Thursday, 30 May 2013


Mr Morality
If you threw him five hundred quid, the Daily Blame's Richard Littlejohn 
 would eat the shit from a dog's arse.

My friend, mike the plane, came around, chortling, at Christmas.  Look what mrs. mtp's got  me, he said, waving a paperback. Oh, for fucks sake, mike, it's Littlecock, man's a redneck slag.  But he tells it like it is..........No, he fucking doesn't. He's a nasty bully from the same stables as Kelvin McFilth and Paul Staines and Mad Mel Phillips-Rosenberg,  he's vermin.  Ah, but he can write......No, but he can't, I've written and discarded much better rightwing polemics.  And leftwing ones. He's not even any good at that, he just bullies people.  On behalf of that pig ignorant, drunken, frothing, sweaty, puce-faced, bloated  and soon, mercifully, for the love of God and His Creation,  to die from a heart attack,  arsehole Dacre,  Satan's mutant cocksucker.  Who??? Dacre, editor in chief of that filthy rag you read. Oh. OK then.  How's about I lend it to you when I'm done?  How's about you don't?

I have little or no patience with the transgender issue.  I feel that I am a rich man trapped in a poor man's body.  Sometimes it's Hell.  I see some moron in the latest Aston Martin and my whole body screams, It Shoulda Been Me, Oh, Lord It Shoulda Been Me.  But I have to live with it.  I only own one home, how can that be right? Why can't I have a homes and money reassignment operation?  That's the way I see it, anyway.  But I'm just nobody, just Everyman and it doesn't much matter what I say.

If I had a column on a national shitrag, as does Littlecock, I'd have to be bit more considerate of the feeling of others, though...........Or would I?  Isn't the popularity of this foul-mouthed, jumped-up, empty-headed, idle and worthless  scribbler - and so many like him - just one of Ruin's symptoms, isn't the hateful, divisive, partisan yet  changeable daily enmity of these filthy slags just  Ruin's running sore on Decency's epidermis, a symptom  of the raging necrosis below?

Ruchard LittleCock, never mind his vile master, is a cancer on the public good, he should be cut-out.

For those bemused by this excoriation I refer to the  transgender suicide, Lucy Meadows, a male to female changeling who had the temerity ot continue her job as a teacher, to the orchestrated and phoney rage of our Dicky, who, for all we know, spends his money on Ladymen, he looks the type.  It seems that the teachers and school authorities were accepting of this situation and presumably the NHS were of a mind that this was a necessary procedure;  the best thing, then,  would have been to let things settle down. As it is, thanks to  her  bullying by LittleCock, named and damned by the coroner, Miss killed herself.  How are  the caring ones at the Mail  going to explain that to her pupils?  KINKY MISS KILLED HERSELF BECAUSE OUR FEARLESS BULLY TOLD IT LIKE IT IS?

The coroner said, in effect, that with Richard LittleJohn behaving like this, Leveson might as well - as we all knew a priori- not have happened.  I suppose we must thank for this - tha status quo ante -  the midnight meeting between our political masters which spiked his Lordship's  recommendations. And his own, wretched, lawyerly cowardice.


yardarm said...

Amen, Mr Ishmael. So Littledick`s written a book, telling it like it is ? Like Clarkson, pulling his punches so as not to offend any powerful lobby and jeopardise his lucrative media career. He thought the teacher was insignificant enough to pick on. And has anyone seen Dead Kid Mackenzie since he got doorstepped by that Channel Four bloke ? He can`t be hanging his head in shame: these jokers don`t have any.

I get the feeling Dacre`s some sort of Howard Hughes figure; hasn`t cut his toenails in years, been bottling his piss since 1974, that sort of thing. It must have been quite a challenge for his minions to have cut away his stained underpants, bathed and dressed him so he could appear at Leveson without getting sectioned.

tdg said...

It is hard to want to be fair to the journalist, but the problem with the index case is a deeper one: not just the public ridicule but the notion that wanting a sex change is within the spectrum of sane behaviour. There are those who feel incomplete without having their legs amputated -- whether it is penis or leg it is still a species of body dysmorphia and with it goes a constellation of other psychopathology.

Cause and effect are so hard to disentangle here: unstable people all too often positively seek the brutality that is assumed to be the cause of their instability. Life is messy without simple moral spectacles on.

Arthur said...

I am well past my sell by date, but I can remember many things from my past.
I can remember the days pre-war when we lived in Bradforstan.
A couple of women in their forties lived together in a neat little semi a few houses down from us. It was not uncommon for this to happen. So much so that no one ever mentioned or questioned it.
It happened that in another house 50 yards in the other direction a couple of men in their late thirties also lived together. One was plumber and the other worked in a woolen mill. Again no one looked upon it as being anything to comment on. Different..yes, but then not unique.
There was never any talk about sex change because such things were impossible.
The world was one where one lived as nature had decreed and had to learn to cope with things.
Even the ladies were very sparing in using anything "cosmetic".
It is only since we all became aware of human rights that all this tommy rot nonsense has emerged.It is only since certain kinds of individuals gained the power to change the rules and dictate what those rights should be that all this nonsense has reared its head.
It seems to be all part of the build up to the end of civilisation.

Callmeishmael said...

But we believe that butchering and burning a five year old is within the spectrum of sane human behaviour, the guy today, in Wales, the judge was shouting at him You are sick, you dirty bastard and you must be punished - or does the suffix -philia not indicate abnormality?

I am with you, mr ptb, this is crazy behaviour, fashioning a vulva from a penis, although it is easy to see how a bottomless NHS can make a case of clinical need and since they do make that case it seems unfair to berate the patient. Littlejohn, in any event, is one of many ministers manqué, standing in their bully pulpit attacking, as mr yardarm says, those they feel insignificant, those of whom they are fearless. One could tolerate it, just, If even their cruel passion was sincere but it's just another column, qanother one which coarsens and degrades whichever form of Otherness is today's fair game. they are fucking Nazis, these people; first they came for the Trannies......

Why, indeed, should people learn to cope with things, when a Daily Hate-in is so much more fun?

call me ishmael said...

I meant mr tdg, not mr ptb. This fucking predictive text is intolerable, Anybody know how to disable it, on an ipadthree? Only an American would think this shit was clever.

Anonymous said...
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Old timer said...

Having read through all this, I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

As another well past his sell by date, I think I am with Arthur. It is only fairly recently that all this homo/lesbo stuff came to prominence. Unheard of when I was a lad. Live and let live being my life-time motto, as far as I am concerned consenting adults can do what they like to whom and with what, but I just wish they were not so bloody 'in yer face' with it all.

So I shall just go and make myself cup of coffee and watch the snooker.

call me ishmael said...

when the mind is full of worry and the eyes fill with tears , you laugh to keep from crying, sometimes.

jgm2 said...

I did used to wonder what all this sniggering was about from the Grauniad bed-wetters when they'd class anyone they didn't like as 'Daily Mail readers'. Then I was up in Stornoway, Fucking Scotland and, because it was raining, I picked up the only newspaper in the house. The Daily Mail.

Well fuck me. If every single article isn't written with the express purpose of putting your blood-pressure into the red. Christ, I could hardly get through a couple of pages. If I had that delivered I'd be dead by the end of the week.

It fulfills the same purpose for the right as the Grauniad does for the left. Back before I was banned from Comment is Free (as long as you agree with everything we say) I used to rail at the obviously fervently held lunacies of the likes of Polly and her legions of brain-dead admirers.

The Daily Mail and The Grauniad are just two sides of the same coin. Two cheeks of the same arse. On the up-side one of them is rapidly going out of business.

call me ishmael said...

Except that the online rabble-rousing edition of the Mail - everything you say it is and worse - is hugely successful.

I suppose I ought to be more depressed by what has happened to the Guardian. I started reading it in Alastair Hetherington's day, since when it has become, under a succession of worthless greedy bastards, good for fuck all, what we see today, the home of itinerant, not very smartass one-liner merchants, not actually interested in comment or persuasion, just in ill-informed hectoring and bitching; I guess they would call themselves activists, although they remind me of the Modern Parents in VizMagazine. And somehow, even though it owns Autotrader - or did until recently - it retains its original charitable status, enabling it to pay editor, Arsebridger, getting on for a million a year and Toynbee over a hundred grand, that they might better, all of them, articulate the plight of the poor. Up against the wall, motherfuckers, as my young friend used to say. Oh yes, and for some reason they get all the - highly lucrative - public sector vacancies advertising, even though it could and should all be online.

It is a wilderness of mirrors, the press, a law unto itself, its practitioners - recently and notably - the cock-waving slob, Johnson, are shameless, bloodless lifeless hypocrites, every last one of them. Given the increasing audacity of the dispossessed, some of them may yet dangle.

jgm2 said...

Mr I,

' that they might better, all of them, articulate the plight of the poor.'

That is the bit that used to particularly vex me. Private-school educated tossers like Toynbee trying to kid on that her upper middle-class vision of a caring, sharing society bears any resemblance to what the poor actually want for themselves. Well, they're too fucking stupid and ill-educated to know what they want aren't they? That's why they vote for the likes of middle-class Ned Miliband and privately educated Ned Balls.

It seems that what the poor working class want is mass immigration from the sub-continent. And mass immigration from Europe. Fucking love it the poor do. Can't get enough immigrants. The more immigrants the better.

And if they don't know that mass immigration and ghettoization is good for them then they're fucking racists and we'll have them arrested. The nasty bigots.

And what the poor also want is shit schools. Really shit schools. Lots of them. Schools where nobody feels stigmatized because they're stupid, lazy or lacking in ambition. And exams that any fucking idiot can pass. Because that's empowering. And 50% wasting three years and 45K buying a sheet of A4 from some comedy 'university' that was a Bricklaying College until last year. This is what the poor want. And that's what they're going to get.

But what the poor want more than anything is to bankrupt the fucking country by taking on huge spending commitments that only work if you turn a blind eye to the self-evident fact that the entire economy is 'booming' on an unprecedented ocean of debt.

It is cunts like Toynbee who, when the proletariate have risen up and thrown off the yoke of capitalism, decide, on behalf of the proletariate, that what is really needed, what the proletariate really, really want, is a spanking new Opera House in every city.

Anonymous said...
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mrs narcolept said...

Sorry to be off-topic, but I thought of my fellow ishmaelites today (I hope you will understand why) when I was taking an old friend to a funeral. I went for a walk while the service was on, looking at the inscriptions, and then I realised I was looking at Sandy Denny's grave.

Arthur said...

Another thought which I failed to add in my earlier taradiddle was the business of Gay Pride.
What is there about being "gay" to be proud about??
I am a normal hetro and I see nothing in that to be "proud" about. I am just normal, run of the mill as are the vast majority.
So why are all these people proud to be abnormal. Would they be proud to have three legs or two feet on one leg etc?

unite against feminism said...

although i don't believe this is probably the appropriate time or place to blame radical-feminism for this poor woman's demise, neither, tragically, can i blame the righteous right-hard right-wing-radio-controlled thug, littlejohn, for it, not that his tormenting torrent can have made the lady's already devastated existence any easier to manage, and nor can i blame the national filth crevice, who didn't exactly help much by willingly smoothing the route for funding her mental macabre dream of self-muff-manufacture, a medical procedure for which she would doubtless have saved-up no matter the cost - actually, the reality seems to have been that the deceased had found the adverse publicity stressful, but "easier [to handle] than she [had] thought", and it was debts and other tragedies in her life which had formed the hopeless precipice over which she ultimately elected to push herself, her inadvertent and undesirable national celebrity being accepted as an inadvertent consequence of her own free choices and actions.

anyhow, why let the truth get in the way of a great excuse to give littlejerk a good kicking - the basis of his rant was that the schoolchildren could not have coped with such a shock and that the somewhat eccentric deceased was therefore in the wrong job, yet as we all know from our own experiences as infants, these sorts of strange situations surreally thrown-up by the not-that-important adult-world are usually dealt with through a few giggles and largely forgotten by the end of break-time - when the serious matter of manically chasing each other around the playground comes to the fore. obviously, it must have hurt a professional, dedicated enough to have returned to the same school at which she had previously taught as a man, to be told that she was in the wrong job and that's where littlejohn was wrongly critical and cruel.

finally, on a completely off-topic, may i express my fundamental concerns over the proliferation of extremely sharp kitchen knives to which our nation's increasingly radicalized feminist housewives have access.

uaf said...

@unite against feminism

perhaps 'mentally macabre' instead of 'mental macabre' would have softened the impact of an otherwise prejudice-evoking phrase - after all, this kind of transformation is hardly uncommon in this day and age of multiple body-piercing and tattooing. the condition from which the lady in question suffered was depression, and since when did a diagnosis of that common affliction disbar any professional, or for that matter journalist, from pursuing a career? the way one expresses one's depression would appear to be incidental.

Old timer said...

As I said earlier, live and let live. If adult females wish to stick large pins in themselves, why not; and if adult males wish to attach full bottles of Coke to their dangly bits and hide in a wardrobe, likewise 'snone of my business But I really do wish they would keep all this in their own closed circles and not be a like a farmer running amok with his muck-spreader.

I need another coffee....

adjective repetition patrol said...

@unite against feminism, 1 june 2013 05:33

get that first 'inadvertent' out

richard littlejihadist said...

@old timer

but i really do wish they would keep all this in their own closed circles and not be a like a farmer running amok with his muck-spreader.

too bloody-right

not on my watch chum

unite against fuckwitism said...

@richard littlejihadist

you didn't disrupt those school-kids' education at all, did you? you aberrantly aggravating anal advertizer.

uaf said...

@unite against fuckwitism

sorry, my mistake...

with all due respect to mr littlejihadist, 'disrupt' was unfair to the schoolchildren.

i meant 'devastate'.

Anonymous said...

We survived an ice age, woolly rhinoceros, the flailing trunks of mammoths, wolves, the lot. I said before, what is a cunt in a suit ( like Littejohn) compared to an ice age? Man will prevail. Normal folks are waking up, the psychopath is finding it harder to hide.