Thursday, 3 April 2014



 Friendly fire,  they call it, collateral damage.

Heartbroken President Crocodile and First Lady Crocodile
 fly-in to shed some tears.

Another of Uncle Sam's crewcut psychobastards has run amok in his base.  
 These are dangerous people,  and not just to their nation's perceived, hypothesised enemies - y'know, all these deadly Afghani wedding parties, all these terrorist school playgrounds, all these teenage sluts, just begging to be gangraped by Uncle Sam's bravest.  I was in  a Birmingham Airport hotel a little while back, having breakfast alongside  a platoon or so of American soldiers in transit, every one of them looked as though they were stark raving mad, and they didn't even have any weapons on them; haunted, angry-looking, buttoned-up tight,  they all looked in need of profound and lasting psychiatric care, maybe it was just me, being sensitive in the presence of real men, and real women.  But figures from the States suggest a huge problem among serving and discharged military personnel, of which last night's jamboree is just the latest example.

Firstly, among those "serving" in Afghanistan, deaths from suicide, at just over one daily, now exceed combat deaths, one a day, doesn't sound much, it's just that it's every day, just over 400 a year, letting their buddies  down like that. It's about half a regiment, isn't it, four hundred soldiers? You wonder why Ahmed bothers, maybe he could just leave them to top themselves;  twenty years of this would wipe out a division.

At home, in the States, the rate of military or ex-military suicide is surveyed to be 22 per day, almost one an hour;  17 of these 22 are 50 or older and so don't really count, says Uncle Sam, such folks kill their own asses for all sorts of reasons, except that US veterans' associations insist that hundreds of thousands of serving and former military personnel have been and continue to be denied benefits, precribed massive, deadly  doses of anti-psychotic drugs and these, combined with a resentful failure to re-integrate, a level of post traumatic stress disorders - aka Guilt - and a service-inculcated predisposition to sudden, raging, murderous  violence have made suicide - or more accurately murder-suicide -   for many vets a delayed-action inevitability, a kamikaze timebomb.

Former Commanders-in-Chief, of course, who ordered these fools into action in the first place, have their own burdens, 
Gennulmen, we all gonna get rich, leastways, I am.
Aw  shucks, they call it a Foundation but bribes is where it's really at.

President Spunky Bill Clinton, 

 Boy, I'm gonna make you so rich you'll be shittin' gold dollars. 
And I you, Mr President, and I you.

 like our own Tony Blair, hoovered-up tens of millions of dollars in deferred bribes from GlabaDeathCorp and lemme tell y'all, just can't wait, bless him,  to become First Gentleman to his baggage-wife, 

Hillary Rodham Trousers and from the sidelines he can probably stir-up a few more glorious wars of liberation,  liberation and profit, unless, of course the dirty bastard, shoving a ceegar up a White House teenager, overdoses on coke;  we live in hope, we democrats.

George Dubya Chimp, surely the vilest human on the planet, didn't wait for his kickbacks, his Vice President - actually his employer - Dick Cheney and his pimp, Karl Rove, will have made sure that MonkeyMan will have seen the dollars flowing into his Crawford Ranch from the word Go . 

 Just to digress a minute, most of these vermin, when they cease to be president boast of the building of their own, memorial presidential library, how's that gonna happen with Dubya, he can't read, can't write and can barely speak; too much booze,  too much wife-beating, too much cocaine, and these soldiers claim to be having problems, eh?

I suppose that Obama's move to DroneMurder of anyone he disagrees with might keep a few grunts out of Harm's way, but then their units'll just be wound down, like ours and trained killers will be dumped, unceremoniousy out on their arses, turned loose on an unsuspaecting public which believes that grizzled grunts like Clint Eastwood, after a lifetime spent killing, retire, marry, settle down and eat apple pie.  Fort Hood, for the second time,  marks the real triumph of American foreign policy.  Swords into ploughshares, that should be the thing, shouldn't it, for  a nation of Bible-thumping, Creationist morons


Mike said...

Scary the yanks. My epiphany was a visit to Hue and to hear first hand about the "American war". Bastards. Apart from invading Grenada, the yanks have lost every war since WW2, and killed untold numbers in passing. Why the West kowtows to the yanks is beyond me - particularly when the treat companies like BP and Shell to a mugging, whilst encouraging Haliburton, and demand people be extradited without habeous corpus. But Tony would know the answer to that.

Alphons said...

" Apart from invading Grenada, the yanks have lost every war since WW2, and killed untold numbers in passing."
Yes, but does that really matter??
Look at all the lovely money that Haliburton, the banks and the arms companies and their ilk have made.

call me ishmael said...

I envy your tra vels, mr mike.

And they're fat, too, the Yanks, infantile stupid and stone-age cruel. If it wasn't for NASA and Jackson Browne, I couldn't see the point of them; they need nuking, them and the Chinks. The modern home of slavery, ethnic cleansing and totalitarianism. In pasing, I don't know what was wrong with the UKIP Red Indian leaflet which Cleggy was railing against; I know people who have moved up here, to the bets part of England, ten years ago because they felt that their part of Luton was turning into a reservation.

Mike said...

Mr I: one of the benefits of living down under is that we have SE Asia on our doorstep. Well, actually 9 hours away, its a long 5 hours from Sydney until you pass over the northern coastline of Australia. Never mind. Anyway, my point was to be that countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia etc are a breath of fresh air. Fascinating ancient cultures, with great history and art. And fine food. And the natives are very welcoming.

One could almost imagine that the western world didn't exist - if it wasn't for the bomb craters.

Stewart Cowan said...

It's the evolutionary theorists who do nearly all the killing, as proven by history.