Sunday, 20 November 2016




Good evening, this is Channel Four News, with me, Jon Sox, well, not so much news as a nightly digest of our prejudices and resentments, dressed-up as news, here in LuvvieLand. 
And tonight, how you can help overturn the result of the US election, 
Kylie CrowFace'll be reporting for us from Washington, 


a town still reeling from the truly disgusting and actually unspeakable outcome of the election. 

will be in  Germany for you, 
lending your  support  and good wishes to Chancellor Merkel, our last surviving liberal, as the world lurches towards a right-wing apocalypse, and as she says farewell to America's greatest-ever  President, wotsisname, the black guy, and I'll be questioning the arch-Brexiteer, traitor,  liar, untrustworthy backstabber and generally deplorable Michael Spit 


C'mon, admit it, Mr Spit, 

you lied and lied and lied, didn't you? 
Where IS that £350,000,000 per day which you promised sick and dying people?  
I mean, we've now left Europe, so tell our viewers, where IS that money?

Well actually Jon, is it OK if I call you Jon?  We are all in showbusiness together, aren't we, after all?  Actually, Jon, if you don't mind me saying so, we haven't actually left Europe yet, if you don't mind my saying so. And thanks so very much for having me on the programme, by the way; it really is most gracious of you, if you don't mind me saying so. Which I am sure you don't, although you are of course at liberty to do so, should you choose so to do, thank you very much.

I'll be asking the fascistic Spit about whether he will be putting his hand in his own pocket to pay the three hundred and fifty million pounds a day which he and his fellow plotters promised the NHS, the very minute that  enough bigots and racists and stupid, hate-filled people had voted for the end of Civilisation itself - which is what Brexit really is - and if not, then why not? And Cathy will be explaining why people clinging quite cruelly and  unreasonably to notions of fixed gender are now - quite rightly in my judgement, I mean, lessfaceit, if you disagree with me, you simply must be a fascist, a person of hate - being revealed as the ghastly bigots which they really are.

 As Rabbie Burns, the great Welsh poet once said, a man's a man for a' that, but he's also a woman, if he feels like it, and aren't we all, deep down?  

Cathy talk to parents who support their children's sexual identity experimentation, and explains why they need more taxpayers' money in order to fully express themselves, as members of the opposite sex to what they actually are, and why supporting them is frankly crucial to the nation's whatchamacallit. Here, we offer them our best wishes,  Channel Four News, the Voice of Minority Rights, whatever the minority, however stupid, selfish and unreasonable, here, at C4N, we're for it. 

Inky people, for instance. 
 Should the Inkies have to pay, themselves, out of their own pockets to have their tattoos removed or altered to reflect their move along the Sexual Identity Spectrum. Or shouldn't we all put our hands in our pockets to support the right of people to have themselves scribbled upon by

 illiterate, gabshite, back-street, tattoo'n'piercing artists?  

The Liberal Democrat conference,  below, 

will be urging the protection of Inky Rights.

Their  leader, Susan Farron, says that after overturning the democratically-arrived-at decision to leave the EU, his party's first priority will be the establishment of an Inky Rights Commission.
Sulky Sue.

The British people would expect no less of me, as leader of the Liberal Democrats, than for me to support every known form of depravity and  perversion.

I am reaching-out to the Inky People, they are a vast constituency, crying-out for the sort of political leadership which only I can give them.

We'll be taking an in-depth look at the overwhelming case for Inky Rights. 
But now, from America,  Here's Kylie.

Thanks, Jon, and the news from here is that in the only parts of the country which matter vast numbers of, indeed, nearly all  Americans have taken to the street in the struggle to remove the  unelected dictator, Trump, after his disgusting and dishonourable campaign to rob Hillary of her rightful place in Corruption, I mean History, as the first woman president. I mean, lessbefair, Jon, Hillary and the arabs bought and paid for that presidency fair'n'square and  it is rightfully hers and it is clearly a scar on democracy that the people voted for a Nazi, instead.

But they didn't, did they, Kylie, Hillary won the largest number of votes and so shouldn't she be president, shouldn't she and her husband, the great, liberal reformer, Spunky Bill, be back in the White House?

Yes, thanks, Jon, and that's right, the whole Clinton family, Hills'n'Bill'n'Chels.... Chels? Yes it's short for Chelsea Morning, an old Bob Dylan song, 
Kylie sings:  
Woke-up, it was a Chelsea Morning and de-doo-doo, doo-doo-dooooh,
 and Bob, as we know, has just won the Peace Prize, y'know for causing peace, so just how cool, how prescient were Hills'nBills to call their child after a great, anthemic protest song by Bob.......

 Joni Mitchell, Kylie, it was Joni Mitchell....


It was a  Joni Mitchell song, Kylie,  Chelsea Morning, not a Bob Dylan song. 
We old stoners know all about Bob Mitchell.
No, I don't mean Bob Mitchell.
Hang on, I'll just inhale some memory linctus. 

 Yep, Joby Mitchum, that's the girl.

Yep, Jobi Mitchum, an iconic, an inspirational artist, from the 'sixties, a singer-songwriter, and let's face it, where would we be, without singer-songwriters, writing songs and then singing them to us, and in rhyme, too, words that rhyme, so much easier to remember than just ordinary, stupid words, that don't rhyme; singer-songwriters, I mean, it's not as though we could ever actually, y'know, just have quite enough songs, more than enough songs to be going on with, like, between us, and on the youtube, and in our record collections.
In fact, Kylie, to paraphrase the great statesman and egalitarian, Baron Kinnock of Graft and Filth;
 Never, never, not ever, and wholly and totally, and competely and inarguably and unprecedentedly  in the field of light entertainment have so many fuckwits been sung-to by so many other fuckwits.

The Ballad of Glenys'n'Me Getting Rich.
 (comp. Neil Kinnock, aka The People's Baron.)
We're Aaaaa-right, 
We're Aaaaa-right
 We're Aaaaa-right
(continues, ad nauseum, through crooked Europe,
crooked directorships, crooked sinecures and the crooked House of Crooked Lords.)
 Those Kinnock filthsters, they are Aaaaa-right.
What a shame, that they can't take their stolen Euro money with them, Down Below.

In fact, some people, the stupid rightwingers, maybe, who voted for Brexit, some of them might argue that there are already more'n enough songs. Who needs any more fucking songs?

 But not me. 
No. I believe it's vital to our national, spiritual wellbeing that we have a self-renewing crop of singer-songwriters, singing to us. About what they think.   About things. And stuff, stuff like feelings. I'd go so far as to say that for most decent people, if they didn't have singer-songwriters, writing songs and singing them, then they wouldn't know what they felt,  about things. And stuff. And issues. 

I mean, I don't know how they managed, in the Renaissance and the Enlightenment, without people like James Taylor and Jackson Browne, singer-songwriting for them.  I mean, it's one thing, working class people, without a liberal bone in their bodies, singing Knees-Up Muvver Brahn, Knees-Up Muvver Brahn, under the table you must go, ee-aye, ee-aye, addie-oh, that's one thing, and people who sing songs like that, well, they're the sort of bigots who voted for Brexit, but artists like Adele, singing about her fat, stupid, fucked-up life. Or Amy Wino, and her Dad, singing about drunkenness and drug addiction; that's, well, that's like a sort of a fanfare for the not common man, like me, who wouldn't dream of voting for Brexit.

But Jobi Mitchum, she was truly iconic. 
Yes and influential and I think you'll find that that  mr mongoose, he was a fan, although now he thinks she has gone insane.  

Ice-cream castles in the air, I tell you,
ice-cream castles in the air.
Joni Mitchell, now. 
A veritable portrait of the artist as a mad old lady.
Woke up, it was a crazy-old-person morning. 

Well, that's his right, this mr mongose, whoever he is. That's his right, for now. But just for now. 
But I happen to think that she was iconic, Jobi Wotsername. Rather like myself.

What's iconic mean, Jon? 

Jon Sox, 
with his icon award, awarded by other icons, 
on a Buggin's Turn basis, 
all shall have prizes.

Well, as I said, Kylie, it means  a bit like myself,  famous, well-paid, obviously, with lots of socks, yes, and ties, and respected by their peers as well as their fans, 
the people watching the show.

Right, and Mr Mongoose, who's he?

Lower case, Kylie, mr mongoose.

Lower case?  Why's that?


It's just that that mr ishmael puts them all in lower case, the names of his contributors, Kylie, because they're not proper names; well they are proper names  but only in the sense of them being  noms des plumes, noms des plumes propre, to be precise. It's more that they're not real names. And so he puts them in lower case, just an affectation of his, really, there's no reason that a nom de plume shouldn't be capitalised....

 Nomsday Ploom?  
What's a Nomsday Ploom?  
And who's mr ishmael?  Is he the editor? Is he a muslim, sounds like a muslim, not that there's anything wrong with muslims, unlike what the Great Tyrant, Trump says. And he says that they should all be deported  to Mexico.

 Well, Kylie, in a sense I suppose he is the editor, mr ishmael.......

 Well, woddever, Jon, 
fuck him, whoever he is. 
He's not standing in front of the White House, I am.
 And Hills'n'Bill'n'Chels are effectively and to all intents and purposes and quintessentially American royalty, which is what everyone here believes in, clearly; 
neo-liberal royalty, talking, nobly, as does all royalty, about the poor, even though, obviously, they don't give a flying fuck about anyone but themselves.  Royalty, isn't that what defines America? Isn't that what the Revolution was  all about, about the slave-owning, ethnic cleansing, European, criminal  migrant riff-raff having their own branch of royalty? 
Well,  Kylie, I know just what you mean about a shared royalty. Most of us, most decent people in the UK, are still mourning the death of the late Senator Edward Kennedy, a truly great liberal, a man who would stop at nothing to give young women, the younger the better,  a leg-over, I mean a leg-up, even drowning them in his automobile and running away.  I mean, you don't get much more royal that that, do you?

But you were saying Kylie, about America's Desolation, post-Trump?

Thanks,  Jon, and thassright but here's something I've learned since being C4's US correspondent, and talking to the lower orders. 
Did you know Jon, that it was Scotchmen, invented the Ku Klux Klan?  No, really, it was.  
After the First Civil War a bunch of disgruntled  Aberdonian-immigrant slave owners set up the KKK, in order to frustrate reform and terrorise nigger trash,  deprive them of the vote, yes, just like now, only they initially called it the KKC, KuKlux being a greek phrase meaning circle  and the C standing for the Scottish clan - a circle of family, geddit? - and the fiery cross which they used to intimidate negroes originated in the Scottish  cran tarra, a burning cross signifying a declaration of war, back in the Old Country.  
No, no, Jon, I wouldn't mention it to First Minister Gnasher, next time she's on the show;  mad enough, isn't she;  I know she's a woman, Jon, and therefore automatically suited for, well, whatever she wants to do, really, but there's just no sense in fuelling her illness by calling her

the Imperial Grand Wizardess of the Scoattish people.
Is there, Jon? That would just be pure nutterophobia, wouldn't it

The SNK.
Klansmen de nos jours.
Well, what else would you call them?
Zombie flag-waving white supremacist  mongreltrash.
Well, Kylie, as everyone knows I've actually won many prizes for being phobia-phobic, 

so you'll get no argument from me but don't you worry your pretty little head,  only her own klansmen take Gnasher seriously, don't they, so we don't concern ourselves about her rantings and ravings, she's certainly not Hillary, is she? 
Especially not, going forward,  after the Great European Rejection Tour.

La porte, Madame Gnasher, pour returnez-vous a l'Ecosse avec les mains empty, c'est ici. 
Au revoir, ma petit chien fou,
et ne hastez-vous pas back.

But setting the Klan aside, Kylie, 
what's your take on Hillary's role in American life, as we go forward. 

Thassright, Jon, thass just so right. 
Going forward, Hillary has, in fact, just made a poweful speech to a handful  of mad old lesbians who love her. And do you know what, Jon, even speaking humbly and as a woman. down but by no means out, Hillary, ever professional,  hugely insincere, bullshit oozing from every pore, even  after having been robbed of her birthright, Hillary lied  honestly and spontaneously from a script on her autocue and very modestly suggested that one day, if  a woman would be president  it would be thanks to her.  Even though the opposite would be true, Jon, that it would be despite her.

Mendacity, even in humiliating defeat.

And, Oh puh-lease,  would  the Deplorables stop calling for her to be jailed for a lifetime of corruption, malfeasance and murder, people like her, women with lotsa stolen money, simply do not go to jail.

And Amen to that, Kylie. 
I mean, what sort of an unelightened, illiberal  world would it be, if the rich and powerful and well-connected went to jail?
Wow, man, that'd just be so far out.  It'd, like, y'know, turn Reason on it's head, wouldn't it? Going forward.

Thassright, Jon.
 The noblesse obligebility of better people, people like Hillary. It is absolutey vital to America and to all of us - the Kennedys, the Bushes, the Clintons and hopefully the Obamas, a secure American monarchy,  each family taking its turn in being elected unopposed. And Jon, one thing that's not generally known here, but as a journalist I've managed to unearth, is that, y'know, Jon,
how everyone says that the Clintons are owned by the Banks/Organised Crime? Right? Well, what's wrong with that?  When you consider that the greatest dynasty of all, the Kennedys, were owned, Jon, lock, stock and barrel by the Mob?

 I mean, it was the Mafia, especially Mr Sam Giancana, who, enlisted by Mr Frankie "Spic" Sinatra, 

yes, thassright, Jon, the Bruce Springbeard of his day, 

No business like showbusiness, 
Brucie, like Frankie, so far up his own stupid, posturing, egomaniacal asshole that he would tutor his foolish fans on how to vote; so vain that  like wee Frankie  he fancied himself  Kingmaker.
 Idiots, entertainers; it's a wonder that they still know how to breathe.

 got Jack Kennedy through the primaries, by means of bribery and threats, and then it was the unions, again, owned and run my the Mafia, who got him elected. Well, yes, they mighta bumped him off later, the Mafia, but most people have been taught that it was the phenomenal marksmanship of Lee Patsy Wotsit, acting alone, which robbed America and the world of the drug addict and great womaniser JFK.  And lessfaceit some more, Jon, Jackie Kennedy wouldn't have bitched about Monica Lewinsky, either, would she; after all,  you didn't see Jackie  saying, Climb over the back of the car and retrieve your own bitsa fuckin' brain, 

you faithless, lyin', drugged-up, pampered sonofafuckinbitch, like maybe she should've done,  or saying, get that whore, Marilyn Monroe, 

to go pick 'em up with her tits.  

Happy blowjob, Mr President.

And  that's the natural order of things. Women stand by their man, like Hills did, no matter how big a cunt he is, and so should the voters. You know, the Kennedys and the Mafia; the Bushes and the House of Saud;  the Obamas, the Clintons and the Financial Terrorists in the Banks, this is just traditional American Democracy, isn't it?  Handed down from one dynasty to another.

A young misogynist,  Spunky Bill, meets an older mysoginist, Spunky JFK.

And so this so-called election, this utter travesty, Jon, in which the voters preferred  an ignoble,  greedy, stupid, redneck shitkicker to the pure royalty of the rotten thieving-bastard Clintons, that was not so much an election as a coup de tete, Jon......

 D'etat, Kylie, coup d'etat, not coup de tete.......

Yes, Jon and thanks, 
this so-called election is being seen here, by people who matter, as little more than a wotsaname, a coup de hat, in a very real sense, in which the mob, for that's all they are, have invaded the palace, stolen the crown and put it on the head of a commoner.  Viewers will agree with me that we are at the beginning of a new Dark Age.  It's like the Romans have left us and we are waiting for the Europeans  to come and rescue us from ourselves. Isn't it? What with Brexit and Trumpageddon and everything.
It's like the beginning of the mediaeval period, all over again.

 No, Kylie, the Dark Ages all over again, the mediaeval  period started when the Normans came, more or less.

Were they, like, all called Norman and they invaded us?  

That was Kylie Moron  there, for us, in an edgy Washington,  a town I know rather well, a place I have come to adore, having been sent there at your expense, viewers, rather often, in fact at every slightest opportunity, to suck Democrat cock - at which I'm rather good - at every slightest opportunity,  I'm off to Washington DC.

Washington, last beacon of worthless, self-serving faux-liberal  hope,  a place where GlobaCrime, quite rightly, runs the legislature, the judiciary, the military, lawnforcement and where my colleagues in the media print and report exactly what they are told so to do by their masters, the very essence, in fact, of modern, liberal democracy. 
And yet tonight, my beloved Washington is a place where the Confederate flag, even now,
 is already beginning to flutter frighteningly over US govament buildings,

 and the Ku Klux Klan are said to be taking  over. 
Civil War? Who can tell? But probably.
 Stay safe Kylie. 

To Krishnan, now, in Europe for us. I'm not so keen on going to Europe, myself. I much prefer the United States, although a trip to Rome at your expense is sometimes welcome, some great shopping there, for the socks and neckties so vital to proper journalism. The thing with Krishnan is that often  he's busy on crappy panel shows, in which he sits like a dummy, 

 looking like a whore at a hockey match, surrounded by proper comedians  - what? why does he do Eight Out Of Ten Cats? - 

fucked if I know. It's like, why do I do Have I Got Stale News For You? 
I mean, I obviously have a job for my natural life, taxpayer-funded, well-paid and pensioned  and as I was just saying to Kylie, I am an icon;  why would I go and let that dismal, tedious nutter,  Paul Merton, make a cunt of me?

 But I do.  
I suppose we do it for the money, 
you can never have enough, can you,
 and at the end of the day we are all in showbusiness. 

I mean,sometimes, Krishnan is actively involved in saving people's lives, as do all journalists, when there's a camera around,
 but he's here for us, now,  in Germany, with his take on President Obama's farewell tour. Krish?
Thanks, Jon and that's right. And he's getting a hero's welcome, too, President Obama, from the Hermanns.  

The Hermanns, Krish, you didn't say the Hermanns, did you?
 I shouldn't need to remind someone like you that NaziPhobia is strictly frowned-upon, here on C4News. I mean, it was all a very long time ago, and things were very different, then. 
I mean, you can't hold a nation responsible for its history, can you?  Unless it's Russia or Syria or Iraq. I mean, Mrs, I mean Frau Merkel's Germany is now the acknowledged leader of the Free world, isn't it?

Yes, I know, it is strange, Jon, me harping-on about history,  but they really did used to put people like him, Obama - yes, and people like me - in the gas ovens.

Nazis Violated Geneva Convention by Imprisoning and Killing Black Soldiers Black prisoners of war faced illegal incarceration and mistreatment at the hands of the Nazis, who did not uphold the regulations imposed by the Geneva Convention (an international agreement on the conduct of war and the treatment of wounded and captured soldiers). For instance, L

 Schwarzers, they called us; German for the n-word, I suppose. 
And their then-chancellor, chap called Hitler,  for younger viewers, who don't know - although they don't give a fuck about that, more concerned about having their  cocks cut off and turned into fannies and texting pictures of the whole grisly butcher's shop  to the rest of the world - chap called Hitler, anyway, caused the deaths of sixty million people,  some  of them Jews, some of them blacks, some of them homosexuals and fucking millions upon millions  of them Russians. 

And it wasn't just Russia, everywhere they went, the Hermanns did this shit, Jon - Poland, Czekoslovakia, France, the Netherlands, everywhere they went there followed Atrocity and Barbarism, men, women, children; hanged, bayonetted, burnt and buried alive. And they would've done it in Britain, too;  that's Germany for you.

But Krishnan, it's grossly unfair to blame Frau Merkel for that, she wasn't even born then. 

And  as if that wasn't enough, well, fuck me upside-down in the shitty River Ganges, the Hermanns before that, in the previous world war, they caused the deaths of, what was it, twenty million killed and caused twenty million wounded? 

Yes, Krish, but that was a very long time ago, wasn't it, and hardly relevant now, is it?

Well, Jon, it's just relevant every PoppyTime, isn't it, most of November, every year, regular as clockwork?  You and I know that you can't even approach a TeeVee studio unless you're wearing a poppy and whistling It's A Long Way To Tipperary, It's A Long Way To Go.  You can't have it both ways, can you? 
Either those wars, both caused by the Germans, were like truly heavy shit,  which we should not shrink from remembering or they weren't and it's frankly the baddest of bad manners to mention them at all, 'specially in the same breath as Frau Merkel. 

And these twenty million First War wounds, these were not not just flesh wounds, Jon, these were heavy-duty woundings, big-time shit,  like gassings and blindings and no fucking legs and no fucking arms, and having to make fucking poppies for the rest of your days because the govament only had then and only has now, enough money to pay for their own pensions.   I mean, Jon, if it was the fucking govament, or its vile fucking spawn, if it was Viscount Straw 

Will Cuntson

or Viscount Kinnock 
Steven Cuntson.

It was mr verge reminded us  recently that Tony Blair hoped his children would do something better than teaching, he certainly wouldn't have wanted them gone for a soldier's life.
I betcha Tony'n'Imelda had this stuck-up on the door of the Downing Street Electrolux.

 had to shuffle around on no legs, begging for charity for the rest of its fucking life, trying to have a wank with no arms;  trying to make sense of the senseless by scrabbling for a photo-fucking-opportunity with that repulsive arsehole, 

Prince Harry Hooligan, 
the worthless cunt, as bad as his dad and his uncles, rambling-on, the spoiled prat, like he was Rudyard fucking Kipling, then it wouldn't be so quick on the old cassus bellus bona fide/WMD front, would  it; if Tony Blair or his vile spawn hadda play hopscotch  in a fucking minefield then Big Gay Ali Campbell mighta forged a wholly different dossier.  He's still on the telly, isn't he, like a horror show, endlessly reshown on Freeview, Ali, frowning and gurning about Brexit, his face all contorted, 

like Satan has already shoved something sharp and hot up his diseased arsehole, just, y'know, a Weapon of  Eternal Rectal Destruction.  

I sometimes think that
I wouldn't mind going to Hell myself if it meant that I could see the Prince of Dypsomania, Pornography and Manic Depression being spit-roasted.

But no, Jon, the Hermanns, they are, according to Obama, the new conscience  of the world.  

Just as long as we don't mention the war, or the one before that.

But what can you tell us about it all, Krish?
 Mr Obama, as he will soon be,  aside from him being called Mr President until he dies, is the greatest ever president, isn't he?  I mean, he's both a Democrat and a person of colour, and very slim and handsome, surely they love him as much as I do,  and flock to him, almost like he was a singer-songwriting rock star? And let's face it, he inherited a pretty poor show and he's made it all better. People of colour feeling better about themselves, apart from those imprisoned in maximum security for hundreds of years, and those gunned-down on the street by the cops;  the Middle East sorted, apart from not being sorted at all, and probably much worse; Guantanamo closed-down;  he's repealed all those Bush invasions of the Constitution and reversed the widespread surveillance of innocent civilians; he has entirely de-miltarised the police;  punished the bankers  and, in short, made America great again.  In fact, it's nothing short of incredible that the Democrats didn't win again, this time.  But at least President Obama is properly respected abroad, you know what they say, Krish,  about a prophet being without honout in his own land.

Well, Jon, all the news reports from  those like ourselves, which do as they're told by the Secret Service, the CIA, the British govament and the banking terrorist industry, are reporting a sold-out, rave-reviews, farewell tour for Obama.

Mein freunde, people of Europe,
I promise you:
 Ein Volk,  Eine Reich,  Ein Fuhrer.

My fellow Europeans, I give you

My chosen successor as leader of the free world, 
President-elect Angular Merkel.
And I'm here to tell you: 

My fellow German sonsafuckinbitches. I am just so proud to stand here at the Bilderberg Gate, the scene of so many other historic photo-opportunities. The United States and Germany is THE very special relationship in the world, today and always.
 We are united in our hatred of Britain and all that she stands for. 
Like leaving the EU.
And I can tell you.
That under my good friend.
President-elect Merkel.

I leave the world a better place.
More prosperous.
Just as long as y'all do what yer told.
Unlike Britain.
Which is at the back of my list.
A long ways at the back. 
arbeit macht frei,
 as they say, back home, in the Rust Belt. 
Only it don't.

So, Krish,  President Obama bows-out, if not exactly in triumph then at least with great honour and dignity? I mean there haven't been any demonstrations or anything, have their, which is more tha  you can say for Mr so-called President-elect Trump, the Golfing Groper.

Well, Jon, if you believe C4News. 
But not if you know the true picture.
Everywhere he goes, your man, Obama,
he sparks protests and riots. 
In Greece and Germany,

In the Philipines
 and in Argetina.
Obama is seen as the latest in a long, long line of terrorists, torturers, war criminals and bankers' teaboys.

But Krishnan, I haven't seen any of these riots and protests.

That's because, Jon, you work in showbiz. 
And not journalism.
 You always have. 

Yes, we can't.

As he trudges up the steps of Air Force One, globally rejected and reviled,  utterly humiliated at home by his failure to even dent the blowhard redneck ignoramus, Trump, Barack Obama provides a grain of comfort, a glimmer of hope for the truly democratic, the truly liberal, in whose stolen clothes he has finally shit himself.

During my recent hiatus I barely turned-on the mainstream news channels, either on TeeVee or on the radio. All of them, but Sox especially,  were almost surreally partisan and subjective, they wanted the bitch, Clinton,  to win. So outrageously partisan was MediaMinster that at times I thought I must be ill, hallucinating;  they did not even make a pretence of objectivity.  That the wretched Trump was able to provide an opposition to the HillaryView was damned as divisive and undemocratic, as though Hillary Clinton's was the only way;  vast swathes of America were damned as racist and stupid; ludicrous diversions from Clinton's villainy were plucked from the air and trumpeted by the likes of Jon Sox as gospel truth - the Russians were to blame for Clinton's  villainies, her crimes of no consequence, compared to the fabricated hacking of her accounts by Vladimir Putin;  Edward Snowden was hijacking US democracy, Julian Assange his partner in crime. In all this nonsense the crimes of the Democrat Party against Bernie Sanders were swept under the carpet and Donald Trump was swept into the White House, the President-elect must thank global MediaMinster for his victory, for it is shrill, self-centred MediaMinster, not the FBI,  which has pushed so many his way. Jon Sox and his grimy ilk, helping to put a redneck in the White House, you gotta laugh.


Mike said...

Not just in your country, Mr I. Down here the "news" has gone off the scale with its bias and bollocks. Still trying to explain how it was all a mistake, though some attempts to row back, now reality is starting to sink in. I can't see Gnasher getting a Christmas card from Donald after what she said. I see they are offering Trump a night in the Queen's bedchamber if he will forgive and forget.

call me ishmael said...

Morning, mr mike, amazing how none of them is remotely chastened or embarrassed by their glaringly obvious journalistic failure. I'm dying to see what Trump does, vis a vis, Gnasher; he does have investments here but he might write them off in order to bankruopt Scotland, just for the Hell of it. One would also expect Tribesmen's foreign seckaterry, Fatman, Salmond to shut the fuck up for the next few years; Trump will some dirt on him, for sure.

mongoose said...

It istoo early in the funerary process for clear thinking on the part of the bereaved.

They're trying the old game of setting the agenda in the media and then shouting about the shortcomings of their antagonists against this imaginary agenda. It now only reaches the teat-suckling coalitions inside the "bubble". They say that Trump must this and Trump must that, just like Leavers must this and Leavers must that. After a decent pause of a day, this turns into Trump hasn't a clue and has gaffed (now a verb, I see) and there is no plan for Brexit. To loud applause everyone who already voted that way announces that they have convinced everyone else who didn't. The odd poor bastard is wined and dined, and his pockets full of gold wheeled out to recantb efore the party. And yet the rest of the deplorables were not listening to a single word of the cant and cunthood now passing for politics and journalism. Let's try to sing another song, boys.

Europe too shouts the appalling cost and their "must be" menus - trying to get some negotiation space before the shit hits the fan in France. Auntie Theresa sits silently, as well she might. Clueless maybe but oh so wisely silent. And if Le Pen Fille does, may the saints preserve us all, as she looks set to, harvest many millions of les disaffected - right and left alike, well, fuck me. All bets will then be off, mes amis. Left and Right will be bollocks then. And Le Pen will attract them all. At least for a time.

Angela, at least, the horrrible, horrible fake that she is, has shown the brass neck and balls to stand on the deck and damn well go down with the ship. Well done for that, madam.

A little harsh, I thought, on St Joni who is hors de combat these days, these days. We'll be needing breathy chanteuses come Donald's Rapturetime.

Caratacus said...

Once the money changers realise that Trump really doesn't like them, and, further, that he intends to rein the bastards in a bit, I suspect it won't be long before they decide to help the country by finding a Nutter, issuing him with an off-the-shelf rifle and some of those special go-round-corners-and-three-people-at-once bullets used in these circumstances and letting him loose. Then a tearful but resolute Mr. Pence will take up the role so abruptly thrust upon him and Life will continue much as before, viz. the steady progression from a reasonable and just society (which may, I admit, only ever had existed in our imaginations) to that of the film "Metropolis".

It seems increasingly that a vigorous revolution will be the only path to getting rid of the vampires at the top ... which saddens me because that way lies a deal of suffering. And when the dust finally settles, when the survivors peer hopefully from the rubble, who will be on hand selflessly offering their services to the People? Three guesses ...

Anonymous said...

It's nice to have you back "in form" Mr ishmael.

Sadly we are surrounded by politics and politicians and consequently we are constantly reminded that "scum will always rise to the top".
Roget's thesaurus has "politics" defined very nicely.

call me ishmael said...

Concise, cogent and complete, mr mongoose, as usual. I am enticed into these sprawling commentaries, fascinated by and keen to note the details and the back stories, as though my Chronicles of Ruin were akin to the Venerable Bede's Histories.

The Kennedy-Camelot myth, for instance, even though perhaps not one in a thousand Westerners would believe it, MediaMinbster trots it out endlessly, the rapaciously promiscuous, cock-waving, wife-abusing Kennedy brothers are still bathed in Celebrity's ennobling posthumous limelight, even though, just like the Bushes, they were rich-boy trash, what a pack of vermin. I do go on about it but somebody must.

I do not differ from your analysis but I think the outcomes are not predictable. Fewer and fewer people consume official news, preferring the citizen-journalist blogger, themelves Twittering, even Russia Today and Murdoch's Boy, Colonel von Fawkes and countless other websites, specialising in commentary, rumour and sigh. The Us Establishment, including some mutant who claims to be Google CEO, are nope decrying the False News- citizen-written, online - which so disfigured the election, as though their own arsewipe garbage was Genuine News.

I am always saying to mrs ishmael that a handful, a few million, listen to Radio Four, and huff and puff as they may, they don't matter; a bitter soupcon of angry We-Know-Besters foregather at the Guardian, a now-impoverished rag, beggared by former editor, million pounds a year Alan Arsebridger, the worthless wretch, who pruned from the Guardian it's last feeble tendrils of journalistic principle and made it a house magazine for Nick Clegg's band of toiletmen, gaybashers, liars, theives and degenerates, And Chris Huhne. The angry commenters at the Guardian exist only to cry Racist! Fascist! or -Phobe! at anyone of whose thoughts they disapprove. Radio Four listeners and Gaudianistas, these are the people whining about Brexit, fuck 'em, they don't matter, for all their superiority most of them can't even frame a sentence; fuckwit hyterics, drinking too much coffee

The majority, though, all I know is that I don't know what they think, I can only guess, four million voted for UKIP; seventeen million voted for Brexit and the United States voted for Trump. I think we would be engaging in wishful thinking should we dismiss Mme, le Pen, who, unlike Farage and Trump, is subtle, charming and tres formidable.

call me ishmael said...

continued, to mr mongoose

As for la Mitchell, if you bite and scratch your way to the top of showbusiness well you must expect to annoy some, be it Mark Chapman in New York, with his gun or some Northern Isles recluse, like me, with his gentle memento mori mockery.

I remember saying to you, years ago, that whilst her mid-note octave-swooping annoyed the life out of me - 'sokay when Little Richard does it, or his disciple, Fab Sir Paul, they do it once in a while - Mitchell has spawned regiments of breathy imitators who do it constantly, it's fucking awful.

I also said that despite her shrieking I loved those big, clever, jazzy chords that she used. Poor, poor, pitiful me, how wrong can a man be?

I bought a nice new guitar recently and now that everything is on the YouThing I looked at Mitchell's own early performances of her single hits - Both Sides Now, Big Yellow Taxi, Carey; great songs, great lyrics -..."and they're playin' that scratchy rock'n'roll, beneath the matelot moon" that's the stuff Tom Waits would write ten years later; she was a big, original talent.

I looked at her playing, anyway, and it was dead rudimentary, the guitar accompaniments were played in an open D tuning, three one-finger chords and the odd suspended fourth and ninth hammer-on, a la Keith Richard. I learned them in a couple of minutes and all sorts of other progressions and inversions invited themselves, making a more interesting and supportive accompaniment, Ah, but I am so much older now than she was then, and she wrote the song, anyway, for me to doodle on.

Carey, too, perhaps my favourite Joni Mitchell single, I'm sure anyone could walk into a music shop, buy a dulcimer and learn to play Carey walking down the High Street to the car park.

And, despite what you call my harsh treatment of her, I am sure that most people would be the better for learning some Joni Mitchell songs. Who, in showbusiness, could ask for anything more?

call me ishmael said...

Unlikely, I feel, king caratacus, a headshot for Trump. It would result in civil war, I m sure. Many of his voters are comprehensively tooled-up, survivalists with massive arsenals. Granted, US lawnforcement is aslo heavily militarised in order to suppress just such a rebellion but that wouldn't stop it. And no amount of Warren Commission-style hogwash would fool the rednecks, the hillbillies, the mountain men and the plain pissed-off. It is not just you and me, who believe in the theory of the go-round-corners bullets; I should think that a majority of Americans believe it and simply would not tolerate Trump's assassination. In fact, if I were Power and Ruin in the US, I would make very sure that he doesn't get wasted, there'd be Hell to pay. Best to blackmail him, I'm sure there's loads of stuff for which he could be impeached, he'll play ball, I'm sure. Once they start singing Jail To The Chief it's best that POTUS does as he's bid.

call me ishmael said...

Thank you, mr anonymous.

yardarm said...

Amen, Mr Ishmael. I think also Marine Le Pen could be the real catalyst for fuck knows what, not Brexit or Trump; shit, she makes Wiggy look like something that`s dropped out of a tree.

callmeishmael said...

Yes, and the dwarf, Sarkozy, mr yardarm, got his platform heels shoved-up his arse, eh, good enough in itself but probably indicative of the sense of alarm felt about MleP. I think maybe she could be a candidate for an exploding bullet dans le tete, for her election ends the EU, and many, many people will lose a great deal of money, and now would be the time, before she's elected. All the experts insist that she cannot win because of the Frog voting system but expertise, these days, seems to exist only in the mind of the expert.

Mike said...

I fear hopes for Mme LePen may be a little optimistic - I hope not - as both the left and the right will join forces against her because she is a 'populist'.

I recently spent an extended journey with a Frenchman discussing this and many other issues, over many hours, and much red wine. He is looking to emigrate from La Belle France, as it is now a basketcase. Although he is a well educated man, a judge, I had to break the news to him that he would not qualify for Australia because of his age (46 ans).

His view was that les gens were ready to take to the streets a la Francais. Tensions are simmering in many cities, and it only needs a spark. Hollande is widely despised and ridiculed; he can not do anything right - at a commemoration for the slaughtered in Nice, or Paris (I forget which) as he greeted relatives a pigeon shat on his shoulder. It was a neat summation of affaires Hollandiase.

It will not end well in France; and Italy is even worse based on my travels 18 months ago.

callmeishmael said...

What I meant, mr mike, was that the same people who predict a pincer movement against MleP will also have predicted that the GOP. would unite to block Trump; would have said that the Scottish Devolution settlement was structured to prevent any party having a majority and that a Brexit result was so improbable that there was not a single moment of planning devoted to it.

The UKIP so-called populism is growing interesting, one of the leadership candidates urging the reintroduction of the death penalty. I have always feared that it would reappear in my lifetime and I guess that hanging or gassing or shooting may be another consequence of the current upheaval, it was impossible whilst we were part of the EU, but there are enough in parliament willing to ape UKIP, should execution become its policy.

We have never had, here, anything but contempt for Frankie Hollande, that he so quickly became a bankers' gofer could have been foreseen by his early, personal misconduct, absolutely unwholesome. I hope he gets an Obama-strength humiliation.

Haven't heard a peep about Chrissie la Vache's prosecution, recently, have you?

Mike said...

I read a few days ago that La Vache's trial was going ahead. But it didn't say whether in this century or the next?

One hopes les frogs come to their senses. But there are plenty of flashpoints looming - the referendum in Italy, the re-do elections in Austria, Holland, and Deutche Bank and Italian banks generally going down the toilet. And eastern Europe pivoting to Russia. Any of these butterflies could bring on the tornado.

callmeishmael said...

And that's not to mention the festering sores in the brown world, Syria, Libya, Yemen, and a sewer of corruption irrigating most of Africa's leaders. Talking of which, I dunno if you saw yesterday's CBI tantrum, business dictating what government policy should be, again, tinpot fuckwit loudmouths like Martin Sorrel, feeling that society exists only to make him rich, the cheeky cunt, somebody should drag him out of his loathsome bully pulpit and hang him. Proper businesspersons do deals, compromise and manage, adapt to changing circumstances, not this lot, they want privatised profit and nationalised loss, why not, it's how the banks work, their owners too rich to fail, too rich to pay tax. If only there was a Labour party. There was a guy on last week's QT, a properly skilled man reminding smirking Chris Underpants that over the last seven years MPs' takings had risen by 31% but his own had fallen year by year for a decade. I grow more convinced of the inevitability of revolution. I don't know where it would lead but people all over the world are fed up with the Triumph of Greed and the Taste of Shit.

mongoose said...

I watched that interview (linked earlier hereabout, cannot now find) with the Euro-dork, and yes, Le Pen filleted the poor bastard but I have a cat buried in the garden who could have done that. Almost the entirety of the Brexit - and indeed, Trump - debate is now reduced to the strawman of "If you think this, yyou must think that." That this is tiresome and silly is a given but it has been used so long that there is a whole generation of politicians and journos, and alas teachers and teriary academics too, who can think no other way. Le Dork at least had a worried and reproachful expression on his face which served to double the insight of his questioning.

It seems that we have all fallen into a small rhetorical backwater of blaming the wretch for the wickedness of his master. That some 30-year-old Syrian builder's labourer can masquerade as a schoolchild and get shipped to hi s "uncle" in Surbiton is laughable but we cannot blame him for our folly, or him for his desperate origin at the crossroads of warfare this last fifty years.

And as for poor St Joni, I have no tune worth the making re the complexity or otherwise of her strumming. It seems though too that every time a man turns on the radio at the moment they're rattling on about yon Duchamp - the Urinal Man. As you probably know, while WW1 was thrashing its last on the end of its noose, said Monsieur signed some old urinal laid on its side, called it "The Fountain", and unleashed the mischief now known as modern art (but probably with capitals). And idea became part of execution and therefore could be shorn of its technical ostentation or accomplishment, or lack thereof. And other more sophisticated notions too. But it does seeem to me that Joni - like them all - should have been sent home after her first four or five albums. And Marcel after his first few "ready-mades". Which one of themis any better for this not having taken place? Which later egg glitters in the nest as brightly? But do look on the bright side, in half a century's time, the white-whiskered kids will be discussing the collapse of quality in the later recordings of Miley Cyrus.

Woman on a Raft said...

That Mair case is peculiar. Politically motivated killers usually use the court as the showcase where they have to be allowed to speak. This one... even allowing for good legal advice, it is strange how efficient the act was and how text-book his response has been. Self-starter or did somebody cleverer wind him up and set him off?

Anonymous said...

Is there, Mrs WoaR, a subsidiary peculiarity in that group of MPs (MP4, I think they call themselves) excitedly bussing off to a recording studio to make a charidee single in Jo Cox's blessed memory with various bien-chansant starlets taking a chorus each while the case was still in progress?


Woman on a Raft said...

God save us, Mr Verge. I have a very poor musical faculty so I only listen to what Mr Ishmael recommends. I wondered why the general meejah background hubbub included a chorus of cat-strangling but I ignored it, failing to make the connection to Jo Cox, let alone the Mair trial being on.

Now you mention it, yes, it does seem a strange piece of positioning.

Anonymous said...

Prejudicial PR seems to be filed under No Big Deal quite a bit lately; when that unfortunate cop was run over and killed not long ago his family (and devastated, photogenic young daughters or nieces) were paraded for the cameras and then the lad was charged. Some Supreme Court members' impartiality in advance of the Brexit hearing has also been questionable, hasn't it? Having the moral high ground means you can do/say what you like, it appears. Even an ignorant pleb like me can see this looks like a slippery slope.

As for the warbling MPs, I turned the sound down on the radio after a couple of minutes so I don't know if they actually exposed listeners to the racket or just continued to talk it up. (Also on Radio 5; last night a French football journalist was explaining the outraged perplexity in France at the refusal of a visa for PSG full-back Serge Aurier, who is an Ivory Coast national and has a conviction for assault, which he's currently appealing. "What about the presumption of innocence?" asked our French friend. Did his BBC counterpart point out that there isn't any? That having been convicted and sentenced there is rather a presumption of guilt? Take a wild guess...


mongoose said...

And a whole life sentence for Mair should keep him quiet.

Move along now.

call me ishmael said...

It has been a bit chilly, hasn't it, the Mair-Cox affair. Although we should remember that killing an MP is an whole other thing, worse by far than the slaying of other folks and probably the only crime which is more heinous than an MP being investigated for child abuse, before the prosecuting authorities being encouraged to come to their senses and apologise to them; that people are murdered quite regularly and that anually thousands of people are charged by the CPS and then are either acquitted or see the charges dropped when they refuse to confess is entirely irrelevant; it is one of the tenets of Ruin that the lawmakers must be above the law.

The fact that Ms Cox was marginally more telegenic and more pushy than the usual MediaMinster malignancy only intensiifies the sense of tragedy which we all feel at this time. And going forward. We must hope that Mr or Mrs Justice Slag, In sentencing the arch-Brexiteer, Mair, reflects the sense of outrage felt by all who voted correctly in June. A full life sentence is nowhere near enough and maybe it is time we revived the great traditions of the Tower of London. And chop his fucking head off.

call me ishmael said...

One of the chills which I felt, mr verge, was the broadcasting of Mair's bookshelf contents. I remember mr richard saying at the time of Mair's arrest that he, too, had books about Hitler and so do I, so do many people; I also have 120 Days of Sodom and much other transgressive literature, some thick DC could quite easily arrange, add-to and photograph them to cast me as a sexual degenerate. Still, like NMr Mair, I'm sure I would get a fair trial before being buried alive in one of Her Majesty's palaces of brutality.

It seems that Mr Mair, apparently mentally ill, undoubtedly killed Ms Cox but a show trial and sentencing together with a hysterical legislature a-weeping and a-wailing in self praise adds Indignity and Hypocrisy to Murder's account.

I wonder how many others have been murdered this year, without a single hiss being from the reptile house.

call me ishmael said...

The music stuff, mr mongoose, it's just like engineering, one component supporting another, the three-chord trick bearing Melody's stresses and strains aloft. Maybe when you're retired. You'd laugh your leg off at how it all works, major-sevenths and suspended-fourths, how strange the (dropped semi-tone) change from major to minor.

call me ishmael said...

I guess, mrs woar, that his apparent political motivation just gave legs to a galloping alienation, it's esy to see without looking too far that Care in the Community was more illusory than Weapons of Mass Delusion.

Anonymous said...

Jesus, same here, and not just the books - I can imagine the jackpot sneer on a policeman's lips as he what-have-we-here'd the 70's Burroughs-related art I've got framed on my wall here.
"Memento malefactorum, is it? And how are we spelling that, Sir?"


call me ishmael said...

Jusr remember, mr verge, an Englishman's home is his shackle.

And it's not just artefact, is it, my search history would see me tossed into an oubliette in a heartbeat.

Remember that Bob Dylan performance I commended - If my thought dreams could be seen, they'd put my head inside a guillotine. well, now they can be seen, sort-of, near-enough

Anonymous said...

"Cover-minds must be worn at all times."

Survival advice from our favourite junkie (The Western Lands, I think.)


Woman on a Raft said...

The Mail thinks it is very sinister that people keep cuttings, the Daily Mail. Maybe it is.

What shall I do about the bag of runestones which I got from my favourite pagan shop, and the couple of highly suspicious promotional baseball caps which I have acquired? I regard the hats as a crime against fashion but I was not aware that it had become an actual criminal offence to own bad millinery.

I mean, FFS, what is an extremist to do? If you let the kitchen get filthy, that's suspicious, and if you keep it very clean, that's also a sure sign of being up to no good. Keeping tins of food in the cupboard, especially several tins of the same thing, is clearly a sign of a politically motivated thuggery, so I'm off to have my granny arrested as the old lady has far too many tins of sardines.

Anyway, the thing I find most interesting is that he carefully acted in such a way as to avoid giving the police any excuse to shoot him. And why kill her just then? Why not after? Why not wait and see what happens, then decide whom to kill. Not even the dumbest fuck neo-nazi would think that the killing would swing it for Leave. It was clear that such an attack could only damage the Leave campaign, and, indeed, many people thought that it had.

I don't suppose they will ever find the accomplice who supplied the gun, although my understanding is that it was the stabbing which killed her. Show me a murder a week after the referendum and you've got a terrorist - and a crazy one in the context of a Leave win. But a week before? Nah, that's somebody trying to set off an excuse to stop the vote happening at all or, possibly, to swing it for Remain. For our Jo.

This was the setting fire to the Reichstag moment, but it did not work out as predicted.

Mike said...

Mrs WoR: If this were a film, then the all too plausible storyline would be that Mair was a State actor who killed a pretty young MP (who nobody had heard of - but thats not the point)so as to swing the Brexit vote at the last minute. Once the show trial is over then Mair is give a new identity and spitited off with a mill in his account to a new country (hopefully not Australia).

call me ishmael said...

I have large cupboards filled with tins of staples, mrs woar, my excuse is that if the ferries don't run the shop shelves here empty very quickly. I suppose, however, that a case could be made for my being whatever they say. I haven't followed this event much, hardly at all, in fact; other than thinking every aspect of it wildly surreal. It makes a bit more sense, now, in a makes-no-sense-at-all sense, why WOULD a terrorist do this?

Just heard that Mr Mair received a full-life sentence, no treatment and no parole, ever, that's the way to a more civilised society. There was a time when the Labour party was aligned to the Quakers, to the Howard League for Penal Reform, I expect that tonight they'll be celebrating with champagne and under-aged sex.

call me ishmael said...

There seems to be no question, mr mike, but that Ms Cox's death was quite cynically harnessed to the Remain campaign; as with the Clinton campaign, it was probably this exhibition of pure cynicism by Remainers which helped swing things the other way, the right way.

My own long-held and often expressed view is that for all but the the untreatably ill we must offer the possibility of a remorseful rehabilitation and re-entry to the world. Mr Mair's demonisation and perpetual confinement demeans us as much as did Ms Cox's party's haste to incinerate Iraq, rape its children and torture its adults. How dare these Satanic bastards claim the moral high ground?

Dick the Prick said...

Haven't read this one yet but your newer thread doesn't seem to allow comments in a sort of glitchy kinda way! Eeek - Gremlins!

call me ishmael said...

Sorry, mr dick, beyond my control, unless you or anyone else has some ideas, maybe mr french swiss bob. blogger seems to chanmge for the worse every week or so. Do,please, keep trying.

Dick the Prick said...

I have fewer conspiratorial doubts over Mr Mair based largely on my knowledge of Birstall and its weird ways - just down the way lived Karen Matthews, famed for incarcerating her own child in the neighbours' loft to tug on post Maddy's grief jacked heartstrings. Had it been 10 miles west, it'd be case closed for shallow gene pools and magic mushroom spunk coarsened over Millennium's oppression (and some of those valleys are tableaux for Conan Doyle's scribblings - beware ye to fuck all who enter here). If he is a Manchurian then it would be a shame, a shame for all of us, especially with Chris Bryant still breathing, but his predatory experience would, no doubt, have increased failures likelihood with poor Mair getting bummed and fisted outside the library - that certainly wouldn't constitute news in the Rhondda - more like friends reunited after a tough few days separation.

I did notice the Cox family seemed split with her mum, dad and sister conducting their own introspective meeja whoring whilst sex pest, Brown bully boy husband eulogized alone as if her family clocked him as an right cunt - guess we don't need Freud to evaluate that but jacking your own wife's slaughter for advantage is, well, it's actually vaguely common these days - fuck me, as mentioned, people jack their own kids for financial gain so I guess a plebiscite has novelty value.

I'm kinda liking the Trump so far - an estate agent, celebrity, media troll and now fake politician in the Whitehouse is surely what we all deserve - why go for ersatz cunts when we demand the real deal?

call me ishmael said...

Thanks,mr dick, that's helpful, as well as poetic. As I said to mrs woar, I really had closed-down on this one, avoided it, although I recoiled from what little I saw of the husband. I also lack the emotional stomach,these days, for even vicarious involvement in someone receiving a long prison setence, so I was just protecting myself from all the shit which attends crime, petty and serious. Great show, unusually, on C4, called One Punch Killers, if you can see it, the title explains it, and again, unusually I found myself warming to victims and perps in a way I don't customarily. Yeah, I too felt that Gerry'n'Cilla werevaguely responsible for the Karen Matthews story, just such bad examples, making showbusiness of their irresponsibility, and getting away with it, too.

I have been looking more closely at the youstuff On Hillary clinton and cannot but conclude that we are, given the choices, lucky indeed to have Trump, who is just a redneck cunt, Clinton seems a mixture of insanities and vices, a crazy, cruel, vengeful bastard. One of her fiercest invigilators, Trey something, a hugely impressive Congressman, speaking Fire'n'Righteousness, should be Trump's AG and the next president, he will indict Clinton and all her stooges in the Justice Department. All across the telegraph, is name it will resound

I must go to bed, more later, mon vieux.

Anonymous said...

Good to find you in the land of the living Mr I,
Trump may prove to be more oily than his Saudi counterparts, whom, having decided to back and pay for the destruction of those they fear abiding in the counter holy culture ,Now have to find another non Hilary compatriot to play the field on an equal footing with the Jewish banking mafia.
Watery oil is not the way of the future in Saudi arapia..

A quick bibliography of the Trump phenomena (It is very interesting) can be found here along with some other gems.

I have no faith things will change, But the long awaited revolution should be hastened along by these matters,My only hope is that when the smoke clears and the saviours arise thereafter that the peeps duly hang the bastards before they bed in..

Glad your back, couldn't find funny things to read in the alternative meedja...

regardez vous jimmy.

Dick the Prick said...

On the subject of murder. There has been a proper gay mass murderer who's just been incarcerated in London. A lady, walking her dog on a Wednesday morning - presumably she was the first about and an early riser - found 2 dead bodies up against a wall in a graveyard within 3 weeks of each other. On that news, the Metropolitan Police Force thought there was nothing suspicious!

call me ishmael said...

Thank you, mr anonymous.

call me ishmael said...

Well, I hope, mr dick, that the honourable Susan Farron, MP, does not hesitate to attribute these killings to the seventeen million Deplorables, whose fault they clearly are. If ever a jumped-up pipsqueak deserved his arse kicking it's that cunt. Him and Chris Underpants, Jesus fucking wept.

post-porky police-work said...

@the chilcox report

who knows?

the blair-affair?

or the blair-mair affair?

whatever the truth - this case was closed far too quickly, neatly and confidently.

forcing the issue said...

@the chilcox report

make that "cold conscious feet".

jo cox: "many people don’t realise just what a valuable lifeline libraries can be."

in light of mair the murderer's source of internet access, the material he studied there, and the later location of his attack, this quote is disturbingly ironic.

obviously the murderer was not reading alice in wonderland.

in her local news article jo cox quotes neil gaiman, who sees: libraries and librarians as “frontline soldiers in the war against illiteracy and the lack of imagination” and the “thin red line between civilisation and barbarism.”

for all the pro-european-union propaganda and brow-beating of the anti-europe brigade, mair was definitely a man 'not on message'.

finaly job said...

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boris gob-one-off - proxy prat said...

"cassus bellus"

oh, very drôle old chap, very drôle oh ho ho ho very subtle meaning reversal, we used to make these deliberate comic clangers at school all the time, to see if the master would notice, my word what a classic, what? eton you know. very good, very good, cassum bellum even better - tho' i'm buggered if i can remember actually.