Thursday, 13 November 2014


Of course, Africa is now largely bought up by China, that standard bearer of truth and justice, disgusting fucking bastards. 
mr bungalow bill.
Not just Africa,  but London, too,  that part of it not owned by Arab playboys and Russian pimps.

Exclusive: Boris Johnson is under fire over his handling of a £1bn deal for a Chinese firm to redevelop a huge site on London's historic Royal Albert Dock.

Bo-Jo, doorstepped today by C4's Michael Crick struggled to deploy his customarily persuasive, oafish bonhomie to good effect. Spluttering, he had no answer to Crick's allegation that he was in the pockets, not only of the Filth-O-Graph's owners, who pay him twice his mayoral salary for his awful columns in their rapidly sinking newspaper but also to a firm of Chinky gangster builders to whom he has awarded  London's Royal Albert Dock; a contract at which UK developers never got a look-in and around which the Chinky thugs bunged the Tory party a couple of hundred grand. Ideal material for a Tory prime minister, Bo-Jo, one would have thought, venal, cock-waving and treacherous.  Ah, the public schools of England, we can see how it is vital that they retain their charitable status.

Funny, how he was never nicked, isn't it, for his involvement in his schoolchum, Darius Guppy's, plans to assault a rival.


Caratacus said...

My mother tells the story of my father (died when I was very young) who was a young Met copper in the late ’40s – early ’50s. He used to detest being put on what was referred to as “Poof Patrol” where they would stake out the local public conveniences and arrest men who were seeking to importune young men/boys for sex. He arrested one distinguished retired major who had had a “good war” – decorated many times including the MC and bar. He accepted his fate with good grace and my father, an ex-RM, couldn’t help asking him why on earth he did it when he knew what the risks were and how he now faced ruin in his professional life. The man sighed and said, “It all starts in public school, you know …” Young boys were sent off to boarding school where they were buggered senseless by other boys and, as often as not, the teachers in whose care they had been placed. My father said he would be damned if any son of his would ever be sent to one of those places. And when he died and it was mooted by the Met that I should be sent off to a boarding school (I was six), my mother told them in no uncertain manner to Foxtrot Oscar.

No wonder the great and the good are so bloody keen on places like Eton … keeps the ranks of the malleable and blackmail-able well up to strength. And when the secret services are instructed to bump someone off, isn’t it uncanny how they almost invariably choose some form of sexual deviance or other? That poor bloody MP who was found dead in a bin-liner with an orange in his mouth when he had led a life of blameless integrity hitherto; that Houdini-like soul who could zip himself into a hold-all and then hold his breath until he coughed his last. As Marcellus might have observed, “There is something rotten in the State of Westminster” … but it’ll be no good Horatio waiting for Heaven to direct it towards better health. The fuckers need clearing out and stuck on an island where they can shag each other’s brains out for all I’m concerned; as long as they go and, more importantly, don’t come back.

call me ishmael said...

Stephen Finnegan, yes, I remember, he was a bit of a bolshie, wasn't he and died mysteriously in what they describe as an auto-asphyxiation game. And the spy in the bag, absolutely fucking incredible.

There was a lot of that agent provocateurism, worse than that which your farther endured; later, the practice extended to pretty young plain clothes PCs in make-up, loitering at the urinal with their cocks out.

I was all for queer rights, then, back before before, got into trouble more than once; now that it's an industry of comprehensive grievance, hypocrisy and hatred I have no time for it.

I know, too, that there is no correlation between homosexuality and child molestation yet there is, it seems, an overlap of permissibility, an unspoken catechism of WhateverTurnsYouOn-ism, a degenerate liberality which is dangerous.

You have done you Horatian duty regarding your father, mr caratacus, reporting his story aright.

Mike said...

Mr Caratacus: I went to an eminent public school in the 60's. There was no buggering. We comapred the length of our cocks in the showers, but not in a homo way, as we all dreamed of getting our grubby hands on the school nurse.

The prevailing atmosphere was one of extreme brutality, of the kind that would lead to prison terms today. I was useful with my fists, so was left alone, but some kids lives were misery. But the ethos was not to complain and get on with it - the stiff upper lip.

Hated every minute. I've been tempted to write an expose.

call me ishmael said...

Morning mr mike, that's interesting; there was nonesuch that I ever knew of at grammar school but having known former pupils of both I have heard tales of buggery at Shrewsbury and Rugby during that period, as well as of the Flashmanesque torments you describe.

What is it, do you suppose, about the public school which so clearly estranges the likes of Cameron and Osborne and Johnson from Decency? And why don't you publish a chapter of exposure here?

Mike said...

Mr I: I was the recipient of one of two annual public scholarships awarded by examination. That meant I was cleverer than the rest, and also being from poor urchin street-stock, was more than capable of looking after myself.

My recollection is that the fee-payers were generally thick, and had been abandoned by their wealthy parents - either because they were (understandably) serving abroad in the army or diplomacy, or more likely because the little bastards got in the way of their social life.

So, from the age of about 8, realising your parents didn't want you, and you couldn't shape up in Latin, and you were in for a life of brutality - these weren't factors likely to achieve a well rounded individual.

But the little bastards were well connected through family and wealth and destined to be MPs, judges etc.

No wonder the coutry is fucked up.

call me ishmael said...

I have seen Bo-Jo's pater and he seems to be one of those neglectful types, now braying guiltily that him paying all that dosh has made his fuck-up son such a great human being.

But parents do such dreadful harm, often unknowingly. My father thought that King Edward's would be the making of me - as it was of mr jgm2 and no doubt many others - but it was the worst thing that ever happened to me, I don't blame him for that so maybe I shouldn't blame those who buy their kids' education. But I find it hard not to.

Wasn't it the case, just in passing, that many of those fees would have been paid as part of an Army or Foreign Office employee remuneration package, that is to say - adding insult to injury - by us?

Mike said...

I don't know for sure, but would doubt that fees were payed from one's bank account - more likely some company or public expense account or another.

Daft as it sounds, I sent my daughters to one of the most expensive private (we call them private) schools here in Sydney - education did it for me, but sadly not for my daughters. I guess I didn't learn my lesson.

Mike said...

PS - related to the theme...

I imagine tales of golf will bore your readers, Mr I, but there are some instructive lessons regarding evolution.

Even in Sydney, one sees life in the raw. A couple of weeks ago an 8 foot python on the tee gave pause for thought. Often one sees the entrails of some animal on the fairway in the morning - night can be so cruel.

The ducks (husband and wife - no gay bollocks here) are currently chaperoning their offspring around - often 7 to the brood, this being our spring.

In the last couple of days, one of the saddest sights I've seen - I'm not ashamed to say it brought a tear - was of four aborted baby rabbits by the side of a bunker on the 17th. Very moving to see life and death so brutally exposed.

This makes me reflect on evolution, and how the human species has got it so wrong.

call me ishmael said...

Yes,mr mike it's country living has made me unwilling to eat meat, there's death on the roads all the time, cries in the night; old lobsters hauled-up to feed fat Portugeezers, steak and lambchops on the hoof outside my window; Harris kills the hedgehogs, the cats kill the mice, the raptors swoop on the voles and visiting Italians shoot the geese. Fucking bloodbath round here.It's why I grow so much hedging,so many trees, so much cover.

An islander, living in coastal farmlands, I know as well as anyone that Nature IS red in tooth and claw but Christ how I hate it when I hear some git smugging it out as though it excused every cruelty known to man.

Doug Shoulders said...

Apparently the regime in public schools engendered a character that went a long way toward the (Necessary) brutality that the ruling classes used to subjugate and keep in check those countries which came under the British Empire heel.
The officer class which ran India and such places.
War is economics now. China and India invade and conquer by commerce. While the west still thinks that conquering is best carried out with armies China use business deals to infiltrate an consolidate. BJ and his ilk who trouser the yen should be seen as traitors because they’re fifth columnists.
We’ve been at economic war with China and all those places where we’ve shipped our jobs to. They now make our knives and forks for us…FFS. The difference is that China has no need for Gunboat Policy when politicians…as is their wont..are ready with their kneepads.
The only business left are those that need to be in the country they service. Like Amazon and Tesco.
Those businesses get tax breaks…whereas any politician worth their seat would make the fuckers stump up…or fuck off. More treachery toward British people

Anonymous said...

In my mind I have an awful lot to say about the blond headed buffoon.
I sat down with my fingers poised above the keyboard and the only thing that appeared was:-


ThomasBHall said...

There was no buggery at my public school between pupils that I was aware of(there was one Master/boy scandal, but he went to prison).
boJo is a self-serving wanker, although some of the comments he has made about capturing land price rises with state development have been somewhat positive

SG said...

Ah well - maybe BoJo will end up having share a cell in hell with that Lutfur Rahman bloke out of Tower Hamlets...

SG said...

P.S. I see that Red, 'IRA', Ken and Gorgeous George were down in the Hamlets the other day lending their support to Mr Rahman. I guess they know which side their bread is 'gheed' on. Good on whoever it was who tried to smash Gorgeous' face in back up the road...

yardarm said...

Whoever said you can`t polish a turd didn't see what comes out of Eton. The insatiable sense of entitlement...the suck up, kick down attitude of human crap like Wysteria Dave, Boris Cock and Pansy Face Osborne, yes, I know Pansy Face went to some other cunt shop, and lets ecumenically include Fettes product JugEars lazy...the avarice...the entitlement....

No surprise the Latin bollocks sprouting, bone idle slob Alexander de Pfeffel Johnson has been caught out kneepadding, kowtowing in the approved fashion for a barbarian to the Middle Kingdom. If you haven't got a few million or an old school tie, this trash will void their bowels on you, then tell you to lick it up and that its good for you.

And what Mr Caractacus was saying: some years ago now, wasn`t there a British journalist, found dead in Chile, investigating Carlos Cardoen, a major arms dealer and the Foreign Office came up with the conclusion he died pulling a stranglewank ?

Why the snoot classes have to project their perversions on to the rest of us escapes me.

SG said...

St Paul's was the other 'cunt shop' Mr Y. Just for the record...