Sunday, 10 August 2014


"We don't want any Israeli goods, we don't want any Israeli services, we don't want any Israeli academics coming to the university or the college, we don't even want any Israeli tourists to come to Bradford, even if any of them had thought of doing so." 
 The not so gorgeous, angry old man, reported in the Guardian.

Been hoping for someone to speak-out against Zion-uber-alles, just wish it hadn't been Galloway, having a Blind Boy  Blunkett moment of megalomania. 

The rotten, filthy bastard, Blunkett, as leader of Sheffield council, famously declared Sheffield a nuclear-free zone, don't know what his  electorate thought, if it believed that the cock-waving one had a direct line to the MOD, perhaps shared a mistress with the CO at Faslane Nuclear Submarine Base or was secretly in charge of Britain's energy policy, him and his dog - no more bizarre concepts, admittedly, than the useless fuck being home secretary, before being sacked for not doing anything wrong, or secretary of state for no work and miserly pensions, before being sacked from that job, too, for not doing anything wrong, before completely abandoning his elected MP's duties in favour of a three-grand a week bung from Murdoch's cancerous Sun newspaper.  
'Ow's she smell to you then, 
like somebody else's mrs, eh?

The Nuke-Free Sheffield boast was a stupid, arrogant, conceited bluster, typical of bullyboy Blunkett, utterly meaningless, wouldn't fool a blind man but it probably cheered his core vote, poor, deluded, misbegotten mutants. Oh, aye, allus vote for a mad, angry blind bastud, me, one wi' an eye -well, norrexactly an eye, like, but  yaknoworramean - fer other blokes' wimmen, like, can't go wrong wi' a chap like that, standin' up fer't werkin man, like.  
Well, just listen to me a minute, the prime minister gi' me the job of being his home seckatry, and as such I'm simply saying that when prisoners misbehave I am well within my rights to order them machine-gunned.  No, Kirsty, there's a good girl, I think you'll find that I 'ave.

I never knew which was the dumber electorate, Blunkett's Sheffield or Mandelstein's Hartlepool, both could usefully be drowned in the North Sea,  they wouldn't know the difference between being wet or dry,  dead or alive. Now, there is a similarly backward and gullible electorate in Bradford West and to demonstrate that stupidity is a multi-cultural affliction this one consists mainly of the religionists of peace and of daily renewed grievance who now have their very own rabble-rousing,  jive-talking poltroon, theologian, political scientist, teevee personality, the multi-talented, multi-married and multi-salaried, dictator-worshipping old fart, ladeezangennulmen, 

one of Marxism's richest men, 
George SeeYouJimmy Galloway.

Galloway, with similar breathtaking conceit, has recently played his own variant of Blunkett's No Nukes card; he calls it No Jews, although he spells it No Israelis for, let's face it, there is but one God, whichever one Georgie claims to believe in at any time in his lucvrative career as a paid gabshite, raconteur, didact, poseur and Big Brother housemate;

his constituency, he thunders in his best panto-prophet-voice, is now Israeli Free, 

No Jews here.
Juden Raus.

no-one is permitted to eat anchovies or pomegranets, so there, or grapefruits, see, Tony Blair, God damn you, God damn you, Tony Blair, beat that for statesmanship. 

No grapefruit. See that? No grapefruit? 

  Jews will be turned  back at the Galloway Line - Bradford West's border with sanity; Morecambe and Wise will be banned from Bradford TeeVee and Saturday will be removed from the Bradford West week.

Bradford, indeed, the whole of Yorkshire,
is now twinned with Gaza
and I now declare the holy Republic of Georgistan

Peace and blessings be upon my name.

A profound and hard-hitting package of measures to wotsaname the Jews, sort 'em out, that's it, teach them a few Islamo-socialist-Glasgow-OldLabour-NewMotherRussia home truths.  Whatever it takes, people can pay me to do it for them. I am the way, the truth and the light. So help me God. Whoops, wrong book, wrong religion. Never mind, 'sall bollocks, really; you don't think I believe in this mumbo-fucking-jumbo, do you? Nah, girl's gotta make a living, don't she?

Idiot, shitbrained fuckwit, who elected this cunt, dressed up like one of Ali Babi's forty thieves? 

Don't they see how racist this all this? Some belligerent, snuffler-bearded Weegie, acting-out a Lawrence of Arabia fantasy, don't they see they are all just extras, spear-carriers in The Revolutionary Life of George, don't they see that he and his coke-sniffing mate, 

Aye, hoosabootye, big man?
Ach, cannae grumble, George, cannae grumble.
A few whoors, some coke, could be worse. 
Och, 'sno sae bad, them nignogs, y'see them, they fair luv me, so they do. D'ye want fer me t'see if  some a they other Muslim places'd stand yous, fer their MP, like, d'ye ken?

  Tearful Tommy Sheridan, have, between them, destroyed the Left in Scotland and have nowhere to go but amongst those whom they can still dazzle and bamboozle with their bogus, shitty oratory.  Christ, he can't even make a marriage last, never mind make a constituency flourish. All he can sing is the Discord Blues, it's the only song he knows.

Galloway, anyway, is, on the face of it, an entirely unsuitable representative of his largely Muslim constituency;  another bloated cockwaver, a preposterous, greedy  egomaniac as vain and shallow and untrustworty an infidel as one might find anywhere and although he has participated in three apparently  muslim marriages, two of which have failed,  George coyly declines to confirm or deny his conversion to Islam.  Why is that? At a time when anti-Muslim rhetoric has never been so well-nourished, why does he not make this simple clarification, it is a reasonable enough question, like asking, is Blair a Christian?

Like Boris Johnson, most of Galloway's earnings will come from outside parliament, two cheeks of the same gabshiteing, money-grubbing arse, as he might say himself, were he not head and shoulders up his own scabby arse - newspaper columns, his contemptible and risible appearances on the lewd and vulgar Big Brother Show, nothing very Islamic in that cesspit and recently as a Kremlin stooge on Russia Today.  Nothing wrong with Russia Today, per se, I watch some of it with interest, some of it is great, but it is a Putin mouthpiece, yes, that Putin, slayer of Muslim separatists, foe of Islam, generally.  I don't know that there's much to choose between Putin and Obama, save that Putin has a foreign secretary who can speak fluent English and Obama hasn't.  But both are happy to torture and murder adherents of Islam, at the drop of a hat; why is it not only OK but also seemingly part of a wider Dialectic of Muslim Liberation for  Galloway to work for the ace wogbasher, Putin?  Maybe because there's money in it, more than the average Respect voter could dream of. 

 I don't see much of him but every time I do he's dressed in ever more eccentric and expensive threads, 

elaborate permutations of beard and whiskers, resembling something half-man, half-tart, half-pasha, half money-lender;  all this old man image-burnishing must cost a fortune 

It's him, from the Galloway Spring collection.
Silly old cunt.

and if he can't wring it out of his parliamentary expenses then maybe RT will stump up for some of it, top class entertainers like Galloway don't come cheap, after all, and as a last resort, Georgie can always send some of his minders around the mosques, very charitable people, Muslims. Meantime, though, he sits in the RT studio like some bloated, farting old sultan, accompanied by a young exotic-looking lady,  underlinging, subordinately doing  his masterly bidding. Man's an utter cunt, his politics in the ditch, a flyblown mess of corruption, he reinvents his mission as often as he re-trims his beard, you wouldn't buy a fish supper from him, would you, much less a political agenda?  He reminds me, always, of that other Labour traitor-turned-hack, His Socialist Grace the Lord Roy Hatterjee, Baron of Sparkbrook. 

Of course, he slobbered, of course, I am only going to the House of Lords for the truly scrumptious free  dinners and the fine free wine list and the three hundred pounds a day pocket money and of course, I almost forgot, to abolish the place.  

Well, yes, it may well be the case that my Sparkhill constituency was, as one judge said, electorally the sort of place which would disgrace a banana republic but I was only the elected MP for twenty years, what's all that got to do with me?   What's that?  Yes, I will take more foie gras, just a small second helping, no, no, man, not that small.  Don't you know who I am?  I used to be half of the Dream Ticket. Yes, me and Neil Kinnock.  Yes, that's him, useless Welsh git and thieving bastard. Yes, him and his Mrs. Europe? Yes, made a fortune, they did. No, no, was never asked......damn shame, really, understand they have some rather fine restaurants.

Georgie would have you believe that, given the chance he'd be like Samson, heaving at the pillars of MediaMinster, in order to bring it crashing down,  that's the only reason he's there.  Never fails, that one.

  It's not funny, though, this arse, prancing about, gabshiteing, like he was personally related to Mohamed, peace and blessings be upon his name.  It's the easiest thing in the world to denigrate Tony Blair, probably just as easy to bamboozle big-hair, white-teeth bought-and-paid for Senators but Galloway's bizarre position as an MP for Muslims stinks a bit of racism, doesn't it?  Me your white brother, me can speak whiteman language in house of big white chiefs.  If his is a Muslim constituency why doesn't it have a Muslim MP,  why doesn't he work towards that end? Because  there's no fucking Georgemoney in it,  that's why. And it's the same as that old Tory argument about women, No, no, no old chap, you have it entirely wrong, we select purely on merit and not on any airy-fairy notions of a representative legislature.  George Galloway, the most meritorious Muslim-or-not in   West Bradford, eh, God fucking help us all.

Of course Georgieboy will argue that Bradford is seventy per cent white British  and that he therefore has a multicultural mandate but the psephological truth  is far from that. Of the fifty per cent who voted, the majority were young muslims.  All are agreed that he swung his massive by-election swing after targeting young Muslims,  rightly fed-up with the corrupt practices of their Labour-voting fathers and uncles - Gosh, if only Glasgow could see that particular light - and by  denigrating British foreign policy, well, the anti Muslim part of it.

Galloway  is four times married, bless,  these women, what are they like, eh, wedded to the best thing since Allah and they still won't do as they're told. Galloway is a career politician, having switched constituencies several times, been thrown out of NewLabour, formed his own one-man party, a la Mr Farage, and has been on the public purse and at the public trough since 1987.  Where, once, in true JockLabour style,  he told his voters that their continued poverty and ill health could only be remedied by voting Labour for another hundred years, he now tells Muslims that he, uniquely, will recalibrate the measure of the Middle East, of South Asia, of MediaMinster and of Washington DC, when, in fact, as the dogs in the street know, Galloway is MediaMinster; blowhard, emotional traincrash, bully, hypocrite, TeeVee slag and parasite, this rotten, shouty old  ponce  could be its mascot. He did nothing for Glasgow but plenty for himself, he did nothing for Tower Hamlets but plenty for himself, he will do nothing for Bradford West, claiming, like the revolting Gordon Snot, that his invisibility in parliament is actually a demonstration of great principle, his absence due to him writing literally thousands of letters on behalf of his constituents; even though he always claims the maximum in office and admin. expenses, I suppose that George, hommes des lettres, author, commentator, wit, philospoher and cultural historian - he really, really values John Lennon's odious, hypocritical dirge, Imagine, considers it part of his credo - George just has to be there, to make sure the right postage is paid on all the letters to dustbin departments, street lighting executives and passenger transport operatives and that, Whoops, genuine mistake, some entranced, junior Georgite doesn't submit an expenses claim for her master's Christmas cards, not that he's a Christian, or anything, and that's why he can't appear in Parliament, got far more important things to do, licking envelopes - although it is remarkable that his epic  of correspondence doesn't keep him from the RT studios, where, unlike the situation within his real employment - as a member of the legislature - he actually does have to turn up in order to be paid. 

I suppose that ultimately Galloway is Blair's creature. Unlike many of the left-leaning - me, for instance -  Galloway, in voting for himself, voted for Blair to form that government which he now decries, upon which he bases his whole act.  If Blair had given him a ministry, made him a right honourable - and don't forget they stay right honourables, it is a mealticket for life - things would have been very different.  Let's face it, Blair gave Tony Banks a ministry and he was far more disloyal and naughty than George had ever been.  He could have given George Overseas Aid or Fishing, something that not even he could have fucked up.  And George  would've swiftly become accustomed to being limousined and Yes, Ministered, like the scabby phoney he is; he'd have loved all that bowing and scraping, people kissing his arse; he'd have loved the salary,  the pension, when it came and the directorships.  Just look at John Reid, fellow Glaswegian Marxist-Trotskyist-Leninist, fellow personal fuck-up, fellow thug, bully and gabshite, blatantly unsuited for ministerial responsibility and yet he did them all - only for about a fortnight, granted, staggeringly incompetent but now wee Lord John is coining millions in retirement.  If only Blair had appointed Galloway,  the nation would have been spared his noisy hysterics-for-money and perhaps the people of Bradford West might - just might - have a member representing their interests instead of his own.

At least, though, unlike the rest of MediaMinster, George remains uncontaminated by recent disclosures.

Showbiz celebrities embrace, bless.


Mike said...

OK....I'm ready for the flamethrowers, chainsaws, axes etc...

But ever since his bravura performance at that Senate committee hearing on the Iraq oil-for-food business when he nailed their elbows to the floor (and they clearly would have flown his ass to Gitmo with one false mis-speak), I've a sneaking admiration for Georgeous. That took balls.

The rest, as you correctly assert Mr I, is showbiz.

yardarm said...

Ten to one Mr Ishmael he`ll end up in the Toilet of Lords, alongside the tax dodgers, nonces, time servers and other human rubbish, no doubt as Lord Galloway of Gaza.

I like that photo of him on the stage after his election with the Monster Looney looking at him and evidently thinking how did this cunt get elected.

call me ishmael said...

Good morning Australia and there're no flamethrowers here, mr mike.

But It has been thoroughly mythologised, that Senate appearance, it was, after all, a gold-plated open goal, wasn't it, an opportunity from showbiz Heaven. The US political aristocracy is as effete and corrupt as the British Royal family, the whole fart-filled balloon kept afloat only by the toadying deference demanded of those who come before it; my experience is that once pomposity is exposed to itself, it quickly withers and anyway, by extension, Gallers had parliamentary privilege, in effect was one of them, bent, bullying, just a bit more gobby; he knew they couldn't fly him anywhere, couldn't offer him the molten lead enema.

I grant you, it was a stirring performance but as I was saying to mr mongoose, I am never sure about the slogan, My enemy's enemy is my friend. I am happy to despise both the Senate and Galloway, both of whom, despite the hissy fit, continue, undeflected, on their paths to public parasite glory, nearly thirty years in George's case, longer, even, than most senators, more pig at a trough, than bird on a wire.

call me ishmael said...

Dave can't help himself, he's just ennobled Karren Porno Brady, long time associate of filthmeister and dwarf and emotional retard, David Sullivan, publisher of Whitehouse Magazine and others, publisher of The Sport and Sunday Spott,,producer of many porn films - including those featuring Mary Millington, who committed suicide, broke, unlike Brady, at 31 - is still the owner of a hundred sex shops. Now one of Dave's tokens, Lady Karren did the same job for Sullivan, Look, he said, I respect slutwhores, I mean women, I even have one on my board, We are, of course, meant to forget Karren's years in porn and concentrate on her being the token chairperson of Birmingham City FC, on her writings and on the example she sets to other women, only not Mary Millington or hundreds of other poor cows like her. Dame Karren of Exploited Pussy, no doubt she'll be moving to Chipping Sodom, with all the other nobility of filth,

You're right, mr yardarm, Lord Gorgeous of Gaza, a cert.

Mike said...

I don't want to labour the point, but what impressed me was that George had done his homework - we may not like him, but he's not a fool.

I've been on the wrong end of a parliamentary commitee and its quite daunting, and I would imagine the US Senate hearings go up a factor of 10, given they are playing to the crowd on TV. The look on the little Jew's face when he tried to get a confession from George was worth the watching.

I "admire" George in the same way I had a soft spot for Jimmy Reid and Degsy Hatton - I couldn't accept a word they said, but admired the way they said it.

Mike said...

PS "chutzpah" - thats what George has.

Bungalow Bill said...

He also rather skewered Christopher Hitchens once - not easily done - but they deserved each other, as you say : showbiz poseurs, though both gifted with an easy, too easy, rhetorical brilliance. This is a great piece Mr I and goes to the heart of the consistent failure of the Left in my lifetime. Can we think of a single socialist politician over the last 50 years who has offered intelligent analysis and then delivered without fraud or hypocrisy? The question is a genuine one and I do not include Benn who was a pretty horrible narcissist in my view. I have a softish spot for Foot on grounds of his cultivation and consistency but of course he was fucking hopeless. Anyone else, anywhere?

call me ishmael said...

Did you read my Jimmy Reid obit, I think it's here somewhere although I might have concentrated on Sir Alex Angryman, rather. I did admire him hugely when he was at his height but, as with most of my, what would you call them, heroes, I came to despise him and in so doing despise myself a littlle more; he was more than content to rest on what laurels he had - although he was only a voice of a movement, not the movement - and like all lefties he spent a lot of time catcalling his former comrades, Oh, and like Hatterjee, writing arty farty columns in the Glasgow Herald (think Guardian, just ten times worse)

I remember him, when young, doing a wee rhetorical question number for a class of schoolkids: Q: If a man buys a crate of oranges for five pounds and sells them for ten, what does he get? A: Six months. I loved it, then; having since been in business, I hate it, now.

I would never have even pissed on Degsy, just a limelight seeker, didn't he, like so many, go on to do a local radio show, some low-end celebrity work?

I used to say that Tony'n'Imelda had whored the office of prime minister more than any in history but Galloway has consistently and profitably lowered his office in ways which should have seen a decent Speaker censure him. That disgraceful, money grubbing exhibition on Big Brother, his kowtowing to Saddam Hussein, his hijacking of the Stop the War movementt and now his latest impertinence, he has no consitutional or moral right to speak as he has, this is an abuse of his position and it distorts the sincere views of millions who oppose Israeli brutality, none if highly public, self-aggrandising stunts vis a vis the Middle East - or anything else, for that matter - have achieved anything positive, he is actually Blair's handmaiden, shouting from the sidelines, C'mon Hatred.

I don't dispute for an instant that he is well-prepared for his public appearances but psychopaths generally are, we also provide him with IT, communications, postage, the HOC library, we provide him with research and admin staff and he never has to go to work if he doesn't want to, his hundred grand a year time is his own; which of us, here, freely such advantage, such free oublic resources, would not be formidably well prepared to take advantage of our lucrative personal appearances?

I never said, mr mike, that Galloway is a fool, just that we are.

call me ishmael said...

There was Dave Nellist, MP, of Coventry, mr bungalow bill, who was shafted and ditched by that unspeakable wretch, Kinnock, for daring to suggest that MPs should only draw the average salary of a skilled worker in their constituencies. He had been pariamentarian of the year but members of this 'ouse can't be 'avin their terms an' conditions interfered with an' so we expect the 'onourable member fer Islwyn to see that this 'ere Nellist bloke is deselected, like, at t'first opportunity. And so he was.

He was, is a nice man, I spoke to him a couple of times since Kinnock betrayed him, he's the only one I can think of who comes close to the job spec you outline.

call me ishmael said...

this fucking ipad,

none of his highly public, self-aggrandising stunts......

which of us, here, freely given such advantage, such free public resources......

tdg said...

Blurring the distinction between Israel and Jews is like blurring the distinction between Nazi Germany and Germans. It is easy to do, but deep down you know it is a trick.

That Galloway exposes himself so openly to criticism through this kind of false vulnerability is something one has to admire. Were he really after popularity he would have chosen middleground "inclusive" politics, become an everyman's champion, and would have risen to dominate the labour party for a lifetime. His powers are remarkable; yes, he happens to apply them to an end I find even less attractive than you do; yes, he is aware of them rather more than is decent; but he is still the greatest political talent of his generation.

Anonymous said...

You have him to a tee Mr I. He gravitates to, and thrives in, the sinkholes of corruption where the political culture of the Indian sub-continent has taken root (I wonder how many postal votes he got...). I saw the footage of his 'victory' in Bradford West, surrounded by a collecton of what looked like Pakistani village idiots (surely one of their strongest export lines...). Though with his 'street' appeal and demagogic oratory he reminds me more than a little of another fomer member of the Labour Party - one Oswald Mosely. I am sure that the 6th Baronet of Ancoats would have heartily agreed with George's position on the Israelis.

Regarding the issue of Nuclear Free Zones Viz cartoon put it succinctly I think:


Alphons said...

I was born and raised in Bradford, well before the out break of the second world war. It was then a place with a great civic pride. It had some of the most remarkable and graceful buildings in the country,one of the best educational facilities in the country, and a thriving economy. It was the centre of the country's wool industry and many of the more famous names of industry... English Electric, Hepworth and Grandage, Lister's woollen mill (the largest in the world at the time).
Who had created this marvel? The place was created and run by a mixture of Germans and Jews and far sighted Yorkshiremen.
The local "peasantry" were generally better off than the rest of the country's peasantry.
I moved out of Bradford in 1953....just as the Pakistani "invasion" got under way.
All the old graceful carved stone buildings were gradually "improved" by knocking them down and replacing them with concrete and steel (and mosques).
I try to avoid going to Bradford now because it is no longer there. In its place is a nondescript ever changing building site controlled by people with foreign ideas and strange clothing who care nothing for it's heritage (and possibly it's future).

Anonymous said...

Much the same can be said of other northern towns such as Bolton and Blackburn... SG

call me ishmael said...

Not a soubriquet most would relish, mr tdg, the greatest political talent of his generation.

It is applied, also, to Mr Alec Salmond, my own ruler and if it means stealing a general election from under the noses of a disgraced Scottish NewLabour, then he, Salmond, is the greatest political talent of his generation, although I would not consider him equal to the tasks of turning my compost or walking my dog.

Blair, too, was, in that sense, the greatest political talent ofbhis generation and perhaps that is why he excluded Galloway in favour of babes, blackmailers, crooks, a blind man, and assorted nincompoop incompetents. My judgement of GG's career - not that there should be any such thing in public service - is not yours, that he would or could have risen to dominate the Labour party but us rather that before his forced reinvention of himself as a radical Muslim he was locked into his Glasgow, hard man self-image, a lonely, principled bruiser, willing to take his lumps for the cause, and before he realised that such a political posture was foolishly redundant he was fucked, at least in the eyes of Campbell, Mandelstein and the rest of the filthsters, who actually ran Labour.

Nor is or was he ever what I would call a great political talent in the political sense; I have always granted him his exceptional talent as an entertainer; indeed, I find myself laughing out loud, sometimes, as he bamboozles the duffer placemen on QT or AQ in a tour de force of barnstorming rhetoric, but I would be less likely to vote for him than I would for them. I think he knows that traditional lefties see him only as an entertaing Fool, at best, and more harshly as a nasty, unprincipled and distasteful rabble rouser, his only constituency, therefore, to be found in succeeding pockets of poor immigrants.

I think he was so clever that he missed the boat and has, ever since, been hammering away st his own leaky and unseaworthy Ark. We should not encourage his delusions, he is prophet neither in his own land or anywhere else.

call me ishmael said...

....nor anywhere else.

call me ishmael said...

It is a funny thing, mr sg and mr alphons but once, not so long ago, I, as guiltily conditioned as anyone else, would have frowned at your comments, maybe you would, too. Now, they seem accurate, honest and necessary.

The danger, however, which is unchanged, is that we blame the poor immigrant for the cynicism of - mainly Labour - politicians; for the cowardice, duplicity and hypocrisy of people like Jack Straw and Roy Hattersley and for the vile opportunism of a lucrative, state-funded equal opportunities, anti-racism industry which for a time plagued and poisoned equally the public sector workplace and race relations generally.

To migrate from a place like Pakistan to a place like here seems an eminently sensible move; it seems sensible, further, to congregate, once here, among one's fellow emigres and to increase their number and to establish, if permitted, an in tandem system of justice and worship; equally, if homes, preferential treatment, other advantages and cash are available from the host country, well, one would be a fool not to, wouldn't one? For the indigenous community, however, these measures have proved disastrous and may yet result in the mythical rivers of blood. None of this is the fault of the immigrant or the native but facetious nonsense about Jews and Huguenots and Paddies is offensive obscurantism, we were then talking of thousands, today we speak of millions and of millions more yet to arrive, not only from the Commonwealth but from almost every part of Europe, those responsible for this dire short-sightedness, however, face the penalty only of a seat in the House of Lords and the passing-on of their parliamentary seats to their even more repulsive spawn. Baron Straw, in every sense of the word.

The possible remedies to this huge and growing problem - intense and intelligent community policing; urgent integration of ghettoised colonies; massive urban renewal and the strict prohibition of Sharia laws and attitudes and the subjugation of Islamic customs and traditions where they clash with those of Christianity; you will not find any of these on George Galloway's agenda, fuck, no, nor, indeed, on anyone else's.

It is a huge conundrum, this, which defeats smarter people than I; how can we humanely and positively and respectfully reverse these trends which have made so many of us strangers in a strange land, our own, and which must inevitably bankrupt public services and overwhelm infrastructure. I suspect that those with the means and the resources don't even want to try.

Bungalow Bill said...

The best hope, if we have any, will indeed lie in the economic and educational subversion of ghettoised Islamism (for we do not see much similar self-loathing from Hindu, Sikh or Jewish communities). That must come in large part from those moslems - and we must hope they are a majority - who see their religion and social mores flourishing in a democracy rather than a theocracy. That's a distinct and beautiful Islamic tradition, aesthetically and scientifically superb, which needs courageous promotion. The ludicrous gynophobes and death freaks have to be defeated or else. Abolishing religious schools may also become essential.

A mirage made in heaven said...

Our block of ten flats:

West Indian 30% - 8 kids
Algerian 10% - 5 kids
Indian 10% - 3 kids
African 10% - 3 kids
UK indigenous 40% - 1 kid (Ms Mirage)

These stats say something.

'Stranger in a strange land' - I 'grok' that (in a Heinleinian sense...)

Anonymous said...

I agree with you on the matter of not using immigrants as scapegoats for the failure of others. It is entirely logical, normal and, indeed, natural for human beings to want to improve their lot and to do this by moving elsewhere. But how much immigration is enough? I always want to ask this of the open door, E & D, maniacs. I wouldn't be surprised if there were upwards of a billion people, living in various African or South Asian shitholes, that wouldn't rather be here than there and who could blame them for feeling that way and in some cases doing something about it? It is a measure of their desperation that so many of them are willing to risk their lives and whatever money they do or don't have by putting themselves in the hands of people traffickers to be freighted around in rickety cattle trucks and ricketier boats.

What to do about it? I don't know either. A Nuremberg style trial for the members of the last Labour government seems like a good start to me (I'd love to see them there in serried rows - I'd make them wear the headphones too...). Rubbing the Right's nose in diversity - 'a boot stamping on a human face forever' more like. As for integration, well our record on that ain't good is it? I sometimes look at those pictures from the MV Empire Windrush, the inbound passengers, with hopeful faces, smartly attired in their best, perhaps only, suits with their ties and hats. Many of these folks were well educated and practically worshipped the Queen. As loyal to the Crown as any Ulster Protestant, Gibraltarian or Kelper. What did we do with them? I sometimes wonder how the surviving members of that generation feel when they see what has become of their offspring - the 'Gangstas', with their gibbering 'Jafrican' patois. Maybe we didn't try hard enough, or even at all, and could try again - though I'm not hopeful. As for 'intelligent policing', increasingly that seems like an oxymoron.

However I agree with you about the brainwashing in relation to our country's past. All this bullshit about us always having been a 'multi-cultural' society - yes but not in the way they mean. Prior to WW2 these islands, including Ireland, were as ethnically (if that's the right term) homogeneous as, say, Japan is today. As you say, Mr I, the influxes of 'invaders' and immigrants consisted of only a few hundreds or thousands at a time and quickly absorbed into the underlying gene pool made up of folks who arrived here from what is now northern Spain at the end of the last Ice Age. I make this point not because I think all immigration is a bad thing or that 'pure' ethnicities are good (we all know where that leads...) but because I object to the effort create a false past to justify present policies - something in which our national institutions, such as the BBC have not just been complicit in but actually at the vanguard of. It is a great pity that we are where we are with all of this when you look at what is going on elsewhere in the world (some of it, at least in part, a consequence of our meddling). That because of the last government's treachery, in particular, people's heart's are now hardened against taking in genuine refugees. I remember as a boy, collecting stuff for the Vietnamese boat people who came to live in an old army camp nearby - there was a real rallying round for those folks - and in as deeper blue Tory area as you could imagine (our school sent the table tennis team, of which I was part, over to the camp for what would now be called 'community engagement' - they annihilated us!). SG

mongoose said...
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Anonymous said...

My recollection of the Vitnamese Boat People just reminded me of another Galloway story. This time from Chris Mullin's diaries. You may have encountered it before Mr I:

During a parliamentary visit to Vietnam, Mullin recounts a special meal laid on for the delegation: “Almost everyone at the table had lost a member of his family. One had lost four brothers. This didn’t stop George regaling them with tales of ‘my first injury in the struggle’, which turned out to be a kick he received from a police horse during the 1968 anti-war demonstration outside the American Embassy in Grosvenor Square.” The following day, at another meeting, “George again regaled the assembly with tales of his long service to socialism. The district chairman, a canny old boy, listened politely when George again referred to his ‘first injury in the struggle’. Then, without batting an eyelid he inquired: ‘And what was your second?’” George's 'form' goes back a long way. SG

call me ishmael said...

My own, resolved and perhaps idealistic solution to this problem is to reverse our grip of the telescope and simply see that we must improve, to the point of equality, those places which are now being abandoned, improve to the point of cultivability those places now barren, desalinate a tiny part of the planet's water and immediately, by force, if necessary, limit the world's population and immediately abandon the fallacy of economic growth, markets, booms, busts and all the other obnoxious and irrational dogmas and diktats of Greed. This is Christ's Sermon on the Mount, this is the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, this is the Communist Manifesto, this is My own Zen-Presbyterian-Marxism, this is The Way of the Sufi, the Tao and the Baghivad Gita.

Our enslaving conventional wisdom, however, is that the insatiable greed of the few must govern our planetary management, we must beat our ploughshares into swords and that for intercession we must rely on the likes of George Galloway, a man who bakes his bread in the ovens of Hatred.

We simply cannot stop a human tide of economic migrants, the Australians shoot them at sea, the Americans hunt them along the Mexican border and we deploy the foulest, supidest, most retarded individuals to act as a border force, answerable to a deficient like Theresa May of David Blunkett; none of these measures work, nor should they, based as they are on nineteenth century racist nationalism. If we would stop them coming we must make better where they are.

call me ishmael said...

I am so sorry, mr mongoose, I was reading your comment, not on the page but in the comments section of blogger which only displays so much, requiring a button click to take one to the page proper. I was enjoying it so much that in my haste to read the rest of it, I hit the Remove Content button. In a desperate attempt to stop the removal I jumped on the laptop's off button, to no avail You won't still have it, will you?

Anonymous said...

Yes Mr I - treat the causes not the effects! Limiting the population is the most difficult part but birth rates tend to fall with security and prosperity. Another problem is that many of the educated and skilled people needed to effect the transformation of these places up-sticks and move to the West in search of better short term opportunities - something, indeed, that we have encouraged them to do. SG

call me ishmael said...

Yes, mr sg, I used to buy and read books like Mullins' Diaries and I remember that, I also bought GG's I'm Not The Only One; enrages me, now, that I bought any of them. Mullins, though, at least has the credit of exposing HMG's frame-up of the Birmingham Six, Galloway has nonesuch.

I have always warmed to Sufism. mr bungalow bill and relatively recently have seen much and read a bit about the Islamic tradition in medicine and science and architecture, particularly in Southern Spain and it is hard to reconcile such beauty of thought and expression with so many of those who would describe themselves as moderate Muslims; how on Earth can moderate people tolerate Sharia law or Halal slaughter, these practices are barbaric and why we tolerate them for a moment is beyond me. And as so many remark, where is the reasonably-to-be-expected condemnation of atrocity such as is unfolding in Iraq? The word community always brings a red mist to my eyes, it being just another form of separatism and exclusion, Muslim Community Leaders, however, has a special place in any lexicon of irritation. Oughta be a law against it.

mongoose said...

Err, alas, not here, Mr I. I m ight be able to find it on the web sinkhole of history though...

mongoose said...

Nope, only a five minute gap between posting the comment and deleting it, Mr I. Too short an eye-blink for even google to retain. Do not worry; it was the usual blather about policial bastardy being largely in vain.

call me ishmael said...

I wanted to know where it went after the guillotine terror and the antics of les garcons bon Galloway cochonique. I guess it's a mistake any might make but it don't half make one feel one's fingers and thumbs. Sorry, again, mon ami vieux.

Anonymous said...

I too suffer from the red mist when hearing the word 'community- leader' (another oxymoron maybe?) Mr I. Although I use the word 'community' myself, far too often, bloody hypocrite that I am, so I am. What Hermann Goring said about 'culture' applies equally here IMHO (I would even favour him being granted a scintilla of remission, down there in the ninth circle of hell, for saying that). SG

Bungalow Bill said...

Atheist Catholic that I am Mr I, I worry about limiting the world's population as a solution to anything because it feels like an excuse for the greedy fuckers who won't share their food and resources, including me. Too many people or too much in too few hands ? Otherwise, I am with you entirely, especially as to the Tao which becomes ever more attractive the older and more disappointed I get.

Anonymous said...

Atheist Protestant that I am, though with a Catholic taste for wine, I feel that we should reduce, not merely limit, the population. But how? I don't favour brutal methods. I think Mr I is on the right track but a very long-term project like Asimov's Seldon Plan maybe. In the meantime what of the 'natural' world (though I know we are part of it). What of our fellow creatures who have no say? Perhaps Lovelock is right and the Earth will fight the infection that we are and make life too uncomfortable for us as a species. We may see all too soon I feel. SG

Bungalow Bill said...

Wine is probably the universal solvent Mr SG. Never trust the puritans. Just had a decent Crozes Hermitage and here I am holding forth about world poverty. What was that proper bottle you wrote about not too long ago Mr I? I could taste it.

Anonymous said...

I am doing my bit for universal solvency Mr BB, I truly am. More wine less war that is what is needed. Much better if we all invested our time in growing, harvesting and consuming the products from grapes but alas! Though apparently the Phalangists and Hezbollah suspend their artillery duels over Chateau Musar from time to time to allow the grapes to be harvested - so there is hope yet! SG

Bungalow Bill said...

Ah, Chateau Musar.

call me ishmael said...

It was Chateau Le Cheval Blanc St Emilion, 1968, and I have not tasted its like since 1978.

I am sore fatigued by this recent surgery and the drink has entirely lost what little charm it still held for me, as have tranx and narcotics; it is an odd, pained vigil, awaiting Normalcy's return, the garden, though, is ever soothing.

The population vs resource crisis is unavoidable and must be dealt with or we will see the planet sicking us up.

tdg said...

Yes, that compliment is always double edged, for enough of politics is properly benign deceit, like the deceit of palliative care. We shall never know what Galloway would do with real power, for it will never be in his grasp, so all we can judge him on is the talk. Perhaps the switch to defending Islam was a strategic one, but it has brought him only infamy, and fewer riches than many other directions he could have taken. It seems to me rather that he is locked into principles far more consistently applied than in others (and that is admirable) and by a sentimental concern for the weak many of us here have to a similar degree of pathology. And though it may be fired by vanity I wish his courage were not so rare in others.

Joseph Conrad has a line somewhere about vanity mimicking any virtue, but he characteristically leaves his judgment on that open.

Bungalow Bill said...

I have sometimes thought I could live well enough without wine and of course I could. Though I can't. I wish you joy of the garden, and of music too I trust. I was listening to Roy Hudd impersonator, Alfred Brendel, playing Mozart the other day. That will do.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry for your troubles Mr I and hope that you return to normalcy soon and, indeed, with your palate restored. Thereafter I prescribe a glass of Chateau Musar or two. For medicinal and restorative purposes only, of course. SG

Rosevidney Rustic said...

Alfred Brendel plays Schubert better than anyone I have ever listened to. His feeling for the inprompus can move a strong man to tears.

Bungalow Bill said...

He is unmatched I agree Mr RR.

Anonymous said...

He does and he did Mr RR but I regret to say that, in Alan Partridge style, I was drawn to 'The Best of Schubert'. SG

call me ishmael said...

I will sleep on that, thanks, mr tdg, especially Conrad's observation. For now, though, i do believe that those qualities which you ascribe to Galloway are exaggerated by the mediocrity of his competitors, that his oratory is utterly charmless and inelegant, that he joins the movement to Brownian pugilism and bullying andv that his or anyone else's ends do not justify such a rancourous style, so corrosive of the public discourse, so vulgar; soft words not only turn away wrath but they cleverly ameliorate and reconcile. Galloway, as I said earlier, for who knows what reasons, prefers his daily bread baked in Hatred's oven. His life is to no purpose save his own.

call me ishmael said...

I am sorry to say that the only Brendel I know is his series of Beethoven Piano Sonatas, one of which, to ease the stringency of these commentaries, is at the next post, further on up the road.

mrs narcolept said...

It's not so much what he says as the voice, the most seductive kind of Scottish accent and timbre. If he had a coherent plan he would be very dangerous.

call me ishmael said...

I had overlooked that, mrs n, probably because here, in the best part of England, I hear so much of those cadences, generally wrapped around a fathomless grievance, trhat they no longer work on me. It is the, thiugh, a quality recognised by advertisers and others in the bullshit trade.

As to his danger, I think he's doing quite well, organising a fifth column for a so-called minority which globally numbers over two billion and which would cut my head off in the blink of an eye.

His politics are the antithesis of your recent suggestion that immigrants adopt the customs of the host nation; the logical end of current Gallowayism is the Caliphate, dangerous enough.

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see how he plays the IS / ISIL / Caliphate angle. I am sure that he would like nothing better than to be out in Damascus licking Assad's boots. However Caliphate Inc. play strongly with his core Pakistani 'yoot' / village idiot vote. Then again there's his Russian and Iranian paymasters to consider. A 'stakeholder management' problem if there ever was one. SG

call me ishmael said...

It is a Godsend to the wogbashers, this horror in Eyerack. Mediaminster would love to get a DaveWar out of it. Obama will see it as offsetting the minor embarrassment of having to own up to institutionalised torture, Netanyahu'll be screeching for joy and Georgie'll have to button his gob for a while. If he knows what's good for him.

Anonymous said...

Then there's the role of the House of Saud in all this. Interesting take on that here:

However, and ironically, their arses will probably be saved courtesy of Messrs Assad (if we, in the West, get out of his way), Rouhani and Putin. Maybe the Israelis could summon up a little air support too to help out as they've been getting some practice just now. SG

call me ishmael said...

I betcha Brian and Brenda'd grant asylum to his fellow playboys of the House of Saud, no sweat; organic sheeps' eyeballs on toast, down Highgrove; a few boys, maybe even girls, who knows, noblesse oblige, what?

All this stuff is the dissolution of the Empire writ, the made-up countries. I'd need to be a lot smarter than I am to make any predictions about it. Except that it'll all be bad, whatever it is, might even be very bad.

Away to Inverness for two days, returning, God be praised, a visiting child and shopping for a new laptop and repairs to my iPad. Jesus, once upon a time I dressed so fine and I had none of this malevolent IT shit. Back wednesday or sooner if the hotel has broadband and doesn't just say it has broadband.

Anonymous said...

Yeah you are probably right about that Mr I - though I rather preferred the idea of them being impaled on stakes. Watch out down there in Inverness - apparently it is such a rough town that the police feel the need to be armed these days (though maybe another over-spun meedja story...). SG

call me ishmael said...

It is true that over a ten-year Inverness has lost some of its jewel sparkle, due to council spending cuts but the last time I was there, about eight months ago, it was still my favourite English city, it is an English city, built to quell the Highlanders; nestling, though, in the folds of the Great Glen and richly cosmopolitan, Inverness is probably one of Scotland's best representations.

call me ishmael said...

Something no-one has mentioned is Galloway's enthusiastic embrace of Savile, it doesn't, of course, mean that he's a beast but it is something I would not have done unless a gun was pointed at my head; he is as much a sinner of default - at least - as the rest of showbusiness, his famous judgement as threadbare as his Big Brotherly dignity.

mongoose said...

It's the net good thing biting us again, isn't it? There was an aid lady on the radio from that Godforsaken mountain upon which cower today the Yazidi. (Poor bastards. Over the years they've had it even worse even than the Jews. Next census form that comes my way will see another Zaroastrian born.) And she had to clench her teeth - couldn't help but make her feel ashamed - and acknowledge that the USAF had done a net good. By, incidentally, shredding some of religions other victims - Muslims of the right kind on this occasion smart-bombed to their Paradise. It's a mean, fucked-up world and sometimes even she has to sup with the Devil.

I am not sure BTW though that this is enough to save Galloway from arsehole status. Jackass that he is.

You be careful down there in Inverness; there's the Devil in those English.

Anonymous said...

We English 'Devils' are an endangered species Mr Mongoose. We are dying out at an alarming rate (Mr Mirage's note 'up the road' refers and those that are left are being neutered and brain-washed). However it is heartening to know that a small enclave remains in Inverness (perhaps one of those 'donate just £2 a week charities could step in here...). SG

yardarm said...

The House of Saud blast off a noxious fart and the Whitehall and White House rubbish don their kneepads and call " Just like Chanel Perfume, Your Excellencies ". Which may explain our sudden activity in Iraq in response to the nutterbastards.

Anonymous said...

Third time lucky with this posting. Maybe GCHQ are busy tonight... Mr Mike mentioned Mr GG's performance at the Senate. It is here:

With apologies to Mr Moseley, to whom I likened him earlier... SG