Sunday, 19 May 2013


Calling for a no-fly zone to be established over Ian Duncan Smith, leader of the British terrorist group, DWP, President Assad of Syria told the Security Council of shocking  and inhumane scenes in Britain  as the failing country's illegitimate coalition government fell apart.  

The DWP are the dicredited coalition leaders' hit squad. They are completely ruthless, attacking old people and sick people, stealing their money and forcing them from their homes.  The civilised world cannot stand idly by whilst Smith and his mercenary goons, known as ATOS,  intimidate the weaker members of British society, stealing their homes and money and giving it to the ruling sect, mainly Old Etonians and Bankers, often both.

Despite government efforts to muzzle it,   the British press is filled with stories of Smith-led brutality. Smith's terror campaign is believed to be rooted in his brief but intensely humiliating period as leader  of the UK's  Nasty Party. Smith was treated as a figure worthy only of derision and mocked for his custom of using public funds to pay his wife, Betsy Smith, for being his wife.  Since his ejection from the post of NastyLeader, Smith has been plotting revenge on all the poor, sick and disabled people who did not vote for him and instead took what Britons call the piss, from the wheezing, balding, rat-toothed terrorist chief.

Smith, President Assad insisted, is creating a humanitarian (strictly speaking in- or un- or non-humanitarian, ed.) crisis unparallelled in Britsh history.  A warrant must be sworn-out for Smith's arrest and extradition to Le Hague's International Criminal Court.

From the British press:

Woman kills herself over bedroom tax

By Nick Britten, The Daily Telegraph. May 13 ,2013

A grandmother with empty bedrooms in her council house killed herself after being unable to afford the Government's bedroom tax, her son has claimed.

In a suicide note, Stephanie Bottrill, 53, of Kingshurst, Birmingham wrote to her children: "Don't blame yourself for me ending my life. The only people to blame are the Government."

The day before she walked in front of a lorry on the M6 she told a friend she had not eaten for three daays through worry about the £20-a-week cosat of the two bedrooms which had once been occupied by her two children, Steven, 27 and Laura, 23.  She had also told neighburs " I can't afford to live any more.""  "She was fine before this bedroom tax," said Steven  "............dreamed up  in London by people in offices who live in big houses.  They have no idea of the effect it has on people like my mum."

Miss Bottrill, who suffered from the auto-immune system deficiency myasthenia gravis which prevented her from working, lived on about £70 a week with £20 of this due to be repaid for the empty rooms.

Her local council had offered her another home but it was outside the area where her friends and family live.......The  leader of Solihull council  said " She lived a simple life and the thought of being away from her support network and the things that really mattered to her, like her friends and family, was too much to bear."

Meanwhile, in London, after the terrible personal tragedy of being caught fiddling fifty grands worth of housing benefit, multi-millionaire LibDem gangster terror chief and  benefits cheat, Mr David Laws, MP,  is back in the cabinet, hissing and swishing from meeting to meeting, cracking down hard on the poor and the sick, who caused all this trouble.

The author of Miss Bottrill's horrifying end,  the hateful, embittered and vengeful shit, Ian Smith, said, well, if you all turn on us over our expenses, after having voted for Tony Blair and not me, what do you expect?

British terrorist, Ian Smith,  aka Iain Duncan Smith but Smith, really,
Wanted dead or alive.


Arthur said...

He has one saving grace.
He knows how to pick a decent car.

mongoose said...

This is the stupidity of which we speak.

What the hell good is it to anyone to twat about with council house bedrooms? None. Nothing. Idiotic.

"I have an idea, Minister."

"Yes, my son, and what is this idea?"

"There is a limited stock of public housing and it turns out that fokl stay in houses after there kids have gone and such, and these houses are inefficiently used as sleeping space. We should use the benefits system to move post-kids parents to smaller houses. Reduce their benefits, Sir, so that they move to smaller accomomdation."

"Thank-you. Leaving aside your assumptions about council house dwellers and benefits - oh, fuck, yes, you're right. We have made almost anyone a benefits receiver by taxing every-fucking-thing-that-moves and then giving bits back as "benefits". And these people - are they relatively rich or relatively poor people for the most part? And before you anwser that, do you think that kids-free Mrs Blogs might now be allowed to do a bit of reading of chick-lit or, you know, just resting in the spare room? Or the Mr - does he do a bit of ship-in-bottle silliness, or the collecting of tobacco tins... [I swear my grandfather liked the tobacco tins more than the smoking. Or maybe it was me. But I digress.] Might relatively poor people, now free of their wains, not be allowed a few square metres in which to have their lives back? And before you speak, consider the cost of moving - emotional, financial and such. And have you ever actually been in a council house? Are we to have ghettoes of one-bed OAPs waiting to die whilst separated from their kids and their communities? And a clincher, my son, are we not short of fucking smaller, affordable accommodation for all the young folk with fuck all and even fucking fewer-than-that places to go? And before you speak, twat, I shall just say "The Poll Tax". That was, if I may say, even more intellectually coherent than your notion but it was alike a politically dumb-ass idea. Now piss off."

Mad as a mad thing in a mad thing's hat. And while I despair of the BBC spouting the mantra of "bedroom tax" -- [Digression2: mongoose rule 107: any person anywhere you hear actually say "bedroom tax" is an epsilon-minus clueless, lickspittle cunt] -- just as they spouted "poll tax" and "the investment" and "the Tory party" and all their other partisan vileness, it is just too fucking stupid and vile for words. God, it may be time to vote Labour again. Surely not! Not for Millitwat. No, I cannot face that yet. 'Course, it matters not - here in True Blue Bandit Country. They hunt Labour luvvies out of town with dogs.

yardarm said...

A good idea to compare this worthless cunt, always like a clown who`s lost his paint and Laws. Anyone else nicked that amount off their social security would be in the nick, abuse heaped on them by the media but no; Laws, the larcenous bastard gets back into office and is lauded by Mediaminster. Shows us what they think of us.

I always laugh when listening to this lazy prick go on about work. He also left the army as a young man; I always thought it was because his C.O. would have told him he was too useless to get bumped up to Lance Corporal but I read somewhere he was actually an officer in the Scots Guards: maybe an indiscretion on Hampstead heath or some toilet trading ? With members of the Royal Household ?
Resignation to avoid the scandal of a court martial ?

Speaking of wankers Flashman`s authority has pissed away this past week. Having to let his ministers abstain on what was effectively a vote of confidence was an humiliation I don`t think even Johnny Underpants endured. And an empty suit described as Philip Hammond has risen up and commenced backstabbing. The lizards must be operating it by remote control. There`s never a real man in there surely.

Old timer said...

Department of Worthless Plonkers.

Are the powers that be, no matter where they operate from, deliberately trying to foment a civil war? Because tempers seem to be fraying rather more rapidly than hitherto.

My old mum would have been affected by these measures as she brought up two kids single-handedly for the best part of 15 years in a 3-bed council flat. I left home to do other things elsewhere at the age of 21 and my little bro went off and got himself married at 22, leaving her on her own. She worked all her life and paid her stamps, but still needed our support to make ends meet (having had no spare cash of her own to save - and no, she neither drank nor smoked) once she retired. Like the lady you mention, she too would not have been able to manage with an 80 pound a month reduction in her already pitiful income. IDS needs to think again about the unintended consequences of such a broad brush approach.

That said, I think no effort should be spared to root out those who are really taking the piss with the system.

call me ishmael said...

I quite agree, mr ot, just as long as we start with Brenda and her limitless tribe.

Your dear mum would have been criminalised by now, I daresay, and I don't, with respect, think these consequences are unintended - one of the ATOS form questions to the disabled is - honest, not invent - How does your condition annoy other people ? Honest to God, that's what it says. This IS civil war.

I think, mr yardarm, that Hammond thinks he shold have Cable, the fox-trotting nitwit's, job even though by any estimate he is lucky to have benefitted from Liam FoxyLady's fuckery in landing defence and the post-cabinet business opportunities which go with it.

Does anyone know the full Smithy story? Where is mr young anglo-irish catholic, when he's needed?

I know he Smithy about his Italian university career, also, and it was only the old pals act, 2009, which stopped him being nicked for BetsyGate.

He may yet wind-up in the shit corner as even the rabid, frothing at the mouth Daily Mail is running stories like Miss Bottrill's but as mr mongoose asks, where is the fucking alternative? One can see the whole Labour front bench acting exactly the same as Smithy and as for FagAsh Lil, well, he wants to privatise everything and scrap the welfare state altogether, him and his nutters.

call me ishmael said...

And mr arthur, Ratty may well have chosen the Morgan but bet your boots there will be some means by which we are paying for it.

yardarm said...

That`s it exactly, Mr Ishmael. Balls and Byrne and all the other wankers will simply mouth the Juntashit of tough choices, global race, hard working families as they void their bowels on us. Milliband and Bollocks were catamites at the court of Great Lumpy, bending over for the bankerbastards for 13 years and no doubt eager to get back into action.

I`d just love to see the whole fucking lot demoted from their entitlement scrounging at Westminster and put on the same regime as they`d have us on. Brown, no show so P45, Blair`s property empire, we`ll have that; Pickles house, IDS motor, Dave`s Wisteria trimmer, the fucking lot. And that goes for runt Farage`s fiddling his handout/entitlements in Brussels. Seize every fucking thing they have, prevent them from networking, old school tieing, calling in favouring and put `em on the dole and council house queue.

DtP said...

From Wiki: He was born a cunt, went through adolescence as a cunt, joined the Tory party as a cunt, lead disasterously as a cunt and has now scrapped his way through the back door into a ministerial gig that he should have been sacked for but Cameron, the cunt, bottled it so he remains as Secretary of State as a cunt.

Amazing what you can find on the internet!

NewsboyCap said...

Mr. Ishmael
Isn’t it time the whole idea of Central Government was abolished? After all WTF do the Government, Parliament and MPs actually do? Steal and Rob from every last one of us to provide themselves and every other hanger-on, including The Chief Parasite Brenda and all her fuckin’ demented Greco/german spawn, to a lifestyle, few if any outside their bubble, could possibly imagine. Raise Armies to run around the world killing and maiming, at the orders of GlobalCorp and the Banksters. Rob what little remains of our ‘earnings’ via VAT/Duty to hand over to foreign Govts. willy fuckin’nilly, to the EU,UN and any other fucker with his hand out...cunts! Vomit out thousands of new ‘Laws’ to the benefit of no man/woman but to benefit only THE STATE. Labour, Conservative, Illiberal, BNP, UKIP, Green all cultivated from the same Marxist/Fascist/Fabian PPE University shitheap. A Pox on the fuckin lot of ‘em.
There’s got to be a better way, surely.
BTW this blog is one of the few places of any sanity left in these God forsaken Islands. Thankyou.

Arthur said...

Well, Mr NewsboyCap, I think you are spot on in most of what you have said, but for the life of me I can not see how you, or anyone else, would manage to arrange the abolition of our current form of "governmess".
I can visualise a new system, run by the people, for the people, but there would need to be a change of heart in the great unwashed before it could be accepted by them.

call me ishmael said...

Independent, non-aligned public service minded candidates, willing to serve fixed terms on an average salary might be a start but it would never get any coverage, much less support from MediaMinster and unfortunately it seems that just when there might be the hint of a Britsh Spring some smirking, blokey prick like Farage pops up, wanting to do just the same as the rest, only worse, much worse, and pretending that his is a novel approach; he is a fucking pollution, just like the ShitEating Toilet Men of the SDP/ Liberal/LibDem ragbag of thieves, ponces and degnerates he is GlobaCorp's servant and would, given half a chance, be our masster; pray that he crashes another lane, that's a start.

The great unwashed are a problem, either they are in an angry, redfaced UKIP wank-in over at the Telegraph, having a Daily Hate-In at the Mail or screeching like constipated fairies at the Guardian, where, to question, even obliquely, the notion of People joining together in Queer, holy deadlock is enough to get you placed in front of a liberal, proportionate and tolerant firing squad.

Fucked if I know, keep on keeping on I suppose, what else can you do?

Arthur said...

"call me ishmael said...

The great unwashed are a problem, either they are in an angry, redfaced

Fucked if I know, keep on keeping on I suppose, what else can you do?"

I have just been reading an in depth article in P.E. about the part played by recent UK governments in the international money laundering world.
The sooner we let the great unwashed take hold the better we will be, it seems, because those who claim to be pure and sinful are just the opposite.

Mike said...

Reminds me of the time of the dockers/transport strikes in the 70s(?) when Idi Amin offered to send a boat load of oranges for the children of England.

Old timer said...

Mike - very kind of him, but instead he sent boatloads of Indian misfits he no longer wanted in his presence. I can quite understand why he wanted rid of the likes of Alibaba Bigmouth and her ilk.

Maybe we should follow his example and just put them all on a boat and send them all back 'home'?

yardarm said...

Apparently the bastard submitted an exxie claim for a hotel breakfast costing 39 quid. Now not even Pickles guzzles that much so I`m wondering was he alone ? His wife, if it was her comes from the velvet bottomed class and keeps him in the style common to the Junta, as well as his entitlement/handout poncing.

But could it have been a SPAD ? They do have form. Hague obviously, and Fox was forever encountering his tubby chum all over the Gulf. Even more humiliation coming for IDS ?