Thursday, 5 November 2009


No, only joking. But now that I am going to be Fuhrer, I mean, PM, everybody says so, I have to speak to the people of Britain as they deserve. Like a load of naughty children.

You-Will-Not-Have-A-Referendum. And that's all there is to it. Instead, you must do as I say. I know what you want and what you want is whatever I say you want. Otherwise there is no point in me being Fuhrer. Is there? Come on, now. Who do you want? Me or that other bloke? Because, let me tell you, he wouldn't give you a referendume. So there. A clear choice for the British people. Gordon Brown, he won't give you a referendum on the joining the New World Order and promises cuts in public services. And me. I won't give you a referendum on joining the New World Order and I say there will have to be cuts in public services. It's a clear enough choice. Vote for trans-pair-ency, vote for sol-you-shuns. It is the right thing for the country.

C'mon, now, off to bed with you, it's past bedtime.
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land of hope and glory said...
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A young Lithuanian said...

Personally, pooling my sovereignty with the missus has been the worst thing I've ever done.

Wot a terrible cunt.

mac the wife said...


yeah, especially when you've only got one pair of trousers - that's why i went dutch in my second marriage

Dick the Prick said...

It's a bit hard and fast Mr Ishmael but certainly quite accurate. I don't think Dave is a fuhrer - i'm starting to think he's fucking out of his depth.

Eton, oxford, cash, contacts - be harder to fuck up than to achieve. I'm beginning to think he may be thick as fuck but fast on his feet but sometime it catches up.

I made a sort of random comment about Labour yesterday in that they were blinded by their conceit to never once avail themselves of the notion 'err...d'ya reckon we're talking bollox?' and it's looking like I can save myself 13 years and just assume the tories are the same.

Just saw a poll on GMTV (Penny's kinda dirty sexy) where 90% of respondents wanted the troops back home - so what? Are they wrong? When these are the family and friends, the neighbours and the alumni.

OT - have you got a bit of a wanker wandering round your blog? It'll get bored no doubt.

Anonymous said...

I was in the opticians today and he said I would have to stop wanking. I said would I go blind? He said no but you are upsetting the other customers

rodwig said...

I beg you to find "politics" in Roget's Thesaurus. It says it all.

call me ishmael said...

He is letting it be known, Mr DTP, that, triumphant, he will be too busy correcting the economy and not to bother him with inconsequentials like promises of democracy, his tone - now perhaps over-confident of victory - is ever more strident and impatient. And, unlike the ninety per cent you mention, Dave and his generals - von Hague - insist that we fight to the last man in fuzzy wuzzy land. Hitler's near enough for me; wasn't the Bullingdon club like the Hitler Youth for rich kids?

won't be wasting my time here anymore, nor on your other blogs (guido fawkes, old holborn + contributors), can't criticize obama supporters here it seems said...


OT - have you got a bit of a wanker wandering round your blog? It'll get bored no doubt.

don't know about that, but there's definitely a pink hole around here - it's keeps swallowing my posts.