Monday, 28 April 2014


We are all-a seeners, said Frankie, the holy one, and-a eet eesa only fair that we all-a pray for MaxieBoy, now-a that-a he-a has-a been-a found out. 

 I-a weel-a geeve-a heem a Papal Knighthood and pray-a for heem.  After all-a, hee has-a not-a done nuffink what we all of us in theesa business have-a done, een thee beegeening, now and-a for evermore.  Eesa like mr ishmael say, eesa no beesiness like-a show beesiness. Break a leg and say three Hail Marys.
 'Samazing how much cock y'can shove in the gob of a little lad, eh?
Yull do the right thing, wuntya, an' vote fer Nick Clegg.
(see ishmael passim, The Scum Also Rises.)

 Saint Cyril Smith?  He-a was ay great man, an inspiration to us all.  Sainthood eesa not good enough for heem.

In MediaMinster, Saint Nigel Evans  the Innocent could not be contacted about the troubling matter of a guilty beast being found guilty.

And I'm not kidding members and right honourable members, 
this bloke's cock was this big.

His faghag, though, Christine Hamilton, said Nigel was a great personal friend of hers, as she begged for money on the street. Says all you need to know about the former Mr Deputy Speaker, close personal friend of the Hamiltons.

Can you spare a teevee programme, guv?

Christ, the charmed circle of celebrity, it's like a descent into Hell. 


yardarm said...

Max Clifford, PR man, dealt with the media for decades (surrounded by them on a daily basis)...

Cyril Buggerman extrovert national figure, dealt with the media for decades ( surrounded by them at Westminster)....

Jimmy Fiddle, extrovert national figure, dealt with the media for decades ( surrounded by them at the BBC)....

callmeishmael said...

The Vatican, Canterbury, the PBC, the cops and Mediaminster, they need burning down, their servants hanged.

tdg said...

Boomething here grates. Clifford did not coerce -- not physically -- any of these women (and within the jurisdiction of this court they were women). Rather, he tricked them into exchanging sex for what they thought would be fame. Everyone, including the audience, is complicit here.

callmeishmael said...

A case, maybe, of don't put your daughter on the stage, Mrs Worthington.

I take your correction, largely, but I believe that at least some of them were underage.

The other thing, of course, is that if there was no offence an appeal will succeed. If the legislation is too heavily weighted in favour of the purported victim then it needs amending.

Here, in the best part of England, the Scottish administration is trying to go in the opposite direction, though, and by abolishing the need for corroborative evidence, achieve a 100 per cent conviction rate in rape cases.

Clifford is a poisomous reptile and if his methodology has caught up with him we might modestly rejoice at the engineer hoist by his own petard.

Anonymous said...

I have no doubt he coerced stupid females into having sex with him. That he is a prick, who should have had his teeth knocked in by an irate father years ago is indisputable.

That he should go to prison because some teenage slappers thought that if they blew him they'd be the next Jordan is just ridiculous.

There needs to be a limit on the time period of a 'he said/she said' offence, and it should be a whole lot less than 40 years.

Couldn't have happened to a nicer bloke though. I dare say a few people in high society are a bit nervous now, concerned if Max gets spiteful and takes a few with him.

'...their servants hanged...'

You see Mr Ishmael, now you're talking.


Doug Shoulders said...

Touch my cock and I’ll open a few doors..
If he gets off (So to speak) on appeal… well what ‘appened is standard fayre showbiz sleaze innit?
There should be some kind of contract that states, clearly, the likely period of time during which the soon-to-be star should debase themselves before the extras slots (Snigger) have dried up.
That contract should be handed to the parents before their child goes into the room where the fiddling will take place.
I mean where the fuck the parents of these kids were when all this shit was going on…??
If the old fart gets away wiffit,..means underage and adult assault is the same..shurely summit not right ‘ere?
This one is custodian to the stars…innit? He must own quite a few of them by now.

mrs narcolept said...

Savile and Smith and others preying on helpless children anger me far more than Clifford, to be honest (though of course he is filth).How did they, how do they, get away with it?

I remember only too clearly a repulsive creep we used to have to see socially, who all but admitted being a child molester, though it was all innuendo and allusion; nothing you could really go to the police with. And most of us thought, no, he can't really be saying what he seems to be saying, can he? Surely no-one, if they were that vile, would take the risk of advertising it? How would he have avoided discovery all this time?

But we still wouldn't let the children anywhere near him.

james pain 30a goodall road, e11 4ep said...

why is william lao, my landlord at 30a goodall road, e11 4ep snooping on me and allowing access to these premises to angela codner (a former civil service colleague who has refused to speak to me for 20 years) and alicia krakowska (a co-tenant at my former address, 78 elderfield road, london e5, who helped my former landlord, alan malley, carry out a campaign of harrassment and illegal eviction against me, which included actual threats against my life made by her boyfriend, friends and the landlord mr malley)?

james pain 30a goodall road, e11 4ep said...

for the record, i lived in room 3, 78 elderfield road, london e5, left that address on 4.12.12 and ceased commenting on guido fawkes website in january 2009 where my comments (including those deeply critical of the government were automatically deleted), i have never been paid for making those or any other comments - anyhow, guido fawkes simply became an fascist obama fan-club, presumably bought out by presidential friends on behalf of the cia.

james pain 30a goodall road, e11 4ep said...

i was placed under constant deep and intimate surveillance by cia-connected labour party associates from the beginning of 2006 and to my knowledge this situation still continues at my current address.

james pain 30a goodall road, e11 4ep said...

frankly, people in the labour party and on the political left have treated me like some kind of imposter or spy since i took-up, purely as part of my new deal obligations, a two-week work experience placement under lester holloway at the online black information link website run by the 1990 trust - leftwingers cannot tolerate views which do not exactly coincide with their own diktat-brainwash, you see. it's all a fucking joke anyway, because most of these so-called left-wingers like holloway decided to jump onto the establishment bandwagon and sold-out their saggy-socialist socks by supporting the murdering fascist thug obama and dutifully avoiding all criticism of the colonialist cunt, as "the best thing since george bush", as he has been thus dubbed by others on the internet.

james pain 30a goodall road, e11 4ep said...

error above:

delete 'and' between 'obama' and 'dutifully':

most of these so-called left-wingers like holloway decided to jump onto the establishment bandwagon and sold-out their saggy-socialist socks by supporting the murdering fascist thug obama, dutifully avoiding all criticism of the colonialist cunt

i was at blink with holloway in march 2005 and the surveillance probably began sometime after that, becoming noticeable in internet cafes, the working links office and in local amenities such as the laundrette etc. my mobile phone was obviously bugged from 2006 and in effect became a 24/7 recording-device of all conversations, whether telephonic or not, via its permanently switched-on microphone. most of the intensive and organized snooping seemed to come from labour people under the hillier or abbott constituencies in hackney - so draw your own conclusions. i don't vote and i am not affiliated to any political party or movement - it's the independently minded individuals without back-up on whom the big brave political party-members organize against and pick.

Anonymous said...

recording-device for all conversations

james pain 30a goodall road, e11 4ep said...


it's the independently minded individuals without back-up on whom the big brave political party-members pick and organize against.

also for the record:

william lao, who clearly monitors everything which i do in my studio-room and then likes to drop sly hints to leave me in no doubt of this fact, seems to have an arrangement with other tenants regarding the surveillance of my premises and electronic communications - if he does not agree with something that i have written, he will find a way to punish me. he lives around the corner at 4 webster road where he receives signals from neighbours regarding my status ie. whether i am leaving the premises, on the internet etc. he is a typical money-grabbing landlord and continually tries to cheat me on the contract and the included bills. the electrics in the building have obviously been wired by someone unqualified - there are bare wires on the water-heaters at sinks, the shower cut-off switch burnt-out, and for some weeks, before mr lao finally got around to fixing the problem, the wiring in the coin-box was in the habit of burning and giving off toxic fumes when i used a high-wattage appliance such as the shower, nevertheless of course he maintained that my domestic oil-filled radiator, rated at 3000kw, was actually the problem...could i not switch it on whilst running the shower etc...when in fact the real cause of electrical problems was the house-wiring being of an insufficient gauge to cope with the current generated by normal domestic usage of appliances. anyhow, these are the kind of cowboy standards you expect from the cia, it was precisely the same story at 78 elderfield road e5 with their operative, alan malley. at 4 webster road, lao even appears to have constructed a windowless building in the back-garden, fully concealed from any view from the street - he must run some undercover operation there, a cia listening post or something, or maybe he just grows skunk for other agents, fucking twat. this area has been crawling with the cia since the olympic-crackdown - it's probably an op within an op within an op like the guido fawkes one rumoured apparently to be located somewhere near the st vincent de paul charity shop, dalston, where the undercover blog operation is simply a front for cia deep-eavesdropping and surveillance activities. in my mind, there's no question that lao's connected to that hackney lot too - they're all evil arseholes who've conspired to make my life a fucking nightmare over the last 8 years, fuck them all to hell and fuck you.

james pain 30a goodall road, e11 4ep said...

march 4, 2007 at 6:30 pm

first comment on guido fawkes (friday caption)

last regular comment in jan 2009

(save for one other later that year in my own name concerning the hackney empire and another comment repeated over several pages on one particular day as a demo)

james pain 30a goodall road, e11 4ep said...

back in blair's day the labour party were definitely guilty of abusing the intelligence services for political ends, such as silencing critics of new labour - as i say my phone was eavesdropped, and i later learnt from the internet that the microphone could be switched-on remotely at any time, providing the battery was connected. i was approached by a supporter of david lammy who claimed to be a teacher, someone who claimed to be an intern of meg hillier, and later also another political activist, an obama supporter, who claimed to be a supply teacher and who attempted to disrupt my routine, whilst dropping obvious hints that she was able to monitoring me online, had investigated my background, and was following every move i made within and without the premises at 78 elderfield road e5, but from a separate address around the corner. almost certainly the work of the cia through the facilitation of pro-war pro-blair ministers with local connections.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh Yesssssssss!!!

What did we say, just the other day RE Gerry Adams, Mr Ishmael?

He's up to his neck in it, hopefully he'll start blabbing to save his filthy hide and upset some of his komrades.


DtP said...

It's them Boston tapes Mr Vincent - crikey - who'da thought Adams was a dirty stinking orphan maker?

call me ishmael said...

It would be wonderful if it happened, that his scrawny, poxed-up arse got busted. I think there is way too much invested, financially and politically in maintaining, at all costs, the Peace Proh-cess; the Clintons and their mongrel dogs, the Blairs, just for a start, can't see the PSNI pissing on that serpents' nest.

I think we did the Boston Tapes a while back, this'll be the very least that Ruin can get away with, hauling this monster in for a few hours.