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.......Thirdly, I am right wing, have many books about WW2 including ones about the 3rd Reich and Hitler, and I have a gun. All legal and harmless but for how long?
People are acting, and it is acting, as if Santa Claus had been shot by the BNP.
This is shit what they're doing with that poor girl's corpse.

This was mr richard, last night, on the continuing story of Saint Jo, and he fashions, for me, anyway, a terminological conundrum.
That a nation so absorbedly  death cultist leaps hungrily on this  latest, manufactured morbidity is unsurprising, Death is the new football;  some worthless, junkie film star, some stupid wastrel celebrity brat or  a preening, overblown pop-music narcissist, their deaths are portrayed  as stations of a showbiz cross. each worthy of grateful  contemplation,  each inviting global emotional offertory, the witholding of which is ferociously damned as Blasphemy. 

Well, pack me off to the Inquisition if you like but  I don't give a flying fuck about Philip Seymour Hoffman, Peaches Geldof or  David Bowie and I certainly don't give a flying fuck about Jo Wotsername, other than as previously expressed;  her husband is feasting on celebrity in a way that would shame even  Major Tim Gabshite - whose life must now be anti-climactic all the way to the grave. 
 I am a motherless child, myself, and it is a hard road when Mother is gone but these two will be better positioned to manage than was I or countless others, unhosannahed; countless others  not only orphaned but maimed and burnt  by LabourParty fragmentation bombs.  I certainly do not relish Saint Jo's death but I am wholly indifferent to it, shit happens.

That was not the conundrum, though. This corner of Cyber Street  is peopled by Marxists and Marx-haters, by Tories, active and passive, by statists and non-statists, by liberals and reactionaries;  hedging my denominational  bets, I have  for a long time, described myself as a Zen-Presbyterian-Marxist - shit happens; take what you have and give to the poor and workers of the world unite, they all seem to coalesce quite nicely for me.  When I occupied a space at Colonel von Fawkes's Pizza House of Blood, the multitudinious audience of my friend, stanislav, a young Polish plumber, despite his clear, Leftish leanings,  was largely what would then have been called right-wingers.  I have never stopped puzzling about this curious, contradictory attraction, maybe mr dick the prick, or mr old rightie or mr right-wing git, if they find an idle moment, might speculate about why an old Lefty, such as young stanislav, resonated so clearly amongs so many old Righties;  that's the conundrum which I found myself articulating the other night, to mrs ishmael, on the subject of Candidate Trump; sometimes, I said, it seems the only way you can get to the left is by turning to the right.
I see a Trump victory and a Brexit victory as being moves to positions which classically speaking are, have been  or can be interpreted as being on the political right.  The problem, conundrumistically speaking,  is that I see both moves as containing the germ of revolutionary socialism nouvelle, inasmuch as they both eschew unbridled, global  robber capitalism and both will involve the dismantiling and the dispossessing of a corrupt, supra-national, criminal hegemony, far worse than any monarchy in history, including our own, as well as the smashing of the corrupt printing presses of skymadeupnewsandfilth, the end of squalid, pornographic McKenzieism; the sacking of hereditary national broadcasters pursuivant, the Dimbleby gang and the banishing of those currently running the Paedophile Broadcasting Corporation, every last bastard of which conflates his or her own in-Europe wellbeing with the national wellbeing.

If, as is feared, the Eurendum is won by the Yellow Press - all of it - then people will glance towards Scotland, the best part of England, where the recent referendum, although resoundingly lost, was challenged within moments, where its loss by one side  has prompted a campaign for its re-running, democrarcy being less important than the desired result. Very European.

mr richard, therefore, as do many of us, still, describes himself in terms of archaic political esoterica;  there are currently no right and left, not in the traditional use of the terms. And even if there were, it wouldn't matter for this is a referendum on a principle, not an election for one or another programme of government.

The dragging of a still-warm body to the Hustings of Entitlement is something mediaeval; shall we yet see, Saint Jo reliquaries, containing bits of hair, fingerneails, pay slips, essays and  job applications, in the presence of which, after voting the right way, we might  blessed be? 
 In that fiendish sanctifying of a slain career politician  -
This is shit, what they're doing with that poor girl's corpse. - 
what we see in this reluctantly granted and demonically rigged plebiscite  is the conflict  not between right and left
 but between right and wrong.


Anonymous said...

What? Not 'sharing in the grief' Mr I? I caught the tail end of an radio interview with someone, don't know who, who attended the church service in Birstall this morning. They were all there 'sharing in the grief' they said. Maybe it was just a poor choice of words but WTF? I have experienced grief in my own life and it is not something to be 'shared' and, in my view, can only be felt by close family and friends. That said, here's a story of real tragedy and grief being experienced by the many right now:

I know its a 'Daily Hate' piece, but nonetheless  good reportage from someone on the ground... apparently the suicide rate in Greece has doubled to 3,000 a year, one in three people with no job, birth rate down by a third, decent people reduced to scavenging in dustbins and in extremis committing suicide because they can't live with the shame of dependency on relatives who are barely scraping by themselves on meagre resources. That's what I call tragic. And, like Mr Richard I'm no bleeding heart liberal lefty either...

SG said...

Sorry Mr I - the above was mine - forgot to sign off so pleased was I to get through the Captcha screen at first pass!

call me ishmael said...

Thanks, mr sg. Sorry about those wossanames, protocols, are they, beynd my control The link didn't work but I'll find the item and you are right, the devaluation of grief is a monstrous, ruinous impertinence.

SG said...

Ah! Sorry about the link Mr I - I tried one of the tinyurl things. Here it is in full so may work or at least provide helpful search terms:

Oldrightie said...
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Oldrightie said...

Mr I your conundrum from my perspective is when politics rarely produce decent people with little if any self interest in their cause then the shoutiest, least decent win.
I am very impressed with contrasts in this referendum with the Camoron/Osborne/Campbell nastiness and the measured decency from the Field/Stuart/Gove approach.

As for the revolutionary nature of the Trump/Leave scenario, more please. Right and left are circles of experience merging into one wisdom, if we are lucky.
I am flattered for your awareness of my small blog and thrilled your health looks on the mend.

Dick the Prick said...

'Sharing the grief' - ffs, that is a fucking new one. My niece popped her clogs at New Year and I can't even share my brother's grief as it's so viscerally personal. I spent a month trying really hard not to tell people to fuck off but because it was a kid all these fucking parents parasitically felt my loss was theirs or something fucking weird. I didn't get round to calling people cunts and telling them to go fuck themselves but the thought was there. And this facebooking shit that Mr Cox is up to - well, fuck me sideways - i'm not gonna judge the cunt because whatever it takes, it takes and the first week or two before 'ceremony' gets done is actual work - fucking hard human work and whatever thoughts he's got are gonna be through the prism of 'oh my fucking God' and having 2 young kids prevents bottles of whiskey and beating the fuck out of the kitchen but, as mentioned, the old 'no fucking comment' is defo the best foot forward. I dunno - not being a twat on purpose, but it almost sounds as if he's lost a colleague rather than a loved one. None of my fucking business, fortunately.

As per the Polish plumber, I did think he raised the debate a bit to that which was a bit more classically binary. That, especially at the end of Blair/Brown, we all realised that the parties had merged into an amorphous them and us. I was working for the Tories back then and knew we had to keep our traps shut for fear of scaring the horses but I was almost shrowded by my hatred of Brown. I think we all knew Stanislav's critique of Cameron and whatever the hell they are was accurate as well as comedy gold but it felt like that was the only game in town. How wrong we were.

I think Labour are more on the road to reform than are the Tories - Corbyn, to be sure, is thick as fuck, boring, weird, mildy aspergers maybe and a bit of a tool but he has been impressing me more and more (granted, from a comedy low base - but i've never been the target audience). I like the chap's integrity - he doesn't seem to sell out his beliefs. He doesn't do demagoguery which is fucking refreshing. Just seen Cammo do 'question time' (no panel, just Dimblebore and punters) and it's exactly the same format as - I shit you not - 'Cameron Direct' which I wa organising back in 2008 - the cunt's Eton and Tory trained, ofcourse he can bullshit punters and the only reason he's in charge is because he can do it better than his rivals. There ain't any politics there - it's MediaMinister - the last conviction he had was for tampering in a farmyard which subsequently got quashed as his Momma was the Magistrate (err...that's just made up!).

Dick the Prick said...

Crikey - got a bit ranty!!

I hope politics is fragmenting a bit - I've been saying to my lefty chum who weirdly likes Amerkin' politics more than ours that if we ever got to a choice between 2 parties and 2 totally irrelevant cunts i'd be fooked. Politics is my hobby like weirdos like football and the only thing good about Clinton and Trump is that it's happening to somebody else. Were it not for this referendum, the Scots Nats, the now departed dog shooters - I think i'd go mental myself. To watch this utterly shite and blatantly out of their depth, incompetent and fiscally illiterate Conservative Party spunk their load over the public and claim it from victory or mandate even though it's only because Brown spunked on the unions who spunked on Ed Miliband (not that his brother was anything worth bothering with) and so they managed to beat the other guy, the other team - well, it's vulgar man, it's tedious.

I think I have quite a lot of Tanky mates and I think Stanislav is so fondly remembered because introspection is a vital part of action - as the banner says - knowing what to do when you don't know what to do.These cunts at the moment haven't fully understood social media and Google - deference is dead and it's obvious.

I hope we vote out for one of the daftest reasons i've heard: make the fuckers work a bit.

Hope all's well by the way.

call me ishmael said...

I'll use that one, mr sg, read it with my bedtime vegetarian Horlicks, aka Remy Champagne Cognac, I expect it is a tale the reading of which will require self-fortification.

I saw the former Greek finance minister, a while back, flirting with Evan Davies on RentBoy Newsnight and he seemed quite the media slut.

yardarm said...

I`ll reinforce what Mr DTP said.' Sharing the grief ': Satan help us. True grief is an intensely private matter, as you often say Mr Ishmael. The wretched Mr Cox is to be pitied; the Queen is writing to him, Obamalama phoned him in between golf games, Media Minster cunts griefjacking his wife`s shroud for their own damnable ends. The poor sod may even think these bastards care. But a week or two, the caravan will have moved on and he will be left alone in the prison of his misery

call me ishmael said...

Thank you, mr old rightie.

The idea that a New pragmatic Right must spawn an anti-globalist Left is nurtured by what is called the Refugee Crisis which, even were it confined merely to Syrians, would still be entirely unmanageable, overwhelming current so-called welfare systems throught Old Europe, turning them, too, into failed, unmanageable, lawless states; neither chancellor or local authority can tax and budget for an unknown, potentially infinite number of people; half a billion people circulating through Europe in search of the best free housing and health care is an absurdist nightmare. Add to that EU population an unknown number of Moslem refugees from all over the Middle East and North africa, and then add hundreds of millions of Africans and Indians, implicitly invited and encouraged by Angela Merkel and, by default, our own government, millions currently living in filth and squalor, without sewage systems but with i-phones and tablets, drinking shit from the holy Mother Ganges and only two solutions present themselves - either we are forced to start shooting those jumping the borders or else we effectively re-colonise those countries which are so bad that their populations cannot bear to stay there and make them better.

How can India have a space programme AND a caste system, how can she suffer her children to scramble over waste heaps in order to find a bite to eat, how can she be a growing economy whilst tossing half-burnt bodies into tha national waterway, along with any amount of filthy toxins, toxins and corpses which wind-up, in some form or another, on my quiet shore. It is in India, where knock-off, street corner antibiotics gobbled by half her filth-encrusted citizens are causing the immune killerbugs to mutate, threatening the whole of humanity. Hare Krishna, sahib.

We need to go in there and say, No, the societal benefit comes not just from snooty, class-conscious criminals getting richer and dropping some crumbs to the Untouchables but from the control of population, the installation of sewage and water systems, of roads and schools and hospitals, of vaccinations and school nurses; in fact, from every practicable aspect of life being legislated and regulated. This is how we came here, as a result of the tension between Wealth and Want, it took hundreds of years and it's still not right; how dare you cattle-worshipping nincompoops threaten the entire planet with your filthy greed and call it progress?

Multiply that Indian ninsense across at least half the world and a neo-colonial initiative seems wholly desirous and humane.

This is but one point, mr old rightie, we shall return, to the circle of Left-Righteousness.

call me ishmael said...

If, mr yardarm, misery is what it is. Remember Colin Parry of Warrington, his son, Tim - actually his best friend - killed by Kneecaps & Co, Conflict ResolutionsRUs? He so got-off on his media-victimhood that his Mrs divorced him, said he was an insufferable prick, and he was, even had his own grief radio show. I betcha any money you luike that Mr Cox will run, unchallenged, for the vacant seat. What's not to like?

call me ishmael said...

Thamks, too, mr dick, I'll sleep on all that and return to it tomorrow.

SG said...

'Sharing the grief...' Now did I really hear that? I'm not sure now, maybe I should put a notice in my shop window, if I had one, to that effect?... In the meantime, I see that the condemned man, 'citizen-suspect'  Mair, has been arraigned in front of a Westminster Magistrate and thence to the Old Bailey. Clearly they've already decided he's a terrorist, otherwise surely he would have appeared before a local magistrate?

mongoose said...

Yep, you've got it right there about Widower Cox MP, Minister for Broken Hearts.

The rest of it is disgusting beyond even that. With Comrade Corbyn so fucking awful, Camo has turned his guns to the right and painting anyone but himself as a frothy-mouthed Nazi. There is an old school Tory ruthlessness about the Cameroon. He really is a psycho. He has used up his apparent best mate and has not batted an eyelid. I know there are no friends in politics but this is edge of the world stuff. Just line 'em up and push the fuckers over. Christ, I wouldn't even put the grassy knoll business past the pig. Instant 6% swing and Labour lined up to the last main for Remain.

If Mair lives - with his brain intact anyway - to see a jury, I'm a hatstand. He'll be dead or zonked out of his wits forever. The pantomime of a trail would be useful of course, and he can quietly commit suicide in a year or two.

SG said...

Aye, Mr Mongoose, a very British show trial coming soon. In fact its already started.

SG said...

For some reason or other the Brexit scenario reminded me of this, involving another 'IDS', though a much better one I think, strange parallels:

R.I.P. Ian Douglas Smith

Anonymous said...

Thanks for quoting me, Mr Ish. As Mr Mongoose says, there are no friends in politics, not even to themselves. Overlooked that reduction of funds for mental health "care in the community" leas to lunatics on the streets. I know a Social Worker for the mentally ill, not (of course) in a professional capacity and it's true.
This is the biter bit. UK mental health budget has been cut but we spend many times more towards relieving mental health problems of our continental neighbours.
Lack of precision led me to describe Jo as a poor girl; more accurately, an unfortunate victim of a murderous assault. I feel no grief but sympathise with her children. Not husband; he's dancing to someone else's tune in an undignified manner.
It may be that the "murderer" is insane, not responsible, but the revelation of past political views and private purchases is a ploy to demonise Brexit and is sinister. If you or I go mental and commit a crime, will we be judged by what we've read? I have a Koran and "I was Hitler's Chauffeur" on my bookshelf and I'm sure most people have similar varied collections. Being widely read can now define your level of badness. Which unwisely-purchased volume will be exhibit A, made known to the public before a trial? Somebody authorised the revelation of Mair's decades' old receipts for magazines and firearm drawings, conveniently found on the same day as the attack. Fair trial? My left ball it'll be a fair trial.
Mr I., we disagree on occasions. I'm neither nuanced nor intelligent but I can, I hope, reach conclusions based on reason and evidence. My right-wing views are merely those despised by the left; laissez faire capitalism, voluntarism, free speech, personal reponsibility, the right of a society to make and enforce it's own laws, private enterprise rather than state-run institutions and corporaions, the right of self-defence (one of the Jo witnesses said they couldn't tackle the attacker because he had a gun - where was his own gun? He can't have one, say politicians just like the one he could have otherwise defended.)
We must be pink and fluffy, disarmed, welcoming millions of illiterate military-age men who are too stupid to recognise when they're on grossly-overloaded boats, who will drain our wealth and who are antagonistic to Western concepts if they can even grasp them. We take orders from Germans embarrassed by the 3rd Reich, it's good to welcome those whose homes we've bombed and whose land we've shamefully invaded, vengeful and with low IQ's from hundreds of years of marrying their own cousins.
Call me a callous racist if you want. I don't care because I'm right. Here's a thing, the EU wants a European army but, racist that i am, I don't want my sons conscripted, vaporised by the Russians or trailing a rifle round the Middle East risking their lives defending Government oil interests (ahem, "spreading democracy.")
I don't want to be forced to pay for the result of other people's crappy choices when I have little enough for me and mine. I don't want to be beholden to unelected Commissars in Brussels. I won't be moved by the risible Saint Jo narrative. I won't be told what to do or think by public servants.
If we vote to remain then rational thought, pride, and self-preservation no longer hold sway and we'll deserve all we get. Here's hoping that there's enough of us on these islands to do the necessary because a metaphorical sword now will avoid real ones later.

Woman on a Raft said...

Things I did not know about the charities the late Jo Cox was connected to. Caution: article unverfied.

Dick the Prick said...

@WoaR - yeah, saw that too. I think I know her sister - can't place her at mo.

yardarm said...

Fuck me, Mr Ishamel, there`s a thought. Christ, you can see it coming, her husband annointed as her successor. It has an air of inevitability.

The shroud waving at Beastminster wasn`t about the Batley Martyr but about their verminous selves, the fucking place was full, which doesn`t often happen.

After years of being abused as fornicators, sodomites, nonces, thieves and idle good for fuck all bastards they`re waving the Sainted Ones shroud, look at us, dedicated public servants suffering this assault on democracy and she was young, female , progressive, two young kids you could set it all to music and sing it. Better PR than some fat old Tory git like Soames getting wasted.

Bungalow Bill said...

It's a measure of the death of the Left that its ghost now, absurdly, allies itself with corporate bureaucracy, the hammer of the Greeks and Italians (so far), and imagines that it is being radical and progressive. Constitutionally undemocratic, the EU is a lethal part of the commodification of human behaviour and exchange - dusting off my Marxist lexicon - and those proposing our exit are groping, however incoherently, towards some recovery of trust and value. The twittering cosmopolitan consensus has its head up its arse.

Bungalow Bill said...

To confirm: The Grauniad is now quoting George Soros in support. Aux armes citoyens.

Anonymous said...

La Diana nouvelle est arrivée.

I had to turn the sound off when news-hopping but noticed Kinnock minor had an IN broach on opposite his white rose. Classy.


tdg said...

In the realm of online political commentary, Stanislav was a revelation. E.g.

"A good recovery Lord Guido, but it was only a typo and you should have owned-up. We would all still respect you in the morning. Anyway that first bloke was a cunt for drawing attention to it. Stanislav know straight-up what Lord Guido mean. And is fucking Pole. Mean damning with faint praise. Only maybe finger is shake from cocaine and hit mistaken key. Maybe head fucked up with red wine and mix words, easy done. Happen all time. Worms come out all wrong. No need for big elaborate cut-and-stick rebuttal from dictionary to show CAN be damning with feint praise. Is like vanity number plate. If squint can read "I AM CUNT." But is not really correct spelling of I AM CUNT is probably LAM 644T and all twist up with screws and shit. Police should arrest, give good hiding and confiscate car; what else we pay them for ? Tell driver Yes, You IS Cunt and throw down nearest mineshaft.

Is one thing Mrs Alana Johnston make excuse himself for holocaustal slaughter of patients in shithole hospital run by greedy imbecile career fuckwits (like whole fucking country). Another altogether for Lord Guido twist and squirm like fucking politician and make cover-up, think nobody notice. Well Stanislav notice but not mention until now. Many people think Stanislav stupid fucking Pole, eat beetroot, drink vodka and cry about war, think Stanislav know fuck nothing. But is wrong, Stanislav know fuck all.

Anyway better watch out or get Lord Cover-Up Stevens of Northern Ireland and the Met uncover real facts of FeintGate. On second thoughts, no point; right Worshipful brother Stevens not recognise fact if bite on fucking nose. Stevens and fact is not acquainted. Not even feintly."

call me ishmael said...

Thank you, mr dick, for all that, and mr richard for prompting the thought. I think that has for some time been the burden of my song - that it isn't about the difference between left and right, for within both camps and all across no man's land there are good persons and true and that in any event political parties are just vehicles of Villainy, how could they be otherwise?

Being a vegetarian I never go to the Pizza House of Blood but I hope that old comrades there are keeping the faith, now that they're working for the young newly-wed, Mr Murdoch.

It was great to see, wasn't it, on this morning's skymadeupnewsandfilth, some Jayne Tits bearding Mr Gove with the fact that, Well, David Beckham and lots of other celebrities disagree with you?

call me ishmael said...

No doubt, mr mongoose, the rationale for the Metropolitanising of the case was that Mr Mair wouldn't get a fair trial amnong his local peers, every last one of whom worshipped the very ground upon wqhich Saint Jo trod Heavenwards; only by coming before Mr Justice Slag at the Bailey could he be guaranteed his rights as a good European citizen. They'll keep him alive as long as he's useful. Where's Marjorie Wallace of NutScape, when you need her - remember Marjorie, tireless campaigner ofr the mentally ill and a peerage?

You are right about Cameron, now revealed in all his Flashman glory, worse, by miles even than Whisky Maggie. Whatever happens there will be a reckoning.

call me ishmael said...

One must hope, mr yardarm, that, come election day, Mr Farage has the bottle to put saomeone up against Saint Jo's annointed successor. Since when are elections not fought, out of respect for the dead? This is fairyland.

call me ishmael said...

Sharing the grief, mr sg, 'sworritsalabout.
There is a sense via which we all do that, customarily, by self-ceensorship and restraint, by a collective slowing-down for funerals.
Sometimes I can't get out of here, the old kirk down the road being a busy cemetry and the lane being blocked with mourners' cars. They are wrong to block the public highway but what can you do. AS it is, every time I pass the kirk and see the mini-digger there, I flashread in my mind, Greys Elegy In A Country ChurchYard.And no harm in that.

Sometimes they have, in the town, one of those walking, slow-parade funerals; same thing happens, the traffic stops until the dead one is afforded his rites.
Death notices appear in all the shop windows, here, they are titled: An Intimation and an Invitation - a public statement of the death and an invitation to the funeral.

All of that is decent and respectful, regardless of the fact that the clergyperson is generally some simpering Godlessheathenbastard Presbyterian; people pause for Death an d then get on with Life. This orchestrated tearing of hair and rending of raiments is a whole other thing, wicked and cynical, may their arses fall out and the whole ghastly cortege slither in its own entrails, fall to teh ground, writhing, and expire, gasping in a pile of shit and innards.

simon said...

Mr ishmael, Thomas mair must have been an accomplished engineer to make a gun that fired several rounds, had access to a lathe , reamers etc, did he make his own ammunition , was it a muzzleloader ! to many similarities to the swedish politician who was stabbed before a referendum on the euro!

call me ishmael said...

Kack Torture junior, now, mr bungalow bill, he's the standard bearer of the Left. I have been saying since I laid eyes on him that Rusbridger would destroy the Guardian and he has, moreso, I should think, than have the changes in information technology and readership patterns.

Martin Jacques, former editor of Marxism Today, I saw a while back, defending the Chinese regime - the lack of civil liberties, the criminalarchs, the executions, the censorship, he said, these were a very small price to pay for the leadership having hoisted the peasantrty off the land and into the 21st century. I'd have strangled him in an instant if I could only have reached into the telly and grabbed his ancient neck.

I do wish I could lead an army, under the banner of It Ain't The Economy, Stupid, wish I couild persuade people that the insatiable personal greed of a handful of psychopaths is an inept driver of planetary affairs but as we see, a semi-literate, showbiz moron like David Beckham is judged to have the wisdom of Solomon; your "....groping, however incoherently, towards some recovery of trust and value." is derided as racism.

Perhaps I am too downhearted, perhaps those large numbers whioch you mention will not lamely trudge go to GlobaCorp's scaffold and may yet come, and come again.

call me ishmael said...

"Confisctae car.....Tell driver Yes, You IS Cunt and throw down nearest mineshaft."

Thanks, mr tdg, he used to make me laugh out loud, stanislav, weep rivers of tears. One guy said his wife had had to call him a fucking ambulance, he'd damaged his sides, laughing so much. His voice and subjects are anachronistic, here, and discordant, but fuck me, Jesus, he was a one-man Zeitgeist of Rage. I wish he was stil around.

call me ishmael said...

"(one of the Jo witnesses said they couldn't tackle the attacker because he had a gun - where was his own gun? He can't have one, say politicians just like the one he could have otherwise defended.) "

It speaks of something more that gun control, that, mr richard, of the docility of modern man, the abilty to react instinctively being bred out of him, in favour of his making Balanced Informed Choices.

I would just have hurled myself at him and stuck my fingers in his eyes, what is the matter with people that they can't do that, they can't tap into the survival fluids?

I mean, how on Earth did a handful of screeching, hysterical arabs hijack all those 9/11 aircraft, armed only with craft knives? A cheap ball-point pen is far more deadly a weapon than a Stanley knife, just bang it into an eye, a windpipe, a groin or an armpit and Ahmed'll be wailing his fucking mad head off.

It's not the lack of guns, which is the problem, mr richard, it's the lack of guts.

If someone is attcking a woman on your streets there is no point waiting for Bruce Willis to arrive.

Woman on a Raft said...

Your attention is drawn to the 1996 killing of Fiona Ovis, 28, and William Crompton, 18.It was a nasty killing, involving the mutilation of genitals, although the court reports were coy as to whether this was in the context of live torture or otherwise ritual revenge after death.

The killer, Andrew Cole (in his late 20s), was twice convicted by a jury of murder but maintained that he was obviously of diminished responsibility. Judges seemed critical of the decision of the jury. His narrative was that as a deeply inadequate youth, he had met Miss Ovis at a clinic where they were both recieving treatement for mental conditions. He claimed, although this was not adequately demonstrated in the court reports, that he had finally had a satisfactory relationship with someone, only to have her leave him and commence a relationship with William Crompton.

As neither Crompton nor Ovis were alive to verify this, it is a question in my mind as to whether the relationship ever existed outside Cole's head. However, even if it did, that does not warrant breaking in to the house where the lovers were, taking ropes and knives etc, killing them, and then going to the local hospital to confess.

The juries - he got a re-trial - both times were equipped with full medical disclosure and both times decided that he had commmitted murder.

The courts ameliorated this, first reducing the sentence as if consistent with manslaughter as a result of wounding, and finally releasing him after various arguments about his privacy and whether he poses a risk, and whether he should be allowed to go back to where the families still live. This year Cole was given extraordinary protection, wiping parts of the story from the public record in aid of his privacy.

The point I want to make is not about Cole but about his victims, who were not MPs. It appears that dead MPs are deader than other people and count more if slaughtered by mad people. It also appears that if you kill an MP, then normal rules of evidence such as reserving items for the defence rather than shoving them in the Daily Mail, will be turned on their heads. MPs are special, doncherknow. Only probably not the Brexit ones.

Anonymous said...

"It speaks of something more that gun control, that, mr richard, of the docility of modern man, the abilty to react instinctively being bred out of him, in favour of his making Balanced Informed Choices."
That's true enough but it's always best to have the right tool for the job and if you need to end an incident quickly the ball-point pen isn't mightier than the 9mm. It's true enough also that the altruistic survival instinct has diminished; you're more likely to see a video of someone being attacked than someone helping. Heaven forbid they'd drop their best friend, their phone, and apply a boot.
I once did wade in to a group of yobs that laughed as they blocked a footpath and forced a woman with a baby off the kerb into a busy road. I don't recall details other than some of them falling over, it was red mist/switch in the head which hasn't happened before or since. Very foolish in hindsight given their numbers and my age, but there's still some Sus scrofa in this little piggy. I know it now. Good.

Anonymous said...

Worth a look at this I would think, Mr Ishmael.

"The Case of the Missing Hero??"

Nehemiah Scrunt.

call me ishmael said...

I hadn't heard of that one, mrs woar, and it's normally judicial practice to insist upon the sanity of even the clearly barking, like Peter Sutcliffe and Ian Brady. I have never understood that - if the Yorkshire Basher, he wasn't a ripper by any means, can be adjudged normal, or Ian Brady, then what does it take to be termed abnormal, and in any event the terms of incarceration would in both cases have been the same, either in prison or in hospital.

MediaMionster, as you say, has rendered Mr Mair's fair trial or fair treatment wholly impossible, him having been pilloried in advance by the entire legislature, civilised countries must be agahast.

It is a grotesque Orwellian mrs woarism, now, all the deceased are dead, some are more dead than others.

call me ishmael said...

Right, a gun trumps most things, mr richard but even so there is a distinct lack of whachamaycallit, moral fibre, HaveAGo-ness, and most pockets or handbags contain items readily adapted as weaponry, it is people's eagerness to be cowed which so dismays one, which so cossets Ruin.

call me ishmael said...

Thank you, mr scrunt, yes, well worth a look.