Wednesday, 5 March 2014


 Mr Dave Crook bids farewell to another gang member.

We don't know what this guy did, if anything and, since you mention it, I don't know exactly why - if he did what they say he did -  it is a crime.  Mrs Ishmael, for instance, because of her employment, may look at child pornography images, however they are defined, whereas I  - and you - may not.  It is an axiom of our time - anyone, except a professional or para-professional  or copper, looking at certain images is adding to the original crime committed in their creation; it is an odd logic, isn't it, that the job, trade or profession of the viewer, defines the legitimacy or not of the viewing, as though the images, themselves,  were sentient, which by definition, they are not. It is as though the child subjects of the images live within the images and although native Americans felt that the Daguerreotype photograph stole their souls this is not part of our cultural understanding,  the image is not the person.

Those in or adjacent to the child protection industry- most of criminal justice, social and health and education services -  invigilate themselves,  they say,  have mechanisms in place to stop themselves being turned, by exposure, into beasts. Unless of course, they are beasts already, which, the law of averages says, some must be.  In such circumstances the watching of kiddy porn may be seen as a perk of the job.

  If you or I, however, review this stuff, it is a criminal act, our only purpose being defined as masturbatory.  But suppose we could eradicate every childporn image in the world, what, then would the devotee do? He would just imagine-up some child abuse images for himself, wouldn't he? (....and if my thought dreams could be seen, they'd probably put my head in a guillotine....) And  there's nothing we can do about that - even in a world awash with actual kiddyporn and beastymen it is the imagination against which we must, yet cannot guard. Somebody imagined the image before he set it up, the photograph or the videotape exists as a result of someone's 
image-ination, As Paul Simon sang in Kodachrome:

If you took all the girls I knew
When I was single
And brought them all together for one night
I know they'd never match
My sweet imagination........

If Mr Patrick Cock was viewing BeastULike porn on a Downing Street computer there is no way we can know - for sure - why. Maybe he is a beast, maybe he is not depraved but just has an interest in the 
image-ination of depravity, as I do.  And you do.  Christ, sometimes one can simply no longer look at MediaMinster, at the depravity of Blair and Snotty, the Ballses, the Milibands, Jack Torture;  at Hague and Fox and Duncan Smith, at Osborne and Cameron;  these people are vile, their prolonged study can only weary the student, best to have a break, do something wholesome, go down the garden and plant a daffodil meadow.  But studying them doesn't make me copy them. Looking at filth doesn't make me filthy.

Similarly with kiddyporn, I am sure that it turns the stomach and puts the mind in a bad place, nevertheless, we should all be able to look at this stuff,  maybe compelled to confront its wickedness, for only by doing so can we protect ourselves from it. 

 Nobody says we should not view the vilest depravities of the Nazi war; au contraire, these shocking images have acquired for themselves the same status as the sacred iconography of the early Christian church,  they are regularly paraded before us, in newspapers and on television;  in award winning cinema and between award winning hard covers.  

There is no National Nonce Day but there is a National Holocaust Day, whose purpose is to remind us of cruelty; you can be locked-up for suggesting that Shoah never happened, or that it happened in  a fashion different from the orthodox view.  This libraryful of murderporn is sanctified,  no-one says, No, there are neoNazis who will be aroused by these bulldozed bodies, these incinerated children,  these, the hanged, the whipped, the neckshot, digging their own graves, even looking at these things should be a crime, they are obscene,   they will corrupt and deprave, people  who are not part of the Holocaust trade will masturbate, you know how wicked people are. Nobody says that by watching or reviewing the doings of the filthy Nazi nation we are complicit in the fate of its victims;  nobody says that because it is not true.

And neither is it true of child abuse imagery. It is time we unleashed the demon of child abuse from the supercilious, clutching, exclusive and secretive  I-Know-Best bosom of pc plod and ms do-gooder - it's not as though they stop any of this shit happening, is it,  the experts? It is high time we dragged the beast into the daylight, recognised him and kicked his arse. Do we really need to be policed, lest we are all nascent paedophiles? Fuck off, I say, no, we don't.

But I digress, hard not to.   I came, anyway,  to talk about Cameron's Downing Street, unelected, illegitimate in its conception, the Coalition of spivs chancers and criminals is increasingly tainted by arrest and prosecution. At what point do we say, fuck this shit, the whole barrel of apples is rotten?

Cameron with Coulson, his own version of Blair's venomous psychobastard, Big Al Campbell;  Coulson is currently on trial for all sorts of anti-democracy shit.

We said all along that this appointment was a deal brokered in Rupert Murdoch's office - access to the heart of government in exchange for tabloid support. And so it was. Naked, barefaced treachery, for which Cameron shuld have gone to jail, like ButcherBlair before him.

We have ever damned the LibDems as a gang of nasty hypocrites, thieves and  criminal beasts;  in exchange for commons votes Cameron appointed this cunt energy seckatry, 

even when the dogs in the street knew he was bent, as bent as he is repellent. Cabinet minister goes to jail and no-one says a word about the judgement  of his boss.

Cameron's appointment, Arseman Fox,

 flying his boyfriend all around the world at my expense, 

misrepresenting his lover's position, running a bought and paid for, maverick foreign policy;  a thieving, traitorous degenerate and all that happened to him was a twenty-grand severance payment, not even a slap on the wrist.
Oh, go on then, big boy, slap me.

And then there's the witch of Chipping Norton, Bekah, a close friend, lol-er,  neighbour and co-worker of Dave Crook's.

Bekah too, is on trial for serious, anti-democracy offences  and she is currently attempting to bamboozle the jury with sad tales of her poisonous womb, her working class upbringing and her wretchedly unsatisfactory bed-hopping.

 A group of violent young offenders,
still at large.
As well as his failure to actually learn anything, Dave Crook's undergraduate days, along with those of many of his current co-offenders,  were punctuated by loutish, bullying behaviour which would have seen ordinary people jailed.  Dave has never quite denied using hard drugs - cocaine isn't like a bit of weed - probably for fear that BoJo or some other cunt would contradict him, 

Once teenage hoodlums, now sleek organised criminals.
when the time was right.  And since the coup with the LibDems Dave has surrounded himself with filth.

It may be that, like lots of rich kids, he gets off on associating with the shady and disreputable, or it may be that he is shady and disreputable, himself.  Whichever it is, the more we learn about life in Downing Street - particularly the reluctance to reveal this latest scandal - the more it resembles a safe house, in which a Mafia family has taken to the matresses, is holed-up, not knowing from where the next shot will be fired.


Alphons said...

We need a new start, but who is going to start it and what are they going to start?
There seems to be little doubt that what ever it is money will be behind it, through it and will be its aim.

call me ishmael said...

I don't think we need to have a readymade solution to justify relentless scrutiny and criticism of the status quo. Give me or anyone I know the resources of the government and I would very quickly establish a much improved state. These people are not just corrupt, they are incompetent, too; how could things be worse?

the british establishment - built on a rock or living under one? said...

the prohibition of public viewing of paedophile-porn (often the photographic proof of a crime committed) makes it impossible for those outside the inner-ring-worm of establishment executioners to establish the truth of any such case and whether justice has been done.

mr ishmael points out that society cannot successfully rid itself of a crime without the provocative prelude which affords all members the right to properly ingest the sickening severity of that crime - compare this situation with that of waging a war whilst not being permitted to view the bloody uncensored results - however there are two more problems with banning such images:

1) establishment paedophiles might be allowed to escape conviction, or even prosecution, without the general public ever having been in a position to review the due propriety and impartiality of proceedings.

2) innocent members of the public could be fitted-up on flimsy evidence without anyone outside the inner-court of establishment opinion being the wiser.

suppression of communication and expression is always about one thing only: the suppression of truth.

to normal people, the sight of photos of such terrible crimes should be a spur to wiping-out those crimes - but by restricting knowledge of our own societal evils, our society is attempting to wipe-away the pictorial evidence of those crimes whilst leaving the crime itself to flourish unchecked underground and unabated.

by covering-up the symptoms of a societal disease, how can we then hope to precisely examine, study, and finally cure our communities of it?

i have no actual inclination to observe images of paedophilia, yet because i don't wish to see the real results of this crime in the community, neither do i want the evidence of it to become taboo and thus untraceable just because our so-called betters in government have expressed a view that common-people do not have sufficient intellect, education or emotional maturity to deal with such depictions of extreme inhumanity - i don't want to see this stuff, but i don't want to be prevented from seeing it either.

why is our political elite effectively covering-up the evidence of paedophilia - is it ashamed for the sake of the general public or ashamed of itself and its own membership? who would contrive to conceal this kind of evidence and why?

why would the establishment prevent us from seeing evidence of crimes - are its members afraid to reveal the true horror of them? why...?

how many illegal cover-ups hide beneath an ostensibly legal one?

do our democratic leaders constitute a definition of 'normal'? said...

@the british establishment - built on a rock or living under one?

perhaps, mr ishmael, instead of asking why normal people should be permitted to view certain unpleasant images (which in general they do not in any case crave to see except out of the curiosity created by prohibition), you should start instead to ask why the evidently abnormal people in government should wish to prevent others from viewing these images and meantime grant themselves license to do so...

...have our political masters developed paedophiliac tendencies as a consequence of viewing paedophile-porn and adjudged from the evidence of their own abnormal reactions that normal members of the public would be affected in a similarly adverse way?

yardarm said...

The next round through the windows of Top Hat Central will be when the Wapping Gang are sent down and Wysteria and Pansy Face will have some explaining to do. It will be a festival of hypocrisy, evasion and bullshit not seen since Dr Kelly was killed.

call me ishmael said...

"perhaps, mr ishmael, instead of asking why normal people should be permitted to view certain unpleasant images (which in general they do not in any case crave to see except out of the curiosity created by prohibition), you should start instead to ask why the evidently abnormal people in government should wish to prevent others from viewing these images and meantime grant themselves license to do so..."

I thought that was what I was, in so many words, saying and have said previously. As to Establishment noncing, I think they managed to shut-down Operation Ore, which was the FBI-led investigation into a credit card trail which led to many prominent Brits; the explanation was that Chief Superintendent Filth simply did not have the resources, needed them all, perhaps, for the Madeleine McCann fiasco.

call me ishmael said...

I don't know about that, mr yardarm, can you really see it happening, the witch and her gang going to jail, even if found guilty? Govament won't want it, opposition won't want it, nobody who matters will want it to happen. The tide has turned, I think, or been turned by the acquital of Ken Boring, off Coronation Street; by the partial acquital of the monster, Travis and what we shouild expect will be the clearing of nice, cuddly old Max Clifford. Stop these witch hunts, you can hear them chanting in MediaMinster, send not to ask for whom the bell tolls, they will be muttering into their drinks, it tolls for all so-called journalists.

do our democratic leaders constitute a definition of 'normal'? said...

@6 march 2014 10:06

sorry for that misapprehension, mr ishmael... how about paedo-porn on page-three until the whole problem is eradicated from society...? would certainly keep the coppers on their toes...

...and the prospect of earning a privileged return to normal page-three programming would spur the nation into remedial action.

call me ishmael said...

It was that revolting piece of filth, Kelvin McKenzie - Fatboy Staines's acknowledged examplar and hero - who used to count-down a girl to her sixteenth birthday, when she could legally get her tits out on page three; why, in a paedo onsessed society he still lives and breathes is a matter of sorry amazement.

Amazing, too, how Piers Arsehole's been able to finesse America's revulsion at him into it being just, oh, y'know, a cultural thing, I don't like guns, he whines, the shiteating cockssucker, I'm too good for America, cunt. America, in this case, is too good for him, what a shame we still adore him and his poisonous, gossipy tripe. Hanging is what he needs, that'd keep him on HIS toes.