Friday, 13 November 2009



Mr Tommy Sheridan, Leader of the Himself Party, faces the cameras as he fails to take the Glasgow-North Westminster seat. I didnae do it an' I wisnae there, it's all that bastard Murdoch's fault.
It's a braw big conspiracy by yon capitalist lackey bastards, so it is.

Balding Mr Bondage, a Big Brother HouseMate, a mature student, a career bail-ee and the man who single-handedly buried socialism in Scotland was on this occasion appearing without his Comrade-Wife and co-accused, Gail, Miss Primart 2006, and said that he would be back, only not, if as seems likely, he was in HMP Barlinnie. Again

"D'ye fancy spanking ma airse, hen, maybe stick a wee ice cube up ma jacksie? "

Mr Sheridan enjoys a non-chauvinistic exchange with a young woman.


Down in the smoke said...

What is it about these Jocks? For a nation of relatively small numbers,they've always produced a high proportion of pre-eminants.It used to be in the field of science,engineering,commerce and the arts.
Nowadays,it's arseholes.

call me ishmael said...

Perhaps, Mr Smoke, it is just a yardstick, a reflection; Scotland, best part of England - but they are very thvick on the grund, here, the arseholes.

mongoose said...

The Sheridans? Dear God, Ii will have a heart attack any minute now.

And why are they not in jail?

call me ishmael said...

Tommy and Gail are a lesson in the power of even the slightly media-savvy over the ordinary and especially over the knaves and charlatans in the press. They should have been in jail the first time and I hope they go this time but Scotland, best part of England, seeks, ever, a different sort of justice.