Wednesday, 25 September 2013


Peacemaker, mass murderer, arsonist and torturer, Marty Kneecaps.

Well it's terrible, so it is, all them people dead and injured, even if they are black,  and it's no way to resolve conflict so it isn't and we in Sinn Fein have devoted our lives so we have to making peace between peoples just like we have here in this island. And yous better make sure you print that right if  yous know what's good for yous. And your kneecaps.

Nobel Peacester cum warmonger.

My fellow motherfuckers. We are all hurting. For the people of Somalia. Or is it Kenya ? I can't quite read the autocue.  And if it happens again a red line will have been crossed.  And Seckatry Kerry may be forced to  make a fool of himself again.  Just as long, my fellow motherfuckers, as his face doesn't fall off. Like all civilised people we deplore the wanton kiling and wounding of innocent civilians.  And this is why, my fellow motherfuckers, we have limited our own killing of innocent civilians to a million or so, two at the very most. And that is why, too, we have restricted the torture of people we don't like to those people who we don't like.  Which is everyone, really.  That, my fellow motherfuckers, is the American way, and if you don't like it just remember that it's your ass on the line.  God bless Obamica.

Global statesman, evangelist and fellator in chief to GlobaDeathcorp.

Peepulovbritun.  I simply say.  That I, your prime minister, was put on this Earth to bring peace to this world.  That I, your prime minister, have travelled the world making vast sums of money promoting peace, or war, or wodevvah.  Now look, I simply say  that I am intensely relaxed abour people being filthy rich.  There is no crime in my eyes, nor, I suggest, in God's - and we are close - in me working for brigands, bandits, torturers, petrothieves and stonemad Zionists.  It is not as though I use this money for wordly purposes.  I simply buy mansions for myself and my family.  Did He not say, in Tony Blair's house there are many mansions? Let us be under no illusion.  The situation in wherever it is can and must benefit from my, if I say so myself, unique experience in bringing peace.  Or war. If their people get in touch with my people with a reasonable downpayment, say ten mill, no, say twenty mill then I will dedicate myself to bringing peace to that troubled region. Or war. Whatever Israel wants.

John Sox and the rest of the whores in MediaMinster are visibly wetting themselves over a tragic but trivial minislaughter in Nairobi.  You'd think the victims were white,  the way the filthsters are going on.  In Jon's case it gets him back in New York, where he thinks he belongs - why doesn't C4 employ a resident East Coast correspondent, instead of sending Jon Sox on almost monthly vacations,  but then why does C4 employ the ghastly Micky Crick and now the stuttering nitwit, Paul Mason, both from Newsnight;  have they just been waiting for both to get fed up with Newsnight,  just been keeping editorships in this or that open, just in case Mason, a man who can't speak a complete sentence and doesn't know his two-times table, leaves his job as Newsnight economics editor? Are we soon to see the grisly Emily Stringbean 

striding ridiculously across the C4 studio in her thighboots? God save us all. What a wonderful world we fund in public broadcasting, eh?

But Kenya, I don't honestly, give a flying fuck.  I mean I probably care more about it than do Jon Sox or anyone else reporting it to us;  I, at least, am a half-way decent human being and people getting mown down and blown up brings out the worst in me, or is it the best? It's not just another expenses-rich story to me,  it's just part of the struggle between US/Israeli imperialism and Mohammedanism and this part of that conflict is getting massive coverage whilst Uncle Sam's and Uncle Benjy's decades long Middle Eastern and Southern Asian atrocities pass largely unremarked or excused and justified. Plus ca change, plus ca meme chose.

Shortarse frog premier, Hollande, with the bigblackboy.

Et moi, moi aussi, je desire, tres beaucoup a bombez les niggers, present company exceptionelle; Syria ou Somalia, il y a non difference, n'est ce pas? Oui, d'accord, nous sommes maintenant les garcons sur le block, et down avec le Pres.  

Wretched little fuck, another one elected on a promise of fairness and decency, look at him. Guillotining? 'Stoo good for him.

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