Monday, 13 May 2013


I am all for the rehabilitation of offenders, just not while they're still on a tag, on a curfew and still serving a sentence.


 Couldn't swear  to it but I think that was the PBC's reporter, enquiring of Sir, how was prison.

 She just can't resist the cameras, can she, Vicky.  I love the snaps where she and her entourage are marching along with large cups of coffee in their hands, like they were having a Power Elevenses, silly old bint.

Ms Pryce would like to thank all the people who have supported her, including her fellow residents.  She now hopes to resume her career as an economist. Although why anyone - anyone -  would believe a word she says, after  her lying to the police, to the public and to two juries, I'm fucked if I know.  Apologise?  Fuck no, why should she apologise?

 We're too sexy for our briefs.

 This is Huw Welshman with the six o clock news from the PBC and we're joined by our perverting the course of justice editor, Vicki Ptyce, Vicky, what lies have you got for us?

 Well, Huw, I didn't do it, even though I swore I did, or is it the other way round, I did  do it, even though I swore  I didn't.  Woddevva, it was all his fault.


jgm2 said...

Much as I celebrate any politician being defrocked as a liar I must admit I find it hard to give a shit about lying to the police, the jury or the judge.

By definition anybody who pleads 'not guilty' but is subsequently found 'guilty as sin m'lud' has lied to the court. I don't see them routinely getting another two months added to their sentence for perjury.

Huhne's main crime is the same as so many of his fellow crooks in parliament - using his office to position himself for rakes of government money. In Huhne's case - the global warming scam and the subsidies that flow from that. I was reminded about another one of the fuckers - David Mellor, now Lord Mellor of Someplaceorother a while back when I was returning something to M&S for the missus. I'm one of those people who reads the cereal packet so, while waiting my turn, I was reading some notice about WEEE, which is some worthy Euro idea about returning small electrical items for safe disposal but whose name was at the bottom certifying M&S's WEEE status but that fucking Mellor.

You immediately just know this fucker spotted the legislation coming in and set himself up as some certification agency to 'certify' these companies as WEEE compliant. For an appropriate fee obviously. And subject to regular (once a decade) audits.

Old timer said...

Same old, same old. One law for them etc.....

Perverting the course of justice carries a penalty up to life inside. So how how, after all that public hooha and waste of OUR money that thy got the equivalent of a fortnight at Butlins?

Old timer said...

" so how come " etc. Sorry, sticky fingers.

Woman on a Raft said...

I'm distinctly lacking in sympathy to Pryce because she was happy to pass shoddy goods off on to us while she thought it would pay her.

On the other hand, if she had sucked it up after giving up her job and then having him walk out, we'd never have known.

I want it to be easy for whistle-blowers but it's observably true that they are often compromised people.

call me ishmael said...

In Vicky's case, I wouuld construe compromised as deranged, narcissistic and amoral and suggest that it was her derangement alone which fuelled the revelation, rather than any sense of propriety. I guess there must be many such mesalliances across the political piece and few, now, following her banging-up, will be revealed.

Huhne, at least, was savvy enough to apologise, not that he meant it, of course, he's just sorry for being caught. Vicky, forever posing for Life's cameras, has yet to learn that she is not some delicate ingenue, she really is and always will be, a woman scorned.

I think there is a fine line, mr jgm2, between testing the evidence before a jury and actually orchestrating a formal deception of the authorities. And your wider point, anyway, is wrong inasmuch as the obviously guilty are given a reduced sentence for an early guilty plea....

"I don't see them routinely getting another two months added to their sentence for perjury."

...and those who persist in what you call perjury are not given such a discount. Happens every day.

Did you know thet Lord Kinnock of Islwyn ( I will go back to the people of Islwyn and serve them for as long as they'll have me. Or until I can get on the 'plane to Europe.) was, unknown to us all, a psephological expert? When he came back from Europe he got himself onto the board of an electronic vote-counting company - the same company which made such a fuck-up of the Scottish election - in return for the modest emolument of fifty grand a year. There is only one place for these people and that is Up against the wall, motherfuckers.

For some, a spell inside spells the end of all meaningful opportunity, for others, those in the charmed circle of celebrity - Archer, Aitken, the hHhnes - it is just another career opportunity. How long before we see the Huhnes, singly or together, on Jocky Neil's WhoreSofa; how long before skymadeupnewsandfilthTimes serialise their brief, grubby memoirs?

Give decent criminals a bad name, these filth do.

jgm2 said...

'...and those who persist in what you call perjury are not given such a discount. Happens every day.'

Fair point. Although I thought the longer sentence was for wasting everybody's time rather than lying your head off in court.

Anyway, minimum 38 years for Hazell. That'll do the trick.