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Dame Helena Kennedy, eminent QC.

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The big issue
The big issue: EU presidency. Tony Blair is the last leader Europe needs

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* The Observer, Sunday 1 November 2009
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The presidency of Europe will be highly symbolic and Tony Blair is a wholly inappropriate person to hold the role ("Is Tony Blair the right man to be president of Europe?", Observer Debate, Comment). He misled our country – to secure support for a decision he had already made to join George Bush in the Iraq war. In doing so, he showed total disrespect for international law, the United Nations and the views of his European partners; he destabilised the world and was naively cavalier as to the cost in human lives.

Domestically, he was disrespectful of the rule of law and civil liberties, hollowed out the Labour party and deepened the divide between rich and poor. He cravenly bowed to the demands of Rupert Murdoch, the neoconservatives in America, the extreme pro-Israeli lobby and his friends in the City. He showed poor judgment in his choice of associates. His freeloading was shameful. Indeed, his lifestyle epitomises the worst values of a materialistic age. He does not have the qualities of a leader, but would be an excellent television presenter.

Helena Kennedy

London WC1

And so says Dame Helena Kennedy, poet, playwright and eminent QC - aren't they all - in a piece so shockingly badly written that it would have failed the 11-plus. Kennedy, like many NewLabourites, modestly has a Foundation, no less; we must hope that the doubtless worthy aims and objectives of this body lie entirely outside the area of English grammar.

Kennedy recently chaired something called The Power Enquiry, in which the great and the good, people like million pounds a year GuardianBoss, Alan Arsebridger, gave her their opinions as to how much freedom the people might usefully have; it was as nauseating as these things get, lacking only Germaine Greer with her skirt up round her arse to make it beyond stomaching. Kennedy, sitting unelected in the House of Lords but fiercely egalitarian, made such an impact that the report of the Power Enquiry surfaced without trace, it may as well have been written by Will Hutton.

There is a line in Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts - She had done a lot of bad things, even once tried suicide; she was lookin' to do just one good deed before she died - which seems emblematic of Kennedy's very belated fit of pique vis a vis the would-be Emperor and Imelda; better late than never, Helena but only a little bit. It'll take a little more than this piece of scribble to redress the damage done by Kennedy and her ilk as they Hosannahed the ghastly Blairs into Downing Street. And lawyers are supposed to have such good judgement, innit.


A young Lithuanian said...

Wasn't it this specimen who stood up in the House of Lairds to ensure that mothers can refuse a DNA test on their child if the 'father' was doubtful?

Fuck me, she's even worse than Krusty Wark, and that's saying something. She's a kind of Morningside Warnock, baffled that the little people don't hang on her every word.

call me ishmael said...

The joyless, humourless, sexless lifelessness at the heart of NewLabour; that's Helena.

mongoose said...

"Deepened the divide between rich and poor" did he, Helena? Don't spend it all at once, luv. Ghastly woman, and she doesn't even have a hint of suspicion that she is a two-faced cow. Come the revolution...

Dick the Prick said...

I kinda liked the power commission's report - thought it nice and lovely. Utter bollox ofcourse but still a very fluffy document. It was very well researched and had a 10 point plan and all that - PR, free blow jobs - that kinda thing and I dunno - every once in a while is alright but they seem to be blabbing on about having a sequel or something. Seems odd, just get a new cover.

I don't really know her other than thru Power but I definately think democracy is a bit fucked and she's not promoting anything strategic just tinkering with the mechanics.

I accidently got the job as dogs body for my local tory party who control the council and it's been a bit of a revelation. Democracy certainly does exist - it is tangible but people are disengaged. I genuinely think this internetty stuff is the future - chap down south brought down a council by blogging (probably a fucking loon but good on him).

Democracy is a bit fucked but fuck it - we're all Europeans now!!!

d day said...


we're all Europeans now!!!

not till i've been entombed from head-to-toe in an avalanche of fromage frais topped-off with chocolate truffles, and been liberated by the enquiring tongues of a pack of frisky se├▒oritas from a strict order of freik├Ârperkultur nuns, each with a miniature barrel of cognac lolling casually around their u-shaped valley.

Dick the Prick said...

d day - what section of the treaty was that - missed that bit, where do I sign?

clerk to the commission said...


please sign under merkel's left nipple using the pen lodged in sarkozy's upturned rectum, sir.