Tuesday, 4 March 2014


Mr and Mrs Beast-U-Like.

Privately educated and from a wealthy family, Harriet Soursister  is Labour aristocracy, niece, I believe,  of the late Lord Longford. It's one of those things which the Labour party has always managed to carry-off, the promotion of those utterly inimical to the good of organised labour -  Callaghan, Kinnick, Blair, Brown, the Ballses and now the wretched Miliband, what on Earth connects these idle, over-privileged, thieving, warmongering  bastards to the labour movement? Why do working people permit themselves to be represented by those to whom they are just a coin-flipped career choice - Blair, Mandelson, Brown,  Campbell, Straw, Reid,  all of them, these cunts are just greedy, Tory bastards.  But at least with proper, greedy Tory bastards you know a priori  that they're proper greedy Tory bastards.

Like so many of  her idle, worthless caste, Harman studied politics at university and has never done a proper day's work in her life.  Oh, I forget, they were all hard working lawyers, weren't they, the career politicians,  even the wretched, warty Straight Simon Hughes refers ad nauseum to his long career at the bar, before he took up queer-bashing;  Harriet Soursister is no different, she, too was a barrister and despite the lawyer's ability to  talk out of her arse and her gob at the same time  her career  in parliament has been besmirched by her  dodginess, 

How dare you accuse me of anything?  she rages.  Haven't I given my life to whatever it is you are accusing me of.  She is a fiddler, a liar, a dissembler, a bully  and an incompetent, cack-handed enough even for Blair to sack her.  In another time and place Harriet would be guillotine fodder.

This is just one extract from her wikipedia entry:  

In January 2009, Harman proposed a rule change to exempt MPs' expenses from the Freedom of Information Act. Her parliamentary order aimed to remove "most expenditure information held by either House of Parliament from the scope of the Freedom of Information Act". It meant that, under the law, journalists and members of the public would no longer be entitled to learn details of their MP's expenses. Labour MPs were to be pressured to vote for this measure by use of a three line whip. Her proposal was withdrawn when the Conservative Party said they would vote against, and an online campaign by mySociety.[44] The failure of the motion led to the disclosure of expenses of British Members of Parliament.
In December 2010 it emerged that Harman was amongst 40 MPs who had secretly repaid wrongly claimed expenses between 2008 and 2010. In November 2010 Harman's parliamentary private secretary Ian Lavery had blocked a motion designed to allow the repayments to be made public.[45

The rest of wikiHarman is well worth a look

Jack Dromey, PikeyJack, as he is affectionately known following his decidedly unNewLabour racist jibes,  
What paedophilia?  How very dare you?  
Don't you know who we are?

 is an archetypal politico,   one of MediaMinster's chosen inner sanctum, from NCCL to trade union  official to  being swaddled in a parachute and dropped into  a safe Labour seat, about as democratic as slavery. Man's an utter cunt, a professional gabshite, blustering about  values and beliefs, neither of which he could identify at six inches. Pikey Jack, too, can't dry-clean away the smell of shit that clings to him;  again, this, below, is just a snippet from his wiki rapsheet:

Cash for peerages

On 15 March 2006, in the Cash for Peerages scandal, Dromey spoke of not being aware - despite his being party treasurer - of £3.5 million loaned to the Labour Party in 2005 by three persons who were subsequently nominated for life peerages (Chai Patel, Sir David Garrard, and Barry Townsley). Loans made on commercial terms, as was claimed to be the case here, are not subject to reporting requirements to the Electoral Commission.
Dromey stated publicly that neither he nor Labour's elected NEC chairman Sir Jeremy Beecham had knowledge of or involvement in the loans and had only become aware when he read about it in the newspapers. Dromey stated that he was regularly consulted about conventional bank loans. As well as announcing his own investigation he called on the Electoral Commission to investigate the issue of political parties taking out loans from non-commercial sources. His resulting report was discussed by the NEC on 21 March 2006.[3]

Labour Party donations scandal

Dromey was caught up in further financial scandals in 2007 as he was responsible for party finances, which included more than £630,000 in illegal donations from David Abrahams. Dromey again claimed to know nothing of the donations, with critics wondering why he had not examined the issue more closely[4][5] Harriet Harman, Dromey's wife, was also caught up in the affair, as her staff had solicited and accepted illegal donations totalling £5,000.[6]
As a result of this incident, there was growing concern about the fitness of Dromey to act as treasurer and Mark McDonald challenged Dromey for the position at re-election. McDonald argued that more transparency was needed: he was unsuccessful in his efforts.

Now, sadly, I am old enough to vaguely remember the Paedophile Information Exchange group and I remember thinking to myself, what the fuck is this? A what?  A nonces' clearing house? The very fact that such a thing could get airtime and press space,  that its chief nonce could go Farrageing around the country talking offensive shite made my blood run cold.  I don't recall connecting it to the NCCL but that doesn't matter because Harriet and the ghastly, moneygrubbing fuckpig Patsy Leatherface do.  

The cream of the NCCL

from the Ishmaelian archive
 Patsy Leatherface Hewitt, former Kinnock Babe, married to a judge, son's a junky; gobby, patronising, useless career shitbag, jointly responsible with the Postman for national epidemic of HAIs, deaths of hundreds, thousands. Couldn't even see to it that the hospitals were as clean as the local chippy. Wouldn't wanna eat round her gaff. Now working full-time for Boots the Chemists, honest, not invent, and drawing full-time salary as part-time MP. 

They do remember it and they now try to bluster it away.  You would think that any decent person would automatically eschew, would run a mile from the notion that twelve-year olds could consent to being fucked by adults.  That's what you would think.  That Harriet and Patsy didn't is enough, in my judgement, to have barred them from public office, at the very least.  Harriet, despite her silence, her oversight, became a cabinet minister, and grizzly old boot, Patsy, is still hoovering-up health company money, flogging contacts and information she gleaned as Health seckatry.

They are a uniquely tarnished bunch, New Labour, we could be here all night, chronicling their sins, their deceits, their crimes, their Hellish blitzkrieg in Arabia.

It doesn't  matter how Harriet and Jack and Patsy bleat and bluster;  I was an ordinary citizen in Coventry and I knew the PIE was seriously bad news, why is it that they, arrogant and conceited enough to want to rule the country, did not?   

They will all be most grateful to Gay Vlad, president of Russia, for shoving them off the front pages;  they will be hoping it all goes away, which, of course, it will, into the same trash compactor which the PBC uses.  All a very long time ago, now, move along, please.


Caratacus said...

Did hear a rumour that when Harridan was at university she went stamping round the halls of residence shouting, "I’ll give a blowjob to anyone who does my sociology paper". Someone asked her what the paper was about and she said, "The Accomplishments and Growth of Feminism".

call me ishmael said...

I think, your majesty, that Mrs Dromey hijacked the truths of feminism just as she and hers hijacked the truths of organised labour. A pox on her, I hope her womb falls out.

Dr Yllek said...

You Brits truly deserve all this shit society you are drowning in. For being guilty of silent acceptance....;-)

call me ishmael said...

Not me, doc; I have been ranting and raving since I could frame a sentence.

Anonymous said...

Silence or otherwise doesn't matter, they can shear us bleating sheep almost as easily. By this I mean no disrespect to your sublime depictions or the unquenchable Iahmaelian spirit. The question, Doc, is why and how a vast multitude can be controlled by a few, and also why and how they occasionally suddenly aren't.

Mike said...

Mr Anonymous: interesting question what triggers it - as a mathematician and student of chaos I should have an answer. For instance, what was the tipping point in the French revolution?

However, like the domesticated cow, I believe the Brits have had this bred out of them, or died in the wars, or departed for better climes. What's left don't have what it takes, I fear - present company excepted, of course.

Anonymous said...

No, I don't agree. Domestication hasn't been going on for more than a few thousand years, a hundred good consecutive lifespans. It's not a breeding matter, although, granted, A1 types get killed off in wars. Even if you turn pink piggies loose in a few generations they are back to wild boars. My view is that we are controlled and parasitised by Mk.2 H.Sapiens, analogous to ant mimics which control by pheromones. With us it's ideas, which is also chemical control when you think about it.

call me ishmael said...

Controlled and parasitised by Mk2 humans? That's interesting. Any more on that?

I must say I incline to mr mike's position and consequent disappointment.

If for instance, the Englih Civil War somehow entered our race consciousness, preventing us ever revolting again, enslaving us to tawdry, Ruritanian monarchy, why, then, did the more recent French Revolution not neutralise French civil disobedience? They burn shit and block roads at the drop of a hat, here, we write to the 'papers and blog and if we are too stupid for that we join UKIP.

Is your theory that the abundance of talking heads - MediaMinster - short-circuits natural protest, if so, then I agree and have said so many times but I don't recognise a Mk2 human being in all this shit.

Anonymous said...

The Mk2 lot are running the gig, Mr I. What need they of better, stronger, faster when the Mk1 herd volunteer for their meds via twitter?

call me ishmael said...

Right, I see what you mean, meds via twitter. Shit, that is, twitter, what I know of it.

yardarm said...

Thanks for reminding me about Dromey; I`d forgotten about his lying his slap head off about knowing Jugears selling honours.

We get stunned, shellshocked by the rolling barrage of utter bastards lying their heads off. Byers, Purnell, Milburn, Miliband(s), they blend into a cunt chorus, an anodyne of incompetence and venality. The next generation of arsehole apparatchiks is well on its way; something called Rachel Reeves is appearing above the horizon, another careerist, finger wagging entitlement junkie.

As for Harpic, has anyone actually asked: " So, did you not know what the word paedophile meant back in the seventies ? ". Although being a lawyer she`ll have some bullshit ready.

call me ishmael said...

Aye, we have to remind ourselves, mr yardarm,lest we forget, as they say in the hypocrisy business. That Abrahams business, I don't think Snotty ever repaid the money, although he said he would but since they're all at it nobody would challenge him. Reeves, Kendall, Chumbawumba, nurtured in heated sewers, all the better to shit on us, ConLibLab faeces and perhaps the odd floating turd of UKIPPERY, a diet fit for the nation.

Anonymous said...

Mr Ish, I didn't mean Mk2 in the sense that a Mk2 Fiesta was an improvement on the Mk1. They lack human virtues but as with a virus, less is sometimes more. Here goes:
1. We live in a social society similar to that of ants.
2. Institutions such as warfare, farming, agriculture, livestock management, slavery etc are common to both societies. (maybe according to a mathematical law based on population density)
3. Ant colonies are preyed upon by various mimics, which do not contribute but help themselves to resources. Several species do this; arachnids, insects, moth larvae, and also other species of ants.
4. Ants operate in a world of scent, we operate in vision and sound.
If we hypothesise that, because human society has become insect-like, our behaviour not only consists of beneficial activities but that parasitic activity has developed in tandem, then we can ask the following questions;
A. Is there a section of society who help themselves to wealth without contributing?
B. Do they display any characteristics which seem different to the majority, such as appearance and plausibility (ie sight and sound) coupled with an antisocial predatory instinct?
C. Is there any organic difference between someone who displays such behaviour and a normal person?

Since people who exhibit such traits possess characteristic brain activity - or rather lack of it - in the regions associated with empathy and cognition - they can indeed be spotted, both by their behaviour in many cases and by a CAT scan in any case. Psychopath is what we call them, aka the authors of ruin. Suit-wearing grinning bastards.

yardarm said...

The ability to turn a blind eye to noncing and theft, and indulge in bit of looting herself have been neccessary attribute to get where she is in politics. She can`t admit the truth of it, that she and Leatherface knew and didn`t give a fuck. Any defence they make has to be a full of holes as Oscar Pistorius`s bog door.

Alphons said...

It is a pity that we do not have a modern Hercules who could do another "King Augeas' stables" job in Westminster.

H said...

Mr Anonymous has it!

An understanding of Psychopathy is essential to see what is truly going on in our world.

The trouble we are conditioned when we hear the word psychopath to see a ravaging cannabalistic monster, they do exist it is true but are far outnumbered by those who conceal their true nature behind the 'Mask of Sanity'.

What links the likes of Blair, The Dromeys, Obama, Savile, Hitler etc is a total absense of conscience, what an amazing advantage that gives these creatures!

call me ishmael said...

That's all good stuff, well put.

mr the dyers garden has previously pathologised what are here described as parasites with an empathy bypass, saying, I think, that they can either be a patient or an agent but they can't be both; the blame dilemma presents itself, therefore - these people are so bad that they must be sick, they need treatment rather than punishment; my young friend, stanislav, always maintained that the fingernail-shredding, mucus-munching young parent, Gordon Snot, hothoused as a kid, prebyterianised, delusional, megalomaniacal, amoral and violent needed treatment, and if he had had any friends they would have seen him sectioned under the Mental Health Act. This fucking bloke is headbanging nutjobber, some proper mates would take him in taxi down fucking loonybin, maybe for few month, maybe throw away fucking key. Can keep taxi receipt and charge taxpayer, like always. Is fucking shame, poor mad bastard, married to beard and banging out one mutant kid after another, is uterine cascade of fucking horror, one dead, one with fibrowotsit, only one is healthy, so far; fuck me, law should be against it, old bloke like him, watery old sperm, full of fucked-up tadpoles, either have three tails or no tails, good for fuck all, never mind prime minister, is fucking biological hazard.

The trouble with being on the horns of a dilemma is that if you loosen one hand to better attack the other horn, then the freed horn will gore you. The failure lies in grabbing the bull by the horns in the first place, we should just throw sand in his eyes and kill him. And this is where I depart from mr tdg's enemy-as-patient idea. Many here will know that I am not very keen on punishment; I think prison is for a tiny minority which needs secure hospitalisation and profound psychiatric care, I don't believe in birching people or humiliating and hurting them by any other means; I am just old enough to remember hangings and even now the thought of at-eight-o-clock-sharp judicialised murder makes my blood run cold, keeps me awake at night. Having said that, I would, in a heartbeat, hang Tony Blair and his wife and I would consider hanging his children alongside him. This is the dilemma into which we run headlong. Does the ultimate criminal deserve - in fact need - the ultimate punishment? And, should we agree, succumb to that proposition, has he infected us with his pyschopathy?

H said...

There is no cure for psychopathy, no rehabilitation, no reasoning with them, all will lead to disaster. The thinking from most experts on how to deal with such is 'to run like fuck', however this does not help when these people are ruling our lives, politicians, doctors, teachers, priests, business leaders, all these are positions from which they can launch their own personal crusades of self interest, be it power, money, sexual perversion etc.

I also would be strongly against the reintroduction of state sponsered murder as those sanctioning such are indeed the psychopaths themselves.

Locking them up and throwing away the key is fine and dandy but can you have any confidence in a judicial system which is effectively run by the same people it is seeking to condemn?

The only option seems to be to smash the system as it is fundementally screwed. That will happen soon enough.

call me ishmael said...

'Twas in another lifetime, mr h, but I used to run a weekly group of released-on-license lifers, some were accidental killers and some were the psychopaths you describe. I did't know what to do with such people, the latter group, from which most woild run like fuck.

In another group I predicted that one guy would do something horrible and by fuck he did, he didn't half; you could just sense the menace and the anger and the danger.

I still don't know what to do with people such as these; it is either permanent incarceration in as humane conditions as possible; ultra-close supervision in the community; extreme, personality-annihilating medication or...what... the creation of a modern-day leper colony?

The trouble, of course with focusing on the DailyMail type of killerpsychopath - the tortureables - is that we forget the major, organised crimials in MediaMinster.

H said...

All it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing, forget who said it but so true, by our compliance, our turn the other cheek, give till it hurts programming, these people can run amok amongst us. Only when we later pick up the pieces of our shattered lives do we wonder how we didnt see it before.

Thats why I come here Mr I, it cheers me to the depth of my troubled soul that at least in one small corner someone is shining a light in the overwhelming Stygian darkness.

call me ishmael said...

That's why I come here, too, mr h; ir is a small resistance cell, but it is something.

the catch-all cataclysm said...

@5 march 2014 09:31

probably better not to rely on psychologists with cat-scanners - they're already locking people up who criticize the government and using this cat-scan mumbo-jumbo as proof of the fruit-cake. what if you were just having a bit of a bad day and got busted? what if people on the receiving end of psychopathic behaviour (such us the general public) exhibit the same cat-scan brain-activity distribution patterns as the real psychopaths who are in parliament dishing it out? we all feel a touch 'psychopathic' (whatever that really means) when we watch someone like david cameron or william hague on television delivering shit-speak to the nation, but unlike these politicians, we the general public don't then go back to the office and effectively order the deaths of millions.

do our democratic leaders constitute a definition of 'normal'? said...
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do our democratic leaders constitute a definition of 'normal'? said...
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Anonymous said...

CAT scan mumbo jumbo... I wasn't suggesting reliance on psychiatrists or locking people up. Just stating a fact. Psychopaths have distinct scans showing little or no activity in some areas which are active in normal people. This was mentioned to support the theory that a small section of humanity has evolved into a predator caste and that the lack of empathy is an adaption physically detectable because of organic brain differences. We don't feel psychopathic, just annoyed. Don't get confused, especially as the psychpath is currently getting a "how cool am I" makeover in the media and academia (Prof. Dutton, the arse.)

call me ishmael said...
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call me ishmael said...

I'm OK with there being a measurable definition or diagnosis of psychopathy. As I said, sometimes murders are just unpredictable, accidental almost, a punch too hard or a momentary lapse of reason but I have also met and known killers who clearly had something wrong with their brains - John George Victor Heywood was one such, Brian Wildman is another, their respective victims were young-ish women, brutally killed, (I know, there's not a nice way) Shortly before he killed, I said to Wildman's probation officer, This guy is very dangerous, can't you get him locked-up? She couldn't, not on the grounds of my disquiet. John George Victor was not known to any authorities at the time of his offence, nothing could have stopped him but Wildman was under supervision and if someone could have ordered a CATscan then he might not have killed his victim - one of those much maligned social workers, bless her, going daily, alone, where Old Bill would only venture mob-handed and tooled-up - in front of his daughter and he might not have been jailed for life; I dunno, it's a moot point, civil liberties versus medical interventions but the effects and costs of murder, to victim and killer, and to the rest of us are monumental. Maybe we should all have a CAT scan.

Anonymous said...

Most murders are one-off crimes, and do not indicate psychopathy, and a CAT scan, even if it shows psychopathy, doesn't indicate in and of itself a criminal person. It does indicate a predisposition, but most psychopaths are low-level arseholes, spongeing off people or bullying in workplaces, but do not overtly break the law. They understand the consequences of breaking the law as cause and effect, but don't feel the reasons. A witch-hunt is NOT what we need, just an awareness in the majority that these types are out there.
Mr I, you have outlined the Social Workers' dilemma; intervene before something happens and you're draconian, wait 'til it has happened and you're ineffective.

call me ishmael said...

".....wait 'til it has happened and you're ineffective."

Or, as in Francis's case, dead.

I know from personal experience that what we can call medical science has expanded and improved quite dramatically; I suspect that in the very near future prediction and prevention will be tha main health strategy. Here, in Scotland, mass screening for several conditions is well ahead of what happens in England and it is both effective and cost- effective.

I also expect and predict that despite the resistance of the professions involved, self-diagnosis and treatment will increase dramatically - what has now been devolved from doctors to nurses will devolve from nurses to patients and quite rightly so - I do stuff, now, myself, which even thirty years ago would've been unthinkable.

I wasn't positing a witch hunt per se, more a universalising of knowledge and understanding, self-understaning, the deciphering of one's own blueprint, especially.

If you were told, for instance, that you had a genetic predisposition to diabetes and given a rudimentary understanding of blood chemistry you might a) prevent the onset of the condition and b) better manage it shoud it develop.

If you were told that your central nervous system and your brain predisposed you to thoughtless, unempathic behaviour which coukd result in you doing serious violence you might attemot to modify your behaviour.

If the new technologies only shore-up existing stupidities and lazinesses there i no point to them.

It is true that most killers have little or no previous criminal record; it is true that less than one per cent of lifers released commit a further offence - it was point six of a per cent the last time I looked, it may have varied but only by a little. It is also true that most killers are not what we now define as psychopathic. Nevertheless I feel that a wider awareness of what we can call this disorder, a generally enhanced level of self awareness in the population would be an unalloyed good; that is what underpins the Maybe we shoud all have a Cat scan remark.

It reeks a little of Huxley's Brave New World, I know, but if people stopped murdering each other I wouldn't, so often, have to cudgel myself into their forgiveness.

Anonymous said...

I see your point, but....

"If you were told that your central nervous system and your brain predisposed you to thoughtless, unempathic behaviour ... you might attempt to modify your behaviour."

What with? The self-reflective bit's burnt out too, that's why they don't give a fuck. That's the problem with these characters. A politician has just cut a budget then insists that the service is better than ever. A normal person would say sorry it's worse, the evidence is there, but we don't have the cash. But no, says he, it's fine, waiting times are less now, we are leading the way in such-and-such. Because he says so, so it must be. Stopping the dredging of rivers didn't contribute to flooding. Winding down the windows in a car increases the concentration of cigarette smoke. And so on. Seen it myself with the bitchboss at work, before she sacked me for cutting her off in mid-screech. She did the roster and cut staff, resulting in delays. Why is this late, quoth she. No staff? What do you mean? Plenty of staff! I want a written report blah blah, bimbo foot-stamp etc. Absolutely insane to ordinary people but reality is what this type makes it and everyone else is wrong. But they can assume a convincing persona, and that's the main problem. They aren't even lying in the ethical conundrum sense that the rest of us have, it's as automatic a survival trait as squid's ink or an angler-fish's lure.
Anyway, it's quite a topic, psychopathy, and there's plenty of info out there with a growing understanding of how they have infested our social systems.

call me ishmael said...

Interesting, what you say about the self-reflective bit being burnt out, maybe it was never there or remained dormant. I was saying somewhere else, a while back, that a dying man, known long ago, had contacted me in order to, well, make contact. It was a sort of a Likely lads potted history he wrote to me, he being the Bob of the Bob and Thelma marriage. He said nothing, absolutely nothing about himself, about who he had become, about his upcoming conscription by Death's boney sergeants. I was a bit pissed, thinking what's the point of this? And then I thought, maybe he doesn't do that sort of thing, maybe he can't do that, maybe he can do it but he can't write it down, not everybody can, not everybody wants to, self-reflectivity is not in their lifescript.

These commentaries - the posts - are usually written primarily to myself, the chronologising and the phrasing and the rhythms level my head and ease my mind, a bit; they sometimes make me laugh, my young friend, stanislav, made me weep and howl with laughter, as he did countless people all over the world, I was telling myself a recurring joke; beyond that they are just a peg on which to hang a discussion, sometimes they hit a collective nerve, sometimes they don't or don't seem to, I have no way of knowing. The discussion, largely, is with myself, I am the beneficiary. And I think that a wider public awareness of the brain's wiring or chemistry, whatever you call it, a wider awareness of the electro-chemical self would be, on the whole, a fine thing.

If some part of an NHS matrix encouraged a freer, healthier discussion with one's self, helped refine the blueprint, well FuckMeJesus, it could take over where God left off.

the catch-all cataclysm said...

ah yes...'psychiatrist' is that word which strangely i can never remember.

seems i've been labouring under a few misunderstandings...

the forms of neuroimaging which record brain-activity are functional magnetic resonance imaging, magnetoencephalography, positron emission tomography, and single-photon emission computed tomography - but computed axial tomography itself is used mainly for viewing brain-injury, and exposes the subject to ionizing radiation.

neuroimaging is a relatively new medical discipline and not currently used in general psychiatric diagnosis due to the fact that its use in relation to the identification of specific mental disorder has barely developed beyond the tea-leaf-reading stage.

nevertheless, knowing how governments are always looking for a quick-fix, it may not be long before our individual brain-activity is routinely scanned, and if found not to produce the regular colour-coded chart corresponding to social conformity, a person with an abnormally chromatic brain-scan could be pumped full of appropriate nut-drugs until the image colour-scheme matches up to the acceptable standard acceptable laid by parliament.

i'm not against using this type of modern procedure for legitimate scientific research and for monitoring and assisting treatment in other areas of medicine, but to rely on it as a primary tool for psychiatric diagnosis is very dangerous:

1. it ignores the fact that brain-activity patterns are a product of the emotions triggered by our own behavioural and lifestyle choices, and it is these choices we need to address in order to achieve a 'happy' result, rather than wonder what cocktail of voodoo mind-medicines should best be prescribed - mental problems due to obvious natural birth-defect or physical injury later in life are a different matter and would clearly be picked-up by doctors and parents as a matter of course and treated accordingly. self- and social-conditioning are the major factors which affects our state-of-mind, happiness and ultimately our patterns of brain-activity.

2. an emphasis on using neuroimaging as a means of diagnosing mental disorder would tend to shift the responsibility for resolving mental illness from the patient to the psychiatrist - the cure for any psychiatric problem would simply become a question of medical mechanics, the sickness becoming a purely physical one, instead of an emotional one requiring a strong element of self-healing in the recuperation process.

basically, this type of technology in the wrong hands could be employed for political ends, leading to crimes against humanity of hitlerian proportions...

and nor do politicians need scans to determine their mental welfare - they're all self-selecting psychopaths who have chosen to compete in the national race to enter the most secure psycho-depository in the land.

the catch-all cataclysm said...

@the catch-all cataclysm

yes, reliance upon this technology for psychiatric diagnosis could lead to the real psychopaths being missed and swept under the community carpet...

...or even worse, up the red-carpet into parliament.

call me ishmael said...

Right, that's me told, hung-out to dry, more or less; except that I am sure that people similarly repudiated and daemonised the Gutenberg printing press. Vot? Ze moveable fucking type? Zis is ze verk of fucking Satan.

The whole idea as it has grown in this thread, well my argument, anyway, has been about self-knowledge, self recognition and development, about removing the tools from specialists, taking them in to our own hands, not about state psychiatry.

"....basically, this type of technology in the wrong hands could be employed for political ends, leading to crimes against humanity of hitlerian proportions."

So can any technology. LSD, for instance, was seen as a weapon in the CIA's dark arsenal but it also was a useful and enjoyable tool for many. Oh, but some fried their brains, I hear you say, yes, but only a few - who would probably have found some other route to self-destruction.

".....the sickness becoming a purely physical one, instead of an emotional one requiring a strong element of self-healing in the recuperation process."

I think that's what I'm getting at. I test my own blood regularly - once, the state professional, the physick, would have seen that as Satanism - why should I not, if the tools exist, test the workings of my brain.

And it's not as though I seek an imposed normalcy, longtimers here will know that I believe it was the mutant, the malcontent who brought us up the slopes of the sea, on to the shore, into the trees, the caves, the plains, the cities and maybe out to the stars. The gasping shorecrawler would not have given a fuck for your itemised, bulletpointed rebuttal, it was just his unswerving romanticism, his belief in the Better that brought you to where you are. You should not betray him with I-Know-Betterisms.

Anonymous said...

Sad to say and ironically in supposed age of reason, we used to have a sound survival kit for dealing with this, instilled from day one. No Government CAT scans required, either. I refer to the mighty assemblage of folklore and stories about changelings, werewolves, moon-calfs, seal-people, wolves-as-grannies, gingerbread houses and so on, told to children from an early age. First and most important lesson, kids - be VERY careful indeed, because what you see might not be what you get. Armour against charismatic psychopaths, forged at mother's knee.
Mr I, please may I suggest that if you have three and a bit hours - yes, I know, but it really is worth a listen - Michael Tsarion's "Psychic vampirism"? It explains in (despite myself, not liking his New Age stuff) impressive learned detail with many scholarly references, the paucity of Self-awareness, reasons for early damage to the Self, and the horrifying results.
Anyway, good luck Mr I, and cheers again.
-Ant Chap Above

itemised bullet-pointed rebuttal of recidivist rubbish (part one) said...

brilliant, i make a comment which with the hindsight of a quick trip over to wikipedia sets out to correct errors in my previous entry...

...and in a short-breathed paranoid snort of sentences you wilfully mistake it as an "itemised, bullet[-]pointed rebuttal" (sick) of your own rotten rambling drug-induced hallucination valiantly masquerading as a chemically-coagulated compost-heap of low-fibre crud (which maybe lord-save-us i didn't even bother to read) you bonkers-in-the-belfry self-brain-scanning blog-blotting berk...

...however, since via your unprovoked blaze of blathering you obviously wish to force-feed my attention with the aforesaid piss-up-of-a-post, i might mention that the thereinlying words:

"if you were told that your central nervous system and your brain predisposed you to thoughtless, unempathic behaviour which coukd result in you doing serious violence you might attemot to modify your behaviour."

could easily be modified by a freewheeling fascist to:

"if you were told that auschwitz extermination camp were good for you, you might seriously consider hopping on the next train chugging-out in that general direction"


i wasn't arguing against your mission to instil us all with "self-knowledge, self recognition and development" and remove "the tools from specialists, taking them in to our own hands", but if you want to point an as yet pseudo-scientific gun at your own head be my most honoured guest.

as any normally brain-waved reader of my comment will attest:

1) i was only objecting to the wholly unproven hocus pocus procedural use of this neuroimaging technology as an accurate tool-of-state for enabling the compulsory psychiatric diagnosis, treatment, or detention of citizens - i was not damning its experimental use by research-analysts, by doctors engaged in the psychiatric diagnosis and treatment of well-informed voluntary patients, or by any old cunt wishing to embark on an epic radioactive voyage of mind-blowing self-revelation - and yes the operators of these madly expensive types of equipment do require extensive specialist-training, the machines aretricky to use effectively, and some of them are really fucking dangerous.

2) i was not damning in principle the voluntary private use of this or any other technology or the voluntary use of this or any other technology in any sphere of medical science including the discipline of psychiatric diagnosis.

3) lsd was a bad-cia tool gone conceivably 'good', on the sensible tongues of well-balanced and moderate adult users, but nevertheless a dangerous drug with no legitimate scientific application - whereas brain-scanners have many applications in a wide variety of scientific areas outside psychiatric diagnosis.

4) save for cases involving physical brain-injury or defect, psychiatry is exclusively concerned with emotional problems and syndromes, not the physical illnesses which blood-testing would reveal.

(continued below)

itemised bullet-pointed rebuttal of recidivist rubbish (part two) said...


no you were not getting what i was getting at and i was not getting at what you were getting at except that i should as a warm-hearted chummable cyber-friend have been getting you directed away from potentially suicidal activities not excluding donating your head to the state as hostage to fortune.

if official ruses for bogus state psychiatric sectioning and subsequent detention are not a valid topic for discussion on this blog then i bluntly suggest that you have been abducted by either the cia, or by politically perverted aliens, or pinned permanently to a studio-wall in bush house by the wandering penile phantasm of jimmy savile.


don't get to romantic about the mechanics of evolution...

...the mutant gasping malcontent shorecrawler who brought us up the slopes of the sea, on to the shore, into the trees, the caves, the plains, the cities and maybe out to the stars...

... was just looking for another mutant gasping malcontent shorecrawler to hump on, poor thick fucker.

glint brainwood - itemised bullet-pointed rebuttal of recidivist rubbish (part two) said...


"if official ruses for bogus state psychiatric sectioning and subsequent detention are not a valid topic for discussion on this blog then i bluntly suggest that you have been abducted by either the cia, or by politically perverted aliens, or pinned permanently to a studio-wall in bush house by the wandering penile phantasm of jimmy savile...

...and should immediately pull the blog-delete-plug...

...go on, i just know you're itchin to...i know you wanna...go on, make my fucking friday

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