Saturday, 23 July 2016


 It is a place of melancholy connotation, Munich; 
there was Mr Chamberlain's well-meaning but misguided visit to Herr Hitler's Munich and the subsequent, eternal humiliation which followed his waving of a worthless sheet of paper;  
there was the aeroplane crash which, taking the lives of some footballers,  unwittingly sparked the global marketing phenomenon that is Manchester United 
and there was the Munich Olympics massacre, in 1972, when the PLO killed a dozen Israeli athletes, very few of us, I imagine, have an optimistic, sub-conscious notion of Munich, 
 and now there is the night of Angela's Folly. 

 It may well be that the perpetrator/s are German or other EU nationals and not part of  any refugee/migrant upsurge, but that won't matter, a mass killing, carried out by a man with Middle Eastern connections and the cry of Allah Akbar at the start of hostilities,
that's all that matters, 


people  will equate Frau Merkel's  open-ended welcome of innumerable, undocumented travellers 

with the recent killings in France and now Germany and more than ever will call for her resignation  

and the replacement of her government with one more nationalistic;  
they do that rather well, the Germans, nationalism.

Speaking from Downing Street, British prime minister, Mrs Askey, said that it was a jolly good job that both she and Mrs Merkel were women with no children and they would soon get down to a no-nonsense solution to this whatever-it-is.  


You know, voters,  she continued, immigration is such a frightful business, the bastards won't stand still long enough for one to count them all up and one, say, as home seckaterry, hasn't a fucking clue about how many, where or who the fuck they are. There's probably millions of the bastards, up and down the land -  still, that's the home seckaterry's responsibility, 
nothing to do with me.

Speaking from his office in the Sun newspaper, London's police chief, 

Sir Bernie Haagen Daaz, 
said that his officers stood ready to fly to Munich in order to assist their Hermannish colleagues in finding nothing out. 
All his officers' ten million poundsworth of  efforts to exonerate Gerry and Cilla McCann had failed and that initiative was now being wound-down.
 Munich provides the ideal opportunity for Metropolitan police officers to enjoy a free, paid, plus expenses, overtime and danger money holiday abroad, it's not as though they had signed-up to police the streets of London, after all.
 I mean, it's not sunny or anything, Munich, but they have some very comfortable brothels where my officers can conduct useful investigations.

I may be entirely wrong, about the worm turning; maybe all of Europe will just simply accept that terrorism is a part of life, as we did, here, while Deputy First Minister Marty KneeCaps was killing our children, until Tony Blair and Spunky Bill Clinton put him in government, and as have millions, all around the world, trying to live life under our bombs, under millions of our rounds,  burying their children before sundown.
 Even with the odd handful of casualties, here in Europe, we do seem to have the best of this terror bargain, don't we, ten thousand of theirs for every one of ours;  what's not to like?


Mike said...

Munich is also where Herr Hitler began his quest for power in the early twenties.

Maybe the Hermanns will do what the Frogs did after Nice, and bomb a few hundred innocent civilians in Syria.

One sympathises with the innocent collateral damage in Munich, and even though the Hermans in the ME were too fat for combat and not allowed out after dark, but really, what the fuck do they expect? That Ahmed wont get a bit rattled and want to get his own back?

call me ishmael said...

Aye, mr mike, seems like one of Satan's vortices, Munich, I'da bulldozed the place, me, after the Hermageddon, after Poland, the Blitz, Russia and the Camps. we should've laid waste many of those watering holes of wickedness and left them flat, pour encourager les autres; instead, it was business as usual, Coca Cola all round.

Cet animal est très méchant:
Quand on l’attaque, il se défend.

This animal is very wicked:
If you attack, it defends itself.

What we have done has resulted in the dehumanisation of hundreds of millions of people and we have then treated them more savagely, even, than we treat animals. What is happening is like the wind blowing our own mustard gas back in our stupid, incomprehending choking faces

What can you do, takes a woman's touch, I guess, what a shame there aren't any in power.

Alphons said...

It's more than likely to end up as a "handbags at dawn" combat.

tdg said...

It needs some intelligence to understand the relation between violence and piety, but our leaders are not even bright enough to do the reading that might be the closest substitute for it. Girard's "violence and the sacred" would be a good start.

Dick the Prick said...

The meeja have been quick to note the lad was a nutter - kinda obvious, that - but no one seems to give a toss where he got an assault rifle from.

May be it is the cost of doing business. Liberals bang on about how we need immos to do the jobs that the natives won't do but surely bright lads from some of our bombed up shitholes may feel a bit swindled coming over here being forced to clean Doris and Norman's literal shitholes for minimum wage and the missive of 'you should be grateful'. Fuck that - I'll rent a big fuck off truck and nip down the gymkhana!

I guess politicians have started to come unstuck by aiming for corporate, economic solutions to problems that didn't exist. I blagged an economics degree and the amount of essays and philosophies which ended with 'this is fucking ideal on paper but would never fucking work in the real world' was significant. Seems as though no one gives a shit about the real world anymore.

Alphons said...

Well Mr DeP
I think "Seems as though no one gives a shit about the real world anymore." is probably because "the real world " has ceased to exist.
It is currently a place controlled by a few hundred people (who should have been sectioned under a world wide mental health act) and their scions, who too are totally without intelligence.

mongoose said...

Looks like another lonely nutter. One with a Glock. And a convenient middle eastern heritage, if heritage is the right word. I wonder how Iranian he felt, and how German. I remember back in the day being an anglo-irish catholic bastard - and getting called names by stupid Tommy kids who had to have somebody to point the finger at. I never got around to arming myself and blowing a few of the away though. Not quite crazy enough, or angry enough. I do think that the publicity and the all but glorification of these events must give some almost encouragement to those susceptible to going postal.

And I wonder if the lad did actually give his "God is great" shout. Or is that another example of these things getting picked up and misused?

call me ishmael said...

I was just speaking of you, mr tdg, further on up the road, in relation to the Bogeyman, Trump

I have, coincidentally, been thinking about sacrifice, rites and hierarchies; the Spartans, it seems, cast malformed babies down a well and then validated that action by flinging-in, also, the family dog, just to show they were seriously pious in their infanticide.

A few miles from where I sit is claimed, now, to be the birthplace, five and a half thousand years ago - long before the Grecian city state, before teh Egyptian empire of gold, before the mad superstitions of the Torah - of religion in the British Isles; the newly excavated Ness of Brodgar, together with the circled stones, thought to be a site of Neolithic national pilgrimage and the inspiration for Stonehenge, Avebury, the Rollright Stones and so on. Scholars think that the ideas of Beyond, Above, After; concepts of the Mystic and the Spiritual originate here, in Orkney, here in this thin, spare place, wafered between sea and sky, here, in what you call my barren isle. Of course men forever had performed rituals to trees and to hunting, had painted on cave walls, but the idea of After, and Beyond is now claimed to have originated with a single or a group of Orkney mystics, and spread throughout neolithic Britain, from here. . If that is so then he or they are also the authors of all the art, artifice, literature. music and drama, which attend religion, and all the war and torture, too.

call me ishmael said...

Also, the writings of Mr Girard are among the very many reasons that I do not, despite your encouragement, do not write a book.

call me ishmael said...

I never knew, I was never told, that your childhood was so troubled, mr mongoose, I had my own share of estrangement, as a kid from my surroundings but quickly blended-in,superficiall, at any rate.

I listened to the Hermann chief of police's press conference,in the early hours and he did seem just to be making shit up as he went along, rabble-rousing cliches, like an American presidentisal candidate, full of shit, and I, too, thought the same thing about the alleged Allah Akbar shout, the Wilderness of Mirrors, but I stand by what I wrote, abovw - it doesn't matter who he was or why he was, he will fuel the fire of resentment and instability, his death, then, and those of his victims, part of a rising tumult on all sides of the Crusades.

call me ishmael said...

Their lack of inteligence, though, m alphons, will see them off. I often wonder how many, on the side of Islamic fundametalism, actually share the cynicism of their western brothers, abouit all things governmental.

mongoose said...

He will, I agree, be used to add fuel to the flames.

Jesus but the newspapers are full of scum-witted vermin though. What am I to make of "Munich shooting: link to Anders Breivik is reminder of rising tide of far Right anger" as a headline in the Telegraph rag? As if either a lonely kid in Munich or a lunatic scout-shooting mad bastard were capable of forming a coherent political thought, let alone that they are indicative of anything.

As to my past, Mr Ishmael, give it not another thought. I don't from one year to the next, and I left those particular boneheads behind and lost to their sneering years ago.

SG said...

I clocked the Glock, Mr DtP, but not the assualt rifle, but then again I may have slept through most of it... Where did you see that? In the meantime, it is fascinating to see how the media is so willing to play up the 'far right' threat. Neo-Nazis everywhere it seems. Small wonder folks are voting for UKIP...

Oldrightie said...

Far right is now anyone that dares to question the corporate gangster class and their political enforcers.

Caratacus said...

During my peregrinations about the Interweb I am fascinated by the credulousness of so many - they really credit the fuckwits "in charge" with the intelligence necessary to maintain and direct a massive conspiracy which directs the fate of us peasants. Apparently, the events in Munich represent another marker in the grand plan to agitate and foment discord and civil unrest amongst the sheep for the greater enrichment of the so-called elite. It makes me think of our ancient forefathers who, unaware of the science of Nature and knowing no better, ascribed earthquakes, storms and volcanic eruptions to a capricious group of gods who delighted in the misfortune of Men. Am I guilty of voluntary blindness by observing that it is all bollocks and that the tortured soul who did this is an inevitable consequence of the growing inability simply to rub along with one another?

Mike said...

Mr Caractacus: I'm not as sanguine as you. To mention but one well documented consipracy: 9/11 was an inside job as far as I'm concerned. You talk of stupidity amongst the unwashed - what more evidence of stupidity is there that accepts that Tower 7 fell down on its own! That resulted in the turmoil in the ME and the death/injury of millions, and the migration crisis ongoing today. The stuff in Ukraine is another example, fomented by the US/EU to heap shit on Russia and Putin.

In all such cases, the first question should be: 'cui bono'.

Dick the Prick said...

@Mr SG - apols, I think I only had half an eye on it and may have imagined the rifle. It was back when there were 3 of them - like BadAss BeeJees.

@Mr Smith - you say that they say that Orkney is ground zero for beyond? I dunno - like Newton and gravity; if it wasn't them then some cheeky git would've jumped on it. If you've got a surfeit of fish, boats and whisky then inevitability should be treated as a companion, probably. Better than those Easter Island fucks - great sculptures lads, just 1 question.......

Caratacus said...

Mr Mike - I agree with all you say, particularly WTC 7 and Ukraine; false flags have been employed for centuries as a reliable method to sway the credulous and will doubtless continue for as long as they meet with any success. My criticism was principally directed at the 'Illuminati/Queen Brenda owning America and drinking the blood of children' Brigade who seem to accept a seamless direction of events by the buggers in charge as if they knew what they were doing. To credit the likes of Bush, Clinton, Blair, Cameron, the Rothschilds, Goldman Sucks, et al with any intelligence beyond a certain low animal cunning is, it seems to me, a little unwise. We have only to look at Blair in particular to see that despite all his accumulated wealth his soul is not at rest ... not clever at all.

call me ishmael said...

WT7 is, indeed, one of the miracles of the age, up there wth the jet engine, the silicon chip and nuclear fission, man wresting control of physics; a tiny, inconsequential fire in a small corner, causing the free-fall collapse of a msssive, steel-reinforced structure into its own footprint, simultaneously and coincidentally and miraculously destroying the tax records of the BushOrganisedCrime4U Corporation, and then blaming itself on poor Mr Saddam Hussein; truly, we should give thanks that we live in an age of wonder.

call me ishmael said...

The cyber toilet wall, it is time it was hosed-down and repainted, either that, king caratacus, or one should only piss in one's own toilets, or in the open air, up against a tree; the public toilets, being filled with diseased liberal democrats, are no place for decent souls, such as we.

call me ishmael said...

Even if, mr mongoose, it can - and will - be argued that the McDonalds boy was nothing whatever to do with Frau Merkel's invitation to Angry Ahmed and his family, the case can - and will - be made that the events in France have nourished such behaviours and encouraged them and that her stsagey benevolenc has created a climate in which they may flourish, that the faux liberals, here, at home, endorse the storming of borders, and the stoning of - in this case - harmless police officers effectivey creates a lawless continent; the endorsement, by pretend democrats, of Turkish fascism, too, adds to the End of Days feeling which many share.

call me ishmael said...

It is a narrow distinction, being made, mr dick but one that I buy-into. I don't think it WASinevitable that a priestly caste, based upon the interpretation and appication of Sign, from Beyond, not to mention the startling astronomical knowledge displayed in those massive structures, would arise in a society without metal, fabric, writing or science, and yet it did. Time permitting we will return to this.


frome the original Holy Land.

SG said...

Funny you should mention poor Mr Saddam, Mr I. I rather enjoyed the documentary on Channel 4 just now about the film he sponsored starring our old friend Oliver Reed:

Reed put the acting 'profession' in its proper place with his description of them as mere 'clowns', by way of explaining his own behaviour. I loved Virginia Denham's last line:

“And the only time I was frightened was of Oliver Reed. Oliver Reed was a weapon of mass destruction.”

tdg said...

For all we know, Ishmael, yours are the words of those primordial dead, mysteriously galvanized into the digital ether by some electronic ghost. That we are here reduced to ensouled terminals is my selfish objection to the love of isles. It is, I suppose, what we endure London for -- the relative proximity of moderate talent on which you can put a face, and a voice.

call me ishmael said...

I am sorry, too, mr tdg.
I did read that Lawrence story, and I know what he and you mean, sometimes feel it, too. I don't hate the city, it's just that these days I find it merciless; the local cinema streams plays and concerts from London, the facsimile galleries are a click away, I can buy a Gibson guitar online, without going near Shaftesbury Avenue and I would never own a one-acre walled garden anywhere south of Caithness.
Thank you for your kind words.
And I take your name in vain, further along.

call me ishmael said...

I meant poor Mr Saddam, in the John Donne sense, mr sg. I have managed to avoid the clip of his hanging, apart from the first few seconds in which he appeared to be the most dignified participant.

The Reed persona grows more attractive, I was just reading that back-page thing, in Time magazine, ten questions to one of the cast of the new Star Trek, for whom the film was quintessentially a celebration of the rights of LGBT people, across the universe, and he was angry that the producers had omitted the gay kiss between Mr Sulu and his extra-terrestrial male lover, sorry, partner. The antithesis of Olver Reed, one must think. And althogh I was always uncomfortable at filth like Parkinson feasting on another's public drunkenness - Reed, Best, Gascoigne, for instance - I nevertheless admired Reed's rejection of ShowBusiness as Art.

At the risk of repeating myself, from Elizabethan times until the 1960s entertainers were supervised, nationally by government law officers, the Lord Chancellor, I believe and locally by Watch Committees, both bodies duly mindful of the irregular and unwholesome practices and attitudes of those performing for a living. What would such bodies make of the anally-fixated Jonafun Woss and Graham Norton?

It's not that I believe in censorship because I don't, I just wish for a little self-restraint and anyway, Wossy asking his female guests if they took it up the arse, whoar, was just unplesant, as well as being none of his fucking business. The rub, though, lies in the fact that he was never short of female guests, or viewers.

Anonymous said...

There was a double page spread in the Observer about Orkney but whilst they kept banging on about how exciting it was, they never really conveyed what that excitement was; missed a trick, I think. They managed to shoe-horn in some post-brexit shitstorm which seemed noticeably out of place.

Thinking on, I guess the ingredients for inevitability are a bit weird. Maybe there's something to do with how chilly the winters got. I could be wrong but it seemed that most ancient civilisations went crazy nuts for sun and moon sequences - as you would without any light pollution. But the Orcadians had that, plus the northern lights, yet also the need to stop freezing their knackers off. The Egyptians, Mayans, Aztecs etc had their own shit too but loafing about in loin cloths would offer a different perspective than having nose snot icicles for a few months every year.