Monday, 26 May 2014



Yes, well, the bounder's well and truly in the bunker, all his troops dead or dying, all hope gone and still the wretched man won't call it a day. 
Rather like that chappie, Hitler,  the one one's uncle was so find of.


Meanwhile,  the First Regiment, Clegg's Own BDSM Copraphiliacs, 
marches away to imprisonment


Another military man, Field Marshal Lord Paddy Pantsdown, had this to say

 Now just listen....I am an extremely silly idea....I am devoted to me....I am brave....I am determined....I am the best prime minister we never had. Yet.

The Deputy Prime Minister, relaxing,
 away from the hurly-burly of politics


Oldrightie said...

How can they learn lessons they never take?

DtP said...

At least Lloyd George kinda won a war over it but what has Clegg achieved - a bit of an increase in the tax threshold and err..some other stuff maybe. It's this, it's for this that people don't vote or vote for the Faragists because even if you do vote for one of the major parties - they're run by fucking idiots. Crikey, my mum would make better policy decisions than Clegg and she only watches the thing because i'm quite nerdy.

If you are a teenaged career politician then ffs at least read history, at least get drunk with the council leaders and old boys - is that too much to ask? Yes, yes it is - instead, treat everyone who doesn't sycophantically adore every inane flummerious gabshitery that spews from their fundament as an enemy who must be punished to oh, oh, what's that - to electoral perdition.

I'd like to think it's rookie mistakes but it ain't - it's home made conceit belying total incompetence from all 3 of the identikit hairdos wandering around claiming to be leaders of something or other. At least Farage has age - has lost more than he's ever won, didn't get daddy to blag him a safe seat or political office job with prospects.

No wonder he wins debates, any 50 year old could against those kids. A man could get depressed if there wasn't a tavern on Ruin's highway to wander off to.

Dick the Prick said...

(just for qualifying addendum - at no point do I give any credence to Lloyd George 'winning' WW1, it's a simple case of the most egregious and sadistic cunts being in charge before a Welsh alcoholic sex pest decided to waste a bit of time kicking the fuck out of landed, skint, indolent fucking inbreds that the 20th century ventured slowly into decision making).

Lloyd George never had a thought in his head except is she good for a tit wank and can I get a beer with that? For Liberals of whatever hue to get philosophical kinda defeats the club.

Seriously, in the roll call of Liberal politicians - Clegg's shitter than, well, all of them - and that takes some doing; that ain't skill - that's pure talent.

I think i'm more upset because I didn't see it coming - i'm currently trying to be matchmaker to Cons & Kippers (not really trying) but the Libs absolutely arseholed my Kipper mate back in Tory days and they did well - so to be taken out like this, on fucking tuition fees that nobody's gonna pay back, well, grand scheme of things it's up there with using the last tea-bag or something - it's bad and all but not too bad. Universities are ASDA these days, kids can always do English Lit in their own time and why not pop a value on it if secondary education is hokum?

Lloyd George, Major then probly Attlee - as if politics has anything to do with goals - it's getting away with shite. It was lefties who killed Clegg - Tory hands are totally clean. Never expected any of it but, yer know, fuck him with bells on.

call me ishmael said...

Withiut exception, mr dtp, all the Liberals/SDP/LibDems of my lifetime, Thorpe, Steel, Williams, Owen, Ashdown, Kennedy, Campbell and now this cunt van Clegg and his chums have been utterly repellent human beings and vile politicians, their capacity for dirty-tricking their way into councils and parliament didn't start with Straight Simon Hughes but it has certainly grown to the point where it is now second nature to both arty activists and committed voters. You shouldn't waste your time with them, if you meet one you shou;ld kick him, he'll be a fascist. Or her.

Is this a double-bluff, by the way, on the part of KnockDownBargainPricePostOffice Cable, the fixtrotting imbecile?

Enoch said...

"Without exception, mr dtp, all the Liberals/SDP/LibDems of my lifetime, Thorpe, Steel, Williams, Owen, Ashdown, Kennedy, Campbell and now this cunt van Clegg and his chums have..."

...not been fucking Liberals. Not a one of them would know the meaning of the word. And it ain't no use to crying now, for this is what we get for the glad confident deceiver's morning of 1997.

Mr ptb is right though. And a LibDem is neither Lib or Dem, and is less than either. I'd rather vote for fucking Nigel than Nick, and may God spare us all from that.

call me ishmael said...

Something dreadful happens to those who become home secretary, it must be the place itself, the home office, makes the already verminous yet more dangerous; the only exception, in my judgement, has been Roy Jenkins, albeit that he was then a Labour minister. At the home office he rightly decriminalised homosexuality, albeit not realising where that would lead; he eased the legislation in divorce, not realising where that would lead, either; he assured the abolition of the death penalty and he introduced the parole system of early release for prisoners serving three years or more. All of these measures are controversial, still; the first two were vitally necessary, imprisoning people for what they do with one another in private is unjustifiable as is confining people in ruinous relationships; the Sexual Offences Act and the Matrimonial Causes Act, perhaps flawed, were nevertheless an uncharacteristic Home Office move towards the humane, abolition of the death penalty speaks for itself. The parole system certainly focused the con's mind on good behaviour while in jail, on preparation for release, on completing his license period - at least - without reoffending and is widely believed by penologists, criminologists and sentencers to be a valuable, cost effective and reformative tool.

I don't know if those measures qualify, mr enoch, as liberal or Liberal and as I say, Woy was Labour at the time.

The Gang of Four, however, gleefully split the left and gave us decades of Blatcherism under which we still labour. I have mentioned here, a few times, that if we scratch a Liberal we smell fascist blood and with the exception of Jenkins' earlier career, I would cling to that view.

Given that choice, I would vote, also, for Mr Fruitcake.

Enoch said...

Well, Jenkins wasn't in the list Mr Ishmael, but I take your point, and the man did not inconsiderable good - but so little compared to what he could have done.

Jenkins was a political coward when it mattered, and, although it is little now, he should have struggled better agaist the cant of his own kind. It is not enough to have good intentions and do a bit, nor indeed to do your net share of good - which he did. Jenkins hung with the know-best crowd and hid his vast ability in sideboards of learned preachiness - with nice china atop it and French prints on its wall. And I will be having none of it. His grandfather would have torn down his curtains and burnt the bugger out. Hunted him down the valley to the London Road with a kick up his arse to speed him.

Clegg knows better than me how to raise my kids? Cameron knows better than me how to start and run a business? Millipoltroon knows better than me how to eat a bacon sandwich? Do fuck off, boys. The soul has fled and leaves only its shadow - a stain on all of us who ever voted it on its way. Nigel "Honest John" Mosley is our reward. Looking forward to Newark? Why, it sounds like a song.

Woman on a Raft said...

Still, it's an ill wind etc. This week has been a belter for the sellers of popcorn and it isn't even Friday yet.

Can Vince survive? I hope not. But he was boasting that if he went, he would take the government with him. That is unlikely to happen, but suddenly all the cards are flying up in the air and who knows where they will land?

DtP said...

Vince, embroiled in some shit a year or so ago, did one of the finest comedy interviews ever when after being doorstepped in the street just started backing off - 'Mr Cable - why are you such a tool?' and further and further away he went. It was beautiful but wholly due to his blethering conceit. He didn't run or even make any facial gestures as to disdain but just backed off - awesome lack of scrutiny which I kinda totally admired - more of the same!

Enoch said...

But where we are at, Mrs WOAR, is that we now know that Ed cannot eat a bacon sandwich but Nick can. Who will be next to prove his bacon sandwich eating skills? I am breathless in anticipation.

Alphons said...

"Ed cannot eat a bacon sandwich"

Can he not get rabbinical absolution???

call me ishmael said...

This is what it has come to, it really is bread and circuses, Honest John, Plucky Nick, Ordinary Ed, Vince Foxtrot and LessBeClear Dave.

Mr yardarm and mr jgm2 were gagging, as they say, for this post-Farage fun and games and since we are powerless to influence it we may as well stock-up on popcorn.

Alphons said...

".. may as well stock-up on popcorn."

Kosher presumably?