Sunday, 30 November 2014


In general relativity, an event horizon is a boundary in spacetime beyond which events cannot affect an outside observer. In layman's terms, it is defined as "the point of no return", i.e., the point at which the gravitational pull becomes so great as to make escape impossible. An event horizon is most commonly associated with black holes. Light emitted from beyond the event horizon can never reach the outside observer. Likewise, any object approaching the horizon from the observer's side appears to slow down and never quite pass through the horizon, with its image becoming more and more redshifted as time elapses. The traveling object, however, experiences no strange effects and does, in fact, pass through the horizon in a finite amount of proper time.

Since the days of stanislav and of the glorious, now-dissipated, diluted and devalued cyber-explosion of political cynicism - see the peurile, insipid  banality of most of the broadsheets' commentary  threads, Vote UKIP, Vote UKIP, Vote UKIP being all there is, ad fucking nauseum, it is frightfully depressing, it is  as though we ridiculed and toppled Gordon Snot that others might annoint the cheap crook, ponce and pimp, Farage and his nascent goosesteppers  - others here  and I have been conjecturing about the ultimate Coalition of Ruin.  

The other day, mr mongoose, talking about post May 2015,  posited a neurological short-circuiting in the body politic occasioned by an alliance between Cameron's and Farage's respective elements of Toryism....
.............Cameron's masterstroke is yet to come - and will be presented as weakness. A simple accommodation with UKIP to let them get half-a-dozen or so seats and a continued pledge on an EU referendum - which he will not lose - and it is over. It is the price he has to pay for keeeping Scotland. Will Farage have the wit to take his victory and his vote or will he stupidly look for his SDP-like split moment and cock the whole job up? Either way the the Tories win big in 2020.
as he posted that, I was writing this, the following. My thinking, unlike mr mongoose's,  is inevitably coloured by the recent misbehaviour of the professional tribesmen in my own lands, for both Farage and the twin fish-heads,  Salmond-Sturgeon, peddle the same dodgy, uncomprising, racist and fascistic nationalism; both   promote a simplistic Hitlerianism which beguiles those excluded from the current political process. 

 By recent,  I mean since the Edinburgh Agreement, by which Alec Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon so rigged the terms and subsequently the conduct of the Referendum that they should easily have  won it; that they were convincingly beaten, despite having jacked-up  their own side's goalposts so high that they were almost invisible,  is a mark of  how - contrary to popular journalistic opinion - inept and stupid they both are.  Now and equally contrary to popular opinion, and contrary to Salmond's equally facetious threats of MediaMinster domination, their only way is down;  their failure, however, has redrawn Westminster's territorial borders.

mr mongoose may well be correct in his premonition of Farage-Cameronism but the barriers, personal and political,  to such a union are numerous and the arithmetic presently unknown;  Farage, although a cheap crook, is savvy enough, also, to foresee his own ultimate dispensibility should he be so naively compliant.  It is possible, of course, such a coalition, for with all of the present or likely personalities we are dealing with are  filth and who knows what combinations of vice, greed and megalomania oil their shitty wheels?

Despite my affection  for mr mgoose's philosophising of Disgrace, I, nevertheless, read a different set of entrails and found therein Ruin's poison much further advanced, the body politic wholly necrotised. But first...



Nobody likes Gnasher Sturgeon. Men don't like her. Obviously. Who among us could like anyone who did what she did, did that thing, the thing that's the reason she's called Gnasher. Women don't like her.  

Those wee jackets. Always the same. Lifeless.
 Couture managerialiste.

 That wee haircut.  
That horrid wee frowny mouth.
That tinny, wee, reproving Fishwifey voice,
 unshutupable,  smugly I-Know-Besting;  harsh and  ear-bleedingly discordant.  
That voice, Fuck me, Jesus, if Benjy NetanNazi wanted to end his woes with Palestine all he need do is invite Gnasher to Tel Aviv and beam her on telly to Gaza, speaking some of her Scottish Truths and see the Palestinian population, in millions, hurling itself despairingly into the Mediterranean. 

Gnasher's voice, not Gordon Snot's, won the Referendum for we Togetherists.  Now the silly tribesmen bastards have put her in charge.

 That's how clever they are, like she was a Queen in triumph, instead of a loser, the SNP, a caravanserai of misanthropes and fuckwits her loyal liegemen. 

Yet if you polled Scotland, asking whose voice the nation preferred, Gnasher's or Thatcher's, it would be a close-run thing which Whisky Maggie would probably win.  Tribesmen, though, think that because they adore the skriking wee rodent, Gnasher, everybody must, still don't understand  the difference between a minority and a majority, think that arithmetic is a form of cheating, that numbers mean whatever Salmond-Sturgeon say they mean;

Och, well, if you think a majority trumps a minority it just goes to show how wedded you are to Project Fear, isn't that right, wee girl?
Aye, Daddy, so it is.
Yuk,What a pair of freaks. 
If one ever sought proof of the adage that politics is showbusiness for ugly people, look no further.

if they weren't so blindingly, wilfully, proudly  stupid, you could feel sorry for them.

 Women don't like Gnasher because her look is so sterile, managed, asexual, looks like the only time she ever handled a cock she was so disgusted that she nearly bit it off. Which, so it is said, is what she did, although in a fit of dwarfish See-You-Jimmy hetero-jealousy rather than from any innate radical carpetmunchingism.  Most of the women in the Scottish parliament resemble women, whereas Gnasher looks and sounds like an android, an angry android. 

Ruth Boy Davidson 

is pretty and vivacious, looks feminine,  
looks likeable


even poor old JoLa

Just like a woman.

Johann Lamont, former Scottish Labour leader, alienated, as are most of us, by  the insufferable Milibandism of her national party,

No. no, friends, I really do know what's best.
For everybody.
No, look, I'm just getting on with the job
 of knowing what's best.

JoLa had a job before politics, was a teacher;  looked as though she sometimes smudged her lipstick, applying it in a hurry before entering the parliament or going on the telly, looked hassled, sometimes; just like a human,  just like a woman. 
And under Miliband's egotistical malignancy, she broke, just like a little girl.

Gnasher has never worked, been in the Tribesmen's party since she was sixteen;  think of  all the things which we abhor in the current careerist political shit-fest and  Gnasher is all of them, a non-stop gabshite,

looks like a construct, chilled to just above freezing-point. Women  don't like her because, like the dear, departed Alec Salmond and his Mrs,  she has nae  bairns;  

Aye, we'll jus' borra these weans, pretend we're normal folks, d'ye ken.

that may be because he or she cannot conceive but most would bet good money that  as far as the mad wee bitch is concerned  it is an informed career choice.  Women don't like her because at her Inauguration everybody had to cheer her Mum and Dad. Round of applause for the First Minister's Mum and Dad, eh? Women don't like her because she's never done anything else, for a living.  She claims to have been a lawyer but the cleaners in MediaRood and MediaMinster probably claim to be lawyers, too; everybody in politics claims to be a fucking lawyer. 

Her inaugural speech wasn't about the values of public service, no, Gnasher's speech was all about Gnasher, how great she is. Women don't like that.  Oh, of course it can seen to be part of a pro-equality agenda but it is one  to which only the fuckwits in meeja adhere. Women don't like that, their particularised objections being hijacked by more powerful women. And women don't like it that whilst they struggle with sharply declining wages not only does Gnasher draw two public salaries and pensions but  she is married, if that's the word,  to the administrative head, 

the CEO, of the Tribesmen's party, 
Mr and Mrs SNP.

women won't like that, won't like the fact that between them, Mr and Mrs Gnasher own the SNP, are effectively Scotland's Royal Family. A normal family,  a family without kids, and two six-figure salaries.   Women definitely won't like that. Mrs Gnasher, it's as though Christine Hamilton had taken charge.

Gnasher's inaugural speech wasn't about public service, it was  all about her own personal ambition, about how,  having stuck her pointed, angry wee head through the glass ceiling she is automatically a great role model  but as mr verge says, the only people who believe in role models are those who see themselves as role models. But Gnasher's achievement has been to disappoint and  now and  for evermore she is destined to disappoint.  Further disappointment, 
that, to fervent YesEnPee-ers, is what Nicola Sturgeon will prove to be, an interruption to the fervency of their collective and now never-to-be-completed hand-job; Referendum lost, orgasm denied; the SNP, now the party of national erectile dysfunction.

For they have been wanking themselves silly, the Yessers, fantasising hither and yon about a fancifully bogus historical  destiny, just about to come.  Almost there.  And then there's a knock on the door, Nicola Sturgeon, offering the same fantasy, encouraging all to start all over again, her sour, pinched  wee face, talking dirty, baby.

But even if she was likeable - which she isn't - Gnasher is not Alec. Alec had the best of it - his were the free prescriptions,  his the toll-free bridges, his the free university places and his the permafrosted-over council-tax.  Alec even, outrageously, in a farewell bribe, unilaterally cancelled the historic debts of poll-tax evaders,  now that - through their electoral roll registration to vote Yes in the Referendum  - they have been identified and rightly pursued by  the authorities. Bribes for votes,  poor Gnasher will have to weather the considerable if quiet storm of outrage now felt by those of us who did pay our lawful, if unpopular taxes - behaviour which is now deemed by the SNP's inescapable logic to be unpatriotic, unScottish, fearful and scaremongering. Always with the scaremongering, is the SNP high command.  Och no, we as the govament, as the keepers of the sovereign will a the Scottish People, we maintain that in  a sovereign nation, Scottish people should only pay the taxes they agree with, d'ye ken?  Anything else is just Project Fear.

Gnasher now has nothing left to give away in electoral bribes, not even  that Get Out Of Poll Tax Free Card. Alec stole even that from her;  under Gnasher,  people will have to start paying for stuff, maybe even demanding that council tax goes up, so's workers can have a pay rise - y'know, that economics thingy, in  which the SNP claim such expertise. 

Where I live,  there is a legislative anomaly, on the outer isles vehicles may be driven without a current MOT,  shockingly poorly paid care workers cannot afford to purchase a roadworthy car in which to visit vulnerable people in their homes so the council, cash-strapped  by the Salmond-Sturgeon council tax freeze, permits and thus encourages its  employees to travel, on official business, in dangerous vehicles, because they don't get paid enough, because of the SNP council tax freeze.  SNP dummies, 

The dizzy heights of SNP activism.

living in inner-cities, inebriate and hysterical,  don't, of course, give a fuck about this electoral betrayal because it leaves them more money to spend on body art, piercings and drinks and come to-morrow, come Independence,  they'll all be put in charge of  hospital departments, run universities and be Ambassadors, in Ibiza and posh, foreign places like that, once all they English basturds've been kicked-out.  And the traitors who voted No, voted against the sovereign will of a noisy, anti-democratic minority, they'll just disappear.  

Sadly for Gnasher,  even though  up to forty million people have joined the SNP, before we know it, their subscriptions'll be due again and her new core vote doesn't do bill-paying, why should it, when all of its oil money goes to England? Maybe Sturgeon's  Scottish Executive will devise some means to fine the No voters the total amount which it costs this rising tide of Yes-voting SNP  members to join, well, to join the SNP, it cannot be right, in this exciting climate of undemocracy to expect a minority sovereign nation to pay its own political subs, now, can it?

Poor Gnasher, having bribed and bought a membership, she must now find regular treats to pop into its decayed mouth, lest it desert politics once more, for Smack and tonic wine; Gnasher must generate an excitement equal to that of the lost referendum, the provision of which can only come from another referendum, something which nobody in their right mind would tolerate.

Sadly for Sturgeon, the Holyrood Chalice is long poisoned;   Alec has cast her as Gordon Brown to his Tony Blair. And legged it, leaving her to dodge all the chickens' vengeful homecoming. As it did with Gordon, ambition has blinded Gnasher to the obvious truth -  after Alec, she can only disappoint. Scottish NHS is beginning to unravel in resignations and scandals; the SNP-frozen council tax has resulted in tens of thousands of sackings, demotions, pay-cuts and  the withdrawal of  many vital services, the absence of  which now results in vulnerable people squatting in hospital A&E departments. Oil prices, depite Alec's instructions to the fossil fuel world, are falling and deflation threatens the European economy with a potentially fatal contraction.  Most importantly,  it was not just the alcoholic, illiterate, cross-dressing, wife-beating, child-molesting, ginger, tattooed NED and his grandchildren who were galvanised by the referendum, it was also the ordinary Scots,  those diffident and self-effacing souls who pay their bills and their taxes, cultured and respectful, industrious, conscientious and public spirited, the un-noisy ones  have now seen, close-up,  how disreputable  and dishonest is the Salmond-Sturgeon Project, have seen how, despite insistence that in the event of a Yes vote, one vote would carry the day but in the event of No, half a million votes do not,  have seen Gnasher's grubby little tantrums,  attempting to turn her unquestionable Defeat into  glorious Victory, really. 
Increasingly, Nicola Sturgeon sounds like an angry wee fart, squeaking and whistling  indignantly its malodourous complaint, sickeningly unwholesome, polluting first the room and eventually the nation; the Highlands, the Lowlands and the Road to the Isles.
Those whom she attempts thus to short-change will be as unimpressed now by her wee suit, her wee ambition, her wee haircut and her wee vision as they were in September and they will harry her as they never did Salmond. And that's not to even think about those in the parliamentary SNP - a formerly socialist party - now miffed by Gnasher's unchallenged, nepotistic Coronation. Time-served veterans will be expected to grin and bear it, as they are passed over;  they won't, her backbenches will soon resemble those of David Cameron. And women, Scottish women, many of whom are English, will see her off.

Of course the drunks and layabouts in the press will disagree, will see Gnasher as some unlikely Golden Girl, for that is the lazy narrative which they have already constructed.  The coverage of the Scottish Referendum had some of the hastily manufactured flavour of the so-called UKIP earthquake;  both are nonsensical, as rooted in reality as are the showbiz pages and  which, actually, is what they were and are; hyperbole, rhetoric, celebrity-driven rubbish.  In addition to the trashy output of overpaid, over-exposed, pisshead, dreary journalists, 
Handsome Iain McWhirter,
 of the US-owned Glasgow Herald 
poses for his  readers.

ThreeBrians Taylor, of the Scottish BBC, shares his expertise.
But not his dinners.
Fuck, no.

there is a continuing, monotonal tirade from stupid zealots, many of whom, both Jock and Poundlander, clearly spend their entire dreary lives on the message boards of newspapers, morning, noon and night, writing inane, moronic, insulting and bullying missives,  nearly always mis-spelled, nearly always in capital letters, they'd write them in red ink, if they could, directed at any who fail to worship, as the case may be,  Alec Salmond or Nigel Farage, both of whom are divinely superhuman liberators of their countries and eventually the world and for whom any intelligent person must vote; anything less than worship is, in either case, treachery. I looked at some this morning. Only total Scottish Freedom will Do, one-lined a lonely sage in response to an article of which he did not approve, as though  his was a noble, unchallengeable call to, what, exactly....: it was the Hibernian equivalent of Vote UKIP and both of these cries,  in their hatred and bile, are equivalent to Heil Hitler!

As for the apparently doomed Scottish Labour party, trashed by riff-raff like  Henry McThief, briefly First Minister,

I resigned because I had done absoluteley nothing wrong.

McLeish, caught-out  after a few months in the job, resigned on a pension of about a grand a week and was given a make-believe job by London Labour. Having suffered such a serious penalty, Henry is now considered rehabilitated and is now one of our foremost talking heads.

The  numbskull, Kilty McConnell.

Former First Minister, Jack McConnell, 
modelling Scotland in New York, honest, not invent.
Jack now sits in the Lords,  talking fucking rubbish for however many hundreds of pounds a day it is.

Wendy StickyFingers Alexander, 
Former Labour leader, with brother, Douglas, a Gordon Snot protege, resigned because she had done absolutely nothing wrong.

 Dopey Ian Gray, 
 dumbfoundingly inept, resigned  as Labour leader because he had done absolutely nothing right.

As for the Labour party, since the death of the infamous tightarse, Donald Dewar, all of Scottish Labour's leaders may as well have been on Alec Salmond's personal staff, as disgruntled former Labour voters, appalled by both the Blair-Brown sell-out and by the greedy, incompetent local filthsters, above,  have voted in large numbers, not for Nationalism but for the SNP,  for a vaguely leftish alternative to MediaMinster. 

 The referendum has now  revealed the SNP to be more right than left; it's greatest wish to appease its rich owners, cut their corporation tax and centralise all administrative power to itself.  Whilst trumpeting its own social justice credentials, the SNP has strangled local services, simultaneously vandalising the nation's greatest asset, its wilderness landscape, in  the service of billionaire rubbish like Donald Trump, Brian Souter  and various alternative energy carpetbaggers. Whoring the very nation to unbridled capitalism, Salmon-Sturgeon take cover in socialist rhetoric about the bedroom tax or NHS privatisation. Now rightly perceived as Tory-lightists, their refusal to accept the democratic verdict of the Referendum's electorate must have  tarnished Gnasher's dodgy reputation further, among the majority, at least.

This revelation of the SNP's fascistic venality now gives Scottish Labour  a slim chance of reviving itself before May;  if it votes  for Neil Findlay, MSP,

ex-teacher, union choice, radical Lefty
 and for neither of  the others -

Sarah Boyack, MSP, 
watered-down Nicola Sturgeon;

or Jim Murphy, MP, Blairite,

it can claim to be Left of  Gnasher, who, herself, claims to be Left of Alec -  I know, both of them and their party owned by billionaires like Trump and Souter and they claim to be the party of social justice, it is a joke quitessentially, blackly Scottish -  and being Left, in Scotland, is  cool;  Labour is not reviled, here,  for being too Left but for being too Right, a psephological conundrum entirely lost on Miliband and his gang.  There is a Gnasherism going about - She talks to the Left but walks to the Right. And if, anyway, Scottish Labour can show itself Leftily-rejuvenated under Findlay its losses in the UK General Election may not be as great as those wished-for by Gnasher&Co and by much of MediaRood, employees of whom never tire of the SNP's jaded wee story, so much easier is it to record than it is to  do  proper reporting.


However cynical we all may be about party politics, most would agree that a MediaMinster controlled to any real extent by grubby Alec Salmond in concert with any of the other parties is undesirable and would be detrimental to citizens North and South of the Border.

There is upcoming a PBC series about quantum physics, a subject about which I know only that the observing of something - its measurement -  alters it, in some cases moves it into or out of Existence and  I feel that something similar applies  to the observation and reporting of  the organised crime cartel which we call politics.  

UKIP, for instance, with two notional MPs, is wholly the result of, the creation of lazy and corrupt political  journalists what-iffing a fantasy story. Equally,  if enough pundits suggest a large SNP presence in Westminster, then that, in itself - as with the Butterfly in the Amazon fluttering her wings and causing a Typhoon in the Pacific - may help bring it about. It is a duty,  therefore, where one exists, to voice a different Truth.  Empirically - from evidence and precedent - a political party, having lost an erection, sorry, an election, shed its principal personality and annointed a new leader is more likely to fail than to flourish. After  the SNP's denouement, Labour is not so busted a flush as we are led to believe. The political arithmetic ain't over 'til the Fat Lady adds it up.

Given even a partial Labour revival, it is by no means certain that the tribesmen, under Salmond, will hold a balance of power or a portion thereof, in the next UK parliament; 

it is  just as likely to be the ToryPoundlanders as Kingmakers - the sclerotic elderly, the politically ignorant and naive, the White Vanzis, who could align themselves with, for instance, the Ulster Undertakers Party to wring concessions from either of the two heritage parties. 

The Tribesmen for their part, already having licked Sinn Fein's scrotum  

may easily chose to  form company with Plaid Cymru  or with however many Greens sandal their way into parliament. The only certainty about post-May 2015 coalitions is not, as mr mongoose suggests, that Farage and Cameron will lie, like Claudius and Gertrude, stewing  in the same rank, enseamed bed   but that they will not. 

 Given that Salmond and Farage seek only their  own political and financial advancement, there is no limit to the number of shifty mesalliances either or both might join. 

Farage's only MediaMinster success thus far has been with sitting Tory MPs who  claim to have defected, he is not, therefore, constrained by Decency but is, in his own words, willing to fellate the Devil, himself. Salmond, for his part, as evidenced for Southerners on the last

 This Week show, is nought but a narcissist, happy to be cozened by any and all who can endure his towering smugness,

 more Bruce Forsyth than Robert the Bruce, 
is wee, fat 'Eck;  

he might seek to bully the useless Miliband into  the destruction of the United Kingdom in exchange for his,  what do they call it, now,  confidence and supply support.  For all his Braveheartiness, the slug, Salmond, learned his trade, we should not forget, in the bars and knocking shops of Westminster. Miliband, already frightened of his own shadow, is not fool enough to hop into ben with this poxed-up old tart.

What is certain is that the more unprincipled are Farage and Salmond the more they will applauded by those who find in them some ridiculous patriotic succour.  Farage, the People's Millionaire Investment Banker or Salmond, the People's Millionaire King of Scotland;  either, many would say, are preferable to Clegg, Cameron or Miliband.  And that is exactly why there will be no Tory-UKIP, no Labour-SNP coalitions.

Most would accept that there is little to choose between the three almost-traditional parties and if we can see that, so can they.
There is, therefore,  only one coalition which could stand against all other likely or possible multi-party combinations of  opportunism. Given that there will be a significant number of Tribesmen elected, all determined to make mischief for England,  all of them opposed, in principle if not in reality to the Conservatives, there can be no Tory-Jock Coalition.

There will be a number, maybe reaching double figures, maybe more, of Poundlanders, opposed to both current  Conservativism  and comprehensively to  Labour.  To enter coalition with either traditional party, Farage would perforce  demand  a Euro-pledge to  which Labour is formally opposed, one to which, whilst he publicly voices willingness to negotiate, Cameron is also opposed.  

Conservative and Jock in Coalition is unthinkable and considering the SNP wish to destroy Scottish Labour, any coalition between them would be, at best, highly problematic. With the SNP threatening the Union and with the Poundlanders demanding Britain's exit from Europe, for the overwhelming majority of parliamentarians a massive coalition with each other would be, by far, the best resolution of a hung parliament.  

 Given the fundamentalist nature of  threats posed by both insurgent parties Miliband and Cameron could sincerely proclaim a Government of National Emergency, could carry with them their own party members,  parliamentarians and the wider public.  Government of National Unity or National Emergency, doesn't matter which. 

I could write the speech now, 

world is facing another recession; country is  facing unprecedented, head-chopping terror;  minority parties are threatening, all over again,  to tear the country apart, presenting a threat to our currency, our borders, our security.  

The right honourable gentleman and myself have decided to put country first, suspend our differences, govern in the national interest,  doing what's best for the nation, as we face these perils together. Lessbeclear, it is simply the right thing to do.

As so many bemoan, there is no difference between Labour and Tory, and the surely to be annihilated LibDems are but  an exrescence, migrating from one party anus to another, as the foetid arse-wind blows.  

 Junky George Osborne 

is indistinguishable from Ed Balls,

 both committed to the idea that bank debt be nationalised, bank profit - or state hand-outs - be privatised;  both believe that what they call Austerity - the punishment of the poor by the rich - is the only viable fiscal instrument.  Both parties oppose the nationalisation of state assets, both oppose a realistic and sensible and inevitable rise in income tax to fund decent public services;  both believe in a belligerent and entirely illegal, amoral  and unprincipled foreign policy, one dictated by whichever stooge occupies the White House; both parties insist that there is no contradiction between nation-stateism and membership of the European Union,  that we can be in Europe but not part of it or that out of it we can exert more influence than within it;  both parties believe, primarily, in their need to rule, in its unavoidability,  that there simply must be political parties comprising the very people most unsuitable to govern, bouyed up by people who either hope that, for them, Buggins' Turn will arrive or are  just too stupid to perceive how they are being exploited, party activists, I believe they are called.

Faced with threats to their monopoly from  either Fat Salmond or BarrowBoy Farage, from the Greens, the Taffies,  the Orangemen or any combinbation of such jackanapeses  what better might Cameron and Miliband do than make common cause against all and form a coalition with each other.

  They could simply take it in turns to be PM,  their mates could revolve between ministries, enjoying well-paid private appointments when out of office  but still in parliament;  rather, in fact, just as happens now. But with no need to accommodate much less embrace the likes of Salmond, 

Farage and their noisesome supporters.

An end then, to the inconstancy of an electoral cycle, an end to uncertainty, an end to the old party politics; instead, we, your representatives, your tribunes, will simply allow you to vote for us, each in our respective constituencies and return us to joint power over your affairs but with your interests very close to our hearts. Although not as close as our own.  The very best of all coalitions. And since you never elected it, you can never dismiss it.

A Government of National Unity;  makes sense and  it has a forever sort of sound.


the noblest prospect said...

Sandal as a verb? Wonderful. Only you, Mr Smith.

Mike said...

I had to lie down half way through, exhausted. I'm struggling to think why a sane person would live in Scotland?

call me ishmael said...

Because, mr mike, a few years ago, the Daily Filth-O-Graph ran a feature - which was the safest, the cleanest house in the UK, as far as crime and amenity and situation and environment went ? and it was mine. I had no part in that selection, it was just something cooked up by their property people as my house was then on the market and they had scanned the nation's estate agents, looking for idylls.

And I don't live in Scotland proper, although I nevertheless do think it the very best part of England, by miles; the most depressing aspect of the recent vote being the number of English who have been here five minutes and aligned themselves to Salmond's dodgy nationalism, pricks.

It is a place with a higher degree of political consciousness and it is exhausting, that said, I always respond to others' incredulity by saying that I love Scotland for what is not here - noise, commerce, industry, crime, traffic - for its wildernesses and emptiness; driven I suspect, by whatever impelled you to another side of the world, I guess I will remain a stranger, in a strange land

call me ishmael said...

It was when I heard the great and the good of the child molesting community - business leaders, politicians and senior cops - speaking fluent HeadUpArse and talking about being tasked with doing something that I realised that there is no longer any difference between nouns and verbs and that language was no longer the major tool of precise communication and is now a fashion accessory, it was then that I realised that I could forge far more interesting usages than any of those cunts; Greens, therefore, mr tnp, sandaling their way into power, what, as they say, 'snot to like?

Anonymous said...

Bravo - and viva the Orkney Enlightenment.

Hadn't heard the dental Sturgeon story - was it a case of Gnasher Mohel or Gnasher Burdizzo?


Doug Shoulders said...

A fine body of work Mr Ish. Scotticus politic properly trounced. I too believe that Scotlanaland, despite numerous shortcomings, is the best part of Englandland. I lived a number of years in Spain, leaving there shortly before that country was trashed by the euromonster. I saw the same thing happening in Scotland…the snp swapping dependency to EU made up money.

mongoose said...

Your depressing analysis of the the Future of the Tribesmen strikes me as all too likely to come to pass, Mr I. And, yes, poor Nicola has inherited the salted earth - no Freedom, every gift given, and now the wintertime is coming, only the squabble with McLabour to keep them warm. My nationalist friend from Edinburgh tries desperately to fan the flames of my interest in it but it is over. True, every vote for the SNP will be represented as a renewed vote for independence - against a 30-year-old chorus of Maggie's Farm Betrayal but it is going to become tedious stuff - for those outside the Scottish beltway anyway. Put a sign on your door - "No Ukippers, No SNP..."

You'll remember, none-of-the-fucking-above type that I am, that I do not endorse, I just describe. The UKippers then seem to me to be on the horns of their own self-made dilemma. Are they really the principled lot who just want the UK to run its own affairs and have the EU as a "Common Market"? Or are they are become a nationalist party with all the baggage that goes with that? I do not think that they know for sure but their wellies are stuck in deeper mud than they had bargaine dfor. You'll not find anyone with a more jaundiced view of the corrupt gravy train that the EU has become - and its surreal mechanisms for keeping poor people poor while making the very rich richer. A socialist conspiracy to flatten the old structures of the elite across a whole continent? Used to be, but that was then and this is now. Now we have Kinnockism. Same as the old boss indeed. So I'd be happy to be done away with that but I'll not vote for them. But if Farage is of principle, he must make like Salmond and Clegg - take his vote and win it or lose it. Will this be a third scalp for Cameron in but five years or so? I would not bet against it. Is he slaying his own set of constitutional dragons given that he has no economic room in which to make any other sort of mark on the history books?

Alphons said...

The sad outcome will surely be that once again the politicians will get in.
The prevension of this should be the aim of every red blooded citizen of the U.K.
Sadly it will never come about until Middle Eastern methods are used, and then the game is totally over altogether.

DtP said...

Fucking marvellous, Sir, and what a perfet nail in the coffin as the coup de grace - perpetual one party government by name, finally!

I guess, if nothing else, and there's really ain't much else - the establishment parties do have an establishment. That they've been takn over by schoolkidz and fuckwits may be a temporary aberration. Sometime soon, when a pollster decides to pull their fingers out of their collective arses they may ask punters the right question.

I have often thought that Salmond jazzed all over Cameron & Miliband not because his message was favoured, his rhetorical skills clinical but simply coz the fuck had 15-20 years on the fuckers and had trained himself. Granted, that training is in felching and bottom feeding but it's probably better to be viewed as a cunt rather than a blethering ejeet.

Cheers Mr Smith, brilliant.

call me ishmael said...

Well, mr mongoose, Gnasher's windows may be filled with frost but those of the fatman have had stones put through them - he couldn't even swing a Yes vote in his own constituency, remarkable yet unremarked upon by the SNP-crazed sections of the media, North and South. Aberdonians are said to be fed-up working to pay benefits for Glasgow's idle Nats, utterly disgusted by golf courses and windmills and voted against their own man, FatsoSalmond, by a ratio of two to one; whither, then, a safe Westminster seat for his Grace?

Finished in Holyrood and an uncertain future in Westminster, little wonder that his will-he, won't he dance of the seven kilts continues, tantalising the likes of Andrew Neil but boring the arse off most.

His most certain return to the house of commons is via a Glasgow seat but how pathetic will that appear, from a country boy and former first minister who cannot even convince his ain folk of his core belief? Being carried into parliament on a wave of jeering, spitting, drunken thugs, as the right honourable member for Nedland is hardly a validation of his life's work.

Farage, too, is full of it, he claims two parliamentary seats yet both are sitting Tories, both re-elected by their own core vote, augmented by a few nutters, fucking Toytown politics, this is. God fights with the big battallions and they are commanded by Cameron and Miliband, owning, respectively, the media and the unions, they will not have their flowerbeds walked upon by Jock fairies or flag of St George waving headbangers. And nor should they. I had a van, a while ago, for my business. It was turquoise.

Fuck white van man, he is a fucking Thatcherite pestilence, fried egg all down his vest, like the cunt that he is, fuck him and fuck his members of parliament, fuck his tattoed mrs and his idiotspawn, fuck his hot tub, his barbecue and his monster telly; him and Farage, they deserve each other, only not in my country, thank you very much, we should deport them all to the Isle of Man.

No UKIPPERS, No Tribesmen.

SG said...

Very interesting Mr I and what you suggest has also been in my mind. There is, of course, a precedent for this with Frau Merkel's CDU-SPD 'Grand Alliance'. Also refreshing to see you referring to the Scottish 'Executive', which I seem to recall is the correct term, rather than the self-styled Scottish 'Government' (how much was spent on that rebranding I wonder?). I think I am right that the Scottish Executive is, or at least was, in constitutional terms a local government body and not a 'national' government of any sort.

call me ishmael said...

Thank you, mr doug shoulders, mr alphons and mr dtp. The alternatives seem to be a virtually powerless coalition of convenience between any number of ruffian parties - all even more contemptible than the LibDems - uniting together against the rest of us or a coalition of power comprising those centrists whom we now describe separately as Tory and Labour but who, as we know, are indistinguishable.

If I were Cameron or Miliband I would say to these wretched nationalistic proles, Oi, you wanna talk about coalition, about power sharing, I'll show you a proper fucking coalition, me and him, and five hundred of us, go back to your fucking voters and tell them, Oh, fuck me, voters, looks like we can't wrest undemocratic change, after all; tell them, Oh, fuck me with knobs on, voters, looks like we're never going to have a fat bald ignoramus Nazi fucker in a tight suit as Foreign Seckatry, after all; tell them, Oh, fuck me sideways, voters, looks like we are not, after all, going to, against the wishes of the overwhelming majority, dismantle the entire United fucking Kingdom and give free money, houses and beer to the idle angry. Go on, fuck off, you ain't seen coalition until the establishment does coalition. And the last bloke tried to fuck with us, his name was Adolf. And he was proper hard, not like you snivelling cunts.

call me ishmael said...

That, of course, is absolutely right, mr sg, and is the contradiction at the heart of Salmondism - if you are a government you don't need independence because you are independent - if you are not independent you may not call yourself a national government, only a local or a regional one. But as we saw with the referendum, words mean whatever Slobbo says they mean.

It was a mistake for London to buy into Salmond's monstrous egotism in this matter. The Scottish Executive is the Scottish Executive, no less and no more.

SG said...

P.S. It is somewhat ironic that Ruth 'Boy' Davidson looks as though she would be more comfortable handling a cock than the sterile Sturgeon. That said I think her colleague 'down south', Penny Mordaunt, has more practical experience of this judging from recent media reportage.

Bungalow Bill said...

Quantum physics will seem straightforward in comparison to those permutations, Mr I. I'm looking forward to that programme, I always sit there hoping I'll grasp relativity or sub-atomic whirlings. I never do of course but I find Jim Al-Khalili one of the more bearable and lucid presenters of these sort of programmes. Better than thinking about the twattish multitude you describe in this piece.

call me ishmael said...

I think, mr bungalow bill, that my smattering of QP knowledge - that observing something changes it - is enough to form the basis of a futile and devastating understanding of everything. I will watch the show, my one hand clapping, just as long as it doesn't challenge any of my uncertainties.

As for my subjects, herewith, their worthlessness merits our consideration, I feel.

Bungalow Bill said...

There's that cat thought experiment where the creature is both alive and dead or in some undecidable suspended state, isn't there? The political analogies are endless.

call me ishmael said...

Schroedinger's Coalition, under which the student will not pay fees and will pay fees, that one?

Bungalow Bill said...

The very same.

call me ishmael said...

Eventually, mr verge.

As much as we were told was that the alleged act was neither circumcisional nor castrational but determined, well, gnashing upon an engorged fellow-undergraduate's member which had ventured beyond Sturgeonia; all, I fear, too believable, especially given her subsequent affection for older gentlemen and her career monomania.

DtP said...

There's a film - Copenhagen, probly by David Mamet or someone like that...what's that Mr Google? Michael Frayn - on free Youtube, which is nice:

which takes the measurement paradox and applies it to the development of quantum physics through the fucking reality that people make assumptions to understand life and that a conversation between 2 people is potentially a fantasy.

It's rather a good film, really. You sort of get the naiveity of intellectual pursuit coupled with the 'Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds' shit. I guess we're a bit further down Ruin's highway to fall for that shit again.

After what happened to Turin and Oppenheimer, I bet they wondered why they fucking bothered.

call me ishmael said...

That's what I meant, mr dtp, about my unshakeable uncertainties. Bollocks, all of it, a sop to our innermost, overwhelming fear of finity; a childish attempt to make clear to us what is totally incomprehensible.

I had heard of that Copenhagen film, thank you for the link.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I didn't see her crack up through the glass ceiling.

call me ishmael said...

She was just on the evening news here, mr richard, speaking to business leaders, who had all rejected independence; her timidity quite underscored the bustedness of her flush.

mongoose said...

I think it may be even worse than that for Nicola. Now that she will have tax-raising powers, she will find out just how popular a tax-raising person has ever been. Which is not. Everyone hates the taxman.

The gamble, I guess, is that they expect the EU to continue the McGravy train, partly as a jab in the eye to rUK, and that they will supplement that with their share - such as it is - of the oil pie. Well, the ongoing collapse of the oil price isn't going to help that any, and I do not believe that they will find themselves at the top of any EU Christmas card lists now that the votes are in.

The Kippers are done unless a deal is done with Cameron. (Never had a tourquoise van btw - had plenty of white ones - but did have an amber/orange one once.) If no deal is done and Cameron wins, he outflanks them with his vote and removes the reason for them forever. If he loses and victory is handed to the Luvvies by the split of the vote, the Kippers will never be forgiven - even by themselves! Either way, it is over come June. The ony way to squeeze a few more months in the sun after that is to deal. Farage must know this. (Perhaps he should go on the telly with Uncle Noel and learn about utility value.)

The real trouble for us all is found not in these sideshows but in your anlysis of the respective power bases of the two big battalions. Here we disagree slightly, Mr I, for I do not think that the media is a supporter of the Tories. The media surfs a different wave - one of money and power wherever it is to be found. And I do not think that union power and its endorsement counts these days for tuppence.

The truth here - in the worst part of England - is that nobody seriously gives a shit as far as I can see. They are too busy working on that farm we talked about to be able to care. It is a slavery of a different kind and they've been beaten 'til they're tame. Almost.

call me ishmael said...

With the Tories and the press it is that loose affiliation of millionaires and billionaires at work for their shared interests - I know Miliband is a turd but nowhere near as disagreeable as Junkie George yet just look at the bashing he gets from the 'papers....AND... he is the only one of them to actually openly defy Big Boss Man Rupe, isn't he?

As for organised labour it remains wholly McCluskey-welded to the Miliband party, unless someone decides to form a proper Labour Party.

But back to my analysis, analyses, I think that both the unions and the press barons, filth like Dacre and his owners, would prefer to see a coalescence around both front benches, rather than a gang of preening and vaguely anarcho-fascistic insurgents running amok. We shall see, not long now, althoug I agree with you about the Farage Options. Like Salmond, he is too old and too fucked-up to strike another match go start anew. He has a glimmer of a chance, should arithmetic throw him one but such is highly unlikely.

I was wondering quite why the fuck no-one has called Salmond and Co on the sinking oil price, after he and Nobel laureates from all over the galaxy had insisted that they could only go up, it was a proven scientific fact; it was like, y'know, the Law. Another stick, should the fall continue, with which to beat the arse of his Westminster ambitions.

jgm2 said...

I think the SNP will practically wipe Labour out in Fucking Scotland, Mr I.

The key point is that while the vote went 45:55 against the SNP and 'YES' the fuckers will not take 'NO' for an answer.

All 45% of them (from the 90% that voted) ie 40.5% of the population will be out there in May voting for the SNP. On the other hand the 55% will most likely be 55% of the 70% ie 38.5% or so who normally bother to vote in a general election. And that 38.5% will be split all over the shop. Labour, Tory, Green.

The SNP could very easily win 40 or more seats in Fucking Scotland. Indeed I fully expect them to.

There is no possibility of an SNP coalition with the Tories so if the numbers add up I fully expect a Labour/SNP coalition. And I fully expect the result of that will be a Cyprus style raid on the bank balances of 'the rich' and a similar out and out asset raid on people's pension pots which I believe was pioneered in Argentina.

As a one-off you understand. To help us through this difficult time that was not caused by employing one million additional bedwetters, boxtickers and bastards in 2001/2 and paying them with borrowed money since. And certainly not due to importing several million head-bangers from Shitistan for the purpose of voting Labour and supplying them with free council houses, free healthcare and free state funded madrassas. Fuck no.

I really should flee. Just as I foresaw the 'Global financial crisis' that had nothing to do with excessive government borrowing and yet sat there and took the hit so it will be with the great pensions and savings raid of 2015.

I must be fucking mad to put up with this shit. Particularly when it's quite obvious what is in the pipeline.

mongoose said...

The oil price is a controllable lever of politics for those with oil under their feet, and which feet are not yet suspended from an encouraging gallows. What is stranger - although not much - is the very odd carryings-on in the gold and silver markets. Either there is some clique of bastards taking the mickey or I am a Dutchman. Whatever it is, I detect the preparations for a massacre. Sky-high stock markets inflated with mugs' money, proper money sucked out of real valuables so that any crash will just leave yet more pretend paper valuables. "Again! Again!", isn't it that the babies cry as soon as they can speak.

And was I alone in being stupified last week that the Juncker Junket of EU-led "investment" - to save the world a la McDoom - added up to just the magic amount (E$300+) which has been miscalculated as being in the EU-kitty and has to be clawed away from the national governments under the current terms of larceny? Is it all just pretend money to them?

call me ishmael said...

It is a sound, indeed, conventional argument, mr jgm2, which you make but it ignores the quiet anger of many, many decent Scots, outraged by the spitting, jeering mob so recently energised by Gnasher et al, iognores the fact that ....well, ignores all the points which I make regarding failing SNP policies, an empty SNP cookie jar and a new leader, overwhelmed by failure and unrealistic expectation. We must await events but I predict a small Tory rennaissance thanks to Ruth Boy Davidson, possibly a re-energised Labour and a falling-away of headbangers from the Tribesmen. More widely, people are pissed off at all this constant electioneering whilst Scotland is falling apart, ungoverned - you should have seen the reception accorded Gnasher, the other day, by Scottish business, which will not forget or forgive her attack dog's threats of a day of reckoning; the SNP has scorched its own earth, the stupid fuckers and attracted only those with a fathomless grievance, racist, bigoted and stupid.

Should, however, the arithmetic so dictate and should Miliband ignore my advice to join with Cameron then anything is possible, vis a vis pension or property raids, although, in my view, another Brownian moment might cause a revolution.

And where would you go, mr jgm2, should you take flight? Better to stay here, with sharpened sticks and Molotov cocktails, and fight the fuckers.

call me ishmael said...

I never understood money, mr mongoose, never had enough to share mr jgm2s anxieties, for instance, and since Peter Sissons used to declare the daily value of the pound against a basket of currencies I have been convinced that the whole business is fantastical, awaiting only an Emperor's New Clothes moment for the whole idea to evaporate.

To me it has always been pretend money, well, since paper money, anyway. Gold coin, I can understand that, but central banks, printing paper, borrowing money into existence, nah, can't fool me with that, whaddathey think I am, fucking Irish?

SG said...

Your reading of the runes in relation to Ruth Davidson looks sound Mr I - in so far as these things can be. From my perspective she, as an individual, knocks her competitors into a cocked hat. However she is shackled to the toxic Tory brand (though maybe the toxicity is overstated?). I reckon Mr Jmg2 is right and the SNP will hit Labour hard and the Dogshooters must be in deep trouble too. There may be an opportunity for a centre right proposition with a 'human face' though the challenge of realising it is probably somewhat similar to that of Dubcek in the face of Soviet 'Orthodoxy'.

Mike said...

My 2-penn'th from afar is that it seems the old way of polatics is changing. No overall majority in 2015, no formal coalition (since losing is the new winning - a la the SNP). Doesn't matter if its Lab or Con for all practical purposes forming the minority Govt.

The Govt will be powerless, but determined to cling on, and will do increasingly dubious deals with the other minor parties, who paradoxically will weild most power.

It will all end badly. I agree with Mr jgm2 - the Govt desparate to keep doing deals, and possibly blown off course by another crash, will raid savings and pensions. Too easy a sitting target.

mongoose said...

It seems to me, Mr I, that you understand money perfectly well if that was a representative opinion. It seems that we have pretend gold now too. Paper money is backed by gold some of which is now itself backed by paper gold. You couln't make it up. I wonder how much real gold there is, and where it is, and whose it is.

yardarm said...

An Emperor`s New Clothes economy is exactly what it is, Mr Ishmael. Its still October 2008,stasis, a cartoon cat economy kept running frantically in mid air by Magic Money/Bankster Dole, lax regulation and bullshit.

The GNU is already here. They all provided Bankster Dole, pledged austerity for us, agreed on a soft touch regime for the dosh jugglerati, who actually rule. They will instruct the Knee padders at Westminster.

call me ishmael said...

We know that, mr yardarm, have been saying so for years; all I'm predicting is that there is a strong possibility, given the various pseudo insurgencies - which are, I feel, an extended response to the blogosphere revelations about MP's expenses - it would be better for business if the situation was publicly formalised.

In some ways a GNU comprising the Daves and the Millies is preferable to, say, the Wop Option, an endless coalition of nobodies which has led to, what, fifty governments since the war; it would also help clarify, for those still partisan, just how foolish they continue to be, hair-splitting imaginary party differences, as though Ed Balls was less of a paid cocksucker than Junkie George.

call me ishmael said...

Germany's gold, mr mongoose, anyway, is safely stored in Fort Knox, it's just that Uncle Sam has misplaced it, can't quite put his finger on it and so cannot give it back to the Hermanns, no matter how often they demand it. NATO, eh, what are they like?

call me ishmael said...

I like that, mr mike, losing is the new winning. Actually, here in the best part of England, the SNP, post Slobbo, is unravelling. A trio of gabshite Tribesman councillors yesterday publicly burning a copy of the Smith Commission report, to which their own party contributed and signed-off, a public display which the FatMan would never have allowed.

The scale of fuck-up on the NHS, here, over which Gnasher has presided, is becomng apparent, to Labour's benefit and those naughty oil prices are still being disobedient. Some further evidence of incompetence or scandalous behaviour can easily up-end the freedom fighters wagon; should the nation's highways freeze-up again, maybe, or should local government say Enough is Enough with this council tax freeze shit, who knows what might happen to Labour, under a new leader.

And mr sg is right, the Tories are strong, still, in places, I think they obtained a half a million votes even at their lowest point, under ghoulish matron, Annabelle Goldie, Ruth Boy Davidson, seen as second only to Gordon Snot as Saviour of the Union, cannot fail but improve on that.

The rallying around the flag by Tribesmen or White Vanzis does not automatically lead to the rout of millions of generational Labour and Tory voters, quite, I think, the contrary.

Doug Shoulders said...

Paper money used to be backed by gold. In the seventies it was changed to oil.
Nowadays paper money is scarce and practically every money exchange is electronic. Today currency is backed by fuck all. Well actually our children will pay what we’re spending now.
Fort Knox contains a goodly portion of the world’s gold. But there are those who believe that it’s not as much as Federal Thievery Corporation claim. Them having salted it away elsewhere.
A lot of the gold there belongs to other countries who were persuaded to ship it to the US for safekeeping during WW2. Those countries haven’t seen it back.
Until such times as humanity is able to break free from human pattern lackeyness to people who achieve lordship via nothing other than having been lucky sperm, we shall remain enslaved to those among us with tiny minds and big mouths.

yardarm said...

Gideon Pansy Face has a phrase, Mr Ishmael to describe his fellow professional filthsters: the guild.

A formalised GNU, not merely the Junta of the Damned but The Guild.

call me ishmael said...

And the guilds once existed to protect hard-won crafts and skills from outsiders; thus did the masons come about; now, of course, they are not master craftsmen but bent coppers and in the case of Junkie George and his brethren they have not even that grimy pretence of a trade and are just filth, plain and simple. Why has no-one tackled him about his appointment of a foreigner to run the Bank of England? Surely he could have paid any old local slag to cook the books as Carney is.

Reading today in the Independent, mr doug shoulders, that even the coinage is made of shit, the pound being painted tin. An estimated three per cent of pound coins are counterfeit but for the life of me I cannot see the difference between honestly forged coins and quantitative easing.

As for the gold, Uncle Sam has nicked it. Like he nicks everything.

Doug Shoulders said...

Indeed the figures for these things are startling. I read somewhere that 97% of money in the UK is debt. At first I was dismissive of what seemed another made up number. On further reflection…probably about right.
Round near ‘ere they’re building new houses that start at 350K..some are already occupied.. two cars in the of the range Audi jeeps and the like…audi TT for her. Guy about 40 odd didn’t look like a CEO of Virgin or something. What’s the deal..50 year 200% mortgage for him and her? I don’t know.
Compare that to when my grandparents had a young family. Their home was council rent and the transport was bike.

yardarm said...

This Devils Guild, Mr Ishmael exists to protect its pansy practitioners. Lady Pansy Face is best mates with Mrs Milliband: you can see how the GNU might evolve over a kitchen supper so that these clerk aspirants, these sweaty arsed social climbers can preserve their meal tickets. They did it before, in 1931. Milliband would easily concede a referendum on Europe. Does the wretched Empty Suit care about anything ? No.

Carney was a dosh juggler at Goldman Sachs. Pansy Face appointed this puffed up clerk in accordance with what his beliefs and bribes dictated.

yardarm said...

I apologise for using the word ' beliefs ' in the same sentence as Gideon Pansy Face. He has no belief except in his own damned career and this Devils Guild always kneepad like the clerk spirants they are to prominent City jugglerati.

call me ishmael said...

One would expect his recent performance to prove politically suicidal. Even if we accept that mr jgm2 is correct in his assessment that Snotty left Osborne no alternative but to destroy the welfare state, starve and freeze many to death and invite tenders for the Virgin or Serco workhouse it is hard to see many outside the City giving him the benefit of the electoral doubt, but you never know, whipped and bribed they voted for Whisky Maggie, Queen of the Paedos, three fucking times.

call me ishmael said...

The GNU, anyway, is effectively what we have had since the early Blair days, Tories, then, themselves, being praise-singers for Brown's bankster-prudence. I just think that its formalisation and recognition might lead, at last, to a revolt into Decency, which would, of course, see barrowboy Farage and his WhiteVanguard in the tumbril with the rest of them. Anybody else notice the state of his minders?

Anonymous said...

Carney was appointed by Gideon because they are the same tribe, not guild.

Same as Greenspan, same as Janet Yellen, all Goldman Sachs, all Rothschild plants.

I used to recoil when someone mentioned 'the joooos' but I can no longer ignore the evidence of my own eyes. Something is going on, I admit I don't understand it, but it certainly involves tribesmen and women attaining positions of great power and authority without any apparent talent, all over the western world.

Alphons said...

call me ishmael said...

" Thank you, mr doug shoulders, mr alphons and mr dtp. The alternatives seem to be a virtually powerless coalition of convenience between any number of ruffian parties - all even more contemptible than the LibDems - uniting together against the rest of us or a coalition of power comprising those centrists whom we now describe separately as Tory and Labour but who, as we know, are indistinguishable."

Here is a food for thought parcel:-