Thursday, 16 May 2013


Doesn't matter how many times  a day he prays to Allah,
 this is one GodlessHeathenBastard

 I guess you could call this bellus ultima.  I don't think we British folks have ever done this, not recently,anyway - maybe the Tribesmen, here in Scotland did it, from their sense of fathomless grievance -  but foreign devils do it all the time.  I remember - just - in the time of the Mau-Maublokes, in wherever it was, the former Belgian Congo, was it, that people had their  vitals cut out and scoffed. I remember seeing some photos in the Guardian about some earlier Balkan conflict and there were two guys quite literally sawing the head off a prisoner, with a saw that you'd saw boards with.  Never managed to banish that image from my mind.

We are on his side, this geezer's. It seems a really filthy business to me and I don't think we should have anything to do with people like this. Never mind sending them military materiel, we should send them some books on good manners, the fucking Muslem arseholes.

There is, I believe, a book entitled Eating People Is Wrong. We should translate that book  into whatever sing-song language these fuckers understand, make every other line read All-aaaaaahhhh Akh- baaaaaah, which is something they seem to say every few seconds, whether they are eating somebody or not;  their God is great, of course, everybody else's, even their fellow Abrahamists' is shit, a fucking infidel. I am sick up to here with these angry fuckhead murdering savages.

When we have done the translation, anway, of Eating People Is Wrong, so it reads backwards,  we should then recommission the Mighty Concorde, strip out its seats, install some bomb bay doors, fill it full of copies of Eating People Is Wrong, fly over Syria at the speed of sound and blitz the fucking fuckers. Maybe   a small hardback hitting them in their beardy  kissers at eleven hundred feet per second will teach them some manners.  Imagine Faisal, riding along on the back of his Toyota pick-up, shooting bullets into the air and shouting All-aaaaah Akh-baaaaaaah and Smack! a hardback book hits him in the head at seven hundred and fity miles an hour.  Shut the mad fucker up for a minute or two.

 These cunts are the same people who sawed the head off that US journalist, and did it live on telly, muttering all the time about Allah;  these people are as bad as Marty Kneecaps McGuinness,the horrible bastard, and a pox on him and his children and his children's children, if the rancid little torturer has any. We should not be giving these monsters a halfpenny of our money.  Does that fucking eejit fairy, William Miscarriage,  have any idea of what the heart-eating headchoppers  will do if they acquire even a fraction of Basher Assad's chemical weapons?  No, mustn't upset him.  He'll be showing us his wife's medical notes again.

The foreign seckatry 
with not his boyfriend.

I should say of course, for the benefit of antiracism folk that the followers of Islam have no monopoly on wickedness. Pope Nazi's gang - and now this new bastard, Frankie the Caballero,  who has ordered  Scotland's errant cardinal not out of the Church but out of the country, to a nice wee holiday somewhere, doing thinking and penance  - have been  noncing and inquisiting and burning folks at the stake almost forever; the hereditary, parasitic so-called royal family, here, at home,  is fertilised by blood, betrayal and torture, civil war, even, not too great a price to pay for  the monarchical ego.  The Jews have been wickedly mistreating the Palestinians since the early part of the twentieth century, long before the Death Camps, a social enginering project dreamed-up by just a couiple of hundred Hermans who have all been punished.  The Chinese are fuckdogbastards. And Uncle Sam is the biggest rogue state since Rome, you know, that great civilising influence which fed people to the lions.

I should say, also, that Gilbrain's  Islam-lite script, The Way of The Sufi, is part of this household's lexicon; your children are not your children, they are the sons and the daughters of Life's longing for itself.........though they are with you, they belong not to you. I love it, I have lost track of the number of copies which I have bought   as gifts for younger people. I recently bought a replica astrolabe, a precise  navigation device,  made by the Mohammedan arabs when we were living in mud huts.  I know  about their architecture, their maths, their science, a little about their music;  I know the profound effect they have had on global knowledge.

But even so, I'm sick of MediaMinster making excuses for vicious, nasty Muslems.  Jon Sox, the other night, 

the apparent owner of Channel Four News, tied himself in knots proclaiming that just because half a dozen or so Muslem predators had been found guilty of grooming and abusing white girls there was no racial element to this case, 

nor to the last, similar case.

 Conveniently ignoring a cultural approval of so-called honour killings, of forced marriage, of comprehensive, overwhelmimg suppression of women, Jon Sox, as usual,  with his multi-culturalist guests, is talking out of his scabby arse. Snow, one of MediaMinster's  Job4Lifers is happiest over in the States, sucking Power's cheesy knob, he prefers Democrat foreskin but any sort will do; like so many of his age, he still thinks Uncle Sam is  run by the legatees of  a  fictitious and facetious, golden, Kennedy dynasty.  The Kennedys, of course,  were as bent as could be, and were never a dynasty; as to being golden, well, if you believe that, then like Gordon Snot, you'll believe anything; bury my heart in Chappaquiddick;  they were arseholes, the Kennedy boys, but don't mention it to British journalists and politicians of a certain age.

   When it comes to reporting on British current affairs, Soxy  -  the  patron, affiliate or president of so many liberal causes,  all of them perfectly worthy and admirable -  is actually unfit, unable to present what passes for news,  down there in the land of skymadeupnewsandfilth with any degree of impartiality -  Sox suggesting that maybe there is something radically wrong in male Muslem culture, both at home and abroad -  which there is - is unthinkable.

I lived in the cities for most of my life and now I come to think about it I was always vaguely aware of pasty-looking white girls getting into Ahmed's Nissan,  hanging-out around his bed shop or his cash'n' carry. 

 I was an infant in Balsall Heath in 1957; whites weren't quite a minority but in some parts of that grimy old suburb  it felt that way. My dad was  a 'bus driver with the Corporation and then with the Midland Red and he'd bring his West Indian mates home, sometimes, for tea;  he was a bit odd in that, but he was never mainstream,  he liked the blacks and so did I, still do.  But he was scathing about the Pakistanis - moneylenders, pimps, untrustworthy, dishonest;  he never said this to me openly, it was just overheard.   

Nothing I have learned since has changed my mind, or that part of it formed by my father.  Never had any Muslem friends;  never once been in a Muslem home,  never been in a mosque, it's not that I wouldn't go, I'd love to,  I was just never invited. I never had any business dealings  with a Muslem, unless you count the odd Balti house meal, and they are not as good, let me tell you,  as old Queenie Portillo would have you believe, during his endless, tedious travels around Britain. 

Mr & Mrs Portillo, not in a Balti House.
Fuck me, no. You don't think I'd eat in one of those filthy holes 

 I saw, close-up how a Muslem-Labour dominated local council was just a racist  rubberstamp for crime and corruption. And I read how a Judge damned the Birmingham Sparkbrook Muslem-Labour  party as a banana republic.

But most of all I have seen, over decades, how a cynical political class has striven  not for integration and homogeneity but has - via a vast, costly,  multiculturalism industry staffed by  hypocritical, shit-eating, parasite careerists -  encouraged segregation, alienation,  intolerance, the ghetto and home-grown, flesh-shredding, limb-stealing, life-ending terrorism, in the name of the Prophet.
Peace and blessings be upon his name.


Arthur said...

You have hit the nail on the head again Mr. Ishmael.
I was born in Bradford in the early '30s. I grew up there and saw the first influx of Muslims come in to the country, working in the mills and on the trams and buses.
The men came first living three to a bed (well a matress on the floor). The matress never cooled...they worked a three shift system. They sent money back to Pakistan and eventually their families followed them.
Fortunately I moved out of Bradford and into the Dales in the late 40s and since then have lived,worked and retired there.
It is simply quite staggering the amount of change they have wrought on what was a city with civic pride and dignety.
The one thing that stands out is their thorough going belief of Homogeneity.......down to their level.
The sad thing is that they have fooled and manipulated people in high places to such an extent that they have proved the old adage that everyone is equal and some are more equal than others.

Old timer said...

It used to be said that at a civilised dinner party three things were never the subjects of discussion - religion, money, and politics. I wonder if that is still the case.

FWIW IMHO religion, or perhaps more correctly, religious beliefs, of whatever stripe, whether it is the sun/moon, a belief in a sky-fairy (as some have it) or an odd-looking piece of rock, or even a 500 year old baobab tree, is the single-most cause of trouble than anything else.

What has always struck me as odd though is that the three principal religions all seem to have the same "God" as their focus, but their followers cannot agree on who should be in charge. Such beliefs are of course perpetuated by those who have most to gain from these ideas which I suppose is better than actually having to find a proper job to do.

PS: If you have never been inside a mosque I suggest you start with the one in Meknes in Morocco and the huge one just outside the souk in Damascus. You won't be allowed anywhere near the HQ in Mecca though.

jgm2 said...

I assume this video is designed to strike fear into the heart of your enemies but it is totally counter-productive. Most countries, when sending their young men off to war, have to come up with a little de-humanising propaganda to help them get on their 'game face' and justify the mass killing these lads are shortly going to be engaged in. So, they'll spread news that these Nazis are killing babies or the Germans are butchering women and children.

This fucking idiot is making Assad's job easy for him.

'Look at these fuckers. They're eating the dead. On camera.'

If I were marching off to war I'd at least have no compunction, when faced with an enemy like this of firing with extreme prejudice. There'd be none of this Harry Patch shooting up in the air nonsense, reluctant to take a life, after seeing this.

Fucking savages. I'm not sure it's real mind. But, in a way, it doesn't matter because there's little doubt that these guys either did eat some dead guys heart/liver or faked it to look like they did. Either way, they've not really thought it through. Either way, it's not good publicity.

jgm2 said...

In other news it appears that Squadron Leader Farage was roughed up by Mel Gibson's fan-club the other day.

Farage has called on Salmond to condemn the racist anti-English SNP supporters. This will be like watching Gerry Adams explain that, while it is regrettable several British shoppers have been killed in a bomb what we must not lose sight of is the Battle of the Boyne where umpty thousand Irish were killed by imperialist British...blah blah...

yardarm said...

Isn`t it a proxy war, between Iran supporting Assad, the real rogue state of Saudi funding and arming the insurgents ?

British governments have always been happy to do business with extremist states: eg, Pakistan and Saudi, for access to energy resources, arms deals and their doing our dirty work: eg, fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan. Hague, the heir to Palmerston, Salisbury and Bevin, fuck help us will be burbling about human rights and democracy yet you`ll note he clammed up on that when the Bahraini`s tried for the own Arab Spring only to be crushed by the Saudis, the funder and supporter of Islamic terrorism that British governments grovel before: the true Special Relationship.

We supported Islamic insurgents in Libya, when Gaddafi was the enemy, then crated them up and shipped them off to him when he became our ally then bombed him when the wheel turned again. Our other great ally, Pakistan, the rogue and failing state, its ISI sock puppeting the Taliban. Back in the 90`s MI6 looked the other way when hundreds of British Muslims went off to ISI/Taliban training camps, (including one of the 7/7 bombers). A lot of them went to fight our alleged allies India in Kashmir.

Algerian nutterbastards were sheltered in London in the 90`s, to the rage of the French. Hamza, Qatada, Bakri, all at some point, MI5/6 informants. Hamza & MI6 recruited nutterbastards to fight the Serbs in Kosovo in `99. MI5 knew what was happening in Finsbury mosque.

After the defeats in Iraq and Afghanistan the military will be restricted to a support only role: probably the SAS are already in refugee camps in Turkey training up anti Assad fighters. And ever and again, the fastidious gentry of MI6 will be in the shadows,with the Saudis and ISI urging the nutterbastards on.

Blowback ? Probably. Round and round it goes: where it stops, who the fuck knows.

call me ishmael said...

Thanks, all.

Levelled my head and eased mu mind a bit, all that, seeing it in perspective.

My poor post just a visceral reaction to these filthy, noncing, goat- torturing, heart-eating bastards and their exculpatory religion.