Thursday, 27 February 2014


The last post was almost but not quite correct in every prediction - even my fitful dreams could not conjure a gang of temporarily licensed racists erecting a gallows and baying,  


Bee Enn Pee, Justice For Lee; apart from that 18th century apparition,  the post was spot-on.  (In passing, it was obviously wasted on the BNP lynch mob that the two convicted were actually British themselves.  Nigger British don't count, of course; Jew British, Paki British, Irish British, they don't count; there's only a tiny brave remnant of true Brits left, actually, unreformed, grunting, knuckle-dragging, pissed-up, face-stomping  skinhead Nazis, bless them.)  So keen was MediaMinster to further damn the two Michaels that all  the hacks continued their spermy dribbling as the chants of the fascist mob crescendoed, MediaMinster raisng its voice ever louder,  pretending that the vile background noise  wasn't happening, or pretending, even worse, that these were the voices of a raucous compassion. Shame on all of them, focusing their limited, bought-and-paid-for minds on -  how does it go? -  the beam in their own eyes.

In the scale of these things, were we to ever examine them rationally, the killing of Lee Rigby is a tiny footnote and compared with how  these atrocities  have usually been  conducted, it demonstrated  an internally logical heroism, altruism, even. 

Whatever Mr Justice Slag said 

- and one cannot see him risking his comfy, pompous life for anything on Earth, much less for Justice; doesn't this arsehole know that Justice, our Justice, in a system where the lawmakers pray daily to Jesus, demands a consciousness of the possibility that all may repent and reform and be forgiven, does this cunt of a judge think that his court trumps that of God - these two felt themselves to  be soldiers and were more than  willing to die  for their cause.  Their target was not a civilian, he may have been in civilian clothes but he was a squaddie and in Afghanistan - or anywhere else - Fusilier Rigby would not have refused orders to kill any number of civilian women and children - go on, when's the last time that happened ? -  it's not as though the modern BushBlairGlobaCorp war is conducted according to the Geneva Convention;  countless Asian mothers will have wept that they did not expect to see their sons killed on their own streets by the likes of Lee Rigby, why is their  loss meaningless to us?  And isn't our indifference to our foreign policy the true cause of the drummerboy's death?  Why is it OK, noble and brave for us to kill Muslims on their home streets but not OK for them to reciprocate, to return the bloody favour?

There is always a distortion of logic when a cop or a soldier gets killed but the unglossable truth of the matter is that both have chosen to join-up, both are, compared with most of us, well-pampered and pensioned, in return for which they are expected to insert themselves between Trouble and me;  that is what they get paid for, better, therefore,  that they die than that I do.  Lots of fishermen, oilmen  and construction workers die on duty, generally as a result of failure in those pesky, profit-hindering  health and safety regulations, nobody gives a flying fuck about that, nobody offers a silent prayer over their fish'n'chips, well, nobody but me. But a squaddie or a constable, Christ, you'd think that the sky had fallen-in, should one of their number die.

If the IRA, anyway,  had carried out this  grisly killing, they would not have stood, talking to women and waiting to be killed by the cops; no,  not  the HardNancyMen,  they would have planted booby-trap bombs to maim those women as they knelt to assist the victim, would have attempted to kill and maim their children and then they would have run away, sleekit,  to a network of safe houses and maybe eventually to friends and supporters in the United States.  The only bravery, the only willingness to die ever demonstrated by the IRA was displayed by Bobby Sands and the rest of the hunger strikers, Gerry Adams, the nonce and Marty Kneecaps always kept themselves well out of Harm's way. And, thanks to Tony Blair, they still do.  I do believe that they, Marty and Gerry,  are among a handful of - well, I was about to say Brits, but they're not Brits  - a handful of people in Britain who are allowed to carry concealed handguns, purely for self-defence.  We may not defend ourselves against terrorists but they may defend themselves against us.  Y'see, it's the logic of Ruin.

The Birmingham 'pub bombings  were truly cowardly; unlike the two Michaels, the IRA deliberately targeted  young civilians, killing and maiming scores of them and the West Midlands cops - scum, even by police standards - framed the first six paddies they got their hands on.  Lord Denning-Slag, among others, crushed their first appeal on the basis  that it didn't matter if the police had lied, it simply would not be good for public order, public confidence,  if he upheld the overwhelming evidence that they had lied their arses off.  Best in the world, envy of the world,  British justice. 

Doubtless for political reasons those guilty of the Birmingham 'pub bombings have never been convicted.  But if these cowardly bastards had been they would never have received a full-life penalty  and whatever sentence they did receive it would have been  hugged away, there-there'd by the ghastly Mo Mowlam and the rest of the NewLabour filth.

Yesterday was a sorry day. Mr Justice Slag's sentencing remarks run to about four pages and are pure Judge Jeffries' rhetoric of wickedness -  Me Good, you bad.  Translated, they mean, OK, I've done what my masters, the politicians and their masters wanted me to do.  And I have done what the tabloids wanted me to do. Now promote me.

Other societies do not, via their courts and media,  blitz and immolate themselves with rage and hatred and vengeance;  the Norwegians, recently, in the face of multiple terror killings, a slaughtering of their young, behaved with great dignity and decency, we will not let the savage make us savage, they said unanimously.  Mr Justice Slag, in his frock and wig, the negligent keeper of Justice's feeble flame, would laugh at them supersciliously, vengeance and hatred, he would scowl,  c'est moi.

This miserable, woebegone affair has resulted in the ruination of three young lives and judicial and prosecutorial backslapping, whilst to be expected, is a bitter draft for Sense to swallow.  The true authors of this horror will cruise still, in armoured  limos, LearJetting contemptuously above us, laughing at the two Michaels, at the ghost of Lee Rigby and at bewildered, grieving families and children on all sides, although it is, of course, only those on the Rigby side who are damaged by all this.  The black children, the black parents?  Well, fuck 'em, they shoulda been white.  BEE ENN PEE, Justice For Lee.  Aye, right.      



unpen that which was penned said...

those pesky bnpeers should mind how they play with their nooses - they could do themselves a terrible mischief...

...speaking of which, justice swingtree was obviously given enough rope by the british court-system to hang himself, an indefinite stretch, i believe...and so now, instead of life with a minimum of 10 years served behind bars - the sentence, as-it-happens, received by royal marine sergeant blackman last year for executing an injured taliban prisoner - our professional army-men can expect to be dropped ingloriously down the old oubliette d'utter ignominy in perfect judicial harmony with the treatment of the british african muslims yesterday - and unlike the case of sergeant blackman, where his professional companions completely escaped conviction, anyone who enjoys the show can look forward to following their hero swiftly into oblivion. my, my, that should keep our brave boys on their best behaviour...

...i can't however go as far as the bnp boys and advocate capital punishment for all combatants in our seamless wars of terror, be they in ireland, afghanistan, iraq, or somalia - honouring the principle of joint enterprise would necessarily mean putting all our own british servicemen and women to death along with those they were fighting, plus cameron, blair, brown and the crew of cowards hiding in their un-conflicted cabinets of immoral conviction. certainly, cameron, brown and blair have been permitted enough silk-slack to stitch themselves a lifetime's supply of the missing mail-sacks bearing notifications of foreign civilian deaths in involuntary action, but to my way of thinking it would be such a lot simpler just to end the wars against humanity and to pardon all the political prisoners - this being the seemingly unmentionable category into which adebolajo and adebolawe have definitely fallen...

...lovely bit of varnish and wood-stain on the bnp gallows tho'...

...good craftwork, great finish...

...would get snapped to fuck under the strain of fat cunts like johnson, pickles, and prescott tho'...such a shame really.

the cream of the wild bunch said...

as bloggers and writers we have our names deviously exposed by the powerful to sub-social networks of fanatical political activists who then hound us like criminals simply for criticizing the state and its sycophantic starburst of supporters.

in lieu of punishment, the least these murdering terrorist soldiers and murdering terrorist freedom-fighters deserve is to have their names posted up in lights lest we the public might make the masochistic mistake of voting them into power and validating their vision of self-perpetuating evil - yet naturally this will never occur, since the state is always looking-out to recruit the most promising terrorists, within and without official ranks, for its own programme of oppressive operations.

the regiments of the british army and the violent groups of political reactionaries which they are founded, contracted and trained to fight are really nothing less than chartered universities of terror, either public or private.

tober said...

The whole thing looked fake to me so I expect the 'defendants' will be shipped abroad somewhere with new lives. Or suicided a la David Kelly etc.
It's a bit like 7/7. Fakery to get us all scared again and bring in even more legislation to diminish our freedoms.

DtP said...

Fuck 'em.

Not sure what yer point is Mr Smith. Are they cunts - yup, is it quite amusing that they're gonna be fucked up forever - yup. It's that reduction ad absurdum convexed, a deterioration of alternative as reflective of the other. Not buying it.

Fuck 'em.

Porridge is perhaps the best sitcom ever

Fuck 'em

It's not a blame culture and if it is then go to war. War zones, theatres of war, geopolitics - all of these things observes territory - Woolich may be a shit hole but no-one mentioned ownership. Cheeky cunts - fuck 'em.

I'm looking at it thinking only 45 years. Fuck them

unpen that which was penned said...

@unpen that which was penned

...would get snapped to fuck under the strain of fat cunts like johnson, pickles, and prescott tho'...such a shame really.

no, i don't mean that i'd like to see these belligerent war-obsessed politicians hanged, despite all the thousands of civilian deaths for which they have voted in sending british armed forces to iraq and afghanistan - there has been far too much killing already...

...what's such a shame is that, after spending so much time and effort lovingly constructing these gallows, and making such a nice job of them, the bnp have manifestly failed to turned out a product which is unfit for purpose, just like its cro-magnon policies for creating a pristine new britain, neat and tidy without too many asians and blacks cluttering up the place - a view only made possible when using the limited vision of this party's old-model monochrome set of beliefs, of course, but totally irrelevant to our modern culture.

ok, so the bnp don't support the war in afghanistan, because of the loss of british and foreign civilian life - however it has never gone to the same painstaking trouble to stage such high-profile public demos against the horrific bloody mess left by our military in other parts of the world, where it has left a long snaking-trail of massacre and destruction, as it has done now in crafting these ghastly gallows.

from a stand-point a short while ago, where the bnp sensibly linked the rise in islamic extremism to mounting civilian casualties in iraq and afghanistan, the british national party's level of intellectual and moral integrity now seems to have suddenly deteriorated, dipped, and ultimately dived down to join those of the english defence league in the darkest cave of dick-headed ignorance.

the bnp's view of world seems so righteous and squeaky-clean at the moment, but i just can't help feeling that its starting, somewhat expediently, to sweep the brown bodies under the carpet.

unpen that which was penned said...

correction to above:

where british forces have left a long snaking-trail of massacre and destruction

unpen that which was penned said...

correction to above:

horrific bloody mess wrought by our military in other parts of the world

unpen that which was penned said...

(another correction to above)

sorry, delete words in brackets:

the bnp have manifestly [failed to] turned out a product which is unfit for purpose

(must be the fumes from my cowboy landlord's burning electric wiring which are getting me high as bloody kite...)

Mike said...

Mr I: I'm struggling to see an equivalence between the 2 Michael's and Mr Rigby - they killed in cold blood, he didn't as far as we know. They clearly went out to kill anyone - how did they even know he (in civilian dress walking the street) was a soldier?

Of course, the real criminals, mass murderers, walk free with titles and protection paid for.

I wouldn't feel so if they had beheaded Blair, Mandelson, Campbell, Cameron, Hague...the list goes on.

the hanging garden-furniture of babylon said...

@unpen that which was penned

i think you have gotten a hold of the wrong end of the stick there, sir - these gallows are only the junior model, which we in the british natural pillock party pledge to distribute free to every family in the uk, what's left of it, when we form the next government. our vision of britain is one where every household can afford a british-made flat-pack gallows, and where this premium-quality punitive product stands proudly in every front-garden in every street in the land. never do we want to see such an awful faux pas or breach of good etiquette as that which we experienced on the streets of woolwich made by any young british citizen ever again. yes, our aim is to get 'em young and change their behaviour for good:

if one of your kids swears at you, gets out of order, fails to promptly complete their homework, or in any other which way gets on your bloody tits - hang 'em

if the baby crosses the line and craps its nappy or squawks just that one time too many - hang the little fucker

if granny lets her dentures fall into the sangria during the summer barbeque - string 'er up as lesson to all other grannies with loose table-discipline

if the cat takes a shit on the brand new sofa - hang it

if fluffy the bunny-rabbit nips your finger without due provocation - hang it

if anything on the telly offends your sensibilities - hang it

if the gerbil looks at you funny - hang the cunt

if a slug eats your lettuces - let it swing as a grim warning to others

if the cucumbers don't grow to a socially acceptable size - hang 'em

if the wife catches you snapping the neighbour's wife's knockers through a high-resolution telephoto-lens - hang yourself

vote bnp for a cleaner, tidier, better-mannered, and all-together much much more polite britain

judge confines prisoner to his conscience said...


if it's not a blame culture, why did we go to war?

if the british government believed it wasn't about territory, why was at least one of the two convicts prevented from leaving this country in order to defend another country's territory?

the convicts didn't have to choose the muslim faith and didn't have to choose to die for their faith, yet took this choice freely - so how can prison fuck them up when they chose death anyway?

british-army soldiers will be fucked-up forever because of all the militants and civilians they have murdered during an immoral war of aggression - whereas the convicts acted on the principle of defending their religious brethren and will feel emancipated by the salvation of their actions which they were convinced to be honourable.

if the war ends, the convicts will have to be released as prisoners of that war - if they are not released the war will never end, because our government has chosen to fight men of conviction. the only way that the convicts can be held for life is if the war never ends. our government understands the gravity of this situation and will eventually be forced by the opinion of an anti-war electorate to end the war and release the prisoners of that war.

45 years is along time to prosecute a war and we are still experiencing the longest 45 minutes in history - our government's position in regard to these convicts is pure bluster.

in a true democracy the state must leave citizens free to choose on which side to fight and if necessary to leave that democracy.

as citizens we never had the choice to vote for this war.

the judgement of peaceful member of a peaceful christian establishment said...

before the murder, the convicted man had not committed a crime yet was prohibited from leaving the country by having his passport removed - if he was not permitted a passport, was he therefore being held as hostile foreign combatant under the geneva convention? i don't understand? either he was a british citizen with the right to leave the country, or a prisoner of war, but he could not be both? if he was a prisoner of war then, he must still be a prisoner of war now - so how long can he be held under the geneva convention?

also, why did the judge refer to the defendants' religious beliefs - what bearing did this have on the case if it were a simple case of murder? did the defendants' religion therefore have a bearing on the sentencing? how can the deliberate killing of a soldier for political reasons not be the act of an enemy combatant? if the defendants' religions and extremism were so important that the judge felt compelled to include these details in the judgement, is he therefore admitting that a belief in extreme religious views is either incompatible with being a british citizen, or compatible with being a combatant hostile to the british government, or even both? is the fact that this case was not treated as an ordinary murder, and the sentences so harsh, a reasonable indication that the judge viewed the act as political or religious to the point of constituting a hostile combatant act?

"you each converted to islam some years ago. thereafter you were radicalised and each became an extremist - espousing a cause and views which, as has been said elsewhere, are 
a betrayal of islam and of the  peaceful muslim communities who  give so much to our 

you  decided, between you, and  in order to advance your extremist cause, to murder a 
soldier in public in broad daylight and to do so in a way that would generate maximum 
media coverage, including getting yourselves killed by armed officers who would be bound 
to attend the scene in the aftermath of the murder – thereby expecting that you would 
become martyrs and each gain a place in paradise."

the judge accepts that the two defendants were muslims and acting for a cause - but he also makes the inexplicable statement that the defendants have betrayed islam, when, as a christian judge in a christian establishment, he has no authority to make such a judgement. moreover, why would the judge state that the defendants expected to become martyrs and enter paradise if he himself did not hold these beliefs to be an accepted part of the muslim religion? in attempting to reject the defendants' assertion that they were combatants fighting for a religious cause he has all but validated their beliefs, and has certainly failed to show how the defendants betrayed islam - in fact his very obsession with referring to religion in the judgement suggests that he indeed views the defendants' actions as motivated by the muslim religion.

of course, muslim communities who are not under attack do not have to resort to jihad in self-defence, but obviously the defendants were not allowed to join the community of their choice abroad (which was under attack).

the judgement of peaceful member of a peaceful christian establishment said...


i am sure that this was (in the terms of paragraph 4(c) of schedule 21 to the criminal justice 
act  2003)  a  murder  done  for  the  purpose  of  advancing  a  political,  religious,  racial  or 
ideological cause.

how can the judge make this decision and yet not accept that the defendants were combatants in a war? very confusing.

the goverment sinks ever deeper into the legal quagmire of its multicultural mess - whilst the communities themselves continue to co-exist peacefully said...

i'm no lawyer, but the judgement looks to have holes in it big enough to drive a challenger tank through.

i noticed that the legal representatives of the accused did not seem to offer much of a defence at the trial - especially with regard to their pre-existing status as combatants or prisoners of war - and i'm sure that this was a deliberate ploy to give the judge and the political establishment enough rope to hi-jack their own hypocritical judgement in courts of appeal.

why is it that christian soldiers may travel as regular troops, un combatants, or mercenaries in order to support other christian forces in wars against muslims, yet muslim soldiers may not travel to support other muslims in the defence of their own countries? it will probably all boil down to a question of equal opportunities or some such thing...

the walls in the minds of the establishment are far thicker than the walls of any prison said...

"judge confines prisoner to his conscience" is that the judge's conscience or the prisoner's? the judge doesn't have a conscience, so i suppose he is powerless to impose the sentence.

the hanging garden-furniture of babylon said...

yes, we in the bnp deplore the war-crimes of tony blair - and under the principle of joint enterprise feel it only right that they, together with the members of all subsequent war-making governments, their military, and their royal family, should all be dangled in as democratic a way as possible in order to demonstrate our undying commitment to err freedom and err democracy.

old terror bill withers said...


woolich may be a shit hole but no-one mentioned ownership

it's simply about owning minds and controlling them.

i'm struggling to see an equivalence between the 2 michael's and mr rigby - they killed in cold blood, he didn't as far as we know. they clearly went out to kill anyone - how did they even know he (in civilian dress walking the street) was a soldier?

the jihadists must have known from their own previous surveillance operation that rigby was a member of the regiment stationed at woolwich, and they also knew that this regiment had toured afghanistan - maybe they had even received or read intelligence about rigby's activities in afghanistan. the jihadists carried out pre-planned military style operation, but essentially they were attacking representatives of the state which was restricting their freedom of movement - and these state representatives were living on their own doorstep...

...but the real question is this:

how did mi5 and mi6 know in advance of the murder that these two men were a threat to the establishment? on what criteria was this assessment based? were the two accused already classified as enemy combatants prior to the attack at woolwich?

justice squeegee said...

i am paid handsomely to mop up the innocent blood spilt by our government's brutish armed forces, mr ishmael - so there.

call me ishmael said...

My point, messieurs, is manifold, made and remade in the lengthier comments above.

The judges remarks were gibberish, somebody should have edited them for him.

It may or may not be true, mr mike, that Lee Rigby did not kill in cold blood but from what we've seen the hotblooded efforts of some, I think it was the Cheshires, directed towards harmless, innocent, young Iraqi civilians are every bit as bad and worse than the events in Woolwich. And there is more than equivalence-in-horror, far more, perpetrated by both UK and Uncle Sam forces, virtually, well, everywhere they have gone in the Middle East and Suth Asia. I do not condemn them out of jand for the climate of wickedness in which they operate but it was their choice and they simply cannot complain when their deeds, in this case indiscriminately, bite them in their shared arse. As for it happening in full view on the streets of London, well, it happens on the arab street every da.
And no, mr dtp, it is not amusing, only to the likes of Dubya and Blair, that young men are fucked up forever. Would you like to be judged forever only by the worst thing you have ever done in your life? I bet you wuldn't and nr would I Are we so fucked up by the Daily Mail that we deny our own culture, we deny the possibility of remorse and reform and redemption? Have we allowed ourselves to Become as heartless and cruel as the IRA psychobastards, what next, burying wimmen alive? Have the BurcherBlair wars rendered us uncivilised? I fear they have, I fear that in joining the tumult of delight at these sentences we sing the psalms of Ruin.

nonny the neandertroll said...

judge swing-bin and these bnp-edl guys are a dire disgrace to upstanding members of knuckle-dragging club-swinging mammoth-fucking prehistoric society...

...why don't they go join the small remaining band of bone-headed black people, huddled together in the recesses of some dark draughty cave high-up in the wild opinionated hills of deepest inbred washington nepotism, who, even after banqueting out on the sanitized movable feast of cia-serialized mass-murder shot in thousands of innocent family homes throughout africa and the middle-east, still believe that obama loves them, and continue to worship his distorted flickering image by their last sputtering stump of civil-rights-candlelight as it bouces and bogles about on the dank rock-wall of obstinate anti-reason...

...but never mind the mindless massacre of humanity and democratically justified destruction of culture, when a black film wins the oscar for best movie, everything's gonna be all right - and the president will be able to stand-down the drones circling menacingly around the academy headquarters in beverly hills.

nietzsche the neanderthal said...


go on matey - you might as well as rippen me completely off, oder, du arschköpfiger englischer schweincunt:

and continue to worship the distorted flickering shadow of his image thrown by their last sputtering stump of civil-rights-candlelight as it bounces and bogles about on the dank rock-wall of obstinate anti-reason.

nietzsche the neandertroll said...

entshuldigung, ich habe mich versprochen - you know, freudian fuckup

nietszche the neanderstalker said...

aha, mein freund - when you look into a freudianslippenfuckup, the freudianslippenfuckup also looks into you...

or as fred originally said:

"wer mit ungeheuern kämpft, mag zusehn, dass er nicht dabei zum ungeheuer wird. und wenn du lange in einen abgrund blickst, blickt der abgrund auch in dich hinein."


he who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. and when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you.

...and we all must carefully bear that in mind - especially would-be-lynchers like the edl-bnp people and the hang-em-and-flog-em brigade in the conservative party...

Dick the Prick said...

To Galipoli?

Dick the Prick said...

sp Gallipoli

Mike said...

Mr I: I suggest you are pushing the boundaries of collective responsibility too far.

Rigby was for all intents and purposes a civilian. The two Michaels had no way of knowing he was a soldier. They would have killed anyone.

By your logic all Muslims are now fair game - after all, the 2 Michaels professed to be acting on behalf of Muslims.

Also, by your logic we are all culpable (maybe there is an argument for this) and all equally fair game as soldiers operate on our behalf.

No: the simple truth is that two sub-humans with no real purpose in life convinced themselves that they were fighting a cause by killing a white peron.

call me ishmael said...

I am afraid we differ, mr mike; I think they knew for certain that Fusilier Rigby was an off-duty soldier - I would have and I'm not even in the warrior game. And they limited their murderous act to him, when, as I said, the IRA would've hoovered-up the bystanders - you know they would, 'swhat they do. And I differ in that I am sparing with the definition "sub-human" limiting its application to the likes of Blair and Bush and their stooges, quite a few, I know, but still a minority. I would hang them in a heartbeat fir their sustained wickedness but I would keep a small place in my heart for the rest of, caught-up, entangled, lied to, bullied, hectored and corralled. I am, a syu know, one f God's probation officers, hate the sin but the love the sinner.

justice swing-bin said...

@mike 3 march 2014 07:09

i hear your perplexion loud and clear, sir...

...even for my part, there was one awful almost epipanic moment during the court proceedings where, as if tazered by the electrodes of my own ethical rigour, i was not fundamentally sure whether the violent behaviour exhibited by the two accused derived from their religious faith or rather from the box they tick when completing ethnic-monitoring questionnaires - indeed, i falter to make this solemn admission, but the very tent-pegs of my life-long racial convictions were in such an acutely precipitous manner so all-shook-up in jurisprudicial jeopardy that i was subsequently obliged to make in my summary a detailed metaphysical repudiation of any possible assertion that a link existed between these men's exceedingly unpeaceable actions and their choice of creed - lest naturally the whole scientific structure of modern sociological thinking within the establishment, my employer, that is, be disastrously and irreversibly undermined.

not that you should infer from my rabid white middle-class rationalizations that i might in some shape or form be a racist - no, just the other weekend, whilst kicking-back and unwinding in front of the television, i was horrified to note the unseemly alacrity with which a black member of the acting-cast in 'midsomer murders' was so gruesomely and hastily despatched by the series director, without so much as allowing the audience a suitably dignified interval during which to make this poor character's acquaintance. in fact the scene to which i allude, in what i like to term the 'cheese-making episode', was shot with such a damnable dearth of decorum that the aesthetic continuity values of the programme were compromised, nay denuded most dramatically - the motivation for this artistic aberration no doubt consisted in some silly post-juvenile reaction to recent public criticism of the producers, who were, it had been alleged, prone to avoiding with quite a large barge-pole the employ of any afro-caribbean persons on-screen whatsoever.

nevertheless, at the risk of missing the point of this macabre production altogether, i am duty-bound to add by way of clarification that my simple amateur analysis of these over-enacted theatrical events in no manner prejudices my approval in principle of the murder of more black people in future episodes of this popular television detective series - this aspiration falling impeccably in line with the spirit of current equal opportunities legislation.

call me ishmael said...

Midsomer Murders is shit, your honour.