Thursday, 1 March 2012


 Happily matried brawler, Mr Eric Joyce, MP,
is accused of having an affair with Ms  Meg Laude, then 17,below.

 after she assisted him in his 2010 election campaign.

We asked the BBC's Mr  Pretend Politics,Andrew Scab, below,
 what he thiought of Joyce's behaviour.

I think that public persons engaging in  age-inappropriate sexual  relationships are one of the signs
 of a society heading towards  Ruin.  Did I mention that I went to Glasgow University?


the noblest prospect said...

I suppose that'll mean another seat on the shitter for Fat Eck, then?

call me ishmael said...

Most likely, mr tnp. Another boost Chairman MaoTse Salmond's ego.

Although, according to Jock Newsnight, the ink is nearly dry on some cobbled-up Devo plus/max/economy size deal which he might go for, rather than lose a referendum. But it was only Iain McWhirter blethering and he makes Kelvin McKenzie look like a journalist.

I ordered the Ashton book on Megrahi from Amazon and as soon as I get it I'll let you know what's in it of interest to we Scots.

the noblest prospect said...

In all the acts of Ruin currently being staged this, for me, is by far the juiciest. This is the double live greatest hits album.

Fat Eck got the compassionate grounds showboating rights as long as he stopped the appeal. The yanks could never have sold the PTA.

Even if Kennyboy gets his jotters the show must go on.

Aye, as we've agreed before, the third option and the latrines stay open for them all.

Woman on a Raft said...

I keep reading her name as Maulde Leg.

It seems like such a long time ago that young women with poor sense used to run off with long-haired young men who fronted popular beat combos.

Now, there's a terrible risk of them turning up with Andrew Neil or Mike Fucking Handy Fucking Cock or this charmer and saying "You'll get on well with my dad. You'll have so much in common". (I don't think so darling.)

Then the Saga lout will settle himself in YOUR chair and help himself to YOUR whisky and accept being waited on by YOUR wife, who goes along with the madness because she doesn't want to fall out with the girl and just hopes that she'll come to her senses in a few weeks.

In the meantime there's a giant fat cuckoo in the nest, doing its best to shove the rightful inhabitants out.

I'm not entirely sure who to blame. Is it something to do with the young men not realizing that if they don't get on with it, all the girls are going to be grabbed by the Huhnes, Nigerian scammers etc?

call me ishmael said...

Ouch! Don't tell me that love hur4ts, read the book, I saw the movie, got the tee-shirt.

I have had that person sitting in my chair,drinking my whisky; sounds like aybe you have, too, mrs woar.

Woman on a Raft said...

Luckily not my chair but observed close by.

There seems to be alotofitabout and it can't even be explained as it was in both the immediate post-war eras which temporarily reduced the number of young males.

So I don't know what's going on, but I think it is more than a trick of the light in my corner of the universe.

Not much comfort, but your experience was not unique, not personal except in the sense that cuckoos know where to lay their eggs.

jgm2 said...

There must be some window of opportunity there for predatory 50-something men. Just as boys have an Oedipus Complex that manifests itself in being attracted to older women when their hormones are still raging I think girls have a similar 'urge' although I can't remember the name (Google break...) ahhh the Electra Complex.

Hence these young kids showing up with men old enough to be their father. My daughter is fast approaching the age when I can look forward with dread to her bringing home somebody my own age. I shall need to get a Sweeney Todd chair installed.

'Ahh, yes and you're 'Dave' are you? Forty Eight? Really? Just sit yourself down here...'

Anonymous said...

"Age-inappropriate"; what little stasi Town Council pamphlet did you get that phrase from, Mr I?

Fuck intolerance, in all its forms!

call me ishmael said...

I think they all use it, mr edgar,part of the sterilisatin of decent righteous outrage at older, powerful men abusing younger women - Clinton,Prescott, any of the fuckers, all the way back to Cristine Keeler, and teh |Tory opress scapegiating Her for John Profumo's errant cock. Anybody tells me that it's ok - fucking Tolerable - for this cunt to be knobbing a young girl can have a punch in the fucking mouth. How does noncing apologist sound, in the lexicon of intolerance, mr edgar? Suprised at you, talking shit like that.

call me ishmael said...

Oh, yes, and we should we be tolerant of the bloated dingleberry, Kelvin McKenzie and his drooling customer cunthead morons drooling over the countdown to Charlotte Church's sixteenth birthday, tolerance being everything. |Women and children first, that's the mark of civiisation, a duty of care, that's the sign of tolerance, self- restraint around the vulnerable or the hormone-led, that's what we should inculcate, not fucking Rablelaisian child-fucking.

Dr Yllek, formerly of this Earth said...

Mr. Ish, in case you were perchance contemplating some brand new Ruin serial, entitled, say.... 'Dispatches from Kuntistan', here is my modest proposal for the imaginary 1st episode...
President of Kuntistan speaks out

lilith said...

A person I know left his wife of 30+ years for one of his daughters friends. The daughter has not spoken to him since and his son went mad. Harm no one?

Agatha said...

There are two categories of persons who advocate for age-inappropriate relationships,Mr. Edgar. The first category comprises the young people who have engaged in relationships with older people or who would like to, being misled by wealth, power and status into overcoming their revulsion for old flesh, old music and hardened attitudes. The second category are the nonces themselves. Or those who would like to engage in noncing. Young men may be inarticulate, poor, still enjoying hanging with other young men - but they are more likley to still be alive to bring up their children and to take a significant role in grand-parenting their children's offspring. Old blokes don't even want children, as they like their comforts too much. Simple biology indicates that cross- generational liaisons are not a great idea for the future of the human race. As Benedict says in Much Ado About Nothing: "The world must be peopled".