Friday, 11 April 2014


David Davis, C4 News.

 Well, quite, Kathy, and speaking as a working clarse Tory, myself, did I ever tell you that I was born to a single mother living on a council estate? - I must say that the acquittal of this black chap, Jacobs, was it, the one who never actually hacked to death that PC chap, no, no, got nothing against darkies, me, was an absolute wotsaname for the Crown Prosecution Service.  I mean they charged him, brought him to trial and then he was acquitted, I mean, as I didn't and never would say at the time, that's simply unacceptable in this day and age.  What? It happens every day of the week, well fuck me gently, I never knew that, not even when I was shadow home wotsaname, you mean perfectly innocent people are charged, tried, often kept in prison for months or even years, only to be acquitted by a jury?  Well, I never.  But lessbequiteclear,  you must admit it's far worse when it happens to one of us, an actual lawmaker, and quite frankly, something really must be done.  I mean, just because Nigel's the house's favourite arsebandit, just because he's a drunken cock-waving, sexual bully doesn't mean he should be subjected to this sort of thing, being tried.  In court.  Wossat, he had bum sex with a man thirty-three years his junior, junior to him, also, professionally speaking?  No, ha-ha, no, you won't catch me with that, a-ha-ha, no, he never broke any laws with all these young men, a-ha-ha-ha. Like President Spunky Bill and that Lewinsky kid?  Yes, a-ha-ha, yes I expect so, but all legal and above board, ha-ha-ha. Cunt.

This is from the blog Straight Statistics. Info  provided by then minister of state Angela Eagle, MP.
This shows an average of more than 12,000 ultimately innocent defendants are locked up on remand every year. The data does not show how long they spend on remand, nor the number subsequently found guilty but given a non-custodial sentence (because Mr Pelling did not ask for these figures). Clive Fairweather CBE, former Chief Inspector of Prisons in Scotland, was right to have entitled his report on remand prisoners at the end of the last century Punishment First, Verdict Later.

The vile Evans didn't,  as far as I know, spend a moment on remand.  The vile Davis, as a former shadow home sec. will be fully familiar with and entirely sanguine about these figures.  Yet one of their own gets his collar felt and Fuck me Jesus, the entire justice system needs over hauling.  I'da chopped his cock off, Evans, fucking young men under his effective  parliamentary control.

The same C4 News bulletin, pursued Davis's smug lies with a report on the extent of sexual harassment in MediaMinster,  they can always manage to make your hair stand on end, these cocksuckers.  Gunpowder, a la Fawkes, is too good for them.


Anonymous said...

"The vile Davis, as a former shadow home sec."

Don't you mean "The vile Davis, as a former shadowy homo sicko."

Don't get me wrong, people can get their jollies anyway they like - but not if it involves bullying your juniors into putting out - like this guy and Lard Rennard.

callmeishmael said...

But bear in mind, mr anonymous, that Nigel Evans has, on his side, no less a faghag than the honourable Christine Hamilton, constitutional expert, human rights campaigner, Z-list jungle celebrity and utter fucking slagbag. And Chris will tell you, for a fee, now that she is no longer kept in plonk by Mohamed al Fayed, that just because there's smoke, it doesn't mean there's fire, even though it does. As I said, I'd chop his cock off, I'd chop all their cocks off, mince 'em up, drizzle 'em with olive oil and serve 'em up to Eric Pickles.

Alphons said...

"I'd chop all their cocks off, mince 'em up, drizzle 'em with olive oil and serve 'em up to Eric Pickles."
If you delivered it in one of those little GPO runabouts you could call it "cock au van".

yardarm said...

Davies has form, Mr Ishmael. He was loudly defending Andrew Mitchell as though plod never fitted anyone else up as you pointed out a few threads ago.

These fuckers just can`t stop proclaiming their entitlement to different treatment. I saw the other day on one of the ubiquitous Brillo shows fat tory Bob Stewart hosannahing Evans like he was fucking Gandhi, what a tragedy this peerless tribune of the people had impoverished himself in his defence.

Never a word about the many people, with a fraction of Evans money who cant get proper representation, at courts or tribunals. As you would expect Brillo didn`t pick him up on this, the cunt.