Monday, 16 November 2009


Australian PM Dud apologizes to 500,000 child victims of institutional abuse


Australian Prime Minister Kevin Dud formally apologized Monday to 500,000 victims of childhood abuse in the country’s orphanages and government-run institutional care facilities between 1930 and 1970.

‘Allo caring cobbers, isn’t this great country great. And aren’t we all great here, today, even you lot, who had your arses banged like a shithouse door in a gale ? Isn’t it a great country, Australia? Well, alright, fair dooz, a half a million a you bastards were a little fucked about with, maybe, got wrenched from your folks and made to sleep out in the yard with the ‘roos and the ‘Abos,– and believe me, cobbers, them blackfellas is next in line for Whitey’s Apology or my name ain’t Kev Dudd, - and maybe the Warden or the Priest or the Teacher or some other great Australian role model’d come out there and maybe slap y’all around a bit and slip you a length a the old Didgeredoo, up yer Kyber or down yer throat, possums, but hey, that doesn’t mean that you ain’t all just as much a part a this great country as they are, does it now?

Australian children and thousands of young migrants who were sent to Australia from Britain suffered decades of neglect and emotional, sexual and physical abuse at the hands of caregivers. Many children were told they were orphans and others were separated from their siblings.Known as the ‘‘Forgotten Australians,’’ around 1,000 victims traveled to Parliament House in Canberra You know, continued Kev, sincerely, Australia is a really great country even if we did torture and bugger a half a fucking million, yes, a half a fucking million, that’s five fucking hundred fucking thousand children all buggered up, their lives buggered-up, their schooling buggered-up, their families buggered-up and their little pink arses most especially buggered-up and ya know what that means, you know what that means, Bruce, that means that there musta been, had to be, over the years, some children that didn’r get the old Didgeredoo in the shitpipe, so how about that, what a great country. And the other thihg about this shit that I’m apologising for is that despite there bein’ a half a fucking million victims nobody saw nothin’ happenin’ or if they did they didn’t grass their neighbours up; how’s that for a great nation, at least a half a milluio crimes and nobody saw nothin; Fair Dinkum, cobbers.

A thousand survivors gathered in the Aussie Parliament Hall to hear Dud and opposition leader Malcolm Turnbull give emotional apologies. Not a dry eye in the fucking house, there wasn’t.

‘‘We come together today to deal with an ugly chapter of our nation’s history and we come together today to offer our nation’s apology,’’ Dudd said. “ Course I’m not really apologisin’, cobbers and fellow citizens a this great child-abusing, wog-bashing nation – ain’t Australia great? - see, because it wasn’t me did all that shit but hey, I’m a real nice guy and if it gives people nice warm feelings to hear me aplogising fer somethin’ I never done, why that’s just part a living in this great country. And havin’ me make the apology is just like havin’ the criminal shitbags themselves make the apology, before being thrown in the Jailhouse and having their property confiscated and given to the victims. In fact, it’s better this way because this way, we won’t have to investigate many a the prominent citizens in this great country, Australia, many of whom know shit about me an’ my mates in Parliament and who control the votes of large numbers a their fellow – unmolested – citizens. So instead of all that muck-rakin’ and old fashioned and I might say right unhelpful, un-Australian notions of Justice, we are all gonna just bury this shit right here and now by just saying To you, the ‘Forgotten Australians’ and those who were sent to our shores as children without their consent…we are sorry. Sorry that as children you were taken from your families and placed in institutions where you were so often abused, sorry for the physical suffering, the emotional starvation and the cold absence of love of tenderness of care. And now that we got that shit outa the way will y’all stand and sing with me the Naional Anthem a this great country that allows you victims, despite your eariler wickedness, to be its great citizens, ah-one-two-three-four Noncing Matilda, Noncing Matilda, you’ll come a-Noncing, Matilda with me…….”

The Alliance for Forgotten Australian said victims suffered devastating, long-term effects from their experience, including ‘‘difficulty forming and maintaining relationships, trauma and depression, low education levels, widespread illiteracy and poor physical health.’‘ Many victims have spent much of their lives in prison whilst their tormentors have flourished and prospered.

Prime Minister Kev never mentioned compensation at the SorryFest but it is believed that the Aussie government planse to help ease the old age of some of the victims. That’s right Australian of them, eh?


Mother's Ruin said...

Five hundred thousand? I care for one. A recipient of the tender care provided by the Sisters of Mercy. Fuck me,if you're going to do it well,get a snappy moniker.
She has "issues of trust",as far as i understand the medical terminology. Twenty three and a half hours a day,i provide reassurance,safety and dare i say,parenting that was missed.The other half an hour is my happy time at Tescos.
A whole fucking childhood robbed of the mundanity of family.All the scenes that i,and other lucky ones,took for granted.Some of us don't know we're born till we grow older.

call me ishmael said...

Thanks, Mothers Ruin, can you tell us more without pain or indiscretion, here or via

If you want to, that is.

Mother's ruin said...


call me ishmael said...


Mother's Ruin said...

That's alright.You can call me Robbie. I may lack the erudition and intellect of most of your correspondants,but i can still marvel at your flashing blade.
It's not i that need apologies.