Tuesday, 3 November 2009




Christmas is coming, the doctors are getting fat
Please put a grand in Gerry & Cilla's hat
If you haven't got a grand a pony will have to do
And if you say we're lying bastards, then we'll fucking sue you.

"Clearly, why should I answer any questions from the police, when, clearly, it's all their fault that Maddlin went missing?"

"No, I love Maddlin, that's why I shouted at her all the time and left her in the dark in a securely locked or a safely unlocked apartment, looking after two other infants while me and Gezza went for a very professional piss-up. So what could possibly be wrong with that? All we want now is for the public to give us some more money. And to get Maddlin back, of course. We know they are behind us, apart from some sickoes who think we might possibly have done something wrong and should answer the police questions when it's their fault that Maddlin went missing in the first place. If only the public can give us a another couple of million, we can find her, even though we can't. Gottleageer, gottleageer."

Dr Gerry McCann's new body double, former constable Brendan O'Thug.

"Frighten the children? No, I always look like this. No, that was a long time ago. And I was an out-patient."


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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A young Lithuanian said...

Maddy and dat, it was like with Hillsborough, whack

It was dem bizzies wot dunnit.

Heysel? Don't know nuffin about dat, and anybody who sez I do is gonna get a smack, soft lad.

rastus said...

Oh dear, Mothers and Father are not responsible for the safety of their offspring. Didn't cher know?
It's all to be done by official bodies.
Teachers are responsible and can be sued for not taking care, but parents must leave it to taxpayer funded specialists.
It is the new world of Alice Through the Puking Glass.

spark up said...
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mongoose said...

Mr Ishmael,

The thing that I don't understand is that their faces look so unstressed, so rested. If my baby had been stolen - or I had killed her, accidently or otherwise - I would never sleep again. The bags under my eyes would by now reach my knees. They look like artificial, plastic people.

I don't understand it at all.

Burke and Wife said...

Look at the atrophied flesh of her face,the deathmask that she wears.She's dead.She knows she's dead.The corpse may yet twitch,but the inner putrefaction has already set in.

mongoose said...

Mr Burke and Wife,

No. Though I accept your point, the coldness is there, the horror, the mask. But not enough by far. If one of mine was lost or died, I would be changed forever. She does indeed look a little pained and suffering - under him - I guess. He looks like Stalin counting the losses on the eastern front. They are not hurt and damaged anough. And they are not hurt or damaged enough even if they did it.

Something is not clear.

call me ishmael said...

I suggest mr mongoose and mr b&W that you take a look on skymadeupnewsandfilth at that other geezer; I don't know who he is, some new minder, new enforcer but he is really creepy, every picture I took looked like that.

It is Decency which is not clear; these are bad people and it would be great to think that sky were giving them enough rope to hang themselves. Can anyone look at them and not shudder?

Swiss Bob said...

"Can anyone look at them and not shudder?"


Mothers Ruin said...

I haven't seen the new geezer,being unable to stomach the big finale of Kay Burley and the McCanns sharing top billing.He looks like Liam Byrnes more obnoxious brother.
Mr Mongoose.Until you experience that sitution,who knows how you'd react,let alone carrying the guilt that at best,you'd been negligent,and at the worst,the mind boggles.But give your small ones a hug,and keep them close.They're lucky.They have you.Unlike Madeline.

Anonymous said...

They have you.Unlike Madeline" Who might just might have her mother and father if the fuckers didn't (or so they say) lock her in a room while they fucked off for an oh so middle class piss up. I also hope Karen Matthews well known slag about town is watching this to see how it should be done.

mongoose said...

Matthews, I hope, is in the deepest dungeon in the land, and the other scrote. We do still have dungeons, don't we? Horrible, horrible, worthless fuckers 10 years? I'd give them a hundred and ten.

rastus said...

Supposing this had taken place here in this country, would there not have been, by now, some sort of "children left at home alone" court case?

lilith said...

Repellent. Very hard to have sympathy for anyone in this tale except Maddie. They look like hard fuckers to me. Sad hard fuckers but hard fuckers all the same. How else do you leave three kids under 4 alone all evening? Did anyone blood test the twins for sedatives?

call me ishmael said...

That and a hundred other relevant questions have a cordon sanitaire around them; why was Clarence seconded from the Foreign Office; why did they say the apartment door was in line of sight from them when it could hardly have been more out of sight, why did they phone lawyers, Kirtsy Wark and a PR team before reporting the child missing ? Why did they insiost the apartment was securely locked and then insist it was securely open, presumably for the three year old to shepherd out the two younger ones in the event of fire ? I see no sadness here, Lilith, just cold, calculating criminals, a collusive prime minister and a collusive media, for me, more than anything that's happened since 1997, Gerry & Cilla McCann reveal the depths of our Ruin.

mongoose said...

Mr Ishmael,

The law is for little people, Sir. Not the likes of the McCanns, Robertson, Blair, Wark, Blears... It goes on.

Surely the madder end of the spectrum of rumoured McCann misdemeanour must be just that. Let us then suppose the kindest of idiocy - we went on the piss and the kid fell out of bed or choked on vomit or whatever. Why would you not just call an ambulance and take whatever flak came your way? It wouldn't be much. Me being pissed in the garden at a BBQ with my kids upstairs is the same sin. OK, say they dosed the poor kid on whatever a doctor's version of Calpol is - it's still only "The poor bloody parents! There but for the grace of God go I." It doesn't make any sense unless there was some horrible, heartless evil at the root of it.

Or they are telling the truth - unlikely as that seems.

call me ishmael said...

They are not, cannot be, telling the truth, because their account of events changed fundamentally as the inconsistencies emerged. But even if they are telling the truth it is only the juggernaut of media manipulation which somehow spins their criminal neglect into the acions which are nothing worse than those which normal,decent parents perform throughout the lives of their infant children - leaving them alone, unsupervised, at night in a strange building, in a foreign country in an area with a transient, tourist population.

If something looks like some horrible, heartless evil, smells like some horrible, heartless evil and displays all the expected characteristics of some horrible, heartless evil then that is probably what it is, mr mongoose.

mongoose said...

Mr Ishmael,

The looking in on sleeping children is a strange business. First baby! You go and look at it every five seconds. If the little blighter isn't yelling, it might be dead. Prod it in the chest and see if it's alive. And one does do this madness. Every first-time parent knows that story.

Second baby! A bit less intrusive but barely so. Third baby! And one just hopes that they'll go to fecking sleep some time soon. Leave them be, you fool.

Even a mad, bad, shaken baby tragedy is still not cause enough for this level of denial and craziness. It is too horrible to even think about.