Thursday, 22 May 2014


 You want me to talk democracy for you, big boy?

"Can I just conclude with a request: however you feel about all this, please vote. And, if possible, take your children to the polling station with you so that they can see how it is done, and how important you believe it to be to participate in this system for which so many people have given, or been prepared to risk, their lives."

Thus the Filth-O-Graph's shilling-a-line philosopher-battleaxe, Janet Daly, condescendingly chivvies her readers into believing that no matter what, all is for the best in the best of all possible worlds, as though she stood in a shieldwall going back to Runnymede or Agincourt  or the Normandy beaches, as though the shithole of MediaMinster was just experiencing a littte temporary difficulty, easily corrected by a thoughtful electorate, doing as it was bid.  It is your duty to vote for one of those we allow on the ballot paper.

Janet, of course, works for the secretive, anti-democratic filthsters, the Barclay Twins, who  don't believe in voting, regularly tyrannise their neighbours in the Channel Islands and would do the same here if possible and seek so to do via the mewlings and pukings of this rancid old woman.

Others, mainly NutKippers, are calling for a large turnout in order to honour the memory of Trooper Lee Rigby and his various wives when, in fact, the arrest of Tony Blair, rather than the election of even more  greedy, worthless shitheads to Brussels, would more usefully serve that memory.  Britain has been given over to nignogs, they urge,  nignogs killed poor Lee, vote, therefore, for the only truly anti-nignog party.  A vote for Nigel is a votye for Lee. We are not racist, we just hate nignogs of all colours and none, Paki nignogs, Frog nignogs, German nignogs and specially Romanian  gippo nignogs.

I said to mrs ishmael this morning that although I was not discouraging  her,  I would not be going through this voting charade.  Even before her eyebrows raised I said And don't gimme any of that people died so's you could vote shit.  It doesn't wash any more, parliamentary democracy, political parties;  they are all shit, any one of them, all of them, how many times must I say, they all have more in common with each other than with us;  this is a farce, doesn't matter who they are, Jock tribesmen, Welsh fucking nutters,  LibLabCon, those insufferable green bastards and now this limping, dimwit, Zimmerframed, sclerotic,  angry horde of dispossessed Thatcherite, National Frontsters, starching-up their brown shirts and Union Jacks,  they'll all be a long time dead before Nigel Fruitcake forms a government and even if they weren't, governents, all governments are just enforcers for global oligarchy.  Nigel Fruitcake and Nick Clegg, what's the difference, both will reinforce the gun-bristling, armour-plated barricade between the filthy rich and the rest of us, voting for one or the other is joining in the spastic shuffle of the village idiot, tormenting himself with the vague, shadowy notion that tomorrow, maybe, someone will be kind to him.
They won't.


Anonymous said...

I will not be voting. I refuse to add a veneer of respectability and legitimacy to whole reeking heap of shit by sullying myself and advocating any of these bastards. I have enough on my account as it is, without adding to it by electing murderous thieves to 'represent' me.

That said, Farage amuses me, the fact he appears to piss of the LibLabCon so much is funny. It will more than likely end in tears, but he does at least seem to have shaken a few out of their torpor and concentrated a genuine hatred of the established nonsense in more than few who previously just put up with the shit thrown at them from on high.

Perhaps from this 'awakening' a genuine leader will emerge, to cleanse this Augean stable? As you say, Blair twitching on a rope would be an excellent start.


Alphons said...

I think Mr Vincent has summed up the hopes of most of the people I have talked to over the last couple of days. I think it would be a most satisfactory outcome.
The sad, unanswered question is "Where are they to be found?"

Woman on a Raft said...

Nothing can come out of this election because the European Parliament was carefully constructed from the very beginning to have little or no effective political power.

However, the movements of people tell you that things are getting very murky across Europe. The real question may be what happens when enough Greeks etc decide to move to France and Germany rather than Britain.

Dick the Prick said...

Ha ha "voting for one or the other is joining in the spastic shuffle of the village idiot, tormenting himself with the vague, shadowy notion that tomorrow, maybe, someone will be kind to him. They won't" - ha ha ha, so then, Mr Smith, can I pop you down as a maybe?

Yeah, it's a defo a choice of which shade of shit do you prefer but I kippered myself for reasons i'm not totally sure about - vengence, mainly. I'm gonna remember that sentence though - spastic shuffle! Quality.

Rightwinggit said...

I am also kippered.

call me ishmael said...

I was nearly there, myself,mr rwg, on the same grounds that, enraged by HewLabour's Jack McConnell and Henry McThief AND Donald Dewar,I voted for the tribesmen, the last couple of times. It was only a feeble protest, and now,as was entirely predictable, it turns out that the SNP are every bit as bad as all other career politicians, if anything a bit worse and so will be - and already is - the case with the likes of Farage and, wotsisname, that smirky little spiv, O'Flynn. Up against the wall, motherfuckers, all of them; the party political system produces party politicians and unless and until we rid ourselves of them we will continue with the spastic shuffle, the Essex foxtrot - stupid fuckers who should know better, holding Villainy's coat for him, singing Roll Out The Barrel, diamond geezers.

Anonymous said...

Did you read Max Somebody's shite in the Independant? His solution to the fact that two thirds of the populace can't be arsed is? Force people to vote. What? Yep, a government elected by force. Great.

call me ishmael said...

The Independent, mr richard, causes hiccups on both my i- and laptop screens and I don't rate any of its writers so I seldom go there.

The idea, though, has been much mooted, of compulsory voting. I am rather comforted, actually, that so many eschew the four- yearly festivals of competitive promising, indifferrent to their own discernment being impertinently describes as, wotisitnow, voter apathy, that's it. I am comforted that so many, as I, have either stopped or never started believing in the myth of parliamentary democracy - a third of a third, Mr Fruitcake should reflect, is only a ninth. More pertinently, the other night, we were counting the votes in only a third of most council seats, making Mr Fruitcake's victory representative of the support of a twenty-seventh of the electorate, about four in a hundred.

Alphons said...

It seems to me, Mr ishmael, that the only way out is for a "hari kari" type of party to be formed. One which will get elected, to form a non political, none party government, and then commit self destruction. Much as is described in

call me ishmael said...

I will read it shortly, mr alphons, meantime I pursue the fox of Farage excitement, further on up the road.

Enoch said...

One has to engage with Mrs WOAR's veiled point that the EU project was meant in the first place to be undemocratic - I would say antidemocratic. It was, and is, a pretend-Socialist utopia become a vileness. As alas, happens to every blasted idea as soon as the apparatchik goons get their paws on it. Didn't we learn in school that the revolution mocks itself as soon as it can walk on its hind trotters?

call me ishmael said...

mrs woar's other point, too, mr enoch, that freedom of movement is just that, has vexed me for as long as I can remember, long before enlargement. Nation states simply cannot budget if millions of strangers may arrive without warning, requiring health, housing, sanitation, transport, employment and education; a dozen or so single mothers arriving in a borough - as they do - can make nonsense of its budgets - health, housing, childcare, interpreters and support workers, the costs are staggering.

To support a borderless world - which might be fantastic - with a uniformity of care and service requires something a little bit cleverer than money.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it is a case of "Nation states simply cannot budget." Full stop. The costs are only staggering because the State pays them with other people's money. Be funny if only people who voted got taxed; after all, they've contracted with the politicians and employed them whereas we haven't. Soon see how many people support the welfare state.
Oh yes, I got the "people have died" speech. The ones sent to fight by people they voted into power, says me, but apparently that's not the point.

Enoch said...

That bit has just been tried, Mr Ishmael. Making the chocolate money the same across the breadth of the continent should have meant - in the world behind the wardrobe - that everyone just instantly got on and lived and worked wherever they chose that morning. And what's more we'd eat croissant for breakfast instead of Sugar Puffs. But then there's grandma. Who will fetch grandma's shopping, dad, if we are living and e-working in Croatia? These other mundane forces at work in life are not dreamed of by EU politicians, who themselves jet about the place at our enormous expense as if it was the easiest thing in the world. Two parliament sites? Of course, we've got two. Why wouldn't we have?

callmeishmael said...

Grandma's shopping, that' a good one, regardless of cross-border relocation. I live in the far North and I am aware of many, themselves middle aged children flying up and down to England to mediate briefly between abandoned parent and local social services, the mundanity of age and death, as you say, mr enoch, not troubling the contramundalism of high flying upward social mobility.