Wednesday, 25 September 2013


People, well the Filth-o-Graph, are wondering. Billy Miscarriage, for all his tedious, self- satisfied and ear-punishing speechifying - you can see him, adoring his every charmless, over-articulated, tormentedly  pompous phrase, the personification of one in love with the sound of his own voice, even though, with his long "ays" and his stagey ums and ahhs,  he is ForGod'sSakeTurnHimOff death to oratory - has been consistently over-ruled in cabinet by the spit-dribbling Murdochite lunatic, Gove and the sneering, trustfunded Bullingdonboy, George, born Gideon Osborne. Foreign policy becoming Dave's, Mick's and Georgie's to formulate and Billy's to deploy, like it or not, with Libya Egypt and Syria being massive FO fuckups; the latter properly requiring the resignation  of Hague himself, even though he was only doing what his colleagues told him. Maybe whoever is running him forbade his doing, just for once, the decent thing;  is the former ghastly, whining wunderkind  driven not by the interests of the country - ho ho ho - or more prosaically, the interests of his constituents and his parliamentary future. Or  is this tawdry, shameless wretch - and our own foreign policy - run, instead, by the owners of a set of even more compromising photos than these?

 D'ya wanna be in my gang, my gang, my gang?
 Not too far off the mark, the Gary Glitter reference;  
Hague does look old enough to be Twinky's father.

And this is my special rent boy, I mean adviser, of course I do,
 just a slip of the bum, I mean tongue.  
Do we share a bed, course we do, but only to save money.

What sort of a man would release his wife's detailed obstetrics  record, in order to refute  his evident homosexuality? No, go on, isn't it just about the most uncaring, ungallant thing that even a thieving Tory bastard could ever do?  Isn't that just the crassest  marital behaviour you could imagine? Was it just to hang onto a job? 'Snot as though he needs the money.  Why would he do that shit, unless someone told him to? Why would he promote an entirely bogus intervention in another sovereignty, fail to achieve it and then  fail to resign, unless someone told him to?

And I forgot Poxy Foxy and his bumchum, Adam Wotsit.  Fox, whilst defence seckatry, was being run by some shadowy US thinktank, so much so that he was formulating his/their own defence policy, outwith the cabinet.  A precedent, therefore; a hypocritical gay man being run by shadowy figures whilst we paid for the couple's flights and accommodation, Adam blatantly passing himelf off as a govament employee.  Fox, the cunt, still, sits,  bristling on the back benches, indignant at his denouement and denouncing the press for having the temerity to expose him, must've sucked the wrong cocks down Fleet Street must Liam, let's face it, there's so many for a cabinet minister to sample.  Why, for fucks sake, instead of being paid off with the usual sacking fee of seventeen and a half grand,  isn't Liam Fox in jail?


DtP said...

Where we are now is clearly set against the intention of those for whom war is business, for whom aggression is profit. Peace doesn't save lives like the fucking bullshitters would have us believe, it just alternates the methods employed - the variety of oppression - let it change to medical, agricultural, educational - doesn't matter, pick a sector and they'll get fucked, I guess it's just easier to kill them where they live.

We all know the drill - fuck 'em quick and fuck 'em often - it's tried and tested and as fashionable today as it's always been. On Lord Melvyn of Bragg's hopelessly sycophantic 'In Our Time' (maybe yours matey but keep me out of it) this morning he was wibbling about the Mamluks from 12th Century and how they made execution a precision science - evolution, ain't it the beans?

This Syria shit, though, well, whose bright idea was it to consult parliament before bombing nations back into their box with the orchestration being orchestrated by some Maestro at 24 hour Made-up-News; fuck, those Syrian dudes wouldn't stand a chance - this is Hollywood meets GlobalWar meets tiny fucking lapses of etiquette. gas bombing your own people - quelle horreaux! Hmm..Billy Hague resign? Yeah, the spirit of Carrington lives on in err...nope, i've got nothing...nowhere!

jgm2 said...

For the longest time I thought Blair was blackmailed into the whole Iraq thing.

Now we know definitively that the yanks are tapping our phones, monitoring all our internet activity 24/7 and dipping into police files and fuck knows what else they can get their hands on then they must have all the shit on every fucker.

Looking at the deviance, addiction, corruption and incompetence that seems to be routine amongst our elected representatives it's no wonder so few of them pop their head above the parapet to challenge for leadership. Didn't McBride tell us as much. John Reid and another couple of 'em warned off that their past transgressions would become public knowledge if they so much as looked like they were going to stand against The Imbecile. Not that I'd have wanted John Reid as PM either but the point of 'em all being kept in line through fear holds.

Perhaps Miliband has no such skeletons because, for sure, the yanks would have aired them by now after he nixed their plans for flattening Syria. Or perhaps they're waiting for the moment of maximum damage.

call me ishmael said...

There are rumours and rumours of rumours, mr jgm2, regarding Miranda Blair and a cottaging incident and he certainly looks like a week-end fairy. My own view was always that the whole gang of them - Blair, Mandy, Campbell and Brown were regular or occasional potters of the brown ball, hothouse flowering one another whilst feigning heterosexuality, even, in Brown's case, wedding a beard for appearances sake. I thought that Murdoch must have something on Blair for the grinning ape to have taken flight to Bruceland so swiftly upon his ascension, the rotten cunt.

My point, mr dtp, was that even in the unlikely event of Hague wishing to act properly, he would not have been allowed, your Hollywood scenario requiring him to be kept hanging around for the occasional walk-on part.