Thursday, 30 June 2016


Exhausting, says mr bungalow bill, all the Oxbridge rats fighting in their sack the  but what is  more worrying is the dreadful reporting, by senior journalists, of MediaMInster myth as fact.

Firstly, every last bastard one of them says that Boris won the referendum, when, in fact, it was won years ago, had only it been permitted; Boris was nothing to do with it;  the people won the referendum, the idea that towns and cities were standing in line to be persuaded by some shambolic, cock-waving incompetent entitlementista is absurd, a confection baked by MediaMinster to inflate the importance of its members, all of them more gossip columnist than journalist. 

I keep reading in  Private Eye, MediaMinster's in-house agony aunt, that Woe! Woe! and thrice Woe!, such and such a publication is shedding journalists whilst its senior management and proprietors are getting rich. Oh, fuck me, how awful, these worthless pissheads getting a taste of that on which they have shameffully failed to report is happening to everyone else. Good, says I, sack all of them and sack all journalists, let Rupert Filth and the Barclay Twins speak to us directly, no opretense of a middle man. And that odious little pimp, Hislop, from the PBC, he must have made millions from 51 series of that tedious panel show,  that jolly old pals' knockabout, masquerading as satire; Je ne suis pas HIGNYFY, the show for rich prats and arsehole celebrities happy to be humiliated for a thousand pounds.

Secondly, Dancing Queen, Tracey May, 

is not the unruffleable safe pair of hands which they portray, she is actually responsible for the complete failure of our immigration system, our border security and partially for the failures of policing up and down the country.  
She is a remainer and a stauch believer in savage cuts in public services, in the demonising of the sick and the poor and, in massive, undeserved rewards to the already filthy rich;  even as cabinet ministers go, Tracey is close to the top of the good for fuck all board. 
Six years fucking-up the same job is not what I call a safe pair of hands. Add to that the fact that, far moreso than the now despised BoJo, Tracey has odiously hedged her own leadership bets, and is a ghastly hypocrite. A nation which voted to leave will give short shrift to Tracey's promises of voter-representative paradise and the Tories would be mad to vote for her as leader, mr mike. 


Andrea Ledsom, in the absence of Nicky Morgan, is the proper, baggage-free baggage to prosecute Brexit and maybe win them  the elction which should, but may not follow immerdiately upon the Tory conference, an election in which UKIP will make gains and Labour won't, although to lose many of its Blairish MPs is for Labour to win.

Another phantasmagorical claim from MediaMinster is that this grubby, sneery, dowdy  Brownite piece of filth, 


Angie Eagle, is some restorative, unifying statesperson-in-waiting, probably because she's gay and treacherous, yes, and loves the Labour party, has always loved the Labour parrty, it being to her so much more than a political movement, rather a ticket to wealth otherwise unimaginable.  Yet hordes of hacks surround her door, daily, hoping for some  some banal expression of lofty self-, yes and national, importance The press portray all these strata of vermin, as though, without question, they are people of honour and decency, merely because they say they are, even though, as we all know, they are the very opposite.

mr bungalow bill warns that times may grow dark, well, it may be that they grow darker more quickly for Infamy's handmaidens, the likes of Kuensberg - is it Kuensberg, I don't care what she's called - and Evans and Neil and Wark, all of them so busily engaged in the attempt to thwart the majority. All across the telegraph one reads of Tory voters disgusted as much by the treatment of Corbyn as by the worthlessness of Cameron;  the same at the Daily Mail, torrents of contempt for every component of MediaMinster, one can read hundreds of comments in a row, all saying the same thing, even some of those who voted Bremain appear disgusted by this anti-democratic upsurge by our servants, the MPs and by the caterwauling of shrieking e-petitioners.  I am sure that the majority in the country accept the vedict of the vote, but you wouldn't think so from any perusal of the British media.

mr richard mentioned the exaggeration of low-level crime and its presentation as proof  that Leavers are Racists;  this is simply intolerable, as is the coverage of the Somme centenary, all reporters reminding us that the EU has stopped similar slaughter, what a shame we all voted for WW3, such is an impertinence which properly deserves sound chastisement, instead we see hacks congratulating themselves as each day becomes a bigger newsday than its pedecessor. No business like showbusiness.  Everything is trashed, shit-eaters and child molesters spewing over us the ingredients of their lunch.  The whole fucking place, MediaMinster, resembling more and more an ancient  vomitarium, the dogs of the press dashing-in to snuffle, seeking the best bits.

We will consider Mr Michael Spit, to-morrow.


Mike said...

I just had need of the vomitorium having read Blair's piece in the Filth-o-graph. The word CUNT doesn't do justice to this piece of shit. I advise not to read unless you want to get very angry.

Anonymous said...

I did want to get very angry, people who don't are missing something about reality, and Mr. Blair's piece was just the thing. Thanks Mike for the reminder of how terrible and bad this creature is.

mongoose said...

The lunacy of it all, eh. I cannot bring myself to even contemplate the Martyrdom of St Jezza. It is too horrible a spectacle to dwell on. The Proper Left, of course, is never happier than it is being fucked over by the Right. That everyone else but them has moved on is as ever irrelevant to them.

5 candidates for Tory Leader: Stephen Who, Andrea Who, Professor Liam Dead-Fox. And two others - Gove and Cinderella May. A glutton for punishment, I watched This Week last night. Some poor SNP idiot thought that she was on there to tell everyone how busy Nicola was with her plan and her Kissingeresque globe-hopping. Mr Wig eviscerated her in a soundbite - not even a question - "That's just posturing." But the Ghostly Trainspotter was on - dressed like a toddler who's been at his mum's Oxfam bag. "All of the candidates wouldf make a fine Prime Minister." Dear God. The call for statesmanship is forming. It is a stitch-up. It will end in buckets of tears.

call me ishmael said...

When I say, mr richard, that I can't take it, I refer not to my stomach but to my minds, as one impertinent, worthless jackal follows another, tearing at our nation, my mindthreatens seizure, honest, not invent; there is only so much a man can process of bare-faced lying by parasites and scoundrels, only so much one can adequately deconstruct before rage and exhaustion drive one from the field. What the fuck are the young people douing about this, why aren't they on the streets, and if they can't be arsed, why should I?

call me ishmael said...

I guess we have to take it in turns, mr mongoose, ThisWeek-Watching, and I am not up to it, presently, so thanks for the despatch.

Of them all, it is Dr Fucks who most incenses me. Five minutes ago he was drummed-out of his o0ffice for, in no particular order, pretending that his boyfriend Adam Verrity was a government official, when he was not; for flying Verrity around the world at my expense, the better to take his counsel, so to speak and best of all, for freelancing for a redneck US think-tank, contrary to his ministerial responsibilities and in a manner inimical to British interests, now he wants to be acclaimed prime minister and is not howled at by scum like Neil and Portillo.

If it ends only in tears they will have got-off lightly. I will join the Scoattish Tories, if I can, try and kick Ruth Boy Davidson's fat arse a bit.

call me ishmael said...

There has been an interesting series repeated on the i-thing, mr mike, called the Rise of the Continents, if you can see it; a luvvy geologist reconstructing Pangea and Gondwanaland, charting their birth, collapse and the movements of the continental plates, they were all fascinating, not without irritatants and shortcomings but terrifyingly humbling. Looking at the fiery cataclysm which is the planet Earth, viewing its self-determination over billions of years, well, I was saying to mrs ishmael, I think I'd rather believe in the God of Abraham than worship this vicious bastard, Mother Earth. At least you can pray and grovel to God, Earth's just gonna roll all over you. He sees, anyway, Dr Ian Wotsit, the reunification of all the continents, with Down-Under slowly crashing up into China and India, India and China having been slammed together aeons ago so mightily that the Himalayas reaed up in consequence, from the ocean floor, even summit Everest being rich in sea-life fossils. Australia's forested past, though, was especially interesting, as was the so-called Songlining which enables the blackfellow to find water, in ponds and pools bubbling up from the continent's ancient, inland sea.

The series is a sharp, astringent antidote to the crimes of man, against himself and the planet; a glimpse at this series would convince the most frenziedly sanctimonious Green that the planet will continue, whatever we may do to it.

I would expect, though, that those living in perhaps the only truly island continent outside Antarctica, must surely take a sceptical view of these European convulsions. What are they saying, 'round the barby, and at the golf course?

SG said...

I almost feel sorry for Boris, though only 'almost'. Not content with de-throning him before he'd even sat on the thing, the politico-media carrion have now descended to feed on his death-bloated corpse - sticking their scabrous, razor billed heads into his chest cavity in search of vital organs - if Max 'Hitler' Hastings' piece in the today's 'Daily Hate' is anything to go by that is...

Woman on a Raft said...

Put this link here to remind us that Scottish journalism can be excellent.

It is from 2011 but it could have been written yesterday. It details how the Border Agency were told not to even check visas and expanded both EU and non-EU immigration, regardless of the rhetoric and each party blaming the other.

"No mainstream political party will do anything about unlimited immigration: their political culture will not permit it. Tired mantras such as “racist” and “xenophobic” still haunt their consciousness; ditto Home Office officials. The latest e-petition, which deplores mass immigration, collected the 100,000 signatures needed for a Commons debate in a matter of days. As with Europe, nothing will be done."

The Scotsman Nov 2011

Faced with a boil which would only fester, May chose to ignore it for a further four and a half years. The legal situation is genuinely difficult, but she did not even do as much as she might have.

How many British nurses could have been trained by now if the Home Office had wanted to in 2011? How many people might be off benefits by now if they had been put on proper training courses which only cost the same as their benefits anyway?

call me ishmael said...

The Scotsman is at the less pro-SNP end of the scale, mrs woar, but could do so much more, I believe one of its former journalists, George Kerevan, wrote a compelling and lucid dencunciation of what he called the very existence of dinosaur political parties of any kind; on principle, he was against them all. I believe he is now a Tribesmen's Orwellian MP.

Generally, as I may have mentioned,there is a higher level of general political consciousness in Scotland than I ever perceived in England. I am curious as to where it now finds expression. I used to find it in the Herald but that 'paper is now uncomprisingly nationalistic, though, bizarrely, owned by Americans, it's formerly balanced leaders now screeching more hysterically than ArseFace, herself, about Grievance.

Yours is a good summation of Tracey's wilful incompetence, and translatable across the piece. How did we come to a position where we cannot encourage and train our own nurses but send recruitment teams to poach them from countries ill-prepared for their loss? How is this situation, one in which we steal other people's trained medical staff, construed as a rich and vibrant multi-cultural, multi-faith progressive society, one which we should all ceolebrate, apart from sick people and taxpayers in Indonesia and Sri Lanka? It is, of course, the celebration of foreign medical staff, the most abominable racism.

call me ishmael said...

Arch Tory spiv, Field Marshal Mike Biscuits, was the best I have yet seen, mr sg, the blonde bombshell Thatcher-slayer, himself, flouncing around, piqued, denouncing blonde bombshell BoJo's disloyal heresy. Conflating himself with another ridiculous arsehole like that the old boy'll choke on his garibaldis if he's not careful. And not a minute too soon.

Woman on a Raft said...

Putting this here since you mentioned Gove. Janet Daly is trying to write sanely about immigration.


Oddly – in this most confused of political climates – it was Mr Gove (who is notably not Left wing) who drew attention to the essential problem. He asserted that we are now effectively divided into “two countries”: those who have benefited from globalisation and the “flotsam and jetsam in the flows of capital and labour” who were forced to provide fodder for “big businesses [which] have rigged the market in their favour”.


Shouldn't the leader of the Labour Party have been saying something of this nature? Shouting more convincingly about how banks seem to enjoy different gravity from the rest of us?

Here is the Daly article:

Woman on a Raft said...

Small minded of me, I know, but I am enjoying this Wars of the Roses stuff between Edward Prince of Cameron, George Duke of Boris, and Gove Richard III.