Sunday, 25 May 2014


Not so much an earthquake, 
more a modest geoligical twitch.

 A third of those so entitled  voted in what we must call the UKIP  local elections Earthquake. Roughly, generously speaking, a third of that third voted for Mr Nigel Fruitcake's NutKippers. A third of a third is a ninth, almost one in ten.  These elections, however, were not for entire councils, just for, in most cases, a third of the council seats;  a third of a ninth, therefore, earthquaked its way into psephological history;  a third of a ninth is a twenty-seventh; of those eligible to vote, therefore, in local  elections,  less than five in a hundred, less than half-a-person in ten, rocked the Richter Scale. Never mind, on such thin fare does the commentariat dine.

It is true, of course,  that such numerical realism applies equally to the electoral brigandage, the democratic deficit  of other parties - a minority share of a minority's total  vote can enthrone a minority on the Great Latrine of State,  with a working majority,  there to enrich itself for life whilst shitting in our faces;  there is nothing new in Farage's counterfeit ebullience, nothing new in MediaMinster's hyperbolic exaggerations, locally, Mr Fruitcake's  mandate is  microscopic, but don't ruin a good story with the truth.

Messrs Cameron and Clegg and their masters in MediaMinster, insist that they were elected, insist that -  perhaps via some undiscovered form of mass, national telepathy, some effort of purposeful mass consciousness -  those who bothered to vote last time exactly calculated how each of them should vote in order to precisely elect a coalition of nutters, criminals and incompetents.  

I am not making this up, just recall for yourselves how many times Cameron has said Getting on with the job of prime minister which I was elected to do.  He wasn't.  Nobody voted for a coalition, it wasn't on the ballot paper;  it was a usurpation of such watered-down democracy as previously existed, a coup, in other words.  The poltroon, Clegg, is more grandiose even than CallHimDave, martyring himself on the altar of his obedience to the public clamour for his Deputy Premiership, as though he was dragged, kicking and screaming into his limousine.  We are told daily that we gave this job - of  cruel robbery, not of but by the banks,  to the Coalition, to get on with.  These, you recall, are people like David Laws and Chris Huhne and Maria Miller, people like Liam Fox and Peter Cruddas, filth.
 There is a vivid example of this misleading and spurious terminolgy here, in Scotland, the best part of England.  Devolution brought into being a Scottish Executive, a local parliament with restricted powers.  Upon winning an election, Alec Salmond's Tribesmen changed the name of the executive to the Scottish Government thus, logically, at a stroke, abolishing their own raison d'etre;  if they are a national government, from what are they seeking independence?  It is bollocks, of course,  there is no Scottish Government, there is merely a linguistic nonsense, reality corrupted to no other purpose than the satisfaction of Salmond's mountainous ego.  This is what they do, they say what they want and in short order the press jackals go along with it;  Elected Coalition, Scottish Goverment, take your pick, horseshit, all of it.
No, this, like Mr Snot's, is not an elected government but a cabal of cheeky opportunists, no rational person could judge Nick Clegg or David Cameron capable of any responsible task whatsoever, nothing;  even such skills as one routinely picks up through living and working are denied these two, because through privilege and nepotism they have done neither, they are good for fuck all.

What, therefore, should we make of  the equally bogus skills of Nigel Farage, as he proclaims his  tiny, flaccid  earthquake?  Well,  he is quite fluent in Man-In-The-Pub;  as a very well paid and pensioned MEP he has no need to work and receives huge  expenses, these have given him ample opportunity to prop up the bar, between visiting branches of his harem;  the very least he could do, by way of gratitude, would be to learn the Why-Oh-Why language of the half-pissed, bar room bore.  That's about it, I think; he speaks Man-In-The-Pub and he has been speaking it at a time when, thanks largely to the blogosphere, many are finally wiping MediaMinster's shit from their faces - the place, the time, the script  have been handed to him by others.  Aside from that he is overdressed, overpaid and over-confident, one of them, in other words, pretending to be one of us.  And half a person in ten loves him, probably the half that has the arse in it,  the arse they talk out of.


Never knew what racism meant, me.  Don't know how old the word is. Certainly it was not part of my parents' regular vocabulary. No blacks, no dogs, no Irish certainly prompted my mother's tears but I doubt that my parents saw this as racism, just as the blind hatreds of pig-ignorant, tripe-eating  Brummie trash. I didn't then and I still don't see those - still present -  attitudes as amenable to good anti-discriminatory practice, to anti-racist awareness programmes. Imposed Multi-culturalism may have caused these attitudes to take cover, find camouflage but as we see, they are alive and well, succoured by filth like Jack Tortuer and Roy Hatterjee,  their actions fertilised UKIP's flourishing, uneasy rhetoric.

 Maybe it's a creation, racism, maybe it was brought into common use by  my g-g-g-generation, not my generation in total but by the gobby ones,  the I-Know-Besters  of my generation, the pushy, censorious, accusatory ones;  quick, under the guise of rights'n'freedoms, to shackle and enslave, as quick to chain and punish, the Word-Criminologists, in their own righteous way, as the Georgia plantation owner, the Glasgow slave freighter.

(These fuckers are everywhere, incidentally;  there is no area of our lives unplagued by a pestilence of gobby, pushy, dictatorial fuckwits.  I was listenting to Gardeners' World, on PBC4, and - even there - there was a braying, pushy nitwit of a woman - I met loads of her, in the '70s, they called themselves the New Diggers, then, librarians and teachers, steeped in inexpressible grievance, with not enough proper work to do, trying to take over the allotments, turn them into  a Movement, instead of a hobby. I'm telling you, you are not safe from these people, they never go away and whatever it is you're doing they will want to reclaim it for their own higher purposes, gabshites; some of them become councillors.  Anyway, this skriking bint, probably with a masters degree in preciousness studies, wanted there to be, demanded that there be Free-Veg, community gardens all over the land, where the worthy, pseudo middle-class can plant kohl-rabi, aubergines and artichokes for any poor pleb  to come along and  pull up to take home and eat with their pizzas and doner kebabs. Stupid bitch.)

I just checked and the first recorded use of the word racist  was in 1902 by what we would now be obliged to call a right racist bastard, this guy, Richard Henry Pratt,

who felt that native American Indians would be fine human beings if only they had the Indian knocked out of them. Pratt felt that it was racism to denigrate people because of their race when their racial defects could be educated out of them.

In my young adulthood, however, the term racist became applied by clever people to those whom they considered stupider than they  and in  relation specifically to inherited societal attitudes towards specifically black people and specifically - since they were, at that time, the majority of black people - towards those who were by  then - having been called coons, niggers, jungle bunnies, wogs, darkies and blackies - called West Indians but are now called, equally racistly - or separatistly -  in my view, Afro-Caribbeans; who would want to be so denominated? My equivalent race-label would be Viking-Norman-English-Scots-Ulster-British, but there is no stopping  the linguistically gaudy anti-racists  conjuring ever newer nomenclatures,  descriptive titles  of Otherness, with fancier, more geographically and historically  precise name-clusters. Pure, shameless  cuntishness.

I am speaking here of the UK but the same paradigm shift occurred in the US where acceptable terminology moved swiftly
 from nigger to coloured folk, to black to people of colour to African-American;  still a racial differential, just differently differential;  separatism, Otherism.  They just love segregating people, those anti-racists, stupid fucking bastards, as though a geographical precision made name-calling respectable.  Oh, you are of Afro-Caribbean descent and I respect your cultural heritage; this is WordCrime-speak for Hi, nigger. Po-faced, sanctimonious hypocrite bastards. Accidents of technology and geography notwithstanding, there is only one race, isn't there? The human race.

I use the word nigger here, not mischieveously or carelessly, I quite deiberately put it in the mouths of those who, examined  by their own definitions are racist, people like the Clintons, who  fried a retarded Arkansas niggerboy to celebrate Spunky Bill's first inauguration and who subsequently presided over a massive increase in the black prison population, not only imprisonment but cruel, mediaeval, maximum security lockdown torture prison and who, like GlobaCorp's Uncle Tomming houseboys, the Obamas, were and are happy to bomb and kill people of colour all over the world, anywhere; show Obama an uppity nigger and he'll shoot him with techno-horror nightmare weapons,  burn him, drone him or bang him up and torture him in some secret illegal prison, all the time saying ain't it great for black folks, now they got us in the White House;  this is why I publish stuff like this:

Me, Barack and our girls, liddle wosstheirnames, ain't no way we ever gonna be hauled off into the bush and sold to slavers, fuck no.  

That shit's for niggers.

Whilst Blair was impertinently introducing Holocaust Day - as though we mortals needed reminding about such serious matters, as though it was the duty of our betters, like him, him, the the biggest whore ever in Downing Street, to police our morality, Fuck, I ask you - George Dubya and Tony Blair bombed and torched and tortured their way across four countries but would probably never say the nigger word in public,  just in private, all the time. Michelle's husband, 

Now, you jes be a good nigger,
 an' gwine back to yer mastah, ya hear me?
Yessir, mr president.

rejoicing in his counterfeit status as the first black president, as well as trampling on blacks at home, has Bush'n'Blaired six countries, beggared his own country in the interest of his masters, spied on all of us, the cheeky cunt, and sought to promote further lucrative and illegal conflict anywhere he can, in Syria, Ukraine and - God help us all - even in the Orient, the man is a criminal monster; America's exceptionalism, its lawlessness, its hatreds and its estrangement from  Decency exponentialise themselves with every minute that Obama is in office.   But, hey,  the main thing is we don't use the n-word, cos that's you know, just the most offensive thing.

I am ranting about this because elderly playboy, Andy Neil,

formerly Murdoch's fellator-in-chief cum greatest living newsman - Christ, Guido Fawkes-Staines is a greater newsman than Neil, although equally down on his knees before Rupert -
 had some insufferable luvvie cunt on his dreadful show the other night,

 a black American, Clark Peters, who was sighing and swooning, stagily and repulsively clutching his bosom and Oh-the-pain-of-it-alling at the very idea of the n-word, whilst, of course, plugging his upcoming appearance on the terribly, terribly highbrow kiddy programme, Midsomer Murders.   The main thing, according to Darling Clarke,was not that Uncle Sam was furiously, crazily, savagely anti-wog, was not that  black children all over the world, even today, cannot get a drink of fucking water, no, the main challenge facing civilised people today was the eradication of a word.  I would cheerfully burn this cunt on the fiery cross.

Stooging their poxy arses off, Alan Cuckold and Micky Portillo empathised like crazy, Oh, the n-word, we would never, never, never say that, we might bomb niggers and ayrabs and ragheads by the fucking million but we would never say that dreadful word. We're not racists, it's just that black and brown people need killing and enslaving so very badly. Not obedient,  Labour-voting coons or rich, Tory voting Asians,  not Trevor Phillips, or David Lammie or our new shadow business chap, ChumbaWumba, I believe his name is, no, no, one could easily sit down and have a free dinner and a few free brandies with chaps like these, chaps who know their place.

Quite, yes, one actually could. Actually, as a matter of historical fact and to burnish my ongoing media profile I, myself, am actually half-Spanish, half-Scottish, half-American and half-nigger, Whoops, I didn't mean that, it just slipped out, rather like Mr Clarkson, I, like he, was thinking nigger, although I would obviously never, ever say it.

Michael, what you're saying is that it's OK to hate people, as, for instance, I hate poor people - did I ever tell you I went to unversity and  got a first class combined honours degree in MurdochFellating and Thatcher Cunnilinguilaling? - you hate trade unionists, Michael and Alan, a trade unionist of sorts,himself ....

that copper, by the way, the one who was knobbing your missus, was he in the Police Federation, no, only joking, it's just that they are in the news....

No, no, 'salright, Andrew, 'sall water under the pension fund, and we had 'im sacked, anyway, and as for unions, well,  I hate them now, meself,  just used mine  to get into parliament and become Chancellor of the wotsaname, yeah, I know, of the wotsaname.. as long as we don't use the n-word, which I never would, either, it's OK to hate people, unfairly discriminate against them, mistreat them through the criminal justice system and blow their countries of origin to fragments.....

Quite, Andrew, that's right. Like in Iraq, D'you know Iraq was the very cradle of civilisation - I know this because I'm half-Iraqi, myself - and we blew it to fucking smithereens. And here's me earning a crust blethering on about St Pancras station, rather like I was, Pevsner, was that his name, chappie who was an expert on English buildings? I mean, to be fair, I only pretend to be a historian, when it comes to history I'm like a whore at a hockey match, leave all that ree-surch stuff to the production team.  But no, whatever,  I would never say the word nigger, certainly not.

So there it is, Racism Incorporated; by their own definition they  can be as racist as they  like, up to and including holocaustal violence, just as long as you never, never, never say nigger. WordCrime.

And here we are, now, in this glorious Farage  weekend, in an orgy of  WeAren'tRacists-ism. So all-encompassingly, so earnestly anti-racist are those now damning Mr Fruitcake that they have invented racism where there is no race to be -ist about;  what race, pray, is Romanian, or German?   As far as I know, there's a handful of races, Asian, Caucasian, Negroid, Oriental, something like that, maybe some sub-divisions of those but Romanian isn't one of them, Romanian is a nationality. These stupid bastards don't mean racism, they mean Otherism but they dare not open that can of worms for fear that their own careers as professional Otherists would be revealed and so they stick with racism and homophobia as their default insults, even though linguistically and rationally they are meaningless. 

Oh, we may be rotten, thieving, warmongering, child-molesting, shit-eating, hypocritical degenerates, we may be a poxed-up whore rabble of money-grubbing, brutal, wickedness but at least we're not racists, like Mr Fruitcake is, even though he isn't. Being studiedly and phonily  non-racist, of course, as a badge of honour, is akin to saying that since he was a vegetarian Hitler wasn't all bad; probably never said nigger, even once. Send all zese fucking yids to ze gaschamber und experimentation wards but on no account must you call ze fucking subhuman bastards nigger, or it vill be ze Russian front for you, liebchen. And whilst we are talking of Nazi Otherism, we should remember that Mr Ian Duncan Smith and his colleagues, on all sides, forget about incoming Labour opposition, Schmidt and Co, who require that we buy and bequest them at least one luxurious home and the profits therefrom, also demand that poor, weak, defenceless disabled people be evicted from their homes in order to satisfy some braindead DailyMail redneck fuckpig horde.  IDS, of course, would never say nigger.

Being lectured about racism, from Radio Four, by Angela Eagle,

 one of NewLabour's HorseLesbians of the Iraq Apocalypse is one of Life's more surreal moments.  Mr Fruitcake, for all his arseisms has not yet launched Armageddon on millions of working class Iraqis.  But you would think he had.


Alphons said...

The thing about all this "racism" stuff that has been totally ignored is that when the world was much younger, millennia ago, there was no such thing.
The people who were black lived in certain areas,the people who were white also lived in certain areas,the people who were yellow did likewise as did those who were red, and those who had elongated eyes etc. etc.
Now this could not have happened by coincidence. It must have happened either by divine intent or more likely by natural selection.
What ever the reason the decision must have had purpose. People were made differently.
If people are different, then why should we not acknowledge it?
I am a Dales man, and proud of it, and I laugh with the rest when I hear "Yorkshire born and Yorkshire bred, strong in the arm and weak in the head" (because I know the truth).

Dick the Prick said...

We've moved into uncritical offence too in homophobic & racist shite - it ain't the person you call a shit stabbing nigger cunt that's the problem - not usually something that's just blurted out when the checkout assistant at Greggs forgot the mustard on your sarnie - but if one of these righteous cunt's happens to be in the vicinity when you call your homosexual friend of Afro Carribean origin a disgusting cocksucking nigga bastard out for comedy effect to the great hilarity of all concerned - but no, Tarquin Fiddlebollox takes it all on themselves to be offended on no-one else's fucking behalf. It doesn't even have to be racist or homophobic as, as detailed quite rightly in the thread - no-one has any fucking idea what that means in itself, it just has to be 'preceived' as being whatever.

What on planet fuck is a perceived crime? Back in the day that used to be guilty but without evidence so everyone kept an eye on the cunt hoping to catch the fuck in the act - scroll on however many years and evidence can go fuck itself up the shitter sans lube and careers can be ended over private conversations with chums where the only objective was to trash their mothers, lifestyle choices, partners, careers etc for total comedy effect. Blokes and girls too I guess, take great pleasure in trash talking their mates, it's a fundamental aspect of being a bloke to insult your mates - wtf, are we supposed to ask how the fucking family is and if their mother's arthritus is easing? I mean, really, we may get their after a few ales, bifters, significantly strong class A substances but I'm not in the business of hugging chums and asking about their fucking feelings. Much better to ease the stress of everyday life, in its expedience and affiliation to greet one's friends with 'how's it going you faggot nigger, managed to sort your prolapse out yet?'

As this blog demonstrates on a permanent basis - words mean things - they're tools for conveying information and context is key. 80+ percent of communication is apparently non-verbal and i've no particular reason to disclaim that so offence should bring reaction if the words used are combined with the belief or manifestation that the cunt is being discriminatory or oppressive. If, however, they're not, then it's just a fucking word.

And I don't get the 'it's okay for niggers to use the word nigger' argument too - I'm a Pikey and I can't say Pikey in non controlled situations - yet i'm a total Pikey scumbag and rather fucking proud of it; it's made me stubbourn, anti establishment, arrogant, alcoholic and able to go from nought to furious in about half a second yet apparently i've been redefined as Oirish Catholic or something - well, fuck right off. I could get sacked for answering a perfectly reasonable question so i'm duty bound to fucking lie for someone else's sensibilities - let's ignore the fucking sociocide that was enacted many times over many years because Vanessa takes issue with my 'racial stereotype' - yeah, soz Vanessa, fancy giving me a blowjob love, that'll calm you down some? Bollox.

You rightly point out - it's shit like this that gets in the way of challenging genuine discrimination, if a nigger, bird, queer, oldie et fucking cetera gets interviewed for a job at my place or is in line for a promotion and I don't give it them for something that they haven't done then I should be thrown out of the first floor window and have to move fast as my desk's getting dropped after me but calling someone a nigger, well, at worst it's shit trolling and at best it can be comedy gold.

And with that, I leave this which would undoubtedly leave bansturbators shitting bricks:

Anonymous said...

The standard definition of racism used to be something along the lines of - a person who thinks that there are discernible, quantifiable differences between the races, that these differences are genetic, and that these differences produce distinct behavioral traits.

People like me.

BTW 'Brummie trash' is the same concept which equates dogs with Irish.


Enoch said...

I am not sure that all that %-aging is totally fair. If people don't want to vote that is their concern but their failure should not be aggregated as some sort of opinion.

Nonetheless it is a storm in a pint-pot even though the disengagement with "proper" politics has turned dangerous in the past. The ugly truth may be that if the mainstream parties continue to pay lip-service to "people's concerns", nastiness may ensue again. As usual the bastards are prattling about "taking notice" and such like, and we will doubtless have some anti-gypo rules and "tightening" and bollocks such as that. What is really the problem is that we already have enough fucking stupid laws and we need drastically fewer of them, drastically fewer fuckers pontificating from the lofty height of £150kpa of my money, and some commonsense in policy areas such as health, education and transport. Look for enlightment - if enlightenment you seek - towards Finland and their approach to education.

PS There is a film about called The Finland Phenomenon - worth an hour of anyone's time. Although I seem to remember that that was what used to happen for the most part when I was a kid. So it is not that difficult, Mr Gove.

call me ishmael said...

"If people don't want to vote that is their concern but their failure should not be aggregated as some sort of opinion."

It's all in the words, as ever, mr enoch, is it a failure to vote or a decision not to vote?

The older I become the more I lean to the latter and the more, therefore, i feel that it can be aggregated into (an indication of) some sort of opinion, To an extent, I suppose, it depends upon which of many zeitgeists we inhabit. When I was younger, for instance, I thought that most people went down the pub, until I read that going down the pub was a minority pastime; when I was a bit older I felt, for quite a long time, that not to vote was to piss on the graves of the Tolpuddle Martyrs, the Suffragettes, the early Labour movement and so on; a bit older yet and I can see that not voting can actually be construed as entirely righteous, aggregateable, in fact. And in any event, as you acknowledge, it is, whatever MediaMinster would excitedly say, a storm in a demitasse, only fair to present an alternative interpretation of the statistics.

You may know that I lean, anyway, to Scandinavian solutions to the problems iof large numbers of people living together and I will look for your recommendation.

Gove, I fear, is hopeless, his back to the 'fifties mania is unrealiseable, as a less conceited man would realise in a moment. Everything is different, the teacher-pupil relatiionship differs hugely, the family differs hugely, the technological distractions and influences on both differ profoundly; the grammar school and university which I attended differ profoundly, their teachers and lecturers, even without the whirlwind in the information technology environment, are rendered, simply by societal change maladroit in comparion to those of the post-war years. The man is a fool, a jumped-up, over-opinionated Murdoch journalist, gleefully sucking spivvery's knob; the delivery of anything of value by VGove IS, actually, that difficult.

Brummie Trash, mr vincent, as far as my memory serves, is entirely apposite, these fuckers made my mother cry, that's good enough for me.

mr dtp, your irritation with the WordPolice clouds or omits the cruelty of which these people are capable, rivalries and gossip and slander often underpin their bullying denunciations, you will be too young to remember the phenomenon of Maoism which, even in 'seventies UK, fulfilled the same brutish purpose as did subsequently the larger, more widespread, anti-racist, multi-cultural, anti-discriminatory industry. I think it may have been you who suggested, here, that if you become too much of a pain in the arse, the powers that be will happily stitch you up with kiddyporn on your laptop. It is those sort of instincts which propel the WordPolice, crooked, bullying and ultimately criminal.

It is the practice of Otherism of which you complain, mr alphons, and instead of embracing or at least accepting it - diversity - we are bamboozled into thinking that this or that community of Otherness is, betimes, more important than others, hence the Gay Community, the Black Community, the Islamic Community, the Disabled Community, the Irish Community and so on. Even though there is only one community, these differentiations ensure that it will never amalgamate, cohere and revolt. That is the biggest crime of the WordPolice, that they hold Villainy's coat, rather than each others locked arms.

yardarm said...

It`s Media Minster distracting us with its soft shoe shuffle of ninnies burbling about naughty words, bedwetters gabbling about obesity, buffoons like Farrage and Salmond prating about a destiny which never was ours and never will be.

In the meantime GlobaCorp picks our pockets and its twin sister, the national security state quietly tightens the shackles.

Anonymous said...


Yes a third of a third is indeed a ninth, the fraction of the electoral register that voted UKIP.
However, the number of council seats being voted for is entirely irrelevant to calculating the proportion of the public that voted.
You should refrain from obfuscation if you wish to be believed.

callmeishmael said...

And so, mr anonymous, should you. My numbers are correct, more or less, they are not to a decimal point, but the facts remain, two thirds did not vote for any of them, which means that overall the national support for Mr Fruitcake is as meagre as I suggest, unless you infer that those whose disapproval of party politics extends to their rejection are of less importance than the deluded, those who believe, those who worship, digitally, at MediaMinster, mindless children of GlobaCorp.

Perhaps you would argue that because a majority of those who buy newspapers buy the Sun they therefore reflect the national mood or opinion - if so, I cannot help you nor any of the other half-a-persons currently so excited by Mr Winston Nouvelle.

As to my wish to be believed, I think that is most impertinent of you, either that or you confuse me with some other form of life, a clergyperson, perhaps, a politician or a whore; my wish is to set down my thoughts and share them; some they entertain, some they reassure, some they amuse and some, like you, they provoke; belief isn't on offer and if you are disappointed I suggest you collect a refund on the way out, if, that is, you, yourself, wish to be believed.

I am not an apostrophe jihadist and I rarely correct mistakes in others' comments but, seeing as how it's you, your opening sentence reveals a complete misunderstanding, a ninth of the electoral roll did not vote for a life on Planet Fruitcake, it was a ninth of those eligible to vote in that election, in other words, a twenty-seventh of the electoral roll. Happy multiplying and dividing.

write van man bsc sociology, ba philsophy - mature graduate of kickoff college cambridge said...

this may be challenging...

but imagine a world where some hundreds of millions of blacks had never been murdered by whites...

and where whites had only ever treated blacks with nothing but civility, decency, love and affection...

in other words, subtract all the historical horror from your consciousness and now imagine the effect of a white man using the no-no-not-ever nadir-of-negativity, the napalm word against a black man, even perhaps in malice, and i would speculate, despite it not being my place, through force of extreme bygone events, to judge the feelings of someone who lives in another skin-tone, that the taboo word in question would carry little-or-no weight and be more-or-less a non-word in terms of verbal weaponry, so-to-speak. you see, surely it's the deluge of blood which occasions a racial epithet to become the straw which can break a black man's back and not the actual word, which in itself, consisting of a couple of non-definitive syllabic grunts, means nothing, philosophically-speaking, when stood alone as pitch-points on a phonic scale with no shared or communicative value - much like, i suppose, a western cartoon ridiculing the prophet mohammed would largely be ignored by muslims, or treated as simple foolery, were relationships between christian and muslim countries completely cordial, and not irreparably soured by the intense current emotions generated as a result of the on-going religious wars through which our western governments have hatefully sought to suppress and exterminate peoples who live in islamic cultures.

so in a strictly intellectual sense i would propose that it's the actions and intentions of the speaker which convey the brunt of meaning whilst the word itself is merely the arbitrary envelope that carries the message - and in this sense it is as pointless to shoot the messenger, as it is to shoot a word, unless there is just, non-verbal cause so to do in order to effect unavoidable physical self-defence...

...nevertheless, with due respect to the above conclusions and forensic semantic analysis, i am, when perchance engaged in any effervescent road-rage confrontation involving a six-foot-something angry black man who has just jumped out of a rival white-van with which my own has had the misfortune to collide, in the confirmed habit of religiously avoiding the use of racialized vocabulary which might accidentally be deemed derogatory, as i find from experience that to preface the use of such dicey expressions with an in-depth explanation of ludwig wittgenstein's theory of linguistic semantics with reference to its specific impact on the arbitrary contextual nature of the relationship between words and meaning such that language units taken in abstraction possess absolutely no inherent meaning of their own, is a course of action which generally proves to be totally counterproductive, time-consuming and accrues a relatively high probability of one receiving a completely non-abstract non-metaphysical non-arbitrary punch in the head - this itself being an action which, in the context of the opposing interlocutor discovering his vehicle to have suffered a severely crumpled rear-wing, can paradoxically constitute a form of non-verbal emotional communication often achieving a level of succinctness far greater than is possible with words.

of course, being a committed advocate of equal opportunities, i have, as a prelude to using concise and colourful language, also previously attempted the wittgenstein approach on six-foot-something angry white white-van men, but have, as yet, tragically failed to engage a single one of them in any meaningful philosophical discourse.

write van man said...

tell you what tho' - if i saw obama drivin' a transit down tottenham court road i'd ram 'im right up the arse the cunt. nothing personal like, but i 'ate fords me. fuckin' american trash-can technology. drive like ten-ton fuckin' tanks, an' they don't pay their workers their pensions neither. solidarity with the dagenham oaps, yeah. fmc stick it up yer arse, fucking mean cunts.

callmeishmael said...

All that is approximately true, mr wvm, about the words Paddy or Taffy or Hymie or Kike or Wop or any of them, all are freighted with oppression and offence and suffering, nigger is just one of them, the current one and I would disarm it, as we must, as you say it's only a word, regardless of how anyone chooses to hear it, Obama leaving aside his global depradations, oppresses his own, imported blacks with savage ferocity, and whilst we all dutifully run around bleating about the n-word he gets away with it, did you read what's happening to the largely black pridon population in California, now, that's proper niggerism, government style; do you know what our squaddies did in Iraq, that's proper niggerism, too, OK lads, do the torture, that's fine, but be linguistically proper. You're too smart for that, mr wmv, to take arms against a sea of epithets, whilst folks of all colours are being tortured to death, or worse.

bartalk - prince of free lunches said...

to free, or not to free? that is the question...

whether ’tis savvier in the long-term to pardon manning's mouth and release him from outrageous confinement in fort leavenworth...

or look a complete fascist cunt for the rest of my after-dinner career in public-speaking?

you're either for the race-war or against it said...

it must be crystal clear to anyone with any viable degree of intelligence that the 'niggers' in mr ishmael's essays are aimed directly and squarely at those persons inducted into polite non-nig-nog society who shamelessly back the global race-war (as religiously re-revved by the blairs and the obamas, our so-called socially conscious class-leaders) whilst continuing, cocooned in their cruel cloud of conceit, to sip sip away at their earl-grey blends and fairtrade kenyan cappuccinos, posing righteously on the nicely trimmed wog-free lawns of their cozy country retreats from bloody reality - they just don't like 'niggers' up 'em, or so they'd have us believe, and are quibblingly obsessive in socially censoring the 'way that we say it' to smoothly distract attention from the truly truly discomforting problem, which is: 'what is being said'... actually it's mostly whiter-than-white whites who are squirming about 'the language'...

...and also of course those ideologically superior blacker-than-black blacks, who've got so much of their lives and souls irrevocably invested in the eternal race-war and the promotion of their banging bourgeouis pop-idols, such as tony blair or barak obama, that they would simply stand to lose far far too much of their sad-social status and ill-bred crumbs of income than they could possibly possibly bear to lose, were they not obediently to join-up with the white-hot mob of word-firepersons who silently rent rooms next to dissident bloggers, like mr ishmael, reporting back assiduously and dutifully to their high political spy-masters on every last word and fart and turd, examined re-examined and analyzed from every conceivable angle through an awsome array of paranoid-state-sanctioned digital surveillance equipment, and then networking amongst fellow fanatics in local neighbourhoods and government institutions to ensure that the existence of those, like mr ishmael, who expressly deny this legalized cult of death-by-democracy, is fucked-up to high-heaven, irredeemably disrupted, together with that of all emotionally connected family and friends.

and these guys consider themselves normal...?

so the way i see it, those who justify any possible means to defend the reputation of their personal pet-politician or president against criticism, or see fit to jump on a single trigger-expression as an expedient excuse for ostracizing a complainant, regardless of the critical content of the complaint, are all fully paid-up supporters and zealous proponents of the endless race-war they by default are failing to condemn, and as regards the race-warleading establishment figures themselves, whom these police-state-servicing sheep so love to mythologize and far as i'm concerned, mr ishmael can continue happily niggering the nails down on the lids of their political coffins ad infinitum, ad fucking nauseum.

obama - the only president in history who, with a wave of his magic wand, has both ended wars and started them at the time without anyone noticing any change said...

he loves africans does obama - since 2006 he and his predecessor have incited christian africans to fight muslim africans in somalia, and has successfully produced bitter civil-war where there was none, together with a hardcore islamic extremist resistance.

this conflict has caused religious unrest which has spread across the entire african continent, disastrously involving kenya and uganda, and in turn precipitating civil-wars in nigeria and the central african republic.

he's effectively destroyed libyan society.

now he's reneging on his promise to withdraw united states troops from afghanistan in 2014 - namely, by leaving almost ten thousand soldiers there, presumably to perform intermittent ritual sacrifice-by-drone of men, women and children amongst the afghan and pakistani civilian population, primarily in order to appease hardline republican politicians in america who really dig that sorta thing.

this all constitutes deliberate cia destabilization of the middle-east and africa in order to achieve military superiority and effect economic exploitation.

obama - the only president in history who, with a simple wave of his magic wand, has both ended wars and started them at the same time without anyone noticing any fucking change said...


call me ishmael said...

My van, when I had a van, was a Citroen Relay and it was tourquoise, clean and shiny, too; white vans are so, I dunno, common.

And in any event it is amazing what you could get inside and on the top of a big Volvo estate. I and I think many people thought that the best use of Transits was for carrying bank robbers to their gig.

If I had a van now it would be a Mercedes Sprinter. Dunno what Fords are good for, fuck all I expect, cheap, nasty and throwaway. I had a GT Cortina and it was fucking rubbish, badly designed and carelessly manufactured, I had a three-litre Capri that was a death trap, the whole body twisted and turned if you put your foot down and I had a Granada that fell to pieces around me. Good for fleet buyers, I suppose, discounted from cheap anyway, used on motorways all day long. Haven't owned one for decades but have one supplied, now and again, as a discourtesy car, wouldn't have one as a gift. And that's without Ford's mutual admiration society with Mr A Hitler.