Sunday, 5 May 2013


“I cannot understand why they have been made,  the rape allegations, especially as I continued to socialise with one of the men as recently as last week.” 

If Evans is right, this, then, is a case of bitches bitching, it's what they do.  They should all settle down, get married perhaps....
Emeritus professot maledictus of rape studies, Mr George Gabshite, MP, said yesterday,  
Yes, this IS a member of parliament on national and probably global television.  Jesus, my father wouild turn in his grave if he saw this. The nerve of some people, who do they think they are?
There is no such thing, ladeezangenullmen, senators, congressmen and indefatigable dictators,  as rape among consenting adults;  it is my emeritus view that if one man sticks his John Thomas up another man's  sewer pipe one time, then the first man  doesn't need to ask if he wants to do it another time or ten.  That'll be twelve hundred guineas, please. 
 People sharing or wanting to know more of George's penetrating intellectual view of the world can read more on his website:  
www. WhyIAmACuntAnd 


 Something queer going on behind me.

This is a grave personal tragedy for a very much respected ageing fairy, I mean, member of parliament, said Straight Simon Hughes, something in the ShitMunchers' Party - do they have a president? -   and it shows  what we have to put up with.   In my own case I was accused of gay-bashing Peter Tatchell,  even though I was.

 Section 28, oh, I can't remember, I'm much too important now to remember things like personal hypocrisy. 

You can trust members of my party to always tell you lies. My queerbashing, for instance, wasn't really queerbashing because I'm bisexual and so it didn't count as queerbashing, obviously. See?


and his wife, Embarrissima,

 said that he would stand-by Mr Evans, his deputy, until he couldn't any longer. There was No way that  he would allow his personal life to bring parliament into disrepute.  If my wife, for instance, took every foolish opportunity to expose herself on TeeVee

 then I would immediately step aside and have myself investigated by myself, even though I wouldn't.

Would he fuck, 
agreed Mrs Tiny Speaker, 
          investigate himself.     

There is a welter of these cases, Max Clifford, Jim Davidson, that insufferable old Aussie, Rolf Harris, William Roache, some other whey-faced, jumped-up nobody from Coronation Street and then there's Cameron's friend and neighbour, Rebecca Filth, and her cohort of bent coppers and rotten hacks, and her old man, isn't he an ingredient of the national Eton Mess ?

However obviously vile these people are, one must abide by the nostrum that they are innocent until proven guilty.  Because they are.

But one can legitimately deplore that fact that Evans, as a young Thatcherite, supported Section 28, a measure which most if not all homosexuals deplored and one which this heterosexual, at any rate, considered spiteful and wrongheaded, typical WhiskyMaggie, typical Tebbit, now revealed as a smoked in the blood uKipper, although even the BNPers who have slipped in to UKIP wouldn't be manly enough for his pinstripe spiv lordship. But I digress, Tebbit brings out my inner Simon Wiesenthal.

  Evans whines that he was confused.  And what about his career ?
Ah, career,  the word has taken on the timbre of a wedding vow. Cuntishness, people used to have jobs and it was only the parasite caste - lawyers, doctors, academe, the military and the noncing monsignors - who had careers;  now govament insist that burger-slinging for the minimum wage in same McDonalds shiteatery is actually, citizen, a career.  You get gold stars, don't you?
I was brought up to believe that membership of parliament was a public service, how can it be that AND a career?

And even now, when any sensible person would stand down until acquitted, Evans insists he can carry on with his solemn duties - invigilating the conduct of six hundred of his fellow frauds, slags, pimps, liars, thieves, blackmailers, money launderers, child molesters, hypocrites and degenerates.  Mr tdg, again, springs to mind, really, all you can do with one as fucked up as Evans is view him as a patient, one of the lunatics - to deploy an over-used but apt metaphor - who has taken over the asylum.          


banned said...

My feeling is that Nigel will survive this (even if his career does not) with the two 'rapees' exposed as compo grubbing hucksters convicted of wasting Police time.

call me ishmael said...

He certainly looks and sounds confident, mr banned, but he's schooled in that, he is a worthless lying politician and a proven hypocrite, accustomed to bullshitting, he speaks in the way of the lying class. They're everywhere. Remember Huhne?

I think, also, that the cops will be very careful in a case like this, the cops and the CPS. I am fairly sure that this will have gone to the top of the CPS. A rape prosecution of the Deputy Speaker of the UK parliament will attract global media interest, I can't see Keir Starmer stooging for compensation seekers

DtP said...

That guy packs sellotape to fuck hamsters - humans scare him. He's lived a lavendar life and it turns out he was a bit of a cunt - whodda guessed? I find it quite improbbabubble to think that anyone called Nigel can wander round raping blokes.

call me ishmael said...

Well, mr FTP, that is one thing less for us to fret about regarding King Farage, although his offer to join the Tories if they ditch CallHimDave might be construed an act of self-rape, does he think, stupid fucker, that so many people voted the other day to bring about a Farage-Tory coalition?

What he should do is wrap himself up in a velvet collared coat, get his driving gloves on, go down the pub and smoke himself to death. For Freedom.

mongoose said...

This looks like a stitch-up to me. So the guy is gay - who cares? He will be fine legally but now ever-so damaged goods. Bercow? Anyone? Let's leave it at unsaid. All you have to do is to reach out, kiss my sleeve and ask for mercy, and it will all be over.

It is odd that nobody in the media is telling the true story of the last few political months. I wonder why that is. Millitwatted Labour in the gutter; Obama like something out of the Walking Dead; LibDumbs likewise undead; Euro-complicit Conservatives far too buoyant given the state of the world; Maggie Merkel handbagging her way around Europe; Greece, Spain etc "recovered" (My Fat Arse!) The truth is that the European project is over, and the post WW(I)II middle-east settlement may be too strained to survive too. There is no more cash to paper over these cracks, too many southern and mid-eastern straw-men. I dare say that a few sand wogs in Syria, Iran even, and such, will have to pay the price of our displacement activity but one dawn the truth will rise over the hill. Am I still dreaming yet? But why are the Yanks straining to join in at their dollar prices? Or are we joining in at ours?

There is a plan and it is to lie to us. The truth is that the price/earnings ratio of hydrocarbons is about to be reset. (Probably from about 30,000 ft.) And what is all that bollocks about the price of gold and paper gold? Cheating and thievery is afoot. You heard it here last.

call me ishmael said...

It's all over what we might call the alternative media - Al Jazeera and Russia Today and an infinity of informed and informative blogs, both capitalist - or yearning for a return to capitalism blogs - and anarchic, Occupier types. There's CEOs of this and that and professors from all over the place, including all across the states, saying just what you are saying, mr mongoose, everybody knows that baby's got new clothes; we just won't hear it from Nick or Kirsty or Jeremy or Kay or Adam and we most certainly won't read it in the deadtreepress. Be glad, for, all at once, the song has no ending, it will not be stopped.

As for Nigel, he has form, had a ticking-off, before, from a senior Torybastard. And he hasn't been nicked for being gay but for rape. Now, I'm only guessing but I'm sure Old Bill gets lots of such complaints and weeds out the flouncy-jilted- vicious ones. Are they, cops and CPS, running with this one, just because the guy's a Tory, like Andrew Mitchell ?

And he should be soiled goods, he is soiled goods already, for his hypocrisy over section 28.

Be interesting to see what La Donna Portillo has to say, if anything.

call me ishmael said...

And on top of that, mr mongoose, there has been such a crescendo of strange news that HAS made it into the press. Imagine - a cabinet minister, from a UK Coalition and his wife, both going to jail for perverting the course of justice; the boss of the biggest selling rag in Britain being arrested and sent for trial; a failed, bloody mission to Afghanistan being aborted as a huge success; the most hated prime minister in history popping her clogs - Gordon Brown isn't in the same hate league; the BBC being exposed as PaedoCentral; Pope Nazi stepping down. And then there's the manufactured confectionery, the Queen and the Olympics, and Princess Gormless being pregnant and Phil the Greek being in hospital and Brenda, herself, hospitalised with the shits and Mick Philpott, George Osbourne's favourite benefits cheat and all the hamburgers and lasagne made out of couldn't make this shit up. Is it any wonder that people's news antennae are a bit out of line ?

Old timer said...

Mr Ish, your formidable list of oddities is incomplete without the non-award of Mr Gerrard's famous non-goal for England in the recent world cup series - a dastardly act which allowed the Hun to seize the trophy!

call me ishmael said...

Sorry, mr old timer, me and football just never hit it off. I couldn't play it and I don't like to watch it. I was good at rugby, at running and at fives, I loved fives.

Funny thing is, I like reading about football, it attracts some really good writers.

yardarm said...

Career, says it all, Mr Ishmael. They`ll be lining up the next step, especially the Toiletcrats; Clegg, limbering up for his Portillo moment, the next David Owen, fuck help us. Cable won`t be off the frigging tellybox, whining on like an Alan Bennet creation. Alexander will be back to chasing windblown crisp packets in the Cairngorms although he`s so lightweight he`d have to be tethered to a bench.

Dunno why they blackballed Farage: teat hanger, member of the entitled class, career politician for 20 years, sounds pretty mainstream. Still now he`s in the club I expect he`ll get on the Wine Committee. Yes, why is it these so called parties of protest can`t wait to get into bed with the Top Hatters ? Entitlement.

Not one politician will give a fart about or even register those millions of angry, contemptuous even desperate people who sent a message via Farage. Nothing will penetrate their carapace of entitlement and greed. Look at the exposure of their benefits cheating, often on a scale that dwarfed Philpott. They threw a few of the most obvious, friendless berks to the courts, move along now, nothing to see. Laws is back in gov`t, says it all.

call me ishmael said...

Good stuff mr y. My favourite careerist at present is Paul Ganbucinni at the Beeb, you know, the silvery old diva with pretentions to pop scholarship. He said he knew all about Savile but couldn't say anything because it would've wrecked his own career, bless, worthless old fairy.

mongoose said...

True, Mr I, but being gay definitely adds a certain, err, frisson. To your average Daily Scrote reader there is not a fag paper between gay rape and paedo-Saville-nasty-party-Milk-Snatcher-benefit-stealing-heartless... it is what they live for. The clincher that it is a setup is, of course, that there are two accusers. Gotta be true innit.

I thought that the Bilderberg lot fiddled that particular footie match, mr old timer.

call me ishmael said...

The daily scrote. That's no way to talk about Colonel von Fawkes's new environs, it is the Sun he "writes" for now, isn't it?