Thursday, 15 March 2012


In  fact they're worse than Pikeys, says former Goldman Sachs executive, Mr John GreedyBastard, below,

  in a letter to the New York FilthAfter twelve years of greedybastarding the shamed banker has quit in disgust at himself.  The banking community, he says in his open letter, are shameless, lawless, greeedy fucking shitpigs,  they have no morals, no manners,  they are vulgar and overdressed in showy clothes and flashy watches, they drive vulgar cars and their children are fucking little monsterbastards,  their women are stupid sluts,

 NewPikeys, living it up at our expense.

goodforfuckall  and everywhere they go the lives of decent people are fucked up by their filthy, thieving ways;  they produce nothing of any value to society and are motivated only by greed and hatred. And they get everywhere, the filthy fucking bastards are in the White House, in Downing Street, in fact, there are bankers running every govament in the Western world.

Pikeys visit their Washingtom HQ,  below.

Just you do as we tellya, boy, and we'll cross yer palm with whitefolks' silver.

Big,  fat gipsy stitch-up

Mr JP Morgan-Tinker and his bride at the White House


And the thing that really fucks me off, continued the former filthster, is that when you try to get these verminous fucking throwbacks to behave themselves, you know, stop stealing things, start paying taxes and stop shitting over everything they say that if we don't watch out  they'll put a curse on us, take their foul traditions, their scrubbers and their nasty feral little bastards away, to some other country.  As though that wouldn't be just the best thing that could ever happen.


yardarm said...

They are all that Mr Ishmael and more but only if they were just bankers working in mere banks, then they might be containable.

Since Big Bang banks have mutated into monsters, hydra, involved in brokerage, fund management, hedge funds and Christ knows what. All in a quarter of a century. Like some hellish monster in a fucking Quatermass film. Too big to fail.

So banker is an archaic term used to describe one involved in the creation and transfer of funds, assets, currencies, commodities in a myriad of ways. Personally, I term them dosh jugglers. Basically most seem to be data entry clerks/call centre operators, honourable jobs done by thousands so why should banking regard itself as an elite ?

Because bankers regard themselves as an elite; their pay is ' compensation ' their pay structure a ' reward model ', activities cloaked in jargon such as leverage, arbitrage. And if they are compensated so richkly then they must have deserved it, a view shared by politicons and Mediaminster who laud them as wealth creators, entrepreneurs,vital to national survival.

Such is their bullshit; CDO`S, SIV`S, and the speed of satellite and fibre optic communications, allied to a massive increase in computing power they have long been beyond regulation. Indeed, one reason for the Great Tits Up of 2008 was that the bankers had no idea what was going on in their own banks and how much of the debt they created could turn Frankenstein`s Monster on them.

The City of London is easily the most influential institution in the country, dwarfing even Rupe in his pomp. Accustomed to light touch regulation since the Conqueror exempted them from Domesday, their own man in the Commons, own police force, a PR fund worth untold billions and business votes, allowing oligarchs, sheikhs and Mafioso a say in its running. The Chancellor reports to them every year at the Mansion House. With offshoots in Canary Wharf and Mayfair, not to mention Britain`s large archipelago of offshore tax havens, the City has mutated from a sliver of central London into a global entity.

The Lord Mayor, far from being some silly cunt in robes, part of Heritage UK is the Ambassador for the City; by tradition even the Monarch has to ask his permission to enter its precincts. He attracts dosh to the City by stressing its values; quasi autonomus status at the heart of London, no effective regulation, penumbra of parasitical services such as legal and accounting, the tax havens and Britain`s low tax regime. Low for them.

No politician dares to question the City. Cameron and Osbum went to school and Uni with City figures, their party is heavily funded by them, they socialise with them. Their genuflecting before the chair polishers is perfectly natural. Blair empathized with the greed. Now Gordon Lumphead, in opposition growled about tax havens and non doms but in office he was the perfect City sock puppet, as was his catamite Balls.

They split regulatory functions in `97, lauded and praised the City and bailed it out in the Great Tits Up. A dishonourable mention for Ole Spunky for abolishing Glass Steaghal: and Obamarama hasn`t restored it, has he ?

And their threats to take their dosh and juggle it elsewhere are so much PR bollocks; I`m more concerned they`ll deport me somewhere else. I fear we are stuck with the fuckers, Mr Ishmael.

P T Barnum said...

If we abolished (with or without lamp-posts and piano wire) our political system and binned the obscenity of crony capitalism (as I believe the term has it) - a mighty 'if' I know - and replaced them with sensible things like Friendly Societies and Credit Unions, would the old institutions eventually return? Is there some kind of gravitational pull which draws together those of a morally bankrupt disposition and allows them to blindside the less motivated, less stealthy and less driven who just want to live a quiet life of their choosing? In short, is any revolution doomed to fail because such people will always be amongst us?

call me ishmael said...

If resignation were king, mr yardarm, we'd still be in the sea, or in slavery or serfdom or owned by robber barons or unenfranchised in rotten boroughs. I don't know what we can do about the sophisticated oppression which you so comprehensively describe and I don't think we, blethering here, will do anything much but maybe the young will grasp mr ptb's and mr mongoose's piano wire and string a few of the bastards up. I am fairly sure that nothing will happen without such a revolt. I am also fairly sure that if it doesn't happen, the species, within a relatively short time will be doomed.

By the same token, I don't know if we will be forever blindsided by the guile of mutantgreed, the spin of the rotten. It seems to me that almost every avenue in cyberspace is thronged with people from right and left who despise all the political institutions which a minority tells us are indispensible to civilisation.

There has seldom been such consistent and sustained exposure of rottenness - TroughingGate, the so-called credit-crunch, the EuroFarce, warcrimes against the ayrab, bankers bungs, the noncing monsignors, Guantanamo, the imminent exposure of Lockerbie, Leveson. Surely, mr ptb, this must galvanise those less weary than we. Mustn't it?
If it doesn't then they will deserve what they get and Fuck 'em. Let them sharpen sticks and sit by flickering fires, burning air-dried turds.

Mike said...

Mr I: I've just returned from a trip to SE Asia. Not suprisingly, I heard no mention of Europe, or even the US. What a relief. I do admire the ancient civilisations of SE Asia - much older than Europe, and the Bhuddist tradition truly seems to make most people happy and friendly. Its normal to walk the streets at night without fear. The tectonic plates have moved; the EU/US can continue to digest itself; the future is elsewhere.

call me ishmael said...

Thanks, mr mike. I am readng, amongst other things, The Story of Tibet -Conversations with the Dalai Lama. I don't know if a constantly reincarnated spiritual leader is better or worse than the Firm of Windsor and its multiplicity of entitlements but I suspect it is much as you say. I guess, too, that the Western interest in Eastern thinking, kicked-off by the Beats in the Forties and Fifties is, generally speaking, on the wane, subsumed into Consumerism and the Buddhism of Richard Gere and the intolerable preaching harpy, Annie Lennox, all that crew of Showbiz Dharma Bums.

Your premier down there doesn't sare your affection, though, for difference and Otherness, does she, insisting that WASPISHNESS is the one true faith and that newly arrived nignogs had better knuckle down and worship money just like they were Welsh Presbyterians.

It is an interesting conundrum, the upcoming trouble between Jesus and Confucian Marxism, both of them nuked-up, so to speak; between the Tao and Wall Street.

They are all belief systems aren't they, orchestrated by a priest caste and say what we will about the ancientness of those Eastern cultures, Ravi Shankar makes me smile but Mozart makes me weep; I am of the Wild West.

Woman on a Raft said...

What I really want to know is what prompted his outburst. He can't possibly have seriously believed that guff about service and the customer and yet there's not a glimpse of his own hump. He seems really to have believed himself to be the natural successor to Mr Mainwaring.

It is usually somebody being frustrated in a promotion which brings their ego bellowing out of the forest where it has allegedly been tending the sick and putting baby birds back in their nests.

Holroyd said...

Just before St. Tony came walking amongst us I saw a very interesting but badly put together web site. (
I recently went and had another look and found that it had been slightly updated at some point in the intervening years. It is slightly surprising the way things have worked out up to now.

call me ishmael said...

Thanks but I feel it is still badly put-together, mr holroyd,too busy, too many colours, too many instructions for my taste (I am of an old race, who could read before school and to whom the word and the odd image are not only sufficient but elegant) and aimed at a congregation less cynical than we who foregather here, all of whom are well able to distinguish what's real from what is not. But good luck to him or her anyway; the more the merrier, in this Hellhole of Ruin.

call me ishmael said...

Who knows, mrs woar, what fuelled him but it is - like himself, no doubt - a bit rich. For chutzpah, it reminds of Marty and Gerry setting themselves up as conflict resolutioners; Tony Blair being a Man of Peace; Liberal Democrats being liberal and Barack Obama getting the Nobel Peace Prize. Quite normal, actually.

Woman on a Raft said...

BTW, Mr Ish - I wasn't paying attention in 1977 when they launched Voyager 1, but the telly has just reminded everyone that on the Golden Record they put Mozart and Chuck Berry (Johnny B. Goode).

So if the aliens ever come to play the record they will hear the two tracks you have recommended. This presupposes they have ears but you've got to have faith in evolution.