Monday, 10 November 2014




Well, now listen to me and you might learn something;  when it comes to elections I  know what I'm talking about.  

 Public ownership of public assets? We'll have none of that nonsense.  Not while I'm running the Labour party, we won't.
Workers rights? We'll have none of that, either.

And, comrades, did I say comrades? I meant colleagues, obviously. And, colleagues, having slaved my whole life away for this great party.  And never once seeking any monetary reward.

 Millionaire Euro-Lottery winners, Mr and Mrs Filth.
She claimed huge amounts simply for going through the EU parliament's revolving door, signing her name  and coming straight out again and for claiming first class airfares but travelling by Air Begorrah.
Whilst an MEP, our Glenys, despite extracting  a salary of £175,000 a year, also claimed  that handy little £175 per day simply for signing-in to work and immediately going home. The pair are believed to have trousered ten million pounds for their No Need To Go To Work jobs in Europe. Neil boy, to his eternal credit, engineered the freezing-out of a brave whistle blower who revealed the monumental crookedness of the EU's own accounts.  Lives of great achievement. Quite brings out my inner Poundlander, does thinking, for five seconds, about the Kinnocks.
As peers,  Neil and his doxy last year claimed £60,000 in House of Lords attendance fees, despite only voting infrequently, ten or twelve times.  The Lords, though, is a great place to eat and drink cheaply in taxpayer-subsidised  banqueting rooms  and  a great address from which to do business.
No, look you, boyo, as peers of Her Majesty's  realm, me and my Glen, we shooden have to pay for nothing.  And we don't.

But I do think that working class people can trust my judgement. Seeing as how it was me ushered-in five years of John Majorism and then ten years of Tony Blairism. Can't say fairer than that, can you?

No, look, if young Ed wants to win, all he needs to do is take wotsername, his bint, along the nearest beach and fall into the sea.
No, no, not win the election, fuck me, no, that's not what I'm talking about; who the fuck'd want ay Lay-bore govament, ay Lay-bore govament?  No, what I mean is if he wants to win a few quid for himself and her indoors, like, he needs for David Cameron to pack him off to Brussels in gratitude for shitting on the poor people. Like John Major did with me, yes, that's right.

We're awright, we're awright.
Well some of us are. 

 A bit of rock'n'roll wannabeism.  That helps, too.  Certainly helped me an my Glenys;  did I tell you she was the first in her family, the first in her family, mind, to ever go to university.  Gotta be worth ten million, that.

Just fall over, son, in kinda slow-motion, 
so's they can get some good pictures.
Yeah, the kind that say 
Prime Minister?
You must be fucking joking.
As if Ed Nobody needed more troubles, this greedy, worthless slimeball has joined the fray - somebody is probably paying him - offering advice on how Labour can win the election. As if he had the faintest fucking idea.

For my money, Stuttering Ed could do worse than  manning-up and removing the Labour whip from these two robbing cunts,

and these two

and these two

and these two

and these two

Trouble is, if Ed purged Labour's thieving Royal Families he'd wind up sitting in a corner, talking to himself.
But that's gonna happen, anyway.


jgm2 said...

The great socialist has now organised a safe Welsh Labour seat for his son. Who lives in Denmark.

Or at least his wife does. However, as the Maximum Imbecile shows, in these safe Labour seats, you need only show up once a year and your dumb fuck electorate will still return you to office.

Anonymous said...

Marcellus was correct - there IS something rotten in the state of Denmark, if a Kinnock holds sway there.

I'd be thoroughly ashamed if my father was as big a crook and hypocrite as Neil, I wouldn't want others to know, unless I was a shameless opportunist.

SG said...

Ah yes - Lord Windbag - I had the misfortune to hear his flatulent barrage on the radio this morning. I am always surprised when you express fealty to this band of nepotists and kleptocrats Mr I. The House of Lords is indeed the proper place for them - are they not the nucleus of a new hereditary peerage? The Tribesman are playing a cunning game - there must be some chess players among them for they are already several moves ahead. If the pundits are right, they and not the Poundlanders or dog- shooters, will be the third force in UK politics and, like as not, hold the balance of power after the next election. The leadership changes now make sense - 'wifey' left behind to manage the estate while Salmond marches the Tartan Army south to do 'man's work' in Westminster. Thanks to the rotten borough system it seems likely that Labour will be the largest party in Parliament after the election but significantly short of a working majority. I can't see the SNP being prepared to work with the Tories, though stranger things have happened, so some form of relationship with Labour seems likely - maybe a 'supply and confidence' arrangement rather than a formal coaltion. This minority Labour administration would be the weakest and most vacillating government in the nation's history - puny little Ed clasped in Salmond's pudgy fist. Within a couple of years Scotland would be independent in all but name, having extracted God knows what price from the r-UK, at which point the Labour husk would be jettisoned and all hell break loose.

Alphons said...

Why is there no waste bin for used politicians?

Bungalow Bill said...

A horrible dimwitted pair, these people and their hypocritical, corrupt kind - let us pause to remember Lord Fattersley and his oiling around Chatsworth, just like all the best radicals - have been the very death of British socialism, at least of the sort that might offer a courageous anti - capitalist analysis. Despicable crooks all of them, little Ed is just the shrivelled foetus they've delivered.

Alphons said...

"Aldi new jobs announcement 'good news', says Cameron

David Cameron has said the thousands of new jobs Aldi has announced it will create in the UK, is a sign the long term economic plan is working."

This is the sort of rubbish thinking coming from the "leader" of our country.
Does he imagine the likes of ASDA/Tesco/Morrisons/etc will keep all their present staff???

Caratacus said...

Well I discovered something today. Got back a tad early from earning a crust, switched on the news and saw Miliband minor speaking at the CBI bollocky thing. Someone asked a question and Ed laughed. At himself. Entirely naturally. And it was as though a veneer had been stripped away and we were fleetingly allowed to see the human within. He IS human, not a programmed lefty Dalek. However, such is the training that this lad's had that he recovered himself and reverted to type within seconds. Even to striving for 'gender balance' as he put it as he graciously received questions from an adoring audience.

Daft bugger's still all for the EU superstate, still not trusting the mob to have their say on the matter ... and still sounding like a bloody dork with a fat lip as he reassures the captains of kleptocracy - I'm so sorry, industry - that their future piles of swag are safe with him.

mongoose said...

Kinnock, eh? I did not think that I had the strength to savage him another time but he surely ranks down there lower than anyone who has led the Labour Party in my lifetime. A humbug. The humbug's humbug. God rot him.

mongoose said...

In fact, I think I think that I take that back. He clearly wasn't as bad as Milliweed is proving to be. And I suppose he threw the careerist Militant loons out of the Temple - Hatton and his scum-sucking ilk of long ago.

But nothing that went before can withstand a transformation from an anti-EU politician to an EU-teat-sucking parasite of the order of magnitude that he has become. It is corruption and just plain thievery made into art form.

call me ishmael said...

Class betrayal, too, mr mongoose, as we used to call it; they are as rotten as can be, power couples of the left, all of them.

Bungalow Bill said...

Off topic, but talking of fraudulent bags of shite could someone put a final stop to Sir Bob before that fucking atrocity of a song is unleashed again and we have to listen to his insolent drivel on every brainless piece of telly crap. You'd have thought a period of silence for the rest of his life might have been in order.

Mark said...

Funny - I always thought that socialism was strongly opposed to nepotism and hereditary advantages but as soon as these Labour goons get the opportunity to indulge themselves they suddenly forget their principles.

call me ishmael said...

National treasure, BeelzeBob, that's what he is, Celebrity's God-Emperor. I wonder why he and Midge haven't written a charity single for all the War dead, 'sall it takes you know, probably bring 'em all back to jingoistic life, by the left, quick march, (singing) thi-ings can only get blacker, can only get blacker.......

call me ishmael said...

I suppose, mr mark, that Neil boy's intercession will further bury the Left and, I must say, serve us all Right; a coalition such as mr sg proposes being presently the most likely of several dire possibilities.

call me ishmael said...

Amen to that, king caratacus, it was black comedy.

Doug Shoulders said...

Geldof?...fukin' Geldof? Boomtown rats? Boomtown shite, more like.

There are folks getting booted off the first round of that x-telly music kiddy search thing with more musical talent in their teeth than bobo's complete back catalogue.

Kinnock? Fukin' Kinnock? Cock more like. Hadn't walked on a cobbled beach until he was about fifty...then couldn't manage it.

Watched him lose the election that he thought he'd won. I thought he'd won it too. He was thanking his voters....all teary and what he'll for the country and shit. Then Bam ...he's out on his ear.

call me ishmael said...

Not so far as to be beyond his EuroReward, though; win or lose, 'sno difference to them.

Doug Shoulders said...

It was always thus, was it not? I recall a documentary with hidden camera recording all our euro mp’s signing into meetings and about-turning down to the pub. Pub visit would likely be expensed too.
It’s a slap on the face for democracy. You can’t vote these people out cos they weren’t voted in.
It’s more than a slap in the face for tax paying punters when every fucking mp is claiming for every fucking thing they can.
I once read that human beings will sink to the lowest level of behaviour that is neither criminal nor frowned upon by their peers, and then remain there until someone takes their place. I’d put a proviso on that and add only if one is a dishonourable bastard.
I ain’t no goody too shoes, but I’d be fucked if I’m going to claim for a pint of beer off the British tax payer. A large percentage of whom would have to work an hour to pay for that beer
That’s what it comes down to isn’t it? Kinnock and his ilk. Rubbing the noses of the taxpayer in it.
Walk you wife along the beach for a photo-op…fail.
Honorable gent…fail
Reside in that great place yonder where all shit politicians go to die…result.

SG said...

'New Labour' / 'Old Labour' - two cheeks of the same arse - nepotism and kleptocracy in action. Here's the offspring of the tax efficient 'national treasure', Tony Benn, in action:

I'm no revolutionary but if I was I would put these fuckers up against the wall before the Tories and Ruperts...