people?

Doug Shoulders said...

In whose interest did Mr Blair actually work for?
Certainly not the country that elected him.
For his own? It does not seem that way right now.
I wonder if, in the wee small hours, this man understand the enormity of it all, as he obviously didn’t back then.
He seems to have few friends. What of the others in the cabinet and on the opposition benches who kept shtum.

Anonymous said...

I thought much the same, Mr Mongoose, while also being struck by the way the witness was the one speaking clearly and politely (subtext "please do not shoot me as well you mad bastard") while the incoherent babbling seemed to be coming from the cop.

In his book of essays, Pulphead, John Jeremiah Sullivan has a chapter on Reality TV. At first he was dismayed by the way the people he was writing about slipped so readily into camera-ready mode, but then realised that this WAS reality for them; it was simply how they thought and reacted to the world, all the time. In a way it's a banal observation but in another it's staggering and horrific.

I don't know anything about shooting - would the Dallas snipers have needed specialist training to hit their targets? Quite a slap for Uncle Sam if they turn out to be his nephews (ex-army.)


call me ishmael said...

The other two events in the post dangle a tendril of explanation at which we might grasp, mr mongoose. The judge in the Oscar Pistolero case moved heaven and earth to put the killer at the centre of concern, she transmuted his base metal into the gold of victimhood, made his future vastly more important than those of the victim's relatives. I am as Howard Leaguey as a man can be but for the sake of Decency his sentence should have been in double figures, this farce of commodification is insulting to all concerned, even to the gabshite, himself.

President Trousers received not even an admonition for behaviours which would see an ardinary citizen reviled and prosecuted; her securioty clearance continues unamended as do those of her hard-faced harem; for this reasosn alone Trump shouild become the next POTUS

With lawnforcement having been given, by Obama, a ;icense to shoot niggers like vermin, it is no wonder that the children of the West film their own decline, and that garbage like wossisname, Zuckerberg, sell advertising on the back of it, no wonder, either, that we feel on our cheek, the hot breath of the Jihad, growing stronger.

Never read Pulphead, mr verge, sounds good. i think that many, many Americans have received firearms training and we know that there are tens of thousands of tooled-up survivalists, all over the States. Uncle Sam must watch out for black and white joining arms and poppn' a revolutionary cap in his ass. It is too big a place for the imposition of martial law and anyway, lawnforcement and the national guard are all crazy bastards to start with.

call me ishmael said...

Well, mr doug, I don't wish to appear smug, but I never voted for Blair, distrustiung him from the moment I saw him and realising, with sinking heart, that he and his mates in the unions had hijacked the labour movement, in the interests of their own pockets, cocks and arses. Anyone remember Dave Prentice, six-figure bosses' man, just for one; Brendan Barber, wealthy EuroJunketeer, fucking his members up the arse with a broken bottle, the whole rotten corps basking in their closeness to the pansy, Blair, his greedy doxy,and his rotten, parliamentary henchmen on both sides; no use the unions bleating now, not now that they've completely shafted their members. Never mind his cabinet chums, mr doug, a very large section of society worshipped the ground Blair walked on. Just not me. I told everyone I met that Tony Blair was a criminal; shame, that twenty years later, Sir Johnny falls short of doing so.

I expect that he has all the friends that money can buy and remains entirely unrepentant; like Hitler, he acted in good faith, too, doing what he thought was right, for his country. Mighta made a few mistakes, but no-one could call him dishonest, like Blair, he was a pretty, straight guy. Maybe Porno Ali Campbell should reflect on what happened to Hitler's spin doctor, Dr Goebbels - and his family - before he next embarks on bullying people, the cunt.

SG said...

Alas, I must agree with Mr Mongoose here, I don't think we are likely to see Blair subjected to any form of prosecution. However, I hope that he will, at least, be denied a Knighthood and / or Peerage. Perhaps stripped of his Privy Councillorship... Ironically, given his position on Saddam, he is probably the nearest thing we've had to a Dictator in this country since Cromwell, much more so than Thatcher. On a more positive note, the strange, rasping, dis-jointed delivery at the press conference the other day, was that a death-rattle in his throat?

Bungalow Bill said...

Don't worry, the soul of socialism is saved. Baron Kinnock has made a great speech about it and how he's damned if he's going to give up 60 years of passionate integrity for someone as weird as Jeremy. Cometh the hour.

Blair has become his television self or selves or perhaps he always was. Just as Mr Verge notes.

SG said...

Mr Verge is also right about the Dallas snipers it seems. One at least, a decorated Afghanistan Veteran...

walter said...

Mr Ish, You often speak of the killing of blacks in America,

Caratacus said...

Mr SG - not a death rattle, I fear, more the true hellish tones of the Ipsissimus dark lord within the vaguely human shell known as Mrs. Blair's little boy (cue tones of O Fortuna as reddish smoke begins to issue forth from his collar and underpants).

Anonymous said...

So Lezdomme quits - presumably her safe word was "mummy"?


call me ishmael said...

Decent p[eople, mr verge, like most here, don't know what a safe word is, only you, trawling the sewers of Perversion would inroduce such a concept.

I dunno if she quit as such opr was persuaded of the party's best interests, and her own, A Remain prime minister for a Remain parliamentary party.

call me ishmael said...

Yes, mr walter. I have been reading such things for most of my life. The Guardian should do one for black British viotims, who, not being currently armed, they generally have to get into the car or the cells before murdering. I am sorry if I go on about it but we're all niggers aren't we, when the deal goes down?

call me ishmael said...

I suspect, mr bungalow bill that many of us are our imagined TeeVee image. In the stenting labs - theatres - in Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, everyone is giving a constant performance, each time I go I look high and low for the cameras; it's like being in an episode of ER. The stenting premises are chilly so the nurses all wear bomber jackets over their scrubs, they look like 1950s cheeerleaders, everything they say is arched-up, as though 'twere scripted. I mentioned this to a cardiac rehanb nurse, here, and she, having worked there, agreed, it was all full-on, hard-core theatre, in the other sense of theatre.The doctors, too, crank everything up, every word an aside to camera.

Last time, a bomber-jacketed nurse asked, Do you look after anyone? Well, there's Harris. And Harris is....? A very handsome young dog, albeit a shade highly strong Is that Harris with a double-r? She wrote it into the notes, and then showed me.

I guess we all do it to some extent, as well we may, given that there is a cctv camera for every three of us. we should all act innocent, even though we are.