Monday, 1 September 2014


The mind of the bureaucrat is Negativity's home-sweet-home, awakening daily to  rehearse old and invent new ways to say No, the bureaucrat is a fucking pestilence. Cops, teachers, social workers, health  professionals;  all they want  do is say No, Naughty to those unfortunate enough to be in their orbits;  even better is the opportunity to corral, restrain, hector, bully or - ideally - punish anyone who has a mind of his or her own which is occasionally exercised. The bureaucracy, self-evidently, exists only to extend, protect and promote itself, nothing else matters.


Chief Inspectror Filth, starring in the missing infant drama, is like all Chief Inspector Filths, he speaks a tortured,  intolerable argot of jargon-gibberish, smirking concealment and I-Know-Bestism and he speaks it as though he was some deranged, gibbering fucking Moses, passing-on the Ten Commandments to a tribe of gullible stiffs.  I can no longer observe these interviews, reaching, cursing, for the remote control at the first appearance of some jumped-up moron copper, like this. He's actually an ACC, this arse of a man, and will,  with his training, his salary, his uniforms and his ribbons and chauffeurs and pensions, will,  though he can't even fucking speak English, have cost us millions.

Appropriate, then,  that his gabshite actions match his  miniscule abilities and that he has seen to the hounding and incarceration of two law-abiding, loving parents as their child lies dying in hospital. What a cunt. 

Half-an-hour's detective work would have revealed that these were sane, responsible, caring parents. Mr Pig, however, is too clever for that.  He should be made Commissioner of the Met, when the next one is sacked, he is vile enough and stupid enough.

No need, here, to rehearse  the absence of arrest warrants in 1500 cases in Rotherham or indeed in the blatant case of child neglect in the disappearance of Madeliene McCann. No need here to suggest that in a ciivilised society this copper'd be out on his arse.  No need, either, to mention that Oily Keith Vaz's home affairs committee will not have as much to say about this outrage as it has about the inconveniencing of a Tory wanker minister at the gates of Downing Street.  Must keep a sense of porportion.


Bungalow Bill said...

Yes it's the systematised stupidity of these people that is so utterly depressing and which causes them to fuck up everything they touch. They are products of a society and an age which have institutionalised sloppy, formulaic thinking; there has been a sinister abandonment of precise expression. We are ruled by chippy illiterates, twittering birdbrains and the Great Incompetence settles over us. I had a moment of despair at our ongoing cretinisation when I saw on the news this evening Eddie Izzard, the fat headed comedian, being interviewed in all seriousness about how to get the kids engaged with politics. Eddie thought we needed to simplify the complex business of politics and be more positive, just like in the 2012 Olympics. Sometimes it just all takes your breath away.

Mike said...

I suspect what caused this over-reaction was the temerity of the parents to challenge the doctors - one of the most pompous of all the I-Know-Best sets of so-called "professionals", and for them to make clear that the NHS is actually pretty piss poor.

The police (and whichever mob issued the arrest warrant without doing any checking) would be well advised to apologise quickly before they get their fat arses sued. Hopefully the Spanish, having been dragged unknowingly into this mess, will show some common sense.

callmeishmael said...

I managed, once, mr mike, to have a surgeon arrested, only to find that the CPS ruled that although there might be a case to answer a jury was unlikely to convict a doctor, so no point bothering. I wondef how much better would the NHS be if we viewed doctors as what they are, businesspersons operating in an unregulated monopoly.

I think that when the dust settles. on this violation there woll be many more marching to he beat of Mr Farage's raucous drum; this EAW husiness, it's fucking Hitlerism.

Caratacus said...

My oldest friend, a retired police sergeant of 30 years standing, was one of the good ones. He finished up as a custody sergeant and his tales of the sheer fucking ignorance of senior officers were staggering, particularly about the university educated 'fast-track' candidates. Interestingly, he observed their physical cowardice and avoidance of confrontation, not only with knuckle dragging pikeys but also in the face of stupid senior officers. He always reckoned that ACC stood for A Complete Cunt anyway.

A career dedicated to arse licking and making the right noises about diversity and common purpose will throw up twats like this one. Coppers who display independence of spirit and a measure of integrity will not prosper, it's as simple as that.

Anonymous said...

Hampshire plod have a missing child system - I think he just wanted to play with it. His ego was rubbed and up it came.

The doctors obviously told him lies but he was too thick to spot them. Not the first time this has happened down there. Southampton has been involved in several bouts of doctors getting above themselves, usually the trying to improve their through-put with DNRs.

The Marianne Williams case put a young woman on trial twice when the death of the already-sick child was due to them muffing it in A&E. Rather than admit they had mismanaged a tricky case (the poor child was always like to die with the inability to manage sodium levels internally) they blamed the mother.

During the prosecution her first child was removed on the grounds that she might kill it. By the time they dealt with the two prosecutions, at which she was definitively cleared by the jury, the family court had no option but to rule that the child was settled with alternative care. She therefore lost both children and had her misery compounded by the vexatious prosecution.

It won't suprise you to find that neither the police nor the GMC managed to bring a successful prosecution against the doctor who was willing to make false accusations to save his own neck and wickedly devalue the concept of child protection.

Never mind the police; our doctors have absolutely no idea of how they are feared and despised because they will not keep to their place as servants. And they are servants, for which pronouncement I make no apology.

Woman on a Raft (now in search of breakfast)

Alphons said...

One has only to spend a short time watching one of the never ending "documentary" British police programmes on TV to realise that they live in cloud cuckoo land.Every one of them from Chief Constable to insignificant constable.
Their favourite phrase seems to be "It could have been much worse", and so they base their actions on this unknown senario without a second thought. (may be they take to long to think a second thought)

Mike said...

Mr I: this EAW is a most troubling thing. When I was young, and got my first passport, I was very proud to see that Her Britannic Majesty required johnny foreigner not to fuck with me. In later years I had a Russian visa, a lavender coloured one (I was working for an oligarch), which was a special one indicating to the police I wasn't to be messed with.

How can Common Law be reconciled with the Continental forms of law, such that a universal warrant can be issued? Something very sinister in this.

tdg said...

Neuroblastoma is not necessarily terminal: this child is not in palliative care as far as we know. What happens to it therefore matters more than the satisfaction of its parents. Had it died in transit (and it looks like it is at risk) everyone would have been calling for doctors and police to be lined up against the wall. It is just one of those negative sum games that are best just not thought about.

The broader point of the increasingly adversarial interaction between doctors and patients is a sad one, for its victims will be the weak and the self deluded. I-know-bestism is not exclusive to the professions, it pervades modern culture as the worship of the first person point of view, the cult of ones own personality, and you see it as often in patients as you do in doctors. It can only diminish the goodwill on which medicine in this country takes substantial credit, and it is patients who will suffer when it is gone.

call me ishmael said...

That's your incipient dotage talking, mr mike, that's what that is. We are no longer citizens, we are all suspects.

call me ishmael said...

Good to hear you rock'n'roll, mrs woar. We did know about the so-called salt poisoning case but not that it had resulted in the victim losing both of her children.

The surgeon whom I at least managed to get arrested said to me, shouted at me, actually, in the recovery room, that the treatment to which I had consented was whatever he wanted it to be, nothing to do with what was on the form; so you don't need to re mind me, at least, of the reality of the master-servant realtionship in the NHS.

call me ishmael said...

It is not just their stupidity, mr alphons, revealed in these shows; it is their willingness, their desire to nick somebody, anybody, for anything, it is that which appalls me so.

inmate said...

"What a Cunt" Absolutely.

Is it not the fact that these'servants' are actually employees of private corporations,that the need for profit overrides the concerns and indeed the rights of the family?

This poor couple are willing to sell a home to fund the treatment of their son. In the not too distant the couple will have their homes confiscated to pay for their treatment in hold age, there lies the rub. Can't have you spending 'our' assets now, we will need them in the future to fund the lifestyles to which we have become accustomed.
Tis a wonder the couple have not been branded Terrorists.

call me ishmael said...

"Had it died in transit (and it looks like it is at risk) everyone would have been calling for doctors and police to be lined up against the wall."

I am sure, mr tdg, that some people would but I don't care about them; these parents acted in an understandable manner and there was no case whatsoever for police intervention of this sort.

As for the wider worry which you express, well, I have recently put my faith in a plastics and a neuro surgeon, both, last time, treating me on the same table for unrelated conditions. A few years back another guy had my heart and lungs in a tray for a few hours. It is to be expected, therefore, that I would be fulsome in my appreciation of the NHS and I am. However, when, as it often the case, the doctor-patient compact is fractured by arrogance, conceit, incompetence and unaccountability then the patient or relative quite clearly owes it to themselves to challenge the Doctor-Knows-Best status quo.

Often, Dr doesn't know best, nor nurse, there are hugely sophisticated advances in surgical technology, there are smart dressings which are a field of study in themselves, their properties, their interactions; You won't need me to tell you that the BP recommended dosage is appropriate in only half of the population and in the other half varies by a factor of sixteen, Dr will never tell his patients that and nurse doesn't know.

I have educated my island doctor and nurse about the VersaJet tissue removal system, about the use of collagen and cellulose wound management systems, they had never heard lof them until I showed them their uses and properties and application on YouTube. And why or how should they know all this stuff, it is impossible to know it all and this alters the relationship between health professional and patient to the point that one of my local nurses freely espouses the concept of the patient-expert; the roles have changed, deference no longer has a dog in the game and I am quite prepared to believe that these, the parents in this case, had every justification and every right, indeed, duty, to act as they did.

If doctors would halt the slide in their status, maybe they should go back to being on call seven days a week, maybe the surgeons should work weekends, now and again, maybe utilise all those expensive theatres of an evening.

There have always, in my experience, been gabshite patients, even before the culting of the individual, I don't think that they can be blamed for the often criminal injustice of Medicine's closed shop nor for patients equipping themselves with enough knowledge to challenge the consultant.

As with the constabulary, so in the wealthy doctoracy, we need to re-imagine what it is which we require from them, our servants and not be enslaved by what they demand of us. Hippocrates Revisited, perhaps, and amended.

Anonymous said...

So that's the bastard. I was wondering who was so bereft of decency and empathy. A face that wants punching, that's what that is. Probably an offence to do so - unlike arresting parents who flee the NHS for more advanced treatment then separating them from their ill boy who is, in his time of need, stuck in a foreign hospital minus mum and dad.
Can the Cuntstable be sacked? If not, we are in the shit.
As for police not doing anything to doctors, my wife's colleague saw a doctor on a home visit strike a "difficult" patient on the head with a frying pan in the presence of two constables. The patient complained as did the wife's colleague but the two police said they hadn't witnessed the incident and despite the otherwise supporting testament the complaint was thrown out. Why ruin a doctor's reputation because of a mental patient's "alleged" bump on the head?

mongoose said...

Oh dear, but all of this was a battle lost long ago. Any old nonsense is now arrestable. And any old nonsense can now be the subject of a EAW. I daresay that a lawyer will know better and be able to argue their corner but it isn't going to do the rest of us any good.

It's what did for that Ron Davies who was innocently out looking for badgers one day. "Ah-ha, Sir, looking for badgers, is it? That'll be an offence under the Badgers (Miscellaneous Offences) Act 1946. Not heard about that one? You should read up, Sir."

call me ishmael said...

The over-reach of the criminal law, mr mongoose, as you well know, is much complained of in these quarters and I won't stop kicking its arse until my foot breaks.

This one, though, has an especial, tyrannical, jobsworth picquancy, doesn't it?

call me ishmael said...

If only, mr richard, if only Mr Farage would promise a constabulary consisting of liberal arts graduates, subsequently taught law enforcement I would vote for that.

Until someone does, I fear that our portion will be such lawless, sneering, toadying fuckpigs as you describe.

Some good will come of this, though, maybe nor for the family but for the wider, more realistic unerstanding of hiow and by whom we are policed.

mongoose said...

I cannot be bothered to type a single word about the copper, whose ACC acronym has been supplied and which seems to fit perfectly. But if you want to really understand what all our so-called rights are worth and what the powers-that-be are about you need look no further.

2 parents with a sick child have freedom of movement throughout Europe, they have the freedom to seek a second opinion about their kid, and they use their own funds to take advantage of these two freedoms. And what happens?

And it has not happened because of what they have done. It has happened because of the possible adverse effect on some careers should things go against the kid. The right in question is the right to protect one's arse, the right not to have one's CV sullied by some pair of bastards with minds of their own.

Rosevidney Rustic said...

And we pay for all their expensive salaries and benefits. Frankly I'm awfully tired of being told 'Lessons are being learnt from this' and I am by no means alone.

call me ishmael said...

ACC Filth said that very thing, mr mongoose, I dowannabe standing here saying blah blah blah, next week.....That IS all that mattered to him, not Decency, his career.

call me ishmael said...

One wonders, mr rr, how great a tumult must arise, before we rightly conclude that the good giys are in fact the bad guys, that a Thin Blue Line is all that separates us from outright decency.

Mark said...

"For who would bear the whips and scorns of time,
Th' oppressor's wrong, the proud man's contumely
The pangs of despised love, the law's delay,
The insolence of office, and the spurns That patient merit of th' unworthy takes"

Talking of the law's delay - it is amazing how quickly "call me Dave" has revised the decision to arrest the King family but how long the law has failed to do anything much about Rotherham and the rest.

call me ishmael said...

I doubt he soliloquises o'er much, our Dave; I have always thought that if I had paid for his education, I'd want my money back. So utterly stupid is this man, so maladroit, so superficial, so vacuous, so ignorant that I really do think that these Oxbridge/Eton degrees are bought and sold like bent MOTs.

Mark said...

A chap I knew tried to sue Marlborough for failing to educate his son - without success surprisingly.

mongoose said...

And the EAW is another example of duplicitous mission creep. "Of course, we'll only use these draconian powers for terrorists and organised criminals." We have heard it all a thousand times. Guantanamo-Bay-On-Falkland will be just for the jihadi-loons. Course it will.

And I had thought that we had opted out of the EAW; seems some bugger opted us back in again.

SG said...

Pretty sad that you had to educate your local medics to such an extent Mr I (though no one has a monopoly on wisdom of course). Yet I bet they are no strangers to the conference / workshop / seminar circuit. So much for 'CPD' eh? Re: the constabulary - dunno about liberal arts graduates but ones schooled in Peel's 'nine principles' looks good to me:

call me ishmael said...

Mr Clegg hails the EAW as Justice's new cornerstone, at least he did, until today.

I must say that Stalag Falklands hadn't occurred to me but now that you mention it......

As for the cops, it doesn't have to be liberal arts, sociology'd do, have to be something easy, obviously, for a start, but the office of constable seems to have been bypassed by the move to upskilling, yet it is one of the most important in the land, nurses must now graduate, why not constables? Introduce an elementary type of degree, just to shift the culture and then have those anxious to correct others doing classics and philosophy.

SG said...

I get where you are coming from Mr I but apply those Peelian principles to now - by God they are more relevant than ever. Tear down the 'Vision / Mission Statements", Values, Targets, KPIs, et al. Post them up in every Police Station (if they still call them that) and assess them against those principles. I don't think the modern constabulary would measure well against those stern tests.

call me ishmael said...

I sort-of knew that Peel stuff, from studies long ago, mr sg but those principles were framed in a different time, before universal suffrage, before compulsory education and when class differentiations were much more rigidly enforced. People are, in the main, smarter now, the world less deferential towards uniformed authority, it is almost unfair to expect the relatively poorly educated to police it, to understand and enforce an endless blizzard of new laws, much less act with due sensitivity in a case like this; we have smart cars, smart gadgets, smart medicines, we need smart cops.

I am sure that Peel's Principles have as much poignant veracity as any scripture, as much striving for perfectabilty but the people we now employ in law enforcement don't give a flying fuck about all that, do they, and nor will they without a proper education, ethics, logic, language, psychology. These people are baser, stupider, more violent than Royal Marine Commandoes, whose darker qualities can at least, on occasions, be harnessed to better purpose. Thick cops, a waste of space, as we see.

Doug Shoulders said...

The fact that we pay these fuckers wages seems a quaint far off notion from a far away land.
They wouldn't know who Peel was.

mongoose said...

And the idiot Cameron when asked at PMQs "what the fuck is a copper doing using the EAW to harrasss the parents of a sick kid?, answered that the EAW was keeping us all safe from terrorism. Needs hanging, does Dave.

Tedious that we have to listen to latest ramp-up to another Middle Eastern wa. It's as if we haven't been listening to the same refrain for two decades now.

Anonymous said...

Can't disagree with you on the need for more intelligent police Mr I - especially having listened to the lamentable performance of the former Chief Constable of South Yorks Police on the Today Programme this morning on whose 'watch' all the current child rape stuff happened. "Nobody told me - I wasn't aware - all the fault of my underlings' etc. However I do feel the Peel defined an ethical and behavioural framework for a civilian police force that is still relevant to today - something that the modern, and increasingly paramilitary police force of today, have lost sight of.

SG said...

P.S. apologies for all the grammatical and spelling errors in my various posts. A combination of I-Pad, deteriorating eyesight, fucking useless fingers and that damned comprehensive school education serve me ill!

call me ishmael said...

Me, too, mr sg, apart from the school, all of that. The i keyboard is an abomination but the trouble is, I do use the damned thing portably, I can sit in the sun, for instance, it is fine for surfing but almost impossible to write with; how those fucking smirking gung-ho pricks can charge so much money for an appliance lacking a firward delete is beyond me. I I should just make a rule, to use the laptop.

call me ishmael said...

Often, mr mongoose, you used to lament that you had lived too long; that slab-faced doughboy, Cameron, prompts in me a similar morbid ennui, ten seconds is enough; Hammond, Fallon, Admiral Lord Liberace, intolerable.

call me ishmael said...

I was not devaluing Peel's Principles, just the fact that Road Wars and Motorway Interceptors coppers are too stupid to read and understand them , too morose and maladjusted to apply them even if they did.

SG said...

You've just reminded me of Kurt von Hammerstein-Equord (a brave and honourable man from what I can see) - sometime c-in-c of the Reichswehr's, typology for his forces:

I divide my officers into four groups. There are clever, diligent, stupid, and lazy officers. Usually two characteristics are combined. Some are clever and diligent -- their place is the General Staff. The next lot are stupid and lazy -- they make up 90 percent of every army and are suited to routine duties. Anyone who is both clever and lazy is qualified for the highest leadership duties, because he possesses the intellectual clarity and the composure necessary for difficult decisions. One must beware of anyone who is stupid and diligent -- he must not be entrusted with any responsibility because he will always cause only mischief.”

Maybe the problem here is one of the stupid and lazy being led by the stupid and diligent?

call me ishmael said...

Like his majesty, caratacus, I once knew a decent bobby, until I thought it through; how many cells had he walked past wherein people were being beaten or verballed or worse. Thinking about it, I currently know a retired very senior plod-cum-spook amd he always seems fine, urbane and sensitive. But I'm sure he's not.

I think the smart ones don't give a fuck about rank, they are happy fencing recovered stolen property, selling drugs and porn and running a few girls. What more do they need? Certainly not diligence.