Thursday, 10 November 2016


Elderly light entertainer, Mr Bruce Beardsteen - famous, long ago, for singing about being with his baby, in his car - was inconsolable. Oh man, he roared at a crowd of his culturally retarded supporters, Oh man, this isn't what Rock'n'Roll is meant to be about.  Hillary Trousers is the great Rock'n'Roll chick, right, and just what this country needed.  I mean, she just owns that stage, right? shimmyin' across that space, in her sexy little pants suit, she just owns it,  an' that thing she does, of just pointin' at some random face in the crowd and grinnin',  man,  like a monkey havin' hisself a wank, right?

that's just the coolest, most insincerest thing ever. Pure showbiz. Man, she's hot, that Hillary Trousers, an' as I said in one of my platinum-sellin' odes to dumb workin' people, Tramps like us, Baby  She Was Born T'run, ooh-ooh  ooh-oooooooh, oh-oh-oh-oh. And her ole man, Spunky Bill, man, he plays a cool sax.  Spunky Bill is just so cock'n'roll, I mean Rock, Rock'n'Roll, shit, man, course I do. 

Thass OK, Bruce, cock's fine by me.
Y'wanna suck mine a little bit,
stick a ceegar up yer asshole, mebbe.
Thank you, Mr President Spunky Bill.
It'd be my honour.

Friends, lemme tell ya. 
 I bin singin' about blue collar Americans for fifty years, made me a fuckin' fortune, actually,  those lame, lovesick  shitbrain Woody Guthrie caricatures I sung about, but as fer them dudes havin' the vote, I dunno how smart that is.  I mean, there just ain't no way a knowin' if they'll vote how they're told.
Man, I'm just so fucked-up about Hillary not gettin' in the White House, 

an' us all - me, 

 that great Limey bore, Sting, 

my good friend, the Nobel laureate, Bob Dylan.  Litter-ah-ture.  A fine, fine thing.
Yeah, yeah, it is a shame there wasn't no books written last year.
 Or poems. 
Or plays.
Hey, Bobby, y'wanna suck my dick, 
mebbe in the Oval Office.
 I bet you'd like that.
an' Lady Gaga 

- sittin' around  jammin' some cool stuff  and doing a few lines of Bolivian vitamin supplement, only not  SpunkyBill, of course, what with his heart condition.

Mr  Bruce Boss, superstar, liberal and political scientist  then climbed on  top of a piano,

 leapt onto the stage, broke his hip and was helicoptered away to a private light entertainers' super  (no poor folks allowed) hospital.  ObamaCare, asked Mr Beard's manager, ObamaCare? Yer shittin' me, right?

My fellow motherfuckers. 
So y'all changed, in just eight years,  from Hope to Dope, from Change to Strange. Y'all gone fer Mexicanism, instead of the normal, decent American way of bombin' niggers abroadism, torturin' their asses in Gitmo - a great, great American institution, the envy of the water-boardin' community - an' shootin' them lazy cocksuckers down on they own streets.

Who'm I pointin at?  Fucked if I know.
Is it some nigger?

 I mean, my fellow motherfuckers, ain't it enough that we let 'em sing about We Shall Overcome;

I  mean, what more do they want?  
They don't expect to actually overcome, and be like us white folks, do they? They'd have nothin' to sing about, in them Lord-Amighty-Hear-Me-Lord gospel choirs they all like so much.
No, no, they got it all wrong, them troublemakers; 
 Black Lives Do matter, just not all of 'em.  

Take me, f'rinstance, 
me an' 'Chelle, an our two little wossanames - they girls, right?  daughters? anyone know what their names are? -  it's obvious that our lives matter, but some lazy nigger down on Main Street? Well whaddathey expect but that some KayKayKay patriot in a cop uniform is just gonna shoot 'em dead.  I mean, they're only jumped-up slaves, ain't they, formerly owned by great American bankin' families, to whom we all owe just so doggone much. 
Our magnificcnt lawnforcement gays're are just kinda correctin' some  regrettable historical mistakes. 

Did I say gays, back there?
Lawnforcement gays?  
Well, whatever, we all using the same toilets, now, ain't we?  An' like it says in the Constitution, gender is just a spectrum, right? So if ya feelin' like y'all is a woman, today, even though you ain't, why you now gotta legal right to go in the ladies' shithouse, pull yer pecker out and piss up the wall; yeah, an' any a them straight bitches complain, well we gonna throw them in jail. 
That's inclusive LGBTQism right there; some big trucker wanna go in the ladies restroom an' wave his dick around, why that's his God-given right.
This is one of the major issues in the election.
Y'all gotta vote for important stuff, like this. 
Thassright, Madam Secketarry, a big smile for the faggots.
Yeah, and the dykes, too. 
Right and those recreational-gender-choice freaks.
Y'know, Mr President, back in the day, in Arkansas, me an' Bill, we'd a fried those sick freaks. Now here I am, kissin' their asses, or whatever they got down there, where the Sun don't shine, fucked if I know. 
Chrissakes, I wish I was at home now with Huma, 'stead a playin' housemother and role model to every crazy, fucked-up, psycho degenerate in the country. These fuckers ain't even gay most of 'em, they just want something to bitch about.

One last thing, right, that I'm gonna do - well you're all gonna do, cos it's you suckers is gonna pay for it - what I'm gonna do is reimburse all our friends in the world's best dictatorships for all the money they donated to Hillary Trousers in order to buy the American election; yeah, Saudis, Qataris, Bahrainis, yeah, all them head-choppin',  wimmen-stonin' great democracies like that, 

they all paid Hillary's election expenses.  

This display is brought to you by Global Friends of Hillary

I mean, all them sheikh folks buyin' themselves the White House.  How good is that?  

Wossat? Illegal?
  Ragheads and financial terrorists owning our fine system a check's'n'balances?  
Shit, no that ain't illegal. Well not in  any sense of people being arrested. An' even if it is, legal an' illegal don't mean nothin' to Hillary. She just kinda transcends shit like legal and illegal. Yeah, thassright, cos she got a vagina.

Well, tell y'all the truth, I never did like the  bitch but they had me over a barrel, back then, eight years ago.
To get ridda her  I hadda pay-off  all her election debts, promise to give her the job at State, yeah, where she criminally erased all the emails, done deals with crooks who was bribin' her an Spunky Bill, got our folks killed all over the world. yeah and that Chelsea, too, the daughter, yeah, I know, a hundred thousand  dollars fer a Chelsea speech

 from the UK DailyMail

Revealed: Chelsea Clinton earned an annual salary of $600,000 at NBC News even though she is barely on the air and the show she was working for has been cancelled

  • Chelsea Clinton joined NBC in 2011 but her last segment aired in January
  • Contract switched from annual to month-to-month because she will not stay with the network if her mother runs for president
  • Was originally a special correspondent for Rock Center with Brian Williams but the show went off the air in June 2013
  • Also unclear if she will continue making the infrequent taped segments after she gives birth this fall
  • News of her salary came the morning after she attended a charity function wearing leather pants, a Chanel necklace and Christian Louboutin heels
  • She and her husband bought a $10.5million apartment last spring

 an' the dumb shitfaced cow ain't never done nothin', 

 cooden find the hole in her own ass, 

 yeah and then once I got rid of Hillary I hadda promise to support her campaign this time round. 

Why? Well, my fellow motherfuckers, if a haddena done that then you mighta learned shit about me that it's best you didden a done.  Best for me, anyhow.
Now that she done lost you might do anyways.  I kept my end of the deal, though;  ain't my fault if the people  hate her rotten guts, is it? Sorry, I don't mean hate her rotten guts, I mean imprison her underneath a glass ceiling. 

That ole glass ceiling, that there's the villain of the piece. Hadden oughta be no choice, if a women is runnin' fer office, even a mangy, decrepit, delusional  ole crook like Hillary Trousers, why, everybody should just be forced to vote fer her ass. Otherwise what's the point of democracy?
 But really, just between you and me, that's why she really lost, 
 it's cos she's a  fucking monster. 
An', my fellow motherfuckers, she was good fer Jack Shit  as Secketarry of State, spent all her time hustlin' bribes from sheiks and tyrants and plottin' her campaign to be President Trousers, Secketarry of State my sweet white ass.

Vote fer Seckaterry Trousers, motherfuckers,
she da real thing.

Well it don't bother me none, I'm minted, as they say in Limeyland.  I done such good work for  the country's banks that I ain't never gonna have to work again. Thassright, not one a them financial terrorists going to jail;  many of 'em even coming to work in the White House.  Poor folks? Well them sonsafuckinbitches are always complaining.  Niggers?  They always bitchin', too. Okay?  Now 'sone last thing I gotta do - 'part from showing my fellow tycoon,  Mr Comb-Over, around the White House - and that's to pay back to the sheiks and despots all the money they done give President Trousers.

I mean, they paid good money to buy this election and this great country of theirs, I mean ours,  and now they just gonna have to stand in line, like any ordinary State Department war criminal and wait their turn. Or get to the back of the queue fer everythin' like the Brits have to. Fuckin' Brits' who do they think they are?  That's more people, right there, that's more people just not votin' like they bin told. But it seems kinda unAmerican, don't it, them despots and tyrants not gettin' what they paid for?  

So what I'm gonna do is pay them back all the money they gave the Clinton Foundation.

 Well, actually what you all gonna do is pay the money back, Wossat?  
Aw, chicken feed, half a billion bucks, maybe a billion. An' anyways, under my administraion the national debt's so Goddamned big you can't even visualise it.  An' there ain't no chance of payin' it off, not ever. Payin' back President Trousers' creditors, though, that  ain't no big deal, an' it is, my fellow motherfuckers, the right thing to do.
Yes, we can

I mean, them swords, they don't come cheap.

Bernie Sanders?  Sure, sure he would've won against President Trump.  But he's a Goddamned nigger-lovin' socialist cocksucker. Anybody's better'n him.
I gotta go now an' play me some golf.
God bless America. 

Rally round the flag, y'all.

 Here, in the best part of England, First Minister Gnasher, of the Scottish Lunatics Party, dressed in one of her many Thatcher suits,  

has been punching her wee fist on the lectern and putting President-Elect Trump on noteece, that the Scoattish people, sitting in their wee hoosies, will be watching him carefully, and that for now  she is prepared to give him the benefit of the doot, he did win the election after all.  Just like the Unionists did, here, in Scoatland, only we dinnae talk about that, because its the wrong kind of democracy. 

 Gnasher on Democracy, 
honest to God, you dunno whether to laugh, cry or puke. 

As First Minister  I'm here to tell you that Donald Trump is the best thing that's happened to Scotland since, well, since me. Me and my three salaries, three pensions, three sets of expenses, my redtop newspaper columns and my economic expertise.  No, no, that's fear mongering;  the price of oil can only go up.  Just as Donald J Trump is now my - and Scotland's outstandin overseas trade ambassador.

The harsh truth for her, however, and for the gabshite hysterical nincompoops in SNP Westminster

It is our wee view, d'ye ken, in the SNP, that Donald Trump should be arrested if he lands in the UK. Aye, fer dissin' me.
is that with one stroke of his red-inked protectionist pen - if he can write - Trump could bankrupt Scotland. 

A tourism boycott or a tax-hike on whisky, salmon, tweed and shortbread would see the SNP lined up against the wall, motherfuckers, right  where they belong, fucking Nazis.

President-elect  Trump, as well as having upset the Nazis in the SNP,

 has roused the sleeping giant that is the DogShooters Party, 

all eight of them.  

The ToiletMen's currrent and doomed  leader, 
Mr Susan Fallon;

but not of people who aren't like us,
like people who voted for Trump, which, in my opinion, was an absolute disgrace.  Well, you may say that we have always been a bunch of child molesters, crooks, queerbashers  and copraphiliacs, but that's just some of us. Alright, a majority of us, but majorities don't matter in modern, progessive, liberal politics, how could they, when the majority so often gets things wrong? Time after time, we allow them to vote and they vote the wrong way.

Susan, already demanding a re-run of the Brexit referendum, now insists that America revisit it's presidential contest in order that the democratic will of the people be overturned.

The house will come to order. 
And I am sure that members on all sides will, like myself, be ready for a good laugh.  
And so I call the leader of the ShitEaters Party, 
Mr Susan Farron.

Thank you, Mr Tiny Speaker, and I am sure that I speak for all democrats everywhere when I say that Brexit Means Bollocks. It is quite clear that the people who voted for it may well be a majority but they do not speak for the minority  of proper people who, for instance, as will many members and right honbourabe members, here,  employ comely au pair girls - and indeeed boys -  who work for room and board, nor for some of our vital industries which can only flourish and avoid paying taxes by paying slave wages to Polacks and Estonians.   Not to mention the very many people who have second and third homes in Europe and those of us, that is to say all of us, here,  who see a future career for ourselves in Europe. I mean, Mr Tiny Speaker, what would happen to parliamentary democracy if elected members were unable to retire to some made-up sinecure in Brussels, on a hundred grand a year, tax-free, all expenses paid? There is only one right and proper remedy to this Brexit nonsense and that is for us to ignore the referendum result, just as though it had never happened. Which it never should have.

To turn now to my party's position on the so-called US election, it is quite clear that people voted, quite deliberately  for the wrong candidate........

The honourable member was very entertaining but I fear that our relationship with the United States may not bear his views on recent events and I must draw his remarks to a close. Before the silly fucker gets us nuked.

Since forever these commentaries have been hostile to the wretched Clintons whose venality eclipses that of lesser power couples,  Tony'n'Imelda; Neil'n'Glenys, Dave'n'Sam;  the dwarf, Sarkozi, and his warbling tart  and now we have Mr and Mrs Askey, laundering corporate tax accounts in the Downing Street Zanussi. Lord knows what fresh, poisonous dynasties are forming, even now, in the sewers;  there's that cunt, Viscount Straw of Bremain, Kinnock's embecile, gabshite spawn and his Euro-doxy.  God help me,  I have been arguing all my life  that the terms career and public service are mutually exclusive but it makes no never mind; the cumuppance of Villainy, be it Labour's cock-waving  house nigger, Fatty Prescott or cock-waving fascist, Blind Boy Blunkett, their infamy is cast by MediaMinster as Tragedy. That aphorism of Enoch Powell's, about all political careers ending in tragedy, that's what we get, endlessly, instead of journalism.  And even that is wholly untrue - look at , just for instance, the drunk, Lord John Reid, making a fortune selling the contents of his mninisterial address book; look at drug dealer,  Ken Clarke, a day-job for life in MediaMinster and a big career selling fags to third world children.  Yeah, Tragedy, Enoch talking out of his over-learned classicist's arse. The coward, Cameron, slinks off having failed at everything he attempted - short of gay marriage and the destruction of Libya - as though he were Henry V, quitting the field, duty done. Tragedy.  And so it is with the billionaire racketeers, the  Clintons and their crooked sorry-arsed Democrat party.  My dog, Harris, could've told them that Bernie Sanders would've kicked Trump's arse into another dimension. Right, Crime as Tragedy, that's the default setting at the PBC. 

And nation shall speak shite unto nation.

Well, we told you Hillary was going to win because that's what we wanted to happen, what should have happened.. 
Maitliss, Neil, unknown ageing bimbo and Radio 2's Vine .
Fuck me Jesus, in any proper organissation this band of  worthless cunts'd be out on their diseased arses.

I hope we managed to buy Emily Stringbean some new bondage gear while she was junketing in New York, telling us what was really going on.
Yes, Newsnight, the grown-up news channel.

It isn't just the staggerinmg, crass incompetence, though,   when it comes to Madam Trousers.  I can think of only one recent celebrity who has so unfailingly and instantaneously repelled me, set my teeth on edge and made my skin crawl - and this is just at the sight and sound of her, devoid of any consideration of her vile record of sexism,  racism, incompetence, corruption, war-mongering and murder.  That person is him, below, with his admirer, Esther Crow, scourge of paedophiles, just not those who are her lovers and friends.

Long before I knew the stories of Savile's beasting, long before that he made me shudder, like Oily Keith Vaz does, you only gotta see him, don't you, to smell his rottenness, Vaz;  I was always revolted by Savile and I have always been revolted by Hillary Clinton. 
Badness just announces itself.
 I am delighted that for all her whore-money, for all her cronies in global MediaMinster she got her scabby arse kicked by a stuttering, redneck half-wit.   
All it needs now  is for something unforeseen and unspinnable to drive a stake through her rotten heart.

I guess we must be grateful to Trump,  for his victory will see-off not only the nightmare Clintons but also the grotesque hausfrau,  Merkel, and the ridiculous, cock-waving Hollande. Seeing Frankie boasting about how he and his fellows would deal firmly with Brexit  Britain I reflected that if it hadn't been for Britain, in the early 'forties,  he and his cowardly confreres collabeurative would now be speaking German and then I thought, fuck it, to all intents and purposes they are, anyway, down there in Vichy France Nouvelle.

If Mrs Askey does call a general election  I would guess that UKIP would annihilate what was once the Labour party, that an emboldened electorate would reshape MediaMinster, as it has never been reshaped.  And unlike the chattering, verminous  denizens of MediaMinster I did say that Trump would win.   What I didn't anticipate was quite how humiliated would be the Bankers' TeaBoy, Obama. No president has ever been so partisan in a US election, none so utterly rejected, that's his legacy, too;  the empty, vain, useless speechifier, trumped by a buffoon. Oh, happy day.

In France Marie le Pen, like Trump, will romp home and some anti-immigration grouping will send Merkel packing. Andrew Neill, the PBC's ubiquitous, insufferable Mr Politics, would consult his postcards and disagree with me, but he'd be wrong, now as then.

One of the things which angered me most about the past little while is that I am that old, human-rights, egalitarian, leftish liberal, whose clothes were stolen by the verminous Clintons, Kinnocks and Blairs and used as camouflage for global larceny, torture and massacre.  Those who quail at the prospect of President Donald J  Chump should console themselves, as do I, with the thought that to get to the Left you sometimes have to turn Right for a while.



Mike said...

Welcome back Mr I; you had us all worried. What a great week.

Alphons said...

How wonderful to have you "back in harness"! I hope you are now as near to 100% fit as possible,and will have no more "absence without leave" incidents.

Your "treatise" on the American scene seems to dot all the "i"s and cross all the "t"s It is a pity that there could not have been a renegade tornado come along and wiped the board clean. Do you think an appeal to Hercules to come and do what he did with the stables.

call me ishmael said...

Morning,mr mike, yes, best week in a long time, well, not so long, really, just since Brexit. I despise Chump, he's a horrible bastard and I'd hoped for Sanders, probably just as well that the Dems shafted him, because he let them, didn't he; too much the insider to consider running as an outsider, gutless, obedient to His Masters' Voices. I would have supported anyone other than the Clintons and it is a rare delight to see them both fisted up the arse quite so crudely, Obama, too. Great, also, to see airhead Luvvieland ignored by ordinary people, the wealthy, GodlessHeatheBastard pseudo-revolutionaries revolted against. Wonderful.

call me ishmael said...

Thank you, m. alphons. Just fatigue, really. Sometimes the longer you leave something, the harder it becomes to accomplish, the guiltier you feel, what was just a bit of tiredness becomes a debilitating, addictive inaction. I have ample reason to feel Fatigue, normally I can just piss in its face but it wrong-footed me, this time. Sorry.

As for the sanitising tornado, there is this real possibility of part of the Canary Islands just falling into the Atlantic and sending a mile-high Tsunami up the Potomac at three hundred miles an hour. If that happened and simultaneously the San Andreas Fault took California into the Pacific, well, that'd be proper Biblical shit.

mongoose said...

I stayed up until 6am watching and laughing my insane head off. Also drank the fridge dry of beer at the same time. It was the ceaseless repetition that all was well, the unseeing dissonance starting to foam out of their mouths. I ain't laughed so much at politics since the Kinnock bastard fell in the sea.

Trump? Alas, a proper pig of the highest class but he will serve his purpose. And he does not seem to be able to speak like a human being should. It ensures though the death of the EU - many years sooner now than I had thought would be the case. The UN is looking a bit shaky too.

You're looking like a saint, Mr I. Not for the first time. Did you find that other cat?

call me ishmael said...

Thanks, mon vieux, yes he did, about a week later and where once he was all his and spit he now lets mrs ishmael pet him, a bit, all's well that carries ion a bit better, or no worse.

For the first time in my life, for reasons mentioned above, I didn't stay-up all night leaning on the windowsill. I was confident Trump would win, even trying, a coupla weeks earlier, to place a one hundred pound bet but I was waylaid by thye hosiptal en route to the bookies and when I got out had ran out of steam. The odds were only about five to one and I wasn't prepared/couldn't afford to put a grand down, which would have been worth doing. I wish I'd wagered the hundred six months ago, mind.

The funny thing was that what I enjoyed most was being awoken my mrs ishmael saying, you were right, Hillary Trousers is toast, it's President Trump. I don't think I could've endured the PBC gang, nor Sky's Drop The Dead Donkey geezer, Jeremy Something.

That's right, Brexit and the Trumping will hasten the Fall. I saw Marine le Pen wipe the floor with the PBC's Steven Sackur, is it Sackur, on Hard Talk. he was badgering her about refugees and human rights and asylum and how heartless she was. There are a quarter of a billion people living in war-torn countries, M'sieu, are they all to come here, seeking l'asylum?

I don't give a fuck what MediaMinster says regarding her being squeezed-out; she will win the Frog election and then the EuroParty's over.

SG said...

Dang me Mr I - you've kept your powder dry! I had almost, but not quite, given you up for dead! However, your latest shot definitely hits the target (at the very least it should qualify you for honorary membership of the NRA!...). I retired early on the night of the election and felt strangely reluctant to check the news in the morning as I'd resigned myself to the expected result (I should have known better in light of other recent events). When I heard it, I couldn't believe it - too good to be true I thought, but no, fuck me, The Trumpalump's gone and done it - oh happy day! Say what you like about Trump but he spotted a 'bad mujer' and took her down.The 'Birther' and 'Prepper' 'communities' stateside must have run their ammunition stocks dry celebrating, Palestinian style, that day... I get where you're coming from re: the fatigue, it can be a vicious assailant and I am glad you have seen it off for now at least. Keep well and best wishes to you, Mrs I, Harris et al!

Dick the Prick said...

Glad all's well, Mr Smith. Fatigue does seem a compound function. I've finally become a (temporary!) hobo as has one of my good mates and we're doing 'research' into mini-sleeps - so far, the data is looking promising! Sleep is by far and away my favourite part of the day.

I hoped Trump would win and won the princely sum of 2 X £10 from chums which is satisfying enough. I think Trump may surprise us all if his economic policies are roughly what he's laid out - he's almost a national socialist (bit of a bad rep!) but he's talking about serious stimulus packages not run through JP Morgan or the FED coupled with repatriation of off shore cash in exchange for decent business rates - quid pro quo with a big stick. And as has been noted, no fucking way can he be worse than the other guy.

I quite like thick leaders too, they shouldn't really have bright ideas of their own when they get to that level - be a pragmatist, listen to advice, check opinions and build coalitions; ideas are over rated, get the fucking specialists to do that shit. Also, his opinions on Brexit are like a wet dream for Tories but they're so fucked up i've not heard any one of them laughing their tits off in public. Dude on Question Time had a ballsack the size of a fucking malteeser or something - 'yeah, grabbing birds by their pussy is much worse than supporting mad mullahs lobbing benders off high rises' - dumbing down has become a fucking article of faith these days. Anyway - I guess Mrs Askey has got more luck just handed to her than they're letting on but it really is amazing. The Daily Telegraph has got their front page that Trump has appointed Farage for something and there have been a few reports that they've virtually boxed off a trade treaty already - 7 years for Canada and the EU compared to 'get this sorted' with Trump and the UK. Ah, politics, it really is a sleazy game.

Glad you're back on the horse fella. It's been a brilliant political summer.

Mike said...

I've been following the US campaign closely, as it had the smell of history in the making.

I've watched all Trump's rallies - I know.....

Trump really upped his game when he watched Farage do an off-the-cuff-riff at one of his rallies - I'm sure you've all seen it but it bears a second view.

Since then, the Trump "playbook" has followed all Farage did. The parallels are uncanny. I don't believe Trump would have won without Brexit.

I truly think we are on the cusp here. Merkel looks likes she's finished, and moves are afoot to impeach Hollande; Wilders is on the rise. Not to mention Le Pen.

We are seeing the total repudiation of the liberal elites and all their camp followers, and the re-assertion of the nation state.

We might not all like the US-of-A, but they will set the pattern others will follow.

In 100 years, historians will credit Farage as the visionary.

Kerrin Worsfold said...

Made my day seeing a new post, and the timing... Pace yourself, Mr I, lest you OD on the quantity of comedic source material spewing out of every media orifice. I'll be watching this space. Fond regards from New Zealand,


Anonymous said...

Very pleased to have you back, Mr Ish. I'll read the piece later.

As perviously discussed, Melania Trump anagrams to "prim anal mute", but only now does it occur to me that this uncannily echoes our old pal Mr Burroughs' description of a lady at a hustings (candidate? mayor's wife? I forget exactly) having the face of someone getting fucked in the arse and trying not to pay it any mind.

Meanwhile PDT 'grams to "Turn midden : spread plot."



Doug Shoulders said...

Made my day Mr Ishmael and it’s Friday too. Geezuz..thanks for coming back.
Those royal pop stars..(Beyonce, Springsteen et al… didn’t know Springsteen was on the side of Trousers..but using him would make sense) didn’t quite deliver..
‘suppose when popularity is manufactured, it’s difficult to get a handle on how much influence these slebs don’t have.
Parallels with Brexit and Sgt Maj Farage..yep …interesting times.. happy days.

Gary said...'re back!

Thank fuck for that.

call me ishmael said...

An accidental visionary, perhaps, mr mike; Lord Poundland is vain, greedy, dishonest and gross. I do believe a Dr Sked actually visualised and started UKIP and that Sid simply staged a coup as a vehicle for his own grubby self-promotion. I have been a heavy smoker but I never conflated my addiction with Individual Freedom or as a stand against bureaucracy. Anyone who smokes at all, never mind smugly, needs some help, instead of stupidly making virtue out of vice. If he wants to come up here for a couple of days he'll never smoke again, no patches,no vapes, no drugs, he'll feel great, I'd just give him a good talking-to, but he only hears his own voice, doesn't he, I can see him singing in the bath......Are the stars out tonight, I dunno if it's cloudy or bright, cos I only have eyes for me. That is not to say that I disagree with you about the importance of Brexit, should it happen, and even should it not. It's just that the vote indicated the declining relevance of all party politicians, albeit that they still insist that everything is about them. I voted to remain in the UK and to leave Europe out of complete revulsion - I do not believe there are any good persons in public life, anywhere, all is self-interest, career. I grant you that the movement against politics which the Brexit vote revealed was enabled by Tory fears of UKIP but seventeen million people were not voting for Nigel Farage's gabshite tub-thumping vanity, the man's a cunt, not a visionary. In the scheme of things, as things are currently and rottenly structured he should, of course, have a peerage, he is infinitely more qualified and deserving than anyone in the house of lords. I certainly don't begrudge him a page in the history of Ruin, whilst maintaining that he is a vile, ignoble piece of shit, just like all of them.

The wretch, Milibanana, saw himself as clinton's bridge to Britain, I wonder if Sid will get a similar seat on billionaire Donald's vulgar gilded sofa.

I think that in a hundred years historians are more likely to credit my young friend, stanislav, Colonel von Fawkes and his horde of angry, red-faced masturbators, Julian Assange, Edward Snowden - all the mad, ranting, sainted angry ones, smashing wndows on Cyber Street, including you, mr mike, yourself.

call me ishmael said...

Thank you, Mr Worsfold, I am always encouraged by your interest, so far away. Sorry for my absence.

gasky said...

Back in the saddle, chomping at the bit and already making me mix metaphors with wild abandon....Welcome back MrI, welcome back indeed. Dust off the lassitude of fatigue, unwrap yourself from apathy's comforting embrace, and prepare for the end of the beginning of the Globalist nightmare.

call me ishmael said...

It is illuminating, is it not, me sg, how those screaming about Democracy, at home and abroad, are so keen to trample on its verdicts. I cannot know if the Trumpers would have taken to the streets so violently had Clinton won, they may well have done and there may have been a militia-style armed co0nforntation,as per the Constitution, between citizen and state, who knows, but that is why the citizen has the right to bear arms, not against his fellows, but against his tormentors. But it is odd, isn't it, that it is the caring, liberal, we-know-besters, the poseurs and the deranged libertines who are now, suddenly, Anarchy's servants. You gotta laugh.

Thank you for your kind wishes, and the same to you with Revolutionar knobs on.

call me ishmael said...

Thank you, mr gasky, I do hope you are correct. We must put men in the watchtower, to guard against us being set at war with each other. BukkakeBoy, Junky George Osborne, did quite a good job, setting the young against the old, the strong against the sick, the comfortable against those in Want; Gnasher and that stupid, dog-faced, skriking Plaid Cymru cunt have set minority nutters to unravel the fabric of the whole; the parliamentary Labour party is united only in its hatred of ordinary workers, tens of millions of NHS pounds are squandered hacking fake vaginas out of lorry drivers' scrota, while old ladies shiver, crippled and neglected. It is a leprous distilment, for sure, its ingrediants separating, reacting one against the other.

A disengagement from le consumerism totalitairienne et globaliste and a complete rejection of free movement are urgent necessities. If we want a welfare state, we must first identify and maintain the nation state which it is to serve. We simply cannot survive porous borders and we cannot endure the ethics of Philip Green, George Soros, Goldnman Sachs and their lickspittles, the Blairs, the Clintons and the Obamas. we need to ignore the Trannie chorus - they'll never be happy, not even if they had the whole butchering NHS to themselves - we need to weedkill this infestation of Refugee charity bints, bleating from Calais about how disusting we all are, how heartless and we need to jail, for significant periods, some bankers and tycoons, either that or hang a few, that'd stop them.

The end of the nightmare. I hope you're right, although for many it will be an uneasy awakening.

Dick the Prick said...

As per young 'liberals' (nothing of the fucking sort) being the ones farting about in the streets - they represent a total dumbing down at best or weird insular outlook at worst of how crap modern politics is. I'm not gonna blame the meeja exclusively but with the advent of this cyber newsagent, each punter gets their news where they want and it's almost a circle jerking echo chamber repeating their own values.

Watching the BBC go full on apoplectic about Trump saying 'grab her by the pussy' and stating that he should withdraw from the race whilst totally ignoring that Clinton was pushing Syrian policy that could start WW3 was fucking mental. Racism, sexism, homo faggot phobia is seen as a cardinal offence in their little pea sized brains but starting WW3 is just a policy pronouncement of which little analysis is required.

Oh, do fuck so far off. Utter banal cunts. A bit like Milliband - i'm glad the results have gone the way they have because the alternative was proper fucking scary.

Swiss Bob said...

Good to see you Mr Smith.

inmate said...

Praise the Lord you're back Mr I. And praise the Lord we have been delivered from the evil of Hillary Trousers and Spunky Bill.
However, I think The Donald is less Republican party than the 'mercans believe,although not beholden to the banks, he is big business, not the saviour of 'mercan manufacturing. As long as he don't go round the world killing poor folks, like his predecessors, he'll do for me.
By the way, doesn't Mrs Gnasher above, have a resemblance of Lady Sir Elton John?

'Tis a pleasure to read your restrained tones again.

call me ishmael said...

That is very good, mr dick, that will the circle-jerk be unbroken thing. At least the 60's underground had some political smarts, these clowns are just parotting whichever infantile sentiment is fashionable at the moment. Thank you for that and for everything. You take care on the road, now. Where are you, by the way?

call me ishmael said...

Thanks, mr swiss bob, my old collaborateur. Everything oK with you?

call me ishmael said...

"By the way, doesn't Mrs Gnasher above, have a resemblance of Lady Sir Elton John?"

well, mr inmate, screeching, hysterical and of very low intellect, that's half-way there, I should think. Perhaps her and Petey Gnasher will farm themselves a family from somewhere, coupla young Muslim children, dress 'em up in tartan burqas. Normal people in Scotland are still pissing themselves at her Grand Rejection Tour of Europe; she's right in the shit, now, after what she's said about PROTUS. I betcha everyday she wakes up and gets her poison taster to check that no-one's shit in her porridge.

Yes,what I said about Trump all along is that he hasn't actually killed any Muslims, or tortured them, hasn't fried any blacks, hasn't started any phoney wars, doesn't murder Americans abroad and isn't in hock to GlobaCrime - unlike his opponents. So everyone's better off already, What are they moaning about.

I don't suppose he can resurrect Detroit as Motor City but he could certainly initiate shitloads of major infrastructure developments/refurbishments, as Eisenhower and Hoover did - build a new railroad, rebuild the inner cities, roads, bridges, holes in the ground, even a slight refocussing, away from organised crime in Wall Street and the White House, towards real jobs, that'd be good for everybody.

Time will tell but I think Madam Trousers is insane, fuck knows what would've happened with her and Spunky Bill in teh White House. And there is a sort of group- or collective-insanity, also, which insists that so evidently corrupt and untrustworty a person as she simply MUST be elected, purely because she is a woman. Were I a woman I would be enraged at that suggestion.

Yes, thamk you, we have much for which to praise the Lord.

Dick the Prick said...

Still in bloody Huddersfield!! I did a protracted resignation thing due to Union intransigence but have formally resigned this morning. However - for a huge fly in the ointment, my old dear has found a flat in a block in her village which she's wanted for ages so I insisted that she buy it even though she's not sold her own yet so she's raided my piggy bank leaving me with approximately fuck all - the cheek of it!! So the next 6 months or so are going to be taken up with elbow grease and DIY doing up her flat, my house and her soon to be old house. Fuck it - it'll be a learning curve. So yep - plans for world adventure have been postponed for a bit. Be good when it's all done though - a nice sense of achievement and will calm my fractious mind if I can rent my house out so there's no costs involved.

What a fucking great political summer though to have pulled a sickie over!!

call me ishmael said...

Yes, mr verge, I thought that when I saw her sitting opposite First Lady Michelle, I thought, poor woman, she appears to be in some sort of intimate agony. I would expect her to divorce him, keep the ratings up.

There was a good, unlikely show on, just recently, about Henry Miller's first publisher, in Paris, fronted by a surprisingly erudite Neil Dudgeon, him off Drop the Dead Donkey. Did you see it?

call me ishmael said...

Thank you, mr gary.

call me ishmael said...

Yo, mr doug, but the luvvie caravan moves on, never mind Madam Trousers, Leonard Cohen has croaked and at only eighty-fucking-two, and with but a few million dollars to his name; the world of showbusiness is mourning, shocked and grieving, sending him messages on Twitter, whatever that is, as if he can read them.

Like Lenny did I'll be off to a Buddhist sanctuary when Bob Dylan dies, every species of luvvie vermin will be convulsing hysterically all across the global telegraph. First Dave Bowie, then Mad Hillary and now an old-aged pensioner has died. I dunno h0w life an be so cruel to artists.

I think you said you had a new, old house, on the last thread, which I have only just skimmed. Congratulations, when I say I'll be off to a Buddhist sanctuary I I probably mean I'll just stay at home, that's what it's like her, kind of. email me if I can offer any advice, ; shame mr jgm2 abandoned ship, he was a bit of an expert, there are others here also, though, I think, Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Missed that - I just tried the name in i-player's search box and was rewarded with a swathe of Not Available; so guess it must have been C4 or some such?

If you can stand it, there's a bizarre documentary on the i-BBC in the Storyville section (25 days left apparently) about Anthony Weiner, while he was running for mayor of New York, and still married to Huma Abedin (yes, her, as in "Hillary's flicking a humid bean.") Monstrous self-destructive narcissism like you wouldn't believe - only you would, of course...


Anonymous said...

Thank fuck you're not dead. And that the Dalek isn't in charge.

call me ishmael said...

Yeah, yeah, Wiener, amazing, absolutely jaw-dropping, You could smoke an acre of PakiBlack and never, never imagine anything like An-thunny. Fuck me, New York must just be one big, open-air lunatic asylum. And he was a sevedn-term congressman, as well as a wannabe mayor, that country is a fucking madhouse. I thought it was a satire, that show. And Hills's bint, Huma, hanging around looking like an abused wife. I believe that Spunky Bill officiated at their wedding. What an insane, bizarre menage - dykes, sex addicts, flashers and mad old women. I'll maybe watch it again, when I get my breath back.

call me ishmael said...

Thanks, mr richard; my apologies.

mongoose said...

The poor luvs are still seriously confused, aren't they? I watched a few mins of QT last night but it was so quite obviously a setup that it became tiresome after only a few mins. Yes, Trump is an reconstructed locker-room braggart and arsehole. And your point? he's got a fucking trophy wife half his age out of a Ukrainian catalogue. Was that not clue enough?

The notion too that he has prevailed because of his long catalogue of lies and deceits is a direct parallel of the Brexit outcome. This si represented too as a deranged result based on falsehood. That Cameron, Osborne, Carney, Uncle Thomas Cobbley, and Chicken Licken queued up to tell us that the world would end the moment the ballots were counted goes unmentioned now. Or if it is mentioned it is finessed into a not-quite-clever four-year-old's riposte of "Ahah, ahah, but we have not left yet! Ha!" Do they think that we are all daft? I begin to fear that they do.

Yes, Trump won because Hillary was a catastrophically weak candidate. A yesterday's woman. A Buggin's Turn shill for Goldman Sachs. The days of harvesting "coalitions" - like the buyers of Rice Krispies - with gazillions of dollars of TV adverts is dead and gone. But the real reason is that a majority of the people - who still have votes, you'll remember - have been shooed out of all the coalitions save the wretched minorities of complaint. It is rumoured that Bill counselled that the blue-collar white vote should be pursued but was ignored. Bill may be a bastard, and have one foot in a well-deserved grave, but he was a consumate politician in his day. They should ahve listened to daddy.

There was a woman on the telly yesterday - name mercifully lost to me - who prattled that Hillary had been rejected because she was a woman, because it was a whitelash, because she hadn't got out the Hispanic vote, or the Black vote, and old white men had voted against her. Well that's almost every grievance covered, isn't it? She left out "Snot fair!"

Mike said...

Mr Inmate: I agree; I don't think Trump is a Republican. He's an Independent; he just decided to run as a Republican for convenience. I can't wait to witness the frothing when he invites Putin to the White House. How are they gonna spin that? The Potus and Putin being friendly?

If you look at the manifesto he's just published, he isn't going back on anything. Both sides of the House must be shitting themselves.

I've now totally given up on the MSM (now that the Filth O'Graph obits are behind a paywall). The coverage of Trump down here has been beyond stupid.

Juliet46 said...

Welcome back. You've been missed.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely surprise to find that you are back Mr Ishmael, this week of all weeks. It's a relief to find you writing again.

the noblest prospect said...


SG said...

I just watched that 'Hard Talk' interview with Marine-Le-Pen, Mr I. However one may feel about her views, she is a formidable operator and easily had the measure of Sackur (I recall our discussing her performance against Newsnight reporter, Laura Kuenssberg, back up the road somewhere - when she she similarly despatched her interlocutor). To me she comes across as fresh, articulate and energised with a passion that is absent from most of the other female or, for that matter, male leaders I can think of. Merkel, for all her power, looks tired - worn out by comparison (she looks more like 82 than 62...). The wee doxy that runs your local council up there - the fish woman - doesn't even register... That said, I think the French Presidency still looks like a long shot for Marine, but hell, anything is possible in the wake of 'Brexit' and The Trump 'quake'. What ever happened to the 'New World Order'? Vive La Republique indeed!

Woman on a Raft said...

What lovely news - you are back.

As for the other; round here there is a weepin' and a wailin'. There's no sense to be got out of 'em until they have gone through the process. But I did explain to try to prepare them: eight years ago her own side decided they wanted a black man rather than a white woman. She's now eight years older and more tainted than ever. How is that going to be sold to the swing voters? If she had any insight or grace, she would have spent the last four years helping to recruit talent to put forward fantastic Democrat candiates, but she did not.

yardarm said...

Glad you`re back, Mr Ishamel, taking it steady and watching the Merry Dancers reflected in the Flow....

Caratacus said...

I dunno - you turn your back for five minutes ....

Well what a splendid day this is turning out to be. Just had my tax bill in and it's over a grand less than I was expecting (what a good accountant I have - it's not just the likes of Phil Greensnot and Lady Mandelbum, o no), the Memsahib fixed me with a relatively benevolent stare as I announced that we will be dining at her favourite watering hole tomorrow evening - and then I turned once more to Mr. Ishmael ... and he is return'ed, as observant, vociferous and loosing off every other round tracer as splendidly as ever. Thank fuck for that. Glad that all is well, Mr. I.

call me ishmael said...

That's exactly as I thought, mr sg, an able politician, marine le pen; maybe the much vaunted pincer movement - alleged to deny her the election - is just more bogus nonsense frompeople like Andy Neil, tripe, from a man who knows, actually - for all his convoluted postcard musings - sweet fuck all. The man's an utter cunt.

Do try to see the Anthony Wiener documentary, mentioned above, by mr verge, but strap your jaw to the rest of your head, lest it drop to the floor

call me ishmael said...

Thank you, mr mongoose, for that, the minorities of complaint, like the sisters of mercy, they are not departed or gone. The fathomless grievance is the hew religion. Fuck 'em, here at home and abroad.

call me ishmael said...

That is perhaps more compassion than the murderous old bitch deserves, mrs woar. You are correct to say that she has been abused for a life-time by husband and party and has learned nothing; I have never felt comfortable with the term Trailer Trash but is she it?

I am sure that the sight of the cadaverous Spunky Bill grimly applauding his notional wife's public humiliation will have stirred the loins of wifebeaters all over the world. Eat that shit, bitch, eat it up.

I dunno which of them is now the more pathetic, Hillary Doormat or Bernie No Balls, their conduct contemptibl, their parties as broken and threadbare as Nick Clegg's coalitioneers.

She, I guess, pro-death penalty, a joint originator of the grotesque and racist Three Strikes And You're Out policy, a streetwalker for Goldman Sachs and the House of Saud and an enthusiast for holocaustal wars against niggers overseas, she doesn't deserve compassion and would tarnish and devalue its currency. I wish her a miserable, anxious and painful passing.

Thank you, as ever, for your welcome.

call me ishmael said...

The Flow, mr yardarm, is disfigured, these days, by oil platforms made redundant by what Alec FatMan called Project Fear; the firths, too, are littered with oily scrap metal; Otherwise, though we hurtle daily to the long, dark time, it's still pretty cool, here. The seals have left but they will return, like Hope, which has, with the trashing of Hillary Clinton, faintly reignited. All we need to do is survive the Trumping, and the doings of his knaves and fools. Lock and Load, eh, once more unto the breach.

call me ishmael said...

Your majesty, King Caratacus, is too kind, too gracious.

call me ishmael said...

Thank you, ms juliet and mr anonymous.

call me ishmael said...

Glad to see you, mr tnp, you bin away too long.

Bungalow Bill said...

I'm keeping my elegies locked up from now on. Great to see you back and I knew you'd find space for the Crow, the Moriarty of global disarray.

Tdg said...

American presidential elections are less a test of judgement than of motivation, for the turnout is low enough to make small relative changes decisive. And since motivation derives from our baser instincts, it's hard to win on appeal to virtue, especially when it is so obviously fake as Clinton's.

call me ishmael said...

She is a grinning, self-satisfied symbol, Rantzen, mr bungalow bill, of the encroachment into and colonisation of the public discourse by vain and venal, shit-eating fuckwit celebrity. I heard the ghastly, grubby old tart lecturing Uncle Eddie Mair on the PM show, about how watchful we must be, 'gainst every facet of beasting, she, famed for sucking-off Tory beast, Nicholas Fairbairn, no doubt in an unguarded moment or moments or year or two; she, fearless consumer champion and invigilator, not spotting Savile's invasive fingers and rancid, aberrant monkey phallus. Aye, speak to us wisely, Dame Esther, here, on the PBC, of child abuse. Eddie Mair, aye, as bent as the rest of them. A pan-global rejection of gutter celebrity and MediaMinster may yet see some of these vermin hanged from London lamp posts; they should wake up and smell the petrol bombs.
Esther Rantzen, expert on child abusers, yet she couldn't spot one when she had his cock in her mouth. No business like showbusiness. Not my Dame.

I have been desultorily watching a documentary, Hypernormalisation, which screened, inter alia, and without comment, the arrest, binding and machine-gunning of Nikolai Caecescu and his Mrs, make your blood run cold, but such are the risks of despotism, fascist or neo-liberal. As k a kid I could never understand that photograph of Mussollini and his bint, hanging upside down from lamp posts, spat uponp; I can now.

call me ishmael said...

It was your own observation, mr tdg, a while back, which buttressed my own, regarding Trump; you said he encapsulated naive, needy America, and you thought he might well, therefore,win and you were correct.

It is only a quibbling nuance but not only was Clinton so evidently faking her virtue, the entirity of global luvvie media was excusing and occluding her vice. Even stupid people aren't stupid enough to believe the Clintons virtuous.

The requiems are lamenting the triumph of Stupidity, chorussing that educated people voted for Wall Street and the House of Saud and stupid people voted for Trump; if that is, indeed, the case, then education ain't what it's cracked up to be.

The interpretation of turn-out is alweays moot. In the Scottish referendum, for instance, 16% didn't vote and were, therefore, ineluctably, happy with or indifferrent about change to the status quo. I would cnclude that had they been forced to vote that a further 600,000 votes would have been added to the Better Together total, resulting in - what - more than seventy per cent against Scottish Independence.

Not the same decision, recently, in the States, of course, where it was a choice between shit in a sandwich or in a souffle but I think that the low turn-out is more complex than we imagine, certainly more complex than the usual MediaMinster impertinence of Voter Apathy.

Oldtarf said...

Let's not knock Trump – well, not too much. He's the man whose victory stirred our Mr Ishmael from his lengthy bout of galloping inertia.

Great to have you back Mr I, you have been sorely missed. The blogosphere was much diminished by your absence.

Don't let it happen again. There are too many nasties and shysters out there who need the magnificent verbal kicking that you always administer.

By the way, in my neck of the Northern Woods, Trump means fart. Quite a lot of people know that.

call me ishmael said...

Thanks, mr oldtarf, I will try harder.

I saw how Trump, with the help of the blowhard, Fat Alec, treated people in Aberdeen and if he ever came round here I would happily do time for fracturing every bone in my foot on his testicles, the cunt; that is perhaps a measure of my loathing of Madam Trousers.

They're all filth, aren't they, he can't be any worse and there is the possibility that he might accidentally be a bit better, that'll do. The main thing, of course, is that he makes more thinkable the despatch the hausfrau; cock-waving Frankie Hollande has already shot himself up the arse, did it from Day One, really.

Funny how, from mr mongoose's minorities of complaint we only hear, Give Me My Fake Vagina, Give Me My Fake Penis, we never hear Give America back to the Americans or Reimburse the Descendants of Slaves, human rights, eh, an infinitely elastic concept.

walter said...

It has been said that hilary could get in by the back door ie popular vote majority, electoral college, I dont believe for one minute she got more votes! but is there a democracy anywhere in the world! ps would every winner have to pay the bookmakers back

Alexius said...

Welcome back, Mr Ishmael and on top form too!

call me ishmael said...

i was fully expecting her to have bought the Supreme Court and have it overturn the result, mr walter, but Obama stopped that one, sharpish, maybe didn't want his inglorious season to be further tarnished by civil war. There was much talk of rigged votes and nothing would surprise me, America, after all, is the home of organised crime; if they can kill the president and front it out, if huge buildings, like WT7, can collapse in their own footprint because of a fire in a wastepaper basket, well, what's a bit of vote rigging?

call me ishmael said...

Thanks, mr alexius.

Bob Doney said...

I thought you must be deed and Hills was going to be pres. Perfick end to a perfick week.


call me ishmael said...

Thanks, mr bob, I have no intention of dying, ever, but should I be over-ruled by dark forces an announcement would be made promptly, unspeakably rude to do otherwise; certainly a week which wrong-footed the Godlessheathebastard cocksuckers of MediaMinster; shameless, though, they continue to tell us what is going to happen next, even though they don't know what political day it is. I haven't read Gulliver's Travels for decades but fuck me, Jesus, we may as well be living in its pages.

walter said...

Have you watched noam chomsky,s movie REQUIEM for the American Dream Mr Ish,
if you havent i,m sure you will like it, he has some brain for an 87 year old
Anyway good too have you back, I think we all searched for you everyday!

call me ishmael said...

Thanks, mr walter, and no, I have neither seen nor read Chomsky, just vaguely knowing that he is or was OK, nothing that I heard about him sounded bad, seems that he was against the unGodly. I will put him on my list. There are huge, huge, vast gaps in my knowledge, although, like everyone, I know stuff that others don't. When you think of how much there is to read - just in English, never mind in other languages - you sometimes wonder What's the point? Somewhere, over the rainbow, in some dusty library, someone will have written The Explanation Of Everything, just a matter of finding it.

It is all very strange, mr verge and others here seem to have read everything which one is supposed to have read, and yet still reads this stuff, What's It All About, Walter?

inmate said...

Thanks for the heads up on mr Chomsky, mr Walter. Well worth a watch, seems to be much as our host in his musings -leftish liberal.
Although Chomsky recognises the problems, and he does explain them in a way the average thicko like myself can understand, particularly 'corporate person,' his only remedy seems to be demonstrative activism, and I just don't think the masses are prepared to hit the streets, too many distractions.
I found the film on Netflix.

Doug Shoulders said...

POTUS elect still has a quite a bit of time to wait before he can park up at the White house. Gives the incumbent opportunity to trash the place before he goes.
Yes Mr Ishmael, we take ownership in less than two weeks. Just a week’s holiday to that big island across the water to get out of the way first.
Never liked Cohen; he sung Neil Diamonds “too depressing to release cast-offs” didn’t he?

mongoose said...

I see that that god-darn "populism" has spread to the other side of the Pond, Mr I. It is, I think, just another term for the wrong sort of democracy.

Swiss Bob said...

Have just moved, it was not pleasant.

Other than that I have been enjoying the Brexit referendum and the US Presidential, some of the most entertaining politics in my lifetime.

So many tears.

The NightJack said...

Back. Good.

Doug Shoulders said...

What fun to take all those tears and make a water slide out of ‘em. Put it in a theme park in the North of England…or better still in London.

Anonymous said...

I just knew you'd be back! Welcome and thank you.

callmeishmael said...

Sorry, just had the entire IT system replaced and it doesn't work. I can connect with the ithingpadbollockd but that is just impossibly contrary on Blogger. Back soon. Not dead. Not even tired.

callmeishmael said...

It is a further hijacking of the language, mr mongoose, populism becoming a naughty-step word, as with the nonsensical homophobia, words mean whatever people want them to mean, a reverse elitism, wherein the stupid triumph. Jon Sox and C4's Stateside Bimbo, Kylie CrowFace are both fluent in this grim Newspeak and Sox himself, as well as his tribe, passionat historian, Dan and and his wretched Dad, Pete, they male Star, Sun and Sport journalist look noble. I caught a glimpse of Big Bi Al Campbell nodding along with his mate, Junky George Osborne, about how awful electors are, it was on some trashpanel show, last night and I started to believe in The Lizards of Occupation.

callmeishmael said...

That's right, mr swiss bob, for too long we have just powerlessly observed filth like Snotty and CallHimDave getting away with robbery, murder, child abuse and copraphilia, it is a rare treat to see some, at least, getting their hash settled and there is probably more to come, France, Hermanny, Italy and Spain. Have you moved from Switzerland?

Swiss Bob said...

Am not far from where I was, now in the land of the not so free ;-)

My old email addresses (Swiss Bob and personal) should work. Yours appear defunct.

call me ishmael said...

call me ishmael said...

Thank you, mr anonymous.

Blogger said...
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