Wednesday, 23 April 2014


 Former prime minister Tony Murder.

 I wanna see blood, guts, things hanging in my teeth, burned babies, tortured children;  I wanna see marines gangbanging dusky begging-for-it teenagers, skoolzanozpitals bombed and burning; I wanna see raghead fathers carrying their dead brats in their arms, I love that shit.
 I have only one priority, 
Annihilation, Annihilation, Anihilation.

 The case for capital punishment was re-awakened today by the appearance in public of war envoy, Tony Blair, an employee of GlobaDeath Corp.  Speaking at a fundraiser for himself and his vulgar trollop, Imelda,

 Tony and Imelda jeer at Decency.

the mass murderer said, Look, I simply say that we have to attack the ragheads or I'm out of a job.  Surely we can all agree about this.

I'm a pretty, straight guy, even though they called me Miranda in chambers when I was pretending to be a lawyer, so, Look, all I would say is, Would I lie to you?
 That'll be a hundred thousand pounds, please; 
no, no, we don't do receipts, had you forgotten? 

A prominent British organised crime family poses for the cameras. 

I think the entire country, well me, anyway, and my brother, owe Tony Murder a great debt of wotsaname. Promotion that's it, promotion beyond, way beyond our merits or abilities.  Mr Snot, too, we are all in his debt, only it's probly best not to say so.

Labour, the party of the Killing Class.


Anonymous said...

Who is paying for the enormous amount of "protection" he must have.

call me ishmael said...

You and I, mr anonymous.

mikebravo said...

I thought that Gadaffiwallah put out a contract on the Blairbastard for stabbing him in the back.
Shame that nobody collected on it. They could have collateralized his minging harpybitch and doubled their dosh.

callmeishmael said...

It is one of the great disappointments of our time that he hasn't been skinned alive by a group of bereaved Arab mothers, that Labour still entertains him and now one of his rotten spawn is enough reason to vote for Scottish Independence and for the gabshite, Farage and his expanding harem.

If his ghastly, smirking mentor, President Spunky Bill, via the crow Hillary, gets back in the White House, if Miliband and the Ballses get into Number Ten the world will need a fire extinguisher as big as the sky.

Anonymous said...

I have, in the odd idle hour, considered the best way to assassinate the likes of Blair. I've got a middle name, so I'd make a good lone gunman, just need a grassy knoll. Anyway, I concluded that for any person making public appearances, using TV studios, giving radio and press interviews, regardless of security, it is possible to kill them. Lot of planning, lot of luck, but possible. The main drawback is trying to do it without either getting caught or killed in the process. And that's why Blair is particularly vulnerable. He has enraged the muslims in general, and Iraqis, Iranians, Afghans and Syrians in particular, and their assassins don't care about saving their own lives in a shootout with Blair and his goons.

He can never sleep sound again, never go anywhere or do anything without security. His kids and other family are targets. He must be constantly suspicious of everyone, particularly those carrying guns who are assigned to protect him. Not unknown for a Praetorian to off his Caesar is it?

Someone will get him, one day. If not an assassin, perhaps the Hague, but until then I can take comfort in the fact that his life must be a real pisser.


call me ishmael said...

I tend to agree with all of that, he is an endangered species, yet he puts his son up, dynastically, for a safe Labour seat, as does that other filthster, Straw. Do they know something which we don't, is there an accord between them and likely assassins. Or shall we wind up paying not just for Tony and Imelda's security but for their spawn's as well?

Anonymous said...

Is he a diplomat of sumfink?..Bloody hell. That's his catchphrase innit?

Mike said...

I wonder what dyed in the wool socialists and Labour people make of the Straw and Blair spawn (not forgetting famille Kinnoccio) being given their safe seats? This hereditary shit seems a peculiarly Labour thing? Maybe a natural follow on from the union block vote / closed shop way of life, and therefore accepted?

call me ishmael said...

Time magazine, mr mike, is weting itself over the emergence in Brother Jeb of an extension of the Bush dynasty as well as over that being struggled for by Spunky Bill Clinton and his wife and daughter. i thought they fought a war with us to stop all that shit.

As for Labour Uk, well if any of this trio gets selected there needs to be a new, labour/union orientated party. Doesn't there? Makes Mr Mcluskey look quite decent, does Miliband's Labour.

I saw Tariq Ali on the box last night, up here in the best part of England. Usual airy-fairy aristo-socialism from the old darling but his critique of modern Britain an dwhy an independent Scotland might lance some of the boils of old politics was quite telling.

That any workerm by hand or brain might consider voting for NewLabour2 is, to me, astonishing. Doesn't matter how bad the coalition is there has to be a better alternative than more of the same gansters, the only difference being that NL2 would be touching an imaginary cloth cap. And kowtowing, again, to Blair and his henchmen. Fuck me, I wish I'd emigrated.

Anonymous said...


There used to be very clear distance between the left and right in British politics. A man could, were he so inclined, choose to vote for a socialist party with a realistic chance of winning, at one time. He could have also chosen the alternative of a capitalist party. Not now. The cons have deserted their core ideals (and therefore voters), as have Labour. I am a natural conservative, but I have no conservative party to vote for.

Dave Nellis was the last Labour politician I respected.
Lives what he preaches, and makes some reasoned, sensible arguments. Shafted by his own party, probably because he couldn't be bought.

Oh, there was John Smith too. What would the world look like now, if hadn't had such a convenient 'heart attack'?


call me ishmael said...

Yes, I knew Nellist a bit in Coventry, Kinnock shafted him because he was mooting the idea of MPs only drawing the salary of a skilled worker in their constituency. Fancy that, eh?

Kid La Creme said...

Can’t imagine what dye in the wool hard socialists/staunch labour supporters must think of blair and his bloody hell policies. Are his latest utterings an attempt to justify turning those countries from godforsaken holes into godforsaken hell holes?

yardarm said...

Nepotism is nothing new in Labour ranks; Hilary is the third Benn on state benefits and no doubt there`s more to come.

No political mosaic, no choice, only a contracting puckering, arsehole as the three rectums of the same arse merge into one and posturing, mouthy benefits parasites such as Salmond and Farage are just clinkers on the fetid rim.

Can`t help but think the increasingly cadaverous JugEars WarCriminal is hovering over us waiting, like a vampire for sundown, for the GNU, when he can return from the undead and lead us and we shall hosanna our gratitude, for the cunt has ever wished to replace the deity.

And how ? We`re in a recession that hasn`t even taken its first real dip yet, one so big, so encompassing no one can see its true extent. Like those geologists in the Yellow Stone Park who said " We know there`s a volcano here, somewhere but we can`t find it " then they saw the pictures of the Park from space and it fitted easily inside the caldera of a supervolcano. That`s us and the recession.

And all the cartoon cat over a cliff,2008 stasis policies, magic money and bullshit won`t stop it from blowing.

mrs narcolept said...

I'm surprised there aren't more assassinations, especially as an alternative to starting wars. It's also one of the things I wonder about the Sir Jims and Sir Cyrils. Public menaces that they are, how is it that they never tragically fall under a bus? Ordinary harmless people get shot or stabbed every day - why never one of them?

call me ishmael said...

"Nepotism is nothing new in Labour ranks; Hilary is the third Benn on state benefits and no doubt there`s more to come."

That's true, mr yardarm but neither of Benn's ancestors were as mired in evil as are Straw, Blair and John Pieman, whose son is also on the make; no generation has been - potentially - as well informed as this one so my curiosity is, well, perhaps naively,idealostic, inasmuch as I expect most people to recognise criminality as easily as I do; perhaps people are just tribal and think Better a Blair or a Straw than a fucking Tory (even though there's no difference between them.)

It is a good photo of Blair, at the top, best I've seen, it does hint at the cadaver of wickedness, mind you, I always thought he looked like a servant of Satan, that grinning walkabout into Downing Street, with Imelda, in 1997, where all the cheering citizens were actually NewLab plants, drilled and schooled.

I think you're right - you, me and Max Keiser, about the true nature of Money's Collapse.

You may have heard me say, previously, mrs n, that I could never figure out why it was that Adams and McGuinnes, for instance, weren't just offed, by M!5, or whoever does that sort of thing. Their deaths might've produced someone worse, is a reasonable response but then we could've killed them, too; who would know?

I think that if the UK had just straight-out murdered a hundred or so Republicans at the outset that would've saved, as you say, thirty years of war and trillions of pounds. We were happy enough to mow down innocent citizens in Londonderry. Why not shoot the monsters?

I am not terribly well, I have no appropriate training but I am sure that if I had access to millions of pounds and unlimited weaponry I could kill anybody in the world.
It seems, though, that there is some dark etiquette in these matters which is beyond my ken, like you, I am always puzzled by how very few of the Elect get bumped off.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the likes of Blair are in league with the Devil Mr Ishmael, and he affords them some protection?

That McGuiness and Adams have lasted this long is by design, not accident, not on the British Government's behalf at any rate. I have alluded to John Smith's death above, Robin Smith's was equally suspicious. So was Mowlem's and Dewar's. The British Gov is not above murder, as you well know Mr Ishmael. Dr Kelly was clearly murdered. I would point you to the Coroner's inquest findings, but there was no inquest, just like there were 28 cameras that didn't work on the approach to and in the tunnel itself, that tunnel in Paris, were Diana got what was clearly coming. If MI5 wanted rid of troublesome micks, they,d get rid, no mistake. So the question must be asked why they have not. What's in it for them? Divide and rule? Money? Blackmailed into inaction? Probably a bit of all these things, and others we have not thought of.

I know people die all the time, of cancer and in car crashes, of heart attacks and the like. I also know that most conspiracy theories are just nonsense. And I also know that Occam's razor says that it is simply not possible that all these people just snuffed it, in highly suspicious circumstances, no malice aforethought involved whatsoever.

The way things are going in the Emerald isle at the mo, Adams and McGuiness might just get theirs, a la Michael Collins. One lives in hope.

You know, as I type this, I have remembered that bastard Gerry Adams making a documentary (BBC, obviously) about Christianity, no less, how his Christian faith had moulded him. I remember the incessant droning on and on, in his lilting tones, sounds pissed to me, about how he and Christ were kind of similar, in their 'plights'. Cheeky bastard. Their lack of self-awareness, their sanctimonious hypocrisy, makes me want to puke.

I can tell you this Mr Ishmael, there'd be a whole heap less people in the world if I were in charge of wet ops at MI5/6, there'd be no need to dub his voice out, it would never be heard again.


jgm2 said...

Mr Vincent,

One of the things that cheers me up in the world is knowing that an opportunist like Blair is a dead man walking. Either he believes in an afterlife and has made his pact with Satan and accepted wealth and power on Earth in return for having Beelzebub shove molten lead pineapples up his arse for eternity OR he knows that, like the rest of us, every day might be his last but, unlike the rest of us, we don't have a billion potential people taking a personal interest in killing us.

I've been saying it for a while now. He looks awfully drawn and cadaverous. As he should, the evil cunt.

The Pope should have told him to fuck off, that he had enough bad publicity with nonce priests and suchlike, without voluntarily associating himself with a known mass-murderer.

If Blair was serious about being a Catholic he could, when he had parliamentary majority of 200 or so just ripped up the bit about Catholics being barred from being PM. The man is an opportunist cunt of the first water and is one of the reasons that I hope I'm wrong and that there is indeed a God because if there is the fucker will be spending an eternity in Hell having barbed-wire enemas.

Mike said...

Re wiping out the IRA: I "understand" that there was a night of the long knives planned to wipe out a generation of the IRA (everything was known), but Mrs T was stopped giving the OK by Ronnie. Nearly caused a mutiny.

Re the non-bumping off of Adams and McGuinnes: I assume they were MI6 assets by the time they came out of the closet, so to speak.

Mt jgm2: yes indeed Blair looks haunted. Even an ego such as his must have doubts in the dead of night when he lies awake.

Anonymous said...

Mr jgm2,

As far as I know, it is the monarch, not the PM, that is not permitted to be catholic. All to do with being defender of the faith, and having the power to appoint bishops, CofE bishops, I think.

It is clear that if Blair had been sincere about his 'faith', he would have brought forth fruit worthy of repentance, as John Baptist advised a different bunch of vipers to do. That he has either completely misunderstood the NT, or thinks he can make a better show of it than Christ Himself is quite obvious. It would have been better for him (and us) had he not been born.

If he was sincere, he would put to good use every penny of the tens of millions he 'earns' a year, delayed bribes is what most of them are, reward for passing/blocking certain laws, invading/not invading certain countries. Build a few hospitals. Iraq are probably short of a few. Seems he prefers to add to his property portfolio instead. No, there has been no fruit from Blair, but he has sown a lot of seed though, and harvest time is coming; he will reap that which he has sewn.

The Pope should have told him where to go, you're right, but that would have necessitated the Pope not being a globalist crook, so there's the flaw in that one.


callmeishmael said...

Good to see you, mr jgm2, was beginning to think that the only Old Edwardian ranters were Simon Heffer and I. And he doesn't count. There is a theorem, is it Pascal's Theorem, that goes along the lines that a shrewd man would always bet on believing in God because if he is wrong he has lost nothing, anyway, but if he turns out to be right he has saved his eternal arse from fuck knows what horror; maybe there is a variant of that applicable to Blair and his would-be heir/s. I will fervently believe in God if my belief ascertains a red hot poker up Tony and Imelda's arses.

He freely gives to charity, mr vincent, he is in the twice-blessed position of being his own charitable foundation, thus giving to himself is the same thing as giving to charity, Christ, Tony Blair makes BeelzeBob Geldof look virtuous.

I had never heard that, mr mike, about Ronnie O'Reagan, but he was one of those gross YankPaddies. and Maggie, bless her rancid imaginings, was his bitch, so it does make sense, as, of course, now that you mention if, does the idea of Gerry and Kneecaps being owned by BritIntel. Maybe some of the Continuers will, as a Republican friend of mine used to suggest, drop a detonator in their mouths and seal them up with gaffertape. Now, there would be a time for some frantic HailMarying.