Friday, 25 April 2014


 The Filth-o-Graph is predicting apocalypse over this Back In The USSR stuff, down there in whatever shithole it is, some horse-drawn economy, some invented five minutes ago nation-state or other, as if Barry and Vlad are going to run to the bunkers over it all.  Dave Wisteria, mind you,  the lardy, slab-faced moron,  is probly  going in, boldly, to chair a meeting of COBRA, y'know, chumps and nincompoops, like BillyBum Hague and Phil Clausewitz Hammond, closeted with dozens  of Field Marshals Rupert Golightly-Jockstrap, all wondering where to send HM one working tank or HM one working helicopter, wondering how quickly they can mobilise a platoon of untrained, overweight, part-time territorial cowboys.  Fuck me, be a laugh a minute in there,  doubt that Vlad'll be shitting his Cossack pantaloons.

It may be that their - Barry and Vlad's - respective financial masters can wring a few dollar-roubles out of a bit of cross-border shooting but World War Three? Not a chance. Or is there?

The odd thing about this latest Obama misadventure is that Telegraph readers, who you would reasonably expect  to be pro-Uncle Sam and anti-Russian are overwhelmingly cynical about the role of the Leader of the Free World, as some still call him, comments run at about ten to one in favour of Putin over GlobaDeath.  The MediaMinster arm of GlobaCorp will be rattled that it can no longer so easily brainwash its own, native constituency. Maybe its due to the graffiti in the streets of  cyberspace, maybe to the MPS exes scandal, maybe part of it is due to UKIP, maybe it is the exposure of the PBC as a hotbed of beasting and corruption, maybe it is  the hatred now widely felt for whoever is Nonce Protector General in the Vatican but there has certainly been a change in the weather.  Seems that many now think  it is we who populate the Evil Empire, we who, in the form of Blair and Co  are the Great Satan.
For me, the best, if the hollowest laugh of the month was prompted by the Veep, Joe Bum, 


insisting that you just can't roll into countries and take them over. Joe, if he can read, and there's no reason to suspect he can, obviously hasn't read the ten-volume Smithsonian History of the US, the study of which currently occupies a lot of my time.

'In 1825 the federal government prohibited pioneers from settling in Oklahoma and reserved the land as Indian Territory, a place to relocate Indians who blocked the march of American civilisation (sic) east of the Mississippi.  Cherokee, Creek, Chocktaw, Chickasaw and some of the Florida Seminole - known as the five Civilised Tribes - owned fertile lands for growing cotton and crops, lands which the white settlers coveted.   So they were the first to be removed to Oklahoma, forcibly escorted by troops. Government forces burned houses and farms, shot resisters, drove away livestock and even opened  Cherokee graves to loot silver jewellery.  "I fought in the Civil War," a militiaman recounted much later "and have seen men shot to pieces and slaughtered by the thousands but the Cherokee removal was the cruelest work I ever knew."  Faced with hunger, insanitary conditions, extreme weather, disease  and heartbreak, about 4,000 of the 16,000 who started the journey perished and were buried along the way.  The Indians called the route to Oklahoma the Trail of Tears.  Cholera ravaged the Choctaw and some Creek walked to Oklahoma in chains.'  pp 339-340, The Smithsonian Guide to Historic America - Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, 1990.

This collection contains hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of such pages as those above; at every turn, in every century, in every state, at every opportunity white America has been monstrously criminal,  the vicious gutter dregs of Europe murdering, raping, robbin, enslaving and torturing in ways they could only dream of in the back streets of Glasgow and the bogs of  Killarney and the tenement swamps of  Antwerp and Munich and Paris and Madrid.  In a million years you would never wash the blood from the StarSpangled Banner.

Home of the Brave, land of the Free, eh, Mr Vice President Bum?

These people, the injuns, had occupied these lands for twenty-thouand years, through an ice age, originally surviving by  killing mammoth with flint-tipped  spears until, in an act of - for then -  unprecedented Earthcrime, Uncle Sam turned his Gatling guns on their buffalo, with whom they had lived in harmless symbiosis since God was a boy, and wiped them out.  People like Vice President Bum's monstrous, bastard, fuckpig  ancestors pioneered torture, slavery and ethnic cleansing in a land which their descendants still pollute, ravage  and destroy - as they would the world.  Someone, some stone-mad Apache or Sioux  should kick Joe Biden hard in the face;  it is the only language the sonofafuckinggbitch will understand. Leaders of the  free world?  Do fuck off.



If Mr Bum knew anything, which he doesn't, the dumbfuck,  he would know that just  rolling into countries and just taking them over is just  the founding philosophy, the practice, the custom, the habit and the default setting  of Uncle Sam;  unless you just don't count America as a country, that is, and just don't count its native people as native people, which, of course, Mr Bum just doesn't.



I suppose it might just be that now, more than ever widely despised and ridiculed, even amongs his former satraps, Uncle Sam may kick-off; such an economy as he  has is, after all, a war economy;  without more wars the rich won't continue getting richer. And the rich stealing from the poor - their land, their labour, their resources - is what Uncle Sam does.


Caratacus said...

I read "Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee" the year I left school; since then, I've never been able to look at the USA as anything other than a nation founded on genocide, ethnic 'cleansing', land theft and deceit.

So when I hear the likes of Kerry, Biden and all the other barefaced bastards holding forth, I wonder what the descendents of the original people of that continent think about that. The arrogant fools in Washington really cannot see how the rest of the world views them as the hypocritical twats that they are.

Anonymous said...

Well Mr Ishmael, we recently had a mild disagreement as to whether the conditon of things in the Western world was better or worse, in general, than say, a couple of hundred years ago.

I think it worse, and the point remains moot, but I am afraid you cannot have it both ways; you cannot look at the improvements you have cited, the education, the medicine, the cultured refinement of Beethoven, for example, and imagine that uncultured savages, that live in tents and think that totem poles are 'heap big magic', that bang on bongos in such a haphazard fashion Tchaikovsky would have shat, that they would have made those self same improvements you cherish. We're talking about people that eat cats, FFS.

The inventor of X-rays, the CT scanner, MRI, chemotherapy, open heart surgery, anti-biotics, retro-virals, space satelittes, international comms, cars, 'planes, Radar, etc, etc could not, not in a million years, have been invented/discovered by Sleeping Cloud or Charging Bull, nor some luvyoulongtime slit-eyed lady-boy, I'm not having it, it would not have happened, and if the Europeans had permitted the American aborigines to possess such vast tracts of resourceful land as they did the Australian variety, that continue to piss away all and any hope they have of self-governance, you and I would probably have died of the Cholera that killed the injuns. They would have drank and gambled the opportunities away with the same abandon as the African variety. Burying chicken bones and chanting spells doesn't tend to have the same effect as Penicillin.

Don't get me wrong, what the Yanks, Brits, Dutch, German, Spanish, French etc, etc, have done to achieve some of their greatest moments is simply vile. Murderous rampages, doubtless; but I would be a hypocrite to despise them for it, to think the injuns, or the Oz abbos, or the African coons would not have done it to us if the opportunity had arisen. Have you seen the photos of scalped yankees? Yankee women, yank children?

You know, I know you do, what Hutus do to T'utstis, what the Khmer Rouge do to those that look sideways at them.

Just imagine what the world would look like now, with Hiawatha, or Sambo, with a finger on the nuclear button (that doesn't exist, because they prefer an spear).

Tin cans and string insted of internet, if we're lucky.

BTW Was it you that 'sic'ed' the 'civilisation' in the Smithsonian report? if so, bravo.


Alphons said...

The insanity of it all, world wide, is that no one seems to be able to understand that all political ideologies are doomed to failure for the same reason. Money.

Money is the “thing” which is used to exchange the result of ones work for some of the result of another's work. Money is the token used to avoid having to kill a whole sheep just to swap Sid down the road a leg of lamb for a hundred weight of wheat.

All the raw materials in the world are in themselves free, the cost is in extracting them from where they occur, and converting them into useful commodities. The converting of raw materials into “consumables”, in all their forms, requires energy, as does the “transport” , and other peripheral honest uses of energy. All this energy has a value, and there needs to be just sufficient tokens, representing the total of these packets of energy, available for the satisfactory exchange of all these goods and services.

In the current situation, all over the globe, there are thousands of people manipulating the lives of millions and millions of other people by creating a vast excess of valueless tokens which are identical in appearance to those with value. In a vast number of cases the tokens are imaginary and are called “credit” (belief).

These days it is called inflation and inflation is not controllable because those who are causing it are totally out of control. They have the politicians in their pockets, and the vast number of politicians are so wet behind the ears and too blinded by their own egos and greed that they, and those who control them, are totally unaware and uncaring about what they are doing in their ignorance.

They claim to be taking money from the population, to improve the lives of the population whilst pocketing large chunks of this money for themselves. It is not possible to do this with packets of energy...real or imaginary.

This is not just in the western world is is a global problem and, until the realisation of what money really is occurs, the world can only get worse.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, Mr Alphons, You're wrong there.

'...all political ideologies are doomed...'

No Sir, one such will prevail, we merely squabble over which.


Alphons said...

Mr Vincent, Roget knows the meaning of the word "politics".

Mike said...

Looking forward to my next trip to Vietnam - wonderful country (the culture and history of SE Asia is well worth study). You tend not to meet many yanks there. The people are too polite to say so to foreigners, but I sense they still have strong feelings about the American War. It was only in 1996 that the yanks finally lifted sanctions on Vietnam (another insidious form of warefare) allowing them some recovery.

As you say Mr I, I think many people now see that faux western civilisation is based on bullshit. There are some exceptions, as Mr Vincent notes, mostly in the field of science, but anything to do with so-called democratic governments seems universally bad.

Anonymous said...

Mr Mike,

There is no dispute that it is bad, the dispute is that it would be worse, if you lived in a house made of shit, if bongo beaters piped your tune, if they were in charge of the welfare of the nation.

But the fuckers already are. And that's (one reason) why it sucks.


call me ishmael said...

Powerful stuff, Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee. I hadn't the strength to finish it, your majesty. I have been thinking about this a lot recently and will come back to it.

If only it was just hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...


These nations that were founded on spite; can you contrast them with others?

Is there a Shangri La we have missed, the both of us, founded on sugar, and spice, and all things nice?

What is it that we have ruined, repressed, even? The people and nation which would have bettered the world, but for the dirty whites, those stinking Christians, those filthy Europeans?

The most benevolent nation the world has yet seen is bathed in the blood of its enemies - England. How sad we now drown in it, malevolence supplanting love, no matter how misplaced.

But not let our current disgrace mask our former glories, nor the truth of our superiority be dragged into the mire of equality.

Fuck abbos, nig nogs, pakis, arabs, indians and the rest of them; they would all be dead now, were it not for our charity/stupidity.

The Japs are an exception to the above, hate them though I do, civilised they most certainly are.


call me ishmael said...

There's a couple of things there, mr vincent.

The context of my rage against Biden, in this instance, is one of them. His words are fatuous, hypocritical, darkly farcical; that some useless piece of shit like he can talk about territorial violations is frankly ludicrous. You missed NASA, a favourite development of mine, sponsored by Uncle Sam, pinched from the Nazis. Doesn't mean I can or should forget his wider sins. The Germans invented the fucking motorway and the rocket, but they also invented the gas chambers.

As for the achievements listed in your third paragraph they do not, good as they are, remove the stain of genocide, slavery and the rest. And the Abos, whom you disparage, on all continents, lived on the planet for tens of thousands of years without, well, what shall we call it, I call it Earthcrime, pollution, weapons af mass destruction, junk-food cancers, poisoned oceans, the natural balance in retreat on all fronts; eco-vandalism, call it what you want, the so-called savage has little part in it.

And you also deflect the fact that so much of what I recently termed improvement was the result of organised poor people, struggling in the face of the sort of vested interests so close to Uncle Sam's black heart. Despite all his techno and pharma accomplishments he still cannot organise a national health service; how clever is that? I see no conflict in applauding Appollo 11 whilst damning Shock and Awe.Like everyone, I contain multitudes.

So much of what you decry is simply a matter of accident, accident of birth. Europe produced the technology which produced the Gutenberg printing press which led us here; those things didn't happen in Australia or Africa. Different things happened in India and China, whilst we were living in mud huts or sheltering in trees. Different things happened in the Caliphate whilst we were still savage. There is no racial superiority. The Abo can survive and navigate and value a wilderness which would kill us in hours; it is contact with the whites which has demeaned him.

I dunno about the Khmer Rouge, I gather they killed a lot of each other, so what, so have we, but the main reason that I don't get vexed about him is that he is not my cousin; Uncle Sam, by definition, is. And he should know better

yardarm said...

Iraq and Afghanistan were humiliations, like Suez or the Boer War. The politicians, diplomats, spooks and military fucked it up from start to finish. We were defeated, thrashed, had our arses kicked.

Posturing ninnies and wittering buffoons, too up their own arses " I went to public school, I went to Oxbridge, I went to Sandhurst, God himself plans my career " to realise their disastrous ineptitude.

And as you say Mr Ishmael, Wisteria`ll be getting tough in the bunker along with Hague and Empty Suit Hammond, advised by Sir Oxbridge Dim-Bastard of the Foreign Office, Sir Incompetent Moron of MI6 and General Sir Easily Defeated from the MOD.

Bus loads of admirals and no aircraft carriers, squadrons of spin doctors, every project late and over budget, Pansy Face grovelling to the banksters laundering Russian loot, a MediaMinster that produced Peaches Geldof and embraces the incompetent, venal and criminal and an opposition that is dying of thirst in a brewery.

They just about managed to put a redoubt of sandbags around Bridgewater in the floods. Might be just as well to leave it at that.

Anonymous said...

I make no defence of the yank empire, nor the Brits before then, nor the Dutch and Spanish before them, etc. I was pointing out that we have merely done unto others, before they did it to us.

It is an accident of birth, you are correct, but then seem tio fail to connect the dots and see that that accident of genes is the thing that separates us, that makes us 'superior'. Not the abbos fault, no more than it is a lap-dog's fault that he is less use than a Rottweile, it's just his genes. That's not racism, it's fact.


callmeishmael said...

I didn't say it was racist, just limited . Man appearing at two seconds to midmight, that sort of thing, History's clock. Surely we can do better than dreams of empire. Is that all there is, my dad's bigger than your dad?

I am a Zen-Presbyterian-Marxist, mr vincent. I believe in the brotherhood of man, all men: that's what these commentaries are about, chiding anf reproving those who believe only in the brotherhood of greed, I thought you knew that.

callmeishmael said...

All I know about Vietnam is the war, mr mike and, even that is limited and biased. Despatches, Apocalypse Now, various war photographers - glamour stuff. I don't , didn't care for Maoist imperialism any more than I cared for Uncle Sam's but I do think it is telling of our own institutionalised racism that we hosanna, sing an endless requiem blues to sixty thousand grunts and ignore what was it, three million slopes?

I don't know how much of Indo China is given over to child prostitution and ladymen, probably as much as in London or New York. But I would guess from family photos I have eeen of trips there that it is an extraordinarily different , more connected and grounded a culture than is our current Facebooking Narcissism.

As i have said, a blogpost woukd always be welcomed.

Anonymous said...

If it was not America, it eould be France or someone else, that was my point, not that it was OK to murder your way to the top, just that that is the nature of man, not brotherhood, hate.

I don't believe in this brotherhoid stuff, man can no more accomplish that than he can fly. Family, friends and the men standing next to you, that is my order of priority, like most others, probably. I also don't believe we just pitched up at two minutes to midnight, evolutionry clock and all that. Man is inherently bad, and the self-same badness resides in my heart as in others, that's the problem. We do not learn this badness, it is just there, though unless we learn methods for controlling it, it gets worse and worse.

It is the height of hypocrisy though, for the US to lecture other nations about invasions. I hope Russia invades the US and 're-educates' a few million, followed by the UK.


callmeishmael said...

Mr alphons, once they said that slavery was the only possible system which would enable human progress. Then it was feudalism, ordained by God, it was, nobleman and churl. The enclosures, the theft of common land and the Highland clearances, they, too, were the only way that we might all prosper. Choking to death in mines and factories was the next great leap forward. Now, such few improvements as were brought to our lot by the post war social compact are being hewn down and ploughed under by a govament of noblemen spivs, brutes and thieves, ably assisted by a purblind, Mail-reading class of ragged trousered philanthropists, dividing even its own wretched lickspittle squadrons over whether or not the crook, Farage, is better than all the other crooks for no other reason than that he is even more backward than they are.

But fear not, Money's number is up. Mr yardarm regularly hereabouts illuminates its falsehoods and bright young people all over the world are positing a world beyond money. We may not see it but we can say for absolute certain that if we do not arrive swiftly and collectively at a resources management system not based upon a tiny few having far more than they could ever need - which is the basis of the Money economy - nothing will matter, all - food, water, land, - will be desolation.

Alphons said...

Well Mr Vincent I am quite surprised at your conclusion regarding the "badness" of humanity, and its origin.
There is a "little read" touching on it
here :-


callmeishmael said...

Let us, then, in the spirit of the foregoing comment, mr vincent, addressed to mr alphons, call it something else; let us call it not the brotherhood if man, let us call it the fellowship of the lifeboat.

Anonymous said...

It's a deal Mr Ishmael, and we must not make the mistake of allowing every Tom, Dick and Abdul to board, for fear of capsizing it.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting, Mr Alphons, I shall tak some time read it thoroughly. Thank you.

Why are you surprised at my understanding of the corrupt nature of mankind?


Alphons said...

I am not really surprised at your observation of the corruption, but I am surprised that you should see it as inherent.
I do not think it is in the genes. I think when you have read my little piece you will understand my view.

Anonymous said...

It's like a disease, Mr Alphons, it infects us at birth.

Used to be called a sinful nature, bit of an old fashioned theory now, but valid, nonetheless.

If the definitions of normal and abnormal, in your link, were correct, which basically says that it is our perception that becomes reality, then the opposite condition would produce the opposite result. But it doesn't. That's why it's bunkum.

The heart of man is desperately wicked, and deceitful above all things, according to Mr Jeremiah, Mr Alphons, and I believe him.


Alphons said...

"which basically says that it is our perception that becomes reality,"

As I understand the claim it is that what we experience as babies, infants and adolescents, in the presence of our family must be absorbed as normality because that is what is happening in our everyday life. That which occurs outside our ambit that does not conform to our growing sense of normality is therefore abnormal.

Enoch said...

People defend, protect and further the interests of themselves, and when they have children, of their own. This last bit is the key. A child is self-centred, selfish and morally vile. An adult, conditioned by "normality", runs in front of a train to save his neighbour's kid and leaves his father- or motherless? I don't buy that this is external.

Mr Aboriginal Australian, American and Celt alike, lived his short life in an Eden because there were so few of him in a wilderness vast. Constraint and custom and environmental trauma begin to happen when two bears try shitting in the same small wood. If you think this was bad wait and see what happens in Asia as 3bn people try to go from peasant to pension in two lifetimes.

Alphons said...

"A child is self-centred, selfish and morally vile"

You don't suppose that this is because the child is "worshipped"by his doting parent to the point where this "self centred and selfishness" is developed as a normality?

callmeishmael said...

Too right, mr enoch, anyone with a hint of farsightedness who was also interested in planetary/specie-al survival would have taken any and all measures to curb the massive populations of those countries whose consumerisme et totalitarianisme nouvelle we are now supposed to applaud for the CrimeBusiness opportunities they offer our elites. Any and all measures, any and all.

I dunno if the wretch, Lawson, has ever heard of body heat - I have a domestic dwelling here which, in my lifetime, was heated by cows brought indoors for winter; what an extra three billion bodies, with their pensions, as you put it, their cars and dishwashers and barbecues and frantic telecommunications devices will do to the temperature of things, environmentally, politically and militarily, is unimaginable.

White supremacy is all very well but I don' t think it will butter too many lychees.

Enoch said...

Well the body heat comes from the turnips, which comes from the sun via CO2. And it's not really a problem until you start digging up the long-captured turnips and releasing them into the sky. Even then I am not convinced about the full horror of it all. It seems to me more like a good PC excuse to put up the price of energy for poor people.

There is a Ukranian in the woodpile though. The exponential rise of global population is thought to be set to top out at 9bn. (As ex-poor people breed less.) But this is being replaced, and outstripped, by the exponential rise of consumption as those ex-poor people become "rich" and buy ipods and HumVees and such shit, probably on the never-never with even-more-imaginary money.

call me ishmael said...

I'm convinced. And I can't understand why everyone else isn't convinced, too. Too many people, not enogh food, not enough land, not enough water, too much poison, too much heat; simply cannot have infinite growth and infinite consumption in a finite eco-system. 'sobvious, innit?

It was the only sensible thing I ever heard Phil the Greek say. Didn't, of course, make him any less of a parasite; still, he does a great job, what with the tourists and everything.

you'd be surprised by how many people do not understand turnipology, mr enoch. There was a woman here a while back, quite a senior HR person, in charge of the welfare and personal; deelopment and sustainable exploitation of lots of employees. Her kid was looking at the flames in my Rayburn. It's stored-up sunshine, I offered. What Do you mean, enquired Mum. I explained that long ago the Sun had made trees grow and when they had died, over a very long time the dead trees became compressed so hard that they turned into coal and so what we were watching in the fire was stored-up sunshine being released. Is that really where coal comes from, said the the Director of Human Resources. I thought it came in bags to Tesco. Where from? Oh, I dunno. Somehwere. You know. Wherever.

Never mind imaginary money, we are beste by imaginary intelligence.

call me ishmael said...


Anonymous said...