Wednesday, 6 July 2016


As we speak it looks as though the stupidest judge in the world is about to mitigate Oscar Pistolero's already slight 15-year sentence  for murder on the grounds that he wasn't on his proper legs when he shot the bitch, that he cried afterwards and that the deceased's heartless parents had refused to meet him and listen to his self-pitying horsehit, which was all very difficult for him.

Yesterday, the FBI stopped short of giving President Trousers a medal for her misconduct, but it may yet happen, and perhaps Tony Blair might be the statesman to pin it on.

Tony, of course, in exile for his own protection, will be cleared of any serious wrongdoing by little Johnny Chilcott.  Oh, processes will have been muddled, information misiterpreted and in fact many people share the blame, too many, really, for any one person to shoulder it all, even though that was the nature of his job description.

Lord Kinnock and Crooked Tess Jowell, among regiments of others, are pulling out all the stops to  remove Jerry C and protect thier own places in history. No matter what they say, Kinnock will be remembered as no more that a  vain, worthless jackanapes, a gobby Taffy and his doxy on the make; Jowell as a woman who claimed not to know how her mortgage was paid and subsequently pretended to separate from her criminal husband in order to keep he scabby arse at the cabinet table. 
Y'know, right honourables.

On the bright side, the wordy failures of the FBI and Chilcott, as well as the crookedness of the Tory leadership elections, of Ken Clarke and of the parliamentarty labour party  will only deepen the contempt in  which ordinary people hold the Filthsters and validate further the  recent vote on independence from EuroFilth.

On the whole, a good couple of days. 


call me ishmael said...

Everything Sir Johnny said, I knew ten years ago, and I'm nobody, Shame on him. Even though his committee was not a coroner's court he could easily have said, for instance, "it is the opinion of this committee that so undemocratic and dangerous was the position and conduct of Mr Blair and his cronies that another body should properly investigate the possibility of a criminal prosecution."

Mike said...

Very hard to be cheerful at present. The next POTUS is shown to have committed crimes enough to get an ordinary person fried, but walks. I haven't, and won't, read the Chilcot report but I instinctively know it will stop just short of providing the grounds for legal action against Blair and Straw. My heart clings to the hope that somehow Brexit means Brexit, but my head tells me that our betters will find a way to deny the referendum.

call me ishmael said...

Except, mr mike, that we are now in a growing, TransAtlantic majority of Dissent.

I dunno if you can see it, down there, but Service Families are now seriously looking at ways to bring Blair to court, they won't be stilled, n ot by cheesy Blair soundbites, which, as they come out are entirely predictable, completely laughable; Satan's cocksucker in a dog collar.

MediaMinster, of course will do everything in its power to play things down, here and in the States but they tried that with the Brexit issue, lied their poxed-up arses off, and look what happened.

It has always been a struggle, always proved worthwhile. Be glad, for the song has no ending.

call me ishmael said...

Cameron, true to form, talking about lesson-learning being the main thing, lest he find his collar felt over Libya, and God knows what else; can't have lawmakers being subject to the law.

Mike said...

As you say, Mr I, we live in hope. We, the unwashed, are off piste at the moment, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Doug Shoulders said...

I don't think Blair will have anything to worry least in this world.

Alphons said...

I have been surprised that dear Tony has never been "mopped up" before now, by survivors of the Iraq shambles.
Mandelson, who was supposed to be his guru,seems to have been overlooked by Chilcot.

Bungalow Bill said...

One of the few achievements of Comrade Wilson's government was to keep this country out of the Vietnam fiasco. Giddy fanboy Blair did the opposite with Iraq, idiotically misinformed but, at root, determined to strike a pose next to the Chief. Our foreign policy will remain disastrous for so long as we fail to realise that the USA treats us with a mixture of indifference and mild contempt, they brought us low through both world wars and Suez and their ludicrous President and now their Ambassador make it plain that we have significance only as a fraction of a convenient trading bloc.

Blair is vile but the problem is much older and still unresolved.

Mike said...

We have all been critical of Chilcot. But my take on this is that it was a work worth waiting for. He has destroyed Blair and all the bit players. OK they won't end up in goal, and will probably spend the next decade trying to avoid it, but they have been served up a fate worse, and Blair's demeanour and press conference, and the subsequent world wide reaction, tells the story.

Doug Shoulders said...

If only it was just Blair…but it’s the lot of them.
Cameron was involved in Libya and wanted the same done to Syria. Shock and Awe...what a truly appalling way to describe a military operation. Like some kind of fucking computer game.
People protested at Blairs war and were ignored…certain by the PBC.
The Blair/Bush special relationship was the vehicle by which US and UK corporates could chow down…dividends to shareholders. That was mentioned in the Chilcot report and that’s the most important whole fucking point.
The rest is just front. Just as Blair and Bush were. Fuck me can Bush even be trusted to make decisions on what to have for breakfast in the morning?

mongoose said...

So it seems to be the situation that there was a fork in the road. The path chosen was to go to war alongside the USA for reasons of strategic mateyness. Whatever happened then happened and the guy who chose the path justifies his action by saying that the world is a better place without the despot Saddam. That the world is also without several hundred thousand innocent Iraqi civilians, and much other blood and treasure around and about the place, seems to be not part of the accounting.

So human being A decides that human being B is going to kill human being C and joins in, for fellowship. If I did that, I'd be in jail.

And can we not continue this lonely stupidity of pretending that the UN resolutions for this and that have ever justified or rendered anything lawful or unlawful. That's just strategic mateyness with someone taking notes.

Anonymous said...

The Nueremberg principles seem to have been forgotten. It's against the law to wage aggressive war. Was there a declaration of war? Didn't the Iraquis co-operate in weapons inspections? Didn't the chief nay-sayer die in circumstances such that Tony Blair put a 70 year ban on his autopsy being revealed?
No, this enquiry is too limp and the scoundrel has escaped.

yardarm said...

It`s the 70 year embargo, as with Dunblane, Mr Richard that signposts dirty work more than anything, when the guilty will be in Mr Satan`s jurisdiction then our grandchildren may piss on their graves, if they should care.

call me ishmael said...

I suspect, mr yardarm, that, as with the copyrights of the Bee Gees, and the Beatles and cliff Richard, all, coicidentally, extended by Tony'n'Imelda, the seventy-year rulings will be sinmilarly extended, ad infinitum, to protect the descendants of the Filthsters, now protected. And isn't it a hundred years, in the case of the Good Queen Brenda and the father of her son, Thieving, Beasting Andy?