Tuesday, 17 November 2009


The vet said two years ago that he had only a few weeks due to an enlarged heart, he went bad ways after his life-time co-dog, Barney, passed away suddenly. Buster had always wanted to be TopDog and now Barney was gone, he could be, but, y'know, you don't miss your water, 'til your well runs dry and Buster got what he wanted, but he lost what he had and he lives quietly now, TopDog, alone. I took him, recently, to where, six hundred miles away and fifteen years ago, he used to walk as a pup; he wasn't impressed and he was glad to be back in his walled garden, on his sofa, in any of his half-dozen beds.

Anybody who can look in dog's eyes and not see his own swift passing there mirrored misses dog's purpose, and ours.

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lilith said...

Gorgeous. I particularly like the sofa picture ("I'm dog tired") and the bed picture ("I've had a bath and I'm not taking up a lot of space so you won't notice a single mark on the Egyptian cotton") The hippy look on the stairs is cool too.

mrs narcolept said...

Oh, thank you! That is possibly the nicest thing that has happened to me all year. Buster just got it goin' on, simply can't take a bad picture, the camera loves him. A little lion when awake, heart-melting when asleep in his T-shirt; TopDog indeed.

Dick the Prick said...

Lovely. Tough job being a dog - that sleep won't sleep itself.

Anonymous said...

"dog's purpose"?

A dog's purpose is to manufacture more dogs. The eyes, and their manner of appealing to something in what a human being might imagine to be his soul, are part of the mechanism by which dogs are able to carry out their purpose.

Perhaps it has become part of the purpose of human beings to find these apparent purposes in other species, thus providing a dimension to human existence that tends to diminish the sense of futility and, so, making our own procreation efforts seem less dreadfully pointless.

Thank you for the welcome back note of a few days ago, Mr Ishmael. I hope that I do not exhaust you with my tediously literal view of things, rather I just want to change, so very slightly, the colour of your prejudices: 'He not busy being boring, is busy dyeing'.

richard said...

he's a nice little chap. it's a pity that man's best friend doesn't live very long, whereas a parrot or tortoise live for many decades. a lady once described religion to me as "the smile on the face of a dog" - perhaps the uncluttered joy and delight in life?
from your words, he's been lucky with his human pal.
best regards to Buster.

mongoose said...

Mr Ishmael, my late father, mad old fool that hw was, buried his deceased red setters in coffins in his bluebell wood. Lord knows what the archaeologists will make of it in a thousand years. "Why are the doggie coffins aligned with this ancient Roman Road?"

I miss having a dog. Perhaps it is time.

Anonymous said...

Nice dog but what about the tattooed slag who fucked off in Goa left her 15 year with 2 men she didn't know and ended up dead? She has been remanded for fiddling£50K benefit fraud. I know she is one of you favourite people.

black hole sunset said...

Sofa and beach are my favourites; Buster at the extremes of relaxation and attention =)

Good health to you both.

The Dyer's Garden said...

Could the Smith residence be a part-time guest house, as the outside dialing codes card in one of the pictures suggests? Just imagine saying the wrong thing at breakfast, indeed saying anything at breakfast, as you saw through a fierce and unyielding slice of bacon. Who could have guessed that such entertainment is to be had, in some godforsaken corner of scotland that is forever england?

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