Saturday, 25 June 2016


 Well, the voters got it entirely wrong and speaking as a thrice-disgraced minister, amply rewarded with millions of EuroPounds,  I can say with some certainty that what the Labour party must do is sack its leader - Oh, I suppose I might be persuaded to stand, if the package was right - but more importantly it must listen to its traditional supporters and find a completely new way of lying to them. 
No, you can trust me on this, you really can.
Unlike the electorate, whom one simply cannot trust at all.
That'll be two thousand pounds, please.
(Simpering PBC aide presses bundles of our cash on Mandelstein, saying, thank you, your Lordship, thank you so much, thank you, thank you.)

 All I can say, Andrew, is that this is what happens when you allow common, working  people to vote, I mean, they just don't know what's best for them. I  mean, I know that that sounds anti-democratic but I am anti-democratic, course I am. And that's the truth of it.
What?  Fraudulent dossier, blackmail, murder? 
 Dunno what you're taling about, mate.
No wonder I get depressed, is it?
That'll be two thousand pounds, please.
(Simpering PBC aide presses bundles of our cash on Big Al, the inmfamous, pisshead, bi-curious, porno author, saying, thank you, Sir, thank you so much, thank you, thank you. And please remember me to Mr'n'Mrs Blair)

 I simply say to the peepul ov Brittun that I rather wish I hadn't worked my guts out for them. And that this disobedience simply wouldn't have happened in my day. And if it had we would just have ignored it. 
That'll be twenty thousand pounds, please.

 Well, as the heir to the last Tory prime minister, Mr Blair, all I can say is that maybe I should give Mr Farage a peerage and appoint him to one of our withdrawal committees but I'm jolly well not going to. 
And there probly won't achelly be a withdrawal, anyway.
 And quite proply, too, in my view.
What? Sack the chancellor?  Just because he's a vengeful junkie?
I don't think so.

He was always a weakling, Flashman, right from the time that instead of forming a minority government and then facing another election, he roped himself to the nauseating Clegg and threw-up an earthworks  of  the five-year, fixed-term parliament.  That he slinks away, now, tearful, is entirely appropriate. Cam and Sam, revealed as worthless, blubbering tossers.
He will be remembered for cruel, wheelchair-burning Austerity,  the cunt; for vulgar, tax evading money-grubbing class warfare, for failed warmongering and most of all, 
for this.

A commoner speaks.

Soubry at large.

 Speaking as a minister, a lawyer and a former TeeVee presenter, I think I'll probably go on the piss for a while. 
It's my daughters, y'see, they feel that older voters have stolen their future from them.
And of course they have. And mine, too.And what a loss that will be to the country, forfeiting the services of some snide old buzzard, like me.
I mean, who do these people think they are, disobeying their leaders?  
Yes, I expect Boris'll sack me. So, a very bad day for democracy, all round. 
Yes, large gin, please, and slimline tonic.
Yes, on expenses, of course

And in Scotland, best part of England, the air is thick with infantile grievance.
Humza, the Tribesmen's  Dandy.
He swans around like an old-time Tory pimp, does Humza, over-coiffed, over-groomed, over-dressed.
Who would give houseroom  to some gabshite, moron  blabbermouth like him,  wearing a waistcoat with lapels on it?
What is the lumpen McProletariat thinking about, electing an overdressed Z-lister. They could have the real thing, by voting for Nigel Poundland, in his pimp clothes.

They do seem terribly touchy-feely, 

Gnasher and Humza 

Unlike Gnasher and hubby. 

 One might uspect the worst, 
except that the Tribesmen are a model of probity and morality. 

 The FatMan.
Three salaries, three pensions, three sets of exes and  a 65 grand resettlement grant between his two stints as a Westminster MP.
Why on Earth would any poor Scot vote for this cunt?
And that's not to mention his support for Donald Trump building on a Site of Special Scientific Interest and  ruthlessly bullying Aberdonians getting  in the way of his vulgar golf resort.
He has to be the most crooked politician in the UK, the FatMan, yet he's worshipped for his cheesy soundbites and betting tips.

Expect Gnasher's boy, Gorgeous Humza, anyway, to claim that the last IndyRef proved that Scotland was no longer part of the UK, even though it did the opposite, and that they should call another IndyRef, just to prove the point.
It will never happen of course, for the Tribesmen would lose a second referendum more heavily than they did the first. Last night's result proves that, come a plebiscite, there is no such thing as party loyalty.
And the thing about which Gnasher must be shitting her ugly wee self is the  the almost inevitable contagion - contagion, they call it, as though democracy was a disease  - which will see other countries fleeing the Project and the SNP nevertheless  demanding to join it independently of the UK, just as its falling apart, and that's supposing she could win an IndyRef, which she can't. 

Aye, jes because Portugal and them Netherlands and mebbe Italy's all wantin tae leave, aye, an' the French, too,  disnae mean that the sovereign people a the SNP tribe wouldnae want tae  leave Thatcher's England  an' join a sinkin' ship.  Cos that's whit wur like.
Stupid cunt.

I was struck by the latest in a long procession of treacherous union barons, in this case baroness Francis O'Grady, pretending that such as she actually give a flying fuck about British working people.  She's  a dirge right out of the Jack Dromey  Songbook.

Well, of course, as the leader of the TUC my main concern is the multi-national corporations for whom I work and the European trade union leaders with whom I junket, I mean network, on behalf of all workers everywhere, and not just British ones. I mean, just as Brother Dromey says,  what sort of union leader would I be if I dioscriinated in favour of British workers|? But look, I mean, we've let the people have a vote and now we all have to quickly get back to normal and ignore it. Y'know, business as usual, six-figure salaries for union leaders and zero hours contracts for ordinary people.
That'll be three thousand Euros, please.

It is astonishing, isn't it, how MediaMinster still claims to be the Keeper of Truth's key.

 Dopey Huw Edwards prattling-on like a school caretaker; that fucking awful dimwit, Kay Bully, Laura Wotsitsberg, even Nick ToeNails has made a comeback, explianing things to us; Murdoch's  boy, young newlywed, Andy Neil;  the money-changers,  the spivs, the multi-nationals, all of whom  completely misread the public mood, all up, nevertheless,  with the lark, ear-bashing us afresh, with the wisdom of the masters, telling us how we got it wrong.

The simply refuse to understand that this result was a foregone conclusion, that most people had made-up their minds years and years ago about Europe, few were actually obediently telling slag journalists that they needed more facts;  our masters and betters didn't understand that the sham of what they called a Debate was utterly irrelevant. On the face of it, the idea that anyone in their right mind would be persuaded of anything by Boris Johnson is laughable, as is the proposition that Jerry Corbyn's lack of enthusiasm for this shitty charade had any effect.
People, enough people, are simply and quite rightly, sick to death of MediaMinster and all its participants, people are no longer prepared to be shat upon from the Gerat Latrine of State.

However much it is undermined by sewer vermin, by idiot NewPeople, bleating on cue; by stockmarket spivs and career filth like Hague and Fallon, this result is tremendous and Britain will have, for the first time recently, encouraged the world. Just see the scowling, frightened Bruxelloise, 

their poxy arses swiftly planted on the  Freedom's lid, 
lest it come off. 

A lifetime, a lifetime, mind, look you, devoted, totally and utterly and completely, absolutely devoted and committed  to the interests of working people. 

NewLabour, thank God,  is finally dead, the Tories will fracture as the idea of another Bullingdon Boy in Downing Street sinks in;  Scotland must sober-up  or sink, impoverished,  behind barbed wire borders, lesser than Greece, its leaders pissing in the wind.

As we were saying just a few days ago, vis a vis Brexit and Trump, this apparent - yet misnamed - move to the Right is actually an older  rallying cry, stolen and silenced by Kinnock, Blair, Brown, Mandelstein, Prescott and Campbell.  What so-called rightists are saying, all across the Western world is actually, Fuck GlobaCorp, Fuck MediaMinster, Fuck Washington,
Workers of the World, unite.

Now, where's that champagne,
I'll drink to that.


Caratacus said...

Well said, Mr. I. As news of the greatest peasant revolt since 1381 began to spread, No.1 Son wrote, "Well, Father, could I just say Lubly, and, if one may be permitted the observation, a little bit Jubly". Sums it up for me. I still can't believe that the British people found where their balls had been hidden all these years and told the all the condescending gits in Westsphincter and Yurp (and Obama too) to Fuck Off. We may yet have to tell them when they get back to Fuck Off again, but in the meantime I am celebrating this marvellous act of defiance.

Alexius said...

Superb Mr Ishmael! Of course they`re already trying to steal it - `second referendum`, `lengthy negotiations` `complex issues` and all that - but this has been joyful - a massive boot up the backside for the whole bloody lot of `em. Keep up the good work, Juvenal!

call me ishmael said...

I don't think, king caratacus, that the collective testes were lost, just that there hasn't been an opportunity for their display, one in which every vote counted, general elections being rigged in favour of vested interest parties. Thanks due, then, to Mr Poundland, for prompting the opportunity.

Woman on a Raft said...

If ever you decide to write "My work here is done" this is it.

However, I hope you do not and I thank you sincerely for the years of invigorating prose you have generously given.

I do not agree with you about politicians needing to be full-timers. That has fostered careerists. The late Jo Cox went from Cambridge to a holding-tank at Oxfam, which is another of the structures where political wannabes are financed until they can be dropped in to a suitable constituency. Far too much was made of her local background. It was not as if she lived there, sending her children to Batley primary schools; she lived on a houseboat on the Thames.

Had she spent ten years being, say, a local pharmacist and councillor, moving from town to county council, dealing with VAT returns, complaints about dog mess and hearing bitterly contested planning applications, then maybe she would not have spent her last day sucking-up to a grungy old muso who didn't even let her on his floating gin palace, where at least her children would have been safer.

Instead, she was shouting at the fishermen who were the very people she should have been talking to, trying to persuade them of what she believed to be in their best interests. It was impossible for her to achieve the purpose of persuading people to vote Remain by what she chose to do that day. It was not just pointless; it was counter-productive, making Leave's case for them. It typifies everything which is out of touch about the current crop of pols.

Batley and Spen (Mr DtP to advise, please) appears to be in the Kirklees returning area. The area voted to Leave by a narrow margin.

call me ishmael said...

Thank you, mr alexius; me, too, that's what I think, a boot up the arse, although a broken bottle would be my insertion of choice.

Anonymous said...

Damon Albarn, Lily Allen, JK Rowling, Hugh Laurie etc all promptly bleating and tweeting that the electorate swung the way it did because they were insufficiently well-informed. That they can pontificate in this manner without choking on the fumes of their own patrician condescension is a small symptom but utterly characteristic of the establishment's myopic disdain.

(The football could be interesting - an England France quarter-final is on the cards.)


Bungalow Bill said...

I've just looked up Damon Albarn, Mr Verge, he's at Glastonbury and he surely takes the palm: "Democracy has failed us". Indeed so, Damon, indeed so.

call me ishmael said...

No, thank YOU, mrs woar, and everyone else.

People do come and go, never advertisng their entry or farewell but I do wish mr mike was here to comment on this act of revolt, mr mothers ruin, mr pt barnum and many others.

My contention that the legislature should be a full-time job is hedged around with the idea of it being non-party and selected from the electoral roll for a fixed term only, on an average, skilled salary, showily yet meaninglessly adverdsarial, party politic now being redundant and unavoidably corrupting, BoJo receiving more from the Filth-O-Graph owners than from his then joint salaries as mayor and MP; cleart;y, a public servant should be jailed for such conduct and I expect a nurse or a teacher would be.

Having said that, you are correct in the example you cire of Saint Jo and of her wretched, posthumous cabal, upon whose synthetic mourning the result quite rightly pissed.

call me ishmael said...

Wot? No David'n'Vicoria Vulgar?

They are not even, though, properly patrician are they, mr verge? Lily Allen, who the fuck is she?

One is reminded of the poet, stanislav, and his insistent, epic catechism of Up Against The Wall, Motherfuckerism, it's the NewBafta, innit, a bullet in the chest.

Woman on a Raft said...

Everyone remembers different moments. Mine was when Dimbleby's voice began to crack, not long after Sunderland, where he began to feel that the boot of the electorate was about to be applied to his flabby arse. They must have been wispering in his ear-piece that the piles of votes on the tables were too evenly laid; he could not count on a decisive victory. Despite the years of stage-managing QT so that ladies from Boston were made to look foolish and mean while he went smoothly to the next plant with its rehearsed put-down, had come to nought.

The score-settling I mean to do is with the BBC. The broadcaster failed us. It should have been neutral and examining the claims on both sides. Instead, partisanship was knitted in to the thread of every sentence, right down to the pronouns and punctuation.

Paradoxically, if it had done its job honestly, 1.3m people might have voted the other way, instead of discounting anything it heard from the BBC and bracketing it with the declared MSM.

No Tony Benn fan, me, but I thought I heard his mocking ghost say "Told you", as if standing in front of the camera, where Dimbleby had no choice but to see him.

call me ishmael said...

Unaccustomedly charitable, I thought that Dimbleby's humiliation was a matter for Age Concern, thinking that he might do one good deed before he died, by expiring on screen. Common decency should insist that we have seen the back of the ghastly old wretch; he has sucked most gluttonously on the hereditary national broadcaster teat, after all, serving, like his odious father, the filthsters of church, government, monarchy and Greed.

The PBC only failed us if we expected anything from it and after Thompson, Yentob, Savile, Hall and the rest, I didn't, not from Dimbleby, not from Jerry Vine hop-scotching, delighted with himself, over his graphics, not from Emily Stringbean, chatting with her friends and not from pollster emeritus, Curtice, gibbering desperately in his box; it was all gruesomely apt, the nation's clever ones, acting stupidly.

Anonymous said...

They may not be but the line they toe is decidedly patrician, our celebrity betters. And anyway, in this age of enlightened diversity, where a bearded trucker's need to call himself Patricia and piss sitting down in the Ladies' is an article of mainstream faith, a load of starry twats surely have every right to assume the gravitas of statesmen and demand respect for their hard-thought sagacity...all the way to the nearest well.


Oldrightie said...

What a joyous victory. If only because it's shut Harriet Harridan up for a couple of days!

call me ishmael said...

Mineshaft is my favoured disposal site, mr verge, something metaphorical about that; I'd drop every one Thatcher's spivs down a mineshaft, they and their Blairish successors, all across MediaMinster.

It may be the case, however, that in this display of pique they alienate not just congenital; cynics like us but more than ha;f the country and they wind-up playing to each other, y'know, like on one of those Steven Fry shows, with Dave Mitchell and hos whiney cleverness, Bill Bailey, acting the cunt and Sandi TuskFace, cackling at her own jokes.

I fink, actually, my man, you 'as toe the line wrong, it being tow the Line, innit, hopefully.

call me ishmael said...

I try to be gender-neutral about filthsters, mr old rightie; I hate that McKenzieism, Colonel von Fawkes's Tory Totty schtick, and his legion s firmly telling Jacqui Schmidt that Sorry, bitch, but if she was expecting them to ejaculate on her face, she'd be disappointed; I really do despise it, people can think and act as they like in private but the objectification and denigration of women, in public, is loathsome. Harriet, however, really brings out the worst in me, that business, about women-only short lists, apart from her husband, Thicko Jack Dromey, in Erdington, that would try the patience of a fucking saint; a pink 'bus, to tour the country, patronising non-Hampstead women, she's enough to make a stromg man puke and Christ knows how any sensible woman could tolerate her. Those Ford women, way back, demanding equal pay, they're proper heroines, Harman's just a talking arsehole. I shopuld think we have seen the back of her, at long last.

Anonymous said...

Lifelong mental block on toe/tow so you're probably right whether joking or not but both ways should work for our purposes...and of course cf Stanislav-on-feint-praise, ibid.


btw anyone know what happens with the UK 6-month presidency due in 2017? Presumably filed under you must be fucking joking.

call me ishmael said...

Talking of the fishermen, mrs woar, I remember being appalled, years ago, when the Cornish fleet was being compulsorily broken-up on EEC orders, each bit of timber had to be sawn small enough to fit through a hoop, about a foot in diameter, just in case some pesky, malcontent trawlerman tried to stick all the bits back together again, and I thought to myself, then, this is fucking Nazi shit, this is.

call me ishmael said...

I have just read it so many times, recently, mr verge, tow the line, that I start to doubt myself. It's a bit like when people say, Oh, what's he like, he's like a bowl in a china shop; fair starts shorting all one's circles out.

yardarm said...

More shit to raise your blood pressure, Mr Ishmael. The impertinent Gnasher, as predicted is already calling for a Gnasherendum, to fulfill her careerist entitlement to dance around Holyrood to skirling bagpipes on independence day.

Little Miss MacMugabe is even, so she says on the PBC news, opening ' discussion ' both with EU institutions and member states about safeguarding Scotland`s membership of the EU. Even though she`s only head of an administration, not a government, Scotland is not a nation state with diplomatic accreditation anywhere and she has no electoral mandate on anything other than to fuck things up in Scotland.

Sadique Khan too is another impertinent cunt, saying Europeans are still welcome in London and calling for more powers. Actually, Mr Ishmael you`d be better off not watching the PBC news, it`s boiling my piss.

All these cunts, burbling about democracy then crying like fucking babies when they lose. Although if every cunt is going to go their own way then I don`t see why you Orcadians can`t talk to Oslo. I`ll put the word about here in north Devon; we might be joining you.

inmate said...

Ah yes, the 'orrible 'arridan Mr Oldrightie. But surely the best event of early Friday morning was the sight of the depressing Dimblebum in mourning with the ghastly, oily Keith Vaz.
"...a crushing, crushing day" whined the oily cunt; forgive them for they know not what they do, he would have said if he could have stopped blubbering. My ribs are still aching.

gasky said...

North Devon Mr Yardarm? We must be near neighbours..

call me ishmael said...

I watched Khan on Mayor's Questions and he really is a cunt, worse even than BoJo. I can't see him lasting his term, mr yardarm, especially not if there's a general election and Labour is wiped-out by UKIP, as it will be, whoever is leading it. I suppose the commons might repudiate the result but if it does there will rightly be civil war. The problem for filthsters disputing this result is that they set a precedent which invalidates any and all future election results, some of which they might find more agreeable. The press, too, would slaughter them.

No need, anyway, for BoJo to be PM, another EtonMesser. The assumption is that he delivered Brexit when, in fact, Mr Poundland brought it forward but a pissed-off electorate would have voted for it, regardless of any notional campaign leader. The Tories - if thet can unite at all, might do well to unite around someone else, only not Gudeon, obviously.

SG said...

I'm gonna have to post this diatribe in two parts as exceeds the word allowance!

I feel that celebrations may be a little premature Mr I. The discomforture of Media - Minister and other parts of the metropolitan - metrosexual elites plus other assorted celebrities, lovies, transgenders, 'non-binaries' et al at the outcome of the Referendum is indeed a joy to behold and long may their wailing and hand wringing continue. But we are not out of it yet, not by a country mile, and I wouldn't trust any of the current set of front bench politicians on either side of the House to successfully negotiate their way out of a car park let alone face off the five presidents et al. I see that Juncker has already started waving his pudgy fists at us in a fit of pique. We should head all of this nonsense off at the pass by engaging in some brinkmanship of our own:

1. Forget fucking around with Article 50 procedures and simply declare whatever the equivalent of UDI, Rhodesian style, would be (Jesus, if only we had their IDS rather than ours...;

2. Repeal the 1972 European Communities Act (whilst leaving in place what is necessary to keep the rest of our domestic legislative framework functioning - we can then update legislation as the need arises leaving in place any elements of EU law that we deem to be desirable or wish to adopt);

3. Indicate that as far as trade in goods and services are concerned, we will continue to behave as though we are still EU members and not impose any tariffs as long as they do not impose any on us;

4. All EU citizens currently domiciled in the UK will continue to be treated as they are now (e.g. rights to reciprocal health care, welfare benefits etc. left as they now - with the exception that we will not allow welfare benefits to be 'passported' to persons living outside the UK) so long as UK citizens currently domiciled in EU countries are treated in the same way;

5. All EU citizens to continue to enjoy visa free access to the UK for tourism, family visits, business meetings etc but no automatic right to enter the UK labour market or access the UK welfare system unless presently domiciled here as per 4 above - future access to these to be determined by whatever immigration policy we decide to put in place post exit (points system, green card, blue card, pink card or whatever...);

6. Signal our intention to re-assert control over our territorial waters for the purposes of exploitation of natural resources such as fish - with EU access tapered off over a reasonable period to allow time for adjustment (we could also offer incentives to the Spaniards to invest in the revival of our own fishing industry to sweeten the pill...);

7. Aside from any transactions and associated contractual commitments currently in progress, the system of UK contributions and rebates to the EU to end forthwith;

8. All UK members of the EU Parliament and sinecured members of the Eurocracy to be withdrawn immediately (the decison as to whether to continue to pay pensions and other forms of compensation to these people to be left to EU discretion but not at the expense of the UK tax payer - there are plenty of minimum wage zero hours contract opportunities awaiting them back home...);

9. 'Remainers' to be offered free passage to an EU destination of their choice aboard one of Mr Farage's fishing boats...

10. Errr... That's it.

SG said...


This would put the ball in the EU's court and put the onus on them to escalate matters i.e. to make it clear that our behaviour will be determined by their behaviour (the essence of any good deterrence strategy). Somehow I don't think they are well placed to engage in economic warfare just now (or any other form of warfare for that matter...).

P.S. Much as I loathe Juncker et al I hope they give Sturgeon and her gang short shrift - why the fuck would they want to negotiate anything with this upstart branch of UK local government? 'Scotland' is not an EU member as, from an international legal perspective, it does not exist - it is not any kind of sovereign entity as Mr Y has also just pointed out.

yardarm said...

Theresa May, very possibly, Mr Ishmael. The cock man hasn`t much support among Tory MPs and there`ll be some, no quite a lot of dirty work at the crossroads to keep him off the final list of two.

Barnstaple, Mr Gasky.

mongoose said...

Poor old Nicky was holding a phone-in on his radio show earlier. His professionalism gone, politeness gone. he could barely put two words together. He just took the piss and abused anyone who crossed his path. His poise taken from him by the cheek, the sheer nerve of the fuckers to vote the other way, all that was left was a charmless bully, a bitter wee shite of a man. The BBC so clearly needs closing down. Each news broadcast adds another anecdote of some poor sod cornered and pressured, treasoned into doubt and recantation. The witch-finders are abroad again. Quite a revolting spectacle. "Did you, Mother, vote with the baby-drowning, Jo-shooting filth and scum of Olde England? Say it ain't so."

It does seem that the wider client state which is London has got its knickers in a twist today. Ladies and Gentlemen, London's will has not been thwarted, you are a subset - as is Scotland - and not the set itself. It is, in fact, London which has long thwarted the will of the nation. The referendum was an idiocy in the first place from that point of view but the idiocy was yours. The perils of hubris, eh.

The problem now is that the argument was framed as sunny, Liberal cuddly people versus sour-faced racists. And now the 17 million insulted winners will be in no mood to play nicely if they are fucked with over this result.

gasky said...

Near Lapford Mr Yardarm, 25 minutes away on a good day. If you pop over the border tomorrow to the Car Booty at Bude then there is a complimentary portion of (non EU) fish and chips from my Chip van waiting for you, or for any other ishmaelite.

Mr Ishmael's free fish and chip offer is, naturally, in perpetuity..

SG said...

Senora Clegg was wandering around during the campaign with a ream of paper sufficient in size to plug the UK's annual budget deficit (probably cost much the same to produce). This, apparently the documentation associated with some EU trade deal or other, was designed to show up the hopeless naivety of the Brexiteers in thinking that they could possibly negotiate replacement trade deals anytime this side of the next millenium. All it really did was show how good lawyers are at ripping off the tax-payer. Odd - you'd have thought Brexit would be an international trade lawyer's wet dream...

Bungalow Bill said...

Yes, the stakes could become very high indeed if democracy is now to be seen as an impertinent obstacle to Liberal Wisdom. The proles should never be allowed to actually do anything, of course, the stupid bastards; they're just landscape.

Parris, Lammy and multitudes of the grandly disappointed are mobilising and Mr SG is right to warn. I suppose such a corner of Satan's kingdom was never going to be easily dismantled.

call me ishmael said...

That's very gracious, mr gasky, next time I'm down that way, thank you.

call me ishmael said...

Much too sensible, mr sg, all that. As to a second referendum, why, they would lose that one more heavily, doesn't matter what the Luvvies say, nor the Londoners, many of whom are not Londoners.

As to we 17 million, we happy band of brothers, should our vote be threatened then the imposition of martial law cannot be far behind, nor should it be, an uprisng would be entirely just, difficult to see, though, how a geographical majority of England and Wales could be suppressed without foreign occupation. And even then it would signal global mayhem.

call me ishmael said...

Yeah, mr yardarm, I would back Tracey May or even Nicky Wotsit. I expect that Mike Spit will be pleased enough with his best friend's resignation, that'll teach my very goid friend, the prime minister, to sack his reforming education seckatry, and Spit will be, is, assured of a decent living, scavenging in Murdoch's sewer, whatever happens. Osborne is fucked, Fallon is fucked and the rest of the Bremainers are half-fucked. Oh, happy day.

Bob Doney said...

When I bought our celebratory curry the guys down at the local Tandoori Takeaway told me they voted Leave: now they can look forward to getting some proper help from the Further East who won't pretend not to understand when told to mop the floor. Funny old world, ain't it.
And thanks, Mr I, for all your words of discouragement for our enemies over the years.
I just can't stop smiling.

Mike said...

Well as luck would have it I was in Brussels on the day of the referendum (I was due on a flight from Santiago in Spain to Paris, but this was cancelled due to strikes in France, so I swapped to a flight to Brussels and took my chances on a train to Paris. Arriving in Brussels I was advised to get out quickly as strikes were due in Belgium as well.) Welcome to the EU!

I finally got to my hotel at 1pm Friday morning at Paris airport, and despite a long day couldn't sleep. Possibly, because of no alcohol all day. So I flicked to the BBC election coverage. I was glued to the TV till I had to leave for my next flight at 7am. But by then the result was clear. The best TV content I can ever remember seeing.

Well done England and Wales. Not sure whats going on in NI. But Scotland looks doomed.

mongoose said...

It is all a bit furious at the moment. 36 hours after the result is still too soon for calm heads to have returned but if I were for a moment to be so cursed as to be Jezza Corbyn, I would fire Hilary Benn's arse immediately. The Luvvies would scatter back under the kitchen cabinets like the cockroaches they are. If they keep their heads on straight there is an opportunity coming down the track towards them.

Sturgeon is a lightweight loon who has clearly been at the Buckie again this week. It's OK to have a long-term plan to scuttle around sounding pompous and important but it's not OK to fire all your ammo off the first day like a panicky subaltern. Joining in the EU shouting match she will prove to be on the wrong side of the argument in a few days time. She has forgotten that she is not supposed to be anti-English but just anti-Unionist as far as Scotland goes. The daft lassie will be up a gumtree of her own planting and very soon.

And if anyone thinks that a single Ulster protestant will vote for a united Ireland on the back of the musings of Mr Kneecapper McGuinness, well, they haven't been paying attention.

Juncker too looks to have been on the sauce again. Merkel will have to give his nuts a big squeeze or the silly bastard will have Sweden and the Netherlands on the exit ramp by this time next week.

It is all great fun though.

call me ishmael said...

Welcome back, mr mike, just talking about you, in these comments. I had forgotten about your Santiago trip and feared you eaten, Down Under, by one of those 'gator bastards, Pug mourning you disconsolately, mrs mike, too. Glad to see you're still alive, looking like a ssaint. Keen to learn what Bruce'n'Sheila think of it all, chatting'n'fartin'n'brawling around the barbie And yes, the discomfiture of the godless proved televisual gold.

call me ishmael said...

If career politicians and murderers really did need a worse name than they already have, mr mongoose, then Gnasher and Kneecaps provide it. I dunno which of them is worse. Officially, mr kneecaps is pardoned, fully cleared and exhonerated of being a torturing, crippling, burying-alive, kneecapping, mass murdfering son of Satan, so in fairness must be seen as Gnasher's equal in the matter of political standing, both harnessing historic grievance and calling it dignity, a pair of cunts, both of them, mr mongoose, both of them strangely ugly, faces a rictus of malformation, Kneecaps acting for all the world like Hitler, Gnasher like Maggie Thatcher on Tramadol, nasty bigots, the pair of them. As mr sg said, Scotland's Holyrood is just a branch of local government, easily curbed by an incoming chancellor drasticaLLY cutting funds until it represenatives stop acting illegally, as in trying to call a referendum, which is outside its powers. 'Swot I'd do. And youy are right, Kneecaps and Gerry Nonce's demand for a united ireland will find no favour even in a Europhiliac Ulster. For the right prime minister, this is an opportunity to slap them both down; maybe, in the Irish case, by finding, Oh, fuck me, do you know what, there are actually terrorism charges which you should face. If we can nick ninety year old Nazis, we can certainly nick this pair of arseholes.
yes, sorry, but Mr Bair is now completely discredited, you're nicked, lessbe'avinyou.

I haven't followed any Benn uprising but I'll have a lookm, although I can probably imaginme the hissing cunt angling for grandeur, in the family tradition, if its good for the Dimblebys, it's good for the Benns, I suppose; although I do believe that the plp is finished; dead, as my mother used to say, but it won't lie down.

call me ishmael said...

Thank you, mr bob, I will return to your comment.

Mike said...

Thanks for the welcome back, Mr I. On my iPhone4 I've been reading but unable to put in my two pen'th for the last 6 weeks. Other pilgrims have been wondering why I've been alternating between crying and laughing for the last 6 weeks.

Well I haven't been in the country for 24 hours yet, but the mood in a Sydney Morning Herald leading piece sums it up: "the Brits have found their balls; time we found ours". As I've mentioned before, as soon as Brenda shakes a 7, Australia (and NZ and Canada) become republics.

If I were in charge of the Brexit team, trade deals with Aus and NZ would be first priorities, if only to atone for the sins of Heath.

walter said...

Mr Ish heres an image of fat frau merkel passing directives

Bungalow Bill said...

You've been missed, Mr Mike.

Mike said...

Thanks Mr BB.

I must say that in the post-Brexit bollocks there is something that really is pissing me off. Never mind that the cunts are now trying to row the boat back upstream, pretending its not what the people really intended, but the sidelining of Sid Poundland is ungenerous. The simple fact is that without Farage there would be no UKIP, no referendum, and no Brexit. To air-brush him out is not only wrong but the next stage of "what happens next" needs him to keep the bastards onside; it can easily be lost in the detail.

I don't care what anyone thinks, but to me he is a Saint,

tdg said...

What, if not a supranational entity, could defend is against globalisation? The EU was a double edged blade, but we are now in the jungle with only our bare fists.

mongoose said...

But they didn't defend us, did they? They didn't even defend the nations, or the citizens of the nations, from whence they came. They defended themselves. And generally they'd do it with the bureaucrat's weapon of choice - increased cost and complexity. Just fucking with people so that they couldn't. Oppose, obstruct, confuse, meddle. Stop.

It was an anti-Communist device really, but it's now a conspiracy against the people, a blight on their children, and a conceit in the face of even GCSE economics. The young voters who are shouting today should consider that the older voters - many of whom will be dead before the benefits of Thursday arrive, and they know it - they did this for them.

Burn the rest of it down too, I say. It's time to go start anew.

call me ishmael said...

mr tdg, I was just, on another commentary, and somewhat impertinently, anticipating the general tenor of your response; I was wrong, in this case, but not wildly wrong, please be patient and you'll see to what I refer.

Your pount, here, in any event, is one to which I am, albeit instinctively, diametrically opposed; I see this as a fightback agsinst GlobaCorp, especially should Uncle Sam turn Trump and should further Eurostates attempt to secede. AS Labour rightly disntegrates and as even the discredited Liam Fox and his sundry boyfriends lay claim to the premiership there needs must be a realigmenbt of what we have hitherto called Left and Right but what is actually just right-ish, the vehicle not of a disputatious electorate but of an an entitlementista pseudo-elite, in which politics is showbiz, showbiz iis politics

I broadly agree with mr mongoose, above, feeling certain that the most protected these last four decades are the self-servers, the pimps and slags and the wholly unsuited and hugely incompetent, Kinnock & Doxy, just for instance.

Having said that I remain of the belief that we need fewer borders not more but that given the fashion in which we resource the nation state such borders as do exist must be enforced, anything else is nonsense. Gimme a Global Republic of Earth and I'll be there but the EU is never going to be that, never even going to be a step in that direction.

I remember your saying, at the time of the IndyRef, words to the effect of Revolution having to start somewhere, however disagreeable it's proponents, in that case, Mr Salmond. I feel much the same, today, about the inebriate Mr Sid Poundland, blustering in his pimpcoat, fracturing a cosy political sham is an act of revolution, a pox on all their houses.

call me ishmael said...

It's a new nursery ryhme, that, mr mike, row, row, row your boat, gently back upstream, meriily, merrily, merrily, merrily, the referednum's just a dream.

call me ishmael said...

Obama, Merkel, Pope Frankie and the rest, pictured on the loo. An interesting site and an even more interesting discussion, mr walter.

Woman on a Raft said...

Looks like Jezza read Mr Mongoose's comment and fired Benn accordingly. Bud does he not understand: he led a campaign which could not even persuade its own voters to take its advice. He should be packing his bags before he is pushed. He even makes Cameron look like a statesman. Bojo is counting on running against Jezza at the next election because he knows he can cream him.

Nicky Wotsit is not electable. In a show of what makes pols so disconnected, she chose last month to have an argument with parents who want to take children to Disneyland during termtime. I make no comment on the educational case, but politically that was inept. She was about to ask people to vote Remain and yet had just fined them £60. A true politician would have prevented any prosecutions at all until this week.

Since they obviously read this blog, I expect to read that Ms Morgan has definitively ruled herself out of the running. Or she could stand and it will amuse those in a waggishly anarchic mood.

The EU restructuring will have to go on hold for a few weeks. We are having a melt-dowin in parliamentary parties which is long over-due. Pass the popcorn, please.

mongoose said...

The revolution devours its children, Mrs Raft. Jezza will know that. If his sole achievement as leader of his party was to sit on his hands and allow his vote to stay at home, he has done good service to his cause.

But all this racket is just losers moaning and groaning. Where are the winners? They've a crate of Chablis at their feet and are tucking into some lunch. The more damage and madness that happens before they have to speak next the better as far as they are concerned. The Conservative government cut neatly in two halves, Cameron undead but 24 hours and the newspaper headlines are about the collapse of Labour. Dear me.

tdg said...

This is why I say the blade was double edged. There is a dark alliance between social liberalism and global corporatism : both benefit from artificially, falsely, abstracting the nature of man: the former because it helps universalise morality, the latter because it helps commodify the workforce. The EU was the only instrument we had for supranational social change, and the only one potentially enforced by resource of the scale GlobaCorp has at its disposal. Yes, it was misdirected, yes it was corrupt, and yes, it watered another bureaucratic swamp in which yet more politicians could fester at our expense. But it is all we had.

I say this not to try to give general form to my local bias. In imposing restrictions on working time the EU has ruined my profession, something all but those fortunate to die instantly will soon feel to a greater or lesser extent. And though not of the race myself, I have sympathy for the English sense of a historically global significance that is not to be straightjacketed by some upstart continental club. Better to blaze single across an empty sky than to fizzle dimly in the twilight of others. But this is no escape from Ruin.

call me ishmael said...

I like the "universalising of morality," it is vexing me hugely at the moment.

I don't think I have cast this event as an act of liberation or renewal of such qualities and obligatiions as we once shared and observed, just of defiance; I know not what will ensue and expect the worstm but at least this something differernt, not the usual Come Dancing myopia.

call me ishmael said...

Such things are for political junkies, like us, mrs woar. The electorate for PM is but a handful of Tories, they won't give a fuck about Nicky's alleged sins, she is untainted by Remainism and isn't another Old Etonian privilegista; she's a woman, without being Tracey May and a relatively fresh face. I dunno how these things work but if she can get on the paper it won't matter what she's done to the teachers or to parents, she'll romp home. Betcha a copy of my treasured Lapham's Quarterly.

As for mr mongoose's suggestion that Jerry C's campaign was an act of self-immolation, I quite agree, he achieved the result he wanted and has forced the hand of those he despises; if he withstands the coup and is re-elected then there will be a schism in Labour as well as in the Tories, a musical chairs exercise which, I suspect, will turn out to be for the good, the Blairishers stealing away to colonise a a Cameron rump, as they should have done long ago. Truly popcorn time.

SG said...

Extraordinary! Our Foreign Secretary has announced that Gibraltar's interests will be harder to protect outside of the EU. WTF? What is the point of this statement? What message does it send out? His feet shouldn't even touch the ground, the snivelling wretch. Corbyn has just sacked the Shadow Foreign Secretary. Cameron, if he had a pair, would do the same with Hammond. Grrr!

call me ishmael said...

Way out of his depth, Hammond, always was. Only promoted because of, firstly, I think, Dr Liam and his boyfriend's treason scandal and then when Billy Miscarriage fucked off. He talks like an area manager for a carpet retailing chain, Hammond, he's out of the same drawer as Mick Fallon, the very dregs of NewToryism.

I guess the point of his statement is to flag-up one of the reasons that Brexit cannot go ahead.

call me ishmael said...

I heard both Gnasher and Kneecaps droning-on petulantly on some shit PBC show, as though they led other countries. Maybe the same spirit which ignited Brexit could spark a millions-strong refusal to pay the license fee. The Corporation is certainly a despicable fifth column, despite the odd brilliant arts and science shows.

call me ishmael said...

The fabricated young/old divide, mr mongoose, is emblematic of MediaMinster. I have paid far more tax, made a much greater contribution to society, agitated more in the cause of Progress, still fucking do, not just here, than have any of these useless pricks wanking themselves stupid on the Face-thing and now moaning on cue like Pavlov's dogs about matters which they are far too dim to understand, most of them. National Service, that's the thing, not fucking i-phones, drystone walling needs doing all over the North, forests need planting, flood barriers need digging and dredging and building-up, older people need caring for. Never mind devalued university degrees and parent indulged gap years, put the tattoed, illiterate young bastards to work, you know, as do I, that, rhetoric aside, working, effort and accomplishment are experiences to be treasured. Arbeit macht frei, tweeting macht dumpkopf, now, there's a rubric for our times.

mongoose said...

Dear of dear. 10 down so far - or is it 11? Nobodies and now Used-to-be-nobodies. Tony too popped up to say by posted non-verbal soundbite, a text from the aether - that another referendum was not impossible. His shirt looked too big for him. Perhaps he is unwell. I think though it is the last gasp of the Ghost of Blairism. His life's work now as if never done and Chilcott soon to whisk the bones away to the Hague for trial.

Bojo was on too, out walking in the countryside in his tie-less blue suit. As one is of a Sunday afternoon. He looked seriously cheerful too. It's going to be a walkover, he reckons. Victory will not be complete though until Juncker's political blood is spilled, Boris.

Hammond - who would have been over-promoted holding a lollipop at a school crossing - takes the biscuit. He just said that such and such could not be negotiated. What 'it' was is irrelevant but his point was that as Foreign Secretary he was unable to negotiate it. Excellent - let's get somebody who will at least try without letting the cat out of the bag first. Looks like a severe case of FCO Stockholm Syndrome to me.

The BBC droids are even starting to wave their arms on the telly. A sure sign of the stress starting to build. Any moment now, one of them is going to go off like Mr Creosote. It is all great fun.

Woman on a Raft said...

Twelve. Chris Underpants a while ago.

BTW, David Miliband spotted at Heathrow. Could be coincidence.

call me ishmael said...

I think I agree wholeheartedly, mr mongoose, in every particular, indeed, I think our last two comments drossed in the ether. I couldn't watch Blair but in the brief moment I did I felt that he looked AND sounded in poor health, I do hope so.

I have always doubted both the indictibility of Blair and the willingness of a EuroCourt to try him and I cannot see Chilcott, whatever he says, changing that. Perhaps Blair's greatest punishment, although it is relatively slight, will be the widespread acknowledgement not only of his destruction of the Labour party but also of the contempt he came to be held in by all but bent despots, the so-called Quartet sacked him a while ago, didn't it? A fresh government should at the very least, cease funding his overseas travel and security and reclaim such sums as have so far been paid.

As I said, earlier, I think BoJo is a one trick pony, destined, now, for the pit, and if the Tories would survive they need a cannier politician, winning against Livingstone and then being parachuted into a safe seat are not outstanding achievements. I could do that, gissa job.

Whaddawe think this does for Presudent Trouser's bitter ambition?

Woman on a Raft said...

A second ref is impossible. It would make things worse, not better.

However, whether you want an art.50 immediately, or wait to see if better deals can be made, is at issue.

European law differs from English law in that it is purposive, idealistic. As Mr tdg said, it is capable of ruining a working protocol with the very best on intentions. Road to hell. A sensible trading protocol giving us access to the EU market is one thing; agreeing to take the populations of anyone who joins up is obviously asking for trouble no matter how noble it sounds.

When Cameron went to the EU last time, they clearly had no idea of how much trouble he was in. They don't know how much trouble they are in. The noose they knotted round their own necks is that free movement of people can only work on a discriminatory basis but EU law insists that it must not.

call me ishmael said...

Chris Underlants, too? A flower of rare delicacy, dunno how the Labour movement will bear his loss from the front bench.

call me ishmael said...

Not only impossible, mrs woar, but lethal, a second referendum the aim of which was to repudiate the result of the first would incite civil war. That would please the likes of Mick Fallon but I can't see anyone in their right mind wanting that to happen.

I am unsure about the concept of an underpinning benevolence in Brussels and that we are where we are because of muddled yet good intentions. I would like to believe that but my observations tell me that the EU, the IMF and the WTO are all fiercely anti-democratic, exploitative, expansionist and that all are run by criminals and nonentities, just for instance, how on Earth did that old crook, Chrissie la Vache manage to become head of the IMF; why was Baron Kinnock able to, year after year, fudge the accounts of the Commission; how could it be that his entire family were gifted jobs and pensions in or around Project Europe, Kinnock being a completely unemployable nonentity?

That is just one example, there are countless others; where is Goodness to flourish, aming such pollution?

mongoose said...

I do not see, Mrs Raft, that an Article 50 chit need be filed with any great haste. In whose interest would it be if it were? So that's that. If the children want to stanp their feet and say that they want their sweeties now now now, well, they had better be nice to Mummy and tidy their rooms first like they were asked. Only Merkel seems to have the nous to play sensibly.

That everyone but Bojo and Gove has lost the plot and is running around shouting like a dervish should not trouble us. (Osborne too is quiet but I think we all know where he is.) There is simply no need for a rush. It is but Sunday evening. The dragon is slain.

mongoose said...

And the EU has very few trading agreements with any of the major economic powers. It has a few pitiful ones - doubtless one-sided - poorer nations. This should be all you need to know about its objectives and means. It is an elitist conspiracy against relatively poor people. Look at the map here. 60 years of trying and hopeless.

It is the New Aristocracy. King Kinnock Pere has sired Prince Kinnock Junior who has been mated as of old with a Danish Princess in order to preserve the cleanliness of the EU bloodline.

call me ishmael said...

No, there needs to be a prompt demonstration of obedience on the part of our servants, people like the cur, Hammond, Article Fifty, at least. Swiftly followed by a return to pounds, shillings and pence. Yes, and the banning of the Ode to Joy, the final movement of Beethoven's Ninth to be replaced by Rule Britannia. Just put me in charge, I'll sort the Hermanns out.

Woman on a Raft said...

Doesn't this sound wonderful?

Article 2

The Union is founded on the values of respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights, including the rights of persons belonging to minorities. These values are common to the Member States in a society in which pluralism, non-discrimination, tolerance, justice, solidarity and equality between women and men prevail.

3.2. The Union shall offer its citizens an area of freedom, security and justice without internal frontiers, in which the free movement of persons is ensured in conjunction with appropriate measures with respect to external border controls, asylum, immigration and the prevention and combating of crime.


Trouble is, if you refuse the nation state the right to discriminate in favour of its own citizens, they get the steamin' 'ump and say they want out.

Plus, there are minorities I don't want respected. I want them to stop being allowed to do unspeakable mutilations, and I don't want to be dancing around on definitions about respect for cultural differences. That is not what the article is supposed to be protecting.

How about this?

It shall combat social exclusion and discrimination, and shall promote social justice and protection, equality between women and men, solidarity between generations and protection of the rights of the child.

Peter Sutherland of the UN (and EU crony) does not seem to have read the part about solidary between generations. He just tweeted:

"The younger generation in UK has been sacrificed all because of distortion of facts & consequences."

Which is bloody rude and is aimed at discounting people merely because of their age. Also bizarre considering he looks like he's been dug up from a neolithic tomb.

call me ishmael said...

It certainly is very Plantagenet; Kinnock the Second having territories in Wales and London and Denmark. Good job they're a socialist dynasty, eh?

Is it too, too indecently hasty for the young prince to claim the party leadership from the commoner, Jerry C?

call me ishmael said...

Time for an overture to Banky Moon, about the UN undermining a democratic decision taken by the citizens of a nation which is part of ghe Security Council. I'll do it, tomorrow.

Woman on a Raft said...

Sleep well but don't read Sutherland tonight. He is far too irritating and he looks like he has come out of the same factory as Bob Geldorf.

call me ishmael said...

They all seem to be aggrieved, elderly, simpering Paddies, these UN gabshites, is he one of them?

Woman on a Raft said...

His is the vice of the age; virtue signalling without the inconvenience of personally having to do it. For instance, he believes that many Syrian refugees should be allowed to come to Europe regardless of their religion. I think I could persuade even this Godless nation to accept many thousands of Christians, whom otherwise will be crucified by ISIS, but surely the Muslims do have a legitimate claim on the Muslim world?

It's not short of a bob or two and Saudi has thousands of air conditioned tents they only use at Haj. Let them cancel it for two years and use that well-appointed camp site as a temporary city for the Syrians. They would have evrything they need; schools 'n' ospitals, temples etc, while ISIS is mopped up. Then they can go home.

The underlying conundrum is this: Sutherland says 1.7 billion people are on the move. If we take in 1 million of them, that does not solve the problem. If anything, it makes it worse because it creates the knowlege that some people can come here, a pull factor.

The real failure of the UN is that instead of their countries becoming stable and rich, they can only hope to get in to Europe, thus destablizing a functioning economy and fuelling demands to leave the EU.

Mike said...

Mrs WoaR: I read that the banana boy is in line for the uncontested seat left by St Jo. I would put some coin on him being the next Labour leader.

Woman on a Raft said...

Save us, it is one of those time-loops.

mongoose said...

First as tragedy, then as farce, Mr Mike. Millitwat2 at least has the advantage of being inside the err, tent of President Trousers. I thoroughly am despaired of the Labour Party. It is well beyond a joke now.

It is, I think, interesting, the wretched idea wisely introduced earlier above about the universalisng of morality. It is nothing of the sort of course but is presented so in its New Clothes leading the march to our ruinous destination.

Maybe this week has seen the start of a desertion from the unthinkng ranks. It isn't the same. It isn't of the same value. Just because it is your religion or your culture or your politics or your opinion, it is not deserving of my respect just because it is yours. Your holding it is so worthy but not the thing held. Fuck me, I don't respect my own religion and it is more deserving of respect than most. At least there is some comfort there. The world is become infested with some reverse ad hominem imperative demanding respect, innit.

call me ishmael said...

Now, there is an opportunity for Mr Poundland, contesting Saint Jo's constituency.

Woman on a Raft said...

I thought the husband was a shoo-in?

Anonymous said...

I just mis-read a ticker-tape newsflash as "Show Business Secretary Angela Eagle resigns..."

No business like...


mrs narcolept said...

Nobody gets Dave the way you do.

The meeja here have been Unbelievable. On Friday night I thought the radio talk show host was going to have a stroke, the way he was taking on. You would have thought we had declared war on Belgium after a night of smashing shop windows. And today we were told what Berlin wants - not Brussels, Berlin. It is going to take someone with a colossal amount of determination, the hide of a rhinoceros and the wiliness of a very wily thing to see this through.

Doug Shoulders said...

Those whining about leaving seem to be reading from the same script. I haven’t heard those same ones who would have us bedding down with a few immigrants here and there, for diversity’s sake of course…shouldn’t they be the ones now saying “Oh well I’m going to fuck off to Europe then”
Much like the bankers during that chaos….”if you don’t pay them they’ll fuck off” I think that was the literal espousage…to which the response is obvious.
The BBC should be referendummed to fuck. Dimbulby and that Vine streak o’ piss and all the rest..wouldn’t last long enough for fart in fright at the prospect.

Doug Shoulders said...

He goes down in history as the prime minister who didn’t lead the country out of Europe but instead spat the dummy out.

mongoose said...

Poor old Jezza. It is a tough gig for a rusty old Stalinist. from the point of view of renewal however, he couldd see it is a good old clear-out. Staff the new PLP with honest, clean souls from the new intake and start again. Of course, they'll tear him to shreds every week but he'll be building something worthwhile - if the unions stick with him, that is. Which they probably won't. Not for long enough anyway. What a fucking shambles though! Pies Watson looks like he needs a quick trip up the gallows steps. Good grief, if he inherits the mantle, we are fucked for sure.

Did I detect from Cameron's cheery countenance but careful answers that the fix is in with Angela? I think that I did. We shall see. Plenty could still go awry yet.

call me ishmael said...

He has become a favourite, mrs narcolept, I only have to think about him to start laughing. I can think of no-one with the qualities you list and we should expect years of fudge, barring a UKIP. landslide, which is now a little more likely as Labour dustance itself from itself.

call me ishmael said...

The Saint Jo by election, mrs woar, is an affront to democracy, it is not for party hacks, grandstanding odiously, to select or exclude runners and riders, denying voters a choice. Should BananaMan stand there will be uproar, as people recall his support for US torture, hus attempt to stifle the UK. courts, his petulance at losing to his brother and his desertion of his constituency in order to work for President Trousers, at half a mill a year, rescuing people, the arsehole.

call me ishmael said...

It gets like that, mr verge, nearly everything IS. showbusiness. A repulsive little rodent, Eagle. Both of them.

call me ishmael said...

I saw Zoe Thick, from the Guardian, and Isobel Oakshaw, is it Oakshaw, of PigFuckerSpottersRus, being interviewed at Democracy's News Factory, outside parliament. Zoe, heedless that she was making a cunt of herself, mr doug, was ranting furiously that because nearly half of the people voting didn't want this result, the whole thing was outrageous. Of course, said Isobel, sweetly, if Remain had won by the same margin, you would consider it cast in stone.

call me ishmael said...

It is all utterly compelling, mr mongoose, Labour slithering up its own arsehole. I do hope that Jerry and the unions and the three-quidders stand their ground and fuck the Blairish right off out of it. Benn and his arsewipes'd have to call themselves NewNotLabour.

How, incidentally, dud Manchester vote? If it was to leave then Bubbles Burnham may have to lower his sights, maybe to the Mayoralcy of Burton on Trent or somewhere. He cares, does Andy, somebody'll give him a hundred grand a year, in exchange for his compassion, which, in a very real sense, is priceless.

Labour, you have to love it.

SG said...

I saw that Zoe - Isobel thing too Mr I, the former, and her like, need to think again before they attempt to subvert the will of the people - lest they decide to deliver some 'pitchfork diplomacy' to the 'touchy-feely ones. Equally, whatever Brexit Government takes shape, needs to deliver something material on the immigration front otherwise things may get very ugly quite soon (Dan the Hannan Man is dangerously and foolishly 'off-message' in this respect). I think the 'Out' folks are willing to take some economic pain (unlike the weeping, wailing Remain people) in exchange for an immigration gain - but this has to be visibly delivered.

call me ishmael said...

Yes, of course, mr sg, and not just to calm the Leavers but just to practically secure the borders, no borders means no nation, never mind a welcoming and inclusive Britain, there'll be no Britain at all if Zoe has her way.

Anonymous said...

That slippery bastaard is up to something otherwise he wouldn't resign but get us out. Now when his replacement bactracks it won't reflect on him.
All this squawking about Brexit people not having a plan is bullshit. You don't need a plan to walk away from an abusive relationship, you just do it. The majority recognised evil.

mongoose said...

You see, you buggers? This is what Brexit gets you. Calamity at every turn. The cream of the nation's manhood struck paralysed, and beaten by Iceland. Laugh? I thought mrs m was going to get me sectioned.

call me ishmael said...

That's succinctly well put, mr richard, thank you.

call me ishmael said...

That is fabulous, mr mongoose, another planeload of weeping millionaires, to'ally an' u''erly gutted, flying back to their Range Rooneys, their slapper wives and their vulgar mansions. Oh, happy day.

SG said...

Ha Ha Ha! Well slap me with a wet cod! I seem to recall that this isn't the first time the Icelanders have beaten us. Maybe we aren't fit to be released from Euro-Nanny's apron strings after all... Perhaps, Mr I, you folks up there in the Northern Isles could do worse than join your Norse compatriots in the Icelandic Republic - also didn't they throw their corrupt bankers and politicians in jail after the 2008 crash which is another point in their favour?

call me ishmael said...

Looking at Newsnight, mr sg, it seems clear that ways will be found either to overturn the Brexit vote or just delay departure indefinitely. The only remedy to this deliberately constructed impasse is for UKIP to win the next general election, something I now believe to be possible. Didya see that repulsive old queen, Kenny Clarke, saying that it was nonsenical for a common plebiscite to determine our future when only just over half the people voted to leave. Never seems to have troubled the filthy old drug peddlar that he and his governments have been elected by twenty-five and thirty per cent of the electorate. I hope he gets the lung cancer which he has inflicted upon so many third world children and that he pukes his lungs up all over his suede shoes.

inmate said...

I may be mistaken Mr I, but I'm sure I heard on the radio 5live, just before Hamface was congratulated by the whole house on his spineless desertion, that the NEW MP for Batley and Spen was being sworn in; fuxake St. Jo's body is still warm and some cunt is already pocketing expenses.

call me ishmael said...

Things have certainly become more macabre, mr inmate, I think the only thing to top all this will be the death of Good Queen Brenda, should it ever happen. I suppose they'd settle for Phil the Greek dying from EUgrief, martyred by a vandalistic nation.

Woman on a Raft said...

"Dr Rosena Allin-Khan, elected to replace the new Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan" by which mangling of English, I think they mean to replace him as a constituency MP. So the member for Tooting, not Batley and Spen.

On the plus side, I have noticed a few sheepish broadcasters shutting up interviews where the person is unaware of pre-trial protocols. A slight improvement.

call me ishmael said...

Unaware? But everyone knows he is guilty of sainticide, AND of being a member of the majority. A waste of public money, giving him a trial.

Woman on a Raft said...

Hypothetically and not with any particular case in mind, it is an interesting question as to whether a person can self-define themselves as a particular kind of offender. Is it all in their mind, or is it a matter of objective reality? Who really controls the definition?

At the moment we have some men - and I will continue to insist that they are men - who self-define as women. They get very upset and are never more blokish than when telling some woman that she has to agree with him.

Even more surprising, the world seemed inclined to go along with this, believing that self-definition took priority over any evidence to the contrary.

So if somebody shouts 'Traitor' or 'Allhu Ahkbar' or even 'Up the Workers', is that enough to make them in to a political actor rather than someone acting out a purely inner vision of themselves? (If you are the stabbee, I shouldn't think it matters what they claim to be).

call me ishmael said...

Steal a little and they throw you in jail, steal a lot and they make you a king works all across the soectrum of what we call offending. Blair and Bush always come to mind, the latter being a lifetime offender even before he went to the Iraq ball, a criminal. petty and grand, larcenous and violent, in public office and in private.

Cameron's urge to slaughter Syrians is as self-actualising as is Corbyn 's urge not to and I suppose that if I had to be in a locked ward I'd rather be in one with Corbyn than Flashman.

In most cases, I guess, people commit the crimes they think they will get away with, theft, fraud, beasting, pimping, the killer, though, the more he feels immune from indictment the more dangerous he is, the treater example he should be made of. Seems to me that the man who killed Saint Jo beeds treatment; Blair, Bush and their close associates need hanging. Instead, MefiaMinster carries stories of Blair, the exile, urging another referendum.

I don't think the world does go along with Dave-as-Susan and that this absurdity, together with gay marriage figured largely in the minds of the Leavers. Zoe Williams, increasingly inebriate and dishevelled, is calling not for democracy but for licentiousness, not for Inclusion but for an hundred and twenty days of Sodom, She can go and fuck herself.

call me ishmael said...

greater example, not treater example. May Satan rot Steve Jobs's black soul, shove hot iPads up his arse forever and ever, Amen

Woman on a Raft said...

I have just watched the session from the EU. Art 50 has not been issued but they have clearly accepted that it is going to happen. A few people stood up and berrated the Council, saying that it has misread the feelings of many people over the Union, and if it is to survive it must re-think itself.

That part I do not think has been taken on board. I don't know why our Commissioner resigned. He has no permission to leave his post and we have paid his wages in advance. Where do we find these petulant child-men? You would not get Sir Sidney Roughdiamond leaving his post just because of a spot of local bother.

Juncker stood up and immediately sat down. I cannot work out what happened there, but it was a good thing and the sooner he resigns, the better. He is a barrier to productive exit negotiations.

inmate said...

Thank you for the correction Mrs WOaR

call me ishmael said...

I saw Lord Wotsit, a few days back, preening and simpering and thought that he needed a quick rub-down with a housebrick, not for the failures which you clearly describe, just because of his face and his title.

More widely, I would expect it all to unravel, Mme le Pen unseating the obnoxious, cock-waving Frankie and breaking free. I don't want to romanticise these things but there is an element of Berlin Wallness about all this; as we see, here, the Blairish simpy do not understand the contempt in which they are held. Chris Underpants? Hillary Benn? These people are ridiculous, everybody knows it, save their chums in MediaMinster. And as we see in the States, the Washington pestilence simply doed not understand Trumpism.

At long last, things are changing and if we have to lurch rightwards to find our way to the left, well, that's fine by me, this current road leads nowhere but to Ruin.

If there are one point seven billion marching in this direction then we need to something a bit more radical than tinker with Merkel-Junckerism.

mongoose said...

Poundland Nigel should have answered Juncker's impertinent enquiry as to the reason for his presence by saying that they were all presumably there representing the interests of the electorate who voted for them - even Juncker. The difference between them being that Nigel's electorate are actual citizens of the land and Junckers are something else.

call me ishmael said...

Funny, isn't it, the change in our perception of Sid Poundland, how the behaviour of mainstream filth has suffused him with a grubby, imperfect dignity, and maybe, eventually, the keys to the directors' bar. As I said in the post, his exclusion from this process is pure Bullingdon Flashmanism and probably, in the long run, for the best.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy Corbyn's being shafted because he said he would respect the Brexit vote. The rebels are pro-EU and plan to have Parlaiment vote on whether the referendum result should be implemented. JC is deemed unsuitable due to a character flaw which allows him to realise that the electorate's opinion, whether he likes it or not, has value and that it his duty to respect it.
He is therefore a liability to those planning an EU coup.

call me ishmael said...

Very probably, mr richard, but they won't get away with it, not unless they suspend elections, by and general. The bulk of England and Wales will, in the event of tampering, vote UKIP. Revolutionary times.

mongoose said...

I was never as virulent in my dislike of Mr N Poundlander as perhaps you are, Mr Ishmael. If he, and they, left aside their anti-immigrant schtick, you might not get many fag papers between them and me. I am after all just a tornado-bait o'immigrant myself. I am against the EU because it is an elitist conspiracy against the people which - yet again - falls most heavily upon the shoulders and against the interests of the previously voiceless poor.

Corbyn is being pressured by the very people who didn't vote for his leadership in the first place. So what is new? This is a careerist scramble by everyone except the Noble Jezster. Fuck 'em, Jez. You carry on and burn the whole fucking thing to the floor.

It is interesting that the Brexiteers allow all the slurs of inaction to just pass by unanswered while the Chickens Licken flap about. An interesting too non-Braveheart speech by Mrs Fish just now. Very nuanced and stateswomanlike, and much toned down. It will not last, of course, but she has been won to the EU-coup team. I reckon anyway. A great long list of non-actions undertaken was as much as anything to put the knee to Bojo's back. Much reference to the "Prime Minister" as opposed to "David Cameron" which has always been used in the past to buoy her status and reduce his.

But as the markets settle and the world does not stop, the need for desperate action becomes less clear. Any day now and one of the other wounded strays will see that they don't have to be quite so brave, to worry quite so much. The ammo needed to gun down Stavros is insufficient to fell the Tommies and anyone else who chooses to stand with them. And anyway, those pennies are spent and Angela is running out of them, and out of time too.

Anonymous said...

Over in Northern Ireland the remain vote was highest. There are a lot of farmers here who get 87% of their income via EU subsidies plus a sizeable majority who hate the Brits. They want a united Ireland and are pushing for an anullment of the Brexit vote. I would be OK with a united Ireland if Eire was not an EU vassal but the thought of returning to EU after such a brief taste of freedom is sickening.

call me ishmael said...

Thanks, I suppose that on balance that's encouraging, mr mongoose, although yoir exasperation at the failure by those who should to challenge this ongoing coup is shared by myself with respect to Gnasher's disregard for truth, law and constitution. In passing, if Europe gives her audience it must free the Basques, must it not? And anyone else who feels like it.

Whither the !abour party, now? I guess the Blairish may, Pink Floyd-like, flounce off with the trading name, and, purely in reciognition of the national crisis, link arms with the Tribesmen to defeat the English people, seems about right.

call me ishmael said...

Surely, mr richard, my Orange kinsmen and women would not stand for a McGuinessLanf, would they? I think we would quickly learn that all the accoutrements of The Troubles had not, in fact, been put beyond reach.

It is bizarre that supranationalism is fuelling these parochial, tribal nitwits in Ireland and Scotland.

I have said previously that it would be better to put the farmers on the dole, properly, instead of making them work and whinge for their benefits. Import the food, let agribusiness run things and treat the farmers as we did the coal miners or shipwrights or steel workers.

I think I'm gonna move to Iceland, where they have some sense. Here, since the days of Kinnock, Blair, Clinton and their successors, we have been kowtowing to brigands, fornicatiors and child molesters, now they are in the Temple, ransacking it, wiping their cheesy knobs on the altar cloth.

call me ishmael said...


mongoose said...

And can they please all stop saying that no negotiation is possible until Article 50 has been invoked? As if every word uttered since Friday morning has not been part of that negotiation, and every diplomat in Europe sleepless since then and on his third bucket of amphetamines.

call me ishmael said...

Passing through the kitchen a moment ago I saw Mr Murdoch's man at the PBC, young newly-wed, Andy Neil, slumming-it on childrens TeeVee, what I believe is called the One Show, hosted by sub-TopGear fuckwits; the ghastly old Thatcherite bullyboy was fuming at Corbyn's not standing-down, even though the current brou-haha must be earning the old playboy many extra thousands of hour-pounds. It is so much what the country needs, the wisdom of a a poisonous octagenarian domiciled in France, with his lovely bride, enjoying week-ends with his dear friend and sole wedding guest, Noel Edmunds.

SG said...

John Sox was interviewing Alistair Campbell & a couple of Labour non-entities on Left Wing News just now. Campbell ventured that Bozzer ('cripes'), assuming he's elected leader, will have to go to the country on the basis that the electorate won't stand for someone who won a campaign on the back of a 'pack of lies'. Oh the irony! You really couldn't make this shit up!...

Mike said...

Sid sticks it to 'em. Shultz looks to have aged a bit:

call me ishmael said...

kCampbell, yes, helping in the search for a new form of lying; even so, he's wrong. I believe, mr sg, inasmuch as I do believing, that a general election would see - outside FreeLondon - Bremainers ousted, Tories halved, the Blairish deselected and eviscerated parliamentarily, the Libs completely extinguished and huge gains for Poundland. They mistakenly believe that those who waited so long for a referendum. will all be spun back into their boxes. Porno Al is howling at the wrong moon.

call me ishmael said...

Can you tell me what it is, please, pmr mike - I can't paste from here - and I'll find it.

Mike said...

Mr I

Google for: "Belgium: Nigel Farage speaks to the European Parliament - FULL SPEECH"

On youtube

call me ishmael said...

yes, mr mike, I just did, great stuff. If Tory HQ. had any sense they'd vite for Sid as leader, fund him a seat, Jack Dromey style.

SG said...

Mr Mike and Mr I, also Google - 'Nigel Farage Lunch with the FT'. It is the antidote to usual range of mineral water drinking PLC, GlobaCorp, GlobaGov, GlobaCharadee, GlobaAcademic, Davos Crowd, Celeb, CEO fucks they usually take out to lunch...

mongoose said...

It's only Tuesday! What fun it all is. Every slither and manipulation is another nail in the coffin. So many careers being trashed in so short an interval.

I wonder did Leave even think of doing a deal with some continental sceptic? "If we win, wait a few days and then call your own referendum." It would all fall down in a heap that very day.

Mike said...

Thank you Mr SG. Good one.

If the Westminster mob fuck this up, and there doing very well so far, then UKIP and Farage will be a force to recon with. Either that or its civil war. The nitwits don't seem to get it?

Mike said...


Dick the Prick said...

Dear Mr Smith

I seem to be laughing my tits off

It's been a bit of a slow burner - 'panic' is genuinely a thing but 'boredom' wins again.

Ta v muchly


call me ishmael said...

What's the inside story, mr dick, on whose gonna be TopTory?

SG said...

Forgive me for interceding here, Messrs I & DtP, and I will of course make way for Mr DtP's 'experienced' opinion in this matter, but clearly a man (or woman, transgender, non-binary etc., ad nauseam...) of quality is needed in this situation. A deal-maker, one who can return from the 'continent' with a cast iron guarantee for future peace and prosperity:

Anonymous said...

Most likely this writer is shitting himself incase Scotland actually gets payback for the ruin visited on it by successive westminster governments, bout time too in my opinion!
Oh how the tide has turned eh?
Cant wait to see how much collective mischief the Scots and euros can visit upon the jewish banking cabal in london, oh the irony is sweet as.

The very thing he accuses Scots of is now visited on England by the plebs and the true nature of the beast is seen there,
Thrownback into their default position on everyone by this vote is fucking marvelous and not at all lost to the outside world

I imagine the euro jews will be hellbent on revenge for that fuckup by the upstarts
They still dont know they were dragged into 2 world wars by the jews and remain ignorant of the fact that the smoke blown up their arses of English greatness and prowess was an ideal greedily gobbled up while they asset stripped their way to hope and glory

Oh how you parochial pricks make us all laugh, boots on the other foot now, best clench your arses real tight now, the shits about to get truly real
Maybes if you got your heads together you could reinvent yourselfs, you know, like Jk Plagiarism Rowling, you might be able to at least get a work of fiction together while you suck your thumbs and look even more inwards.

fucking loving it! its a jew on jew event! Or is that a blue on blue? matters not, but by fuck Im going to enjoy these next few years, I suspect Im not alone on that one.

call me ishmael said...

I am glad to amuse you, mr jock jew-hater, your lives must be bleak, filled with hatred of your neighbour, poorly educated and labouring under a contorted view of history, economics and class, a tenement-dwelling existence, relieved only by inebriate wife-beating, child molesting, idleness and brutish, cross-dressing homosexuality, yes, and shouting at your mrs as she takes refuge in the local battered wives shelter, or, on Valentine's Day, because you loive her so but she just makes you mad, down the A&E department. Yes, you're right, it's all down to the Jews, your bilious backwardness. Mrs Thatcher was a Jew, you know.

Please know, however, that, even if your family hates you, you are welcome,here, anytime.

call me ishmael said...

There's enough Scotch trannies in MediaMinster, mr sg, to form a McLGBT alliance, to lead the country stright into Deviance, it's not just Angela and Justine.

Backwoodsman said...

you are still a genius, great work !

Doug Shoulders said...

I see meedjafilth is making up some shock n’ horror numbers about hate crime. Increase of blah blah blah… who does the fucking audit…Eh?
I hate this shit.

Anonymous said...

There is no one who hates the social state of Scotland more than I, Mr I
Of course your correct in most of your observences and jock could truly learn a lot about manners from our English cousins, As for not knowing much about history in the past 100 years or so ,well your wrong about that!
This shit has been brewing for a long time, The state of education in Scotland in the past 30 years has been horrible and its no wonder to me that scotland is populated by a majority of ignorant, well cunts really,
Never have been one for hating jews I just think its about time they let everyone else in on the booty, you know, make this a better place to live

call me ishmael said...

Thank you, mr bwm, but it was never stanislav, it was his readers; that old query, if a tree falls in an empty forest - is it silent, if there are none to hear? And the same is true, here, of course; it is just a table, for others to lay. Thank you, though, for your good wishes.

call me ishmael said...

It's right, mr doug, Jonathan Swift couldn't satirise this shit, and nor can I. I expect there to be blood. In Scotkland, the Tribesmen have overturned the IndyRef and here the screechers will overturn the EUref, both these actions are antip0demiocratic and should be resisted, whilst it remains possible.

call me ishmael said...

There are a few things there, mr anonymous, not sure where to start so I'll yust jump in.

Be it the Scottish nobility at the time of Wallace or be it Gordon Brown, Jim Murphy, Robin Cook, John Reid and the rest the most potent of Scotland's enemies have been, themselves, pseudo-Scottish; the Union was not imposed but requested, after the incompetence, abroad, of Scottish fianaciers. Recently, SNP tribal measures, largely the freezing of council tax have seen services, jobs and infrastructure go into steep decline. The SNP encouraged and enabled Donald Trump's bullying exploitation of, just for instance, Aberdeenshire and its people; the urban SNP has supported the despoilation of the Highlands, with pylons, from the Great Glen to Stirling, tourism is also in decline, explaimned by the fuckwit Sturgeon that the Glasgow Games set an unrepeatable high, the housing market is stagnant due to both racism in places like LochRannoch, see our own mrs narcolept, a few posts back, dissuaded from buying a house by rabid, nationalist vermin, and is crippled by uncertainty and punitive taxes at the higher end - I have multiple, complex health conditions, have spent a lifetime paying and collecting taxes, yet I am deemed by the niwit, ecomonics-illiterate Swinney to "have the broadest shoulders and should pay more."

As for health and life expectancy it has been until very recently, the mantra of the Scottish Establishment that the taking of a wee dram or in the case of the poor a few bottles of Buckfast is the patriot's duty. It is not the fault of the parochial English that Glasgow has lower life expectancy than poorest Africa, it is the fault of Glaswegians. I walked around poor Glasgow a few years back and thought I was in ZombieLand. It is utterly iniquitous to blame this on Whisky Maggie, who, may Satan roast her black arse, oppressed all of us, equally and intitiated the Great Spiv Revolt of the theft of public assets and the deregulation of Usury. No-one I know saw that as an excuse for generational, drunken bigotry of the sort which characterises Sturgeon's Tribesmen, more Thatcherie than Thatcher, ghastly little mutant and her tartan brownshirts.


call me ishmael said...


It is part of the phoney Scot's belief-system that Scottish jurisprudence is the world's best, when it is rotten to the heart, it's practioners greedily corrupt beyond English credence, nobody would believe what Scottish lawyers get away with and the Bench is like some mediaeval circus of cruelty, look, just for instance, at the Megrahi Show Trial, even the SNP administration so embarrassed that it had to circumvent any potentially inglorious appeal process by freeing the framed man and telling hin to go away and die, the sooner te better. Justice, Salmond-style, llok at the efforts od McCaskill to subvert justice for those accused of rape, llok at the abominable Jim Wallace's handling of the Shirley McKie fiasco, he should be whipped through the streets of Kirkwall. None of these villains are English colonbialists, are they?

As for the Jews, what we call the Jews, well, for years I have excoriated the state of Israel, questioned the establishment of it as a sop to Western Conscience. Why not Bavaria, I have demanded, the Palestians didn't fire up the crematoria, it was the fucking Germans, tens of millions of them involved in that shit. Why is it that those we call "the Jews" claim ownership in perpetuity of Sorrow? It is blood-curdling and enraging, it promopts utter despair, the Holocaust but ten times as many died in that war, 20 million of them Russian, why are those facts hijacked by filth like disgusting Scotsman, Gordon Brown and his wife, having their photo-opportunity at Auschwitz, because they care? I gues I don't really mean "the Jews" I mean the Zionists, crazy, superstitious, religious maniacs, willng to set the wrkd ablaze on account of some four thousand year old hocus pocus, dreamed up to keep people in subjection to JehovahCorp.

The money thing is quite understandable, I keep money under the bed, too, not trusting anyone, apart from my neighbours, that's what Jews have done historically, you can't blame them, given the way they';ve been treated. It's Like Polonius said, loan often loses itself as well as friend, neither a borrower or a lender be; it is a harsh trade, Usury, and I disagree with you that the booty, as you put it, should be shared-out, envisaging, as I do, the inevitability4survival of a world post-money. The need, supported by the SNP, of the tiny few to have more money than they can ever spend, whilst the many have insufficient is the politics of the past and its promotion by Filthsters, North and South, will soon see the whole world gasping for air. You may speak freely, here, you may dwell on imaginary Scottish Gievance, if you wish, and slander those stumbling, intuitively to a better way, it's a free country, after all, although the Tribesmen would soon have it otherwise.

Anonymous said...

And what exactly Mr I is a English nationalist? Is it not a tribesman by another name?
Fucked if i know what all the division is about I was only born into it
The Jews fucked around in others affairs for example in poland for 800 years being a middleman between peasant and Aristocrat, The polish finally had enough when the jews did not want the reformation of Poland after the hermans and were subsequently hated,
The old God is with us and your all fucked and deserving of death just does not sit well with me no matter which self righteous cunt is doing the glorying

So just as there are decent people from all race, religion and whatever else needs to name and categorise, there are also cunts of all persuasions in them all

We are not all Tribesmen and I dont like the inference, You make yourself sound like a cunt with that, Its not befitting in my uneducated opinion for a man such as yourself to be playing that particular game even though I know there is truth in some of the things you say regarding Scotland,
As for the selling off of our country into the hands of a union which has not best served us well its a bit more complicated than you would have us believe,
For a start those so called nobles who were fucked over in panama by the insistance of a trade block after the fact, that was not as you say bad management but was indeed a deliberate act to sabotage by westminster to steal and make off with something that did not belong to them, Tribalism in Scotland always was a fucking crime and like everywhere else in the world needed stamped out so we could be dragged into the one world program,
But by monstering the people whom have served this perverse union you do us a wrong, you may, if its in you, apologise for that shit.

So I may wish to see some of those smug fuckers get an electoral boot up the arse, big deal its no less than Ive been told by some of the plebs Ive met when I lived in england, like the old fuck off back to scotland you scottish cunt and other lovely messages of unity

So if some of the cunts here dont like some of the cunts there then to me its
I thought it was the meek who were to inherit the earth not the cunts,after all

A few rematches are due the world over and then perhaps after the cost is counted people will grow the fuck up and move on.
Cant say I relish the idea but what the fuck else are the meek to do except let the bastards have at it

Gordon fucking brown is a zionist with connections to the grand order of scottish fuckwittery, he was always going to hand over the poor mans pensions to the fucking bankers because hey they invented banking and we are nothing but ungrateful cunts to be used by them, try this link.

Im not under any illusion that all is as it seems, some of these cunts you mention should be in prison and I should be free to express my opinion without being hunted down by some of these corrupt cunts,
Wouldnt join the cunts, have an aversion to us having phony protection while these cunts feather their own nests and fuck the rest of us over, Rather be poor and right than a cunt who steps on everyone to get places

Saying that I know how to be a cheeky bastard too.

call me ishmael said...

I abhor nationalism, whether its you lot, the IRA, Plaid Cymru or the EDL but I understand that some of the national majority, the English are up to their arse with shrill little monoritues, like the afore-mentioned, shitting in their nappies all the time and expecting the rest of us to change them..

But anyway, you behave as tribesmen, you lost the Indyref, fair and square, and now you claim that you didn't, not really, because the majority was stupid, hoodwinked by Brown, Clegg and Flashman, not in full possession of the facts, mistaken. Yes, and traitors, too, Tories. You are a bunch of fucking fascists, trying to overturn the will of the majority, talking about sovereignty as if you knew what it mean, even though quite clearly you don't, the soveriegn will of the Scottish people being Unionist.

And this misshapen, wee hobgoblin, this ugly, wretched little cunt, fleecing us, her and hubby, of, what, half a million a year, thick as pigshit, an NVQ in soundbiting, stamping madly about in her wee heels'n'suits, like a spoiled teenager dressed in her auntie's clothes, which is what she is, what you lot are, anti-democratic, superstitious, backward, uneducated, stunted, malnourioshed, unsophisticated, simple souls, shaking your beads and spears, sticking pins in dolls, frightened and controlled by a bunch of greedy worthless witch doctors, stuffing their faces in Holyrood and MediaMinster. I think we have to go back to Jimmy Reid and UCS, to find a Scottish public servant of any distinction. The country is wash with gabshites, ponces, slags and retards. sometimes I'm ashamed to be Scottish.
Like I said, tribesmen. Pathetic, good for fuck all except whinging, good job it was real men at Bannockburn, eh, not this bunch of screeching angry savages, otherwise there'd be absolutely nothing of nobility in Scottish history. Apart from Lord Salmond and his three pensions. Or is it four that he's earned, srving the people? Grimy, fat cunt. The SNP, Christ, if you cried you know you'd fill a lake with tears.

Anonymous said...

You lot? you cheeky bastard, noticed you didnt mention the protestant orange order or the likes of those cunts either, I expect that omission means you approve of only a particular kind of Scottish invader or separatist?
Fucking wrapped up in so much deceit and subterfuge and of course steered by the grand old order of Scottish fuckwittery, never more clearly seen than in Falkirk (AND GLASGOW) where the cunts have being having a ball for a very long time indeed at the taxpayers expense, and now the taxpayer is even paying for the benefit of those loud arsed baying northern Irish pricks to be marching through Falkirk as though they owned the place,
Cant stand any of them useless bunch of billy boy pricks, used to hold the monarchy in fear while they cut a deal through the popes nephew, still marching as if they were relevant today.

Dont talk to me about angry savages IF you support pricks of that nature, albeit on the quiet Mr I, Your not fucking on the mark
screeching savages eh? You should know what they look like.

Oh and yes I supported the Snp for the vote, but no I dont have to trust them its a means to an end for me (And that end may not be independence for me Mr I) Salmond being an ex banker and sturgeon being a lawyer means I dont trust either of them, Is that not the problem? bankers and fucking lawyers.

Apart from that I enjoy your blog but not always your opinions.
Oh and thank fuck Im a simpleton, cant imagine how much of prick I could be if I thought myself better than others, We dont have to be victims of our upbringings Isnt that a fact that could change the world?

Sorry for being such a cunt, but you pissed me off with your tagging us as all the same..
Isnt it the leaders who lead people down the wrong paths that we will be judged the most severely in popular folklore Mr I?

Anonymous said...

BTW your not going to be changing anyones nappies or opinions or anything else of that nature by sitting on your arse slagging everyone off, Maybe you should consider doing something political and put your talents to good use instead of driving yourself fucking mental, now that I do understand

Meant to say earlier on that Im sorry you have ill health and my wish is not to add to that.

call me ishmael said...

It gets like fucking groundhog day around here, having to restate things, see Ishmael passim on Paisley, and on Grannygate, and countless other posts including reference to my fatherd utter rejection of his Belfast Orange and Masonic siblings and of my own loathing of my time at Bangor Grammar School, see Ulster Undertakers Party, etc., etc. I have been fighthing these fights probably since before you were born.

I see the mad wee bastard's claiming triumph in Europe, even though she's rightly been snubbed by proper countries, par for the course, fucking lunatic. SNPLand beginning to resemble, where was it, Georgetown?

As for changing things, well, it may not suit your rhetoric but in most of the matters recently and currently discussed, here, I am of the majority position.

SG said...

I was about to direct Mr Anonymous to the very same things Mr I, but you, of course, know how to defend your own keep - not that I ever doubted it! I sense, Mr Anonymous, that Jews may fall outside the scope of the 'inclusive, civic nationalism' that the SNP used to, maybe still does, bang on about. Is that right? Not for them, the Saltire, kilts, woad and other instruments of faux Scottish nationalism - though they may share a grasping love of 'gilt', if we want to play to a stereotype. Something in common eh? Go 'bile yer heid' and here's a very good book for you, you may learn something about our shared history from it (that's all of us here on these Isles). Written by a Scot and also a socialist and, at times, a nationalist, though he rightly defected from them - but IMHO a very fine Scholar who really puts things into perspective. I say this as an Englishman and, at heart, a Tory (of the Burkean variety - I like to think - not many of us left...) but I make way for Angus Calder's excellent 'Revolutionary Empire':

call me ishmael said...

I'll have a look at that, myself, mr sg. One of the most depressing aspects of life in Scotland, best part of England, is that the Tribesmen are so absolutist, believing that only they are proper Scots, any who disagree with a bunch of thick, repulsive political gangsters, as bad as anything in MediaMinster, just coarser and more sticky-fingered, jumped-uo councillors and gobby fishwives, somehow, forfeits their identity. It truly is fascistic. There is no nuance, there is no room for differences of opinion - dispute being the catalyst for what we call the Enlightenment, we can judge for certain it wouldn't have happened under the Tribesmen; dissent, curiosity, dissatisfaction, the stupid wee mongrel would see such as capital crimes. Why is it that so many are deluded by this phoney nationalism, by this abstract confection which says that Edward Longshanks and the other Normans, my ancestors, only abused the poor wee Scots, and not the entirity of these islands? Do they really believe that Thatcher and her spivs singled-out only Scotland for brigandage, misappropriation and brutality. If there ever is an enquiry into Orgreave then Jock will know the true meaning of modern state oppressions. He just won't believe that the English and Welsh have suffered at the hands of Filth probably more than he ever has, yet do not turn on their near neighbours for vengeance.

Viking, Norman, English, Scottish and Ulster- and that's just on my father's side, my mother was Highland and then Glaswegian, who the fuck does this hideous, rancid little arsewipe of a woman think she is, to define me as Scottish or un-Scottish? It's like asking if someone has a Jewish grandparent, only the question is: How did you vote in the IndyRef, Oh, sorry, you're untermenschen.

Anonymous said...

Well Mr SG Scotland is a melting pot of peoples and if you spoke to them as I have you would discover they preferred being here than in England where the welcome is worn thin
Some of it is understandable regarding England but in my opinion a white European moderate does not a terrorist make.
As for the rest of those here outside the European scope my opinion is they should fuck off back to where they came from and fight for democracy, not that they would, we are a far softer target here it seems
Why the fuck we would let Somalis and cunts of that nature in I will never understand,To me its a means to an end for these ngo's mostly bank rolled by Soros and the like to teach us a hard lesson about the true nature of these fucking retards.

We are going to be dragged into a full on collision with the islamists its a fucking dead cert, its been in the making for the longest time.

And thats the trouble isnt it? people assuming they are better than others either through superstition, intellect or birth but when it involves murder then they deserve a fucking bullet to the head if they cant be persauded otherwise.

I am going to switch all this shite off and get on with my life without it bothering me anymore, the world it seems is populated by cunts anyway and there is fuck all I can do about it, The only person I can change is myself.

SG said...

A wise decision Mr Anonymous and, for what it is worth, I agree with the gist of much of what you say here. I am equally at a loss to understand some of the things that have been allowed to happen over the last 20 years or so - especially in relation to immigration policy towards non EU countries over which we have had complete control all along. Dealing with the outfall from all this, and the many unforeseen consequences, will be arduous in the extreme and demand leadership competencies that seem to be largely absent from within the current political establishment. Leaving the EU may help in some respects but it is no magic bullet. Good luck with making whatever changes you feel you need to make - changing oneself is, I think, the greatest challenge of all.

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