Tuesday, 11 March 2014


Well, what can one say, socialismus mortem bellissima, what??  And now my fellow Londoners and myself can press on with the vital task of forcing down wages in order to drive up living standards, well, living standards of myself, what, ho ho ho.  No, confutatis maledictus tradeunionismus.  My own salary, what, ho ho ho, I knew you'd ask that, not as much as I jolly well deserve, what? Health and safety?  Load of old tosh, look at me, I ride a bike.

Boris Johnson is bribed  a quarter of a  million pounds a year by the Daily Filth-O-Graph in order to write dire, predictable and boring anti-democracy stories on behalf of its owner, the Bizarro Twins.  His mayoral salary is much less than this and is widely seen just as coke'n'totty money.


Well, lessbeclear, as leader of the Labour party, I don't believe in working people myself but I must say that mr wossisname was a very effective thingummy  for them, - advocate, is that it? - and he will be sadly missed and my thoughts are with his friends and wossanames.

Well, when they broke him they made the mould. In all my time in well-paid and untaxed public service I never thought this moment would come but now that it has it would be foolish of me to say that I won't stand again for mayor because I will. Without wossisname the people really need me to get rich for them, not that I do it for the money.   No he's right up there, wossisname,  in my own pantheon of heroes, right next to Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness.  That'll be twelve hundred pounds, please.

sings: Maybe it's because I'm a Lahndunner.


Alphons said...

One could only admire his smiling, happy farce..the air of careless, casual nonsolonse,.. and his ability to fill his belly through the beneficence of his "brothers".
Will we ever see his like again??

Anonymous said...

I fucking hope not.

Dick the Prick said...

If politics is anything and God knows it must be about something, but if politics is something it's all about winning.

I nearly got kicked out of a regional Union fundraiser by shouting 'Jarrow' at exactly the right time to make the branch sec mid speech look like a complete tool - mid Blair / Brown cash spunking and trying to get the local authority to strike over office moves.

Bob Crow won - it makes a difference. He didn't machinate, he didn't triangulate (much - I ain't his biographer) he just went around winning cash for his members. It was the first thing on his job description and the boy always performed well.

I've got form Tory wise dealing with Unions and my Grandfather was one of the guys who helped establish the precursor to the RMT locally - I love a bloody good fight with Union socialists. Crow may have taken some perks but he won. When an unelected Prime Minister takes over from an unelected Prime Minister and neither of them have the votes to beat the fuck out of the RMT then it's damage limitation. Blair got fixed at Warwick 2 but Crow never really appeared a Trotskist or Tanky, just a lad fighting for his members against any crypto-fascist government he saw in front of him. The TUC seems intent on taking over government but Crow didn't seem to distinguish between Tory & Labour and kind of seemed relaxed just doing his job.

Colonel von Fawkes has got a thread up about a Mail hatchet job last night which gave the man palpatations - doubt it, maybe laughed himself an aneurism.

I didn't agree with the lad but I wasn't his employer. I don't like Unions but they don't half know how to throw a party. His record was exemplary.

call me ishmael said...

Judges against most of the others, the above-mentioned Warwick 2-ers, Crow was a saint.

As you say, mr dtp about the unelected inheriting from each other the RMT looks like Democracy's last stand. And by the way, mr rwg, anyone who can kick the arse of Establishment's licensed Fool, Hislop, is Ok by me.

Also, judging him against that cunt at the CoOp who jacked it in because news of his thievery was leaked, Crow looks like a double saint.

Dick the Prick said...

Only one way to beat the Unions and that's to beat the Unions - physical violence is good. Crow never threatened it, never needed it.

Unions are important and Len McKlutzkee is a fucking disgrace. That cunt stated he owned the Labour Party the cheeky fuck.

yardarm said...

Dunno much about him but he got a good deal for the people who elected and paid him; unlike the Westminster filth, the Taliban succouring the bankster Al Qaeda while preaching austerity for decent people.

call me ishmael said...

Mr dtp, if it wasn't for organised labour most of us would still have rickets, polio, be malnourished, nomeless and in even greater slavery than we now are. You can't see this fucking shower of shit, Duncan fucking Schmidt et al, starting a health service now, can you, the rotten, lying cunt; can't see Fatman Pickles establishing council housing, unkless iut was for his fat self to live in; can't see Spit-Gove introducing the 1944 Education Act which saw you schooled and employed.

I do get sick of all this union-bashing - that general secretaries are usually thieves and filth, another part of MediaMinster, is just a twirl in Ruin's quickstep, no need to help them cross the floor faster by damning the original ethos.

If Crow,as a banker, had delivered a fraction of what he delivered as a unioneer his bonus would've been in the trillions. Ragged trousered philanthropy, mr dtp, surely that is not what MediaMinster has made of us, Fawkesian numpties, siding with our tormentors? Is that what being clever means? They can all fuck off, join a daisychain arsefuck with FagAsh Lil and his spluttering nazis.

Not only funding the financial terrorists, mr yardarm, but the actual ones, too. I-Know-Bestism, y'see, you wouldn't understand.

yardarm said...

Exactly, Mr Ishmael. Just had a look at the wiki of bankster capo Lord Stephen Green' earned ' 25 mill a year running HSBC when any number of drug cartels and terrorists were laundering money through it.

It therefore comes as no surprise he served as Junta Minister of State at the DTI, no doubt as the City`s control officer in the Junta. He`s an ordained Anglican priest too.

You mention the Co op earlier up the thread, run by that other comedy vicar. The question MediaMinster is of course not asking is where was the regulation ? You know that thing which should have prevented Bankstergeddon, the Eternal Night of the Fucking Idiots that we are dwelling in now. Where were that shower of shit at the Treasury, the Bank or whatever replaced the FSA, if anything did. Where was Gideon Towel Folding Pansy Face ?
That new prick at Threadneedle Street, on nearly a million of our money ?

The cunts aren`t worth paying in washers.

the grim pill of progress said...

no, mr ishmael, the reason that most of us don't still have rickets, polio, and aren't malnourished, homeless and in even greater slavery than we now are...is that our great leaders in the british establishment stupidly entangled us in one famously futile world war against the cousins of our own royal variety act, then a few years later backed herr hitler until he got a little bit too out of order and thoughtfully let our loyal lads 'n lasses have a thrilling re-match...

...now, put these two ferociously fatal planet-sized fuck-ups into the stark-raving context of a widely permeated pre-existing indigenous poverty, plus a healthy anarchic yet ultimately life-preserving disregard for insane domestic war-time law (such as the ban on entering the underground network during the blitz), plus a post-war britain awash with a few million souvenir ex-service revolvers, grenades, rifles, plus a few million maniacally depressed ex-soldiers with the training and experience to use them...

...and you can well understand why the great british welfare-state was promptly rolled-out and fanfared to the rancid recriminating masses who, past breaking-point, were more than ready to fix their bayonets irregularly into the darker inbred recesses of a ludicrously uncaring incompetent aristocracy, which had sent so so many thousands of commonly suffering comrades-in-arms to ugly unindemnified deaths in non-cricket-playing lands.

i don't believe it was the unions wot did it, mr ishmael - it was the house-brick-shitting members of our guilty-as-hell political elite wot read their earl grey tea-leaves to a 't' for terrible trouble brewing in the backward back-alleys of back-to-backyard-bog-standard britain.

the union of the protected professional racket said...

like the world-warred soldiers, it was, a couple of centuries ago, individual activists prepared to die for their human-rights who wedged the boot of the ordinary man and woman up the arsecrack of the capitalized classes - and they didn't wait around taking confidence-boosting comfort-votes on whether their co-combatants would all contract to die at the same time...

...today it seems that union members prefer to pay a loquacious bruiser to fight their pay-and-conditioned battles for them, and hide behind his shield of social righteousness rather than ever stand-up to the management alone...

...and in the case of the rmt union, the tube-drivers have been tipping a gladiatrical agent to negotiate their entry into the bourgeois pay-bracket of double-bagged bonus-time, whilst the man himself is rocketed into another class of compensation and conditions altogether - the huge combined-bill for which members of the minimum-waged fare-paying public are paying through the screwed-up nostril...

...there's always a way-out of the so-called public-slavery and misery of these government jobs - it's the exit door to respectable self-employment or unemployment, where you have to stand-up for yourself and your rights every moment of every fucking day for potentially low wages, no pension, no paid-holidays, and no paid-sick-leave.

the real working classes in the uk are the immigrants, the low-paid ones and illegal ones, many of whom have no rights whatsoever, yet who do the majority of the toil.

sorry, but i've been a union rep and i know how it runs, and it's just not in the interest of well-remunerated union leaders to promote good worker-management relations - if the matter is vitally important (health and safety or conditions), the union will compromise with management, if it's trivial (colour of loo-paper), the union will take an ideological stand. in publicly-unsubsidized private firms where profit and productivity is directly related to pay and security, you will inevitably find that unions are an academic irrelevance, and workplace relations by necessity more mature.

the union-management relationship exactly reflects the charade which we observe week-in and week-out in parliament between the labour party and the conservatives - the two apparently opposing sides will argue for months about some fine ideological point of fox-hunting etiquette which has no bearing on the daily lives of 99.99 per cent of the population, yet they will agree in a foolish self-fellating fucking flash on some neo-colonialist war which will affect and destroy the lives of millions.

on a personal level, i'm sorry to hear of mr crow's passing, however, both his and boris johnson's childish intransigence and obstinacy were ultimately self-serving self-promoting ploys to make their respective representative positions each indispensable - mr johnson being the über-greased political champion of professional city-slickers and mr crow being the big-bobbed defender of £60000 wages and pretty art-deco ticket-offices, whilst the general suffering public lost work and money in the travel-chaos.

great-grand-standers of greater london

the union of the protected professional racket said...

"loquacious bruiser"

i meant a 'bruiser' intellectually, of course. mr crow was not known as a violent man and he was actually subject to physical assault as a result of gaining his position as leader of the union. mr crow was also a fervent supporter of the anti-war movement - and i suspect that this is why mr ishmael has some sympathy for the guy.

miscellaneous minutes of the meeting said...

@the union of the protected professional racket

self-employment is less about rights and more about responsibility - it's more a process of constant improvement of product and service in order to make a living...

...in contrast, london underground has taken decades to improve and modernize its service whilst under public ownership - the pace of progress has been that of a state-subsidized snail.

as far as health and safety goes, the london underground is still extremely difficult for the aged and the disabled to use, mainly due to the abundance of steps in the system - this is the responsibility of everyone working for the network, whether in management and unions, because they receive very good salaries for running the show. although ticket offices are not used by the majority of travellers, they are still an important service for the aged, the disabled and those unfamiliar with the tube-system. who would want to wander around looking for assistance from a station-worker located in an unspecified location? whilst the unions are often resistant to efficiency measures and wish to protect jobs for the jobs sake, boris johnson is only interested in cost-savings regardless of health and safety and public service issues - why can't they all get their act together?

union protectionism effectively infantilizes its members, who have little responsibility for negotiating their pay and conditions - unionism thus represses self-empowerment in much the same way as does socialism.

fox-hunting bans are almost unenforceable on the lands of the rich who indulge in this blood-sport.

the labour party endorses thievery and scams every bit as bad as anything cooked-up by the conservatives.

socialists and communists consider themselves entitled to commandeer the lives, labour and property of all - that's why they constantly follow you around and monitor your every move, setting-up surveillance in every corner of your home to record all your communications and actions. those who make or back the rules of socialism are just as quick to break them - do socialists play by their own rules and pay tax on all earnings as they expect others to do? no, they don't - if tax is wrong for one, it's wrong for all, isn't it? why don't they admit that tax is immoral and a form of theft?

somone to whom i was talking, opined the just other day that, now bob crow has sadly passed-on, boris johnson would find it extremely difficult to sack the london underground ticket-office-workers who were recently threatened with redundancy...

...yes, bob crow died to save us from ticket-office-less tube-stations, and in his memory, all station-staff and drivers will discard their st christopher pendants and replace them with st crow medallions - which will be designed in the form of a traditional london underground symbol with the appropriate bird-of-prey perched on the central bar.