Wednesday, 4 September 2013




Do I look good, here, with  my big hair and my bleached teeth and m'new face? You'd trust me, woudnya, if I begged y'all to bomb the shit outa some foreign nigger bastards, Jeez, waddayawant me to do, cry? I can do that.  I can cry so sincerely you would'n believe it. Just like my face.

This prick lost the presidential election to George Dubya Chimp, his fellow motherfuckers preferred the wife-beating, coke-snorting, pisshead, imbecile fuckwit to this rancid, liberal Democrat KennedyWannabe.


Just for the chemical warfare record, Uncle Sam dumped twenty million gallons of Agent Orange on the  North Vietnamese.

Agent Orange

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U.S. Army Huey helicopter spraying Agent Orange over Vietnamese agricultural land
Agent Orange or Herbicide Orange (HO) is one of the herbicides and defoliants used by the U.S. military as part of its chemical warfare program, Operation Ranch Hand, during the Vietnam War from 1961 to 1971. Vietnam estimates 400,000 people were killed or maimed, and 500,000 children born with birth defects as a result of its use.[1][2] The Red Cross of Vietnam estimates that up to 1 million people are disabled or have health problems due to Agent Orange.[3] The United States government has dismissed these figures as unreliable and unrealistically high.[4][5]
A 50:50 mixture of 2,4,5-T and 2,4-D, it was manufactured for the U.S. Department of Defense primarily by Monsanto Corporation and Dow Chemical. The 2,4,5-T used to produce Agent Orange was contaminated with 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzodioxin (TCDD), an extremely toxic dioxin compound. It was given its name from the color of the orange-striped 55 US gallon (208 l) barrels in which it was shipped, and was by far the most widely used of the so-called "Rainbow Herbicides".[6]
During the Vietnam War, between 1962 and 1971, the United States military sprayed nearly 20,000,000 US gallons (76,000,000 l) of material containing chemical herbicides and defoliants mixed with jet fuel in Vietnam, eastern Laos and parts of Cambodia, as part of Operation Ranch Hand.[7][8] The program's goal was to defoliate forested and rural land, depriving guerrillas of cover; another goal was to induce forced draft urbanization, destroying the ability of peasants to support themselves in the countryside, and forcing them to flee to the U.S. dominated cities, thus depriving the guerrillas of their rural support and food supply.[8][9]
The US began to target food crops in October 1962, primarily using Agent Blue. In 1965, 42 percent of all herbicide spraying was dedicated to food crops.[9] Rural-to-urban migration rates dramatically increased in South Vietnam, as peasants escaped the war and famine in the countryside by fleeing to the U.S.-dominated cities. The urban population in South Vietnam nearly tripled: from 2.8 million people in 1958, to 8 million by 1971. The rapid flow of people led to a fast-paced and uncontrolled urbanization; an estimated 1.5 million people were living in Saigon slums.[10]
United States Air Force records show that at least 6,542 spraying missions took place over the course of Operation Ranch Hand.[11] By 1971, 12 percent of the total area of South Vietnam had been sprayed with defoliating chemicals, at an average concentration of 13 times the recommended USDA application rate for domestic use.[12] In South Vietnam alone, an estimated 10 million hectares (25 million acres, 39,000 square miles) of agricultural land was ultimately destroyed.[13] In some areas, TCDD concentrations in soil and water were hundreds of times greater than the levels considered safe by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.[14][15] Overall, more than 20% of South Vietnam's forests were sprayed at least once over a nine-year period.[9]


yardarm said...

Jaw jaw or war war. You get both with this prick.

call me ishmael said...

He's the new Ugly American, Kerry. Botoxed, coiffured and yet reeking of sin and greed, whining, whining, whining for the blood of Others. I have a glimmer of a thought, mr yardarm, that the gangsters in the Senate and the Congress, as well as the Frog legislators, may yet leave Obomba with his dick hanging out; that's not to mention Vlad the gay one, the Chinks and the Pakistani Secret Service.

I know that all of skymadeupnewsandfilth, especially the PaedoBeeb, has been licking Obomba's arse but his democratic defeat, along with Cameron's and Hollande's, would be the story of the century; the warworm may turn.

DtP said...

As a spectator it kinda shows how Cameron ignores 'other' cliques - he feels threatened by internal cliques and seems to be projecting? Fucked that one up!

Just as a thing Anna Raccoon has done awesome blogging over summer.

katie kwik-fit said...

@mr ishmael

he's the new ugly american, kerry. botoxed, coiffured and yet reeking of sin and greed, whining, whining, whining for the blood of others.

yes dear...obviously the boris karloff image didn't work for him...maybe it didn't hang well or something?

Anonymous said...

How they can lecture the world on the dangers of atomic weapons in the wrong hands, when they are the ONLY fuckers ever to have used them (on civilians) I just cannot fathom.

Close to 250,000 civilians dead in a week. Old men, women, kids. No soldiers. Fuck knows how many millions dead from cancer, still born, mutated and wrecked before life even got going.

Fucking Yee-hah bastards. Sooner or later they are going to pick on the wrong country, and what they thought was a snot-faced kid in the playground, ripe for the picking, is going to turn out to be a black belt in fuk yu oop. We'll see how fucking keen their fat fuck inhabitants are to 'support the 5 branches of the millitaireee' when dirty bombs are going off in Times Square and suicide bombing is a side order to a super sized Big Mac.


lilith said...

In 2002 Obama had this to say about the proposed invasion of Iraq

Now let me be clear—I suffer no illusions about Saddam Hussein. He is a brutal man. A ruthless man. A man who butchers his own people to secure his own power. He has repeatedly defied UN resolutions, thwarted UN inspection teams, developed chemical and biological weapons, and coveted nuclear capacity.

He’s a bad guy. The world, and the Iraqi people, would be better off without him.

But I also know that Saddam poses no imminent and direct threat to the United States, or to his neighbors, that the Iraqi economy is in shambles, that the Iraqi military a fraction of its former strength, and that in concert with the international community he can be contained until, in the way of all petty dictators, he falls away into the dustbin of history.


The consequences of war are dire, the sacrifices immeasurable. We may have occasion in our lifetime to once again rise up in defense of our freedom, and pay the wages of war. But we ought not — we will not — travel down that hellish path blindly. Nor should we allow those who would march off and pay the ultimate sacrifice, who would prove the full measure of devotion with their blood, to make such an awful sacrifice in vain.

nonny the neandertroll said...

@katie kwik-fit

no, you don't get it hun - the 'boris karloff look' may seem a bit last-millenium to us...but you see to someone from the stone-age it seems quite futuristic or avant garde even.

nonny the neandertroll said...

@katie kwik-fit

no, you don't get it hun - the 'boris karloff look' may seem a bit last-millenium to us...but you see to someone from the stone-age it seems quite futuristic or avant garde even.

nonny the neandertroll said...

is there an echo in this fucking cave?

Mike said...

Its the reverse Scargill look. When they falsify their looks, and assume nobody notices.

Kerry also speachified that Assad had joined Hitler and Saddam in the pantheon of those who used chemical weapons; as you say Mr I he conveniently forgot to include the good ol' US of A in that exclusive club. Arsehole.

I recently visited Hue in Vietnam, In the American war (as the locals call it) people took snctuary in the Imperial City in Hue believing nobody would be so evil as to attack innocents in such a heritage site. 10,000 civilians were killed by USA bombs and the Imperial City destroyed. And yet we are expected to treat 9/11 with the same reverence as the second coming. Fortunately I didn't come across a yank in Hue.

BTW welcome back Mr I, trust you are well.

call me ishmael said...

Hue must be an interesting trip but it's not just Vietnam. Nothing is ever said, Mr Mike, by the Blairmongers, of the comprehensive, Goering-like looting of the Iraqi galleries and museums by GlobaCorp; by Iraq, of course we mean Mesapotamia, Civilisation's delivery room.

And I heard a Syrian woman, the other night, saying that Damascus, at 6,000 years, is the oldest, constantly inhabited city in the world, not talking about Dresden or Coventry and their few hundred years of existence but of a site which pre-dates the Epic of Gilgamesh, the Pyramids and the Acropolis. Only an American would rush to bomb such a place. I know that our home-grown, arsehole encrustations in Westminster are also keen to help out but this barbarous lead comes from Obomba.

I recall that Ms Lilith's daughter visited Damascus and I wonder if we will leave something for any of our other children to visit.

My own view, actually, as I said elsewhere, is that the world is tired of the Ugly American and that we may be seeing not an Arab Spring but maybe a Western Autumn, not only only amongst the overwhelming majority of nations which oppose Uncle Sam but perhaps also within his own legislatures. I understand that what we call social media make politicians very sensitive, now, to their electorates, if Senators, accustomed just to pigging-out, gangstering and rent-boying for four years at a time are now getting blistered on their Twitter accounts, well, Obama is, to most people, an awful, seething betrayal and perhaps his hanging-out to dry might be seen as a useful purgative, Fingers crossed.

Kerry, incidentally, like Petraeus, like Hillary Trousers, just another of Obama's cack-handed, cowardly malappointments. Three hundred million to choose from and he picks this worthless, preening nincompoop.

Although I wasn't aware of it, I only have to close my eyes, Ms Lilith, to hear that speech, his dreadful, I-know-best didacticism, as though he was the world's headmaster, instead of a cheap, Uncle Tom hustler.

And yes, mr anonymous, the hypocrisy of the US/Israeli nuclear arsenal posturing is so foetid, so rank that to come up for air in the midst of it is to choke.

Old timer said...

Damascus and environs - just about the only place left where some folk still speak Aramaic, the language of Christ. Syria is a beautiful country and its populace has lived in peaceful co-existence with each other for hundreds of years. But at this rate, regrettably, all that will be left of it will resemble those wonderful Roman ruins dotted about all over the country. So sad. I wonder who will get the contracts to rebuild it. Glass and concrete skyscrapers will be so out of place there, but hey, lots of lovely cash to be made innit?