Thursday, 4 September 2014


Why is this

worse than this?

The only difference I can see is that the one decapitation was, presumably, both unexpected and instantaneous. Both men are dead, yet the one death is described globally as medieval barbarism, the other as democracy.

 These journalists were machine-gunned, for fun, by a bunch of Uncle Sam's chopper-borne, psychobastard MommasBoys.  No-one was prosecuted. Apart from the man-child who leaked the tape.

Why is this killer blessed as a saintly peacemaker,


 this one a barbarian?


This blameless, Baghdad hotel receptionist and his family had the pleasure of encountering one of Her Majesty's regiments, the Lancashire Torturers

and they beat him to death.

It's what these darlings do for fun but it's not medieval or barbaric or anything. Fuck, no, salt of the Earth, the Lancs Torturers.

But others, too,  have set the benchmark for unbarbaric, unmedieval behaviour.





There is an answer, of course, to why these recent deaths shock us so but they should  not shock America.  A massive headshot from a US sniper with a billion dollar rifle is one thing;  being told you are to be murdered, being murdered and being filmed being murdered creates a grim level of wretchedness.  But America performs such acts regularly, at home,  in its death chambers, where shortage of appropriate poison has led to recent state murders taking far longer than a comparatively swift decapitation.  It is right that we, who do not execute one another, are shocked and horrified, for even among peoples who shoved an iron bar up Gaddafi's arse, who stone and flog women to death and mistreat the whole of Creation, these killings are  viscerally revolting.  America's grounds for complaint, though,  are much more shaky;  what was that song, mr mongoose, the god you bin prayin' to, gonna give you back what you wish you'd done on someone else.

One must hope that relatives of the murdered can medicate or meditate their way through and beyond this nightmare but that does not mean we should all  bathe in the waters of Hypocrisy, should heed Obama's lazy bluster or give a moment's thought to this jerk and his bullshit.

Give us the job, President Obama, and we'll break the tools.

Just as long, mr tiny speaker, as I am unelected prime minister, just as long as I am doing such outstanding voluntary work for UKIP, for as long as this house is filled with honourable and right honourable ladies and gentlemen I shall  never sit down with terrorists and do deals with them.
Winston with Marty Kneecaps. 

And nor, mr tiny speaker, 
shall I walk about the garden with them.

And there will certainly be no more Boom'n'Bust,
 I mean Shock and Awe.

C'mon, Dave, I don't have all day.

Sometimes the true barbarian comes dressed by Armani.


Mike said...

A very disturbing juxtaposition of good-n-evil - but I can't figure out who are the good guys, maybe because they are all bad.

Looks like the West - USA, UK, and unfortunately Australia, are determined to fuck things up even more.

Right now, Vlad looks like the last bastion between Christianity and the evil hoardes. Its a funny old world.

SG said...

Well Mr I, in answer to your question, given the choice between kneeling in front of Jihadi-John for a 'head cut' or having my head blown off by a high calibre weapon I'd choose the latter - unless it was done by firing squad you probably wouldn't even know it was coming and certainly wouldn't feel a thing. The end is the same for sure but the means are different. That said there aren't many that I would wish a violent death upon and none via the former route. I'd like to think that our amoral, and often lamentably incompetent, governments are a 'cut' above the ISIL 'folks' and their bretheren elsewhere but at times I do wonder...

Rosevidney Rustic said...

I know which I prefer, just as in my voting record I support the 'least worse' for my country.
Feeble though our rights have become at least we can vote every so often. Not every country allows as much of a choice as we in this septic isle have.

Bungalow Bill said...

Horror begets horror and we can only overthrow the monsters by recognising that God and right are not always and only on our side. Let us subvert the edited films and narratives of all warmaking because the corporatised and theocratic deathmongers need us to stay blind and to absorb their satellite dramas and they need us to believe that their ridiculous minions like Winston are serious figures. Let the mutilated corpses and the disintegrated children be shown on all bulletins and make sure that the torturers and murderers on all sides are brought to account, including the GQ award winners. If the truth is revealed then goodness might wake up.

SG said...

By the way there is nothing medieval about ISIL. They are a thoroughly modern, social media, TV, filmographic phenomenon. A word from an old 'friend':

"I've seen horrors... horrors that you've seen. But you have no right to call me a murderer. You have a right to kill me. You have a right to do that... but you have no right to judge me. It's impossible for words to describe what is necessary to those who do not know what horror means. Horror. Horror has a face... and you must make a friend of horror. Horror and moral terror are your friends. If they are not then they are enemies to be feared. They are truly enemies...."

Anonymous said...

The only difference between governments and terrorists is that governments have bigger bombs. Voting changes nothing; look up "The Jones plantation" on YouTube and and you'll see why.

mongoose said...

Time was, Mr I, that a range of capital punishments were available even in dear old Blighty. It should be no surprise that the worst were levied on those who threatened the state or the state's dosh. Pressing to death, you'll maybe know, was reserved for those who refused to plead and therefore whose goods did not fall forfeit upon death to the Crown. There is all the clue you need. Bastards! It is clear now, even if it wwasn't then, that the horror was there to encourage the autres. The vileness is to terrorise the living. And as such is therefore beyond excuse, if not beyond some reason of a particulalry depraved kind.

So it is worse to set up your camera on a tripod and hack some poor man's head off - no women, note - because that miscreant wanted the the Twitter horror more than the death. The sniper with his rifle is just levying battlefield advantage, and a grisly death, at a distance. But the ghastliness is a function of firing a lump of metal a long way - because the kinetic energy in a sniper's round is astounding and is what keeps it on track. Like many a "hero" of desperate times past, a soldier maybe must do what a soldier has always done. Heck, that's why they are usually young and are trained not to be reflective.

What none of them should be about is glorying in it - as, yes, in some of your examples - and making mock of the thread that runs through us all.

call me ishmael said...

The propagandising portrayal of the headchoppings, mr mongoose, simply reflects an economic reality, Ahmed doesn't own a CNN or a Fox News or a BBC, all of which are entirely owned and directed by his enemy, none of which ever linger in Truth's embrace. All the more reason, one might reasonably assume, for skymadeupnewsandfilth to have presented a more balanced view, this past sixty years or so, y'know, one of these smart Oxbridge boys might have foreseen that if we keep on telling lies about Mohammed he might well take the Six o Clock News into his own hands. Like he has.

I don't know, further, that contemporary martial depravity begins with headchopping, which is, let's face it, compared with Agent Orange or the dropping on the gooks of more fucking ordnance than was ever dropped on Adolf mere pissing in the wind; Vietnam, Cambodia, Nixon, Kissinger, these are proper war crimes and criminals and that's before we go to Chile, The Philipnes, Indonesia, Nicaragua and scores of others, as well as the Oil Crusade of present times, in the Middle East and Asia; it's all small beer, this, head-taking. Not, of course, for relatives and those, like me, who are pathologically squeamish but as these things go, well, it's not Srebrenica, is it? And if we were to go into similar hiatus every time China or Uncle Sam, himself, brutally executed someone we'd be fucking about until the next millenium.

I know this is horrible, but why is it more horrible than everything else, and by responding so, are we not simply doing what Ahmed wants us to do. See, he doesn't give a fuck about living or dying whilst on our side it seems any squaddie who ever heard a loud noise in Iraq or Belfast or anywhere, really, is a gibbering PTSD loony, who imagined that his voluntary military service would amount to little more than learning a trade, silly fucker.

No, smarter people than Ahmed will ake a fortune out of this shit. Another fortune.

The tune, by the way, I remembered, was New Pony....Baby, the god that you bin prayin to, gonna give you back what you wish you done on someone else ( how much longer, how much longer?)

I am still reading those other five comments, thanks, ballistical, comical, tragi-comical, historical and philosophical and I will respond.

call me ishmael said...

I dunno, mr rr, I used to take cold, meagre comfort from the fact that these might be bad guys, acting badly but at least they're MY bad guys. Relatively recently I would have said If I was forced to choose between white George Dubya Chimp and some brown Iraqi bastard I would choose George and hold my nose. No longer.

Now, I finally realise the import of the phrase, Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel. Now, I know that the crime is not in denouncing one's country for wickedness, the crime lies in not denouncing her.

call me ishmael said...

Are we really a cut above, mr sg, just because we don't advertise our filthiness. Are Jack Torture and David Milliband somehow better people than Ahmed for covering-up the torture in which they colluded?

As for the relative brevity of one violent death over another, I honestly don't know; I am sure that one's last moments of consciousnee last, effectively, for Eternity, that there is no case for discernment, no morbid Epicurianism; a violent death is a violent death, be it by hatchet or napalm, scimitar or stealth bomb. We are about to unleash many such.

call me ishmael said...

I dunno about Vlad, either, mr mike; I can't see that what he is doing is worse than what everybody else does. I don't see why I should care about some thug billionaire president, imposed by Western-sponsored coup, wotsisname Popoff, is it, who gives a fuck for him, for what he thinks?

I heard some areshole from Latvia, yesterday, wanting my money to shore up his shithole of a country; it's the home of Third Reich Nazism, isn't it, Latvia, its citizens parading for the SS, fuck 'em, let Vlad roll all over them, fucking bastards.

mongoose said...

That is all very reasonable, Mr I, and I wouldnt take issue with a word of it. But the prat sat musing in his tent and finally come up with "I'm back!" - before sawing off another man's head with a kitchen knife. It is sad and empty and just worthless beyond any parody. Even leaving aside the cultural hiccough of the Prophet's finest referencing Hollywood, the lad's a waste of space, and is now part of the problem. Whoever he is has surely broke his head, and now needs shooting.

But they are all bastards, Mr I. Put not your faith in any of them princes.

call me ishmael said...

Amen, mr bungalow bill; amen, mr richard, the affairs of the world are managed by criminals, their actions refracted, made benign, by MediaMinster filthsters; look, see, they have chopped off a white man's head or two, we must now slaughter a hundred-thousand-fold of innocents.

call me ishmael said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
anonymous said...

By the way there is nothing medieval about ISIL. They are a thoroughly modern, social media, TV, filmographic phenomenon:

True enough but there is a miniscule fraction of one percentage who are employing modern methods. All the rest are just smelly uneducated brainwashed wogs and all of them BELIEVE the utter bullshit in the Koran about the rewards in the 'next life'. Consequently the dense illegitimates are eager to get there. They are certain they will please Allah. If they spent any time reflecting on the All Merciful, the All Powerful they might just wonder why HE doesn't do anything himself. Is it because he can't or (horror of horrors) maybe doesn't exist?
Having spent a full career in the armed forces I know what I support.

call me ishmael said...

He is certainly steeped in wickedness, mr mongoose, but you and I are abolitionists, in which state there are no gradations, we believe in the possibility of redemption for all, not just Anglicans and Micks, this young man's actions do not undermine my belief in human improvability, what, otherwise, stops us all running around taking heads?

I think he was in entertainment, wasn't he, show business and there certainly seems to be a high level of theatricality in his unspeakable behaviour.

You were talking about audiences, yesterday; DeeJays, Rappers, where'd that nasty shit find an audience, and if Jihad John is its apotheosis shouldn't we stamp it out?

call me ishmael said...

Well, mr anonyomous, you are welcome here, kind stranger, where some but few have shared your calling.

I have always wondered about the sophistication of not just Jihadi warriors but of arab fighters generally; it's the wasting of all that ammunition, fired in the air, which offends me so.

Recently, too, other travellers, like mr mike, have damned Ahmed for his filth and cruelty and for my part such brief encounters as I have shared with arabs have been uncomfortable, to say the least; I cannot, therefore, argue with your character assessment and I deplore, equally, all forms of organised Abrahamic religion, Mick, Hebe, Wog or Anglican Polysexualism but I doubt tnere is a military solution which does not wholly shame and degrade us.

I don't know what your military solution is but -as demonstrated by your observation of Islamic suicidism - unless it is the global annihilation of Islam it will be unproductive.

The cruelty of our partisan approach to Arabia and Southern Asia is one thing; the stupidity, though, of Blair and now Winston is inexpressible. This is all very heavy shit, Pakistan, Israel, maybe Iran, India, they all have nukes; we need smart people to sort this out and instead, come election time, we are offered fools, thieves and degenerates.

SG said...

Thanks Mr Anonymous. I was indeed referring to ISIL the 'corporation' and its 'controlling mind' (you may have seen their 'annual report' - before you know it they'll be applying for a stock exchange listing). Regarding the 'foot soldiers' and rag tag 'armies' that comprise the reality of what's going on on the ground - well, like Mr I, I find it hard to disagree with you. Rightly, most people here in the 'West' are, at least momentarily, concerned at the plight of the hapless journalists and aid workers that fall into the Jihadists' hands. But how many more beheadings and dismemberings are carried out amongst the 'indigenous' populations? In the main, and leaving aside the more 'newsworthy' issues such as the plight of the Yazidis, their plight rarely surfaces. Its just 'wogs' killing 'wogs' to use your vernacular. Still less the activities of the opportunist 'jobsworth's' who ally themselves to these 'movements' and wander around wagging their fingers and inflicting misery in lesser ways. Also I don't doubt that many have indeed been fooled into believing that enduring the misery of now, and obeying their masters orders, will be richly rewarded in the, of course, non existent 'after-life' (must be the oldest trick in the book that one...).

SG said...

"Ahmed doesn't own a CNN or a Fox News or a BBC...". Really Mr I? What about 'Al-Jazeera', owned by the government of Qatar (also associated with funding a certain head chopping outfit that we have been discussing)? I seem to that Uncle Sam bombed their Baghdad bureau during the last Gulf War. To be fair they are rather good, albeit much of it boring and worthy in a way the BBC should perhaps be but then I only see their English output...

mongoose said...

Well, we are abolitionists but some eegits do sorely test our patience. And there is much questioning, Mr I, about what "to do with" these idiots. Deradicalise them, say some. Through the due process of law, say others.

A bit dodgy this last. Has a crime been committed? Did the 15th International Brigade trog off to Spain and commit felony? Did all those of our countrymen who crossed the Irish Sea and fought against Hitler do liekwise? And just because the Cameron Bastard can make a new law that calls it sin that does not make it so. If a chap believes it is his duty to go to the desert and cut heads off the infidel, and the wrong type of Moslem too - well, who are we to say that his God has sold him a dummy? Let us be liberal in our interpretation.

So this leaves us with Plan B - the battlefield being its own answer. I am sure that that is, in fact, Plan A. The last thing the Brits want is a queue of Luton-born lads clogging up the courts until Domesday. Geez, one poor bugger has already gone tonto in North London. It is going to end very badly. Perhaps even this weekend. What time is Friday over in Syria? About 4 O'clock tomorrow morning, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Regarding Mr Mongoose's prescription for the 'Deejay-Jihadi' I suspect we won't have to wait long. To quote from a corny old movie I'm rather fond of, he's "an asset, an expendable asset". He's not one of the brains so not much point in ISIL investing much in protecting him like AQ did with Bin-Laden. He's a walking deadman. If he's not taken out in the general conflagration Uncle Sam'll get him - a drone strike or SEAL team 6. Maybe they'll take him back to Texas where a warm welcome from 'Old Sparky' would await him (that would be a comparatively benign and humane fate for him I suspect relative to what may actually happen....).

SG said...

Sorry - the last post was mine - just to differentiate me from the real Mr Anonymous - though I am sure my prose style gives me away by now (I know - I've got no style...).

callmeishmael said...

De-radicalising, it has the ring of Cranmer and the Tower of London about it, it's fucking horseshit, meaningless drivel. Right, lads, worrawant ya to do, is, carry on wiv yer faif, like, that's yer right and everyfin, only just, you know, don't sort-of believe in it so much, specially about Infidels.

I mentioned before that Cameron would have had Orwell arrested, after Spain, fucking nitwit.

No, mr mongoose, only thing is hoist matey out of Arabia and deliver him to the Hague, they won't give him any turntables to fuck about with in there. And we will hold the moral high ground. For a change.

yardarm said...

Big Money and many jokers in Whitehall and Washington, Brussels and elsewhere will recall that one way to climb out of the ongoing Depression is to start a war: the bigger the better and now we have a plethora of flashpoints.

EU/NATO never ending eastward expansion has not only put Russian backs up but brought in countries with serious differences with Russia but not the military might to act as a deterrent. A bunch of corner shops taking on Tesco.

And in the Middle East going on past performance, whatever we do will make it worse. Wasn`t Wysteria/Autocue`s previous plan to actually arm the likes of the Islamonutterbastards in Syria ?

They`re holding nuclear triggers and I wouldn`t trust them to pass the biros around at a parish council.

yardarm said...

Winston Cameron ? Fuck me not even Neville Cameron. The pie faced washer mouthed top hatted wisteria clad scion of privilege is in his own class of utter fucking uselessness. Even Eden, architect of Suez was fighting in the trenches at an age when Cameron was getting stoned in the Buller.

Call Me Dave, a ' man ' who surrounds himself with Eton bumchums, who relied on a few phone calls from Pater and mater in law to get him where he is: the flatulent empty suit can`t even negotiate with the Brussels farts: yet he`s going up against Bad Vlad and the Islamonutterbastards ? I suppose they might laugh themselves to death.

callmeishmael said...

That's all too beautiful, mr yardarm.

And, yes, even the cottaging grocer, Heath served with distinction at home and in Europe in the Hitler war.

I know that there haven't been the global conflicts which there once were but there have been plenty of opportunities for those of a public service bent to serve, mind you, they might have been called upon to do some work, or even be hurt. That Colonel Wotsit, MP, he's just a bloated, goodforfuckaller, Rory Stewart, MP, on the other hand, seems a seasoned, wise and well-tempered veteran, he is about the only one, unless we include hateful fantasist, Captain Iain Duncan Smith.

Cameron and Hammond and Fallon, though, Jesus fucking wept.

yardarm said...

That`s it Mr Ishmael. Jeuss fucking wept and Bad Vlad must be fucking laughing, he`s up against careerist entitlementistas so inept they might not even be able to stop their own country from fracturing. A professional secret policeman, gangster capo of all the Russias and brinksman; and representing us against him and the Islamonutterbastards are effete empty suits.

Mr Stewart, probably having different experiences and his own opinions probably won`t get too far among the filthsters and it wouldn`t surprise me if he was to abandon MediaMinster.

Duncan Failure: we`ve speculated on why he left an apparently promising career in the Guards in `81, with 3 million on the dole. A muffled scandal, buggery possibly or simply the realisation he was a god awful soldier. If he had stayed in the army he`d probably have been a general officer in A/stan and Iraq and doubtless would have contributed to our defeats along with his Sandhurst peers.

I don`t fear Bad Vlad or the nutterbastards, Mr Ishmael. It`s the rubbish in charge on our side who fill me with rage: or is it fear ?

SG said...

People like this:

scare me Mr Y and Mr I. The 'advisers' and experts who sit behind the empty suits. I have taken to looking at the provenance of some of the talking heads who appear on Newsnight and the like. Those often positioned as 'experts' are nothing of the sort. They are lobbyists for SIGs granted charitable status and / or professional gravy train riders. They seldom offer any real insights but are there to help alter the 'mood music' in relation to particular issues. I had to laugh when I saw that the linked outfit's 'Ecomomics and Prosperity Deirector' is called 'Leach' while the 'manager' of their 'Prosperity Index' is called 'Gamster'. Business Class all the way folks... You couldn't make it up!

SG said...

Sorry bad hyperlink in the above post. Try this one:

callmeishmael said...

'swhy we call it skymadeupnewsandfilth; public affairs privatised, made secret and malign; ruthless they are but cowardly, too. The good news is that never have so many seen through it all.