Monday, 5 March 2012




Orchestrated by skymadeupnewsandfilth, the nation is about to enter one its fits of   phony moralising;  the two creeps who picked the rucksack of the student - technically robbery, I suppose, but more like sneak thievery - are about to join  the ranks of the Great Train Robbers,  the Moors Murderers and Fred and Rosemary West.  Wasn't them who injured the guy,  they just displayed the morality of the average cabinet minister, but Fuck me, Jesus,  are they about to be shit on. Mr Justice Slag is going to kick their arses and the ethicists of the press,  boozy filthsters like Paul Dacre,  will be calling for their blood.

Meanwhile the Iraqi boy who lost his limbs and his parents has still lost his limbs and his parents


and the man who made it all possible still swans about hoovering up bribes from WarCorp.  Or peace-making, as it's called in the  trade. Steal a little and they throw you in jail, steal a lot and they make you a king.


Mike said...

We can only hope that in the dark, sleepless, early hours a little worm is gnawing away at Tone's ego - "Tony, you were wrong".

He looks increasingly haunted, does Tone. Its the only justice he will get on this Earth.

P T Barnum said...

You are more generous than I, Mr Mike. I see a warmonger tired from his ceaseless efforts to provoke a reaction from Iran which will permit a swift sturm und drang with all the bestest and shiniest toys in the arms' dealers' shops. Obama is doing his best to wind the Iranians up but his autocue reading ain't doing the job fast enough to 'save the economy/world' (delete as appropriate).

yardarm said...

Fuck me with a wet stone, who is it that actually pays Blair and for what ? Can it be for the geopolitical acumen that took us into two wars on a turn up and see what happens basis ? Or the economic presience that led him to preside over a colossal debt bubble and an out of control financial sector ?

No doubt he ' maximises his tax efficiency '. Seeing as he snivelled to Murdoch and freeloaded off Berlusconi he`s had the opportunity to learn from the Masters. He isn`t the first former Prime Minister to whore himself out but this clown, as politicians retire much earlier than they used to, will set the bar for an army of slimy wannabes.

Some of the loot will be accounted for by public speaking although most of us would pay for the cunt to be struck dumb when we recall those smarmy, cheesy buzzwords: 'modernisation...change...reform ' stimulating the Pavlovian response of checking if you still had your wallet.

Remember this utter sleazebag started his damned career as an obscure and mediocre ambulance chaser then parlayed said damned career into a golden opportunity to ' line his cuntish pockets ' as Stan put it.

Blair is living refutation of the old saw ' you can`t polish a turd '. He is one turd that has been polished to a high gloss. He may be polished but he still fucking stinks.

Nograp said...

You can not say all these things against a mam who is Right Honourable!!!!

call me ishmael said...

We mustn't, though, give him, Cardinal Blair, too much credit, the whole putrid gang of them - aside from Dipso Kennedy's Libdems, and, in passing, I can't see Sarah Shitface Tether or Vince Cable voting against an attack on Iran - the whole shower lined-up behind the dossiers of a man who they knew to be an utter bastard, the poor, compassionate, alcoholic, manic depressive bullyboy Ali Campbell.

Funny how the listings of the sins of the Last Lot are confined to the faiures to regulate the Spivs, there is never a mention from the Tories about the Iraq atrocity, and no right wing commentator - all of them - ever mentions the praise they all heaped upon the Iron Chancellor, Mr Prudence Snot.

Be interesting to see what Mr Justice Slag has to say to these two jokers.

yardarm said...

Yes, this shower were as guilty as Prime Quisling Jug Ears for Iraq, led by Lance Corporal Tojo Smith, all sweaty and eager to prove they were good little bumboys for Dubya and GlobaCorp, betraying oaths, duty and consciences instead of voting for Blair`s impeachment. And as you say, they may well be pulling a similiar stunt themselves with Iran.

Oppositions and government, two cheeks of the same fetid arse collaborating as handmaidens in the Temple of Ruin, who couldn`t hold a proper job even under this Workfare shit so they become MPs: Suitfare. Their icon has a cheesy smirk and jug ears and pockets so well lined they have a TOG rating.

And Campbell ? Is it me or is it every time I turn on the telly its either him or Brillo or fuck help us, Kelvin Mackenzie ? I`m hoping one day to see Campbell fall off the waggon, appear on interviews pissed out of his head, tearfully accepting blame for his sins. But I won`t hold my breath.

mongoose said...

Well, I yield to no-one, Mr I, in my earnest desire to see Blather hanging from a tree in Hyde Park. Surely though the very definition and essence of cunthood is to find an injured person in the street and to take advantage of their injured status by robbing them.

Mike said...

I'm with you Mr Mongoose.

The fact that Blair should be nailed by his elbows doesn't excuse these scumbags.

There is no relativity.

call me ishmael said...

Just commenting on the relativity of offending behaviour, steal a little and they throw you in jail, steal a lot and they make you a king. On tghe scale of things, these two scrotes, shocking as it all is, are petty offenders.