Tuesday, 19 July 2016


 Scotland's First Minister,
Ms. Krankie.

See me? 
I'm just addicted tae democracy.
 Ask anybody. I pure am.
Whitever people vote fer, I'm agin it.
Especially when millions and millions of Scoattish people have been misled  by Project Fear. 
 And voted in a way that they didnae really mean tae.
Or, in this case, Project Nae Fear a Gettin Rid a They Nukes oota Scoatland. 
An' I'm fair pootin' yon Mrs Askey on notice, 
that the Scoattish people'll nae be havin' that shite excuse for democracy.  
Just because a majority - a big majority -  votied fer somethin' disnae mean nothin'. 
An' democracy certainly disnae mean respectin' the will a the people. 
In fact, whit it meanses is the exact opposite. 
An' I demand a second vote on Trident, 
only this time, in order to be fair, 
 wi' only my ain  Scoattish MPs voting. 
And wi' none a they lies aboot other nations havin' nukes,
 because they dinnae,  
they just dinnae,
They dinnae have any nukes,
 nae other  bastard has any nukes.
That's just Project Fear.
President Trump? 
 Bein' pissed at the Scoattish people?
Especially me, and all they SNP MPs  whose bin callin' him a heidbanger?
Ach, it'll never happen.
Nah, it just willnae.
Never gonnae happen.
More chance a the oil price fallin', d'ye ken.
An' that's just pure never gonnae happen.

Gnasher, aping her heroine, below, 

Whisky Maggie.


Mike said...

I sense its time for a Common's committee to review the Barnett formula, chaired by David Davis.

Anonymous said...

@ Mike

Leave David Davis to get on with the Brexit day job, perhaps Mr Farage would be a better chairman.

Alphons said...

What I would like to know is "Who let her out of her padded cell in the first place?"

mongoose said...

The gaps grow, I think, between governments and the governed. It may not end well for them all.

And I have to say that I for one have not forgotten that almost every member of the UK parliament at least has been shown to be a thief and a liar, fiddling its expenses for years. And so to lecture me about my asserted lack of progressiveness and human charity is a bit fucking rich.

It seems also that the Turkish constitution - though a copy is not to be found here in Bandit Country this sunny Tuesday - says that the military have a duty to drag fuckers down from their ivory tower if they try to screw the people over. I am looking and will later find just what it does say.

call me ishmael said...

It should be expected, rather than virtuous, that people do not steal from their employers, notwithstanding, Corbyn is the only one to have so distinguished himself with the modesty of his expenses; all across the piece, especially in the Askey show, the thieves bray self-satisfaction, damning Virtue and Decency as undemocratic. I saw the impertyinent braggart, Fatty Soames, yesterday, moralising; the grotesque who took official papers stolen from government by Sir Winston and fenced them back to the nation, for twelve million pounds of lottery money. It is just all so gross and vile a man could give himself apoplexy. Do share the result of your enquiry,.

I also thought we were cheering the wrong Turk, that we and the world would be well rid of that greasy arsehole,

Mike said...

The Filthograph reports that an online appeal to sue Blair has raised 50 grand in 24 hours.

The bad news is that the cunt is indemnified for all costs and damages by the taxpayer.

mongoose said...

Oh, Angela, Angela. What was that all about, eh?

Owen Who, it is then. What larks.

Cascadian said...

For those interested, the constitution of Turkey is here, and interesting reading it is:


Even a cursory review reveals how Erdogan is running roughshod over everything it intends to achieve, presumably to install a "government" of islamic nutters.

Meanwhile the "civilized" world ie the UN displays it's utter unsuitability for achieving anything, the USA as represented by the halfrican and John Kerry are dumbstruck (still and forever) and Angela seems to have gone on vacation. yUK's opinion of course counts for nothing, it being a second world minor player with only pretensions of power.

Cascadian said...

For the sake of clarity I referenced the Angela with real power (Merkel) not the phoney-baloney Angela (Eagle) who seems to be auditioning only for the hokey-cokey.

Bungalow Bill said...

I note from Wiki that the cipher Smith learned his socialism (Nye Bevan his hero) at Pfizer and Amgen Big Pharma. He further established his credentials by his early enthusiastic support for PFI. The perfect undertaker.

call me ishmael said...

I will make a contribution to that, mr mike, if I can find it, not much but if everyone does it, or even some of us......

I think that his indemnity might be found illegal retrospectively - things are very fluid, these days, and although Heads of State always protect each other it only needs a brash legal team and a rogue judge or magistrate to raise the possibility of waiving or suspending blair's orivilege, in the interests of justice, Gosh, rthat wouiold make Imeldsa's arse fall out, all over her marble floor.

call me ishmael said...

The Corporation of Filth only says - as far as I have seen - that Owen Who once worked for it. Obviously the right man to reunite the Party. Christ, he is truly obnoxious, though, isn't he? A Robert-Kilriy-Smith for our times, eh? I should think he's dead in the water, smarmy, patronising little cunt.

call me ishmael said...

I will take a look at that, thank you, mr cascadian. I was thinking that perhaps all of us, in the West, are a second-rate power of little importance. Granted, Uncle Sam has a vast military capability which he simply cannot afford but he could not withstand a pre-emptive or retaliatory strike from China. The populations of China and what we call the developing economies are unimaginably huge and growing, who among thir billions gives a fuck for degenerate France or Germany or the UK?

I think it is mr mike who has previously suggested that we should, for survival and to prevent OUR being colonised, link arms with Mother Russia, much of whose recent history mirrors ours - culturally Christian, literary, artistic, musical, ballet and so on and linked by those ghastly Saxe-Coburgs, By comparison we have nothing in common with the Orient or South America.

Interesting, also, I think, that the French bent-over for Hermann at the first sign of hardship, as did most of Europe, except for the Greeks, who fought both the fascists and the Nazis and is now being strangled by Adolf's kinsmen; Russia, however, even though Stalin was a monster, lost tens of millions to Germany's racist assault, millions slaughtered, millions starved, muillions owrked to death,, in living memory. Mystifying that we now kowtow to this wretche old crow, Merkel.

call me ishmael said...

It is like observing an orgy among blind strangers, mr mongoose, the Labour party stumbling about with its flaccid cock out, looking for somewhere to put it. How did all these imbecuile incompetents ever get elected to anything? In the background, I just heard the grinning Derbyshire witch talking to suopporters of Owen Who and they are simply, grotesquely absurd, utterly clueless, they'd be mocked in a nursery class.

mongoose said...

He is a tedious spectacle, Owen Why. It is quite obvious that the little creep is only doing it so that he can get a tasty salary from a Shadow position once he loses but then swears allegiance to St Jez, for the good of "the Party". He is Liam Fox in red socks. Two horrible, horrible little shites who so dearly need horsewhipping.

PMQs was terrifying. Another prog that will have to be shunned. I'll hide under the stairs next week with me fingers in me lugs. Theresa was all over the place, gurning like a music hall turn. God, but it is becoming dark comedy.

call me ishmael said...

Send not to Oscar whom the bell tolls, eh? Fucking prat.

I sawonly a moment or two of Mrs Askey on Bad Bosses, and I felt I was having a bad acid trip.

Cascadian said...

Your generous reply Mr Ishmael deserves a response, unfortunately different time zones, good weather and general laziness makes mine untimely.

I think your analysis of the entire West being "second-rate power of little importance" is increasingly true, whilst we have the necessary toys, they are mostly ineffective for the kind of insurgency wars we will experience in the future, this has been adequately proven in Iraq, Afghanistan and now Ukraine. Flabby responses with ridiculous terms of engagement, our "leaders" have forgotten what war is or why it is sometimes necessary.

China of course has a huge surplus of unattached males courtesy of its one-child policy with which to prosecute pointless war and thus return its population to some semblance of balance. USA could match them in belligerence but I fear a second Pacific war would be as bloody as the WW2, with the added danger of the need to "test" the effectiveness of new nuclear weapons

The pointless and ridiculous vilification of Russia will yet be very costly to USA and EU, I fear it is too late to seek a sensible accord with Russia, they have cast their fate alongside China and a fearful enemy they make too. Both countries have experience of controlling indigent muslim populations which we would do well to research even if they are not necessarily humane.

Now that the Turkey nightmare is resolving itself, it seems obvious that Greece's best interest lies with Russia and not the EU, that would certainly awaken the indolent EU aristocracy, along with the USA.

All-in-all interesting times, glad I am not in Europe.