Friday, 15 August 2014


As a lifelong, devout and committed  young Christian all I can say is that if my behaviour has at any time  given offence to another I am deeply sorry.  I do not believe that I have sinned but as a Christian I accept that this is a matter for my Heavenly Father, to whom all hearts are open, all desires known, as I sang in my recording of the Book of Common Prayer of 1682.  I believe that if mine enemy smite me, I must turn the other cheek, and that I must love my neighbour as myself. A tall order, I know but one after which I must strive.

Thanks for the use of yer 'ouse, chuck, in the Bahamas
'Salright, Imelda, in my property portfolio there are many mansions. And thanks, too, to you and Tony, for extending the period of the copyright laws.

Sir Cliff with his company chaplain,  father confessor and paid best friend.

As a lifelong, devout and committed member of showbusiness, however, all I can say is that this fucking bastard fucking nobody is lying his fucking cock off,  the cops are utter bastards and if I have any more of this fucking shit I will retire to Portugal, where they know how to treat child molesters, I mean, respected, national treasure entertainers  who have sold product in every decade since the fucking Crusades, or so it seems.


It is surely one of the darkest farces of our time, the Esther Rantzen story, worse, by miles, than the ascent of the filthy old trollop, Edwina Underpants.  A recent story, run in the Mail and the Filth-O-Graph, has been eclipsed by he showbiz factor of Sir Cliff but it seems that one of Rantzen's career fucks, Tory nutter, beast and freak, Nicholas Fairbairn, MP, 

as well as dressing and speaking 

as eccentrically and contemptuously as Sir James Savile, 

was a truly horrid, lifelong child abuser, sharing among other things,  the pleasures of his friend,   Robert Henderson, QC's  four-year old daughter, Susie, now 48, who has waived her right to anonymity in this matter.  Mind how you go, Ms Henderson's story would break  your heart.

The story is for those with a strong stomach, a heartier appetite than I for the dreadful doings of great men. The Mail has the best coverage, although all of it, being about Thatcher's Tories, is hedged around with caution, as you would expect.

Fangs Rantzen, who, decrying what she calls Cruelty TeeVee, modestly describes herself as one of broadcasting's  great women and  a fiercely independent and  investigative journalist, was, surprise-surprise, shocked and horrified and horrified and shocked  and all that stuff to learn that the  creepy, poxy knob  she had been fucking, back then,  was also regularly within a four year old vagina;  nothing like an investigative journalist's instinct, eh? Way to go, Fangs.

If we add Rantzen's misguided choice of Fairbairn as a lover to her apparent affection for Sir James 
we can only conclude that she is either unpardonably stupid or is trying to pull a fetishist's wool over the national eye;  I believe  it is the latter, that she's a nasty, vicarious freak, drawn to the beast she claims to hunt down;  I would not permit her to speak to any young person in my orbit.

  In  any event, her publicity-seeking creation of a child protection charity is one of many dark farces which litter the grimy streets of showbusiness, particularly those leading to the PBC.

Since the old crow  is incapable of honest, objective self-criticism, someone might usefully suggest to her that she shut up or fuck off, preferably both.  Israel, I understand from recent events, has a unique approach, also, to child protection.

Next week, How Gerry and Cilla McCann feel for Cliff and Esther;  We are all victims, here, says Cilla, of malicious allegations. Wot Sir Cliff 'as gorra 'ave, is a good PR team. An' Lady Esther, she's gorra 'ave one, too


Alphons said...

It looks to me that it may well eventually turn out to be a majority type of minority.

mongoose said...

While we hold no brief for the alleged nonces of the world, Mr I, what relevance can the contents of that flat have? It was bought by the man almost thirty years after the alleged offence took place - and which allegedly occurred several hundred miles away? It looks like a fishing trip to me. "Go an bounce his Wentworth place and call the Beeb before you go. Let's see what drops out of the tree after we've given a good shake." They are witch-finding. Which needles are they burying in this haystack?

Doug Shoulders said...

I'd forgotten about the Fairbairn character. Looks like a clown in the made up tartan pish.Who the fuck ever wore a poof coloured tartan waistcoat?
Cliff..mmm who'd have thought it eh?
I mean him gettin to speak. Darling of the people an all that...fucking tripe he From start to finish...shite of the lowest order...summer holiday? Fuck me...what age when he started on youngsters? We'll see. Or maybe not.
Great post Mr Ish.
Thanks for that. Rantzen...oh the horror..

callmeishmael said...

That's why, mr mongoose, I restricted my comments to Harry's lack of gentle-Jesus-meek-and-mildness and his general rotten cuntishness and his shopping at the Blairs' We Change Laws 4 Money Corner Shop, or Number Ten, as most of us know it. I agree that since this has been trailed for decades any search operation is unlikely to retrieve discs full of infancy brutalised. I know,also, that the cops and CPS, historically, are reluctant to proceed against anyone of even the slightest standing. If, therefore, their mission, yesterday, was to encourage others to come forward, I think it is legitmate and as we have seen, prosecutions may fail as well as succeed, regardless of the historicity of the charges; because some are acquitted does not mean that none should be investigated and charged. Finally, I think that Harry's nationaltreasureness, his connectedness and his wealth will make the authorities unlikely to proceed without the strongest evidence and that yesterday may prove to be nothing more than the cops saying, Sorry, Mrs, you can't say we didden 'ave a go but our 'ands is tied, nuffin' t 'see here move along now.

callmeishmael said...

Maybe it was while in congress with Fairbairn, mr. shoulders, that Fangs thought to herself, If this monster can be an MP then so can I. I, too, had forgotten Sir Nicky, the news caravan swiftly recomposes itself and moves on, before any of us awakes.

As for Cliff's artistry, he was a ludicrous, pathetic copy of Elvis the Paedo, and the Shadows, especially Hank Marvin, a laughable bunch of chumps, two-stepping their cheesy way into nascent teen consciousness, fucking rubbish. That later so-called giants such as Knopfler and Clapton bowed their knees to the dire snd dismal Apache and FootTapper just demonstrates how utterly repellent are the mutually self-protecting rituals of showbusiness. Cliff and the Shads, the Austin Allegro of British pop.

And that's not even to start on ole Grinning FourEyes being a Jehovah's Witness.

Mike said...

Wasn't it Sir Nicholas who propositioned Mrs T at a Tory conference? And he was immediately dumped as Sottish Secretary.

Seems he was ready to have a go at anythin.

Anonymous said...

Dunno what to say about all this except for this:

Somehow the parodies seem infinitely more palatable than the realities. SG

callmeishmael said...

He was certainly, not sure what the term is, transgenerational polysexual, maybe; men, women, children and in Rantzen's case, rodent; what he was mainly, though, was one of those shouty Tories, cast in the same mould as Malcolm Let Me Finish, Damn You, Sir Rifkind, the kind of person who'd frighten the horses in the street, never mind the children in their beds.

mongoose said...

Why would they do it when he was out the country? It makes no sense. After all thses years, they could have waited until he was here. Feel his collar and down to the nick for a few hours to help with enquiries and sweat. They do not go for folk who are beyond the jurisdiction unless it is unavoidable. Or desirable. Maybe they have done it this way so that he didn't have to get lifted - the minimum effort pretence, as you say. Dear me. Perhaps I am becoming naive.

callmeishmael said...

Nah, never, not you, mr mongoose; living in the wilderness of mirrors which is the secret state no single one of us can guard against a blitzkrieg of deceit, can live and function at the heightened state of awareness and suspicion ncessary to see through it all; it's why we come here and to places like here, to share such meagre illumination as our lives' candles may furnish.

In an earlier post I reprinted photos of young Cliff with Lord Boothby, a thoroughly degenerate but powerful and well connected Tory peer . I am sure that connections made then will have both flourished and replaced themselves and I have always thought that a public faith was the best camouflage of a private sin; works for the noncing monsignors and archbishops and cardinals, why not for Bachelor Boy?

Although I would have bet my house on Savile being what he was I certainly don't know the truth in this case. Time will tell, mr mongoose, who has fell, and who's been left behind.

yardarm said...

I`ve heard of faghags, Mr Ishmael but Rantzen looks like a noncehag, and the late Baroness Margaret Corpse another one, it seems many a nonce sheltered behind her skirts.

Funny how the ' investigation ' into Beastminster nonces has gone quiet since the eminently predictable resignation of Lady Butler Whitewash: a snow job from the start. And Plod too have questions to answer in cases of historic beasting : why did they protect Cyril Smith for so long ?

Like all these rotten cunts Boothby had it every way he could, he fucked Harold Macmillans wife in the thirties and had a child with her whom Macmillan brought up as his own. To show there were no hard feelings Macmillan gave him one of the first life peerages.

tdg said...

Vanity of appearance and asexuality seem to me implausible combinations. But religious belief and denial of behaviour labeled sinful by it entirely fitting.

Woman on a Raft said...

Rantzen and Fairbairn?

Please say this is some kind of bizarre test to see how far I will believe anything. This just could not have happened. Oh dear.

I'm going straight back to the bramble patch clearance I was doing. At least I understand that. WTF is wrong with people? Fairbairn. Voluntarily. Surely this is one where you keep taking the Rohypnol.

Woman on a Raft said...

Flippin' heck, it was Esther herself who told the story back in 2003.

This blogger puts all the tags at the top, so just scroll down past the black panel for the links and dates.

Tebbbit's strange comments a few weeks ago seem to refer to the dirt book system and what the Conservatives would tolerate and cover-up in order to stay in office.

This timeline showing how the Conservatives became a minority government makes my tinfoil hat itch.

Both Geoffrey Dickens and Nicholas Fairbairn died in 1995.

1997, Labour takes office. Princess Diana dies. Now it is rumoured that she may have had more material than just accounts of staff bitching at the palace, and she did think she might be killed, which sounded far-fetched at the time.

Blair came out of that rather well; the Palace appeared to owe him one. Hmm.

callmeishmael said...

I remember watching the Bashir interview with Diana and saying to a child of the family, They will kill her, they must. Surely no, he protested, Surely yes, they have been killing people for a thousand years, these fucking gangsters, did they teach you nothing at the Leys High School, Wars of the Roses, maybe, Six Wives, Bloody Mary? They don't care who they kill, as long as they and their spawn can continue to steal everything. No, she will die a tragic and mysterious death, her corpse will be progressed around the place, wept over and then it'll be back to business as usual, Brian will marry his farting old doxy and they'll all live luxuriously ever after.Poor, stupid girl, threatening the British throne. Seemed to be only a day or two later that he woke me, yelling, They've done it, they've done it.

There have been all sorts of rumours of aberrant - is it still OK to use that word? - of aberrant, abo/away, err/mistaken, aberrant sexual behaviours at the palaces, Jesus, we still have palaces for filth to slither about in. Maybe some of the rumours are well-founded and thicko Brian would surely have dazzled his bride with their retelling.

I am sure, mrs woar, that she was privvy to all sorts, confident, also, that Tony'n'Imelda, Campbell, Mandelstein and the rest of the NewBlackmail party, once on the inside, would have wrung for themselves every informational advantage. How else can it be that they, too, like royalty, larcenously strut the globe, immune from criticism, much less prosecution?

When we query the bizarre yet daily-renewing test of our credibility it is easy to see oneself as Conspiracy's plaything. But it is true that Esther Rantzen had a sexual affair with one of our most notorious child molesters and headed - perhaps still heads - a child protection charity. It is true, furthermore, that World Trade Centre Building Seven, for absolutely no discernible reason, miraculously collapsed, in free fall, into its own footprint, contravening hitherto incontrovertible principles of architecture, thermodynamics and the laws of physics, generally.

Since it is correctly assumed that we will believe anything we are told, the more important it becomes that we believe none of it.

callmeishmael said...

I was just thinking that, mr yardarm, that since her Ladyship fell on her wig it has gone marvelloud quiet, almost as if we have had the enquiry and everyone is in the clear; rather like the Chilcott enquiry - is it inquiry or enquiry? - it's all done and dusted now, isn't it, that one?

Such will certainly echo the musings of Lord Leon, by the time they get around to him he'll be gratefully dead.

In happier times we would have been thinking of disinterring dead Thatcherites and hanging them. She sure could pick 'em, eh, Murdoch, Kissinger, Pinochet, Andrew Neil, Jimmy Savile and enough beasts and nonces to fill Broadmoor.

mrs narcolept said...

He was a remarkably pretty boy, Cliff; who knows what he may have been required to put up with when he was very young.

When I was 19 I went to a famous music festival with the first mr narcolept. A bit starstruck, I was in awe of the great ones around whom it revolved. It was all so respectable, so upper-middle-class, lots of toothy middle-aged ladies and languid undergraduates and exquisite elderly gentlemen, plus a collection of schoolboys with their doting mammas. It didn't look to me as if anyone was having lawful sexual relations with anyone, let alone unlawful ones.

And then the first mr narcolept told me what was really going on; ambitious parents putting their children in harm's way for the sake of a scholarship or private tuition or some other help towards a brilliant career. His unshockability shocked me, but of course he had been through the system himself.

The world terrifies me at times.

Bungalow Bill said...

What they rely on in their contemptuous thieving, fucking and murdering is that no-one will ever believe it. The genius of those who devour us is to make their viciousness seem incredible. Don't you think the Thatcher horror now looks like a hideous cartoon and yet it did happen, there was blood and shit and death all around us and enough were hypnotised into applauding the disgusting old witch on her way. Christ knows what horrors are being enacted now. As you say, a nightmare of mirrored horrors. Only way is to smash our way out, isn't it?

call me ishmael said...

Anonymous tdg said...

Vanity of appearance and asexuality seem to me implausible combinations. But religious belief and denial of behaviour labeled sinful by it entirely fitting.

Not sure, mr tdg, how much, if any, of this is irony.

Richard's vanity and nauseating preeening are, even as these things go, very strange. He is a bird on Fashion's wire, his hair fashionably styled, to the millimetre; his trousers precisely flared or unflared, waisted or hipstered, pressed or crumpled; tank-topped or tee-shirted; platform-soled or sneakered; denimed or leathered; suited or bomber-jacketed, healthily-tanned or interestingly pale; his costumiers and make-up artists imprisoning his being in Trivia's instant. This is business, this is for the fan, for Cliff's Everywoman, for Rita and Pauline and Margaret; little, I suspect, to do with any sort of sexuality, just taking care of business.

I mentioned Boothby, a man with no interest even in the type of performing arts which engaged Cliff but with a consuming interest in rentboys and gangsters. Why on Earth would Cliff Richard associate with, be photographed with the likes of Boothby; my father, for God's sake, a provincial 'bus driver, knew all about Boothby; how could Cliff Richard and his handlers not only not know but not care? It is not that people were in the dark about such things for even then, pop management notoriously comprised older, predatory, homosexual men. Why would a noted Goody-TwoShoes associate with an infamous nonce? Where, as you ask about the narcissism, is asexuality's welcome in such company?

As for evangelists - believers - and their denials, isn't this normally the hypocrisy of their position, as in, for instance, the odious sanctimony of people like TeeVee preacher, Jimmy Swaggert or any number of priests and bishops and archbishops and cardinals, isn't the opportunity for child buggery their primary career motivation?

Perhaps I am over-reading your second sentence and that by "fitting" you do not mean "proper."

call me ishmael said...

I am one of the Troubled, mr bungalow bill, for I always thought the Thatcher nightmare a hideous cartoon, breaking the ground for Ruin's bulldozers, suckling his bestiary.

tdg said...

I am sorry I phrased it opaquely; I meant to say that sex drives all of us, the vain amongst us rather more, it seems to me, and so all that avowed religious restraint tells us is that the sex will be hidden, not that it is any less likely. And I am sure you are right the priesthood is as good a cover for covert atypical sex as any.

This is one area where technology may change the game, however. It is only a matter of time before we can tell a man's sexual orientation directly from his brain, leaving his avowals beside the point. It is not going to be pleasant, but there is no escaping it.

callmeishmael said...

Right, thank you, I understand, now, mr tdg; I hadn't meant to be wilfully obtuse; there is a number of unique styles deployed by contributors here and although I can usually juggle, switch between them, occasionally, I cannot see the wood for the trees.

I suppose that Power's response to civil libertarian objections to some sort of EEG-determined sexual orientation assessment/prediction will be along the lines of Nothing to Hide, Nothing to Feaf together with some justification for its own exemption: it is chillingly unpleasant, though, reminding me of Bob Dylan, in It's Alright, Ma.....If my thought-dreams could be seen, they'd probably put my head in a guillotine.

Just been reading of Henry the Eighth's affection for the rack, the tooth-vice, the thumb-screw and the brazier as means of extracting an appropriate truth from any who might conceivably doubt his divinity; even if they didn't harbour any such doubts, the Tower of London employees ministering to them would persuade them that they did. I imagine that any engaged in interpreting brain activity for the state will similarly discover the right sorts of truths.

Anonymous said...

"They" probably don't need to look at the brain to determine sexual orientaton - much easier to check out what folks have been looking at on the Internet / Web or whatever the fuck it's called these days. Re: Mrs Thatcher, Mr I, as previously discussed, 'Ruin' goes back further - probably even further than the Labour / Union years of the 70's to which she was a reaction - chemotherapy maybe. But we have been round this one before I seem to recall... SG

tdg said...

It will be driven not so much by state Power as by predictive power. If a scan can detect someone with aberrant tendencies better than any other method then it will eventually be adopted. Indeed politicians will resist it, for they will be subject to similar vetting, and far more likely to be deviant than the average teacher or doctor.

Whether or not it is better than torture is something to be seen. It will certainly be more comfortable. And those of us with things to hide can then be at ease, for the attempt to hide will be futility itself.

callmeishmael said...

M'sieu Gauguin had a maxim, mrs n, Life being what it is one dreams of vengeance. My own cool comforter is that we live in an infinity of paranoid possibilities, what's not to worry about?

More generally, I believe that the welfare-providing state has gone some way towards diminishing the terrors which we face and I will not forgive those who practice or preach its dismantling, they are on the side of the Beast.

call me ishmael said...

We have been here before, mr sg, and I guess that Ruin, like the poor, has always been with us; I believe, however, that Thatcher's efforts on his behalf were the most naked and most far-reaching, the most grotesquely self-interested and I am also aware that many of her supporters still stalk if not the public discourse then certainly some segments of cyber space and thus render themselves liable to better late than never correction.

Greed, trash culture, selfishness and stupidity these are the legacy of Thatcher and Tebbit and Brittan and all her other filth; it does not relieve her of guilt to say that she was on a coninuum from McMillan to Blair and now this shower, all tghat her successors have done is mere embroidery on her shitty linen.

".....things to hide can then be at ease, for the attempt to hide will be futility itself."

In the meantime, although I have nothing to hide which is not here broadcast, mr tdg, I will cling to the relatively safe isolation of my barren isle.

Anonymous said...

The segment of cyberspace I stalk is very small indeed, not much beyond this 'barren isle' in fact. But it is a good refuge Mr I. I have no special love for the 'Baroness' though equally no special opprobrium. I rather feel that her effects are greatly overstated (much of it would have happened whether she had been here or not - surely a function of historical materialism - if I remember Mr Marx correctly?). Someone else would have done "it", maybe better - maybe worse. SG

Bungalow Bill said...

The very strange Peregrine Worsthorne once observed that Thatcher wanted to create a nation in the image of her father but ended up creating one in the image of her son. Old Dad Roberts with his arse-clenched Methodist Rotarianism would have been bad enough, but cretinous, disgusting Mark was indeed the incarnation of the vulgar, brutalising, empty capitalism that his mother left to this country.

callmeishmael said...

Perry was, indeed, a strange creature and I always wondered what on Earth he had about his person or in his vaults which attracted Lucinda Lampton, an engaging, attractive and erudite shire Tory mare and, I learned recently, lifelong friend to one or both of the Everly brothers.She was a telly-archi-historian far superior to the dreadful Dr Lucy Lisp, more of a sparkling Dan Cruikshank, knowledgeable, amused, amusing and enthusiastic, unlikely to be seen squeezing herself into Regency lingerie, as does Lucy, at every opportunity; lisping and coquetting, desperate for yet another series. He did, though, Perry, come up with these waspish, proper Tory apercus and I am grateful for your sharing it, mr bungalow bill. I think one of Thatcher's paymasters, the criminal Canuck, Conrad Black, - himself ennobled by no less a statesperson than William Boys Hague - cast Perry into that outer darkness beyond his beloved Daily Telegraph, probably as a punishment for such disloyalties to the mangy old vulture. Great how she copped a viscountcy fof Mark, eh, how very Methodist; nothing for Carol.

Bungalow Bill said...

Yes Lucinda was majestic. They're an interesting caste, the Tory libertarians. Auberon Waugh was another who was properly suspicious of The Age of the Estate Agent and who despised what he called the "punishment freaks" of the Conservative Party. Very funny writer too. Would have been good to hear him about the Savile- Rantzen axis.

blackholesunset said...

Dear Mr TDG, I suspect that any technology which could establish the truth of a person's thoughts would only be used to support Establishment interests, not to vet its members. Even if the latter use is, arguably, the most economical to which it could be put.

With trouble brewing in the East and war drums beating at Home, the timing of these high profile - yet long standing - paedophile revelations has me suspicions.

Might not those with access to the skeleton closet of State be reminding all concerned which side the butter is on and which disgrace?

The Establishment were fools to go along with dragnet surveillance. They are the highest value targets of all.

callmeishmael said...

Part of my liberal, abolitionist furniture, Bron Waugh; mr mongoose's, too, I should judge, from his devotion to the Waughian concept of the DogShooters Party. It was for Waugh's column, alone, that I ever purchased the Filth-O-Graph; now it drapes some drunken, moronic slut called Bryony across its comment pages.

tdg said...

Coercive state power is 99% fear and 1% real violence. You cannot truly oppress a fearless society with violence, for the kind of weaponry that can achieve a non-pyrrhic victory here can only sustain so large a ratio of oppressed to oppressors. Now to maintain fear you need to control information, for the reality can otherwise rapidly puncture it. The old totalitarian states knew this, and correspondingly 99% of their activity was really internal propaganda.

The internet has put an end to that. Theoretically the perfect oppressive technology in practice it can only undermine any effort to impose control. The old structures of power are crumbling now, and what replaces them will be too tediously resistant to perversion. The effect is already visible: the dark glamour, such as it was, has already gone from politics; no-one of real character enters it, for it has become too open, too mechanistic a playground for the capable magalomaniac.

call me ishmael said...

Such a compelling overview, makes my shouty polemics seem threadbare.

Both cheering and sinister, then, the three doubleyews, mr tdg. I am insufficiently adroit, perhaps just not interested enough, to sample things like Facebook or Twitter - both seem absurd and improper, anyway, as counter-revolutionary as could be - but certainly flicking between BBC, skymadeupnewsandfilth, Russia Today, al Jazeera and ocassionally Fox - not strictly speaking IT but a choice facilitated by it - one can see the variety of bias in such stations and ultimately, therefore, discount them all.

McLuhan said that in an age of electronic technologies minority groups could no longer be oppressed and while he was correct to a point, a look at mainstream US coverage of Fraserburgh, is it Fraser burgh, Fraser-something, shows organs of mass communication still trying their best to suppress, divert and distort information of state malfeasance, whoever's megalomaniacal hand is at the notional, national tiller. Do they work for Obama or does he work for them? What is true is that neither work for us.

Bungalow Bill said...

Same masters twiddling different, as it were, knobs. Power though still rests, in the end and as it has always done, with the biggest stick smashed across the most troublesome skulls. Everything else is simply re-arranging the scenery. I suppose, as you say, that is why we come here, we dreaming revolutionaries, because it affords a lovely hit of rage and irony every time. Until the glorious day, it will simply have to do.

call me ishmael said...

Sorry, mr sg, I was responding to your comment but overshot the character limit on my iPad and I am insufficiently skilled to copy and repost in parts. I hate that fucking thing, I should just use it for browsing and not writing. Some other time.

call me ishmael said...

Now, there's a strange signpost, mr bungalow bill. Almost as long as I have been reading 'papers and periodicals I have turned, first, to the readers' letters. Doesn't matter what it is, could be a woodworking magazine, the Readers Digest or a national newspaper; the only exception is Private Eye, whose correspondents I have ever found insufferable and irrelevant. And it is the same here, where I am both writer and reader; because I know what it says I am most interested in what others have to say about it or add to it.

The strangeness to which I alluded is that this whaddaycallit, this joint effort, is replicated throughout so-called journalism. I rarely bother reading mainstream columnists - I know to a subordinate clause what they are going to say in return for their wages - going, instead, atraight to the comments and I believe that the majority of commenters at, say, CIF or the Filth-O-Graph, do the same thing.

I don't know if that happens here, among readers, although I would guess that most read most of what is written at the top.

It is a curiosity, this, this citizen-journalism and I always raise the possibility that it is short-circuiting, negating the possibility of more traditional, paving slab, Molotov cocktail, up against the wall, motherfuckers revolution. I fear it is and that our engagement here undermines both mr tdg's thesis that the Internet does not lend itself to its own control and your own wish that there is more and better to come. I think this is it, we have made oursleves functions of, subservient to our masters' technology.

call me ishmael said...

Not Fraserburgh, nor Fraser-anything, Ferguson, Missouri.

Bungalow Bill said...

It is the knowing we are not alone in our nausea that counts for something, a lot actually, and there is always a flame to be tended. Huddling together and waiting is not a dishonourable option.

Anonymous said...

Nae worries Mr I, I'm also working with an 'aye-pad', so am familiar with the vageries of the thing but a handy piece of kit nonetheless. I shall look forward to your riposte somewhere 'down the road'. SG

call me ishmael said...

I have only ever felt about twelve, twelve and a half, sometimes younger than that, adrift in the world of grown-ups but even so I am probably past my rioting sell-by best, mr bunggalow bill, so it doesn't matter, anyway, about unfilled milk bottles, unfashioned boobytraps. Did you ever read stanislav on Gordon the Ruiner, it's around somewhere, one of his better if darker worries, in, as they say, MHO.

call me ishmael said...

I normally use my old Dell 1252 for blogging but sometimes just get started on the i thing and forget to stop. I will try to use the Dell to find and understand how to copy cut and paste my Ode to Maggie, mr sg, it had a ferocity of ranting too good to be lost, she really does bring out the best in those who hate her.

mongoose said...

It's never about the revolution, Comrade I. When was the last time we had a revolution around here and who is going to lead the next one? Nigel Bloody Farage? Ed Millitwitter? Fatty Eck? No, this is the last frontier and all we can do is not consent, in as far as, and at any time that, our consent makes any difference.

Do I consent to the BBC making Old Cliff guilty-by-TV of something too just because they've had a rough paedo-year? No, I do not. Sentence first, eh. Will there be postcards? And that is just this week's distraction.

I see that while we are about to bomb Iraq again, our beloved Prime Minister has said that the waving of a flag (ISIS or similar) will now be considered an offence. In what world does he think he lives? May we not say and/or do as we plaease as long as we do not harm our neighbour? The waving of a flag is an offence? Do fuck off. May we not talk about the bombs before we talk about banning the flag-waving? Gaza? Did anyone say Gaza? No, that was last week. Sorry. Must stay on message in the future. The dogs bark and yet the caravan has moved on.

The violence of tyranny need not be, as mr tdg, implies delivered from the fat end of a stick. Cliff Richard, the broing old bastard, has had a good info-thrashing this week. To what end?

Mike said...

Mr Bungalow Bill: I took the alternative approach to "huddling together and waiting", being determined that no particular set of arseholes (and I've seen them up close) would rule over me. I became a citizen of the world, beholden to no nation.

I must say there are a decreasing number of countries (the fingers on one hand) that I am prepared to visit, let alone live in - and for personal reasons I refuse to even fly over the US or UK.

I'm increasingly warming to SE Asia(thailand and Vietnam are particular favorites); I find the Buddhist religion seems fairly benign and gives the people some comfort and a generally cheery disposition. Although I'm firmly atheist, myself.

callmeishmael said...

We have had, brother mongoose, a constant revolution since, just for argument's sake, the enclosures. The question of faith has been a subject of revolution since, when, the absorption of the Celtic Church by Rome, or since the self-deification of Fat Henry, eight hundred years later and the church is still in revolt among its members over gender and orientation flexibility. We have revolted from slavery into feudalism and from that into universal enfranchisement; from barter into currency; from the workhouse into the welfare state; from a gender apartheid to an approximation of female equality; from unnecessary deaths in mines and mills and factories to at least a health and safety awareness framework; we have, perhaps most importantly, by dint of visionaries such as Tyndale and Gutenberg,made it possible for you and I to write to each other in our own language, a practice once forbidden us. We live inconstant revolution, people against power. I would invite you to reconsider your haughty dismissal of revolution and to recognise that many of the rights listed above are now under attack from spiv barbarians, call it what you will but let us have, at the very least, a pushing back. Our consent does make a difference.

As for Cliff, I thought we had agreed that these manouevres might ultimately result in, well, a result for him, should he be brother to the Beast. I don't see why he is a special case, people are often investigated in a flurry of publicity. That he now has a standard bearer of the calibre of Nigel Evans tells us a good deal about this concocted civil liberties outrage. Who next, batting fof Cliff, Christine Hamilton? Fuck him, he's a big bachelor boy, let him deal with it, Old Bill, as must we all.

callmeishmael said...

Interestingthat you should say that, mr mike, on RT last night was interviewed a Swedish conflict resolution expert decrying binary - right versus wrong - diplomacy in conflict resolution. If only we could seat a few Buddhists around the table in Ukraine, he said, they don't see things in black and white but in multi-shades. With the Judaeo-Christans and Islamists it is always adversarial, as in the courts, absolutely guilty or absolutely innocent, we are the good guys, they are the bad guys, black vs white and it is this binary approach which so succours militarism.

Been saying it here for years, those Abrahamacists, they are a bad lot, God said to Abraham, Kill me your son, and so on.

I envy you your migration

Bungalow Bill said...

Bleak it is Mr I, having just read it, but a perfectly pitched tribute to the time of Gordon and to the unending reign of idiocy and vice. I agree with Mr Mike about Buddhism, and Taoism as well is soothing to me, but they are only lovely, frail, passing refuges.

Bungalow Bill said...

Funny too, particularly enjoyed the reference to the "multi-hued fishcreatures of St Rick of Padstow".

Mark said...

Thanks for alerting me to
Stanislav the plumber - I had long thought that was Brown's major problem but had not heard it stated so eloquently.
It is all old news now but we are still suffering from the ill-effects of his misrule.
I once had to write a computer system to reflect the legislation laughably know as "Pensions simplification" - having read the documentation properly I realised that the man was quite insane.
It was like the work of a friendless little boy who had decided to rewrite the rules of cricket to suit himself and thwart those who he saw as his enemies.

mongoose said...

Jesus, Mr I, we haven't got three hundred years for people of goodwill to gnaw away at the rot. I had in mind more of a three hundred days of Armalites and piano-wire. Cliff can be first up the steps if you like but for the soul-free warbling rather than any other mob-driven rapsheet.

callmeishmael said...

From what I can see, mr mongoose,the mob is on Cliff's side, for now at any rate, altough it may be the case that itbis beginning to realise, as mrs woar notes, that it, too, has been groomed. Maybe it is that self-loathing which is relieved, momentarily, by such acquittals as there have been and why there is an appetite for more such verdicts, or ideally no more prosecution of national treasures. Prosecuting the national treasure........lwhat's the difference between he who is treadured and those who treasure him, none at all, I suggest; never was, isn't and never shall be; idolators, fuck 'em, little old ladies or not, what they need, atonal, discordant Cliffoids, is that nice Jimmy Savile coming around. And fixing things for them.

I think they took all the Armalites away, although we can be sure that Kneecaps and Co. will have some put by.

Anonymous said...

I echo the sentiments re: Buddhism. A multi-shaded and, indeed, long term perspective (these folks think in epochs) - and maybe not so frail either. A interesting little travelogue by Dalrymple on some extraordinary Buddhist Monastries carved out of rock in the Deccan which draws these points out can be found here in the pink organ (and also outside their pay- wall for all to see):


call me ishmael said...

mr tdg used, rightly, to reprove me for my own attitude to Mr Snot, the previous unelected prime minister; he is either agent or patient, if he is the latter he may not be found responsible for the actions of the former; too much charity perhaps, mr mark, for most to embrace but actually I do believe he is quite mad, amongst other emotional and sexual imbalances and thus more than capable of ushering in stanislav's ArmaGordon. Perhaps it is wishful thinking but I do feel that the endless blast of stanislavian ridicule helped do for the poor bastard, those commentaries, I am reliably informed, were read by our masters, with mixed feelings.

There is a lesser Brown commentary, here, in Ishmaelia, entitled Brown Over Israel and dating from the dying days of his whatever it was, usurpation, perhaps but doubtless, whatever it was, it was the right thing for the country.

Bungalow Bill said...

Thanks to Mr SG for that link. William Dalrymple is a rare civilising voice amid the mountains of codswallop written about the East. Didn't the Tellytubbies blow up some Buddhist gems in Afghanistan as part of their ongoing contribution to grace and beauty?

Mike said...

Thank you Mr SG for that most interesting link. And good to read a piece by Dalrymple again. I had never heard of those cave temples before. I travelled through that part of India about 25 years ago - and sometimes I think I am still recovering from the assault on my senses. I had assumed I would never summon up the energy for India again, but reading that piece makes me determing to follow Dalrymple's trip asap.

Doug Shoulders said...

It’s refreshing to learn of ancient craftsmanship that is not the Egyptian pyramids.
Always get the impression it’s just not cricket to talk about something that the British didn’t discover and pilfer things from.
Stoneworking as a monument the beauty and magnificence of human endeavour.

Doug Shoulders said...

About the Cliff thing. It does seem to me that the polis have in fact raided an empty home to search for evidence. Judging by the number of vehicles involved they expected to find loads.
Is a signed warrant not required for that? If so who would sign it based what precarious evidence has so far been rumoured.
Shouldn’t the polis be defending themselves by declaring that they’ve got’im bang to rigths…just you wait.

If no search warrant was required…that’s rather worrying…

Anonymous said...

Things have gone mighty quiet around here Mr I. I hope all is well and that you are just recharging your batteries or perhaps working on another 'opus'... SG

callmeishmael said...

Who knows the mind of Old Bill? Who knows what happens in the CPS?

As discussed with mr mongoose, this may all be some eventually exculpatory ballet, performed to restore Sir Cliff's national treasureness; strategically and operationally it can have little if any value, unless it is enacted merely to flush out other complainants but that could have been accomplished merely by a cutely worded leak.

I always return to the early connection between Sir Cliff and Lord Boothby and thus to the entire paedophile-gangster-showbusiness-Mediaminster establishment. Why would a ckeancut teen idol associate with a notorious beast? The powerful always moan that they are forced to meet all sorts during their careers of public service but Cliff and Boothby is really taking the piss. Maybe the cops should talk to Babs Windsor, she was part of that gangster-rentboy scene, shameless, cackling old crow. Maybe the Queen's sister, too, she was fond of orgies involving crooks, what stories could be prised from Palace servants by putting them in the Tower for a day or two? When will people realise, showbiz, royalty, politics and press, they're all filth; if Savile's connections didn't pull down the whole dirty crew, what does it take?

Alphons said...

I am at last seeing that my suspicion that the legalising of activities that were in my childhood illegal was by the "upper classes" for the benefit of the "upper classes".
How long before adulthood will start at 10 and the age of consent is reduced to 6??

call me ishmael said...

It is an interesting, convoluted question, mr alphons. It appears that such things, such perversions, aberrations have been forever with us and that instead of seeking their modification, amelioration and extinction, my generation has deployed huge sophistry, instead, to effecting their legalisation. Some such was entirely laudatory, the decriminalisation of homosexual activity between consenting adults , always, even when it was unpopular, had such approval as I was mature enough to frame but I am curious, I do not understand the notion of Pride, I do not endorse HeteroPride on the grounds that it would offend non-heterosexuals; why on Earth should I, as so many do, endorse GayPride; what, in a natural state, is to be Proud of?

I could go on for weeks about how skewed and unpleasant has become the conduct of those who, perhaps unjustifiably, claim to speak for all homosexuals. I am content, in the main, to live and let live, fuck and let fuck, if you will, it is none of my business how people, scratching around between birth and death, divert themselves but - if for no other reason that the defence of logic - I will not support the clamour for gays to be straight. What's the point of that?

call me ishmael said... alphons,

I do not know whether the abominations of paedophilia have increased and widened as a result of changes to the Sexual Offences Act vis a vis homosexuality, although a case can be made. If one minority sees another minority getting the law changed then, as happened with the Paedophile Information Exchange, the Labour government and party which legalised homosexual acts, found itself infiltrated, perhaps willingly, in the case of Harman and Hewitt, by those of a much darker purpose.

Thatcher, for her part, kept her beasts close to her bosom and to the Nation's eternal disservice promoted the filthster, Rupert Murdoch and his creature, Andrew Neil, ostensibly to bash the print unions but actually to over sexualise, pornographise, coarsen, degrade and cheapen the national discourse; without Murdoch and Neil ther4e would have been no Daily Sport, no Sunday Sport, no Asian Wives, no Granny SpunkGuzzlers and all the rest of Norman Tebbitt's harmless fun, as he called Tits wuth Breakfast, the worthless, filthy, old spiv.

I rarely write to MPs but I did write to the othewise insufferable Clare Short supporting her opposition to page three. It ios not that I disapprove of erotica, it's just that I could see where Murdoch's coarseness was taking us, has taken us. And isn't there some awful, black irony to the pornowitch, Becky Brooks, claiming to be the de dacto national defender of child innocence, grown rich, as she has, on News International's sexualisation of children and teenagers?

I don't know, in answer to your query, that things will continue to head for the sewer; I don't know that a Puritanism Nouvelle would actually change anything, the old one didn't. What I do know is that for many, rightly disgusted by child exploitation, by the marketing of lust and the objectification of women, the hot breath, on their cheeks, of the Jihad, blows ever more inviting.

call me ishmael said...

Just fatigue, mr sg. Doctor Rolex tells me that my cervical discectomy and fusion proved a more serious procedure than was indicated by the MRI scan, the pressure on the spinal cord and nerves had been - as I had been telling them - going on for ten years and its relief would cause its own discomfort, perhaps for some years. Just take these opioids, he said, his teeth, his spectackes and his Rolex sparkling. But I have discovered - much along Mediaevalist lines of the Lord not sending us more than we can bear - that pain has its own narcotic, you just need to find it, tap into it and trance yourself out, but it is tiring. Better tired, though, in my experience of such things, than wired.

Anonymous said...

Well if it is any consolation, Mr I, the pain and fatigue do not appear to have dulled your mind. That said I hope that you are soon afforded some relief from these conditions.

Re: your piece above - the 'Mork-ish' one was, perhaps, just that but perhaps not a 'bad' man as such. Brand, however, is an obscenity - that call to Andrew Sachs - with the equally vile 'Wossy', springs to mind. SG

call me ishmael said...

He was no worse than many, many others but bad enough for all that but as I was trying to explain to mr richard, further on up the road, it wasn't only or even mainly him at whom I raged but at the global horde of Hollywood faithful, who cannot tell Ruth from Richard, and at their intermediaries, Brand, in this case. I think they both should have gone to jail for that 'phone call, not for long but enough to acquaint them with Decency's displeasure. An opportunity missed, now forfeit, Brand, like Huhne, now resident at the Guardian, as was.

Relief, I don't know about that, Death and his sergeants will relieve us all, soon enough. Being a bit tired is OK, rest does promote healing, rest and rage.