Saturday, 30 August 2014


A punch in the face is no laughing matter. Showbusiness, of course, depicts people being drop-kicked and pistol-whipped, smashed full in the face with a nailed boot, yet laughing and grinning ruefully, just  a few moments later. The older I grow the more these enactments frustrate me;  the human body is, no other word for it, a miracle, its powers of reconstitution and repair beyond the wildest imaginings of technology;  to kick it about and wound it deliberately seems wanton and stupid; 

 to invite violence on oneself is not the conduct of a wise man, for it begets itself, time and again and hurts others; it is the soft words, rather than the vain, gabshite grandstanding, which turn away Wrath.

That the disgusting old whore, Galloway, should be struck, while posing for pictures is a bitter-sweet irony which will be lost on him;  that there is at least one person in the UK unenthralled by his shouty, undiscerning celebrity he can probably live with but even that fact will chafe a little  at our great people's champion and poseur.  It will be interesting to see if, as it should, this episode knocks Georgie off the plinth of his own vanity or if it becomes embellished the more  with the facetious mythology of his unending struggle for the creation of a (now) Islamo-Socialist Republic On Earth.

A spiritual Native American, I never permit my photograph to be taken, believing, like them, that it amounts to theft of the soul.  That Galloway cannot live without his image being endlessly cosmeticised,  tailored and widely reproduced, this alone bespeaks his unworthiness.

See you, Jimmy?

Jim Murphy, however, speaks softly and has, to my knowledge, never, as has  Galloway, demeaned himself on Cruelty TeeVee. The Scot, Murphy, has had a bit of a ministerial career without the vast over-promotions given his fellow-Jocks, people like the unspeakable John Thug Cock-Waving Reid or Robin Morality Cook, Des Browne, Douglas Alexander, Christ, there's scores of the fuckers;  all of  whom seem to me lesser intellects, coarser politicians than is Murphy;  these are only character nuances for Murphy is nonethless  a fully paid-up, thieving, NewLabour warmonger, with the blood and torture of millions stalking  his dreams, or so we must hope.
Courageously, however, Murphy has been on a whistle-stop sort of tour of Scotland, making the case for to-getherism.  Aping Johnny Underpants, Murphy pulls into town and stands on an upturned soft-drinks box, well, not very soft, Irn Bru, a drink containing enough sugar to fell, hyperglycaemic,  a non-Glaswegian and does a question-and-answer show;  fair enough, Reid is too busy enriching himself, sucking on Satan's cock to make an appearance, Gordon Snot is now perhaps stumblingly aware that actually he is an embarrassment and Edinburgh-born Tony Blair is standing ahead, even, of John Reid,  in the queue to fellate the Devil.  Alastair Darling, another  ancient over-promotee, looks as lacklustre, as caught-in-the-headlights  rabitty as he did when stood beside Snotty, shovelling my money into the mouth of GlobaCorp.  It falls, then, to people like Murphy to make the case.
Intimidation, though, has driven him off.  In the main, the tribesmen are utterly, utterly repuslive human beings, wilfully backward, unable to frame their own names whilst sober; ensnared by a history which they completely misunderstand; shepherded from womb to tomb intact only under the supervision of Anglo-Scots and increasingly of common-or-garden English.  I know it sounds terribly incorrect but native Scots fill so few crucial posts in the country not because of an English tyranny but becasue they are, themselves, unfit;  not all of them but very many spend their lives raging abour things which never happened and wouldn't matter even if they had,  Jock is a vengeful, inebriate cross-dressing wife beater, his stupefied malevolence destructive  to all but especially to himself, for how much longer must we blame the miserable life expectancy of some Glaswegians on John Bull;   when will Jock realise that drinking, gobbling fat, smoking and sitting on your dwarf, scrawny arse is lethal?


That, the Jockism,  is not something I say lightly but it  is my experience;  their discourse is bitter, vile and rancid, they are bullies, Salmond's Brownshirts-in-the-waiting and perhaps now, no longer in the waiting.  Heckling meetings is one thing, bussing-in squads of moron thugs and breaking then up is quite another.  Salmond, typically, will  not condemn his most rabid disciples, hinting that togetherists also deploy Nazi tactics, even though they don't, even though there is not a shred of evidence anywhere in Scotland of a mobile No-vote strike squad, Salmond smirks that there is.

Galloway and Murphy are career politicians for whom I have little if any sympathy; such sympathy as I might feel is baked from  the No Man Is An Island  recipe;  I despise them both, a pox on them and their houses.  Of the two events, however, an enraged individual  belting a shape-shiftimg, shameless celebrity bully in the mouth and an orchestrated, neo-Nazi mob owning the public space I know which is the more worrisome.


jgm2 said...

The Little Scotlanders are simply using the same tactics pioneered by the Labour party in Fucking Scotland and elsewhere.

Do you really think that Poll Tax riots and suchlike were spontaneous actions by concerned 'ordinary citizens'? Not a bit off it.

Of course not. For the same reason there isn't a spontaneous 'Throw these fucking Muzzie paedophiles out of the UK' march through London. Because nobody with the political or 'community' infrastructure in place is organising one.

The Little Scotlanders are, as you say, just flexing their muscles. It's an illuminating prospect for the future of English exiles in Fucking Scotland when Salmond and his ilk are handing out the jobs and promotions and grants and prison sentences and laws. I did try to warn you Mr I. This has been inevitable since Labour's Reign of Terror back in 1997 tried to establish a perpetual Labour enclave in the UK by spinning off a separate parliament for Fucking Scotland.

The same short-sighted imbecility that assumed that just because they'd poisoned all the Little Scotlanders against the Tories that they (the Little Scotlanders) would always vote Labour is the same reason we find our country awash with 2 million immigrants from `Shitistan who clearly fucking well hate us. All encouraged by Labour in the mistaken belief that the Religion of Peedos will always vote Labour.

Despite the mounting evidence that they will, in future, be voting 200% for the likes of Galloway and Latfur the Bangladeshi.

Alphons said...

This may be the way I should go to finally get independence for Yorkshire.
We are better than Scotland at most things and better that Wales, N. & S. Ireland and the rest of England at most things....and this includes electing crap MPs.

tdg said...

If you fight with words you must be able also to fight with your hands; the emotional dissonance is otherwise corrosive. I gather the graduate contingent of FetLife is dominated by lawyers, presumably the least laid one there too.

callmeishmael said...

I accept much of your analysis, mr jgm2, I usually do but I cannot see an anti-English terror occurring just up the road from the Lake District or from Aknwick and it not being met by a fierce, punitive invasion from England, can you?

I can, though, imagine an England fragmenting, in mr alphons's terms, against an increasingly alien Greater London, the whole blithely overseen by a European Federal Government.

It is rich, however, as you note, that the Blair-Dewar recipe for eternal Labour hegemony in Scotland has proved so poisonous.

I think that the Religion of Paedos has adherents in all races and I would be fairly confident in saying that white, British males form the majority of its congregation; that is not to ignore the scale of the Rotherham worship nor to condone local government's grooming of its electorate - and notably its employees -into accepting the frankly criminal tendencies of many of its Muslem voters. mrs woar's Grooming of the Nation is a multi-faceted treason.

callmeishmael said...

He wasn't, though, able to fight with his hands, Galloway, or so we must surmise, altough he managed, the prick, to pose, nonetheless, plaintively, all Haupt voll blut und wunden, for the cameras.

And I suppose the firebombers of early Plaid Cymru, the kneecappers of the Irish War and now the Scots Nazis would maintain that their freedom to be enslaved by a different elite was worthy, principled, inevitable. I do believe that there are things worth fighting and killing and dying for but another, pre-redundant nation state is not one of them. Fuck,no.

jgm2 said...

Oh it won't be like Indian partition (or at least I hope it won't). It'll just be that suddenly there won't be any government jobs for English people in Fucking Scotland. The best surgeons, bureaucrats, dentists, councillors etc etc eligible for hire or promotion will suddenly all be Scottish. At the same time there will be an epidemic of grievance processes against English doctors etc brought by poisonous Little Scotlanders.

It'll be just more of the low(ish) level of snideness/outright hatred that English people have always had to put up with in Fucking Scotland but given the stamp of approval of a 'YES' vote.

But as others have pointed out - even if it's a 'NO' vote the legitimisation of hatred of the English by Salmond and his bile-rich Little Scotlanders and the rise of a sizeable minority (possible majority) who no longer feel the need to limit their vicious hatred amongst themselves has likely set in train a one-way process. Remember that in Ireland, in 1916, there was little appetite for an independent Ireland until the execution of the leaders of the uprising. It kind of galvanised an 'us' and 'them' mind-set. Salmond has almost achieved the same without bloodshed (thus far) but he won't be too bothered if somebody on either side gets killed because, as the Religion of Peedos and Putin also demonstrate, there is nothing quite like a few corpses on either side to cement people's loyalties. In any case a few good beatings might be all it needs to establish an 'us' and 'them' mindset. Certainly you don't hear Salmond decrying the actions of the SNP-Jungen.

'YES' or 'No' - with these roving gangs of Little Scotlanders unleashed by the SNP to shout down or batter down all opposition it won't be too long before some poisonous little cunt goes too far and sticks a knife into somebody with an English accent. Because of Culloden. Or the Highland Clearances. Or the Poll Tax. Or something.

They (the SNP and Little Scotlanders) managed to get away with their co-ordinated attack on Farage by claiming he was some neo-Nazi or something when any fule kno it's because he's sounds as English as you can get and they (the Little Scotlanders) fucking well hate the English. They can't pull the same excuse this time so now they're giving it 'They were doing it too miss….'

call me ishmael said...

Well, mr jgm2, if it transpires that there are no jobs for the English, the whole fucking country will fall, starving, into the North Sea, so many are the key posts held by incomers, as they charmingly call us.

As for the Neverendum which we have discussed, it is just possible that the actions of the natpigs, both physically and in cyberspace, may rouse the workers from their torpor, so that they see these people not as some romantic irritant but as the dangerous vermin which they are. I despise all nationalism, be it Farage or Winston or Salmond; be it Marty Kneecaps or Nicola Sturgeon, these people pollute the waters of humanity; staking prissy claim to some fatuous identity, why can't they see that it is not more borders we need but fewer?

Maybe, this will be a boil-lancing, after which sane persons of the realm may unite in ridding ourselves of all party politicians and of the entire House of Ruritania.

yardarm said...

Nasty, gobby little show offs, pirhouetting on a narrow platform of identity politics MacMugabe and the Emir of Respect are two flakes off the same shitcake.

Salmond is the Caledonian equivalent of some non com who stages a coup in some African state then declares himself to be a Field Marshal and President for Life: let MacMobutu install his tubby guts in Holyrood and he`ll be minning about in a jewel encrusted Skirt of State, circling the globe in a customised Boeing, representing Scotland in all the best locations.

As his ballifs scour the land requisitioning more fatted calves and sheep to be sacrificed to Mac Bokassa`s glory even your Orcadian fastness may not be a safe refuge, Mr Ishmael. Any chance of Tavish McHooter leading a counter coup and hauling up the Norwegian flag over St Magnus Cathedral ?

Al Galloway, what a ridiculous fart. When he`s proclaimed Emir of Bradford imagine the prick toted in the streets in a sedan chair in his cat suit.

DtP said...

Murphy's got a column in this week's Speccie and it reads as if he's just got off the boat. He was a bit of a peripheral figure in the Labour gov but he was definately connected and defo up to his neck in dirty dark arts politics so, to get fucked by Nats seems fitting, if somewhat tediously vulgar.

What's going on in the top pic with Galloway and the Gunga Din - bit, well, odd!

callmeishmael said...

Tavish McHooter, gosh, mr yardarm, I had forgotten him, which probably indicates his importance. Big Al Carmichael, the effective Godfather, up here, runs the show and if any pesky constituent gets shirty the local newspaper gives him as much space as he needs to shame the offender. You wouldn't get your hat on, as we say in the Midlands. More of him later.

The idea of a Northern Isles secession from New Salmondia has been mooted but it would require sterner men and women than those in the current crop of filthsters. You know, the same folk as denied there was any child abuse here, just a little while ago; if the councillors said there wasn't then how could there be?Give these people phoney Lairdships and a few quid and they'd jig andvreel their way around St Mungo's Cathedral bollock naked singing King Alec's praises.

callmeishmael said...

I take your point, mr dick, about Murphy, in fact, I thought I had made it, he is just another steaming heap of BlairDung. Ordinarily, I'd be delighted to see him get a pasting. ideally, in the Internaional Criminal Court, if only for all those burning Iraqi children, for Geoff Hoon's thankless Iraqi bithch mothers, who should have been grateful to him for their fiery bereavements. And so on. Murphy is softly spoken filth, no mistake; it's just that his rubbishing is at the hands of people who would drag my country back to the twelfth century.

SG said...

Doesn't this business with Galloway seem a little suspicious? Maybe someone ordered it up - maybe George himself? A bit like 'Scorpio' in 'Dirty Harry'...
Also the damage seems rather superficial a few bruises to the face. Some cracked ribs maybe... Perfect really. Poor George!

callmeishmael said...

There is nothing a politician coukd do to surprise me, mr sg, nothing.

callmeishmael said...

There is nothing a politician coukd do to surprise me, mr sg, nothing.

SG said...

Aye, Mr I, rotten to the core - left, right and centre.

Doug Shoulders said...

Wee Eck has neither the knowledge or the wherewithal to deal with the real powers. The incumbent in Westminster
The rule of all nations comes from behind their governments. Democracy is a ruse.
If perchance he does get his single day of victory it’ll be neither here nor there for average Scotlander.
Scotland will get its independent arse kicked back into the fold or be wastelanded on a whim.
If not wastelanded; watch for the banking “advisors” sidling up with a tray of pies. Wee Ecks new friends.
The waters which oil is in belongs to the crown ne’st pas?
What international body would is going to tut tut at England retaining their property rights.

I read somewhere that Galloway got a coupla broken ribs.
Took a bit of a pastin’ then.
Methinks the employment of a minder or two might be in order next time.
It’s difficult to gauge your unpopularity while cosseted (Or costumed as the case my be) in a tv studio.

mongoose said...

One can imagine him jetting out to Gaza this very morning for the bruised and valiant photo opp.

Again one has to wonder at the waste. The front, if not the intellect, to face down those Yank Senators - "Look lads, this is bollocks and I'm not going to bend to it. What else have you got? Nothing? Bye then" - was something that should have pointed him at higher targets than his telly rabble-rousing bullshit.

mrs narcolept said...

It seemed a bit odd to me, mr ishmael. That part of North Kensington is not a hotbed of belligerent Zionism. That same night, though, a middle-aged man was stabbed to death not far away in the Portobello Road. You got to go careful in London.

call me ishmael said...

I was prompted by mr tdg's - and others' - assessment of Galloway's stature to reconsider my opinion. I looked at some sympathetic press interviews and I read some chunks of one of his autobios - I Am Not The Only One, the title of which, associating himself with the wretched Lennon, should provide enough warning as to its content.

Considering his insiderhood to NewLabour's Jock Mafia it is disappointing, saying nothing that the rest of us, lacking his parliamentary and political access, have not been saying for years and in many cases, saying it far more entertainingly and provocatively. I am always wary of judging someone's life's opinions on the quality of their writing, hence my disapproval of the Aposthrophe Jihadists, but Galloway was selling this book for money abd his writing disappoints as much as do the short-rations contents, revelations such as Kissinger is a criminal, so is Bush, so is Blair; Fuck me George, a tenner for that, one born every minute, me, in this case. Oh, and John Reid is a thug, a bully and a hypoctite; Neil Kinnock is as thick as pigshit, John Presoctt is a turncoat. And on and on, stuff that my dogbloke, Harris, knows, just by sniffing the air. He is no writer, Galloway and as for his politics, well, hard-left Islamo-socialism seems just a little contradictory. My guess is that George would stand for any old invented rubbish, just as long as it propelled him to parliament, where he thinks he belongs; that he would preen himself as the conscience of UKIP, even, rather than make an honest living in the world. One of them, pretending to be one of us.

The press cuttings reveal that Yes, he is misquoted and misrepresented and Yes, he does sue successfully. So, fucking what, everybody is misrepresented in the press, that's what the press does, not just to poor old Glasgow George. In a long, fawning interview with the Independent, Galloway gushed that he was fortunate enough to attract beautiful women, and that he always married the woman he was with. I think for that vanity alone he deserves a punch in the mouth.

And as for bearding Uncle Sam, mr mongoose, in his den, Christ, what I would give for that opportunity, wouldn't you just love it? And wouldn't we all, whoever we are, tell Truth to Power without hyperbolising about spending our life's blood in the struggle for whatever it is? Galloway makes Geldof look modest and I see no political achievement whatsoever in his vain, sybaritic existence. I return to my unease at his Lawrence of Arabia posturing in Bradford and Tower Hamlets, isn't he, actually, the biggest racist of them all?

I haven't been to London since 1997, mrs n, Paul McCartney's New World Tour, dreadful place, not for me.

tdg said...

A democrat is someone who says what people like to say but do not believe; a demagogue is someone who says what people believe but would not dare say: Galloway is neither, he has created a political persona on the most marginal prospectus, the confused cause of a remote, chaotic, uncreative, primitive, silly people. No explanation but sentimentality fits the case, vanity alone would have driven him elsewhere, into fields of far greater narcissistic plenty. My own comparably dysfunctional nation was saved by that kind of sentimentality, so it is hard for me to be objective, but it seems to me we are hard on him for reasons that lie below the rational surface.

Rosevidney Rustic said...

I place Galloway in the class of traitorous rabble rousers such as Titus Oates and John Scott who nonetheless died of old age in their beds, unlike their innocent victims who were executed or gaoled and financially ruined.

call me ishmael said...

I doubt that he would share your assessment of his mission, mr tdg, for does he not rub shoulders of pretence with Fidel Castro, Chavez and Allende, see himself as part of a global movement, which started with Jesus, not what he would consider a marginal prospectus and it is upon his self-appraisal upon which he must be, I dunno, not judged, assesed, maybe. I often envy your concision and apparent detachment and if there was a political character to whom I would be charitable, in a cool sort of way, it would be Galloway, Superficially, he is all the things he claims to be and as you say had he sought it he might have at least have joined the discredited front benches of all-out Blairism.

Maybe I am as crippled by my own Zen-Presbyterian-Marxism as is he by his Catholic-Islamo-Socialism but there is something, I feel, unwholesome about a man who brays that his fees from Big Brother went to charity, i.e. the employment of young, female staff in his own office - some of whom he marries, some of whom are the same age or younger, than his daughter. We used to call people like him a dirty, old man.

call me ishmael said...

Maybe he did die in his bed, Master Oates but only in a technical sense, mr rr; his several and continued punishments were les than comforting, a grim time, that, like most of them. I think that we, call us what you will, have seen and known the best of times.