Saturday, 26 November 2016


My fellow motherfuckers.
Today is a great day. 

 Today is the day when American values 
reassert themselves in our hemisphere.  

 As we speak.  
Great American criminal enterprises. 
Money laundering. 

And child prostitution.
 These great Italian-American traditions.  
Driven out of Cuba by revolutionary forces
Can now. 
Take root again. 
In our time.

 Fidel Castro. 

The man who single-handedly 
destroyed American criminal enterprise.  

Forcing decentAmerican pimps. 

And murderers. 
And Extortionists. 
Off his island.  
And into our banks.
Is dead. 

And now. the Caribbean. 

Can take it's unlawful place. 
At the heart of Organised Crime.

God bless President Hillary Trousers! 
Death to  communist restrictions on criminality!
God bless Organised Crime!  
God bless America!


Alophons said...

Everything comes to he who waits.......well that's what my mother told us.

mongoose said...

I do not think that if we are going to moan about the Cousins that we can get too upset about a bastard who has kept his people in chains since before I was born. So does the torch of freedom pass to the Sainted brother or is he gaga as well?

I would not put it past Vlad the Bad to turn up to the funeral and leave a few missile silo comments behind. Just to fuck with Donny's head over Christmas.

Bungalow Bill said...

The record of the Left in discerning tyranny at all, let alone condemning it, is a shameful one, beginning with the 20s and 30s Fabian and Bloomsbury halfwits who thought Stalin's farms were exemplary and continuing through the vile Soviet lickspittle, Hobsbawm, who is even now hailed and glorified in Hampstead and other Marxist centres.

Such idiocy, such instinctive wrongheadeness, is the main reason why socialism - the socialism in which I still believe - has failed in hearts and minds: the "people" can smell when they're being lied to and when they're being invited to construe the wrong thing as the right thing.

However I loathe capitalism, which I do very much, I am more than ever repelled by the recidivist dimness of the comrades. Natch, Jeremy has distinguished himself already by his tribute, though the Irish (with their own particular proud record of opening books of sympathy for murderous dictators) may be ahead of the game. No wonder we now have Donald as Freedom's best hope, God help us.

Woman on a Raft said...

It is surprisingly modest of him to have chosen cremation. I thought they would go for mummification and a permanent shrine.

Lenin still brings in the crowds (free entry). Castro would be on the 'see Cuba' tourist route and the Chinese would reliably be there, taking photos and walking in dutiful croccodiles, looking baffled.

Oh well, have to make do with a wax works.

Mike said...

My sister (who lives in Canada) often visits Cuba during the great Canadian migration south during the winter. I think she likes the place - mind you, she is a Buddhist and did live in a cave in Crete for 6 months when she was younger.

I have a soft spot for anyone who gives Uncle Sam the middle finger, even if he wasn't an angel. But which of 'em are?

Anonymous said...

Mr Bungalow Bill, why do you loathe capitalism? Shareholders, managememt, and labour in a voluntary arrangement for success based on consumer choice.
Seems fair to me.
- richard

Dick the Prick said...

You'd think it would create a sort of indolent limbo. Someone mentioned that a Cuban doctors' monthly wage is about $30 and most everyone else is on 20$. Considering you can't leave, there's no estate agents, ain't no politics to get involved in - guess it's not surprising that they've got good dancers, sportsman and booze - fuck all else going on. For those perfectly comfortable in their own skin and not too bothered about external factors it's probably fine but for others, it'd be like Hotel California or something. My chum went and said the lurdeez were rather amorous, hardly surprising, just wastin' time. Ho hum - guess he was of his era. Appealing to Kruschev to unleash hell on the US does infer that the guy was a total cunt and there's not much evidence to refute that.

callmeishmael said...

mr mongoose was saying just recently that the language of the minorities of complaint teaches that if you are not For voluntary genital mutilation or Bremaining you are automatically an enemy of Reason and Kindness; Gnasher is adamant that failure to support her is unpatriotic. The post tilted only at the fact that pre Castro Batista's Cuba was owned by the Mob, that Merican organised crime wrought the Revolution, that piqued Washington gangsters were able to maintain a fifty-year embargo strengthened its foundations. Castro is small beer.

In the grand scheme of things, the Clinton/Bush/Obamas make Fidel Castro's crimes look petty and I am, therefore, with mr mike, and his fingerings.

Bungalow Bill said...

Yes, the toxic American influence is now likely to move right on in. I am just annoyed by the sentimental daftness of much of the Left.

I loathe capitalism, Mr Richard, because I think it always has to reduce human beings to economic units and because it is structurally biased towards the greedy and those who crave power. Your Arcadia has a worm in it. I entirely accept the deliverances of the modern world in the shape of technologised affluence and I understand that much has been produced by competitive forces. But I think there are cruel and barbarous attendant costs to the human spirit and, in many areas of the world still, to the human body.

My own socialism is also, of course, open to much criticism (some of which I've offered myself earlier); were I not an unbeliever, I might say that what we need is a spiritualised economics and perhaps that might still be some sort of salvation. The challenge, which I certainly haven't worked out, is how to get beyond the vapid meanderings of the Green lobby towards a new version of Homo Economicus. Mr Mongoose has raised this before as to how socialism might re-invent itself and I am still struggling with that.

Sometimes I think the co-operative, guild-based ideas of Chesterton/Belloc and the distributists might be the answer and then I think, no that's bollocks too. We can only keep looking.

tdg said...

Biology compels a balance of collaboration and competition: the former is needed to resist species-level threats, the latter to drive the enhancement of our powers. Any social system deviating too far in either direction will ultimately fail, for biology will not permit it. We can talk all we like, but political, philosophical arguments are here far from the real action, wisps of smoke from the primordial fire.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your reply Mr Bill. You have a point but... I drive a forklift in a warehouse, full of stuff produced by and for ordinary people, and get paid by someone who obtained the investment and had the initiative to make it happen. The boss paid for my training and the forklift so that I increase his productivity and my wages. It is more of a symbiosis than anything else and it has a moral quality in that it's voluntary. So I don't dream of a wormless arcadia. I think that being given someone else's confiscated wealth - which is what I understand to be socialism - is far more detrimental and corrosive to the spirit. I do a useful job with the tools provided and make money for the company - of which I take what my labour is worth, minus that which is removed by those types against whom our beloved host constantly rails.
We're on the same wavelength anyway or we wouldn't be fans of Mr. I, so all due respect though we disagree.
- richard

mongoose said...

Cuba has effectively been, hasn't it, mr ishmael's moneyless society experiment?

If there is nothing available to buy from an external source, because there is no means of buying it, then we are on our moneyless own, lads. The meagre resources fashionable by ourselves and left after we have consumed our bit are then doled out from the Company Store. As in days of old, in exchange for Monopoly money tokens, just seashells off the shoreline.

Overall, of course, and on a socialist average - statistically, I mean - it worked. demonstrably it did. A problem only arises if you have to start considering the notion of some other bastard's dirt-poor statistical babies and his disappeared loved ones. You are fucked to live like this forever if you're just not in the Party. If your second name isn't Castro. The greatest engine for the advancement of human happiness and well-being has been, and continues to be, the last three hundred years of modern capitalism. For all its faults, this is what has created the surplus wealth to allow us to keep the poor fed and the old warm. A rich man buying a Rolls-Royce is a mechine for distributing the wealth of that silly bastard to those with less. I'd rather he did that than erect a fucking windmill, the better to steal a bit more from us. But the signal is Hans Rosling's endless graphs of increasing wellness around the world and the rising life expectancy evrywhere one looks. The iPhones attached to the end of it, and the relatively few thieves and exploitative Kinnock rogues in between, are just noise.

Caratacus said...

As mr. mike says above, "I have a soft spot for anyone who gives Uncle Sam the middle finger". But he still followed assiduously the path of Napolean in "Animal Farm" and, as usual, it's the PBI who suffer.

If I have one problem with Socialism it is this: the assumption by the self-appointed arbiters of equality that to extract from the pockets of the prudent and thrifty the results of their labour and give it, profligately, to the indolent and feckless is somehow beneficial to the whole of society; this is patently a nonsense and encourages the indolence and fecklessness it purports to despise. In the eyes of such folk as Polly Toynbee and Harriet Harperson the movie “Antz” is quite clearly a fascistic con and the grasshoppers are quite rightly entitled to plunder the larders of the ants who had so diligently provided for the winter months.

Over the last few years I have come to the reluctant conclusion that the ideal human society is that of a benevolent dictatorship and that our so-called ‘democracy’ is merely a staging post on the slippery downhill slope from the ideal. But then I am stricken in years and therefore precluded from any sort of opinion … ;-)

Bungalow Bill said...

As I say, Mr Richard, I have no answers or I would be sharing them. Of course, let us happily disagree.

Mike said...

The problem with 'capitalism', as in where we are now, is the presumption that there is a free and informed market to enable the rational distribution of resources. There is no such thing. Central Banks now totally distort markets in the west, with their fiat money. And nobody can believe government data or large international company accounts.

So it is with 'democracy'. The idea of one person one vote is all well and good, in theory, but the majority of the population are too thick to weigh up alternative policies. And the political manifestos we are asked to consider are time and again proved to be a pack of lies.

The notion of 'the rule of law' is a farce as only the rich can afford to go to court. The judges are politicised. What gets prosecuted is a political decision - just consider the CPS and the fact the FBI let Hillary off.

Its very hard to see any positives in all this.

mongoose said...

Much of this is true. And I didn't mean to be rude about our hosts post-money ideal. It's just that the world isn't run by or for folk like us. All the more reason IMO, and as the children say, to keep real control - day-to-day what do we actually do? - as close to the people as one can. And that's of capitalism and democracy both.

Cuba was an experiment in political naivety. Fidel, the poor stupid, dead bastard, was at least unknowing. Until about 1963, that is. The rest was repenting at leisure for a single Soviet bunk-up. A stupidity. He changed a local gangster for a global gangster and guessed wrong. As they must always do. Our European would-be rulers are even now guessing wrong. Carney, Cameron, Osborn, Juncker, Angela, the Dutch twat with the waving arms... They may as well all fuck off to Cuba and open a karaoke'n'rum'n'hookers bar for all the good it is going to do them.

call me ishmael said...

What made me laugh the loudest, after Obama's lifting of the Cuba sanction, was that the very first treat bestowed on the poor Denied Ones was a concert by the Rolling Stones, a quartet of aged, decrepit degenerates, miraculously still unjailed, gyrating anciently, whilst churning-out teenybopper hits from fifty years ago.

call me ishmael said...

I say as much in the next post, mr mongoose, about the vapidity of current so-called leadership and its enslavement by Commerce.

I have never been to Cuba but the few people I know who have been there, have said kind things about the place. Neither do I know how many people Castro killed but it won't be as many as Tony Blair, for instance, or George Bush or David Cameron, so, not to put too fine a point on things, what's your point? Why is the sinking of the Belgrano OK, why is Shock'n'Awe OK, why is the US invasion and occupation of Afghanistan OK while the Soviet one was ignoble?

And the whole Cuban Missle Crisis was tripe, wasn't it, the negotiation between Kruschev and Kennedy resulted in what Kruschev had wanted all along, a quid pro quo removal of US missiles from close to USSR borders in exchange for the withdrawal of Cuba-based missiles, part of tha negotiation resulted in their being a six-month embargo on information about the US withdrawal, by which time JFK couild claim to have saved the world.

And if JFK was killed by the Mafia it wil be as much to do with his failure to0 hold Cuba for them as much as for he and Bobby's reneging on their deal with Sam Giancana.

If Castro was a fool, unable to stand against US trade hostility, a USSR satrap, he was not a fool to throw the Mafia out of his country and replace its supportive US-puppet regime.

call me ishmael said...

Well, mr richard, like mr bungalow bill, I have some sympathy with your position, I have been that capitalist whom you describe and I am not on principle against someone making a profit from honest trade. We no longer, however, live in a capitalist world, East or West we inhabit a post-capitalist economy wherein former communist countries now have as leaders what they call oligarchs - brutal kleptomaniacs, the kind of people who now run London as their money laundry - and where liberal democracies are run by celebrity billionaires who pay little or no tax and yet operate under a favoured system, engineered largely by Gordon Snot and his team, whereby profits remain tightly privatised whilst losses become nationalised, redeemable by the citizen.

These are not joint-stock company ventures where risk was pooled and reward shared, these are crooked TooBigToFail criminal enterprises, in which wage-earners are paid less and less for more and more, this is not capitalism, this is something much worse.

Mr mike is correct, we live in a state of voluntarty self-delusion, too fearful tr resist, easily divided, one against the other; the rights we believe ours, the pensions we believe earned, the homes we believe owned, these can be forfeit with the stroke of a ministerial pen. We do no deals with terrorists, yet yesterday's sadistic mass murderer is today's government minister, this is our description of NewPeace. You know this as well as anyone here, mr richard, the Truth is what we are told it is. If we can shake hands with Atrocity how much more easily have we waved goodbye to fair trading?

call me ishmael said...

That there are specie-al imperatives, mr tdg, is axiomatic, I remember fair exhausting myself, in the ocean, telling my fellows that there was a better alternative, out on the land, in the caves, the trees, the cities and out to the stars.

"We can talk all we like, but political, philosophical arguments are here far from the real action, wisps of smoke from the primordial fire."

I disagree, I'm afarid, for we can see these smokey arguments as the grit in the oyster, we can see them as the mother of invention, we can see the dissatisfied, the malcontent philosopher as the impetus of progress. More are fed, clothed, housed and nursed than ever before and the agent and instrument of this improvement is language - it may yet, of course, deafen us all, blind us to looming planetary and specie-al catastrophe; the more urgent it is, therefore, I suggest, that we practice and refine it the more, make incandescent and undeniable its wisps of smoke.

call me ishmael said...

The rift between old and young, king caratacus, is obnoxious and only the recent creation of Osborneites and other degenerates, who would set mother against child for brief political advantage. Pay it no mind.

callmeishmael said...

Mausoleum or urn, it is interesting , mrs woar. I do believe that his grace, the Earl Spencer has now satisfactorily milked his late sister's grave for all he needs and closed the Dead Diana theme park, for the time being, at any rate. Wonder what thebFirm will do with Good Queen Brenda, when, as she must, she croaks. Were I Earl Marshal I'd bury the old monster deep in the Tower of London and demolish it on top of her. Why we keep this house of horrors standing and admired is a mystery to me.

mongoose said...

That Balir and his ilk did these things is not denied by me but I am not into comparistve morality except when a pair of such find themselves in direct conflict. So Fidel did OK to oust the monsters and then took the piss for a further 50 fucking years. Let's have a wee peek at history. Fearless Cromwell! Succeeded by? Let us not bother with the yanks who had their first daddy's boy as President almost ebfore the ink was dry on the Constitution. Mao succeeded by? And now we have the poor almost dead Castro brother.

It is not that this is wrong and horrible; it is that it is ignored.

That the market is distorted and that folk try to "corner it" is not denied. There is a whole raft of economic theory about what to do with what the brothers call oligopolies. I have mentioned here before - everything mature is controlled by four or five operators. Banks, TV makers, mobile phone makers, grocers, churches, politcal parties... This is the way it is. And yet every now and then a dinosaur plummets to the ground and is replaced. All one can do is bang up the corrupt as fast as thye are discovered. Which, of course, and I accept, we so seldom do.