Friday, 17 June 2016


I don't now how many British people die violently  but I bet it's a lot. I'll have a look. There were 537 murders in the UK in 2014. The occupation of Afghanistan killed over 500 British service personnel. In Ulster, 3,600 people died in the Adams-McGuinness-blair Terror4Peace Atrocity. Police service deaths in mainland Britain average less than one per year since 1945, while an average of thirty people die per year  in police custody or during contact with the police. People die violently every day, at the hands of others; I have never heard this called an attack on democracy, MedieMinster, of course, sees itself as democracy, when it is in fact a filthy sewer, seeting  with monstrous vermin. 

Thus far, one member of parliament has died at the hands of an individual said to have mental health problems - probably exacerbated by some bent, useless  cunt of a  health secretary like Bubbles Burnham or  Jeremy Hunt - and whilst this is regrettable and tragic for her family the MediaMinster response has been utterly revolting, obnoxious, unbelievable, the stuff of banana republicanism.

The late Ms Cox was an Oxbridge aid worker/activist-turned politician, there is a pestilence of such on all sides - not that there are any longer any sides - a plague of researchers or activists turned aide, turned bag carrier, parachuted into some Northern,  rotten safe seat, some hotbed of institutionalised noncing, bribery and vote-rigging, the fiefdoms of cuntscum like Jack Torture and Crooked Dennis McShane, where the locals would vote for any old slag, pimp, blackmailer or nonce,  wotsisname, Steve, Damczuk, is it, and his succession of young tarts; Mandelstein, Kinnock junior in Wales, Mr Harriet Harman in Erdington - I flung a book, yesterday,  at the TeeVee in the kitchen. It was Jack Dromey-Harman, prematurely, then, flashmourning Saint Jo. Remember Jack?  Married to Harriet Soursister, he was one of NewLabour's treacherous union barons who contorted  the labour movement  so's Tony Blair could push a broken bottle up its arse. He was the Labour party treasurer who knew fuck all about Mr David Abrahams' huge, illegal donation to Snotty's slush fund; best of all, Dromey, spouse of the instigator of women-only short-lists, was permitted to side-step this restriction because, well, because his Mrs was the deputy leader and he needed to be alongside her, on the gravytrain, and in govament, and  both he and she were beneficiaries of Snotty's wholly corrupt, family-friendly nepotism - the Alexanders, Wendy FishFace and Wee Dougie; the Ballses, Ed and FrostyPants; the gay Eagle Sisters; the ghastly Milibands and the Harman-Dromeys, Jesus, he was a piece of work, was Snotty, lovely to see him marching about, Bremaining, drugged-up, ,demagoguing his jowly head off, the young parent, waving his moral compass in furiously nail-bitten hands as though he wasn't as bent as a dog's hind leg, rotten all the way through,  and mad as a fucking hatter. 

And it is the same with  any braying, red-faced, spanking-mad  Tory gabshite, some descendant of  pure filth -  Francis Maude, Jake Rees-Mogg, Bernie Jenkins, even John Selwyn Beefburger has a son in there, doeesn't he?  Christ, they go on about the House of Lords being a shithole hereditary anomaly whilst the Commons turns into something worse. I only ever caught a glimpse of Ms Cox and thought, Oh, fuck, here we go again another elfin, ice maiden careerist entitlementista, another Yvette Cooper, another wannabe millionaire house-flipper, how long before her spouse is on the payroll, too, like Caroline Flint's or Ian Duncan-Shit's or Jacqui Schmidt's porno-hubby, wanking himself silly in Redditch, at our expense.  I thought to myself, at first sight of Saint Jo, how many more of these fuckers are there, simpering about how much they care, about poor people, for a hundred grand a year and a king's pension and hubby on the payroll, and in due course, the brats, too.

Now that she's dead we are set about with Hypocrisy's cynical cudgels, this is the worst thing ever, no, really, nothing as bad as this has ever happened;  the nation is in danger.  Hitler? No, nothing like such a threat to parliamentary democracy. A young mother slain, a valiant servant of the people, a lie dedicated to the service of others, I mean a life, course I do; the house  united in milking this depressing event for all it's worth. Corbyn the Ineffective mourning the death of a potential  high-flier, the PigFucker doubtless hinting that unless we do as we're told everybody will be shot dead on the street by nutters.

Her husband, is it Brendan, is as tasteless as the NewPeople can be, estranged from Decency's simple No Comment, he's face-thinging and whatever else they do, these i-zombies,  flash-mourning, bearing their plastic souls to each other. 'Swot she woulda wanted.

Anyone being shot to death wounds us all, but only very slightly and Saint Jo's death is remarkable only in the disgraceful use to which it is being so cynically put. 
mrs woman on a raft reminded us recently of another death in Florida, of a singer, suggesting that compared to the unseemly and fraudulent hysteria surrounding the gay-on-gay slaughter in Pulse the indifference to her death must mean it was less permanent, somehow less fatal.

And so it is with Saint Jo.  
That she as an MP is irrelevant, she was shot dead in an act of mayhem, not revolution. It is for her nearest and dearest to mourn and lament, the rest is an impertinence.  That her death is hijacked for motley political ends shows only how utterly depraved and venal is the trade she was so desperate to ply.


walter said...

Bravo mr ishmael youv,e hit the nail on the head once again!

Bob Doney said...

PMQs on Wednesday was just one stooge after another (from all sides of the pentangle) asking the PM if he could possibly and graciously think of yet another reason why we should all vote to commit Democracide on 23rd. I consoled myself with the thought that at least we wouldn't have to see the whole ghastly crew gathered together again till after Our Vote. And now this - a mutual Parliamentary blubfest and intra-House love-in on Monday. It's more than a body can bear. Why on earth are we trying to save them from their own treachery? The triumph of a teeny-weeny bit of hope of eventual change over Pelions and Ossas of bitter experience, I suppose.

Mr Bob

Bob Doney said...

... and why do they not understand? Our institutions, our elections, our referendums, our votes have cost millions upon millions of lives, not just one. You have to keep buggering on. You really do.


Anonymous said...

Collectors' item from Corbyn in his piece to camera; her sons "will never grow up to see their mum again."

On the subject of political children, I read somewhere the other day that Blair was overheard saying he rather hoped for something better for his own sons when told that Harold Wilson's had become teachers.


SG said...

As usual Mr I you bring a sense of proportion and perspective to this event, sadly missing from the MSM and usual range of political and celebrity gobshites who practically fall over one another to opine and emote in these sorts of situations.

I confess that I had never heard of Jo Cox MP before yesterday. Nor, I suspect, have many of those now expressing shock and grief and offering 'fawts and prayers'. It is, of course, a tragedy for her family and her close friends and colleagues and one feels a natural sympathy for them - as one would for anyone finding themselves in such dreadful circumstances. As for whether it was an 'attack on democracy' or an 'act of evil' - well, we simply don't know and pretty much everything we are hearing at present about the perpetrator's potential motives are simply the product of febrile speculations. However, it seems that these are quite sufficient for some to idict certain individuals associated with the 'Brexit' campaign. I took a look at Farage's Twitter feed last night, not something I have done before, apparently he has 'blood on his hands' - and they talk about taking the 'hate' out of political discourse... Sadly, I think nothing 'good' will come from any of this.

I think I shall read the newspapers from the back for a while and avoid the 'news' channels until this blows over (though, I suspect this may take some time...). 

Anonymous said...

the last paragraph is the only one that was necessary - all the rest was blatherings from a guy who obviously love the sound of his own keyboard but if i puked in a fountain pen and mailed it to the monkey house i could get better quality writing.

SG said...

Perhaps, Mr Anonymous, you would be so kind as to direct us to some of your own writings so that we may see what 'quality' looks like?

call me ishmael said...

Aye, mr bob, they obscure the fact that it is only the tension between governed and governors which has wrought such feeble civilisation as we have, as though they have given us what we have taken for ourselves. Tom Paine, again, It has been the scheme of the Christian Church to hold man in ignorance of the Creator, as it is of government to hold man in ignorance of his rights.

call me ishmael said...

Probably the nearest toilet wall, mr sg. Still, I am grateful that the poor chap found at least the last paragraph purposeful, whilst eschewing those which led to it.

call me ishmael said...

I didn't know that Blairism, mr verge, but I can so easily visualise Tony'n'Imelda uttering it, perhaps as thay shredded their expenses receipts.

mongoose said...

That's a little harsh on the woman, Mr Ishmael. She may have had all of the necessary credentials to achieve swinehood but she was only early on her road and seemed not to have been a sinner yet. Good for fuck all, as you say, but not an active beast thieving at the public teat yet. The husband too is excused boots yesterday because it must be enough to knock anyone off their wits. The rest of them are just verminous bastards. Toynbee's article, as has been widely noted, was an exercise in cunthood beyond parody. Fuck me, Polly, you monster. As Mrs Raft observed back a step - if the deceased wasn't a sacrifice in dying, she is a grisly one now in death.

My lad observed that one feels most sorry for the poor nutter. Bonkers, all alone, living in his dead gran's house. And he was right. All in this together? Yeah right.

yardarm said...

Her death is an exercise in hypocrisy for the Media Minister gang but for ordinary people I doubt whether it will affect the vote although, Mrs WOAR, I stand to be proved wrong.

Bungalow Bill said...

Baron Kinnock. How could one not despise such as him with his crook's tears, and the horrible little turd, Bercow, scuttling up to Cleckhuddersfax to represent parliamentary dignity ? Full frontal mourning from them all today and Monday will be an unprecedented horror, the first occasion upon which the Beasts will have been able to Dianify themselves (the Hillsborough apologyfest was entirely vicarious). Will Lady Elton be at the piano? "Funeral Blues" read by Sherlock Cumberbatch, surely. Special beamed-in laments from Barack and Hills.

May flights of angels.

call me ishmael said...

Me neither, mr yardarm, if anything the whole shebang only undersicres the need not to cleanse buit to burn the fucking stables down.

As ever, mr mongoose, I am chided by your unfailing charity but would say in my defence that were mrs ishmael slain, tomorrow, I would have no public utterance to make, none whatsoever, much less advice to offer complete strangers on how they should deal with my bereaveement and, granted, |Saint Jo would not be first on your gallows ladder or mine but she did show every sign of early preferment.

I am in more accord with you and mongoose junior, with regard to the Evil Assassin, but I expect you knew that anyway.

I haven't yet read Mme Toynbee, I still need to take things fairly easily and I expect that her Godlessheathenbastard sermonising would prove deleterious to my health. A precis would be useful, if you have a moment, leaning on the windowsill.

call me ishmael said...

Jesus, mr bungalow bill, is all that really happening? It bears repeating that more, perhaps most, will share our scorn and derision than MediaMinster can possibly imagine; the whole is a metaphor for the conceit of the Bremainers, the noble Kinnocks, who can see this as anything other than the aforementioned bananarepublicanism.

Anonymous said...

How many men widowed, how many little ones orphaned, by her votes, on the bombings of wogs and pakis, etc?

What goes around, comes around, is the modern vernacular.

Those more wrinkled think of the words of Christ: They that live by the sword, shall die by the sword.

My sympathy to her family and friends, and to her countless victims.


Anonymous said...

Women widowed, obviously.

call me ishmael said...

Gosh, and an equally poignant Amen to that, mr vincent.

call me ishmael said...

First it was the Glasgow Herald which banned reader comment, then it was the Filtho-O-Graph, now, currently, it is the Guardian; no longer even the sham, moderated dialogue, just the commentariat, talking to itself.

mongoose said...

You are strong enough, Mr Ishmael.

How strong does a man need to be to throw an ipad through the window?

mongoose said...

“He came to the centre looking for alternative therapies for his depression. He said he had been suffering from mental health problems for a long time, but said that reflex therapies and others he’d tried in the past hadn’t helped. He appeared to be quite a troubled man, didn’t say very much to anyone while he was there. I asked him to come back on Thursday to discuss it all and have a drink, but he never came back.You think maybe you could stop it, you know if he’d stayed for five more minutes. I guess I couldn’t really have done much though really."

And there we are.

kinnock said...

Captain ishmael, You missed an opportunity for a sun type headline

he was born in kilmarnock

yardarm said...

As usual Mr Ishmael you provide an invaluable astringent to the shameless griefjacking going on by the MediaMinster rabble, nauseating, puke inducing cant. The horror of Monday can be imagined; wonder if someone will castigate the Entitlement gang on this proving better care for the mad is required. Probably not. I`m wondering who`ll be the first to have the nerve to say 'Vote Remain for Jo '. If they haven`t already. Has Owen Jones claimed ownership of the victimship yet.

Mr Bungalow Bill, you are prescient indeed. According to the PBC news O`Bummer has already rung the husband from Airfarce One. Dianafication indeed.

Anonymous said...

It's been revealed that the assailant has 3rd Reich memorabilia ie books about Hitler, was a right winger and liked guns including home-made types.
Two, no, three points:
Firstly, none of that is illegal.
Secondly, this revelation could prejudice a jury.
Thirdly, I am right wing, have many books about WW2 including ones about the 3rd Reich and Hitler, and I have a gun. All legal and harmless but for how long?
People are acting, and it is acting, as if Santa Claus had been shot by the BNP.
This is shit what they're doing with that poor girl's corpse.

Anonymous said...

For a lesson in media interpretation, the Telegraph has a useful source story,

Firstly, the full picture of Mair in a camo jacket is from a scene where he appears to be volunteering to work on a bridge in a nature reserve with other volunteers.

Secondly, Ms Cox spent her last day on earth over-simplifying the issue of EU membership, in effect protesting against the views of the fishermen, the ordinary kind of people she is supposed to have been so concerned about. So focused was she on showing off her right-on credentials that she failed to engage with the real issue of whether or not our fishing industry would be better off leaving or remaining.

From the fishermen's point of view, she was glibly willing to sacrifice their jobs without considering the complexities.

Mrs Raft on tour

Dick the Prick said...

I'd never put 2 and 2 together and worked out that Jacqui Smith's husband was whacking off in company time - there's got to be a folk song in there, somewhere.

What pisses me off is why these nutters always pick the wrong targets - that young singer in Orlando, some random drummer boy, busses and underground trains on a July morning - does being mad as a box of frogs eliminate genuine reconnoitering of sites which may have strategic benefit?

As you say, 500 violent deaths a year, mostly in mayhem's torment but fuck me - this mawkishness is fucking vulgar.

The editors of The Mail and The Sunday Mail are at war over potential promotion and today's copy is, for want of a better expression - fucking disgusting in its use of this death for alternate ends.

Anonymous said...

If the vote is to remain, what can we do? If this blog ceased to exist, where could we go? I have a feeling a lot of folk will be sad by the weekend, but who will they be? I hope I am wrong but my gut feeling it will be Brexiteers. My vote and my spouse's are in the post. To Leave!

call me ishmael said...

Thanks, mrs woar; there is some comfort, I feel, in that the Filth-O-Graph is on its last legs, the owners deranged, the editors incompetent and all the journalists sacked; doubtless it will be soon be sold to some ugly Slavic criminlarch, as has been so much else.

The price of fish, up here, too, is an issue. There is a deep, tradition-fuelled anger about the CFP but I dunno how many votes are in it, although I would expect Gnasher's expectation of a huge Scottlsh Remain vote to be disappointed by people sick to death of she and her gang of crooks rewriting the referendum result. Send a despatch from the 'Minster, if you feel like guesting,

call me ishmael said...

I would've thought you'd have been all over that, mr dick, back in the day. His name is Richard Timney, Herr Schmidt's hubby, and as well as buying the porn on her expenses he used to write hymns of praise to his local MP, (actually his Mrs) to the letters page of the Redditch Advertiser, under an entirely different name, pretending he was just a regular constituent. I should think that Jax felt that she got off lightly, just being embarrassed by his public wanking.

Insofar as these things go the war between Paul Dacre and Geordy Wotsit is entertaining, somebody should do a sitcom about the Daily and Sunday Mails.

call me ishmael said...

Me, too, mr anonymous I come here for the comments, too.

Dick the Prick said...

I was all over it but failed to bring it down to the prosaic office banter of 'Where's Dick?' - 'he's beating his meat in trap 2'. That final connexion - the bit that makes stuff art. I got the comedy at the time but missed the beauty. I think I stopped where it got popped on expenses and the inevitable resignation but forgot, as we err...say in project management (I say we, this could possibly be the first time i've used it) to be a 'completer / finisher' unlike Mr Timney. He had effectively nipped to the bogs with a copy of Razzle whilst the boss was in a meeting - known loads of lads do it and now with iPorn, i'm sure it happens even more but.....erm....nope, it's a cul-de-sac!

call me ishmael said...

But fun getting there, mr dick.