Monday, 9 September 2013


Millionaire Labour MPs probably make up the majority of the parliamentary party, these days, and if they don't it won't be as a result of any failure of industry on their part; as we know, they are all insatiably greedy, thieving fucking bastard bastards, happy to Huhne-steal from the taxpayers and to have as many outside interests as they can manage.  And - in a small sidebar conference with myself -  if I was in a trade union I wouldn't give them a brass farthing, worthless gang of tossers;  in fact, if I was in a union I'd be campaigning for a complete break with everyone in the Labour Party, especially that snotvoiced  imbecile, Miliband,  and for the start of a workers' Alliance against MediaMinster.


The poisonous old witch, Hodge, is older money than most; maybe it is the fact that she earns more in dividends than she does in salary which enables her to so irritate those before her committee. That and her barefaced chutzpah,  her own company pays less than a tenth of a penny per pound on UK earnings, yet she has the nerve to grill others about their tax affairs.  In a way you have to admire the mangy old slug, she reminds me of Nikita Kruschev and I expect to see her banging her table with a shoe.

The BBC hearings though, are hugely entertaining, as the Great and the Good squirm, for a moment, at least,  under the weight of exposure, insults and abuse  from the entire committee but from Hodge in particular. They all, today, looked like ferrets in a sack, Beardies and Bloaties in suits, accustomed to being listened-to and not interrupted by some mad old Jewess, lying their poxy arses off in the devious management speak so common among their type of vermin.

The goal of the match, though,  was scored against this useless, prattling piece of shit.




jgm2 said...

I didn't see it but she looks like the sort of person who could develop 'stress' and stretch it out to 18 months off sick before retiring with a years salary and pension contributions.

Then she'll pop up as HR director for some council or NHS trust on a six figure salary.

Frankly though, if I were to be called to one of these HoC show-trials, I'd tell them to fuck off like Robert Maxwell's kid did.

callmeishmael said...

It'll be on the parliament channel, mr jgm2 and is well worth a look, Filth on all sides, it's like Ruin's, meeting house, MediaMimster biting itself.

lilith said...

C'mon Ishmael, at least Ms Adams can count, if she uses her fingers...

Angus said...

It is all very well Honourable Hodge and her gang getting all steamed up and prickley, but what ever happens afterwards??
I have watched her in action once or twice, and found it most amusing, and some of her acolytes delight too, but I have never seen any of the questionable money handed back yet.

DtP said...

It's certainly ruinous shit when Dame Mags is a cut above most of them. I guess being minted does prevent her being in the Yeo valley of brown envelopes and blatant conflicts of interest and not really having looked into the Islington care abuse stuff - well, it happens everywhere so a story runs when a story runs.

The PBBC thing was very amusing though - i've never understood how senior execs at bullshit government departments think they can just wander in and regurgitate specious shit to born bullshitters and expect to get away with it - a bit ignorant. Having done a bit of politics and, yer know, not being a total ejeet - it's blatantly obvious that politicians couldn't give a flying fuck about any issue but given the tiniest chance of getting good meeja then the exec is gonna get publicly bitch slapped - seen it loads of times but this Adams lass can't spot her own bullshit anymore. The humanity!

Hope you're well Mr Smith.

mrs narcolept said...

Have hated Hodge ever since the Islington revelations. Why is it we can never be rid of disastrously-failed politicians? Even if they get dumped by the electorate they end up in the Lords.

Watching the LibDem conference has been an experience. Like a Star Trek convention only without the good looks, style and charm.

Wishing you safely back home.

pot-shot bosch braun said...

i suppose mr ishmael's digging at the mad bodge's determination to rip out the real rotten boards here - ok, there are erosive lines of nagging questions, but her true clout must surely be undermined by all those personal skeletons which she'll forever be tentative about unearthing in the ego-crazed course of her insincere investigations into the bulging bin-bags of putrid parliamentary and democratic decadence. to be honest, this flagellating flea is just manically pogoing around in a pristine minefield of virgin dross.

maybe she'd feel more confident if she conducted her irritable inquisition from behind the comfort blanket of a niqab.

now we've got red milibadge lecturing british businesses on whom they should employ and how much wages they should pay - yet he's never run a going commercial concern in his whole tottering towering career.

next it'll be some other barmy beef-laden bandwagon...

...compelling religious minorities to accept free fashion-advice, maybe, and then taxing us all into coughing up the fancy consultation fee...

...or condemning the racist sexist illiberal conduct of other cultures when we've yet to cope and come to terms with the political fault-lines of endemic bigotry within our own dictatorial society...oh mother, they're so brutal to each other, those brown people, aren't they? but hey, if all else fails we can always send the freedom-fighters in and bomb some fucking sense into

the peckham globe-trotteur said...

oh yeah...telling private entrepranneurs what wages they should on...rodney the red's always banging my eardrums about national minimum earning levels and all that...but he's not responsible for balancing the company accounts, now is he?

right, they say those muslims get upset and violent over the slightest little thing said against their religion, but obviously if we weren't burning down their mosques, insulting their women in the street, 'n bombing their families in foreign countries, they'd probably be a bit more understanding about the odd dodgy joke and such, wouldn't they?'s jack straws missiles up camels' backsides wot's the problem, in my 'umble analysis...

and nothing wrong with chin-wagging about this issue and that either...everyone's got their own angle on everything and we all have own effinick ideosyncrasies, yeah...but when it starts involving laws that ban us all from doing what come's me and me mates talking bare brass bollocks over a jar and a joint down the local boozer...things have gone too far, right?

so then that brings me onto the bb bloody c ruling on political corrected scripts...what a funny ole fascist farce that is...d'you know they censored one of our old episodes out completely?

it's the god's honest truth...we had this great little conceptual plot me and the writers came up went like this, you luck would have it, i come by a load of bargain-price t-shirts off the back of a transit...and seeing as they seem to be of more interest to a certain target group of customers, i do a swift marketing exercize and think we could maximize our profits by taking a trip over to mecca and getting rodney to knock out the goods to the pilgims on the haj, yeah...outside the entrance to the holy shine...coz obviously we're reckoning they'd appreciate shirts with their main man's image printed on the front, it's a no-brainer really, and everyone goes home a winner...

and so blow me down if it doesn't all go mega-pear-shaped after we get into a bit of bother with the local bye-laws or something...well, no-one told me that images of the revered one were a absolute point-blank no-no according to their beliefs, did i?

now, some people might say that the idea behind the programme was highly insulting and islamophobiac, but not really no, you see...because when you look at it coolly and objectively, in the lamp of hindsight...the storyline was simply highlighting our terrible indigenous british ignorance of the muslim religious doctrines, ok...and rodney and i were actually educational tools of enlightenment engaged in raising deeper public awareness in the uk with respect to koranic teachings...and it all makes sense you we would have been helping to integrate our community values with the tradition of humour, the only true international language...apart from the other one, of course.

anyway, strictly speaking, there wouldn't have been any blastfeemious or heretickle scenes shown on-screen because as it turns-out the clobber was well faked-up and it wasn't a mug-shot of the holy one on the shirts at all but a photo of our mate mo who runs the chicken-shop 'round the corner wearing dark sunglasses ah la che guevaria, and the printers had gone an' splashed his name name bang above the picture and instead of the iconical revolutioniary cuban feller's, the silly old buggers...and in fact much of the comedy inherent in the show would have derived from me not having a great deal of transferrable saudi idiom and from my consequential difficulty in explaining (to the armed feds and angry crowd of pilgrims who wanted to stone rodney straight to death) that my faux pas would more correctly be described as an unfortunate misunderstanding which had actually originated at faces-r-us t-shirt printers in peckham...and that everything was errr...kushti.

where the wrong things are said...

@the peckham globe-trotteur

para 6:

"...well, no-one told me that images of the revered one was an absolute point-blank no-no according to muslim beliefs, did they?"

(repeating 'their' too many times is rude and alienating)

last para:

"and the printers had gone an' splashed his own proper name [name] bang above the picture [and] instead of the iconical revolutioniary cuban feller's, the silly old buggers..."

(remove bracketed 'name' and 'and')

mr d jayson said...

i think le peckham globe-trotteur would more likely talk bare brass bollocks over a jar and a jay, wouldn't he?